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"The past is not dead, it is only past."

      William Faulkner


Legendary Grateful Dead guitarist/singer\songwriter, counter-culture hero.

Alternate Saint:
Indian communist leader, prisoner, independence fighter.

FESTIVAL OF XIUHTECHUHTLI: Ancient Aztec celebration of the god of the calendar.

Southern California: LAUGHTER DAY.

Ghana: HOMOWO, or "Hooting at Hunger," in which the Ga people feast & mock famine.

LAMMAS, a druid Harvest Feast/Feast of the Wheat Harvest/Gule of August/Loafmas: First-baked bread of new harvest blessed, effigies of corn spirit, called maiden corn, carried in a procession. Lammas brothers & sisters take a lover for the duration of this 11-day festival.

Body Snatchers; (F)red Makes a Profit For Ayn Rand Portland, Maine: POD BODY DAY.

Important to Remember:

AUGUST is . . .
Foot Health Month, National Catfish Month, National Water Quality Month, Romance Awareness Month
1st Week 2nd Week3rd WeekLast Week
National Psychic Week
Manwatcher's Compliment Week
Beauty Queen Week (1st-7th)
Turtles International Awareness Week
Elvis Week
National Smile Week
Don't Wait — Celebrate Week
National Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Week
Weird Contest Week
National Hot Lava Week
Air Conditioning Appreciation Week
National Religious Software Week
Carpenter Ant Awareness Week

August Movable Daily Holidays
1st Sunday Canoe Joust (Maryland)
Scottish Bagpipe & Highland Dance Festival
1st Monday Bahamas Emancipation Day
Civic Holiday (Canada)
Nut Monday
Grenada Emancipation Day
Jamaica Independence Day
Shop & Office Workers' Holiday (Iceland)
1st SaturdayFeast Day of St. Wilfred (Yorkshire, UK)
Festival of Nations (Red Lodge, Montana)
2nd SaturdayNational Hobo Convention (Britt, Iowa)
2nd MondayCarnival Monday (Grenada)
2nd FridayNo Man's Land Celebration
3rd ThursdaySour Herring Premiere (Sweden)
3rd Saturday (every other year)Hopi Snake Dance
4th SundayWedding of the Giants (Belgium)
Last SundayPlague Sunday (Gloucestershire, UK)
Last MondaySummer Holiday (UK (except Scotland))
Last TuesdayLammas Fair Day (Ballycastle, Ireland)

8 -- Beginning of the first August — month of Sextilis renamed by the Roman Emperor Augustus.

My father —
He knew
How many beautiful August evenings
surround an ear of corn.

      — Robert Sund

1137 -- Death of Louis VI, "the Fat," King of France.

1743 -- Richard Savage dies in Bristol. Subject of one of the best short biographies in English, Samuel Johnson's Account of the Life of Mr Richard Savage . A quarrelsome, impecunious man. Friends, Alexander Pope prominent among them, eventually provided money to get him out of London.

1744 -- Lamarck lives.

1758 -- New Old World: First Indian reservation in North America established by New Jersey Colonial Assembly.

"Maybe we should not have humored them when they asked to live on reservations. Maybe we should have said, No, come join us. Be citizens along with the rest of us."

— acting President Ronald Reagan during a trip to Moscow, when a student asked about US treatment of Native Americans

1765 -- England: After a notice is posted in the Northampton Mercury inviting "well-wishers to the Cause now in Hand" to a football match at West Haddon, a tumultuous mob assemble on the designated day, pull down & burn the fences in defiance of the Enclosures Act.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1775 -- New Old World: Thomas Paine publishes an article supporting women's rights in the "Pennsylvania Gazette."
Dick Gaughan — Tom Paine's Bones (song):
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1790 -- US: First Census completed, showing a population of nearly 4 million people in 13 states.

1790 -- US: Spaniards under Quimper first sight Neah Bay, Washington.

1815 -- Mast Head? Richard Henry Dana lives, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wrote Two Years Before the Mast.

1819 -- American novelist Herman Melville lives, New York. Moby Dick

1834 -- England: Emancipation Bill outlaws slavery throughout the British Empire — although slave trade was outlawed in 1772.

1870 -- US: Consensus? Norton I is listed by the US Census taker with the occupation of “Emperor,” living at 624 Commercial St.

