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The Henry David Thoreau Volunteer Army

We're looking for a few desperate men
& women, quietness, no problem,
Willing to work long hours
With only intrinsic rewards.

The law abiding can apply elsewhere.
Must be willing to risk jail, poverty,
Death, & the vilification of the state.

Enlist anywhere.
Apply everywhere.


— Charles Potts



Powerful Belgian graphic artist, radical social critic.

Virginia: CRATER DAY. Civil War holiday.

1233 -- Assassination of Conrad of Marburg & Gerhard Lutelholb.

The filoviruses are similar in morphology, density & polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis profile, & there is a serological relationship between Ebola & Reston viruses. Originally classified as rhabdoviruses, they appear to be more closely related to paramyxoviruses on the basis of recent genome sequence data. However, filoviruses are sufficiently distinct from the other nonsegmented negative-stranded RNA viruses to warrant taxonomic status as a separate virus family. A classification within the family Filoviridae has not yet been proposed. However, based on the data available to date, a separation into two distinct groups of viruses. Marburg-like & Ebola-like viruses, is obvious.

1502 -- New Old World: Indians meet Columbus' sailors at Guanjara, off the coast of Honduras.

1641 -- Reinier de Graaf, Dutch physician, discovered ovarian follicles, lives. Jeffery Dalmer tries some of his techniques, hands-off experience, gets life.

1763 -- Poet Samuel Rogers (The Pleasures of Memory) lives, Stoke Newington, England. Best remembered as a witty conversationalist & friend of many greater poets.

1771 -- Thomas Gray dies at 54, in Cambridge. Wrote "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard."

1818 -- Emily Jane Brontë lives, Thomton, Yorkshire. Perhaps the greatest writers of the three Brontë sisters Charlotte, Emily & Anne. Published only one novel, Wuthering Heights (1847), which didn't gain immediate success, but later considered one of the finest novels written in the English language. Died of tuberculosis in 1848.

"If I could I would work in silence & obscurity, & let my efforts be known by their results."

1822 -- Author Oliver Optic (William Taylor Adam) lives.

1838 -- England: Rain of frogs in London.

A better green joke than the one about the frog with hand-grenade?

What's green & yellow & lies in a gutter with cookie crumbs all over it?

A drunk girl scout!

— Bleedster Sam, The Progressive Review, 2002

1849 -- André Romans-Ville lives, Romans (Drôme). Shoemaker, autodidact, militant anarchist.

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1857 -- US: Cato Institute? (We don't think so...): Radical economist & acerbic social theorist Thorstein Veblen lives, Cato, Wisconsin. Iconoclastic, sardonic theorist of profit, status & class, he probed the irrational forces of capitalist culture. Wrote The Theory of the Leisure Class. One-time coach (1996-97 under Karl Marx) for the baseball team who represents all the little guys of the world, THE HEARTLAND CAPITALISTS.

1863 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Lincoln issues "eye-for-eye" order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot.

1866 -- US: Police shoot into an assembly of blacks outside the Mechanics Institute in New Orleans, & a crowd of whites then storm the hall. By the time federal troops restore order, 38 are dead & 136 wounded — almost all of them black.

1867 -- US: Congress sets up Peace Commission with three stated objectives: (1) to end Indian Wars by giving them whatever they wanted; (2) to make peaceful farmers of them; & (3) to get their permission to build railroads across the plains. As with most peace commissions, the government ignored the objectives & did what it wanted to anyway.

1874 -- First baseball teams to play outside US, Boston-Philadelphia, in the British Isles.

Aristide Delannoy, anarchiste
1874 -- Aristide Delannoy lives (1874-1911). French artist & contributor, along with Paul Signac, Maximilien Luce, Alexandre Steinlen, Van Rysselberghe, Camille Pissarro, Van Dongen, George Willaume, etc., to the anarchiste magazine Temps Nouveaux.

1881 -- US: Marine General Smedley Butler lives. Best remembered for his book War is a Racket.

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1888 -- Author Jean Jacques Bernard lives.

1889 -- Starting date of Sherlock Holmes' "The Adventure of the Naval Treaty" (Tues, July 30 - Thur, August 1, 1889; Strand Magazine October 1893 & November 1893; Harper's October 14, 1893 & October, 21, 1893).

