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British anarchist — daughter, wife, & mother of anarchists.

Great Britain: SUMMER HOLIDAY.



30 -- [BC] Cleopatra commits suicide, bitten by an (on her?) asp.

526 -- Death of Theodoric, King of the Ostrogoths.

1784 -- "Empress of China" arrives in Canton beginning the China trade.

Mary Shelley
1797 -- Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley, author of Frankenstein, lives, in London, daughter of anarchist philosopher William Godwin & feminist Mary Wollstonecraft (her mother, who dies of "childbed fever," on 10 September).

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1800 -- US: Coachman Gabriel Prosser's plans for a slave revolt in Richmond, Va., are betrayed by a pair of house slaves attempting to save their master. Prosser's plan, which involved over 1,000 slaves, would have resulted in the death of all slave-owning white, sparing only Quakers, Frenchmen, elderly women, & children.

1819 -- US: The Kickapoo Indians cede their territory, which spans central Illinois, & move to Missouri.

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1838 -- US: The first African-American magazine Mirror of Freedom, begins publishing in New York City.

1879 -- Scotland: Some Killer Weed? A rain of seaweed in Falkland, in the Lomond Hills.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1885 -- Outer Space: 13,000 meteors seen in one hour near Andromeda.

1888 -- Spain: Ramón Acin lives, Huesca (Aragon). Acin illustrated by Cano

Militant anarcho-syndicaliste, professor, writer & avant-garde artist. Acin was a friend of Garcia Lorca, & also Buñuel, producing his film "Terre sans pain". He founded an art school based on the ideas of Francisco Ferrer & Célestin Freinet.

When Franco's purges began in 1936, Ramón Acin & his partner Conchita Monrás are among the many rounded up & shot.

Grido degli Oppressi
1892 -- US: Grido degli Oppressi (Cry of the Oppressed) appears in New York City. A semi-monthly newspaper published by the Italian anarchist-communist group of New York & surrounding areas (Saverio Merlino is part of this milieu during his exile). In 1893, they publish the text of Élisée Reclus's "A mio fratello contadino" (My brother the peasant).
(Masthead graphic courtesy of Ephemeride anarchiste)

1900 -- US: Oregon Labor Press founded.

1900 -- México: Camilo Arriaga publishes the "Invitacion al Partido Liberal" manifesto, in San Luis Potosi.

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1901 -- US: Birth of civil rights leader Roy Wilkins, St. Louis, Missouri. Editor of Crisis magazine for 15 years. Head of the NAACP in 1955, a post he held for 22 years.

1901 -- Journalist/author John Gunther lives, Chicago, Illinois.

1904 -- After living abroad for 20 years Henry James returns to America for a visit.

Big A
1907 -- Japan: First meeting of the Society for the Study of Socialism is held by Chinese anarchists in Tokyo. About 90 people attend, with speeches by Liu Shih-p'ei & Shusui Kotoku. Liu declares the purpose of the society is not merely the study of socialism, but the practice of anarchism.
Further details/ context, click here; anarchistes, anarquistas, anarquía, anarchia, anarchists, anarchizmowi, anarchizmu[Details / context]

1907 -- Netherlands: The International Antimilitarist Association (A.I.A.) convenes in Amsterdam, organized on the initiative of Domela Nieuwenhuis, in parallel & jointly with the International Anarchist Congress (August 24-31).

Rene de Marmande gives an outline of the situation in France & reads an approved motion from this morning's session of the Anarchist Congress.

1918 -- Russia: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik revolution & first head of Soviet Russia, is shot & wounded by Fanya Kaplan after speaking at a factory in Moscow.

Kaplan & her accomplice sister, Dora, are thought to be members of the Social Revolutionary Party, a political party in opposition to Lenin's Bolshevik revolutionaries. Beat Baldness!

1920 -- EG, anarchist feministRussia: Henry Alsberg is arrested traveling from Kiev to Odessa with the Museum Expedition; authorities claim he is traveling without permission. Alexander Berkman & Emma Goldman, also members of the expedition, protest the arrest, immediately sending telegrams to Lenin & Chicherin; no response is received. Alsberg is temporarily detained while the expedition travels on. (Alsberg later became director of the American Federal Writers' Project, from its inception, 1935 through late 1939.)

