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. . .so the heart breaks into small shadows
almost so random they are meaningless
like a diamond has
at the center of it a diamond
a rock
rock. . .

       — Jack Spicer, from Billy the Kid


Wilebaldo Solano



Spanish Revolutionary, last surviving POUMista leader.


Tanzania: SABASABA Peasants Festival.

755 -- Japan: First Japanese Star Festival is ordered by Empress-regent Koken (children hang poems in bamboo trees).
Source: [Robert Braunwart]
[Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

One BIG flea
1348 -- England: Black Death arrives at Weymouth, goes on to do multi-city tour.

1540 -- New Old World: Spanish storm Hawikuh (Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico). Francisco Vasquez de Coronado believes it one of the Seven Cities of Gold; first skirmish between Indians & Europeans in western US.

1554 -- Source=Robert Braunwart New Old World: Right Hand Man? Right hand of Hernando de Nava is cut off for the murder of poet Gutierre de Cetina, México City. No slap on the wrist for murder in those days.

1647 -- Death of Thomas Hooker ("Father of American Democracy").

1752 -- Joseph-Marie Jacquard lives, inventor of the programmable loom. First known use of Linux.

1768 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The firm of Johann Buddenbrook is founded, in Thomas Mann's novel.

1792 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Group Grope? Abbe Lamourette induces the factions of the French Legislative Assembly to reconcile & give each other a kiss of peace. Inspires the global spread of the French Kiss.

1807 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: First account of the Lewis & Clark expedition is published, Pittsburgh.

1814 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Walter Scott novel Waverley — often regarded as the first historical novel — is published, Edinburgh, Scotland.

1834 -- Jan Neruda lives (1834-1891). Czech writer, poet, prominent representative of Czech Realism. Promoted the rebirth of Czech patriotism in poems, hymns & ballads. Also known for satirical depiction of the petty bourgeois of Prague. After his death a street in Prague´s Old Town was named after him.

1844 -- US: Irish Catholics & Philadelphia Nativist Protestants stage a cannon battle at the Church of St. Philip de Neri. 13 killed, 20-40 wounded.

1846 -- US: Peace-loving America steals land from Mexico, annexes California. Meanwhile quick-reacting México declares war on the United States, eight weeks after US declares war on Mexico.

1852 -- Dr. John H. Watson lives — in a book. Sherlock Holmes's faithful companion. Ironically on this day in 1930, his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, 71, dies in Crowborough, Sussex.

Vera Figner, anarchist
1852 -- Russia: Vera Figner lives, Kazan [June 25, Old Style]. Anarchist who plotted to explode the Tsar.

Further details/ context, click here; Anarþist, ANARÞÝZM, Anarþizmin, anarþizme, Anarþist, anarho[Details / context]

1863 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: First military draft begins (for true patriots, of which there are many, exemptions cost $300). Elsewhere on the Killing Front, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader General Grant's orders barring Jews from territory he controls are revoked; Lt. Col. Kit Carson leaves Santa Fe with his troops, beginning a campaign against the Indians of New Mexico & Arizona.

1865 -- US: Four Lincoln assassination conspirators, including Mary Surratt, hanged.

Bleedster Scott notes:

This took place at Buzzard Point, site of the first US Penitentiary. She was the first woman hanged in the United States.

The complicity of Mary Surratt in the plot was never completely proven.

Sightings of the ghost of Mary Surratt have been made here, at her boarding house on K Street, & at the site of the Old Brick Capitol (now the site of the Supreme Court). The ghost of Anna Surratt, is said to be heard occasionally banging at the White House door to plead for the life of her mother as she did in fact on the eve of the execution.

1866 -- Italy: Promulgazione della legge che autorizza l'esproprio dei beni delle congregazioni e degli ordini religiosi a favore dello stato. Si tratta dell'ennesimo furto volto a sanare il bilancio statale ulteriormente dissestato dalle avventure belliche.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1883 -- US: Register Your Domain Name? Chief Moses of the Sinkiuses (Chelan tribe) is forced to move from the Columbia River reservation to the Colville reservation; the former is "restored to public domain."

1884 -- Lion Feuchtwanger lives. German theater critic, novelist, & playwright known for his historical romances. In 1933 Feuchtwanger was exiled moved to France, from which he escaped to the US.