Frans Masereel header
1889 -- Belgium: Radical woodcut artist Frans Masereel lives (1889-1972), Blankenberge. Graphic illustrator best known for his wooodcut novels. A WWII resistance fighter (Le Soleil). Masereel graphic; source

Masereel came from a well-to-do family. He attended an art academy, & became interested in anarchism & pacifism.

At the outbreak of WWI, he fled to Geneva, where he met many left artists & writers, such as Romain Rolland & Stefan Zweig, who became friends for life. Masereel started illustrating the pacifist magazines Les Tablettes & La Feuille. which established his international reputation.

Artists button; source

In the late 1920's artists surveyed by a German magazine named Grosz, Kathe Kollwitz, & Masereel as the most important artists concerned with the daily lives of workers.

Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste,  anarchismo, anarchici, anarchico, Anarþist, ANARÞÝZM, Anarþizmin, anarþizme, Anarþist, anarquista, anarchisten, anarchie, anarkismo, anarchisme, anarho, anarchica, libertarian[Details / context]

1894 -- Walter Pater dies, Oxford. The influence of his style & ideas continues.

Amilcare Cipriani, anarchist
1898 -- Italy: As a wave of anti-worker & anti-anarchist repression intensifies following riots in Milan, Amilcare Cipriani & five other libertarians are sent to prison with sentences ranging from 1-5 years.

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1898 -- Juan Puig Elias lives (1898-1972), Sallent (Barcelone). Spanish teacher & militant anarco-sindicalista.

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1912 -- Belgium: Beginning of a General Strike. Another of the revolutionary upheavals leading to the capitalists' first global war to reassert their control of the social milieu.

1913 --
Clara Solomon, anarchist

Clara Solomon, (Pianist, New York, USA) lives (1913-2000).

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1918 -- Joyce Kilmer, 31, is killed in fighting near Seringes on the Western Front. Can na see the forest for the trees, wrote Trees & Other Poems. .

1922 -- Nils Hövermark lives. Swedish chemist & mystery writer, who published, from the 1970s, over 10 detective novels, which became very popular in the Scandinavian countries. None, apparently, translated to English.

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1922 -- France: Jeanne Humbert released from St. Lazare prison.

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1924 -- Author William Gass lives.

1925 -- Scotland: Rootless cosmopolitan, novelist, International Situationist, Alexander Trocchi lives, Glasgow. See "Hands off Alexander Trocchi!" by Guy Debord, Jacqueline de Jong & Asger Jorn.

Bambi vs Godzilla, Bambi gets stomped
1928 -- US: Splatter Flicks? George Eastman demonstrates first color movie.

Marv Newland ’s animated spoof of film credits, an underground cult favorite, culminates in a fateful encounter between the little fawn & Big G.

Penguin logo
1935 -- anarcho PenguinThe first ten Penguins paperback books appear with a penguin on the cover. Each book cost the price of a pack of cigarettes (in the days before smokes cost the same as your SUV).

Penguins get down on their knees for no one, & thus the paperback revolution begins.

1936 -- Spain: Airlift of the (fascist) Army of Africa to the Iberian Peninsula with planes supplied by Germany & Italy.
[Sources here]

Ford truck
1938 -- Hitler presents the highest non-citizen award — "Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle" — to Henry Ford in Berlin. Ford, like Charles Lindbergh & his author-wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was a Nazi sympathizer.

Jud SussThe International Jew The World’s Foremost Problem

Abridged from the original as published
by the world renowned industrial leader Henry Ford, Sr. archive

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1938 -- EGAt the anarchist Whiteway Colony in Gloucestershire, Emma Goldman examines the late Thomas H. Keell's papers on behalf of IISH, which hopes to acquire part of his collection.

1944 -- US: The NY Times reports "labor-management antagonisms which forecast a post-war period of great turmoil..." Business was set to break de facto control of production won by workers during the war. The real question is not whether there would be strikes, but whether they would be union-controlled or wildcat.

