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The day recounts itself backwards.
At the bus-stop this morning
I was thinking how simple it sometimes actually is
just to set things in motion

— Peter Didsbury, "The Seventeenth of June," That Old-Time Religion, (Bloodaxe Books, 1994)
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Playwright, the original Nuyorican poet.




Iceland: REPUBLIC DAY. (Where the beer is always on ice...)

Over & Out, (Jolly) Roger

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"Every animal knows, & humans are no exception, that when there is a stampede you must join in or get out of the way. Try to stop it, & you will be crushed."

Steal This Radio is of interest;
Rhizomatic Radio & the Great Stampede, by Ron Sakolsky
Sakolsky tunes in to SA
Seizing the Airwaves, edited by Ron Sakolsky & Stephen Dunifer
Free Radio Berkeley
A-infos Radio Project, radio on the net

1094 -- Valencia taken by Don Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar "El Cid."

1397 -- Union of Kalmar established between Denmark, Sweden & Norway.

1579 -- New Old World: Francis Drake opens at the Fillmore; lands at Frisco Bay, & claims New Albion (California) for England.
Did Sir Francis Drake discover Puget Sound instead?

1719 -- Essayist Joseph Addison dies, London. Buried in Westminster Abbey.

1775 -- US: Battle of Bunker Hill (actually it was Breed's Hill).

1808 -- Henrik Wergeland lives. Norway´s national poet, symbol of independence who opposed pro-Danish "intelligentsija." Lectured, distributed books, founded journals, established lending libraries. Defender of the rights of Jews to settle in Norway, as typified in his poem "The Jew".

1823 -- Get Wet, Get Wild, Get Sexy?: Charles Macintosh patents his waterproof material for raincoats. Inspires Black Rain, Raining Frogs & Fishes, & brightly colored condoms.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

Homeland Security
1824 -- US: Bureau of Indian Affairs established, Washington, DC. Busy exterminating 'em, might as well loot 'em

1838 -- US: On or about today the first Cherokee Indians begin the Trail of Tears — a 1,200 mile forced march to Oklahoma. Further removal aborted until October because of drought & "sickly season."

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fire engine
1850 -- US: Paddle-wheeler G P Griffith burns off Mentor, Ohio (206 die).

1864 -- US: Washington, DC's worst civilian disaster during the Civil War. The US Arsenal Explosion Monument now stands in Congressional Cemetery — a towering spire marking the burial site of 21 female munitions workers killed in an explosion today.

1867 -- Henry Lawson lives, Grenfell, Australia. Sheep shearer & poet. Wrote short stories & ballad-like verse. Noted for realistic portrayals of bush life, based on his wanderings.

The ghost of a pause in the shed's rough heart,
& lower is bowed each head,
then nothing is heard save a whispered word,
& the roar of the shearing shed.

1871 -- Black American writer James Weldon Johnson lives.

1876 -- US: Encampment of Lakota & Cheyenne led by Crazy Horse attacked by US army soldiers who are subsequently routed; Rosebud, South Dakota.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1876 -- Italy: Bologna anarchist trial ends, after three months' duration. Endless months of preliminary arrest had been followed by a series of monster trials, (Florence, Perguia, Leghorn, Massa Carrara, etc). But the Marches & the Abruzzi (Aquila) prisoners were tried with the Bolognese & Romagnols in the largest of all trials, that of Bologna — March 15 to June 17, 1876 — where Andrea Costa was the leading spirit. Malatesta, anarchist

Errico Malatesta had been tossed in prison, then tried, along with six others, at Trani (Apulia) in 1875 & acquitted.

On August 29 Carlo Cafiero wrote to Michael Bakunin,

"The effect of the trial of Malatesta & Co. in the three Apulias is incredible.

The jury — the richest men of the province even — immediately after the verdict shook hands with the accused who were received in triumph."

Source: Max Nettlau, Errico Malatesta: The Biography of an Anarchist.

1880 -- American avant-garde writer, photographer, journalist Carl Van Vechten lives.

1882 -- Igor Stravinsky, composer, lives, Oranienbaum, Russia.

1894 -- US: First poliomyelitis epidemic in the country breaks out, Rutland, Vermont.

1895 -- Scotland: George MacLeod, pastor, pacifist & founder of Iona Community, lives.

1902 --
Stuttgart, Germany

June 17-18, 1902 

   Segona Conferència prèvia to creació of the FIS (Federació Sindical Internacional).


Source: [Congressos Obrers]

1903 -- US: Mary Harris "Mother" Jones leads a rally in Philadelphia to focus public attention on children mutilated in the state's textile mills.
Button in Philadelphia,
Locust Walk beteen 34th & 36th

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Split button, sculpture

1905 -- Russia: Five ships of the Black Sea fleet arrive from Sevastopol to quell the battleship Potemkin Mutiny. One of the ships, George the Conqueror, joins with the Potemkin, & both ships escape to Romanian waters.
[Source: Calendar Riots]

1906 -- Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman & others address a crowd of 2,000 people who gather to greet the anarchist Alexander Berkman upon his release from prison, in NY City. Alex was doing time for attempting to kill Henry Clay Frick during the Homestead Strike in Pittsburg.

