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'A gondola, the still lagoon;

A summer's night, an August moon,

The splash of oars, a distant song,

A little sigh, & — was it wrong?

A kiss, both passionate & long.

"On the Lagoon" Radclyffe Hall, 1906.

Blake illustration


Major romantic poet. Entertained angels in the garden.

Scotland: THE GLORIOUS 12TH opens grouse-hunting season.

Surrey, England: MITCHAM FAIR. A "Charter Mayor" is selected, who opens the three-day fair with a four-foot key to unlock the joys of the fair. A great variety of games & amusements.

-3113 -- [BC] Start of Mayan calendar.

1591 -- Death of Dick, a cat, in Leith, Scotland.

Sherlock Holmes silouhette
1658 -- New Old World: Cop-Out? First police force in North America is organized in New Amsterdam (New York).

Cliff Notes
1665 -- England: In London during the great plague, Samuel Pepys writes in his Diary: "The people die so, that now it seems they are fain to carry the dead to be buried by daylight, the nights not sufficing to do it in."

1676 -- New Old World: Mr Roger's Neighborhood? Wampanoag tribe leader Metacom, known as "King Philip" to the English, is shot to death by white settlers, & his wife & child sold to West Indian slave traders.

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1812 -- England: Lady Ludd "leads" women in Knottingly in riots over high bread prices.

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No one should ever work.

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Bob Black, The Abolition of Work

[Luddite Chronology]

1812 -- Listerine!? Dr. Joseph Lister is first surgeon to use disinfectant during surgery.

As anew heaven is begun, from William Blake
1827 -- English romantic poet William Blake dies at 70 in the small room off the Strand where he has spent the last few years. See the Daily Bleed's Saint page,

"I mock thee not, though I by thee am mockéd.
Thou call'st me madman, but I call thee blockhead"

— William Blake

1831 -- [New style] Russian theosophist & traveler Elena Blavatsky lives, Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine. [July 31, old style.]

1843 -- US: First North American phalanx founded, commune based on the ideas of Charles Fourier.
colorful fish

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1859 -- Katherine Lee Bates lives. Best remembered as the author of the words to the anthem "America the Beautiful." Had a 25-year "Boston marriage" with Katharine Coman (social activist, distinguished economist), a fellow professor at Wellesley College.

1861 -- Luigi Galleani, Italian militant, lives (1861-1931).

"When we talk about property, State, masters, government, laws, courts, & police,
we say only that we don't want any of them."

       — Luigi Galleani, The End of Anarchism?

1866 -- Jacinto Benavente y Martínez lives. A foremost 20th century Spanish dramatist, got the 1922 Nobel Prize. Director of Spain's national theater, Teatro Español. When the Spanish Revolution broke out he was under house arrest — his fascist sympathies being with Franco. (See also Camilo José Cela.)

See: Rosinante to the Road Again by J. Don Passos (1922); Jacinto Benavente & His Theatre by J.A. Diaz (1972); Benavente & the Spanish Panorama by R.L. Sheehan (1976).

1867 -- American author/educator Edith Hamilton (The Greek Way; The Roman Way) lives, Dresden, Germany.

Proclamation this date, by Emperor Norton
1869 -- US: America's Greatest Ruler,
bar none, wants to party down.

1876 -- The Bayreuth theatre opens. Nietzsche & Wagner had convinced the German Reich to fund the theatre's construction. The guests include nobility, as well as Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky. This moment marks a break with Wagner... the concerts are a disappointment for Nietzsche — & the Reich, which withdraws financial support.

old phonograph
1877 -- Thomas Edison invents the CD.

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1880 -- British novelist Radclyffe Hall lives.

Lesbian novelist of new identities & new realities; Daily Bleed Saint 1998.

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1881 -- US: Labor union, United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America, founded.

1881 -- Where To Get Off?: Cecil B. deMille, director of God, lives.

Drapeau noir
1883 -- France: The newspaper Drapeau noir (Black Flag) begins publishing in Lyons.
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1888 -- Wanna Drag?: Bertha, wife of inventor Karl Benz, makes first motor tour.

