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Gloucestershire, England: CRANHAM FEAST. Parade, feasting, bowling for pigs, coconut shying, dancing.


ST. LAURENCE (BIDS WAGES): working for St. Laurence is a customary excuse for skiving off work tomorrow. Enjoy yourself this evening & fear not the consequences.

Fishing hole in the street
1593 -- Izaak Walton lives to fish, Stafford, England. Author of The Compleat Angler, a classic guide to joys of fishing which has had over 300 printings.

Walton drew his work on Nicholas Breton's fishing idyll Wits Trenchmour (1597).

"His landscapes are enameled like the meadows about the feet of Medieval saints. His innkeepers are both gentle & jovial. His barmaids are as wholesome as the ale they serve."

— Kenneth Rexroth, Classics Revisited

1631 -- Poet/critic John Dryden lives. At the vicarage of Aldwinkle All Saints, Northamptonshire, England.

1638 -- Jonas Bronck of Holland becomes first European settler in the Bronx.

Dancing Bill Clinton
1779 -- US: General Clinton & 1,500 American troops break a dam to flood Iroquois towns & fields in upstate New York; troops then burn & ravage settlements for 12 days.

What we like to call "civilizing the savages..."

1787 -- In Jane Austen's Persuasion, Anne Elliot lives, Kellynch Hall, Somersetshire, born to Walter & Elizabeth Elliot.

NASA Columbia
1790 -- Columbia first US flagged ship to voyage around the world.

1792 -- France: The revolutionary Commune is established in Paris.
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

1836 -- Canada: For an annuity of 1,250 British pounds (about $2,000), the Saugeen cede 1.5 million acres (23,500 square miles) bordering Lake Huron in southern Ontario.

1842 -- Novelist Herman Melville escapes from the Typee Valley cannibals with whom he has spent a month in captivity in the Marquesas Islands.

1848 -- US: Barnburners party merges with the Free Soil Party, forming the Scorched Earth party, nominating Martin Van Buren for president.

1849 -- Hungary: Republic crushed by Austria & Russia. The coach blames his team citing lack of motivation: "No fire in the belly, they just weren't hungarian enough for it."

1851 -- US: Cathlamet tribe cede lands at mouth of Columbia where Fort Astoria & Fort George had stood, in exchange for food. Another area tribe, the Clatskaniene, sign a treaty ceding their northwest Oregon land; the treaty was never ratified.

1855 -- México: Battle of Acapulco during Mexican Liberal uprising.

1872 -- US: Fire destroys 547 buildings in the heart of Boston's business & commercial district, killing 14 people (including 9 firemen).

1874 -- American paranormal chronicler Charles Fort lives, Albany, New York.

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Joseph Tortelier
1888 -- France: During a meeting of the terrassiers strikers the anarcho-syndicalist Joseph Tortelier (1854-1925), an ardent advocate of the "General Strike," is selected as their lawyer.

1889 -- Charles Cros dies. French poet, inventor of the phonograph.

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1892 -- US: A group of Hatfields tie three McCoys who'd killed a Hatfield in an election day brawl the previous day to a tree & shoot them; the killings send the legendary feud into high gear, Pike County, Kentucky.

1892 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Germany: Free Eats! Living mussels rain down, Paderhorn.

Vassil Ikonomov; source
1898 -- Bulgaria: Vassil Ikonomov lives (1898-1925), Aďtos.

Anti-fascist anarchist guerrilla fighter & an important figure in the Bulgarian movement. Fighting the dictatorship of Stambolijski, Ikonomov organized partisan groups which included anarchists, Communists, & members of the peasants' party.

Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste, anarquista,  anarchisten[Details / context]

1905 -- John Hutchens lives, Chicago, Illinois. Critic, editor (The Gambler's Bedside Book), & author.

1910 -- US: Washing machine patented by Alva Fisher of Chicago, Illinois. Inspires Getting Clean For Jesus Movement.

1914 -- Tove Jansson lives. Swedish-Finnish artist & children's book writer, famous for Moomintrolls which have found friends world wide.

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1914 -- Italy: Il ministro degli esteri italiano prospetta in segreto al capo del governo Antonio Salandra il capovolgimento delle alleanze e l'entrata in guerra contro Austria e Germania a fianco di Inghilterra, Francia e Russia. Occorre perň innanzitutto stipulare accordi per garantirsi compensi territoriali e soprattutto avere "certezza di vittoria," cioč aspettare e vedere come evolva la situazione, a vantaggio o a svantaggio dell'Austria. Spregevole furbizia e disgustoso cinismo si mescolano dunque in una miscela nauseabonda, propria dello stato italiano.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1914 -- Italy: L'esercito italiano entra a Gorizia. La battaglia per Gorizia ha provocato 21.630 morti e 52.940 feriti tra le truppe italiane. Una strage che solo la propaganda militare puň far passare per vittoria.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1920 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: British labor organizations appoint a Council of Action to arrange a General Strike if Britain declares war on the USSR.

1922 -- British poet Philip Larkin lives. Became the unofficial British poet laureate, a racist who wrote of stringing up strikers.