1886 -- Source=Robert Braunwart George Clunies Ross is given a grant of the Cocos Islands in perpetuity. This is where the cereal CoCo Puffs are grown & harvested.

1887 -- Painter Marc Chagall lives.

1890 -- France: Marius Paul Metge lives. French individualist & illégaliste, a member of the Bonnot Gang ("Bande à Bonnot").

Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste, anarchisme, anarchistes, anarchie[Details / context]

1891 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The Big Chair? In a one-day record four men are executed in the electric chair, Sing Sing, NY.

1892 -- US: The song "A Man Named Carnegie" appears during the Homestead Strike. It is during this strike that the anarchist Henry Bauer is arrested & sent to prison for five years for distributing leaflets. In America we wave flags & brag about our right of "free speech."

Further details/ context, click here; anarchisten, anarchie, anarkismo, anarchisme[More on Henry Bauer]

Sing ho, for we know you, Carnegie;
God help us & save us, we know you too well;
You're crushing our wives & you're starving our babies;
In our homes you have driven the shadow of hell.
Then bow, bow down to Carnegie,
Ye men who are slaves to his veriest whim;
If he lowers your wages cheer, vassals, then cheer. Ye
Are nothing but chattels & slaves under him.

— 2nd verse, "A Man Named Carnegie,"

anonymous, California, 7 July 1892

1893 -- Miroslav Krleza (1893-1981) lives. Novelist, poet, essayist, short-story writer, & playwright, a central figure in modern Croatian literature. Krleza published his first poems & plays before World War I. He was among Yugoslavia's most prolific writers for nearly seven decades.

Mayakovsky by Rodchenko
1893 -- Vladimir Mayakovsky lives (old style; July 19 New style), Georgia, Russia. Leading poet of Russian Revolution of 1917 & early Soviet period, one of the founders of Russian Futurism movement.

Of grandfatherly gentleness I'm devoid,
There's not a single grey hair in my soul!
Thundering the world with the might of my voice,
I go by-handsome,

— Vladimir Mayakovsky,
"Cloud in Trousers," 1915

Vladimir Mayakovsky
"At the Top of My Voice," 1930

in my teeth too,
& I'd rather
romances for you —
more profit in it
& more charm.
But I
setting my heel
on the throat
of my own song."

Mayakovsky joined the communist party in 1908 & was repeatedly jailed for subversive activity. During solitary confinement in 1909 he started to write poetry. Released, he joined the Russian Futurist group & became its spokesman.

The Russian Revolution inspired highly popular poems supporting the Bolsheviks. Travelled in Europe, the United States, Mexico, & Cuba recording his impressions in My Discovery of America.

Disappointed in love, alienated from Soviet reality, & denied a visa to travel abroad, he committed suicide. Later eulogized by Uncle Joe Stalin.

SEE ALSO: Arkady Strugatski, Jack London (Mayakovsky wrote the script & played the main role in a film from 1918, Ne dlja deneg rodivshijsja, based on Martin Eden); Yevgeni Yevtushenko.

Oscar Wilde
1896 -- The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde:

In Memoriam C.T.W.
Sometime Trooper of
The Royal Horse Guards.
Obit H.M. Prison, Reading, Berkshire,
July 7th, 1896

Yet each man kills the thing he loves
By each let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!

1897 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Rudyard Kipling poem "Recessional" is published, in "The Times."

Le Réveil socialiste anarchiste logo; source Ephéméride anarchiste
1900 -- Switzerland: In Genève, Luigi Bertoni publishes the premier issue of Il Risveglio anarchico, Le Réveil socialiste anarchiste. In 1913, the name is modified to Le Réveil communiste anarchiste & then from May 1, 1926 on, simply Le Reveil anarchiste (The Anarchist Alarm Clock). The bilingual (Italian-French) newspaper printed different articles depending on the language. Bertoni was implicated in the trumped-up "Plot of Zurich" for his antiwar activities during the Great War That Ended All Wars, & with Italian comrades, fought in the Spanish Revolution in the 1930s. He edited the paper until his death in 1947.

1901 -- US: Following miners riot in Telluride on the 3rd, the Denver Times reports "Telluride Labor Trouble is Settled."

1901 -- Author of the classic story of Swiss children, Heidi, Johanna Spyri, dies in Zürich.

1903 -- US: "March of the Mill Children" begins.