1875 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaFrançois-Henri Jolivet lives (1875-1955), Paris. French working poet, anarchiste & pacifist songster.

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1881 -- Rose Macaulay lives, Rugby, Warwickshire. Author of novels / travel books characterized by intelligence, wit, & lively scholarship. First attracts attention as a social satirist with a series of novels, Potterism; Dangerous Ages; Told by an Idiot; Crewe Train; Keeping Up Appearances.

1885 -- France: Pierre Mualdes lives (1885-1966). Militant activist, collaborated on Libertaire, La Revue anarchiste, La Revue internationale anarchiste, etc. A victim of Parkinson disease.

Raining ants, animated
1889 -- Germany: Rain of Ants at Strasbourg.

1889 -- Italy: During this month, Salvataggio governativo (coi soldi dei contribuenti) della Banca Tiberina e del Banco sconto e sete di Torino. L'immissione di 50 milioni evita il fallimento, che sarebbe stato l'esito giusto e inevitabile per le massicce speculazioni delle banche nel settore edilizio a Roma.

Der Anarchist, logo
1889 -- US: Der Anarchist first appears today, in St. Louis. German language anarchist-communist paper, published by Claus Timmermann. In 1891 he moved to NY City, where it publishes until 1895. Emma Goldman is among its contributors. Le 1er août 1889, sortie à St-Louis (USA) du premier numéro de "Der Anarchist" journal anarchiste-communiste" en langue allemande, publié par Claus Timmermann. En 1891, il est édité à New York et ce jusqu'en 1895; Emma Goldman collaborera au journal.

1892 -- US: Over 300 anarchists meet to discuss Alexander Berkman's bungled attempt to assassinate the much despised anti-labor honcho Henry Clay Frick. Speakers include Autonomie group leader Josef Peukert, Dyer D. Lum, editor of the Alarm, the Italian Saverio Merlino, an editor of Solidarity & Berkman's sidekick, Emma Goldman, who chairs the meeting.

1897 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaFrance: André Daunis lives, à Bages, (Aude). Militant & propagandist in southern France.

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1901 -- US: Day of the Living Dead? Burial within San Francisco City limits prohibited. (Inspires the Grateful Dead!)
Nancy Joyce Peters on Backyard Bombs, ...Horror Films on TV

Lola Iturbe
1902 -- Spain: Lola Iturbe lives (1902-1990; pseudonym, Kyra Kyralina, in tribute to the famous novel of Panait Istrati). Militant anarcosindicalista, member of Mujeres Libres, secretary of Sindicato del Vestido de Barcelona, editor of the collection, La mujer en la Lucha Social y en la Guerra Civil de España (Editores Mexicanos Unidos, 1974).

"Su vida fue la de un ser entrañable, entregada, sin reservas, al bienestar común enraizado en el respeto a la dignidad y a la libertad del ser humano."

— Antonina Rodrigo Mujer y exilio, 1939 (Compañía literaria, 1999)

