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Hemingway with shotgun

Claiming CIA persecution — he was called a nut — blew his brains out in 1961.

Great writer, celebrant of life.

Cape Breton, Canada: SCOTTISH CLANS gather for festivities & election of chieftains for the next year.

pOLLUTED THE CREATION OF THE WORLD, according to the ancient Egyptians.

810 -- Writer Al-Bukhari lives.

1306 -- Philip "The Fair's" secret commission results in the arrest — & confiscation of all the goods & money — of every Jew in France.

1542 -- Inquisition established in Rome. The christian thing to do.

1571 -- Inquisition created for the Portuguese navy. God moves in mysterious ways (& he's no pacifist).

1664 -- English diplomat / poet, Matthew Prior, lives, Wimborne, Dorset.

1796 -- Robert Burns, 37, dies, in Dumfries, leaving his wife & five kids in severe straits.

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1832 -- US: Fleeing Black Hawk (Sauk/Fox tribes) overtaken by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader General J.D. Henry; 68 Indians killed.

1864 -- US: New Orleans Tribune, black-run daily newspaper, begins publication.

1873 -- US: World's first train robbery, by Jesse James.

1877 -- US: 30,000 Chicago workers rally on Market Street, by Madison. Speaking to the crowd, Albert Parsons advocates use of the ballot to obtain "state control of the means of production," & urges workers to join the workingmen's party.

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IWW logo
1878 -- US: Publication of "Eight Hours," the most popular labor song until "Solidarity Forever" is later published by the IWW. In the 1870's, a labor newspaper, the Labor Standard in Patterson N.J., you might say, initiated the 8-hour day & published the eight-hour day song which had these lines:

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1880 -- US: Compressed air explosion, killing 20 workers on Hudson River tunnel, New York City.

1885 -- Author Frances Parkinson Keyes lives.

1887 -- US: 20 striking railroad workers killed by state troopers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1887 -- Poland: A small booklet entitled The First Book appears in Warsaw (Varsovie) (or on the 26th?), signed by a certain "Doktoro Esperanto," pseudonym of the linguist Dr. Louis-Lazare Zamenhof (1859-1917).

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animated crawling ants
1887 -- France: Rain of Ants in Nancy.
We trust that these crispy critters are chocolate coated....

1893 -- Author Hans Fallada lives, Greifswald. After causing the death of his friend in a duel, the youthful Fallada was forced to quit school. Worked as a clerk, auctioneer & potato farmer. An alcoholic.

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1899 -- Modernist & experimental poet Hart Crane lives, Garrettsville, Ohio. Wrote The Bridge; White Buildings.
Hart Crane

1899 -- Macho-man Ernest Hemingway lives, Oak Park, Illinois. American novelist, short-story writer & essayist, whose deceptively simple prose style has influenced a wide range of writers. Awarded the 1954 Nobel Prize.

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1900 -- Italy: Umberto con un seguito modesto raggiunge la residenza estiva di Monza.

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1903 -- Yrjö Jylhä lives (1903-1956). Finnish poet / translator.

1907 -- Author A. D. Hope lives.

1911 -- Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan lives, (1911-1980).

1916 -- Haiti: US Marines land. Probably "protecting US interests," as opposed to usual vacationing.

Francesco Pezzi
1917 -- Italy: Suicide of Francesco Pezzi, in Florence. Member of the First International & an anarchist militant in Bologna.

1919 -- US: See The Light? 158-foot dirigible crashes through the glass skylight of a Chicago bank, killing 13 people, injuring many others.

1920 -- Mohammed Dib lives. Prolific Algerian French-language novelist, short story writer, & poet. Many of Dib's novels present archetypal characters who represent contrasting forces in society — good & evil. Wrote the trilogy Algérie (1952-1954), examining the plight of the poor peasants & workers. His poetry explores old myths & inner layers of consciousness.

1920 -- Italy: In Turin, Guglielmo Musso is killed by his own bomb during a solidarity strike following yesterday's fascist attack on Spartaco Stagnetti (the trade union secretary in Rome). The young anarchico Musso, about to toss a bomb at a group of police officers, apparently chose to hang onto the bomb at the last moment to avoid killing innocent bystanders.

1921 -- Italy: 500 fascists arrive at the railway station in Sarzana to exact revenge for previous humiliations.

The town is expecting their attack. Twenty of the thugs are killed & others sent packing to the countryside an effort to escape, only to be hounded by the peasants.

