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"You have only to speak for once — they will melt like the dust:
you have only to spit in their faces — they will go
howling like devils to swindle somebody else

but if you choose to obey, we shall not blame you
for every lesson is new. We will make room for you
in the cold hall where every cause is just.

Perhaps you'll go with us to frosty windows
putting the same choice as the years go round
or sit debating 'When will they disobey?'

wrapped in our coats against the impartial cold."
All this I think the buried me would say,
clutching their white ribs & their rusted helmets

nationless bones, under the still ground.

— Alex Comfort (1920-2000), excerpt, The Soldiers

Filipino protest singer, feminist activist

FEAST OF CALIGO, Mother of Chaos.


Independence Day - Republic of Niger.

England: BELL-BELT DAY in Congleton, Cheshire: drunken excesses were announced by midnight runners wearing belts of bells. In 1601, money destined for the church was hijacked to buy a replacement town bear:

"Congleton rare, Congleton rare,
Sold the Bible to pay for a bear."

A nocturnal
1492 -- Columbus sets sail from Palos, Spain for the "Indies" to plague the rest of the world with avaricious mercantilism.

Would imperial Chinese or Turks have been less lethal had they "discovered America''? All three empires regarded aliens as less than human & therefore as legitimate prey. The Chinese considered others barbarians; the Muslims & Catholics considered others unbelievers. The term unbeliever is not as brutal as the term barbarian, since an unbeliever ceases to be legitimate prey until she or he is made over by the civilizer.

Fredy Perlman, The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism

1546 -- Etienne Dolet, printer, is hanged & burnt for blasphemy, sedition & heresy. About time they got an arm on that printer crowd...
See also 1896 below.

1640 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Francisco de Rojas Zorilla play "Abre el ojo" (Keep Your Eyes Open) opens, Toledo.

1750 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: First American teaching methods book, Schul-Ordnung, is completed.

1811 -- Going Nowhere Fast? Elisha Graves Otis, inventor of the elevator, lives.

"Every job has it's ups & downs."

Uriah Heep
1821 -- US: Knights of Labor founder Uriah Stephens lives (d.1882), Cape May, New Jersey.

Today's Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2004-5; also Feb. 12, 2007
American Knights of Labor founder, union strategist.

1832 --

Edward Wilmot Blyden lives, Saint Thomas, West Indies.

Migrates to Liberia & becomes an established author of the pamphlets A Voice from Bleeding Africa, in which he attacks slavery, & A Vindication of the African Race. Throughout his life, he was an advocate of African-Americans' returning to their ancestral homes.

1849 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Roma: Government is placed in the hands of the pope's commissioners. They begin the work of reaction.

1851 -- US: Lopez & Crittendon Expedition leaves New Orleans, its mission an unauthorized attempt to take Cuba from Spain (see 21 August).

1855 -- Source, Robert Braunwart China: US forces land near Hong Kong to fight pirates (-Aug. 5).

1861 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Last installment of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations is published.

1863 -- US: Governor Seymour asks Lincoln to suspend the draft in New York.

1879 -- Italy: In today's issue of "La Plebe" Andrea Costa una lettera "Ai miei amici di Romagna," critica l'impostazione insurrezionalista e settaria data alla attività dell'Internazionale in Italia. In pratica si distacca dagli anarchici.
critic the insurrezionalista formulation & settaria date to the activity of the International one in Italy. In practical distacca from the anarchists.

1882 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: Congress bans the immigration of "lunatics, idiots, & people likely to become a public charge." Clearly a failed attempt at Congressional self-regulation.

1887 -- English wartime poet, Rupert Brooke, lives. His poem "The Soldier," in the sonnet sequence 1914 & Other Poems, confers immediate fame.

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Caserio by Flavio Costantini, anarchist
1894 -- The Italian Jeronimo Santo Caserio (1873-1894) is condemned to die by a Rhône court for stabbing & killing Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader French President Sadi Carnot (on June 24th, to avenge the execution of Auguste Valliant).