anarquista, LIBERTARIAS, anarcosindicalistas, intelectuales y obreras anarcosindicalistas muy poco conocidas como Mª Luisa Sánchez Saornil, Amparo Poch y Gastón, Mercedes Camaposada y las obreras Sara Guillén o Lola Iturbe
On the human stature of some of its militants it is worth the example of Lola Iturbe (Oviedo, 1902-Gijón, 1999). In biographical notes it writes: “I participated in the movement anarchist from my better years of youth, rendering attendance to the prisoners, participating in the manifestations and, later, in the unfolding of my formation, in meetings, meetings & conferences… I accompanied & I attended in its cell, until hours before they were executed to vile stick, at dawn of the 10 of November of 1924, to Juan Montejo & Jose Llácer. I took the word in acts witnessed by notary public, like in the meeting celebrated in the Palace of Exhibitions of Montjuich, in which Germinal Domingo, Ascaso & Durruti spoke… I collaborated in some of our newspapers & magazines signing with the pseudonym of `Kyralina´ in tribute to the famous novel of Panait Istrati - in individual in Free Women, organization in whom emphasized like militant & contributor -. I was secretary of the Union of the Dress of Barcelona. I helped to my companion `Juanel´ in its tasks in the publishing Earth & Freedom, as well as, later, like administrator of the same one… I had many economic difficulties & countless moral sufferings with the life of fight that `Juanel´ has taken during almost all its existence. Haltings, flights & seventeen imprisonments; unavoidable transfers of address & country, always accompanied by my disabled mother & our children. During the war I did not make other activities that visits to the fronts from where something wrote… In the summer of 1938, I took care of the North American anarchist Emma Goldman (...). Previously, just finished the tragic events of May of the 37, I happened to comprise of the Legal office of the CNT, from where I took part in the location & freedom of several prisoners ours & the POUM, who had been shut in in `Chekas´ of the Communists… After finished the war, the exodus & the lengths, larguísimos years of exile, agravated for the seven years from prison to that `Juanel´ was condemned when returned again to Spain in 1946, trying once again to fight by our ideas…” (Letter including by Juan Llarch in, Mere Cipriano, an anarchist in the war of Spain, Euros, BCN, p. 47). Antonina Rodrigo carries out a beautiful picture his in its work, Woman & exile, 1939 (literary Company, Madrid, 1999), that end up saying: “Its life was the one of a close being, given, without reserves, to the taken root well-being common in the respect to the dignity & the freedom of the human being”. // Sobre la talla humana de algunas de sus militantes valga el ejemplo de Lola Iturbe (Oviedo, 1902-Gijón, 1999). En unas notas biográficas escribe: "Participé en el movimiento anarquista desde mis mejores años de juventud, prestando asistencia a los presos, participando en las manifestaciones y, más tarde, en el desenvolvimiento de mi formación, en reuniones, mítines y conferencias... Acompañé y asistí en su celda, hasta horas antes de que fueran ajusticiado a garrote vil, en la madrugada del 10 de noviembre de 1924, a Juan Montejo y a José Llácer. Tomé la palabra en actos públicos, como en el mitin celebrado en el Palacio de Exposiciones de Montjuich, en el que hablaron Domingo Germinal, Ascaso y Durruti... Colaboré en algunos de nuestros diarios y revistas firmando con el seudónimo de `Kyralina´ en homenaje a la famosa novela de Panait Istrati - en particular en Mujeres Libres, organización en la que destacó como militante y como articulista -. Fui secretaria del Sindicato del Vestido de Barcelona. Ayudé a mi compañero `Juanel´ en sus tareas en la editora Tierra y Libertad, así como también, más tarde, como administrador de la misma... Pasé muchos apuros económicos e incontables sufrimientos morales con la vida de lucha que `Juanel´ ha llevado durante casi toda su existencia. Detenciones, fugas y diecisiete encarcelamientos; traslados forzosos de domicilio y de país, siempre acompañada de mi madre imposibilitada y de nuestros hijos. Durante la guerra no realicé otras actividades que visitas a los frentes desde donde escribía algo... En el verano de 1938, atendí a la anarquista norteamericana Emma Goldman (...). Anteriormente, recién terminados los trágicos sucesos de mayo del 37, pasé a formar parte de la oficina Jurídica de la CNT, desde donde intervine en la localización y libertad de varios presos nuestros y del POUM, que habían sido recluidos en las `Chekas´ de los comunistas... Después de terminada la guerra, el éxodo y los largos, larguísimos años de exilio, agravados por los siete años de prisión a que fue condenado `Juanel´ cuando regresó de nuevo a España en 1946, intentando una vez más luchar por nuestras ideas..." (Carta incluida por Juan Llarch en, Cipriano Mera, Un anarquista en la guerra de España, Euros, BCN, p. 47). Antonina Rodrigo efectúa un hermoso retrato suyo en su obra, Mujer y exilio, 1939 (Compañía literaria, Madrid, 1999), que acaba diciendo: "Su vida fue la de un ser entrañable, entregada, sin reservas, al bienestar común enraizado en el respeto a la dignidad y a la libertad del ser humano."

1903 -- US: Calamity Jane dies.

She's the fast-shootin', tough-talkin', cross-dressin' (real-life lesbian cowboy) Calamity Jane! Saddle up & come on down for lots of rootin'-tootin' fun for the whole lesbian & gay American family.

1907 -- Angelo Sbardellotto lives (1907-1932). Italian anarchist & antifascist, executed by a fascist firing squad on June 17, 1932, having admitted before a Tribunal Spécial (fasciste) of his intention to assassinate Mussolini.
Further details/ context, click here; anarchici, anarchico, anarchica, libertario[Details / context]

1909 -- Spain: Revolt in Catalonia leaves over 1,000 dead.
See Murray Bookchin's The Spanish Anarchists,

1910 -- Pulp publishing maven Ray Palmer lives.