Zo D'Axa
1930 -- Zo d'Axa dies. French lampoonist, publisher, writer & anarchiste propagandist.

Zo d'Axa, publisher of La Feuille.
he ran an ass in the elections, leading to street brawls.
(Presumably outraged they couldna tell one ass from another.)

1933 -- "NRA Blues" by Bill Cox.

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1941 -- German troops achieve enclosure for the Siege of Leningrad.

1942 -- Luxembourg: General Strike in response to German "annexation."

Spanish anarchist Maquis
1957 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014Spain: José Luis Facerias is assassinated by the Barcelona police.

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1959 -- Vietnam: Elections held in South Vietnam give parties loyal to Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Diem unanimous control of the National Assembly, when all opposition candidates are forbidden to take their seats. CIA will later ok his assassination when he forgets who bought the elections & who owns him.

1963 -- Hello, Central, Give Me Dr. Jazz?: "Hot line" telephone link established between Kremlin & White House.

Repression, animated stick figure being clobbered by gavel & nightstick; source
1964 -- US: Democratic Party convention refuses to seat black protest delegation in place of all-white delegation from state of Mississippi. Outside, 200 protesters rally to oppose Vietnam War. Atlantic City, New Jersey.

1967 -- US: Senate confirms Thurgood Marshall as first black justice on US Supreme Court.

Movie Poster: In Old Chicago
1968 -- US: Finally, back at the Democratic Convention, Chicago's finest invade McCarthy's headquarters, dragging staffers from their beds & beatin the beejezus out of them.

CBS TV-anchor Walter Cronkite tells prime-time television viewers (quote):

"I want to pack my bags & get out of this city."

1970 -- England: The London home of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Waldron is damaged by a bomb blast. The bombing is not reported in the national press.

Huge bus doing wheelies down drag strip
1971 -- US: Ten empty school buses are blown up in Pontiac, Michigan only eight days before the daily busing of 8,700 children to achieve racial balance in the city's schools was scheduled to begin.

1974 -- Rumania: World Population Action Plan declared at Bucharest.

1979 -- Outer Space: First recorded occurrence of a comet hitting the sun (the energy released was about equal to 1 million hydrogen bombs).

Cute Vicious Snarling bunny rabbit
1979 -- US: Story of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Jimmy "Peanuts" Carter attacked by a rabbit on a canoe trip on April 20, in Plains, Georgia, finally makes the headlines.

1980 -- Polish government "allows" formation of independent unions.

 Jean Tinguely
1991 -- Surrealist painter, sculptor Jean Tinguely dies.

anarchist Black Rose
2002 -- Spain: Tribute to Josep Lluís Facerias (Jose Luis Facerias), anarquista guerrilla assassinated by the fascist Civil Guard (see 1957 above), a poetry recital & floral offering in Barcelona at the place of his assassination, corner of c/Doctor Pi i Molist con Pg/Urrutia [Plaza de las Madres de Mayo]. (See 1957 above.)
[References & links] or José Luis Facerias; anarchist

2010 -- Australia: French Spiderman climbs a 57-story Australian skyscraper in Sydney with his bare hands in 20-minutes.

2013 -- Poet Seamus Heaney, acclaimed by many as the best Irish poet since WB Yeats, dies aged 74. Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995 "for works of lyrical beauty & ethical depth, which exalt everyday miracles & the living past".

Be advised my passport's green
No glass of ours was ever raised
To toast the Queen"

What if cyberspace itself is by definition a mode of separation & a manifestation of "machine logic"?

What if the disembodiment inherent in any appearance within cyberspace amounts to an alienation from precisely that sphere of everyday life which extropianism hopes to transform & purge of its miseries? If this were so, the results might very well resemble the dystopian situations envisioned by Philip K. Dick & William Gibson; — turned inward, this violent sense of contradiction would evoke the kind of futility & melancholia these writers depict. Directed outward, the violence would conjure up other science fiction models such as those of Heinlein or Herbert, which equate "freedom" with the culture of a technological elite.

— Hakim Bey, Primitives & Extropians

Daddy, why don't Enron execs have to fight in Wars?
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