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Yesterday the people woke
stripped & with nothing to cover themselves,
hungry & with nothing to eat,
& now today has dawned justly hateful
& justly bloody.
In their hands the rifles
long to become lions
to finish with ferocity those
who have been so many times ferocious.
Even if you have no weapons,
people of one hundred thousand strengths,
don't let your bones thin;
punish those who wound you
as long as you have fists,
fingernails, saliva, & you have
heart, entrails, guts,
testicles & teeth.

— Miguel Hernández
excerpt, Sitting upon the Dead

Billie Holiday

"Lady Day." Great American jazz singer, performer.


It's Not Fair?: Epping Forrest, England: FAIRLOP FAIR. Daniel Day found a gigantic, ancient hollow oak tree in the forest fitted with a round table that seated twelve & Day held an annual picnic there. The picnics grew into a full-scale English Fair. Then one year a bough fell from the tree, mortally wounding Day. He ordered his coffin made from the bough. Shortly thereafter the oak burned down. & Fairlop Fair was no more.


time clock

"Lost interest?? It`s so bad I've lost apathy."

1555 -- Author Richard Carew lives.

1742 -- William Somerville, poet (Hobbinol, or the Rurul Games), dies at Edstone, Warwickshire.

1791 -- Champ de Mars massacre: parting of the ways between the big bourgeoisie & the rest of the third estate.

1794 -- US: Biggest rebel victory in Whiskey Rebellion. Mob of 500 armed men, protesting a new excise tax on distilleries, clashes with troops from Fort Pitt after firing on a revenue collector & burning down his home. Within the next three weeks, 15,000 uniformed militiamen enter into the fray, including Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton (whose close associates in the rum business were among the major benefactors of the tax), & the "Whiskey Rebellion" came to an end.
Whiskey Rebellion Camp:

1821 -- US: Florida ceded to the US by Spain. America now has a place to house Senior Citizens, Mafiosa, & Cuban refugees.

1862 -- US: Congress authorizes Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Lincoln to accept blacks for military service: US army can use blacks as laborers. Over 186,000 African-Americans serve in the Union Army, with 38,000 losing their lives.
"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"

— Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

1874 -- Italy: Michael Bakunin clandestinely joins his friends, during this month, in Bologna where they have planned an uprising.

Bakunin is forced to escape, cleverly (& ironically) dressed as a priest (!), returning to Switzerland to Lugano. (Bakunin had spent the first half of 1874 living with Cafiero, who had established a refuge near Locarno).

Source: Cronologia del Socialismo Italiano,

1877 -- US: Great Railroad Strike of 1877 begins, eventually spreading from West Virginia to cover the whole country, leaving over 100 dead & thousands of rail cars destroyed.

When West Virginia rail workers walk out over a 10% pay cut, the state militia sent to prevent blocking of the trains instead join the workers & America's first general strike spreads through Chicago, New York & St. Louis. Workers in steel, flour, sugar, chemical & lead industries occupy the factories & begin self-managed production for distribution to strikers [1877].

1882 -- Australia: Australasian Secular Association (ASA) founded, Melbourne.

As in the USA & England, Free Thought in Australia encompassed breaks with 'traditional' thinking in areas besides religion. Soon a youngish band of free thinkers rebelled against the restrictions of organised Free Thought itself, one result of which was the Melbourne Anarchist Club (MAC). Secularists prominent in Australian anarchism include the brothers David & Will Andrade, Fred Upham, Donovan & George Newberry, "Chummy" Fleming, Rose Stone, William McNamara & J.A. Andrews.

Bart De Ligt, anarchist
1883 -- Barthélemy De Ligt lives. Outstanding antimilitarist & Dutch libertarian pacifist.

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1886 -- Gerard Manley Hopkins decides to become a Roman Catholic.

1887 -- Dorothea Dix, reformer, suffragette, dies.

1888 -- Shmuel (Yosef) Agnon lives, Buczacz, Balicia, Austria-Hungary (now Buchach, Ukraine). Israeli writer, one of the great Hebrew novelists/ short-story writers, awarded the 1966 Nobel Prize for Literature with Nelly Sachs.

