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Anarchist priest,
critic of institutions & bureaucracies.

Guatemalan Highlands: LOOKING AT THE BOUNDRIES.
A syncretic Mayan/Christian ceremony performed by the Cuchumatan Indians, involving the perambulation of the township boundary markers, with prayers for all people outside as well as in.

1626 -- New Old World: Fitting First? First patent in American history, for a device to restrain natives, to W. Claiborne, Jamestown, Virginia.

 Milquetoast, Bloom County
1639 -- New Old World: Milque-Toast? First prohibition law, outlawing the drinking of toasts, passed in Massachusetts. Repealed in 1645 as unenforceable. Inspires electric toasters.

1768 -- Vicomte Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand lives, Saint-Malo in Brittany. Writes Atala in 1801, recreating impressions from his trip to America in 1791.

1781 -- México: In an unassuming settlement near San Gabriel, California, 46 Spanish settlers settle on a tiny name for their tiny town: El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula.

Of the 46 settlers of California's second pueblo, (aka Los Angeles), 26 are recorded as blacks or mulattos.

1833 -- US: Barnaby Flaherty hired as the first newsboy.

Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

— Thomas Jefferson

1864 -- «El Obrero» begins publishing monthly in Barcelona, from today until suppressed in June 1866.

Director, Antonio Gusart; contributions from Cartaña, Espinal, Roig, Bergés, Cabús, Freixa & Ferrer. Not anarchist, but cooperativist & federalist, it championed workers' interests, favored federation & solidarity &, in its latter years, took a very positive stand on the IWMA (International Working Men's Association). // Il catalano Antoni Gusart i Vila fonda il periodico «El Obrero»: fu proibito nel 1866 e riapparve nel 1880 come portavoce delle Tres Classes de Vapor.

anarquista; El Obrero e creato dall'anarchico Antonio Gusart

Black Rain Poster
1873 -- England: According to Nature (9/43), a black rain fell at Marlsford, & more than twenty-four hours later another black rain falls in the same small town.

1882 -- US: First use of electric lighting, Grand Central Station, New York City.
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1886 -- US: Legendary Apache Geronimo surrenders to General Nelson A. Miles at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona, ending the last major US-Indian conflict.

Geronimo had led a small band of men, women & children out of forced internment on the San Carlos reservation, successfully evading thousands of US & Mexican troops, regiments of Indian auxiliaries, & an unknown number of civilians, for over 18 months in the Southwest wilderness.

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1894 -- US: 12,000 un-unionised tailors launch a successful spontaneous strike — striking a sew-what attitude.

1894 -- EG, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman meets with the American journalist & labor rights advocate John Swinton & his wife Orsena, who had visited her in prison at Blackwell's Island. Emma's interest in reaching more American-born citizens grows, & she resolves to conduct more anarchist & radical propaganda in the English language. During this month she moves into an apartment with Edward Brady.

1896 -- French playwright, poet, essayist, actor, director, madman Antonin Artaud lives.

"All writing is pig shit"

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1900 -- Cyril Hare lives. British mystery writer, lawyer & country court judge, whose best known detective character is Francis Pettigrew. Wrote Tragedy at Law (1942), widely acclaimed as one of the great classics of detective novel.

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1903 -- US: Cripple Creek, Colorado, where mine owners are trying to bust the labor union, police & deputy sheriffs are relieved of their duties & all citizens are required to register their firearms.

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1904 -- Italy: Repressione a Bugerru (Cagliari) di una manifestazione di minatori : 3 morti e 20 feriti.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1905 -- Novelist Mary Renault lives, London. Author of The Bull from the Sea.

1908 -- Richard Wright, novelist & short-story writer, lives, Natchez, Mississippi. Wright is among the first American black writers to protest white treatment of blacks, notably in his novel Native Son (1940).
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US troops in Russia
1918 -- Russia: Seeing Red?: American troops land at Archangel in North Russia, one year after the Russian Revolution, to "protect US interests." (see also 3 August 1918, 8 August 1920, 7 April 1919). They are ultimately soundly defeated in a little known US invasion with disastrous effects of US Foreign policy in the following decades.

Allied invasion & intervention was continuous from 1918-20.