1913 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014Lesia Ukrainka dies. One of Ukraine's best-known poets & a foremost writer, she also was a political & female activist. Opposed Russian tsarism & was a member of Ukrainian Marxist organizations & translated the Communist Manifesto into Ukrainian. Briefly arrested in 1907 by tsarist police, she remained under surveillance thereafter.

1914 -- Italy: 1-2 Agosto. Dopo la dichiarazione di guerra alla Serbia da parte dell'Austria (28 Luglio) il consiglio dei ministri italiano dichiara la propria neutralità ma al tempo stesso mette in atto dei provvedimenti economici da stato di guerra (chiusura delle borse, divieti all'esportazione, etc.).

1916 -- Anne Hébert (1916-2000) lives. French-Canadian novelist, poet, playwright, & short-story writer, noted for her examination of the lives of the Quebeçois. Hébert combined realism & symbolism, & reworked the tradition of the historical novel. In her poems Hébert used free verse with dense, closely packed images, achieving an almost surrealistic effect. Her novels show influence of the French nouveau roman & postmodern narrative techniques.

Vintage pb cover, Red Harvest
1917 -- US: IWW organizer Frank Little lynched in Butte, Montana & his body is left dangling from a railroad trestle.

Years later the writer
Dashiell Hammett
would recall his days in
Butte as an armed
mercenary being paid
by the Pinkerton
detective agency &
the mine companies.

One night, as he sat in
a Butte bar, Hammett
said he was approached
by a mine company
representative who
offered him $5,000 to
kill Frank Little.

Beating Wobblies with clubs
was one thing . . . murder was
another, & Hammett said he
quit on the spot.

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"We Never Forget"

— Songster Mark Ross, "Frank Little"

Newspaper clipping re Frank Little's murder

syndicalist, Wobbly, IWW; Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

stars, animated
1919 -- Doubleday publishes nine-year-old Daisy Ashford's The Young Visiters; or, Mt Salteena's Plan with James M. Barrie's preface — leading the public to believe he was the real author.

1919 -- Alexander Nakov lives, Kosatcha, Bulgaria. Militant activist & esperantist.

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Marcus Garvey
1920 -- US: National convention of Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association opens in Harlem, New York City.

"We represent peace, harmony, love, human sympathy, human rights & human justice...we are marshaling the four hundred million Negroes of the world to fight for the emancipation of the race & for the redemption of the country of our fathers."

1920 -- Gandhi begins Indian non-cooperation movement.

1921 -- US: Sid Hatfield & Ed Chambers murdered by the Baldwin-Feltz death squad agency for their part in the Matewan labor battle a year ago, when two Feltz family thugs were killed by Hatfield & his deputies.

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1923 -- Carter Brown lives. Australian paperback writer Alan G. Yates, who published between 1953-68, under the name Carter Brown, about 150 crime stories, with sales in the tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of copies. Also wrote as Caroline Farr.
"Do you go to the movies often, Lieutenant?" she asked politely.
"Once," I said, "to get in out of the rain. A thing called Birth of a Nation. I figured it was about sex, but I got gypped."

The Dame, 1959

1923 -- Spain: Regional Plenary Session of the Catalunya CNT.
Further details/ context, click here; anarquista, anarchie, sindicalista, anarchica, libertarian[Details / context]

Candide book cover
1925 -- Bennett Cerf & Donald Klopfer become independent publishers, buying The Modern Library imprint from Boni & Liveright.

Three years later they launch Random House, issuing Voltaire's Candide in a new edition designed & illustrated by Rockwell Kent (socialist/anarchist sympathizer).

1927 --

Paris, France

August 1-6, 1927


4th Congress of the FIS (Federació Sindical Internacional).

Source: [Congressos Obrers]

1932 -- Canada: Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation founded, Calgary.

Hilo Massacre book cover
1938 -- US: Workers Paradise?: The Hilo Massacre. 200 peacefully demonstrating workers are attacked by 70 cops. 51 longshoremen, racially mixed, & union supporters in Hilo, Hawaii are bayoneted & shot in the back by police. Inspires the expression, "Fun in the Sun."

