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Dutch Provo riot magician, pot activist, ecosophist.

Dunmore Piory, England. FLITCH DAY. Beginning in 15th century, the monks offered a fitch of bacon as prize for any married couple who could prove to a jury of bachelors & maidens that they had lived together in harmony & fidelity for the past year. Very few took home the bacon.


HOT: First of the month of Thermidor (heat) in the French revolutionary calendar.




animated spotlights
711 -- Rodric, King of Spain, defeated by the Moors.

Alas, poor Rodric, all the moor, or less.

1374 -- Petrarch dies in Arquà, Tuscany, day before his 70th birthday.

1500 -- Hailstorm brings down ceilings of Papal Palace, Rome.

The band played on: "Hail to the Pope?"

Lockhart Family: Corda-Serrata-Pando
1524 -- Germany: Boer War begins in Black Forest. What if they gave a war & it was a Boer?

1553 -- England: Lady Jane Grey is deposed at age 15 as Queen of England after nine-day rule. Beheaded 12 February 1554. Tarzan (aka Lord Grey) is not happy.

1663 -- Samuel Pepys enters in his Diary: "Read over my vowes, & encreased them by a vow against all strong drink till November next...."

1692 -- New Old World: Five Massachusetts women executed for witchcraft.

1744 -- Author Heinrich Christian Boie lives.

1819 -- Gottfried Keller lives. German-Swiss writer of the late 19th century realistic school. His most popular work a long autobiographical novel, Der grüne Heinrich (The Green Henry).

1834 -- French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas lives, Paris. Known for his mastery of motion & famous for portrayals of ballet dancers.

1847 -- US: Choctaw nation of Amerindians gives $750 for Irish famine relief.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1848 -- US: First Women's Rights Convention in at Seneca Falls, New York. Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton leads the opening.

1850 -- Margaret Fuller dies at sea at age 40, together with husband, infant son, & manuscript history of the Italian revolution. American Transcendentalist philosopher, critic, teacher, writer, revolutionist, feminist activist & sometime Daily Bleed Saint (May 23).

"If nature is never bound down,
nor the voice of inspiration
stifled, that is enough."

— Sarah Margaret Fuller

1863 -- Author Herman Bahr lives.

1876 -- Arthur Rimbaud, having enlisted in the Dutch Colonial Army, arrives in the Sunda Isles & swiftly deserts.

1877 -- US: Pittsburgh labor strikers drive soldiers out of town. Trainmen seize control of railroads in Pittsburgh to protest wage cuts. Two days later, National Guard moves in, killing 20 people.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1879 -- Eugène Lanti lives (1879-1947). Attracted to anarchism in his youth, which he abandoned in 1920, as a founding member of the French Communist Party. An ardent Esperantist, he founded Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (SAT), a broad-based Esperanto-speaking organisation (containing Communists, Social Democrats & anarchists). Anti-Stalinist, founder of the magazine "Herezulo" (in 1935).

1881 -- US: Surrender of Sitting Bull & 186 followers, crossing the Canadian border into US; Army breaks its amnesty promise & jails him, before murdering him in 1890, at Fort Randall, Dakota Territory.

1883 -- US: Brotherhood of Telegraphers, KOL District Assembly 45, unsuccessfully strikes the Western Union Telegraph Co. (-Aug. 11).

1896 -- A. J. Cronin lives, Cardross, Dumbartonshire. Scottish novelist/physician, used his background as a medical doctor & inspector of coal mines & occupational disease in his novels. Wrote Hatter's Castle; The Citadel; The Keys of the Kingdom.

Dreyfus poster
1898 -- France: Following public uproar surrounding his trial for libel, Émile Zola flees the country on the advice of his lawyers. Defender of piss-ants & Jews.


1898 -- Inspiration to New Left, philosopher Herbert Marcuse lives. Weds the Odd Couple — Marx & Freud.

1905 -- US: Journalist / author Edgar Snow lives, Kansas City, Missouri. Famous for reporting on the Communist movement before it achieved power in China.

EDGAR SNOW, Bleed Saint Feb 15, 2010
American journalist, supporter of Chinese revolution.

Jose Xena, anarquista
1907 -- Spain: José Xena Torrent lives, (1907-1988). Militant Catalan anarcho-syndicalist.

Helped form the "Los Solidarios" group. A combatant in Barcelona on July 19, 1936, in the street battles. Active in exile in Venezuela until his death.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Emma Goldman, Anarchist Feminist
1908 -- US: New York World publishes Emma Goldman's article, "What I Believe."