Equality colony
1907 -- US: Equality Colony in Washington State (name changed to Freeland) closes.

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1911 -- James Cameron, inspired foreign correspondent, lives. His first job as a journalist is in Dundee. Also visited & wrote on the Vietnam War.

1911 -- México: Tijuana recaptured by Diaz's former Federal troops, now lead by Madero, spelling the final dissolution of the anarchist PLM forces by defeat & desertion.

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1913 -- US: Pitchman? Chicago Cubs pitcher sets a baseball record for the longest appearance by a reliever. 'Zip' Zabel came in with two outs in the first inning, pitching until the 19th inning when he beat the Dodgers 4-3.

1913 -- US: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) sitdown strike at Studebaker auto plant.

1914 -- American author John Hersey lives, Tientsin, China. Wrote Hiroshima; The Wall.

1917 -- African American author Gwendolyn Brooks lives, Topeka, Kansas. Poet/novelist & the first black to win a Pulitzer Prize, in 1950 for Annie Allen.

1921 -- US: In the Sacco & Vanzetti trial, Connolly, the officer who arrested Sacco & Vanzetti on the train, testifies they reached for their guns when they were arrested.

1921 -- Spain: Evelio Boal, Secretary General of the CNT, assassinated ("ley de fugas") by the government. Part of the bloody repression of the anarcho-syndicalist union in the early 1920s, large numbers of cenetista leaders being jailed &/or assassinated.
Further details/ context, click here; anarquista sindicato, anarquista del sindicato[Details/ context]

1923 -- Argentina: Kurt Wilckens (1886-1923) dies after being shot in his prison cell yesterday by a rightwing guard.
German anarchist, member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), pacifist, responsible for the attack on Varela (known as the "Killer of Patagonia").

A miner by trade, Wilckens worked in Arizona, where he led a strike in 1916. He was then interned in a US camp for German prisoners, but escaped & made his way to Argentina.

Kurt Wilckens, anarchist
Kurt Wilckens (1886-1923)
In French see l'Ephéméride anarchiste.

1924 --
Moscow, Russia

June 17-July 8th, 1924
5th Congress of the of the Third International.

Source: [Congressos Obrers]

1925 -- WOW? Alexander Shulgin lives. From DOW to DEA to NOW: Writing cookbooks on how to make illegal drugs.

1929 --
Harry & Caresse Crosby publish The Black Sun Press edition of the "Tales Told of Shem & Shaun" section of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake (a work in progress).

The printer discovers the final page has but two lines & begs Caresse for more, but she says she could never approach Joyce with such a request. The next day the printer had eight more lines:

"He had been wanting to add more, but was too frightened of you, Madame, to do so."


Harry once sent a telegram to Boston:



1932 --
Angelo Sbardellotto
Angelo Sbardellotto (1907-1932), is executed at 5:45 am.

Italian anarchist & antifascist, he is executed by a fascist firing squad, having admitted to the Tribunal Spécial (fasciste) his plan to assassinate Mussolini.
   Anarchico bellunese, è condannato a morte e fucilato avendo confessato l'intenzione di uccidere Mussolini.
Viene fucilato anche il genovese Domenico Bovone per alcuni attentati dimostrativi in varie parti d'Italia.

Mussolini, fascist thug in Big Boots

Further details/ context, click here; anarchici, anarchico, anarchica, libertario[Details / context]
1932 04/06 Roma · Angelo SBARDELLOTTO Arrêté pour attentat manqué contre MUSSOLINI. 1932 17/06 Près de Roma · Angelo SBARDELLOTTO (1907-1932) Fusillé en application du Tribunal spécial.

Steel rebellion button logo
1936 -- US: The Steel Workers Organizing Committee founded in the Grant Building in Downtown Pittsburgh, by Philip Murray, John L. Lewis & nine other labor organizers.

1939 -- Gives Good Head?: Winner of the Dubious Lifetime Achievement Award: Eugene Weldman is the last guy ever guillotined in France.

1942 -- American author Ron Padgett lives.

1944 -- Iceland, with the oldest Parliamentary Assembly in the world, proclaims itself an independent republic.

1947 -- Scribner's editor Maxwell Perkins dies, Stamford, Connecticut. Discovered &/or assisted a who's who of writers including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Ring Lardner, Erskine Caldwell, Edmund Wilson, Alan Paton, James Jones, & especially Thomas Wolfe. He advises: "Editors are extremely fallible people, all of them. Don't put too much trust in them."

1953 -- US: Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas stays executions of spies Julius & Ethel Rosenberg scheduled for tomorrow — their 14th anniversary. A temporary reprieve.

1953 -- Germany: Workers Uprising in East Berlin & Leipzig & sparks revolt all over East Germany; workers strike for democracy; revolutionary currents oppose Russian imperialism; USSR invades, sending in tanks "to restore law & order."

In this "Workers Paradise" construction workers march to Communist headquarters chanting,

June 17

“We are not slaves!”