Kids on Strike!

       We Have Marched Together
Labor organizer Mary Harris ("Mother") Jones leads the "March of the Mill Children" from Philadelphia to Beloved & Respected Comrade Bull Pres. Theodore Roosevelt's summer home in Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY to publicize the harsh conditions of child labor & in demanding a 55 hour work week.

During this march, on about the 24th, she delivers her famed “The Wail of the Children” speech.

Roosevelt refuses to see them.

1903 --
July 7, 1903
Dublin, Ireland

Third Conference leading to the founding of the Federació Sindical Internacional (FIS).

Source: [Congressos Obrers]

1904 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Novelist Rider Haggard receives a telepathic communication from his dying dog Bob (Get your foot off my head?)

1906 -- "Titi" (possibly Maria Roda) begins a series of essays, titled Alle Donne, Emancipiamoci! (To the Women: Let’s Emancipate Ourselves!), in which she declares:

"I have the right to uphold my individuality & submit only to myself. But I write this because we have still not put this to the test . . . There is a beautiful saying: I am an anarchist, I am free in my house, I benefit from my freedom & don’t believe that a father, brother, or husband should exercise physical or moral coercion over me.

All of this would be true to say, but in the end, when we can’t have bread without the say of men with whom we live, if we can’t have a roof, a bed, clothes without the money of our comrades necessary to buy them, we are slaves & we must suffer for better or for worse to the will of those who keep us . . . We should take a glance not only at the bourgeois society but at ourselves, workers who are part of the anarchist family."

"La Questione Sociale", July 7, 1896.

Often it was Italian-American women radicals who applied the anarchist-syndicalist doctrines calling for the rejection of governmental structures & coercive authority in their families & communities.

Satchel Paige
1906 -- US: Satchel Paige, greatest baseball pitcher ever, who never looks back, lives. Pitched professionally from 1924 to 1965.

Sometimes I feel like I will never stop
  Just go forever
  Till one fine morning
  I'll reach up & grab me a handful of stars
  & swing out my long lean leg
  & whip three hot strikes burning down the heavens
  & look over at God & say
  How about that!

      — Samuel Allen, "To Satch"

1907 -- Robert A. Heinlein lives (1907-1988). Prolific American writer, grand master of science fiction. His first stories appeared in action-adventure pulp magazine "Astounding Science Fiction" in 1939.

His first novel, Rocket Ship Galileo appeared in 1947 & paved way to children's science fiction. Wrote The Green Hills of Earth, the militarist Starship Troopers, & the 60s hippie oriented Stranger in a Strange Land (a favorite of mass murderer Charles Manson).

In 1975 Heinlein was awarded the first Grand Master Nebula. Avid supporter of the Vietnam War (along with Anne McCaffrey, Keith Laumer, Pohl Anderson, et al).

"There is Lovecraft, the misogynic racist; there is Heinlein, the authoritarian militarist; there is Ayn Rand, the rabid opponent of trade unionism & the left, who, like many a reactionary before her, sees the problems of the world as a failure by capitalists to assume the responsibilities of 'good leadership'; there is Tolkien & that group of middle-class Christian fantasists who constantly sing the praises of bourgeois virtues & whose villains are thinly disguised working class agitators — fear of the Mob permeates their rural romances.

To all these & more the working class is a mindless beast which must be controlled or it will savage the world (i.e. bourgeois security)..."

— Michael Moorcock, Starship Stormtroopers, an essay on SciFi Fascists,

1910 -- US: Cloakmakers strike against NYC sweatshops by the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) begins (-Sept. 2 when Louis Brandeis negotiates an arbitration agreement, known as the Protocol of Peace, that is adopted by the ILGWU's Joint Board & the Manufacturers Protective Association).

1913 -- England: Suffragette Edith Rigby firebombs Lord Leverhulme's bungalow in Rivington, Lancashire; it burns to the ground.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1915 -- Margaret Walker lives, Birmingham, Ala. Encouraged by Langston Hughes & others, Walker became a writer best known for her volume of poetry For My People, her novel Jubilee, & a biography of novelist Richard Wright.

1916 -- Spain: POUM revoluionary Wildeboro Solano Alonso lives, Burgos.
video icon

William Kunstler
1919 -- US: Radical lawyer William Kunstler lives (1919-1995), New York City.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 2000-5
Radical lawyer, defended the Chicago 7, Martin Luther King Jr., others.