1909 -- Chester Himes lives Jefferson City, Missouri. African-American author, nearly 50 (like Raymond Chandler) when he started to write detective novels.
Chester Himes

Studied at Ohio State University, before being chained upside down & having a confession beaten from him for an armed robbery. Got 25 years to life. Worked for the WPA Writing Project (1938-41). In 1945 his first novel If He Hollers Let Him Go was a story of racism in the defense industry.

Moved to Paris in 1953 to escape the racism of America. He was invited in 1957 by Marcel Duhamel to write a detective novels for the French. They established his reputation as one of the most original talents of hard boiled detective fiction.

Awarded 1958 Grand Prix de Littérature Policière & 1982 Columbus Foundation Award on November 12, 1984. His famous series characters, Harlem detectives Coffin Ed Johnson & Grave Digger Jones, are the basis for numerous films.

"When I could see the end of my time inside I bought myself a typewriter & taught myself to touch typing. I'd been reading stories by Dashiell Hammett in Black Mask & I thought I could do them just as well. When my stories finally appeared, the other convicts thought exactly the same thing. There was nothing to it. All you had to do was tell it like it is."

Twentieth Century Crime & Mystery Writers, ed. by John M. Reilly (1985)

Other American writers living in Paris in the 1950s: Richard Wright, James Baldwin

Other major African-American mystery writers: Walter Mosley, John B. West

Further reading: Chester Himes by James Lundqvist (1976); Chester Himes: A Critical Appraisal by Stephen F. Milliken (1976); Two Guns from Harlem: The Detective Fiction of Chester Himes by Robert E. Skinner (1989)

1909 -- US: Baseball shortstop Neil Ball turns the major leagues' first unassisted triple play. After leading AL shortstops with 80 errors in 1908, today the Cleveland infielder catches a line drive, touches second for a force-out, & tags the runner coming from first.

1913 -- Poet, Paris Communard, & Bakuninist Charles Keller (1843-1913) dies. Companion of Mathilde Roederer, a militant in the A.I.T., & Jura Federation. Author of the song "La Jurassienne" which was put to music by James Guillaume. Its refrain:

"Nègre de l'usine,
Forçat de la mine,
Ilote du champ,
Lève -toi peuple puissant !
Ouvrier, prends la machine,
Prends la terre, paysan ! "

Emma Goldman, Anarchist Feminist
1914 -- US: Emma Goldman lectures in Portland, much aided by C. E. S. Wood.

Among the most notable & well-attended of her lectures is "Intellectual Proletarians" at the Portland Public Library. Other talks include "The Immorality of Prohibition & Continence," about the prohibition campaign of Portland, which Goldman later described as "one of the most exciting evenings in my public career." The focus of her drama criticism expands during this tour to include the work of Norwegian playwright Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.

Vernon Richards
1915 -- England: Italian/British anarchist, Vernon Richards lives (1915-2001). Companion to Marie Louise Berneri until her tragic death during childbirth in 1949.

1916 -- Eve Merriam, poet /playwright, lives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While growing up she watches birds & walks among the birch & dogwood trees, & later writes of these experiences. Also writes essays, articles, & biographies.

1919 -- Robert Pinget lives. Novelist/playwright.

1919 -- Italy: In Bologna, arrest of Riccardo Sacconi, Armando Borghi, Giuseppe Sartini, Virgilia D'Andrea, & others, for their activism in the social fights (particularly agitating against rising food prices resulting from the Great War that Ended All Wars) & their involvement in various meetings.

1920 -- Russia: Second Congress of Third International, Declaration of 21 Points.

1921 -- US: Armed white raiders deport 58 Japanese laborers from Turlock, California, by truck & warn them not to return. Similar events occur elsewhere in California & in part of Oregon & Arizona.

1921 -- Italy: In Piombino the Arditi del Popolo "battalion" first sees action today after an assassination attempt on a socialist.

The fascist's meeting place was attacked & fascists rounded up from their homes & work places. When the Royal Guard intervened to prevent this they too were overwhelmed & disarmed. The workers held the streets for several days before the forces of law & order could regain control.

Politics, by Ralph Steadman
1922 -- US: George McGovern lives. Vietnam antiwar activist, Senator, presidential candidate in 1972 (trounced by used car saleman Dick'm Nixon running on an Secret Plan To End the War (reality: no plan) & Lawn Order campaign (reality: his administration arguably committed more crimes than any other in US history).