Though upheavals have been occurring over the past couple days, today is generally marked as the anniversary of this uprising.

Günter Grass's play "The Plebeians Rehearse the Uprising" is based on the revolt in East Berlin...

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

US Factoid
1954 -- Guatemala: Making the World Safe For Democracy? US-CIA supplies & directs forces in overthrow of democracy, destroying the constitutionally elected government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán when it nationalizes United Fruit Co. property, & murdering many of his supporters.

Decades of government-sponsored genocide against Guatemalan Indians follow.

Oh the companies keep a sharp eye
And pay their respects to the army
To watch for the hot-blooded leaders
And be prepared for the junta to
crush them like flies.

So heavy the price that they pay
As daily the fruit it is stolen...

       — Phil Ochs, "United Fruit"

1955 -- US: Disneyland opens, Anaheim, California. Looks like the rest of California.

1958 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Eisenhower's assistant, Sherman Adams, testifying about a vicuna coat given him by Boston industrialist Bernard Goldfine, before a House panel:

"I think perhaps somewhat more prudence would undoubtedly have perhaps obviated some of the questions that have come before your committee."

1960 -- US: First convention of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), New York City.

1962 -- Author William Faulkner thrown from a horse. He dies a few weeks later (July 6) of a coronary occlusion.

1963 -- US: Supreme Court rules, 8-1, that laws requiring the recitation of the Lord's Prayer or Bible verses in public schools are unconstitutional. Amen!

1966 -- US: 19-year-old Guy Cleveland is the second person killed at Disneyland after he is struck by a train & dragged 30 feet trying to sneak into the park on the monorail track, Disneyland, California.

Mao Meets Duke Nukem?
1967 -- China: Red Chinese explode an H-bomb, joining the club of nuclear-terror states.

1967 -- Moby Grape releases five singles simultaneously. Critics dismiss them as "sour grapes."

1968 -- The Ohio Express get their first gold album for "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy."

"It's not true (the congressman was sleeping during the debate). He was just taking a few moments for deep reflection."

— aide to Rep. Martin Hoke, R-Ohio

1969 -- US: Woody Herman & His Orchestra at the Fillmore West in Frisco, California.

1972 -- US: CREEP(y) break-in Watergate complex, Washington DC. Five clowns (ie, CIA-related pros), in this their fourth attempt to get into Democratic Party headquarters, are rudely arrested. This badly bungled burglary (BBB) was the beginning of the end for the dreaded Tricky Dick 'I Am Not a Crook' Nixon gang.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1977 -- US: EPA approves Seabrook.

1977 -- International Indian Treaty Council announces its intention to provide Soviet Union with a list of US human rights abuses against its indigenous peoples.

1980 -- US: Montana mine workers strike today, until November 21, 1980; their third longest strike, lasting four & a half months.

1982 -- US: National Marine Fisheries Service, after 14 month SAM-SCAM investigation of illegal fish sales on the Columbia River — using wire taps, body microphones, aerial reconnaissance photography & river patrols, & zeroing in on the 147-mile stretch between the Bonneville & McNary Dams where only Indians fish under the 1974 Boldt decision based on the 1855 treaty, raids camp of, & arrests David SoHappy, 50, Howard Jim, 65, & 73 other Indians.

Get This! animated smoker dingbat
1982 -- US: Low-Wattage? Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Interior Secretary James Watt warns the Israeli ambassador that if "liberals of the Jewish community" oppose his plans for off-shore drilling, "they will weaken our ability to be a good friend of Israel."

1983 -- Italy: La cosiddetta giustizia di stato ordina l'arresto del presentatore televisivo Enzo Tortora con l'accusa (che risulterà totalmente infondata) di associazione mafiosa. Enzo Tortora sarà tenuto 22 mesi in carcere. Ancora una volta, ingiustizia è fatta.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1991 -- Northern Ireland: Half the population is under 28; all parties but Sinn Fein meet about home rule ("after 17 years of England's involvement since troubles started").

1997 -- US: Washington state voters narrowly approve public financing of a new football stadium for billionaire Paul Allen's Seahawks, in the first US election ever directly financed by an individual for the direct financial benefit of that individual; Allen paid the state for election costs.

poster Salon Livre Libertaire
2006 -- France: Salon Livre Libertaire & Libr Media, sponsored by Radio Libertaire & Librarie Publico, in Paris.
Radio Libertaire:

2007 -- China: A massive police investigation into enforced labor in Shanxi province leads to the discovery of at least 468 slaves, as young as 14, press-ganged into working in brick kilns.

2009 -- Ireland: Over 100 Romanians flee their homes in Belfast after racist attacks.

2011 -- China: An internal government report, mistakenly made public, shows more than 10,000 corrupt officials transferred $123 billion worth of embezzled funds out of the country over 15 years.

2012 -- Google reveals it has removed so-called 'terrorism videos' from the web at the request of governments, as well as blocking more than 100 YouTube videos which allegedly insult the Thai monarchy.

3000 --

"He who joyfully marches to music in rank & file has already earned my contempt.

He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice."

— Albert Einstein

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