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John Cage, Felix Guattari, Thich Nhat Hanh, Abbie Hoffman, Maurice Maeterlinck, Gaetano Bresci, Jean-Marie Deguignet, Carlo Cafiero, Percy Bysshe Shelley, anarchist, anarchiste, anarquista, on this day in recovered history, August 29

The real miracle is not to walk on water

or in thin air,

but to walk on earth.

Thich Nhat Hanh,
Zen master, scholar, poet & peace advocate

Bird Lives!


"Bird." Likely to remain the most brilliant jazz artist ever.

Vevey, Switzerland: SWISS WINEGROWERS' FETE, a revival of the Roman Festival of Ceres, Goddess of the Earth, complete with Ceres, Pales, Bacchus, Old Silenus, satyrs & fauns — & Swiss yodelers. (See Footnote)

30 -- Beheading of St. John, the Baptist.

284 -- Origin of Era of Diocletian.

Monty Protecting their Interests?
1475 -- England again invades France. Probably to "protect French interests."

1533 -- Atahualpa, 13th & last emperor of the Inca empire in present-day Perú, is put to death by Spanish conquistador Pizarro.


"You were here?" the children will ask.

"No. None of our people who were here survived."

The poet will point to the moving clouds & the sway of the treetops.

"See the lances?" he will ask. "See the horses' hooves? The rain of arrows? The smoke? Listen," he will say, & put his ear against the ground, filled with explosions.

& he will teach them to smell history in the wind, to touch it in stones polished by the river, & to recognize its taste by chewing certain herbs, without hurry, as one chews on sadness.

— Eduardo Galeano, Memory of Fire

1625 -- John Fletcher dies in London. Worked collectively on more than 50 plays; among his own, The Wild-Goose Chase, noted for its irony & easy wit, is perhaps the best.

1758 -- US: First Indian reservation established. The American reservation system provided Adolf Hitler with a blueprint for Germany's concentration camps during the Nazi reign.

"Maybe we should not have humored them when they asked to live on reservations. Maybe we should have said, No, come join us. Be citizens along with the rest of us."

— Bad acting President Ronald Reagan during a trip to Moscow,
when a student asked about US treatment of Native Americans

1769 -- Aces In The Hole?: Edmond Hoyle ("According to Hoyle") dies in London at 97, 27 years after publishing A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist.

1786 -- US: As part of Shays' Rebellion, 1,500 farmers close the court at Northampton — by the end of the year the uprising embraces 9,000 insurgents & the whole of New England. The uprising opposes the authority of the central government, newly installed, based on the US Constitution — a compromise between slaveholding interests of the South & moneyed interests of the North which reflected their fear of the common people.

Breakfast Booze
1809 -- Oliver Wendell Holmes lives, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wrote The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.

1810 -- Canada: Over 600 prostitutes are counted in Lower Canada (Quebec).
[Hereafter noted with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

1811 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Poet/anarchist Percy Bysshe Shelley marries Harriet Westbrook, Edinburgh.

1820 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Portugal: Revolution spreads to Lisboa & expels the regency.

1842 -- At the conclusion of the first Anglo-Chinese War, also known as the First Opium War, the Treaty of Nanking is signed, ceding the island of Hong Kong to the British & winning European merchants more loot profits in China.

1844 -- Canada: First white-Indian lacrosse game in Montreal. Indians win.

1844 -- Edward Carpenter lives (1844-1929. Homosexual & early proponent of gay rights, utopian & libertarian socialist, poet, songwriter, pacifist. Amongst his writings was Non-Governmental Society (1911). Influenced by William Morris, Carpenter in turn influenced many himself. E.M. Forster described him as "a poet, a prose writer, a mystic, a manual labourer, an anti-vivisectionist, an art critic, etcetera."

1854 -- Australian-born English folklore scholar & one of the most popular 19th-century adapters of children's fairy tales, Joseph Jacobs, lives, in Sydney. During his immigrations to England & the US, he wrote such scholarly & popular works on folklore as English Fairy Tales (1890), Indian Fairy Tales (1892), The Fables of Aesop (1894), The Book of Wonder Voyages (1896), & Europa's Fairy Book (1916).