The courthouse is encircled by the army &, in a climate of anti-anarchist hysteria & anti-Italian feelings, no lawyer will agree to defend Caserio, who is executed on August 16, 1894.

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Alfred Levitt, artist, anarchist; source
1894 -- Ukraine: During this month Alfred Levitt lives (1894-2000), Belarus [Can't find exact date — ed.]. Artist, anarchist, philosopher & adventurer. Moved to the US with his family in 1911. Friends & colleagues included the likes of Jack London, Marcel Duchamp & Emma Goldman. Produced hundreds of paintings. Influenced by American artist & teacher Robert Henri, & he modeled nude at the Ferrer Modern School so he could hear Henri's lectures for free. He grew fond of cubism after studying under modernist artist Hans Hofmann. Levitt was part of a group of artists, including Milton Avery & Mark Rothko, who painted together & adapted cubism to US themes & helped Americanize modernism.

1894 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: The Pullman strike is called off by the railway union after US troops intervene.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1896 -- France: At the statue of Etienne Dolet (see 1546 above), in Maubert Place in Paris, a crowd of over 20,000 from all the socialist & radical groupings of Paris gathers, extolling & reasserting Dolet's anticlericalism & atheism.

This annual gathering of free thinkers clashes with the authorities who, over the years, try to prohibit them. During the German occupation, the statue of Etienne Dolet (as that of Chevalier De La Barre) is unbolted & melted down.

1900 -- Ernie Pyle, WW II correspondent, lives.

1906 -- US: Twelve unidentified black soldiers make a shooting sortie into Brownsville, Texass, killing one citizen. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Teddy Roosevelt, stating that since no one would confess, all would have to suffer, generously gives dishonorable discharges to every black at the Brownsville camp, including three Medal-of-Honor winners.

Spanish Paper LogosAnimated, Solidaridad Obrera, Sindicalismo, Hora Sindicalista, El Eco, Accio Sindical
1907 -- Spain: Solidaridad Obrera (Workers Solidarity), founded; two months later the organization begins publishing a newspaper of the same name.

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1908 -- US: A site plan for the town of Allensworth, Calif., is filed with the Tulare County recorder. The town is founded by African-American Allen Allensworth "in order to enable black people to live on an equity [basis] with whites & to encourage industry & thrift in the race."

graphic: La tieraa es de todos
1910 --

Ricardo Flores Magón, Antonio I. Villarreal & Librado Rivera are freed from the Florence, Arizona, jail where they were serving an 18 month sentence for alleged "violation" of the neutrality laws.

anarchist dingbat The three Mexican anarchists immediately go to Los Angeles where they are met at the railway station by hundreds of P.L.M. sympathizers. At the end of August Praxedis leaves San Antonio, where he had been working in the railway workshops, & joined Ricardo Flores Magon & in September publication of Regeneración was resumed with Praxedis as a member of the editorial board.

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IWW Remember
1913 -- US: Four die in the so-called "Wheatland riots" when police fire into a crowd of California farmworkers trying to organize for better working conditions. Two labor leaders, one not even present on this day, are later convicted of murder for encouraging workers to organize, which, by the legal logic of the time, apparently forced officials to shoot & kill.

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1913 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaSpain: Rally in Sabadell, during textile strike. Rosario Dulcet, a young textile worker who has just moved here & has a hand in the strike, addresses the crowd. Dulcet (1890-1977) becomes one of the most celebrated female propagandists on behalf of the anarchist & syndicalist ideal during the pre-civil war years. From 1919 on she was a very well-known figure in Barcelona circles & participated in countless CNT rallies.

1914 -- EG, anarchistUS: Emma Goldman reports that her lectures in Seattle, July 26-August 3, are "flat & uninteresting."

1915 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Thomas Mann publishes "Thoughts on the War" in Frankfurter Zeitung.

