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John Fante

It was an important night of my life ... Either I paid up or I got out: that was what the note said, the note the landlady had put under the door. A great problem, deserving acute attention. I solved it by turning out the lights & going to bed."

John Fante, Ask the Dust



Suave, gay proponent of the fire this time.

Animated herb Jamaica: INDEPENDENCE DAY.


Australia: PICNIC DAY.

Macedonia: DAYS OF THE WATER NYMPHS. No clothes may be washed, & you may only swim or bathe if you are holding a piece of iron.

320 -- Yat-Balam founds dynasty that rules Yaxchilan (Mayan Empire) throughout its 500-year recorded history.

1776 -- US: Declaration of Independence formally signed.

1819 -- US: First parachute jump in US. Arrested for possession of hemp upon landing.

1832 -- US: Sauk-Fox tribe, under a white flag of truce, massacred at Bad Axe River by Illinois militia.

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1832 -- Theosophist leader Henry Steel Olcott lives.

1849 -- US: Reconvened session of the woman's rights convention is held at the Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY. Amelia Bush is chosen chair, & is the first woman to preside over a meeting attended by both men & women.

US Factoid
1855 -- US: Deadbeats? Black River band of Chippewa sign treaty to compensate Chippewa for destruction of their homes by construction of the 500 Locks (Great Lakes). The Chippewa have yet to be paid.

1861 -- US: National income tax, the first of its kind, passed to aid the Union war effort.

Fernando Tarrida del Marmol; courtesy l'éphéméride anarchiste
1862 -- Cuba: Fernando Tarrida del Marmol lives (1862-1915), Santiago. Militant & anarquista theoretician, Spanish free-thinker.

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1865 -- Irving Babbitt lives, Dayton, Ohio. Critic, teacher, leader of the movement in literary criticism known as "New Humanism." George Santayana (supporter of Franco's fascist takeover of Spain) & T.S. Eliot, are among its followers.

1867 -- US: 60 striking miners wounded by police in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

1869 -- George Eliot begins work on Middlemarch.

1870 -- During this month [I don't have exact date & place —ed.] Mikhail Bakunin is expelled from the Geneva section of the International due to his support for the Jura faction. Karl Marx, after a long concerted smear campaign against Bakunin, succeeds in having him expelled along with James Guillaume in 1872. To maintain dictatorial control of the International, Marx also moved its General council to NY, away from the membership & effectively destroying the First International.

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Ralph Chaplin Centralia Conspiracy cover
1875 -- US: George Vanderveer lives. Attorney for the Centralia Wobs (IWW) & the Chicago 101.

One of the few lawyers in Seattle, Washington willing to represent members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) during WWI & after.

He represented the defendants in the Everett & Centralia massacres, as well as workers & labor unions during & after the Seattle General Strike of 1919.

1876 -- US: Wild Bill Hickock is shot in the back & killed in a poker game, Deadwood, South Dakota.

1878 -- Aino Kallas, Finnish writer, lives, Vyborg, Russia. Wrote also as Aino Krohn & Aino Suonio. Wrote The Wolf's Bride; The White Ship: Eros the Slayer.

anarchik cartoon, by Roberto Ambrosoli: la “banda” del Matese; source
1878 -- Italy: During this month [I don't have exact date — ed.] Errico Malatesta, Stepniak, Ceccarelli, Cafiero, & others branded as the "Gang of Matese" (la “banda” del Matese), are brought to trial after languishing in prison for the past year. They had been captured by the army while liberating towns in the Benevento province.

All are acquitted.
Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

anarchiste Messac (portrait by Guillaume Desgranges); source l'éphéméride anarchiste
1893 -- France: Régis Messac lives, (1893-1943?) Champagnac (Charente).

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1903 -- Macedonia: Insurrection breaks out in the area of Bitola, two other areas of Skplié & Salonique. In Thrace, revolutionists also intervene. But the Turkish troops react & crush the revolutionists.