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1945 -- High Seas: USS Indianapolis, having just completed its secret mission to deliver the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, is torpedoed. The ship sinks in 12 minutes. Because of the secret nature of its mission, the incident went unreported for five days; survivors were left to fend for their own before a Navy plane on routine patrol discovered them. Of the 1,100 men aboard, 880 lost their lives to drowning, sharks & exposure.

1954 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Solidarity Forever Rock? Elvis Presley makes his first advertised concert appearance, Memphis; today he also joins the Memphis Federation of Musicians, Local 71.

1956 -- US: "In God We Trust" is adopted as the official motto of the United States of America. & none too soon.

Domino Pizza
1958 -- Iraq: Left-wing coup arouses Western fears of Domino Effect.

1967 -- US: Race riots begin in black sections of Milwaukee. Last until August 4; Four die.

1967 -- US: Eight days of race riots in Detroit come to an end.

1967 -- Author Elizabeth Wurtzel lives.

1968 -- England: Only seven months after opening, the Beatles' Apple boutique in London closed due to mismanagement; entire inventory is given away.

1968 -- Detenidos seis sacerdotes en Vizcaya por impago de sanciones impuestas por insultos a las autoridades y negarse a que la bandera española entre en la iglesia.

1969 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Used Car Salesman Dick M Nixon calls the Vietnam War,

"One of America's finest hours."

1970 -- US: Remember the Power Keg Rock Festival in Connecticut canceled by local authorities? Over 30,000 people show up even though police barricade all roads leading up to the site for two hours. Utilities are cut off but the crowd parties on. Doctors report over 800 cases of bad drug reactions.

Angry Brigade
1970 -- England: Series of bombings occurs — attributed to the anarchist Angry Brigade — over the next 18 months. Attacks include Gordon Carr's (Minister of Employment) home (January 12, 1971), the Department of Employment & the Miss World contest (November 20).

1971 -- Japanese Boeing 727 collides with an F-86 fighter killing 162.

Come Inside, Ben!
1972 -- 53 caribou found dead near an army base that had served as the site of a chemical & biological warfare laboratory. The post commander suggests the animals might have been struck by lightning.

Stan Iverson, anarchist Motherfucker
1973 -- US: Grand Opening of Left Bank Books Collective, Seattle, Washington. A split off from Red & Black Books Collective (before it opened its doors).

BleedMeister, Stan Iverson, Karen Herold, Barbara Sealy, remain with the R&B; Paul Zilsel & Lynn Thorndycraft left the formative group to start Left Bank, with a more focused anarchist identity & presence rather than the generic "radicalism" of Red & Black. Early Left Bank participants include Bruce Huebel, Jo Maynes, Ruth Sabiers, Mark Kent & others... BleedMeister joins LB in 1978 & remains until 1995.

Both stores celebrate their 25th year in 1998; Red & Black Books closed it's doors in March of 1999.

Now online, The Stan Iverson Memorial Library,

1973 --

"If the Nuremberg laws were applied today, then every Post-War American president would have to be hanged."

Noam Chomsky

1974 -- US: House of Reps recommends 3rd article of impeachment
of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dickster M Nixon.

1975 -- US: The Real Dirt?: Teamsters union boss James Hoffa, is disappeared from the parking lot of the Hungry Tiger(!) coffee shop in suburban Birmingham, Michigan. His body is recently discovered, in the back of the twisted wreckage of John Kennedy Jr.'s airplane.

1980 -- South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu gains independence.

1980 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Mary Meagher, US, sets a world 200-m butterfly swim record, 2:06.37.

1981 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies is published. We don't know if Mary made it in...see 1980 above.