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1889 -- Erle Stanley Gardner lives, Malden, Massachusetts. Also wrote as A.A. Fair, Carleton Kendrake, Charles J. Kenny. Prolific American author / lawyer, whose best-known works center on the lawyer-detective Perry Mason, his helpmates loyal & beautiful secretary Della Street, private detective Paul Drake & the opponent District Attorney Hamilton Burger. His books have sold over 200 million copies in some 30 languages.

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1890 -- Italy: Emanazione della legge sulle opere pie che pone tutte le istituzioni di beneficenza nell'alveo dello stato ed esclude gli appartenenti alla Chiesa.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Carlo Cafiero
1892 -- Carlo Cafiero dies, in a section of Nocera’s asylum.

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1894 -- France: Chamber of Deputies meet & pass additional "Lois scélérates," laws designed to reinforce repression already being used against the anarchist movement. The first set of these "villainous laws" were passed in December 1893.

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1897 -- US: First ship arrives in Seattle carrying golds from the Yukon. "There be golds in them thar hills!"

1898 -- Spain: Madrid: In Catalonia, the golden province of Spain, a Separatist party, claiming misrule by Spain, seeks semi-independence under the protection of France.

1902 -- Australian-American novelist Christina Stead (The Man Who Loved Children) lives, Rockdale, Sydney.

1911 -- Frank Snowden lives, York County, Va. Scholar on blacks in ancient history, notable for his books Blacks in Antiquity: Ethiopians in the Greco-Roman Experience & Before Color Prejudice: The Ancient View of Blacks.

1912 -- Michael Gilbert lives. English mystery writer, published thrillers, espionage & police procedural novels.

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1913 -- US: Potlatch Riots. The incident feeds fears, inflamed by Alden Blethen, publisher of the Seattle Times, who hated free speech & feared "radical elements." Blethen was highly critical of liberal Mayor Cotterill for allowing IWW labor organizers & "anarchist" street speakers to hold forth in downtown Seattle. Blethen's red-baiting led to further violence, as soldiers & sailors ransacked IWW & Socialist headquarters. The precipitous riots — attempts to suppress free speech & labor organizers — is an unsettling precursor & preview of the post-World War I nationwide Red Scare.

See "George Cotterill, Hiram Gill & the Potlatch Riots " by Murray Morgan.

1915 -- Red Emma Goldman, anarchistUS: Emma Goldman delivers 24 lectures in San Francisco; topics include "The Psychology of War," "The Follies of Feminism (A criticism of the Modern Woman's Movement)," "Religion & the War," & "The Right of the Child Not to Be Born."

According to Ben Reitman, Emma presents "an inspired address" on "The Philosophy of Atheism" before the Congress of Religious Philosophy at the Civic Auditorium.

1917 -- Christiane Rochefort lives, Paris. French writer, social critic, feminist.

She worked also with Henri Langlois at the Cinémathètique Française. In 1968 she is canned from her post at Cannes Film festival because of her too liberal views. In the same year the festivals were closed by the 'events' of May 1968.

1917 -- Phyllis Diller lives. Why?

Alexander Berkman, anarchist
1917 -- US: Alexander Berkman, a notorious anarchist, is wrongly indicted in absentia in San Francisco for complicity in three murders stemming from the bombing at the July 16, 1916 Preparedness Day parade.

1917 -- US: The Justice Department instructs its attorneys & special agents to keep tabs on local Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World) & ascertain their plans, sources of income, & any data that might link them to anti-war or pro-German activity. No incriminating evidence surfaces however.

1917 -- Brazil: El 17 de julio, estalla la huelga más importante recordada en el país, después del asesinato del zapatero José Martínez por la policía.

1919 -- Spain: Militant cenetista Pabloalt spelling, Pau Sabater Lliró (aka "El Tero") is assassinated by a rightwing band of pistoleros controlled by the Barcelona police chief Bravo Portillo. Sabater Lliró

35-year-old Sabater was president of the Barcelona Dyers Union (CNT) which had just carried out a strike. He is one of the first victims of the business owner's terrorism, which breaks out in earnest at the beginning of the Twenties, employing gangs of thugs to murder anyone they deem troublesome.

