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"I would rather hear about a live American Bum than a dead Greek god."

— Charles Bukowski

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Colombian advocate of "participatory action" education.

KRONIA FESTIVAL: Celebrates the birthday of that ol' bugger, Kronos, Father of Time. Tibet: Monks of Choni Lamasery perform "THE OLD DANCE" in costumes & masks dating back to Manchu dynasty, representing all the demons of Buddhist hell.


National Holiday of the People's Republic of Outer Mongolia. Celebrated mainly in Ulan Bator, yurt capital of Asia.

1244 -- Displaced by the Mongols, the Khwarismian Turks take Jerusalem; 300 people escape.

Bruce trilogy cover
1274 -- Robert I, "the Bruce," King of Scotland lives.
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1302 -- Flemish weavers defeat the Flemish cavalry & the French in the Battle of the Spurs (the Battle of Kortrijk).
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

1593 -- Giuseppe Arcimboldo, first surrealist painter, dies.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2005-2008
Pioneer of object-oriented visual imagination.

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1656 -- New Old World: Pacifists land & establish town of Boston, Massachusetts.

1754 -- Bowdlerized?: Thomas Bowdler, English editor, lives (1754-1825), Ashley, near Bath. His "Family" Shakespeare (ten volumes, 1818) expurgates sections "which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a family."

1804 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Vice-President Aaron Burr provokes a duel with Alexander Hamilton & mortally wounded him in Weehawken, New Jersey.

1812 -- US: Canada invaded (Detroit frontier).

1818 -- Source=Robert Braunwart John Keats writes "In the Cottage Where Burns Was Born," "Lines Written in the Highlands" & "The Gadfly."

1854 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaFrance: Toussaint Bordat lives, Chassenard. Lyons militant.

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1856 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of the novel What Is to Be Done?, by Nikolai Chernyshevsky (1828-1889), a Russian Nihilist. For over 20 years he was confined in a fortress & put to penal servitude in Siberia. A strong influence on Russian progressives & revolutionaries, inspiring a whole youth generation, including the anarchists.

1869 -- US: Buffalo Bill Cody & scouts attack Tall Bull's camp; 51 Cheyenne killed, 17 women & children captured.

1873 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Émile Zola play, "Therese Raquin," opens in Paris.

1880 -- Source=Robert Braunwart France: Amnesty for Marquis de Rochefort & other Communards of 1871.

1892 -- US: Pitched battle is fought between striking miners & guards; Striking coal miners in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, dynamite the Pinkerton ('fink') barrack (or the concentrating mill) at the Frisco Mill, leaving it in ruins, & occupy the coal mines (during miners' strike, Apr.-July). National Guard & federal troops are called out & martial law established on the 13th.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

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Ravachol, French anarchiste bandit
1892 -- France: François Ravachol executed. Ravachol took retribution for the Clichy defendants, bombing the homes of the presiding judge (March 11, 1892) & the prosecutor (March 27, 1892): police in Clichy had attacked a six-man anarchist labor rally. The workers defended themselves with guns & ended up behind bars with long terms of hard labor.

Anarchist bandit & advocate of "propaganda of the deed," the subject of popular myth & song ("La Ravachole, sur l'air de la Carmagnole").

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1893 -- France: Lucien Haussard lives (1893-1969), St-Quentin (Aisne). Militant, propagandist & freethinker.

Treasurer of the "Anarchist Communist Federation", involved in numerous libertarian organizations & publishing efforts, including Libertaire, & did much valuable work aiding Spanish militants, & with Comité pour l’Espagne libre.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context] Militant, propagandiste anarchiste et Libre penseur. Il naît le 11 juillet 1893 à St-Quentin (Aisne). En 1914, il est fait prisonnier par les Allemands lors de l'occupation de St-Quentin. Après-guerre il devient correcteur d'imprimerie à Paris et fréquente les libertaires qui tentent alors de se réorganiser. En 1919, il est trésorier de la "Fédération Communiste Anarchiste" reconstituée, et collabore au "Libertaire." A partir de 1921, il assiste aux congrès de "l'Union Anarchiste" (U.A) et devient administrateur du "Libertaire." En 1924, il lance un éphémère bi-mensuel où toute les opinions anarchistes peuvent s'exprimer "L'Idée anarchiste." En 1926, il rejoint la revue du Dr Pierrot "Plus loin" et en sera le gérant de 1931 à 1939. En 1930, en raison de problèmes de santé, il devient marchand forain. Il sera plus tard (vers 1934) condamné à 4 mois de prison pour avoir fait traverser en auto la frontière franco-catalane à des fugitifs. Du 30 octobre au 1er novembre 1937, il est délégué à Paris au congrès de "l'U.A" qui voit la création de la section française de "S.I.A" (Solidarité Internationale Antifasciste). Arrêté en 1939, il sera interné jusqu'au printemps 1941. Il aurait ensuite établi une filière pour faire passer clandestinement la frontière espagnole à des activistes et ravitailler "l'Espagne antifranquiste." A la libération, il reprend son activité de marchand forain à Brive-la-Gaillarde et devient ensuite président de la Libre Pensée.