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Jerry Gacia illustrated, with wings

Collage of Jerry Garcia
1942 -- Cherry (Jerry) Garcia, vocalist & guitarist of the Grateful Dead, lives.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2006-2008
Legendary Greatful Dead guitarist/singer\songwriter, counter-culture hero.

  • Bibliography of the Grateful Dead
  • Jerry Garcia's Wikipedia page
  • An Homáge to Jerry Garcia

    1943 -- US: Race-related rioting erupts in New York City's Harlem section, resulting in several deaths. (AP, 8/1/97)

    1944 -- US: Wildcat strike (-17th) against the P.T.C. as a result of the Company's plan to employ Negro operators on streetcars. Company-instigated strike in Philadelphia tries to bar 8 African-American trolley operators from working. TWU (Transport Workers Union) members stay on job in support of minority trolley men. Copies of leaflets concerning the strike distributed by the Transport Workers Unions Communist Party, strikers, & other organizations.

    Pope star
    1946 -- US: Atomic Energy Commission established.

  • 1950 -- Jim Carroll lives, (12:03 AM) Bellevue Hospital, New York City. Jim Caroll

    Poet, diarist, musician, performer, actor 1963-present Critic, Art News, 1969 Teacher at poetry workshops in NYC, 1968-71 Writer for Andy Warhol/Paul Morrissey films, 1970-71? Teacher at Naropa Institute, 1986-? Appears in several films & on many albums. Regularly gives poetry readings across the USA & Canada.


    1970: Random House Young Writers Award for excerpts from The Basketball Diaries published in Paris Review
    1973: Living at the Movies nominated for Pulitzer Prize

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    1953 -- US: Arnold? House Concurrent Resolution 108 ends the status of certain Indian tribes, called "termination."

    1955 -- France: Confrontations ( -17th) between labor strikers & the police in Nantes & Saint-Nazaire.

    1957 -- Harvey Glatmin, first bondage-photo victim, dies.

    1957 -- Glen Gorbous throws a baseball a record 136 m (445'10").

    1960 -- US: Billboard reports the findings of a Seventeen magazine survey...the average teenage girl listens to the radio two hours & 13 minutes a day & plays records two hours & 12 minutes a day.

    1960 -- Germany: Elvis Presley is named Public Enemy #1 by the East German newspaper, Young World.

    1963 -- Poet Theodore Roethke dies. Hung out at the Blue Moon Tavern, sucking suds, near Recollection Used Books first location.

              What's madness but nobility of soul
    At odds with circumstance? The day's on fire!

    Roethke And everything comes to One,
    As we dance on, dance on, dance on.

    — Theodore Roethke

    Most of the old gang
    is gone. Sol Katz is aging. Who isn't? It's close now
    to the end of summer & would you believe it
    I've ignored the Blue Moon....

    — Richard Hugo, excerpt, "Letter to Kizer from Seattle," Selected Poems

    1966 -- US: Texass Tower Massacre. Architectural honor student Charles Joseph Whitman murders his wife & mother, climbs to the top of a tower at the University of Texas & sprays the campus with bullets for one hour twenty minutes. Kills 12 & shot 33 others before being shot by police.

    1966 -- Jazzster Bud Powell dies.

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    1969 -- US: Massachusetts Superior Court judge rejects a D.A.'s request for an inquest into the death of Mary Jo Kopechne (see 18 July; 25 July).

    1970 -- US: Puyallup Indians set up camp on Puyallup River & begin fishing to re-establish tribal fishing rights.

    Bob Dylan
    1971 -- US: Concerts for Bangladesh held at Madison Square Garden. The two shows are put together by George Harrison out of concern for the starving people of the Bangladesh nation. Highlights include Ringo Starr flubbing the lyrics in his hit "It Don't Come Easy" & an unannounced appearance by Bob Dylan.

    IAF logo
    1971 -- France: 2nd Congress of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA) held in Paris, August, 1-4 1971. This follows the founding Congress in Carrara, Italy, in August 1968.

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    1972 -- US: Post to Pillory? First article exposing Watergate scandal (Bernstein-Woodward) & eventually leading to the impeachment of a drunk used car salesman occupying the White House.

    1975 -- Helsinki Accords on human rights & East-West relations formed.