1918 -- Russia: Large-scale Allied invasion to overthrow the Bolsheviks begins at Vladivostok. (See also 4 September, 7 April 1919). Few Americans are aware — even today — the US was involved in these early invasions of Russia, & American textbooks rarely touch upon them.

Anti-Bolshevik poster
1918 -- Russia: Ministers of the Siberian Government are arrested by supporters of Mikhailov, the finance Minister, when they arrive in Omsk. They are told to resign their posts. Two agree. The third, Novoselov, refuses & is hacked to death.

1920 -- British mystery novelist P. D. James (Innocent Blood) lives, in Oxford.

1921 -- US: Due to a technicality, eight Chicago White Sox accused in the Black Sox baseball scandal are acquitted; however Landis throws a slider, tossing them out of baseball.

1921 -- Hayden Carruth lives. American poet & anarchist, Carruth has published 23 books of poetry in addition to other works.

1922 -- "The Wolf," the world's first radio play, presented.

1922 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Italy: Fascists seize control of the Milano city government (-Aug. 4).

1924 -- Leon Uris, novelist (Exodus; Trinity), lives, Baltimore, Maryland.
Following on the heels of Leon Uris' novel Mila 18, Joseph Heller was advised to change the numerical title of his soon-to-be-published first novel so as not to confuse readers. He substituted the number 22, & hence we call a paradoxical situation a Catch-22 rather than a Catch-18.

1924 -- Joseph Conrad, 66, dies suddenly of a heart attack in Bishopsbourne, near Canterbury. His tombstone reflects his wife's uncertain grasp of the Polish language as his name is misspelled. Conrad was 66 years, eight months old when he died: exactly two-thirds of a century, to the very day. His epitaph comes from Spenser's "Faerie Queene".

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1924 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Italy: Mussolini forbids opposition meetings.

1927 -- US: In the Sacco & Vanzetti case, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Gov. Fuller announces he will not intervene to stop the scheduled executions.

1931 -- US: Chicago eviction riots leave three dead; 60,000 march for anti-eviction laws.

1937 -- American poet Diane Wakoski lives.

1938 -- Italy: Racist legislation against the Jews introduced. Bottai prohibits the registration of 'Hebrew stranieri' in the Italian schools.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti] Viene introdotta la legislazione razziale contro gli ebrei. Il Ministro Bottai vieta l'iscrizione di 'ebrei stranieri' nelle scuole italiane.

Baseball batter, animated
1939 -- US: Joe Sprinz catches a baseball dropped over 1000 feet — lost four teeth. Didna have 1/2-a-brain to start with.

1939 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Jean Genet's "Ondine" premiers in Paris.

1941 -- Germany: Bishop Galens preaches against Nazi murders, Munster.

1942 -- Russia: Francesco Ghezzi (1893-1942), Italian anarcho-syndicalist, dies.

A victim of the Stalin's Great Purge, Ghezzi perished in the Siberian Vorkuta concentration camp. He had been hospitalized, beaten, tortured, now a mere skeleton, dying. First arrested in 1929, during Stalin's consolidation of power. An international campaign for his release got him out of prison, but he was not allowed to leave Russia. He was arrested again in 1937 (at the same time fellow Italian Otello Gaggi disappears in the Gulag).

[ More on the arrests ] In 1921 to deep Milan " the Indivi-dualista ," of which only four numbers appeared, because editors (Ugo Fedeli, Pietro Bruzzi, & Francesco Ghezzi) are accused to have participated to the conspiracy of the attack to the Teatro Diana (23/3/1921); Faithfuls come condemned. // Nel 1921a Milano fonda "L’Indivi-dualista", del quale escono solo quattro numeri, perché i redattori (Ugo Fedeli, Pietro Bruzzi, e Francesco Ghezzi) sono accusati di aver partecipato al complotto dell’attentato al Teatro Diana (23/3/1921);

1943 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Italy: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader US Gen. Patton slaps a private & calls him a coward; he is later forced to apologize by Gen. Eisenhower.

1943 -- André Arru, an anarchiste organizer in the French underground during WWII, is arrested.