1894 -- Italy: Italian laws suppress anarchist & socialist organizations. La Camera approva tre leggi dette 'antianarchiche' che mirano a colpire tutti i movimenti di protesta contro lo stato. Today, Revisione delle liste elettorali controllando titoli di studio e capacità di leggere e scrivere. Il provvedimento mira a restringere l'elettorato di ispirazione socialista e radicale.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

animated dangling spider & web
1899 -- E. B. White lives, Mount Vernon, New York. Essayist & children's novelist. Wrote Charlotte's Web. Best known for his crisp, graceful, & highly individual style. Joined the newly established "New Yorker" in 1926. First gained fame with the publication of Is Sex Necessary?, which he wrote with James Thurber. Also co-authored The Elements of Style, with William Strunk, Jr. "Vigorous writing is concise," he says.
Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time.

— E. B. White

1905 -- US: Niagara Movement, precursor to the NAACP, founded. Includes W.E.B. Du Bois among its founders.

1914 -- US: Babe Ruth debuts in the baseball major leagues with the Boston Red Sox. Ruth made $2,900 his rookie season.

Emma Goldman, Anarchist Feminist
1914 -- US: A NY City rally & public funeral as 6,000 mourn the deaths of those killed in the Lexington Avenue explosion.

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Bisbee Deportation
1917 -- US: Beginning of "deportation" of IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) miners from Bisbee, Arizona by vigilantes into the Sonoran desert.

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Simon Radowitzky, mug shots
1918 -- Argentina: Simón Radowitzky (Szymon Radowicki) escapes from the Ushuaia concentration camp on the Tierra del Fuego island.

Radowitzky was serving a life sentence for assassinating the chief of Buenos Aires police, who had ordered the massacre of workers during a May Day demonstration in 1909. Captured a month later in Chile, & after 21 years in exile, he went to fight in the Spanish Revolution. From 1940 until his death today he lived in Mexico.

[Further details & links]
Details on his assassination of Falcon

1923 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Albert Einstein delivers his Nobel address, Gothenburg, 2 years late. Time is relative, of course.

1925 -- Orlando Fals Borda; source Colombia: Orlando Fals Borda lives (1925-2008). Researcher & sociologist, important Latin American thinker, & one of the founders of participatory action research.

"Action brings knowledge."

1929 -- Danish poet / jazz musician Benny Andersen, lives, Copenhagen.

1930 -- Literary critic Harold Bloom lives, New York City. Championed the six major romantic poets (Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats) in his first book, The Visionary Company (1961).

1931 -- England: League of Nations Union mass rally for disarmament, Albert Hall, London.

1933 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Germany: A Real Page Burner?: Nazis form a united Evangelical Church from state Protestant churches. All German school teachers are ordered to read Hitler's Mein Kampf.

1937 -- Author Dylan Thomas, 22, marries Caitlin MacNamara, 23, at the Registry Office in Penzance, Cornwall.

1937 -- George Gershwin dies, Los Angeles.
RhapMasterGeorge; by Covarrubias

1938 -- Historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, lives, Sugar City, Idaho. In 1991 won both the Bancroft Prize & the Pulitzer Prize for history for A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812.

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1944 -- Patricia Polacco lives, Michigan. Her book, The Keeping Quilt, tells the history of her family — Russian Jews who emigrate to the US & settle on a farm in Michigan — through the traditions surrounding the use of a quilt made by her great-great-grandmother. Her growing-up years are chronicled in numerous picture books including: My Rotten Brother, Ralph, Thundercake, & Mrs. Katz & Tush.

1947 -- US: Two Feet & You're Out?: Eight black prisoners killed in Brunswick, Georgia for refusing to work in a snake infested swamp without boots.

1947 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Charles Weidman ballet "Fables for Our Time" (based on James Thurber's novel) premiers.

1948 -- Italian communists view the European Recovery Program as part of an "American imperialistic war effort."

1954 -- US: First White Citizens Council organizes in Indianola, Mississippi.

1955 -- Edith Sitwell, in a letter to a friend, remembers Virginia Woolf: "I enjoyed talking to her, but thought nothing of her writing. I considered her 'a beautiful little knitter.'"

1955 -- US: Congress authorizes all American currency to state,

"In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash."

1958 -- US: 3 Shits & You're Out? Judge Raulston Schoolfield convicted by the Tennessee Senate of articles of impeachment, which included accepting an automobile from law violators & using obscene language while performing his duties.

1958 -- US: Daisy Bates & the Little Rock Nine, African-American youths who desegregated Central High School in Little Rock, Ark., receive the Spingarn Medal for their "heroism & pioneering roles in upholding the basic ideals of American democracy in the face of continuing harassment & constant threats of bodily injury."

1959 -- Songster/pacifist Joan Baez records a duet with Bob Gibson at the Newport Folk Festival; it is her first recording.

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1960 -- Harper Lee's Pulitzer prize-winning race relations novel To Kill A Mockingbird is published.