1890 -- US: Mississippi constitutional convention begins systematic exclusion of blacks from politics.

Lillian, painting
1891 -- Lillian Evanti (Lillian Evans) lives, Washington, DC. World-famous American opera star who debuts in France with the Paris Opera & performs in the US & 11 countries on three continents. A founder of the National Negro Opera Company.

Stand on Zanzibar, John Brunner book cover
1892 -- Zanzibar: The Sultan falls behind on payments owed to Italy & concedes some Somalian ports. Inspires John Brunner's science fiction novel, Stomp on Zanzibar.

1894 -- France: In Paris, the "Procès des trente" (Trial of the Thirty), which began August 6, comes to a close.

This was simply a political show trial, charges of an anarchiste conspiracy going unproven, but it did not prevent the court from meting out harsh sentences (up to 20 years).

Among the defendants were Charles Chatel, Sébastien Faure, Félix Fénéon, Jean Grave, Louis Armand Matha, Maximilien Luce, Émile Pouget, Paul Reclus, Alexander Cohen, Gabriel-Constant, Louis Duprat, etc.

aka: "Lawsuit of the Thirty," Trial of the 30, "lois scelerates"

1898 -- US: Coal company guards kill seven, wound 40 miners trying to stop scabs, Virden, Illinois.

After god had finished the rattlesnake, the toad, the vampire, He had some awful substance left with which he made the SCAB....

A SCAB is a two-legged animal with a cork-screw soul, a water logged brain, a combination backbone of jelly & glue....

When a SCAB comes down the street, men turn their backs, angels weep in heaven, & the Devil shuts the gates of Hell to keep him out....

Judas Iscariot was a gentleman compared to a SCAB. For betraying his master, he had character enough to hang himself. A SCAB has not.

— Jack London
(not wanting to mince words)



Jack London's signature

1901 -- Boer general Kritzinger driven out of Cape colony (for being too boring?).

Big Red One Poster
1911 -- Samuel Fuller lives. American screenwriter, producer & director, who wrote most of the screenplays of his film.

During the Depression years Fuller began writing short stories. His first pulp novel BURN BABY BURN was published in 1935.

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1920 -- France: Bernard Voyenne lives (1920-2003). Journalist, professor, a convinced Proudhonian & also militant anarchist-syndicalist & federalist. During WWII Voyenne was a resistance fighter against the Nazis.

A writer for Albert Camus' journal Combat, he was passionate about journalism & the French language. He began teaching at the "Centre de formation des Journalistes" in 1952, & eventually published 10 volumes on the history of the press & writers, as well as providing an accessible version of Proudhon's memoirs.

Abel Paz, source /
1921 -- Spain: Abel Paz lives (1929-2009). ... more

1933 -- Camille Billops lives, Los Angeles, Calif. Painter, archivist, sculptor, ceramist, & filmmaker. Solo exhibitions in the US, Russia, Europe, Africa, & the Far East.

With the poet Owen Dodson & photographer James Van Der Zee in 1978 she published The Harlem Book of the Dead & persuaded Toni Morrison to write the foreword.

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1933 -- Cuba: Machado's tyranny is brought down by a General Strike fermented & maintained by anarchist elements of the Transport Union, first, & then by the Streetcar Worker's Union, & finally by the masses of people. book cover

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1935 -- US: Babe Ruth's final baseball game at Fenway Park, 41,766 fans on hand.

1936 -- Spain: First International Brigade volunteers arrive.

1942 -- US: The first 292 inmates (Japanese Americans who aren't quite so equal as their white equals) arrive at the Heart Mountain Concentration Camp in Wyoming.

1944 -- Jehan Jonas, chanteur libertaire, lives. Engaged cabaret songster, poet, playwright, anarchist. Jehan Jonas's history is that of an atypical artist, who knew his hour of glory in the Sixties & Seventies without ever being truly known. A rare talented artist whose work, subjected to the censure, his splendid texts situated between Boris Vian & Léo Ferré & Brassens, remains ignored.

In 1964 Jonas perfomed with Léo Ferré & in 1970 performed in the Midem: Gala des Indépendants with Robert Charlesbois, Jacqueline Francois & Michel Corringe.