The walls were stained with blood — the blood of fleas squashed on a daily basis...

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1944 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Poland: Nazis at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp gasses 4,000 gypsies.

1945 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: Two young black women are raped by uniformed police officers, Memphis, Tennessee.

1948 -- US: Whittaker Chambers, Time magazine editor, first appears before HUAC & accuses former State Department official Alger Hiss of being a communist spy. Meanwhile Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Attorney General Tom Clark asks the FBI to begin its Emergency Detention Program.

Capitalism: The machine that grinds us all
1949 -- US: United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 893 wins labor strike at Vought.

1949 --

Paul Roussenq (1885-1949) dies, Bayonne, France. Best known as the "anarchist convict."

Roussenq became radicalized as a youth with his reading of libertarian newspapers & Élisée Reclus. His unending, uninterrupted years in prison began at age 16, when he was arrested for vagrancy & sent to jail for three months.

Three months becomes three years, 10 years, 20 years...

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1950 --

A US Military Assistance advisery Group (MAAG) of 35 men arrives in Saigon. By the end of the year, the US is bearing half of the cost of France's war effort in Vietnam.

During this year the US, recognizing Boa Dai's regime (he had abdicated after a general uprising led by the Viet Minh in 1945) as legitimate, began subsidizing the French in Vietnam; the Chinese Communists, having won their civil war in 1949, begin to supply weapons to the Viet Minh.


1950 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Korea: US troops fall back at the Naktong River line; first US Marine Corps air operation in support of South Korea, Chinju; US army knowingly kills hundreds of civilian refugees when Maj. Gen. Hobart Gay gives an order to demolish a bridge containing refugees over the Naktong River, Waegwan.

1950 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: The Red & the Black? Government illegally cancels the passport of African American singer Paul Robeson.

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1954 -- Colette, 80, dies in Paris. Denied a Catholic burial for having twice married outside the Church, she is given a formal funeral by the government & lies in state like a military hero.

1954 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: National Security Council calls the Geneva accords a "disaster," & orders aid for South Vietnam.

Samuel Beckett
1955 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Samuel Beckett play "Waiting for Godot" opens in London.

1956 -- Philippines: Susan Fernandez Magno lives (d.2009). Singer, activist & academic known for her protest music, especially at the height of the authoritarian regime of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Ferdinand Marcos.
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1959 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Portuguese Guinea: Officials kill 50 striking port workers in Bissau.

1961 -- Source, Robert Braunwart John Cage conducts the premiere of his "Atlas Eclipticalis," Montreal; A mixture of experimental music & the visual arts entitled the "International Week of Today's Music" opens.

1964 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Vietnam: South Vietnam stages two more PT-boat attacks on North Vietnam.

1965 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: First American report of US war crimes in Vietnam is broadcast, by CBS TV.

Lenny Bruce
1966 --

Not the Goy Next Door

US: Lenny Bruce dies from a morphine overdose.

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1967 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: Hey! Hey! LBJ announces an increase of 45,000 to 50,000 US soldiers in Vietnam. He sees a light.

1971 -- US: 200 march in Seattle to demand release of federal surplus food supplies to feed the hungry.

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1971 -- Source, Robert Braunwart England: The Oz magazine obscenity trial ends in London with the jailing of Richard Neville & his codefendants.

1972 -- US: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) upholds a political candidate's right to broadcast paid commercials with racist content if such broadcast presents no danger of violence or incitement to violence.

1972 -- Source, Robert Braunwart England: British government declares a state of emergency to allow troops to replace striking longshoremen; Britain's 42,000 striking dock workers go back to work.

1977 -- US: One man killed, seven injured when a bomb explodes at NY City's Mobil Oil building. The FALN, a Puerto Rican independence movement, claims responsibility.

1979 -- US: Fastest jai-alai shot (188 mph), Jose Arieto at Newport Jai Alai, Rhode Island.