1923 -- France: The Paris dental museum of M. Wangram is bombed by neo-nihilists. ("Once bitten, always fearful.")
[Thar goes me hopes for a new set of store-boughts! — ed.]

1923 -- Portuguese poet Guerra Junqueiro dies, in Lisbon. Abandoned an early Romantic style for the realism of A morte de D. João ("The Death of Don Juan," 1874), in which he portrays the great lover as a debased seducer, the symbol of false sentimentality perpetuated, like social corruption, by Romanticism.

1925 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Novelist William Faulkner leaves New Orleans for Europe.

1930 -- Serial Killer? Author Arthur Conan Doyle dies, taking Sherlock Holmes & his faithful companion Watson with him.

1934 -- F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Wolfe, & Maxwell Perkins, lunch together. Fitzgerald advises Wolfe, struggling with Perkins over revisions to Of Time & the River: "You never cut anything out of a book you regret later."

1937 -- China: The Japanese attack the Marco Polo Bridge, near Peking. Start of the war between Japan & China,, the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945).

1941 -- Richard Starkey, drummer, lives. When asked in a press conference why he got more fan mail than the other Beatles Ringo said: "I suppose it's because more people write me."

1941 -- US: Iceland is occupied. To protect US interests in ice cubes & keep them out of the glasses of the Nazis. Meanwhile, over at the Government Slaughterhouse, Source=Robert Braunwart Nazis execute 5,000 Jews in the fortress of Kovno (Kaunas), Lithuania; The Germans make a heavy night bombing raid on Southampton, England; An Estonian fascist army ambushes Estonian Red Army.

1941 -- Dewey Phillips of WHBQ becomes the first DJ to play a Presley record. He premiered "That's All Right Mama" & interviewed the future Pelvis / drug addict.

1942 -- Wendy Watson lives, New York. Among her illustrated books are Tom Fox & the Apple Pie & Wendy Watson's Mother Goose.

1944 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Government Slaughterhouse: While Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Gen. Charles de Gaulle meets with B&RCL Pres. Roosevelt in Washington, DC, the Japanese launch a heavy counteroffensive on Saipan; US troops capture Rosignano, south of Leghorn, Italy; RAF makes a heavy raid on Caen, Normandy; US makes a 2nd B-29 raid on Japan, Kyushu; US bombers fly over the rail lines to Auschwitz but do not bomb them (Bombing the rail lines would have saved many Jewish lives).

1945 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Canadian troops riot in Aldershot, because of slow repatriation.

1947 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Army Air Force allegedly picks up a crashed flying saucer, NM. Damn litterbugs everywhere.

1948 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: Body of an alien is reportedly recovered from a UFO, Tamps.

1952 -- Gregorio Morales lives, in Granada. Spanish author & leader of the Quantum Aesthetics movement. Also be known as "Fermín" for being born on this day, the running of the bulls in the streets of Pamplona, in the San Fermín Festival.

1953 -- Author Nathan Aaseng lives.

1955 -- France: The periodical Le Libertaire is seized from newstands, in delivery & elsewhere. 7 juillet Le Libertaire est saisi dans les messageries, les postes et chez les dépositaires.

1956 -- Gottfried Benn, German poet / essayist, dies in Berlin. A broad selection of his poetry & prose in English translation was published under the title Primal Vision.

nice explosion
1956 -- Columbia: Seven Army trucks loaded with dynamite explode in the middle of Cali, killing 1,100-1,200, destroying 2,000 buildings.

1957 -- Pugwash scientists hold first peace conference.

1960 -- Italy: La polizia di stato uccide 5 persone nel corso di una manifestazione a Reggio Emilia in cui si protestava per i fatti di Roma. See yesterday; more tomorrow.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1960 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Belgium: Troops sent to the Congo.

1961 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Dominican Republic: Renewed unrest breaks out.

1963 -- US: Seven perish as a disabled Marine jet crashes into a day camp near Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. The pilot parachuted to safety.

1963 -- Source=Robert Braunwart British Guiana: 80-day General Strike against the Jagan government ends.

1965 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Jimmy Hoffa is reelected Teamsters president, despite his conviction for corruption.