1923 -- American novelist Joseph Hansen lives.

1926 -- France: Henri Gauche (aka René or Henri Chaughi), anarchiste, dies. Longtime contributor to "Les Temps Nouveaux." Gauche originally agreed with Manifest de Seize, & went to the front during WWI to fight — though by 1916 he concluded he was wrong (fortunately not "dead" wrong).

Amadou Bamba
1927 -- Sengalese Sufi poet, mystic Amadou Bamba dies, Touba, Senegal. Every year, millions of Muslims from all over the world make a pilgrimage to Touba (Magal), worshipping at the mosque & honouring the memory of Sheikh Amadou Bamba.

AMADOU BAMBA, Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2009-2010
Sengalese mystec, pacifist, anti-colonialist, Sufi poet.

1928 -- English painter / writer John Bratby lives, Wimbledon, England. Came to fame in the early 1950s as a founder of the Kitchen-Sink School. His paintings sometimes incorporated beer bottles, trash cans & other everyday objects. He was associated with the Angry Young Men movement.

Robert Jasper Grootveld, anarchist Provo
1932 -- Netherlands: Dutch Provo-cateur Robert Jasper Grootveld lives, Amsterdam. Artist, early "happenings" practitioner.

Hem Day tending his bookstore
1933 -- Belgium: The Council of War in Brussels condemns two anarchist conscientious objectors (COs):

Hem Day (used book seller, scholar) & Léo Campion (Day's assistant bookseller, a freethinker & later actor & famed songster), sentencing them, respectively, to 2 years & 18 months of prison.

The two had turned in their army papers to the Minister of Defense as an act of protest against new laws outlawing pacifist propaganda.

During the trial Campion ridicules (mock my words?) the legal & military authorities. The two quickly begin a hunger strike which, reinforced by international protest (including efforts by Ernest Ernestan), causes the Belgian government (gutless?) to cave in, releasing them on August 3rd.

1935 -- US: Hello, I Must Be Going?: First parking meters installed in the Oklahoma City business district.
Years of Dust by Ben Shahn

Gráfic del moviment
1936 -- Spain: The fascists, under Franco, attempt to overthrow the elected government in Spain, triggering the Spanish Revolution & Civil War.

First day of the Spanish libertarian revolution, & beginning also the "short summer of anarchy." Symbol of the enfranchisement of a whole people which, weapons in hand, try to build another future despite the totalitarian menace on all sides.

Today the rebellious military officers hold most of the garrisons in Barcelona. The workers of the anarcho-syndicalist CNT & socialist POUM attack the barracks, joined by soldiers, civil guards & policemen faithful to the republic; the fascists are defeated as they attempt to take Barcelona. Gráfic del moviment facciós a Barcelona. 19 de Juliol del 1939. L'esforá del poble guanyá la primera batalla en els carrers de Barcelona. La £ltima la guanyarem treballant i lluitant el máxim possible. El major esforá per a guanyar la guerra.

[Diagram of the insurgent movement in Barcelona. July 19, 1936. The people's effort wins the first battle in the streets of Barcelona. The last we will win by working & fighting to the limit. The maximum effort to win the war].

Dibujantes C.N.T. Sindicato Profesiones Liberales. Edicions del Comissariat de Propaganda de la Generalitat de Catalunya - Mod. 23. Imp. Elzeviriana i Llib. Camí, E.C., Barcelona. Offset, 4 colors; 87 x 67 cm.

This poster commemorates the successful resistance of the city of Barcelona to the military insurgency that initiated the Spanish Revolution. It shows a map of the city with a diagram of the movement of forces that participated in the fighting.

Francisco CARRASQUER recalls:

The revolution proper started on 19 July. & it was started, unprompted, by the people as they defended themselves against the army; & that was the first & only time that the people saw the army off & forced it to surrender. We saw off the army. That was García Oliver’s breathtaking boast on 20 July.

We had managed what no one before us had ever pulled off.

sims watercolor

poster, CNT July 1936 The military uprising reached Barcelona the early morning of today, when General Fernández Burriel seized some key areas in the city for the rebellion. General Goded, one of the leading military figures in Spain at the time, was then invited to fly in from Majorca to take command of Catalonia for the insurgents.

During the next day, a bloody fight took place in the streets of Barcelona, with the resistance to the uprising led by workers from the anarchist trade union CNT, the heterodox Marxist party Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM), & Loyalist assault guard companies & civil guards.