1927 -- US: Louis Armstrong records "Chicago Breakdown."
Source: [Vanessa Collection]

Betty Boop
1930 -- US: Betty Boop lives! Boop-Boop-de-doo!

A cartoon character named Betty Boop debuts in Max Fleischer's animated cartoon "Dizzy Dishes."

Created by Grim Natwick, Betty Boop is originally a female dog with a secondary role. Over time, her popularity grows & she becomes the main star & is given a human form.


Lincoln Steffins
1936 -- US: Lincoln Steffens dies. Muckraking journalist & author, born in San Francisco; wrote about city & state government corruption (The Shame of the Cities, Autobiography).

1936 -- Germany: African American Jesse Owens wins his fourth gold medal in the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin. Hitler & his superrace are not pleased.

1938 -- EG, anarchist feministEmma Goldman offers IISH (International Institute of Social History) her unpublished sketches & large collection of newspaper clippings as well as Alexander Berkman's diary. She agrees to help IISH obtain other collections of personal papers from her circle of anarchist friends. Several hundred dollars from anarchists in New York & Chicago were sent to her to pay for travel expenses.

1942 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Poland: 10,000 Jews are sent from Boryslaw ghetto (now Borislav, Ukraine) to Belsen extermination camp (the first mass deportation of Jews to the gas chambers). Of course any good conservative can tell you the Holocaust never happened, much less any gassing.

Meanwhile, over in Kiev (Kyiv), the capital of the Ukraine, Dynamo beats Flakelf in soccer — in retaliation the Nazis execute all the winning players.

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1943 -- Germany: Franz Jagerstatter, Austrian conscientious objector to the Nazi draft, publicly beheaded in Berlin.

1943 -- Italy: Strikes in Piemonte & Lombardia for the end of the war & la costituzione di commissioni interne the factories. The army represses the agitators.

1944 -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery reported missing on a flight over France.

Aftermath, atomic bomb
1945 -- Japan: Coffee, Tea or Me?: American "Fat Boy" drops in, Nagasaki. About 70,000 civilians die immediately. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Harry Truman drops the bomb to prove to Russia he's tough, & gets the Cold War arms race off to a healthy start.

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"The worst was when electrical & telephone wires got twisted around people's legs & they couldn't escape ... & they died in that position, fallen to their knees."

— Yosuke Yamahata

In 1999 a New Mexico Museum reports their bestselling curios are the Fat Boy Bomb earrings.

1956 -- South Africa: 10,000 women demonstrate against apartheid pass laws, Pretoria.

1956 -- Source=Robert Braunwart First successful computer run simulating human problem-solving is completed, by Herbert Simon & Allen Newell; it proves Theorem 2.01 of Principia Mathematica by Whitehead & Russell.

1960 -- Timothy Leary, 39, tries psilocybin mushrooms in Cuernavaca.

1962 -- Hermann Hesse dies. German poet/novelist, depicted the duality of spirit & nature, body versus mind & individual's spiritual search outside restrictions of the society. Winner of the 1946 Nobel Prize for Literature. Worked in several jobs, as a bookshop clerk, as a mechanic & as a book dealer in Tübingen, where he joined literary circle called Le Petit Cénacle.

There is a scene in Herman Hesse's novel, Steppenwolf, where protagonist Harry Haller is invited to attend an:

"Anarchist Evening at the Magic Theatre
For Madmen Only
Price of Admission Your Mind"

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1964 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Songsters Joan Baez & Bob Dylan first share a stage, Forest Hills, NY.

1966 -- US: 200 stage a sit-in at the New York City offices of Dow Chemical to protest use of napalm in Vietnam.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

Edward Abbey

1967 -- Performing at the Sunberry Jazz & Blues Festival in England, Jerry Lee Lewis gets the crowd going in such a frenzy that festival officials halt his show & ask him to leave the stage.

1967 -- US: Peace torch arrives in San Francisco from Hiroshima.

1968 -- Steppenwolf opens at the Avalon Ballroom. See Hermann Hesse above.

1968 -- US: A National Mobilization Committee meeting is held in Chicago to discuss planned demonstrations. Rennie Davis allegedly suggests disrupting traffic & creating havoc in the Loop.

1969 -- US: Manson cult kills five in Los Angeles. Three men & two women, including Sharon Tate & Abigail Folger, found gruesomely murdered in Los Angeles by the "family" of cult leader Charles Manson.

1971 -- Ireland: British reintroduce internment without trial to Northern Ireland.

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1974 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Tricky Dick quits.

"We should carve his tombstone right now, with the epitaph:


& on the flip side, 'He was "not a crook"...'

1978 -- Robert Bronson released after 26 months in prison for grand larceny. Tune in tomorrow for exciting denouement.

1985 -- US: Seven people arrested for blockading the gate to Pantex Nuclear Weapons Assembly Plant, Amarillo, Texass.

1987 -- US: Hundreds arrested in all-day blockade of Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, Golden, Colorado.

email skeleton
1988 -- US: Just one day after 8/8/88 NY's daily number is 888.

1989 -- US: Twenty-two anti-nuclear activists arrested for trespassing at Nevada Test Site in 110+ degree heat.