1966 -- US: Lou Gottlieb dies. Founder of the Morning Star Ranch (fondly known as the "The Digger Farm").

Gottlieb formerly of the folkie Limelighters, along with Ramón Sender, opened the 32-acre Ranch to anyone who wanted to live there.

1967 -- US: A week of riots/revolt begins in Newark, New Jersey, eventually leaving 26 dead, 1,500 wounded & over 1,000 arrested amidst widespread charges of police brutality. Part of "the long hot summer" stemming from dissatisfaction with lack of improvement in societal conditions.

1967 -- Dancing The Nite Away?: Margot Fonteyn & Nureyev are busted in the Haight.

1968 -- US: American Indian Movement (AIM) founded, Minneapolis.

Spock, Star Trek
1969 -- US: Federal appeals court reverses the 1968 convictions of Dr. Benjamin Spock & Ferber who had been found guilty of conspiring to counsel evasion of the military draft in 1968 during the Vietnam War. Coffin & Goodman cases are sent back for retrial.

1974 --


The war that won't die

Sixty years after it ended, film-makers are still fighting the Spanish Revolution & Civil War.
When a fire bomb ripped through the Balmes cinema in Barcelona on July 11, 1974...

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film still

1977 -- Gregg Allman & Cher become parents to Elijah Blue.

1977 -- Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent - Jef Jaisun played on Friggin' Here July 11th, 1997 Show #29 * — played by request.

1978 -- Italy: A group of homeless people blows up the office of the Communist Party housing assessor, Rome.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1979 -- Dave? Dave's Not Here, Dave's Out Back?: US space station Skylab enters the atmosphere over Australia & disintegrates. Large portions fall intact in the remote outback.

1980 -- Jaime Suarez Quemain, El Salvadoran poet, assassinated by the army. A true anarquista who called himself a "libertarian", Suárez Quemain belonged to a generation of writers who emerged during the 1970s, the generation struck by the ominous power of the war.

the streets of san salvador will never disremember
they know how to count their dead

the streets of san salvador will never disremember
one day they shall speak out as serene justice

— jaime suarez quemain

1985 -- US: Congress votes to impose sanctions against South Africa in protest of its apartheid policy. Rightwingers lose a few stalwarts to heart attacks.

All Bleeding Eventually Stops
1985 -- Zippers for stitches announced by Dr. H. Harlan Stone. The surgeon had used zippers on 28 patients, on whom he thought he might have to re-operate, because of internal bleeding following initial operations. The zippers, which lasted between five & 14 days, were then replaced with permanent stitches. Now you can, literally, zip your lips.

1988 -- Source=Robert Braunwart South Korea: Police arrest 15,617 demonstrators.

1989 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Russia: Siberian miners at Prokoplevsk join the Russian coal strike.

1990 -- US: NYC police arrest "Dartman" (stabbed over 50 women with darts).

1990 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Haiti: General strike, Port-au-Prince, over the return of Tontons Macoute.

1990 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Marvin Liebman, founder of the rightwing Young Americans for Freedom, says he is gay.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Guatemala: Human-rights activist Rigoberta Menchu returns for the first time since the government murdered her parents 10 years ago.

1995 -- Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel peace laureate, released from six years' house arrest.

1996 -- Source=Robert Braunwart UN war crimes tribunal issues warrants for Beloved & Respected Comrade Leaders Karadzic & Mladic.

1998 -- 25,000 jaws drop, watch in awe as Dave's #1 Son launches the (RecollectionUsedBooks) mother ship, "R.U.B.-a-Dub-Dub" at 20th Anniversary of Seattle's Milk Carton Boat Derby at Green Lake. (Milk cartons required for floatation; human powered.)

1998 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Enterprising vandals steal the bug off the boll weevil monument in Enterprise, Alabama.

Alan Franklin, clock in face, anarchists know know time...
2000 -- The Layabouts mix at at Roscoe's. MP3 Files... They cut Cadillac, Work to be Done, Face of humanity, Rant #337, Monkey Doo, Ballad of Donna Lewis, & so it goes, Pachamama, Thin Ice, Don't talk, Damn this town.

MP3 Files...
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1. Fuckalot! 2. Schoolboys 3. Too Late (Milton Bennett, Vocals) 4. Governments Lie 5. Millennia Man 6. Johannesburg 7. Police Reaction 8. I'm Tired 9. Seven Minutes 10. B Movie

Moe's Books 80th birthday poster
2002 -- US: Moe's Books celebrates a few chapters.

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Amnesty International condemns Palestinian suicide bombings as crimes against humanity.

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Argentina: Former Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader dictator Leopoldo Galtieri is arrested for abduction, torture & murder.

2004 -- France: Brandon Letsinger, Auntie Dave's Rotten Nummer One Son, departs Paris, chasing the sun, for Seattle...home again. Lifts off early afternoon, touches down early evening.

2006 -- India: Terrorist bombings rock Mumbai, killing over 200. A series of seven bomb blasts occurred over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway, set off by Islamic religious nuts.

Turtle tries to mate with Army helmut
3000 --

"All oppression creates a state of war."

— Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

3500 --

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