1979 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Juan Rulfo play "Pedro Paramo" opens, Mexico.

1980 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Bolivia: 500 miners are massacred at Caracoles.

Ronald Reagan, America's Greatest Half-Wit
1981 -- US: Coffee, Tea or Jobless?: Federal air traffic controllers began an illegal nationwide strike after their union (PATCO) rejects the government's final offer for a new contract. Most of the 13,000 striking controllers defied the back-to-work order, & were dismissed by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President Ronnie Reagan, a stalwart union man & FBI snitch (complete with his own informant number), on August 5.

1982 -- US: In order to convey the Administration's crackdown on Israel over its attacks on Beirut, the White House points out the difference between a February 1981 photo showing acting Reagan sitting next to Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir & laughing, & today's photo, in which Reagan frowns at him from across a table. Later, the President goes to Iowa & poses with a boar.

Addams Family
1983 -- Carolyn Jones actress, dies at 54 of cancer.

1983 -- US: The Joker's On Him? John Sain of South Bend, Indiana, builds a 12 ft. 10 in. house of cards. Wife sues for divorce, gets real house.

1986 -- US: Florence Reece dies. Active in Harlan County, Kentucky coal strikes & author of the famed labor song "Which Side Are You On?"

They say in Harlan Co.
There are no neutrals there
You'll either be a Union man
Or a thug for J.H. Blair.

Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?

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1986 -- Canada: Eight women arrested in Motherpeace action, US-Canada war test site, Vancouver, B.C.

1986 -- Pilot / author Beryl Markham (1902-1986) dies of pneumonia.
[ Excerpts from West With the Night ]

1987 -- US: The Iran-contra hearings come to an end. The award for most unusual closing statement goes to Idaho senator James McClure, who cites a passage from Butterflies are Free concerning diarrhea.

Radio Libertaire
1987 -- France: Radio Libertaire is licensed in France following a six-year fight with the Socialist government.

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1988 -- South Africa: 143 resisters publicly refuse military call-up.

1992 -- Germany: Dismantling of non-nuclear weapons begins, fulfilling a 1990 treaty.

1992 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Central African Republic: Prodemocracy protests shut down the capital, Bangui.

1995 -- Source, Robert Braunwart US: INS frees 60 Thai slaves in a garment factory, El Monte, Calif. Another gross example of sleaze-bag government bureaucrats meddling with the wonderful Free Market mechanism.

1997 -- Source, Robert Braunwart China: A Chinese newspaper reports 225,000 in reeducation-through-labor camps.

1997 -- Source, Robert Braunwart The island of Anjouan declares independence from the Comoros.

1999 -- Abd-al Wahhab al-Bayyati, Iraqi writer who revolutionized Arabic poetry, dies, age 73. Lived in Jordan, quitting his diplomatic post in Madrid after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 2009-2010 ABD-AL WAHHAB AL-BAYYATI
Urbane Iraqi left communist writer, exile; he revolutionized
modern Arabic poetry.

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Protest photo
2000 -- Colombia: 24-hour national labor strike. Light tanks, troops & anti-riot police guard key entry routes into Bogota at the start of strike by 700,000 state workers against government austerity measures.

2000 -- Source, Robert Braunwart Indonesia: Ex-dictator Suharto is charged with stealing $570 million.

2000 -- Source, Robert Braunwart México: Armed paramilitaries burn six homes of alleged Zapatista supporters, Paraiso, Chis.

Breast feeding
2002 -- US: New world record for simultaneous breastfeeding, Bezerkeley, California.

1,135 moms breast-feed their babies together.

Obviously inspired by The Fugs' raucous good ol' time tune, "Boobs A Lot."
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2004 -- France: Famed photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) dies, Chanteloup. Member of the photographer-owned outfit (Magnum) founded by Robert Capa & others. Like Capa he photographed during the Spanish Revolution (1937), his "Victoire de la vie" documenting the hospitalized. On May 1, 2000, he provided a photo collection, "Vers un autre futur, un regard libertaire" (Towards another future, a libertarian glance) sponsored by the anarcho-syndicalist French CNT. Cartier-Bresson notes: "L'anarchie c'est une éthique avant tout. Une éthique d'homme libre. Relisez Bakounine."