1914 -- Japanese playwright & leader in the attempt to revitalize the post-WWII theater, Junji Kinoshita, lives, in Tokyo. Created a unique genre of "folk plays," Yuzuru (Twilight Crane, 1949) being an outstanding example, & plays Investigating the role of guilt, such as Kaeru Shoten (Ascension of the Frog, 1951) & Shimpan (The Judgement, 1970).

1914 -- Sherlock Holmes' last adventure, "His Last Bow: An Epilogue of Sherlock Holmes" begins today (in Strand Magazine, September, 1917; Collier's September, 1917).

1917 -- US: Greencorn Rebellion.

1920 -- Pancho Medrano, Sr., lives.

1921 -- Italy: Patto di pacificazione tra fascisti e socialisti / pact of pacification between socialists & the fascists.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1922 -- Mécislas Charrier (1895-1922) dies, guillotinéd in Paris. French individualist & illégaliste. Raised until the age of five by the anarchiste Mécislas Golberg (or Goldberg).

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1923 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Harding dies at the Palace Hotel.

James Baldwin
1924 -- James Baldwin lives, illegitimately, Harlem Hospital, NY City. American radical black queer essayist, novelist, & playwright, noted for his sharp works on black-white relations, civil-rights struggle, & gay issues, which fuse autobiographical material with social concerns. Book cover

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1931 -- Albert Einstein urges all scientists to refuse military work.

1933 -- Spanish-born novelist who writes in French, Machel del Castillo, lives, Madrid. Famous at 24 with the short novel, Tanguy (Child of Our Time), which, like The Diary of Anne Frank, tells with the poignancy of a child's witness to cruel historical events, tells of his actual experiences as a political refugee & prisoner in concentration camps.

1934 -- First airplane train, plane tows three mail gliders behind it.

1935 -- Alexander Woollcott writes to Mrs. Otis Skinner that he has been "weeping steadily because once again I had come to the great healing last chapter of the Brothers Karamazov. It always chokes me up & fills me with a love of mankind which sometimes lasts till noon of the following day."

1935 -- Italy: Dal balcone di piazza Venezia il duce degli italiani annuncia, tra scene di giubilo a Roma e altrove, l'imminente aggressione all'Etiopia. Mussolini è solo il portavoce delle criminali manie di grandezza di un intero popolo che, mai come in questo caso, si stringe intorno al suo duce.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

La miliciana Marina Jinesta en la plaza de Catalunya;
1936 -- France: French Cabinet decides on a policy of non-intervention towards the war in Spain between the fascist military & the Republicans.

Photo: La miliciana Marina Jinesta en la plaza de Catalunya

quote re marijuana tax act
1937 -- That ol' "satanic" music explains it all...

Bat & baseball
1938 -- US: First test of a yellow baseball (Dodgers vs Cardinals).

1938 -- England: British anarchist pacifist & militant Tony Smythe lives.

1939 -- Albert Einstein sends a letter to President Roosevelt describing the possibility of constructing an atomic bomb.

1939 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Roosevelt signs into law the Hatch Act, which prohibits political activity by employees of the federal government.

1942 -- Author Isabel Allende lives. Chilean exile.

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1943 -- PT-109 rammed & sunk.
PT-boats could accelerate from 8 to 40 knots in about 11 seconds, begging the question, if you can't get out of the way of a destroyer, why no court-martial for the bonehead who had to be asleep at the helm?

1943 -- Eight hundred inmates revolt at the Treblinka concentration camp, raid the SS arsenal & kill over 20 guards, allowing more than 100 prisoners to escape.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1949 -- Chinese poet Bei Dao lives (pseudonym of Zhao Zhengkai). In the 1970s Bei Dao became the voice of his generation with themes of the pressures of a conformist society, disillusionment, & the sense of rootlessness.

1963 -- Oliver La Farge dies in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1964 -- Semi-High Seas: US destroyer Maddox reports it has been attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. (See 31, July, 4 August; 7 August.)