    1975 -- Julian "Cannonball" Adderly jazz sax player, dies of a stroke.

    gas mask
    1976 -- US: First occupation of Seabrook, New Hampshire nuclear reactor site.

    "To the Village Square we must carry the facts of Atomic Energy. From there must come America's Voice."

    — Albert Einstein

    Tricky dick & druggie Elvis
    1977 -- Elvis: What Happened?, about his drug problem, presents him as an overweight recluse obsessed with religion & the supernatural. Written by ex-bodyguards who say the reason for the book is not money, but to save Presley from himself.

    1977 -- Chrissie Hynde almost marries Sid Vicious. She offers him 2 quid to do it, so that she wouldn't be deported.

    1981 -- A new era begins: MTV is launched in an estimated 2.1 million homes. The first video shown is The Buggles tune "Video Killed the Radio Star."

    1982 -- Germany: Blockade of nuclear missile site begins, Grossenstringen, West Germany.

    1983 -- US: Eatcher Heart Out Saddam!? America resumes making chemical weapons after a 14-year suspension. A tug of the suspenders, & America gets back down to what it does best, creating, selling & housing the world's greatest collection of Weapons of Mass Destruction; a virtuous re-commitment to "Taking the High Moral Road." Gas attack

    "Get Out Now!"

    1984 -- US: Stymied by a reporter's question about arms control during a Santa Barbara photo-op, acting Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President Ronnie Reagan stands silently for several seconds, grunting & shrugging, until Nancy, beside him, shielding her mouth with her hand, mutters, "We're doing the best we can."

    Says the august leader of the free world, instantly: "We're doing the best we can."

    1986 -- Touring the Middle-East, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Big Bush makes small talk with Jordanian commander in chief Lt. General Zeid Bin Shaker.

    "Tell me general," he asks, "how dead is the Dead Sea?"

    Replies Shaker, "Very dead, sir."

    Jeanne Humbert, anarchiste
    1986 --
    Jeanne Humbert (1890-1986) dies. French pacifist, anarchiste militant who devoted her life to fighting for sexual freedom & birth control rights.

    ... show details

    1991 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014Egyptian writer of plays, short stories, & novels, Yusuf Idris (transliterated as Yusef Idris, Youssef Idris, & Yûsuf Idrîs) dies. One of the few Arabic authors to realistically address issues of homosexuality, sexual impotence, poverty, sexual & cultural mores, & the dangers of religious fundamentalism. Concern for the poor & disenfranchised are recurring themes in his work.

    1994 -- US: Trading on the NASDAQ stock market is halted for 34 minutes after a squirrel commits suicide by gnawing through a power line near the organization's computer center in Trumbull, Connecticut. Systems in place to perform automatic switch-over to standby generators didn't exactly, uh, work.

    1995 -- England: A pier is squatted for the first time, Brighton.
    Source: [Calendar Riots]

    2000 -- US: NY City trial of Errol Maitland, WBAI/Pacifica's award-winning radio producer, who was singled out & physically attacked, then arrested by NYPD officers last March for reporting live during the Patrick Dorismond funeral.

    Afterwards, the African American media veteran found himself in the hospital for 11 days, charged with disorderly conduct for having dared to report on the police attacks on anti-police brutality demonstrators. Maitland was handcuffed to his bed in the intensive care unit for two days.

    2003 -- US: The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) burn down a 206-unit condominium being built in San Diego, California causing damage in excess of $50 million.

    2008 -- India: Communist leader Harkishan Singh Surjeet dies.

    3000 --


    His Spirit in smoke ascended to high heaven.
    His father, by the cruelest way of pain,
    Had bidden him to his bosom once again;
    The awful sin remained still unforgiven.
    All night a bright & solitary star
    (Perchance the one that ever guided him,
    Yet gave him up at last to Fate's wild whim)
    Hung pitifully o'er the swinging char.
    Day dawned, & soon the mixed crowds came to view
    The ghastly body swaying in the sun.
    The women thronged to look, but never a one
    Showed sorrow in her eyes of steely blue.

    And little lads, lynchers that were to be,
    Danced round the dreadful thing in fiendish glee.

    — Claude McKay

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    The Lord Provides, 1934. Jacob Burck, 1907-1982; source
    4000 --
    The Lord Provides, 1934. Jacob Burck, 1907-1982. Lithograph. Published in The American Scene, no. 1 (New York: Contemporary Print Group, 1934).

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