1862 --
Colorful fish head
Maurice Maeterlinck Maurice Maeterlinck lives.

Belgian Symbolist playwright & poet
awarded the 1911 Nobel Prize for Literature.
His work represents an outstanding example
of Symbolist poetry & theater. The play
Pelléas & Mélisande, with
musical setting by Claude Debussy & also by
Jean Sibelius, & the allegorical fantasy for
children, The Blue Bird are among
his better known works.

Emma Goldman on Maeterlinck:

The anarchist critic Octave Mirbeau is credited with his discovery.

1865 -- US: "Battle" of Tongue River; Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader General Connor leads troops in dawn attack on a sleeping Arapaho village in Dakota Territory, killing at least 60. Connor was relieved of command for killing women & children, but practice continues.

Carlo Cafiero
1876 -- Italy: Carlo Cafiero writes to Michael Bakunin:

"The effect of the trial of Malatesta & Co. in the three Apulias is incredible. The jury — the richest men of the province even — immediately after the verdict shook hands with the accused who were received in triumph."

... show details

1877 -- US: Mormon strongman Brigham Young is young no longer.

1879 -- Canada: Miners' in Springhill, Nova Scotia decide to form a Provincial Miners' Association to protect their interests during a strike.

1883 -- High Seas: Seismic sea waves created by the Krakatoa eruption create a rise in the English Channel 32 hours after the explosion.

1888 -- Source=Robert Braunwart H. Rider Haggard begins writing the novel Eric Brighteyes.

1900 -- Italy: Exactly one month after assassinating King Umberto, the anarchist Gaetano Bresci, appears in court, defended by Francesco Saverio Merlino. He is convicted & sentenced to seven years in a one day trial. In May 1901 he is found dead in his prison cell, likely killed by his guards.

attentat The attentat was in retribution for the Milan massacres of 1898.

Further details/ context, click here; Italian: libertarian, anarchico, anarchismo, anarchici, anarchica, anarchy, anarquista[Details / context]

1901 -- US: Carrie Nation axes John L. Sullivan's saloon in the name of temperance.

1905 -- Finland: Antimilitarist Arndt Pekurinen lives.

1905 -- France: Jean-Marie Deguignet dies. Breton peasant & anarchiste.

1911 -- US: Ishi, last Stone Age man in America, surrenders. Of 2,000 alive in 1864, only 50 were alive in 1865. The rest were killed by whites.

1917 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Canada: 5,000 Montrealers start a 2-day riot against the draft as the Canadian Military Service Act (conscription) becomes law.

1920 -- Charlie "Bird" Parker hatched, Kansas City, Missouri. One of the leaders of the bebop movement & noted for his works "Ko Ko" & "In the Still of the Night," among others. The famous jazz club, Birdland, in New York City named in his honor.

1921 -- US: Newspapers report that Ku Klux Klan members have tarred & feathered 43 Texans in the past seven days.

During the fear & government repression following WWI, the Klan makes an astonishing comeback. The group's platform attacks African Americans, Catholics & Jews. By 1924, the Klan has 4.5 million members & enormous political clout in some states. At Indiana's Republican convention in 1923, the state Klan head struts down the aisle with a pistol strapped to his waist. Georgia's Klan chief, Hiram Wesley Evans, runs for president. In Texass, the Klan controls two-thirds of the state's county conventions.

1924 -- Dinah Washington lives, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Performs with Lionel Hampton from 1943 to 1946 & becomes one of the most popular R & B singers of the 1950's & early 1960's.

1932 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Netherlands: The International Anti-War Committee is formed in Amsterdam (??This entry is murky; there was an International Antiwar Congress, Amsterdam (August 27-29); another on August 30, 1907, parallel to the famous 1907 Amsterdam Anarchist Congress; also founding congress of "l'Association Internationale Antimilitariste" (A.I.A.) in Amsterdam in 1904.