1990 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Movie "Born on the 4th of July" is released on videocassette. Based on the book by Vietnam vet Ron Kovic, who came home in a wheel chair, to be spit on at a Republican Convention.

1991 -- US: Hundreds of people storm abortion clinic in Kansas protesting new law prohibiting the blocking of access to clinics by pro-life demonstrators.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Gays dressed as nuns disrupt Catholic services at Westminster.

logging truck
1993 -- Canada: RCMP arrests 300 in protests, begun this summer, against clearcutting of temperate rainforest. Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island. 12,000 people participate in a peaceful blockade & 856 are arrested.

Garcia photos, rotating
1995 -- Grateful Dead singer, guitarist & spiritual leader Jerry Garcia Dead of a heart attack while undergoing drug rehabilitation. He was 53.

"Garcia later!"

Garcia ornament

1995 -- Australia: Heritage Commission accepts the Tent Embassy as a place of special significance to indigenous Australians.

Although Parliament House has moved to a sight a kilometer away & sits on a hill surrounded by a well manicured expanse of grass, the mean spirited petty, intellectually limited renegades Liberal/National Party government reenacted a 64-year old law to remove what they see as an eyesore from in front of the old Parliament House.

The Tent Embassy was established in 1972 as a national focus for the indigenous landrights struggle. Every time the government took down the Tent Embassy in 1972, hundreds, then thousands, rebuilt it.

1995 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Brazil: Police massacre nine peasants in Rondonia state.

1997 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: NYC cops rape & torture Abner Louima, a legal immigrant from Haiti.

1998 -- US: A strike by 73,000 telephone workers of NYC-based Bell Atlantic begins.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Guatemala: Government admits responsibility for the massacre of 330 during the civil war & promises to pay compensation & prosecute those responsible.

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Pakistan: Brave Pakistani Muslims throw grenades at women leaving a Christian church in a hospital, killing three nurses.

2003 -- Canada: Clayoquot Ten Year Anniversary Gathering. Hundreds of Clayoquot arrestees return to the ancient rainforests of Clayoquot Sound this summer to mark the 10-year anniversary of the largest act of peaceful civil disobedience in Canadian history. 12,000 people participated in the peaceful blockade & 856 were arrested.

3000 --

American Freedom Censorship at its best?:

National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" show commissioned Martín Espada to compose a poem as part of NPR's 1997 April observance of National Poetry Month.

NPR gave him carte blanche subject matter, suggesting a poem focusing on a news story in one of the cities he was visiting during a reading tour.

Martin Espada chose Philadelphia, & submitted it.

NPR continues to refuse to air the poem.

All things Censored: Mumia

Another Nameless Prostitute Says the Man Is Innocent.

The board-blinded windows knew what happened;
the pavement sleepers of Philadelphia, groaning
in their ghost-infested sleep, knew what happened;
every black man blessed
with the gashed eyebrow of nightsticks
knew what happened;
even Walt Whitman knew what happened,
poet a century dead, keeping vigil
from the tomb on the other side of the bridge.


Fifteen years ago, the cataract stare
of the cruiser's headlights
the impossible angle of the bullet,
the tributaries & lakes of blood,
Officer Faulkner dead, suspect Mumia shot in the chest,
the nameless witnesses who saw a gunman
running away, his heart & feet thudding.


The nameless prostitutes know,
hunched at the curb, their bare legs chilled.
Their faces squinted to see that night,
rouged with fading bruises.
Now another nameless prostitute has disappeared,
says the newspaper. Her nameless name
was Cynthia White, witness for the defense.
Perhaps she stiffens eyes open in a fresh bed of soil,
or floats in the warm gulf stream of her addiction,
or hides from the fanged whispers of the police
in the tomb of Walt Whitman,
where the granite door is open
and fugitive slaves may rest.


Mumia: the Panther beret, the thinking dreadlocks,
sharing meals with people named Africa,
singing out their names even after the police bombardment
that charred their black bodies.
So the governor has signed the death warrant.
The executioner's needle would flush the poison
down into Mumia's writing hand
so the fingers curl like a burned spider;
his calm questioning mouth would grow numb,
and everywhere radios sputter to silence, in his memory.


Cynthia White is gone, gone to the segregated balcony of whores.
But the newspaper reports that another nameless prostitute
says the man is innocent, that she will testify at the next hearing.
Beyond the courthouse, a multitude of witnesses chants, prays,
shouts for his prison to collapse, a shack in a hurricane.


Mumia, if the last nameless prostitute
becomes an unraveling turban of steam,
if the judges' robes become clouds of ink
swirling like octopus deception,
if the shroud becomes your Amish quilt,
if your dreadlocks are snipped during autopsy,
then drift above the ruined RCA factory
that once birthed radios
to the tomb of Walt Whitman,
where the granite door is open
and fugitive slaves may rest.

(Mumia Abu-Jamal was on death row in Pennsylvania for many years.)

About Martín Espada
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"If Mumia Abu-Jamal has nothing important to say, why are so many powerful people trying to shut him up?"

— John Edgar Wideman, author, Philadelphia Fire

See Terry Bisson's Newsday article: &

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