1966 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Vietnam: Captured US pilots confess their war crimes over Radio Hanoi (-July 9). All lies of course...Americans — especially pilots — don't commit war crimes.

1966 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Governors vote support of LBJ's Vietnam War 49-1; Mark Hatfield (R-Oregon) casts the only no vote.

1968 -- Three years after Eric Clapton departed the Yardbirds & eight months after Jeff Beck left the group, the Yardbirds disband. Guitarist Jimmy Page had to fulfill the concert obligations & called his group The New Yardbirds. Keith Moon said "'ll probably go over like a lead zeppelin." So Page changed the name of his group to Led Zeppelin.

1968 -- US: Abbie Hoffman's "The Yippies are Going to Chicago" is published in "The Realist."

The Yippie movement, formed by Hoffman, Jerry Rubin & Paul Krassner, all committed activists & demonstrators, is characterized by public displays of disorder ranging from disrupting the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange to the destruction of the Clocks at Grand Central Terminal, the main commuter station for workers in New York City.

In six weeks, the Yippie's will be in the center of action at the infamous 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention, hosting a "Festival of Life" in contrast to what they term the convention's "Festival of Death."

Source: [Whole World is Watching]

1969 -- US: Charles Ever sworn in as first black mayor of bi-racial town in Mississippi since Reconstruction (Fayette).

1969 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Germany: "Der Spiegel" reveals Munich's Bishop Defregger is a war criminal.

1970 -- England: Army recruiting office in South London & the Officer Training Centre in Holborn are firebombed.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1971 -- US: Bon Voyage? FDA orders recall of all canned products made by the Bon Vivant Company, following the botulism death of Samuel Cochran on 30 June after eating Bon Vivant Vichyssoise.

1972 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Ireland: Bloody Friday; IRA bombs kill nine in Belfast.

1972 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Home of Democratic National Chairman Strauss is broken into.

1972 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Canada: Ottawa legislates an end to seven-week strike of St. Lawrence longshoremen.

1975 -- US: Keith Richards charged with possession of an offensive weapon & reckless driving in Arkansas. Hundreds of teenage girls storm the jail where he is being held. Don't know if he ever got out. May still be crushing stones on the rock pile.

1976 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: An FBI informer breaks into the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) Denver office & steals boxes of documents.

1977 -- US: Neutered? First test of the neutron bomb.

1977 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: 12,000 police occupy a university [UNAM?] in México City. No dunce caps for these tuitionless cops.

1979 -- US: 2,000 Indian activists & anti-nuclear demonstrators march through the Black Hills (South Dakota) to protest the development of uranium mines in sacred lands.

1979 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Montreux Pop Festival in Switzerland presents its first country show; Barbara Mandrell & the Oak Ridge Boys are booed off the stage.

1980 -- Dominican Republic:

"Millien Beaubrun, Haitian cane cutter murdered ... shot in the back with 15 bullets of an M-1 rifle, at the Palmajero military post on the Catarey sugar factory property in the Dominican Republic. His crime was unpardonable. He had refused to work without pay. He said no to slavery."

— Maurice Lemoine's dedication in his book Bitter Sugar: Slaves Today in the Caribbean

Garcia Oliver, anarchist
1980 -- Spain: Anarquista Juan García Oliver dies. Minister of Justice in the Republican Government.

Oliver was a member of the guerrilla Nosotros group & a close associate of Buenaventura Durruti. During the initial battle against the fascist uprising in July 1936 he led the group which seized the women's prison & released all the prisoners. Later became Minister of Justice in the Republican government...

Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste,  anarchismo, anarquista, anarchie, anarkismo, anarchisme, anarho, kalendario, anarchica, Libertaria[Details / context]

1981 -- First solar-powered aircraft, Solar Challenger, crosses English Channel.

1982 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator Robert Dornan says rock albums have satanic messages when played backwards (specifically, the Beatles, the Stones, Kiss & Led Zeppelin). For once a rightwing yo-yo gets it right.

Lennon holds off Russian troops
1983 -- Poland: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Polish Jokester Jaruzelski declares:

"We are not prepared to deal with alternate spelling: Jaruzelskyanarchists & counter-revolutionaries."

1984 -- Mr. Ed fan club holds first national convention labelled "Edstock." Billed as "a few hours of Ed, love & music." Tiny Tim won the "Ed Award" for the greatest live performance of the Mr. Ed theme.