The US 27th Regiment was part of the Allied force in Siberia. The US 31st Infantry Regiment (Polar Bears), as well as British, Canadian, Czech, Chinese, Italian, French & Japanese troops, also participated.

1920 -- US: Hundreds of miners assemble on Lens Creek in West Virginia in response to rumors women & children are being killed in Logan County by the anti-union mine owners & deputy sheriffs who are on their payroll.

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1921 -- US: Federal troops march up Hewitt Creek in Logan County after gaining a cease fire the the Battle of Blair Mountain yesterday. Efforts to unionize the southern West Virginia coal fields are ended with the arrival of the 10th US Infantry.

1924 -- Joan Aiken (daughter of poet Conrad Aiken) lives, Sussex, England. A prolific writer of fantasy, adventure, horror, & suspense. Considered the inventor of a genre called the "unhistorical romance," she wrote for both children & adults.

Ivan Illich
1926 -- Germany: Ivan Illich (1926-2002) lives.

llich was a priest who thought there were too many priests, a lifelong educator who argued for the end of schools & an intellectual sniper from a perch with a wide view. He argued that hospitals cause more sickness than health, that people would save time if transportation were limited to bicycles & that historians who rely on previously published material perpetuate falsehoods.

His intellectual ordnance of anarchist panache, hatred of bureaucracy, Jesuitic argumentation, deep reverence for the past & watered-down Marxism, was applied to many targets.

Medical treatment is mistaken for health care, social work for the improvement of community life, police protection for safety, military poise for national security, the rat race for productive work.

— Deschooling Society

1933 -- Cuba: Coup against the provisional government. SER

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old book
1935 -- Simone de Beauvoir joins the bookstore Shakespeare & Company, & for the next six years borrows scores of American titles. Sharing her interest in Dos Passos & Faulkner with Sartre & André Malraux, the American writers win critical acclaim in Europe before they are accepted in America.

1937 -- "Contemporary Nationalism," by Crane Brinton appears in The Saturday Review, September 4, 1937, p. 17. A review of Rudolf Rocker's book, Nationalism & Culture.

1945 -- Blind Leading The Blind?: Reuben Fine wins four simultaneous rapid chess games blindfolded.

1954 -- England: Peace Pledge Union (PPU) organizes demonstration against H-Bomb, Trafalgar Square, London.

"Don't you hear the H-bomb's thunder /
Echo like the crack of doom?"

— John Brunner, CND marching song, 1959

According to Mace's book — which lists all applications to use the square, marking those that were refused, it can be presumed it went ahead — the PPU demo'd only on the 4th; the 5th was a demo by the National Council of Tenants' & Residents' Associations. No further info given.

— Bleedster Svejk

1954 -- US: Uplifting? Peter Cortese achieves a one-arm deadlift of 370 lbs; 22 lbs over triple his body weight, at York, Pennsylvania.

Mash movie logo
1955 -- First helicopter rescue of American pilot behind enemy lines.

Ford: Quantity is Job #1
1957 -- US: DOA? Ford Motor Company introduces the Edsel.

1957 -- WJZ-TV in Baltimore debuts "The Buddy Deane Bandstand." It's a rock & roll show running three to five, Monday through Saturday. Viewers go crazy for the show & when there's a chance to call in & talk to one of the celebrities, the phone lines are swamped. The phone company is forced to ask Deane to desist.

1957 -- US: Little Rock, Arkansas: Nine Negro students try to attend Central High; Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Governor Orval Faubus orders National Guard to prevent them.

High Noon film poster
1959 -- US: In the wake of stabbing deaths of two teenagers by a 17-year-old, & other similar incidents of violence in New York City, WCBS radio in the Big Apple bans all versions of "Mack the Knife." The tune is a chart climber for Bobby Darin.

1965 -- Equatorial Africa: Medical humanitarian Albert Schweitzer dies, Lambarene.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint, 2003
Medical humanitarian, historian of the apocalyptic enigmas
of early Christianity & the end-times.

1966 -- US: National Guard confronts white supremacist mobs in Cicero, Illinois, outside Chicago.

Riot grafitti
1968 -- The Rolling Stones latest tune, "Street Fighting Man" is banned in Chicago & other American cities where authorities fear it will "incite riots & other forms of public disorder."