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Daily Bleed Patron Saint August 22
Anarchist photographer.

"Dans un monde qui s'écroule sous le poids de la rentabilité, envahi par les sirènes ravageuses de la Techno-science, la voracité du pouvoir, par la mondialisation -nouvel esclavage- au delà de tout celà, l'Amitié, l'Amour existent."
“Anarchy it is an ethics above all. A free ethics of man. Read again Bakounine” “In a world which collapses under the weight of profitability, invaded by the devastating sirens of Techno-science, the voracity of the capacity, by universalization - new slavery beyond all celà, Friendship, the Love exist” Le 22 août 1908, naissance de Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, à Chanteloup (Seine-et-Marne) France. L'un des plus grands photographes du siècle et aussi un anarchiste de coeur qui ne cesse d'invoquer le plus célèbre révolté: Bakounine. Sa famille, propriétaire d'une manufacture de coton à Pantin, essaye sans succès de lui transmettre une éducation bourgeoise et chrétienne. "Jamais! jamais! je n'ai eu la foi. C'était impossible (...)" Très jeune révolté, il refuse l'esprit de compétion du sport et se passionne pour la peinture, ce qui l'amène à fréquenter les surréalistes. Mais il abandonne la peinture et part à la découverte du monde avec un "Leïca." En 1932, ses premières photographies sont eées à New York. En 1934, il part un an au Mexique où il témoigne de la vie dans les quartiers pauvres de Mexico. En 1935, il est aux Etats-Unis où il s'initie au cinéma. En 1936-39, il est de retour en France et travaille comme assistant de Jean Renoir. En 1937, il réalise durant la révolution espagnole un documentaire sur les hôpitaux républicains "Victoire de la vie." En 1940, il est emprisonné par les Allemands mais il parvient à s'évader en 1943 (après deux tentatives infructueuses), il prend alors part à une organisation clandestine d'aide aux prisonniers. Il photographie ensuite la libération de Paris puis retourne aux USA. En 1947, il fonde avec Robert Capa, David Seymour et Georges Rodger l'agence coopérative "Magnum Photos" qui deviendra la prestigieuse agence que l'on sait. De 1948 à 50, il séjourne en Inde, en Birmanie, en Chine (durant les 6 premiers mois de la Chine populaire), puis en Indonésie (lors de l'indépendance). En 1954, il est le premier photographe occidental à se rendre en Russie. En 1960, il est à Cuba puis au Mexique, etc. En 1966, il quitte l'agence Magnum mais poursuit la photographie et les eitions. En 1974, il abandonne les reportages photos pour se consacrer au dessin. Le 1er mai 2000, il participe avec un recueil de photos "Vers un autre futur, un regard libertaire" aux manifestations de la CNT française. En mai 2003, est créée à Paris la Fondation HCB. Le 3 août 2004, cet anarchiste empreint de philosophie bouddhiste et d'humanisme s'éteint chez lui à Céreste. "L'anarchie c'est une éthique avant tout. Une éthique d'homme libre. Relisez Bakounine" "Dans un monde qui s'écroule sous le poids de la rentabilité, envahi par les sirènes ravageuses de la Techno-science, la voracité du pouvoir, par la mondialisation -nouvel esclavage- au delà de tout celà, l'Amitié, l'Amour existent"

2010 -- US: FBI threatens Wikimedia Foundation, insisting it remove the FBI seal from websites. Wikimedia declines.,_Wikimedia_declines

3000 --

Industrial contests take on all the attitudes & psychology of war, & both parties do many things that they should never dream of doing in times of peace. Whatever may be said, the fact is that all strikes & all resistance to strikes take on the psychology of warfare, & all parties in interest must be judged from that standpoint.

— Clarence Darrow

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