By the evening, the military rebellion had failed. The isolated pockets of resistance that remained finally surrendered in the morning of July 20. It would take the insurgent troops more than two long years of war, until January 1939, to finally be able to march triumphantly into Barcelona.

1936 --

Young Boy

A text written to accompany the album of drawings Estampas de la Revolución Española, 19 de Julio de 1936 by the artist Sim reflects this correlation between the mentality of the time & the positive aura of many of the images:

"The Revolution also has colors. Not all is combat to death, war, blood, pain. There is also happiness, life, youth. Our Spanish revolution is built with joy & youthfulness. That is why it will triumph. That gaiety, the juvenile & enlivening enthusiasm, has been grasped by the serene retina of a great artist."

Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste,  anarchismo, anarchici, anarchico, Anarþist, ANARÞÝZM, Anarþizmin, anarþizme, Anarþist, anarquista, anarchisten, anarchie, anarkismo, anarchisme, anarho, anarchica, libertarian[Details / context]

Sims watercolor
Estampas de la revolucion espanola, 19 julio de 1936.

Durruti, Garcia Oliver & Ascaso are the true craftsmen of this day, but the Atarazanas barracks still resists in the evening ...

Entartete musik poster
1937 -- Germany:

The exhibit is part of Hitler & Goebbels' purge of all remaining modern art held in both public & private collections in the Reich, & is designed to ridicule & denegrate creative works not upholding "correct" National Socialist virtues. Over 650 important paintings, sculptures & prints as well as books & musical notations are exhibited in this, the most widely seen exhibition of modern art. In Munich alone two million visitors came to this exhibition & when it toured Germany & Austria for a further three years, another million people saw this exhibit.

"I would need several freight trains to clear our galleries of this rubbish. ... This will happen soon"

— Adolf Ziegler, 1937, President of the Reich Culture Chamber

Amongst the degenerates are the Expressionists such as Edvard Munch, Otto Dix, Kandinsky, Klee. During this period there were 4,000 at-risk persons including artists Max Ernst & Marc Chagall. Some were saved, others perished during the Holocaust.

On March 20th, 1939, the Degenerate Art Commission ordered over 1,000 paintings & almost 4,000 watercolors & drawings burned in the courtyard of a fire station in Berlin.

1938 -- Author Dom Moraess lives.

1943 -- France: During WWII, an anarchist congress meets clandestinely near Toulouse (19-20th), at the farm of Alphonse & Paule Tricheux, to assess the political situation & attempt to reorganize the movement. Among those attending are André Arru, Voline, Maurice & Charles Laisant, etc.

"At that congress, three delegations from the Spanish movement attended as observers. Fifteen to twenty of us. Several delegates from Toulouse (groups or individuals), from Foix, two girl delegates from Paris, from Marseille (Voline, San Clemente & I). & there were letters of support from Thiers, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, etc."

1943 -- Italy: Roma viene bombardata. Si contano 1500 morti.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1948 -- Keith Godchaux of The Grateful Dead, gratefully lives.

1948 -- The Canwell Committee, a bubbly pot of rightwing witch hunters, opens its University of Washington inquiry in Seattle.
Reminding witnesses "this is a legislative hearing, not a trial," Canwell insist that rules of cross-examination & admissible evidence did not apply. The Commie-hunters went after Professor Melvin Rader & other liberals.

Tibbets Biz Card

The University of Washington (UW) in Seattle began a national trend by being the first school to fire tenured professors for their political affiliation with the Communist Party (CP), or for their refusal to cooperate with hearings. This set a precedent for the national purge to follow, including McCarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) which convened a few years later. In all, 80 hearings were held on campuses throughout the country.

— John Ruhland, Recollection Books customer

"Mr. Tibbetts then stated that the committee was investigating communism, that certain professors on the campus are not teaching their subjects but instead teaching communism in their classes.

1951 -- Spain: In Barcelona, César Saborit Carrelero, guerrillero anarquista & member of the action group of José Lluis Facieras, is killed by two police officers of the "Brigada politico-social."

1952 -- American author Jayne Anne Phillips lives.

Emergency button
1966 -- US: Hough district of Cleveland, Ohio, experiences riots that result in the mobilization of the National Guard by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Governor James A. Rhodes, who declares a state of emergency in the city.

1967 -- US: Congress outlaws crossing state lines to "incite to riot." There goes the summer!