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1965 -- Vietnam: Morley Safer sends first Vietnam report indicating US is losing the war. No one running the war is listening, they see lights flashing at the end of the Viet Cong tunnels.

1968 -- Bolivia: Student demonstrations in Cochabamba confronted by the army — hundreds arrested, two killed, 10 injured.

1969 -- Bob Dylan shows up unexpectedly to his 10-year high school reunion in Hibbing, Minnesota. He & his wife leave early when a drunk tries to pick a fight with him.

1972 -- Paul Goodman, anarchistUS: Bound Together Mural Color Postcard Remembering American Anarchism — a mural by Susan Greene.

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Paul Goodman spacer
1972 -- American anarchist cultural critic Paul Goodman absurdly dies. Wrote Growing Up Absurd.

"A free society cannot be the substitution of a new order for the old order; it is the extension of spheres of free action until they make up the most of social life."

"I move in a society so devoid of ordinary reality that I am continually stopping to teach good sense, to give support, to help out, as a young gangster might help an old lady across the street on his way to the stick-up."

1972 -- Brian Cole, an original member of the Association, dies of a heroin overdose. He played bass on the hits "Windy," "Cherish" & "Never My Love."

1976 -- Filmmaker Fritz Lang dies.

Commie for FBI Poster
1980 -- US: American humorist, actor, playwright, Academy Award-winning screenwriter, (Blacklisted during McCarthy / HUAC witchhunt), Donald Stewart, dies at 85, in London, England.

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1986 -- South Africa: Fire in nuclear power plant kills two workers, Johannesburg.

1988 -- Raymond Carver poet/short story writer, dies at 50.


"It's strange. You never start out life with the intention of becoming a bankrupt or an alcoholic or a cheat & a thief. Or a liar."

— Raymond Carver


1990 -- Iraq invades Kuwait, following grievance over oil, loans & land, after discussing plans with US Ambassador April Glaspie. The Gulf War: Secret History
Bush Lies: Who Died for Gulf War Lies?
Right Road Lost:
U.S. Bishops' Statement on Iraq:
Saddam-Glaspie meeting:
Operation Desert Storm:
Gulf War, 12 Years Later...:

1991 -- In A Funk?: Funk singer Rick James, arrested on sexual torture charges.

1997 -- Here to Go?: William S. Burroughs, conservative anarchist
Here to Go?:
William S. Burroughs, conservative anarchist

1997 -- William S. Burroughs, here for a short visit, departs.

The cut-up method brings to writers the collage, which has been used by painters for 50 years. & used by the moving & still camera. In fact all street shots from movie or still cameras are by the unpredictable factors of passersby & juxtaposition cut-ups. & photographers will tell you that often their best shots are accidents . . . writers will tell you the same.

— William S. Burroughs, THE CUT-UP METHOD OF BRION GYSIN, from The Third Mind

William S. Burroughs

1997 -- Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (1938-1997) dies.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint December 6, 2007
Nigerian rock star, pot & AIDS activist, culture hero.

Multi-instrumentalist musician & composer, pioneer of Afrobeat music, human rights activist, & political maverick.

1999 -- Alberto Gironella, a leading Mexican surrealist painter & promoter of literature & arts, dies, age 70.

2009 -- England: Food packages to Vestas factory occupiers cut off by management.

Paul Goodman
3000 --

"It is by losing ourselves in inquiry, creation & craft that we become something. Civilization is a continual gift of spirit: inventions, discoveries, insight, art. We are citizens, as Socrates would have said, & we have it available as our own."

Paul Goodman

“I regard the President as my public servant whom I pay, & berate him as a lousy employee. I come on as an old fashioned patriot, neither supine nor more revolutionary than is necessary for my modest goals.” Goodman's goals were forthright rather than modest. He wanted a society in which children have bright eyes, nobody is pushed around, rivers are clean, & in which there is useful work, tasty food, & “occasionally satisfying nookie.”

— Marty Jezer

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