Jonas died prematurely, his beautiful stamp of voice gone: hospitalized in Salpêtrière with a brain tumor, he died on April 29, 1980, 35 years old.

"Un éternel soleil a brisé mon élan
On dirait que la mort s'enrhume à l'infini
Le macchabée récite un pater circoncis
Et l'on part en cercueil vers l'ancien testament"
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1944 -- Italy: Massacre; partisans murdered at Malga Zonta. anarchicos

huge shroom
1953 -- Russia: First H-bomb explodes.
Stalin didn't drop the A-bomb on a few hundred thousand civilians like Beloved & Respected Comrade War Criminal Truman & the American military, but his reputation for steel gonads (& a Gulag to prove it) remained intact. Terrorism & the weapons of mass destruction are a potent state monopoly...

1955 -- Author Thomas Mann dies at 80, in Zürich, leaving instructions that his diaries be sealed for 20 years.

1958 -- Spain: Goliardo Fiaschi, Italian partisan, anti-fascist & guerrilla, & Luis Agustín Vicente appear before a Court Martial, with Fiaschi receiving a prison term of 20 years & one day, & Vicente receiving 24 years & four months. The two guerrillas had entered Spain a year ago with José Lluís Facerias who died in a separate ambush.

Fiaschi later became a bookstore owner. When he died in 2000, his coffin was borne around the town on the shoulders of friends, followed by a band, & anarchists from all over Italy carrying red & black flags...

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1959 -- US: Little Rock, Arkansas responded to a Federal Court order with the token integration of two public schools (six blacks in all were admitted). Segregationist mobs reacted with violence.

1970 -- US: Postal reform measure signed, creating an independent Postal Service, thus relinquishing government control of the US mails after almost two centuries.

1972 -- Venezuela: Colombian Bari Indian leader Maurico Cobaira Bobrichora is killed by white settlers on the Venezuelan border.

1975 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaUS: Laurance Labadie (1898-1975) dies, aged 78. Individualist anarchist, son of Joseph Labadie. Represented that libertarian impulse which became known in the early decades of the 20th century as "Mutualism," blending the ideas of Josiah Warren, P. J. Proudhon, William B. Greene, Benjamin Tucker & others.
Further details/ context, click here; anarchist, libertarian individualist[Details / context]

1978 -- South Korea: Police storm YH Industrial Wig factory sit-in. 180 arrested & one killed.

1978 -- US: 40 arrested for scaling fence at nuclear plant site, Shoreham, Long Island, NY.

1978 -- Arron Marshall completes a record shower of 336 hours.

1982 -- US: Twelve arrested in sea blockade of first Trident submarine at Hood Canal, Washington.

1982 -- Spain: Members of 7th International March beaten by police for leafleting arms factory workers, San Fernando.

1985 -- It's a record! Japan Airlines Boeing 747 crashes, 520 die. Most fatalities in a single plane crash.

1990 -- South Africa: Violence erupts between Xhosa & Zulu factions.

John Cage, anarchist composer
1992 -- US: Anarchist composer, essayist & musician John Cage dies, New York City.

"I have nothing to say / & I am saying it / & that is poetry / as I needed it"

— John Cage

McDonald Marijuana arches: over 1 billion stoned
2001 -- Canada: Canadian annual Hempfest goes up in smoke once again.

2008 -- Orlando Fals Borda; source Colombia: Orlando Fals Borda (1925-2008) dies, in Bogotá. Researcher & sociologist, one of the most important Latin American thinkers, & one of the founders of participatory action research.

"Action brings knowledge."

Daily Bleed Patron Saint, July 11, 2009
Colombian advocate of "participatory action" education.

Het Kongres book cover
3000 --

I give you bitter pills in sugar coating. The pills are harmless; the poison is in the sugar.

— Stanislaw Lem

NOTE: This is often quoted as being
by Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, a Polish writer, from his Unkempt Thoughts.
Easily confused with Lem. (Have seen it written Lee— almost certainly a mistake.)
Am about to add this one to my sigs.

— Bleedster Merrill, 2003

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