Emma Tenayuca
1939 -- US: Land of the Free? San Antonio Municipal Auditorium Riot. Emma Tenayuca is prevented from speaking to a Communist meeting by anti-Communist rioters.

... show details

1939 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of Gabriel Fielding novel The Birthday King.

1941 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Russia: The German Einsatzkommando in Russia kills 1,469 Jewish children.

High Noon Poster
1949 -- Hot Potato?: Soviet Union detonates its first atomic bomb.

"Don't you hear the H-bomb's thunder / Echo like the crack of doom?"

John Brunner, author

1952 -- Source=Robert Braunwart John Cage composition "4 Minutes 33 Seconds" premiers, Woodstock, NY. It is scored for piano or "any group of instruments" (It is 4 minutes 33 seconds of silence; damn anarchists...).

1956 -- US: Republican National Committee announces the GOP will henceforth refer to the opposition as the "Democrat" party instead of "Democratic" party, because "'Democratic' is not descriptive of the party as it exists today."

1957 -- US: Congress passes the Civil Rights Act, the first since 1875. The bill establishes a Civil Rights Commission & a Civil Rights Division in the Department of Justice. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond sets the all-time filibuster record — 24 hours, 19 minutes — as he attempts to prevent his colleagues from adopting the bill.

1957 -- US: 2,300 people watch Nevada Nuclear test on-site, so US Army can test the effects. Some observers later develop cancer.

1958 -- Michael Jackson lives. Performs with the family group the Jackson 5 & later, as a solo artist, becomes one of pop & R & B's foremost stars. His solo album Off the Wall (1979) sells 7 million copies — surpassed only by Thriller, his largest-selling album.

1961 -- US: SNCC voter registration drive begins in the South. Bob Moses beaten while trying to register two voters in Liberty (sic), Mississippi.

US Army
1961 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: An 867-kg leatherback turtle is caught off Monterey, Calif. (the largest known turtle).

Robert Frost
1962 -- Permafrost?: At age 88, Robert Frost departs for a goodwill tour of the USSR sponsored by the US State Department.

1965 -- Beatles go bowling, Hollywood Bowl.

Old Victrola
1966 -- The Beatles perform their last public concert. It's in front of 25,000 faithful at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The boys played 11 songs in just over a half an hour, opening with "Rock & Roll Music" & closing with "Long Tall Sally."

Beatlemania swept Frisco as the "Fab Four" performed in concert at Candlestick Park. It was the Beatles' last public appearance together. Also appearing were The Cyrkle, The Ronettes, & the Remains. Ticket purchases by mail were available from KYA, No. 1 Nob Hill Circle, San Francisco.

One arm dude
1967 -- US: Final TV episode of "The Fugitive." The one-armed-man done did it!

1967 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: Chinese Communist "diplomats" battle with London police.

Movie poster, Apocalypse Now
1968 -- US: Chicago police brutally attack demonstrators, reporters & bystanders at the Democratic national convention: Antiwar protesters clash with police & national guardsmen in the streets outside, & hundreds of people, including innocent bystanders & members of the press, are brutally beaten by Chicago's finest.

"The whole world is watching." The official investigation later terms this a "police riot."

Meanwhile, Senator Eugene McCarthy & Dick Gregory are among others who address a crowd in Grant Park.

Anarchist Yipster Abbie Hoffman allegedly proposes kidnapping Superintendent Rochford.

Today 27,508 Americans have died in Vietnam since Jan. 1, 1961.

1968 -- Cream & Electric Flag open at Fillmore West in Frisco.

1968 -- Guatemala: State of Emergency declared.

1970 -- US: Police attack 10,000 Chicano antiwar demonstrators after a march against the Vietnam draft; three are killed, & Chicanos set Los Angeles on fire, occupying many parts of the city for seven days.

Three die in East Los Angeles when an anti-war march turns into a riot during Chicano National Moratorium. Thousands of Chicanos gathered at Laguna Park in East L.A. to protest disproportionate number of deaths of Chicano soldiers in Vietnam.