Two months from now, in retaliation, Portillo is assassinated. Police found a cap dropped by the culprits, but witnesses refuse to identify them:

The sombrero is not recognized. Bravo Portillo continuó recibiendo encargos y la siguiente víctima sería "El Tero" Pau Sabater Secretario del Ramo de la Tintorería de la que el 17 de julio estando en su casa de la calle Dos de Mayo nº 274 bajos, de madrugada se presentaron los sicarios de Portillo identificándose como policías, se llevaron al "Tero," los coches se encaminaron hacía el barrio de Camp de l'Arpa, por aquel entonces poco urbanizado y junto a una riera le asestaron seis disparos, de este atentado se conocieron los nombres de dos pistoleros de la banda de Portillo. Luís Fernández y Joan Serra (hijo de un empresario).
Aquel mismo día los sicarios de Portillo actuaron también en una barbería de Sans asesinando al cenetista José Castillo, el acto lo cometió Epifanio Casas que iba acompañado de dos de sus colegas.

A raíz de éstos atentados la CNT y los grupos de afinidad se indignaron profundamente y naturalmente extremaron las precauciones, pero aún así, les faltaba una mejor coordinación entre ambos, que diera un resultado más eficaz.

Por otro lado Seguí temiendo lo peor, se había refugiado en un piso de la Calle Perot lo Lladre desde donde se organizaron algunas reuniones, donde éste intentó apaciguar los ánimos de sus compañeros, para que no cayeran en la trampa de la provocación de los empresarios.

Por aquellos días en Madrid se establecía un nuevo gobierno presidido por Joaquin Sánchez Toca y era Ministro de Gobernación el demócrata cristiano Manuel de Burgos y Mazo, con los que Seguí pensó entrar en contacto, por lo que buscó a Francesc Layret para que éste le hiciera de intermediario. Las intensiones de Seguí iban encaminadas a parar las claras provocaciones de la patronal y sus pistoleros.

Mientras tanto la CNT envía delegados a diversos países, con la intención de aliarse sindicalmente con otros obreros europeos, Evelio Boal visita Portugal, Pere Foix, Rusia asistiendo antes al Congreso Internacional de Sindicatos de Amsterdam.

1923 -- London: Mr. Philip Snowden’s resolution in favor of Socialism was defeated by the House of Commons.

1923 -- Author James Purdy lives.

1927 -- Nicaragua: First aerial military bombing of a civilian population, by a US Marine squadron of seven airplanes at Ocatal, kills 300.

1928 -- México: General Alvaro Obregón, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader president, assassinated. Obregón is responsible for the crushing of Zapatistan autonomous initiatives 10 years ago. His assassin is not an anarquista, but rather an activist Catholic. anarchist

1931 -- Iconoclastic American journalist Erwin Knoll lives, Vienna. Editor-in-chief (1973-94) for The Progressive magazine in Madison, Wisconsin.

1932 -- Karla Kuskin lives, NY City. Her first book, Roar & More, was written as a college project & published by Harper in 1956. In 1979, she received the National Council of the Teachers of English (NCTE) Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children. Kuskin also created picture books, including: The Philharmonic Gets Dressed; The Dallas Titans Get Ready for Bed.

1932 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaSpain: José Prat dies (??-1932). Eminent anarcosindicalista, one of the "parents" of the CNT. Early advocate of women's liberation, arguing that the condition of women is their repression by men. "‘Nature’ has nothing to do with this.... If woman is backward, it is because in all times man has kept her inferior ..." (1903). In 1903, Jose Prat insisted women take the reins of their own emancipation. // En 1903, José Prat instó a las mujeres a tomar las riendas de su propia emancipación. Unos años más tarde Federica Montseny afirmaba -- re @'s over supporting allies during WWI The most notable of the Spaniards was Ricardo Mella, who argued in Acción Libertaria against the position taken by José Prat in Tierra y Libertad. (doesn't say who took which position) & José Prat, eminent revolutionary syndicalist, a parent of the anarchosyndicalist CNT, defines the two types of unionism: The battle of a simply reformist tendency for small immediate improvements for the working class & make them into habits & fix them in bourgeois laws, & the revolutionary tendency which, while not ignoring all the immediate improvements that are positive, proposes or tends to the total economic emancipation of the working class from capitalist exploitation. // José Prat, eminente sindicalista revolucionario, uno de los padres de la CNT, anarcosindicalista íntegro donde los haya, define así a los dos tipos de sindicalismo: La tendencia reformista batalla simplemente para obtener pequeñas mejoras inmediatas para la clase obrera y hacerlas entrar en las costumbres y fijarlas en las leyes burguesas, por otro lado la tendencia revolucionaria, que, sin desdeñar todas aquellas mejoras inmediatas que sean positivas, se propone o tiende a la total emancipación económica de la clase obrera de la explotación capitalista. 1903, for example, José Prat argued that "women’s ‘backwardness’ is a consequence of the way she has been, & still is, treated. ‘Nature’ has nothing to do with this.... If woman is backward, it is because in all times man has kept her inferior, ANARCHIST REVOLUTION & THE LIBERATION OF WOMEN by Martha A. Ackelsburg