Further details/ context, click here; anarchici, anarchico, anarchica, libertario, sindicalism[Details / context]

Le 21 juillet 1920, à Turin (Italie), lors d'une grève de solidarité avec le secrétaire du syndicat des traminots de Rome, l'anarchiste Spartaco Stagnetti (blessé par les fascistes), un jeune anarchiste Guglielmo MUSSO qui s'apprêtait à lancer une bombe sur un groupe de policiers meurt dans l'explosion de son engin qu'il semble avoir retenu au dernier moment pour ne pas tuer d'innocents.

Carlo Tresca
1923 -- US: Prince Caetani delivers a speech bitterly denouncing the opponents of Fascismo among the American Italians, & argued "a certain Italian paper in New York ought to be suppressed."

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1923 -- Italy: La Camera approva la legge elettorale Acerbo (dal nome del sottosegretario alla Presidenza del Consiglio Giacomo Acerbo) che adotta il sistema maggioritario, ripristina il collegio uninominale.e introduce il premio di maggioranza assegnando i due terzi dei seggi alla lista che ottiene il maggior numero di voti. Servirà al partito fascista per monopolizzare il potere giocando sulla paura dell'instabilitá.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1926 -- US: WCFL, the Voice of Labor premiers, featuring two hours of music.

Universal anarchist icon
1927 -- France: Francisco Ascaso, Buenaventura Durruti & Gregorio Jover meet for a banquet in a Parisian restaurant to celebrate their recent release from a French prison — the result of an intense campaign by the "Comité International de Défense Anarchiste" to get them freed. The three had been jailed for a plot to kill the Spanish King Alphonse XIII. In addition to their families, anarchistes criminels horribles are joined by some 30 other militants, including Sébastien Faure, Nestor Makhno & Louis Lecoin (the true architect of their release).

1931 -- France: Émile Pouget (1860-1931) dies. Anarchiste militant & propagandist. Founded Le Père Peinard. Author & signatory to the "Charte d’Amiens" (Charter of Amiens; 1906), adopted by the CGT.

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1933 -- Literary outlaw John Gardner (The Sunlight Dialogues) lives, Batavia, New York.

1935 -- End of the War of the Chaco, between Bolivia & Paraguay.

Mujeres Libres
1936 -- Spain: Establishment in Catalonia of the Central Anti-Fascist Militias Committee (CAMC). No workers' organization takes power.

The C.N.T., unfortunately, leaves the door cracked open for the 'pajaros carpinteros'.

I see the unwritten books, the unrecorded experiments,
The unpainted pictures, the interrupted lives,
Lowered into the graves with the red flags over them.
I see the quick gray brains broken & clotted with blood,
Lowered each in its own darkness, useless in the earth.
Alone on a hilltop in San Francisco suddenly
I am caught in a nightmare, the dead flesh
Mounting over half the world presses against me.

Kenneth Rexroth, excerpt, "Requiem for the Spanish Dead"

1936 -- Orson Welles opens his federal production of Shakespeare's MacBeth, in which he used a racially integrated cast & moved the play's setting from Scotland to the Caribbean.

César Terron
1940 -- Spain: César Terron Abad (1915-1940) dies, à Villar de Otero (province of Léon). Militant anarcosindicalista & guerrillero. Previously involved in the anarchist insurgency of 1933 (December 9), taking over the city of Fabero & proclaiming Libertarian Communism. Captain of the 210e battalion (of the 192e brigade), during the Spanish Revolution, distinguished in the battle of Mazuco. With the loss of Asturias in October 1937, César Terron forms a group of about 30 guerrillas who continue badgering & combating the fascists. Today they are attacked & César Terron takes a bullet in the head. Le 21 juillet 1940, mort de César TERRON ABAD, à Villar de Otero (province de Léon, Espagne). Militant anarchosyndicaliste puis guérillero anarchiste. Il naît en 1915 à Fabero province de Léon. Actif militant du syndicat des mineurs de la CNT, puis trésorier de la fédération CNT de Fabero. Le 9 décembre 1933, il participe au soulèvement anarchiste qui attaque la Garde civile, s'empare de la ville et y proclame le Communisme libertaire. qui se distingue lors de la bataille de Mazuco. Mais après la perte des Asturies en octobre 1937, César Terron forme un groupe d'une trentaine de guérilleros qui poursuivent le combat harcelant les forces fascistes. Le 21 juillet 1940, le groupe est repéré et attaqué par les franquistes à Villar de Otero; Cesar Terron meurt d'une balle en pleine tête.

1942 -- US: Eight die as coal waste heap slides in river valley near Oakwood, Virginia.