LAPD attack & one shot, fired into Silver Dollar Bar, kills Ruben Salazar, LA Times columnist & commentator on KMEX TV (accused by LAPD of inciting the Chicano community.)

1970 -- US: Selective Service Systems reports prosecutions for draft evasion have increased 10 times over 1965 level.

1970 -- US: Huey Newton offers Black Panther troops to the Vietnamese National Liberation Front.
Source: 'Calendar Riots

1971 -- England: Military wing of Edinburgh Castle bombed.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1976 -- Jimmy Reed, the "Big Boss Man" of the blues, a major influence on Pete Townshend, the Rolling Stones & others, dies in Frisco. He was 50.

1976 -- Anissa Jones dies at 18.

1977 -- Three people are arrested in Memphis after trying to steal Elvis' body. As a result of that incident, the King's body is moved to Graceland.

1982 -- Ingrid Bergman, academy award winning actress, dies on her 67th birthday.

1983 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaItaly: "Radio Libertaria" is torched during the night of the 28 & 29 in Trieste (au moment oů "Radio Libertaire" Paris est saisie par le pouvoir socialiste), a case of arson perpetrated by fascists.

1987 -- An American liquor company reports a 200% sales increase of its Brass Monkey cocktail mix, thanks to the Beastie Boys hit, "Brass Monkey."

1987 -- South Korea: After she is charged with swindling $8.7 million from followers, police find the bodies of cult leader Park Soon Ja & 31 followers in a factory, evidently the result of a suicide pact.

1990 -- Seattle Mariners becomes the first baseball team to have father-son teammates, signing Ken Griffey to play with son Ken Griffey, Jr.

1990 -- UN Security Council agrees to settlement to end 20-year civil war in Cambodia.

1991 -- Bosnia: Women call on women worldwide for peace. European Peace Caravan, Sarajevo.

1992 -- Radical analyst & schizo-theorist Felix Guattari dies, Paris. From his gravestone:

"There is no mark in the absence / the absence is a presence in me / — the Club of Borders."

"One cannot escape the feeling, despite his supposedly radical intention, of an embrace of alienation, even a wallowing in estrangement & decadence."

John Zerzan, "The Catastrophe of Postmodernism"
Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste, anarchisme, anarchistes, anarchie[Details / context]

Animated spider

1992 -- English children's writer & creator of the Borrowers series, Mary Norton, dies in Hartland, Dovonshire. The Borrowers (1952), her most renowned work, features the tiny Clock family & is considered a children's classic. There are four sequels.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart A news report says that 500 Latin American journalists have been assassinated in the last 10 years. All assigned to the Obit Page — on it rather than writing it — to "protect US corporate interests" no doubt, if history teaches us anything about who owns the Americas.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Iraq: Saddam Hussein declares the US can't beat Iraq.

1993 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Brazil: Police murder 21 people at random in a Rio de Janeiro shantytown.

1996 -- Isaac Hayes, who co-wrote the Stax classic "Soul Man," sends protest letter to presidential candidate Bob Dole requesting he stop using his song, which his supporters had changed to "I'm A Dole Man."

On the Dole? "I believe the second half of the 20th century will be known as the Age of Nixon."

— Bob Dole

2000 -- Panama: Panama University students & teachers burn likenesses of President Mireya Moscoso, Education Minister Doris Rosa de Mata & Supreme Court Justice Eligio Salas. The university protest opposes the government decision to abolish a law protecting the school budget.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Australia: Government says it will restrict visits by UN human-rights inspectors because of criticism of its treatment of Aborigines.

2005 -- US: Hurricane Katrina hits the south, destroying much of New Orleans (thanks to the Army Corpse of Engineers), where upwards of 50,000, mostly poor African Americans, are unable to escape. At least 28 government agencies, from local Louisiana parishes to the Bush White House reported New Orleans levees were breached, the Bush administration in the know as early as 8:30 a.m. EST.

3000 --

"If it's not forbidden, it's mandatory..."

Books! Danger!
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