1935 -- Irish man of letters AE (George William Russell) dies in Bournemouth, Hampshire, failing to have grown & developed as a poet. Once considered an equal to William Butler Yeats.

"George William Russell":

I've been subscribing to your Bleedmeister site for about a month, because we have a large collection on freedom of the press & speech, & you list many worthwhile web sites for people we collect. However, after checking one today, I am now a little suspicious:

1935 -- Composer-humorist Peter Schickele lives, Ames, Iowa. Created P.D.Q. Bach, who in turn wrote "Concerto for Horn & Hardart," the oratorio "Iphegenia in Brooklyn," & "Blaues Gras" (the Bluegrass Contata).

'Madrid 1936' Photomontage by John Heartfield
1936 -- Spain: Right-wing military uprising against the Spanish government is declared in Spanish Morocco. The Fascist military uprising against the Republican government, led by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Generals Francisco Franco, Mola, & Sanjurjo, triggers the Spanish Revolution & Civil War.

Barcelona workers of the largest & most powerful trade union, the anarchist CNT, seize 200 rifles & distribute them on the 19th. Where the workers offer armed resistance, the fascists are defeated.

The weapons are immediately distributed to the militants of the trade union of transport & metallurgy.

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1937 -- Spain: Republican campaign against Brunete (-26), near Madrid, is unsuccessful.

1938 -- Douglas (Wrong Way) Corrigan leaves NY for LA, winds up in Ireland.

1938 -- Finland awarded 1940 Olympic games after Japan is finished.

1938 -- EG, anarchist feministEngland: Emma Goldman is one of several speakers at a Hyde Park demonstration to celebrate the second anniversary of the Spanish Revolution; it draws a small crowd, largely because the Communists & their allies hold a rally in Trafalgar Square at the same time.

1942 -- US: 3 feet of rain falls on Pennsylvania, flooding kills 15.

1944 -- US: Two ammunition ships explodes at Port Chicago, California kills 322 — including 202 African-Americans assigned by the Navy to handle explosives. The resulting refusal of 258 African-Americans to return to the dangerous work forms the basis of the trial & conviction of 50 of the men in what is called the Port Chicago Mutiny.

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1947 -- Beatster Jack Kerouac takes a bus to Denver. (This begins his first trip on the road. He takes buses & hitchhikes to the West Coast via Denver, returning to NY in October.)

1948 -- US: A humble shop owner becomes horrified & disillusioned after seeing Green Lantern defeated in a public melee with the Sportsmaster — the episode that destroys his storefront. The man becomes unhinged & uses the Sportsmaster's wooden baseball bat to kill a number of people...

Universal Anarchist
1951 -- Charles Desplanques (1877-1951) dies. French. Hairdresser, anarchiste militant, trade unionist (a C.G.T. secretary) & antimilitarist.

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1955 -- Disneyland opens, Orange County, California.

1958 -- US: Death of a missile mechanic at Cape Canaveral sparks a 4-day walkout, a successful strike for local health & safety programs.

Billie Holiday
1959 -- Billie Holiday dies, New York City.

"Please don't talk about me when I'm gone...."

1959 -- Leakey discovers oldest human skull (600,000 years old). First Nixon, then Reagan, deny it's theirs.

1959 -- Tibet: Serfdom abolished.

1966 -- Allen Ginsberg reads poetry & Sopwith Camel performs in concert at the Fillmore, to benefit A.R.T.S. Gary Goodrow of The Committee emcees.
History of Sopwith Camel

John Coltrane
1967 -- John Coltrane, jazz great, dies, New York City.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2005-2008
Great Black American jazz composer, performer.

1967 -- Moore Galley exhibition in San Francisco, at 535 Sutter St., of the works by Rock poster artists Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin & Alton Kelley.