Cab Calloway
1943 -- "Stormy Weather" premieres in New York City with Lena Horne, Bill "Bo Jangles" Robinson, Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, the Nicholas Brothers, & Katherine Dunham.

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1943 -- Tess Gallagher, lives, Port Angeles, Washington. American poet known for her introspective verses about self-discovery, womanhood, & family life.

Close companion of Raymond Carver — both of whom were frequent customers of Left Bank Books in Seattle when BleedMeister worked there.

1944 -- Buchi Emecheta lives, Lagos, Nigeria.
Buchi Emecheta Line

Sociologist, poet, playwright, essayist, & children's author. Married at age 16, she moves to London with her husband in 1962, where she begins to publish.

1944 -- US: Seven members of the Heart Mountain Fair Play Committee are arrested, along with journalist James Omura. Their trial for "unlawful conspiracy to counsel, aid & abet violators of the draft" begins on October 23. All but Omura are eventually found guilty.

1954 -- Geneva Accords signed, freeing Vietnam ("French Indochina") from French colonial rule. Enter the US in all it's arrogance.

1956 -- Billboard calls Elvis Presley "the most controversial entertainer since Liberace." Also notes Ed Sullivan, who said Presley would never appear on his show, just signed him for three appearances.

1959 -- D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover finally ruled not obscene & legal for publication in US after US Postmaster General Literary Critic (deconstructed the text & discovered it was "Pornographic, smutty, obscene, & filthy.") tries to ban it from the mails on June 11.

1964 -- US: Industrial Worker's of the World (IWW) blueberry pickers' strike begins near Grand Junction, Michigan.

1967 -- Death of Albert Luthuli, nonviolent freedom campaigner, South Africa.

1967 -- The Youngbloods & Wildflower perform at San Francisco's California Hall.

1967 -- François Mayoux dies. French pacifist, antimilitarist, anarchiste. Son of Jehan Mayoux, companion of Marie Mayoux.

1971 -- US: Your Vote Counts?: International Telephone & Telegraph Corporation (ITT), facing a major antitrust action as the result of its takeover of the Hartford Fire Insurance Company, allegedly pledged $400,000 to defray costs of the 1972 Republican Convention.

George Carlin
1972 -- US: Language Arts Teacher George Carlin charged with disorderly conduct & profanity after performing his famous "7 Words" routine at Summerfest in Milwaukee.

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1974 -- México: Aurelio Fernández Sánchez (1897-1974), dies, Pueblo. Spanish militante anarquista y anarcosindicalista, member of "Los Solidarios." Active in the FAI & CNT. Took refuge in Mexico, with Garcia Oliver. Became secretary of the CNT (in exile) of Mexico. Participated in the CNT (Spanish) congresses in Limoges in 1961 & Montpellier in 1965.

1976 -- US: Care to Join?: First outbreak of "Legionnaire's Disease" kills 29 in Philadelphia.

1980 -- Keith Godchaux is injured in a car accident. He dies two days later.

animated King Kong
1981 -- US: Creationism law requiring equal teaching with evolution passed, Louisiana. Southerners, descended directly from apes, find it's a rather shallow & slippery slope.

1983 -- México: Largest clash of demonstrators & police in 10 years in México City.

1983 -- Poland: Martial law lifted after 19 months. (or the 23rd?)

1984 -- US: First documented case of a robot killing a human in the country, Jackson, Michigan:, a 34-year-old factory worker is crushed, & dies on the 26th.
Hal, from 2001

1987 -- US: Red Light District?: Steven Schwartz goes on trial to assert his right to announce, via anti-graffiti, that he is not "the philosophical whore of North Beach", in Frisco, California.

One-time Trotskyite, IWW member, self-described internationally recognized surrealist poet, band manager for The Dils, author of the song "Class War" for The Dils, writer for "Search & Destroy" (as Nico Ordway), official historian for the Sailors Union of the Pacific.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

 Hal again
1990 -- England: BBC's Radio One apologizes to listeners after Madonna repeatedly cursed during a live concert broadcast.

1992 -- Italy: 15,000 hold a memorial vigil in Milan after the murder of an anti-Mafia leader.

2000 -- Author Marc Reisner dies, age 51. Wrote Cadillac Desert.

2004 -- US: Palestinian freedom fighter Farouk Abdel-Muhti (1947-2004) dies, of an apparent heart attack. Victim of the United States of America's Patriot Act. Abdel-Muhti was 56 years old. His health had not recovered from his past two years in detention without charges in the US (including eight months in solitary confinement; DOA: Habeus corpus, like the rest of the Bill of Rights).

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