1968 -- US: In the wake of the King & Kennedy assassinations, the House votes down a bill that would have made mandatory the federal registration of guns.

1969 -- US: Ten thousand fish killed when Mutrie Motor Transportation, Inc. of Waltham, Massachusetts, spills a highly toxic substance, believed to be a plasticizer, into the Charles River.

1969 -- John Fairfax completes an amazing feat — rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.

1974 -- US: Martha Tranquill jailed nine months for tax refusal over Vietnam War, Sacramento, California.

1975 -- Canada: Indian Brotherhood of the Northwest Territories & the Metis Association issue the Dene Declaration, calling for aboriginal peoples of the Northwest Territories to form a nation with the right to self-government. 19 years later, the Canadian government agrees to create a new First Nations territory, Nunavut, from the eastern 2/3 of the NW Territories — but reserves the rights to almost all mining, logging, & other resource extraction.

Smash Giulianism before it infests your town!
1975 -- Artists Raymond Patlán, Vicente Mendoza, & José Nario complete their mural History of the Mexican American Worker in Blue Island, Illinois. The muralists must fight a court case to complete the work, which was stopped by a city ordinance against displaying advertising on public walls.

1979 -- High Seas: Collision between the Atlantic Empress & the Aegean Captain, off Trinidad & Tobago, spilling 300,000 tons of crude oil into the Caribbean Sea.

1979 -- Nicaragua: The anti-Somocista popular revolution is successful. Sandinistas overthrow strongman Anastasia Somoza; no apologies to the US government, CIA & other avid supporters of the murderous henchman. Mass celebrations in the streets of Managua.

Peace with Justice

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Reagun & his former pal, Ollie North, a criminal, liar & dishonor to his profession, have a bad day. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Somoza flees to Miami. The last Somoza of a 46-year US-puppet dynasty. Sandinistas — Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional — take power. Rightwing Domino Theory proven right (sic). First Vietnam, then Latin America. Hoboken, NJ next?

1990 -- US: Baseball's Cincinnati Red Pete Rose is sentence to five months for tax evasion. A Rose by any other color would get five years if they were lucky.

1990 -- Ruth Bösiger, militant anarchiste, companion of André Bösiger, dies.

1991 -- Former Guns n' Roses drummer Steven Adler files lawsuit against the band. Claims other members forced him to use heroin, then made him quit the band when he tried to kick his drug habit.

1991 -- US: Miss Black America contestant accuses Mike Tyson of rape.

"When I was in prison, I was wrapped up in all those deep books. That Tolstoy crap. People shouldn't read that stuff."

— Iron Mike, on what he read before deciding he preferred the Daily Bleed & comic books.

1995 -- Elvis Presley's former doctor Dr. George Nichopoulous, loses his medical license for being "too liberal" in prescribing addictive drugs.

1998 -- México: Zapatista Army of National Liberation endorses the Fifth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle.

4th Street Fair poster
1999 -- US: "When the Layabouts play, people dance."

Dem anarchist lousy goodfernuthin Layabouts play Fourth Street Fair, Motor City Michigan.

No Borders: demonstration poster
2002 -- Campamento No Border: si es van fer massa accions, deixant de banda la reflexió, si no es va comunicar prou amb la població, o si s'ha parlat massa i no s'han concretat coses.

2006 -- England: The Exhibition: Red Years, Black Years Woodcuts by Helios Gómez & poster art of the Spanish Revolution & Civil War, presented on the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War in homage to the victims of Francoism.

Helios Gomez; source

26 Divisió Homenatge a Durruti Barcelona 1938 47 x 27 cm. Helios Gómez

Anarchist artist, poet & militant activist, joined the 26 Divisió (previously the Durruti Column) during the Spanish Revolution.

In & out of prison in the 30s, 40s & 50s, Gómez saw the struggle in terms of a wider issue which would determine the fate of people everywhere — in Europe, in Russia & Central Asia & in South & North America.

2009 -- Frank McCourt, beloved raconteur & former public school teacher who enjoyed post-retirement fame as the author of Angela's Ashes, the Pulitzer Prize-winning "epic of woe" about his impoverished Irish childhood, dies of cancer.

2011 -- England: Rupert Murdoch eats humble pie. It's hard to find good help he opines.

In Between, Jim Koehnline
3500 --
Collage by SaintMeister James Koehnline

When the rich make war, it's the poor that die.

— Jean-Paul Sartre

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