1972 -- Canada: A bomb placed under a ramp at the Montreal Forum blows out the cones of 30 speakers stored inside one of the Rolling Stones' equipment trucks. Montreal radio stations receive at least 50 calls from would-be bombers. It's never determined who planted the dynamite & the show goes on.

1975 -- Running Hot & Cold?: After grappling for decades in a Cold War, US & USSR couple in space orbit.

1975 -- Modoc the elephant, dies at age 78 (oldest known nonhuman mammal). Outlived Joe Camel by 77 years.

1978 -- US: AIM (American Indian Movement) "Longest Walk" arrives Washington, DC.

1980 -- Canada: 28 female members of Parliament of all parties announce they will fight for repeal of section of Indian Act that denies Indian status to Indian women marrying non-Indians.

1981 -- US: Going Down?: Interior elevated walkway crashes onto a crowded dance floor at a Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City, Kansas, killing 113 people, injuring 200.

1981 -- Nicaragua: First land titles distributed to peasants under land reform.

Blue Moon Tavern logo, Seattle
1982 -- Frank Zappa & his 14 year old daughter Moon Unit have a novelty hit with "Valley Girl." It debuts at #75. Val-speak makes its way to commercials & network television.

1983 -- Germany: End of a 500-person occupation against nuclear waste dumping, Gorleben, West Germany.

1991 -- James Brown is honored by his home state of Georgia for his comeback following a two year prison term: "I feeeeel good."

1995 -- Michael Meeropol Statement on Ethel & Julius Rosenberg issued.

Note: Following statement issued by the sons of the Rosenbergs, as an initial reaction to the release by the NSA of the "Venoa" documents purporting to prove their parents were Soviet spies. As far as we know their statement was never reported in the mainstream press.

We are everywhere!
1997 -- Italy: Cops raid anarchist centers & homes across the country. The Italian Anarchist Federation denounces the raids as a thinly veiled attempt to intimidate & criminalize the movement.

Today the judge presiding over the preliminary inquiry of the Roman Tribunal, Claudia D'Angelo, reads the following sentence: "Let us remind you that all of the defendants were accused of — subversive association...

Further details/ context, click here; anarchismo, anarchici, anarchico, anarchica, Libertaria[Details / context]

1998 -- US: NY Times reveals report admits CIA worked hand-in-hand with drug traffickers. Proves that old news travels fast.
Crack the CIA: video icon

2000 -- US: Another rally to protest the killing Frederick Finley is held outside the federal building in downtown Detroit, attended by about 1,000 people.

The killing of Finley evoked considerable outrage among workers & youth, & on July 5th some 7,000 people, mostly young & predominantly black, rallied outside the Dearborn mall to demand the arrest of Finley's attackers.

2001 -- US: TIERRA Y LIBERTAD! (¡yee ha!) Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Spanish Revolution in NY City, with a rockin' video called "Durruti in the Spanish Revolution!!" Plus slideshow & discussion, ¡free beer & pizza!, & ...

2007 -- Channel Tunnel Rail link officially completed between England & France.

2009 --

"...& the clocks were striking thirteen."

Amazon Erases Orwell E-Books From Kindle. Two books are erased by Amazon Swindle from its electronic book service. Orwell's 1984 features a totalitarian regime that erases documents deemed inappropriate. The e-books were dropped down the "memory hole," & replaced with the catchier 2009 & the earthy romance, Amazon Farm (1984) by Jeff "Big Brother" Bezwell. Few customers are upset after discovering Amazon can erase books from their over-priced & defective machines (cracked screens).

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley (Brave New World) feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one . . . . .

Orbs by Jim Koehnline
3000 --
Collage by SaintMeister James Koehnline

The individual who dares commit a crime is guilty in a two-fold sense; first, he is guilty against human conscience, &, above all, he is guilty against the State in arrogating to himself one of its most precious privileges.

— Mikhail Bakunin The Daily Bleed: Federico Arcos, Barthélemy De Ligt, Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, Carlo Cafiero, Charles Desplanques; Timeline, Almanac of Radicalism, Arts, Literature, Authors, Poets, Anarchists... a radical annotated chronology, almanac, daybook, anarchist CALENDAR, anarchisten, anarchism, anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, sindicalismo, anarquia, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, anarki, anarkist, libertarian, syndicalist, anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-communism, black cats, What Happened on this day, in recovered memory, suppressed history, A People's History, JULY 17

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