1984 -- Objectivist poet George Oppen (1908-1984) dies, Sunnyvale, California. Pulitzer Prize-winner (Of Being Numerous) & political activist.

1986 -- Source=Robert Braunwart France & New Zealand reach an agreement concerning Greenpeace.

Oliver North, American disgrace
1987 -- US: SmarmMeister Ollie North, a disgrace to country & uniform, begins testimony in Iran-Contra Hearings.

Sales for some novelty toys don't always sizzle.

In the summer 1987, after Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North's testimony captivated the nation during the Iran-Contra hearings, a San Francisco couple lost $30,000 trying to market a doll based on him.

By that Christmas, the couple announced plans to recover their loss by taking the Oliver North head off the doll's body & replacing it with a likeness of Mikhail Gorbachev, at the time the popular Soviet leader.

1987 -- US: A Delta jet scheduled to land in Lexington, Kentucky, instead comes down 19 miles away in Frankfort. Says an FAA spokesman, "The pilot stated he was on the ground, but he didn't know where."

1988 -- US: The first of many syringes, blood vials & other hospital souvenirs — some contaminated with the AIDS virus — washes ashore on Long Island, forcing the closing of miles of beaches in the midst of the worst East Coast heat wave of the decade.

Officials downplay the risk to bathers, pointing out that these items make up only a small percentage of beach debris. "People are living in an age of fear," says a health department spokesperson. "People are afraid when they hear the words `infectious waste'."

1989 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Cuba: Revolutionary hero Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa Sanchez is sentenced to death for drug trafficking.

1991 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Noble House miniseries premiers on NBC TV. Based on the novel by James Clavell.

1992 -- Serbia: Peace march to Presidential residence blockaded by police, Belgrade.

Mika Etchebehere, anarchista
1992 -- Argentinean Mika Etchebehere (1902-1992, née Michèle Feldman) dies. Militant Marxist & anarchist. Fought in the Spanish Revolution with the P.O.U.M. & also with Cipriano Mera.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart México: Mexican Center for Workers' Human Rights is formed.

Mia Zapata
1993 -- US: 27 year-old singer Mia Zapata, a member of the Seattle band The Gits, is strangled. Less than two hours before her body was found, she had spent an evening in her local pub, The Comet Tavern (where BleedMeister once tended bar), with many friends.

Her killer was on the loose for 10 years.

[In 2003, police arrested her killer; In 2004 he is convicted].

1994 -- Yemen: End of civil war.

1994 -- Cambodia: Parliament outlaws the Khmer Rouge.

1994 -- Czechoslovakia: 3rd International Anarcho-syndicalist East-West Conference held in Prague.

1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Greenwich Village night spot the Village Gate closes after 36 years, NYC.

1997 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Kenya: Security forces kill at least nine antigovernment protesters.

1998 -- Puerto Rico: General Strike called by over 60 trade unions & a large number of civic, religious, student & cultural organizations, against privatization. The largest strike in Puerto Rican history brings the country to a halt.

1998 -- US: Two anti-racist skinheads killed in Las Vegas.

1998 -- US: TCI issues a press release stating:

If protesters against the AT&T/TCI merger go ahead with the planned protest, where all subscribers get on their knees & suck on their cable connector at precisely the same moment.........

"It will degrade the system."

Nukem from orbit
2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Outer Space: Heads Up, North Korea!? Crucial US Star Wars antimissile test fails miserably. Lt. Gen. Henry A. Obering III tells reporters he has confidence in current missile-defense capabilities. "We have a better-than-zero chance of successfully intercepting, I believe, an inbound warhead."

2001 -- Songster Fred Neil, always the recluse, quits talking (1937-2001). American folk musician & writer best known for his "Everybody's Talkin," "The Dolphins," "The Other Side of This Life," "Candy Man," "Crying," etc. Neil founded the Dolphin Project with marine biologist Richard O'Barry in 1970.

Fred Neil

Everybody's talkin' at me,
I don't hear a word they're sayin'

I'm goin' where the sun keeps shinin'
Through the pourin' rain...

2001 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Amnesty International says China has executed 1,781 in the last three months. pointer to Anarchist quotes pageQuotes from Anarchists

2011 -- HookahHookUp?: The world's first artificial organ transplant is achieved, using an artificial windpipe.

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