1970 -- Vietnam Veteran's Against the War (VVAW) begin Operation RAW (4 September through 7th).

1970 -- Chile: Salvador Allende gana las elecciones presidenciales en Chile. The US government, CIA, corporate business & labor unions will take care of him soon enough, kill him & install a ruthless dictatorship friendly to democracy & freedom "US interests."

No veo por qué tendríamos que quedarnos de brazos cruzados, contemplando
cómo un país se hace comunista debido a la irresponsabilidad de su pueblo.

— Henry Kissinger

How long did he lie in the river?
How long did he stay in the morgue before
his family found him? It would take at least

two policemen to lift him — one at the feet,
one at the shoulders — to heave him over the wall.
How they must have laughed at such a crazy splash.

— Stephen Dobyns, excerpt from "Pacos"

1973 -- US: Flush? John Ehrlichman & G. Gordon Liddy are indicted along with two White House officials for the burglary of a psychiatrist's office two years ago.

The four members of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Dick M "I am Not a Crook" Nixon's "White House plumbers unit," hoped to steal incriminating information on Daniel Ellsberg, who had leaked Pentagon documents to the press.

"If it's Yellow it's Mellow,
"If it's Brown Flush it Down!"

1977 -- Paul Simonson of the Clash tells the "New Musical Express" the Clash shouldn't be labeled a political band, saying, "I didn't even know who the Prime Minister was until a few weeks ago!"

1978 -- Simultaneous demonstrations against nuclear weapons & power in Red Square, Moscow, & the White House lawn, Washington DC.

Tweedledum & Tweedledee
Agreed to have a battle;
For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle...

1980 -- US: Congress establishes reservation for reinstated Siletz tribes of Oregon.

1982 -- Germany: 10,000 dance on nuclear reactor site, Gorleben, West Germany.

1986 -- US: "When the chapter on how America won the war on drugs is written, the Reagans' speech is sure to be viewed as a turning point."

— White House announcement of an upcoming anti-drug speech amusingly billed as the Reagans' first "joint address"

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1987 -- Russia: Lenin is My Co-Pilot? Soviet Union convicts West German pilot Mathias Rust for his daring landing of a small plane in Moscow's Red Square, after flying undetected into the heart of Russia. Gets four years in a labor camp, but is released after serving a year.

Den 19-årige vesttysker Mathias Rust landede midt på Den Røde Plads i Moskva med sit lille et motores Cessna 172 B fly den 28. maj 1987.

anarchist symbol
1989 -- Switzerland: Georges Simenon, Belgian author, creator of Inspector Maigret novels, dies in Lausanne. Though not activist, during an interview he states he has considered himself an anarchist from the age of 16, adding,

"Je me considère comme un anarchiste non violent, car l'anarchie n'est pas nécessairement violente, celui qui s'en réclame étant un homme qui refuse tout ce qu'on veut lui faire entrer de force dans la tête ; il est également contre ceux qui veulent se servir de lui au lieu de lui laisser sa liberté de penser."

1991 -- US: Drive-By Shooting? Route 35 Theater in Hazlit — the last drive-in in New Jersey — closes.

1995 -- US: Radical lawyer William Kunstler (1919-1995) dies.

Attack Iraq! Another war will surely pull us out of the depression!
1996 -- US: Scattered protests around the country greet the latest gratuitous US bombing of Iraq. About 100 gather at the Federal Building in Seattle; in Washington DC, eight are arrested for dumping buckets of rubble on the White House lawn.

1996 -- Yusaf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, emerges from seclusion in London to sign copies of his first album in 18 years — which is 80% yak-yak-yak.

2013 -- China: 220,000 pounds of dead fish pulled from a chemically polluted Fuhe River. Hubei province is not to be outdone by other mass incidents of dead animals this year, including pigs & ducks, rotting in Chinese waterways.

Kenneth Patchen, anarchist
3000 --

I am the joy of the desiring flesh

The days of my living

are summer days

The nights of my glory

outshine the blazing wavecaps of the heavens

at their floodtide

Mine is the confident hand shaping this world.

Kenneth Patchen

3500 --

Powered by courage

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