Woodstock poster
1986 -- US: RCA, acquired by General Electric, elects not to renew John Denver's contract despite being one of the most profitable acts on its label. Rumored that G.E., a major producer of military equipment was offended by his single (with Russian Alexander Gradsky) "Let Us Begin (What are we Making Weapons For?)."

red arrow
1987 -- Brazil: Um grupo de professores estudiosos do anarquismo promoveu curso na ABI (Associação Brasileira de Imprensa).
Source: [Arquivo de História Social] anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista, sindicalistas, anarco-sindicalismo / Brasil

O Grupo Anarquista José Oiticica, formado por novos militantes libertários, realizaram, no Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Sociais da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, nos dias 9, 16, 23 e 30 de julho de 1987, um curso de anarquismo envolvendo Problemas Atuais do Socialismo; Anarquismo Hoje e Movimentos Alternativos; Movimento Sindical e Anarco-Sindicalismo; e O Estado Hoje. Teve o apoio do Centro de Cultura Social de São Paulo, a Sub-Reitoria 5, a Comissão de Organização Estudantil, Comissão Cultural do IFCS, e mesmo sendo pago, a freqüência foi boa, o salão ficou literalmente cheio.

1990 -- Liberia: Women & children in refugee compound massacred by army, Monrovia.

1991 -- Canada: Quebec natives announce they will determine their own course if Quebec secedes.

1991 -- US: Doug Danziger, crusader against topless bars & adult bookstores, resigns as Ft Lauderdale vice mayor after being linked (sic) to a prostitute.
Source: [ Robert Braunwart]

1993 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Africa Rights accuses UN & US of major rights violations in Somalia.

1994 -- Brazil: The anarcha-feminist group (CAF) in Sao Paulo sponsors today's anti-homophobia event in Espaco Vadiagem.

Ten anarcho-punk groups perform to young audiences. The event is marred by the infiltration of Nazi skinheads who are exposed & removed. Some members of CAF are the target of intimidation by these troublemakers following this event.

anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista, sindicalistas, anarco-sindicalismo / Brasil

1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart France: Court overturns the government's attempt to ban English words.

Free East Timor, animated
1996 -- England: Four Ploughshares activists acquitted, in Liverpool, of all charges on the basis of preventing a greater crime, after having extensively damaged an F-16 fighter jet set to be sold to the Indonesian government in its genocidal occupation of East Timor.

1999 -- US: Southern Girl's Convention begins, Memphis, Tennessee.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: An armed & threatening 91-year-old man is subdued by a robot with a water cannon, Upper Marlboro, Md. (quite a picture, isn't it?).

plundered street
2001 -- Argentina: In a protracted economic crisis, the government's key austerity bill is passed. A "zero deficit" law aims to end deficit spending & slash state salaries & some pensions by up to 13%. See

Hungry March Band; source
2005 -- US: Brooklyn’s Hungry March Band (23-pieces) lights up the Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade, plays at Bard College today. Voted Best Anarchist Parade Group by the Village Voice in 2004, the band (buncha non-musicians), has also graced Lincoln Center Out of Doors.

2006 -- US: Memorial Gathering for Paul Zilsel (1923-2006), Seattle, Washington. Highly regarded theoretical physicist, one-time Communist, militant anarchist, cofounder Left Bank Books Collective, active in Arab-Jewish peace groups in Israel & the US.

2006 -- Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) dies, Burlington, Vermont. Autoworker, one-time anarchist militant & theorist. Pioneer in the ecology movement, introducing the concept of social ecology. He taught at Ramapo College (1977-1981). In Burlington, Bookchin was instrumental in helping to organize the Green Party. He also co-founded the Institute for Social Ecology in Plainfield in 1971. Bookchin published over two dozen books ecology, history, politics, philosophy, & urban planning.

A recollection: Auntie Dave was a guest of Murray's at his NY City apartment for a few days in 1971, & again later when Murray moved to Vermont, where the raving drunken sot (Dave, not Murray) upchucked all over the apartment & had to be nursed back to (ab)normalcy. We met again a decade or so later in Detroit at Lorraine & Fredy Perlman's home where a lively exchange was held in the kitchen as the two of them chopped salad, head to head, toe to toe.

2007 -- Italy: Influential film director Michelangelo Antonioni dies.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint, Sept. 29, 2009
Prominent Italian modernist filmmaker, political radical.

2009 -- US: sued for fraud & other violations for remotely deleting digital copies of George Orwell's 1984 from their Kindly Kindle devices.

Chop steak, animated
3000 --

"Chemicals.... I love chemicals...
Without chemicals ....
What would my life be like?
what would my hair be like?
What would my kitchen be like?"

— Debbie Harry

3500 --
End of Boredom

4000 --

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