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You can judge
the moral bearing of a political system,
a political institution
a political man
by the degree of danger they attach
to the fact of being observed
through the eyes of a satiric poet.

— Roque Dalton

Stephen Jay Gould


American Marxist paleontologist, writer, theorist of "punctuated equilibrium" evolution.



Commemorates a victory for the indigenous Miskito Indians & British settlers over a superior Spanish force on an expedition to drive the British mahogany loggers out of the area.

POWER TO THE PEACEFUL DAY, Frisco, California.

Lady Godiva
1067 -- Death of Godgifu, wife of the Earl Leofric of Mercia.

1349 -- Germany: Jews who survived a massacre in Constance are burned to death.

1547 -- English demand Edward VI, 10, wed Mary Queen of Scots, 5.

1665 --

1665 oldbookDefoe's vivid historical re-creations help set English fiction upon a new path with such works as A Journal of the Plague Year (1722), as on this day:

"It was about the 10th of September that my curiosity led, or rather drove, me to go & see this pit again, when there had been near 400 people buried in it."

1791 -- Author Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli lives.

1797 -- England: Anarchist, feminist Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin), dies. Author of first great modern feminist tract in English, Vindication of the Rights of Women. Married to the anarchist philosopher William Godwin, she died, age 36, of "childbed fever" (after giving birth to Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (Shelley), author of Frankenstein.

1827 -- Italian poet/novelist Ugo Foscolo, dies in Turnham Green, London, England. Supported himself by teaching & writing commentaries on Dante, Boccaccia, & Petrarch.

1843 -- South Wales: Pikers? Rebecca Riots. All of the locals, dressed as women, engage in violent protests against turnpike tolls.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1846 -- US: Following the failure of all Mormons to leave Nauvoo, Illinois in May as agreed to after the assassination of Joseph Smith & his brother in Carthage, Illinois two years ago, a thousand anti-Mormon "Regulators" led by Colonel Thomas Brockman order the first assault on the remaining Mormons at Nauvoo. Regulator cannon fire drives Mormon families from their homes towards the Mississippi River. See also September 12.

1857 -- US: Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Mormons offer to escort a Gentile train passing through Utah to safety from the Indians, then line up all the adult males in single file with a Mormon guide on each side, &, at a prearranged signal, massacre them all in cold blood. Mormon Militia, disguised as Indians, & the real Indians, moved in on the women & older children, shooting, clubbing & tomahawking them to death.

Woody Allen
1862 -- US: Four months after US Congress amends its law requiring all Army chaplains to be Christians, Rabbi Jacob Frankel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, becomes the first Jewish Army chaplain.

1866 -- Poet/novelist Jeppe Aakjaer lives. Leading exponent of Danish regional literature & literature of social consciousness, he wrote of the harsh conditions endured by farm laborers but is best known for his poetry, especially those collected in Fri felt (Free Fields, 1905) & Rugens sange (Songs of the Rye, 1906).

1869 -- Japan: Baptist minister invents rickshaw in Yokohama.

1886 -- Imagist Poet Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) lives, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Lifelong lover of Bryher, involved with Ezra Pound but marries poet/novelist Richard Aldington.

The Imagists held three principles: direct treatment of the subject, allow no word that was not essential to the presentation, & follow the musical phrase rather than strict regularity in their rhythms.

1888 -- Author Ian Fleming lives.

1890 -- Franz Werfel lives, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Expressionist-influenced poet, dramatist, novelist. Wrote The Forty Days of Musa Dagh & The Song of Bernadette. Met Franz Kafka. Married Alma Maria Schindler, the widow of Gustav Mahler. Lived in Austria until 1938, when Nazi occupation forced him into exile. Died August 26, 1945.

1890 -- US: A rain of fish in Cairo, Illinois.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1895 -- Melville Herskovits, pioneer of African-American studies, lives.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint Feb 25, 2007
Pioneer American Africanist academic,
activist, historian.

Which side are you on?
1897 -- US: 19 unarmed striking coal miners & mine workers killed & 36 wounded near Lattimer, Pennsylvania, for refusing to disperse, by a posse organized by the Luzerne County sheriff.

The strikers, most of whom were shot in the back, were originally brought in as strike-breakers, but later organized themselves.

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Georges Bataille
1897 -- French critic, philosopher Georges Bataille lives, Billom, Puy-de-Dome.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003
Radical French philosopher of the irrational.

"Sanity is the lot of those who are most obtuse..."

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Anarchy Too!
1898 -- Switzerland: Anarchist Luigi Luccheni (1873-1910) stabs Empress Elizabeth of Austria, in Geneva, using a frayed file, to strike against "the persecutors of the workers." The Swiss courts condemned him to forced labor. Found hung in prison in 1910. septiembre en Ginebra Emperatriz Austria mortalmente anarquista

1901 -- US: Emma Goldman arrested in an alleged link to the McKinley assassin. EG, anarchist feminist

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1902 -- Toivo (Richard) Pekkanen lives (1902-1957). Finnish working class writer, master of the social epic.

1903 -- Critic/author Cyril Connolly lives, England.

1907 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministFrance: Early this month, after attending anti-militarist congress organized by Dutch pacifist anarchists, Emma Goldman tours major European cities. In Paris, Emma visits Peter Kropotkin & Max Nettlau; visits Sébastien Faure's experimental school for poor & orphaned children, & studies syndicalism at the Confédération Générale du Travail (CGT).

1912 -- Poet Brother Antonius (William Everson) lives. Participant in the San Francisco Libertarian Circle.

1913 -- US: Lincoln Highway opens as 1st paved coast-to-coast highway.

1913 --
Switzerland: Zurich, del 10 al 16. Vuitena Conferència prèvia a la creació de la FIS (Federació Sindical Internacional)       On the 16th se celebra el congrés de fundació de la FIS.

Source: [Congressos Obrers]

1915 -- EG, anarchist feministUS: William Sanger convicted for illegal distribution of birth control literature; Sanger serves 30-day jail sentence in lieu of paying $150 fine.

1916 -- Italy: La polizia arresta l'intero comitato centrale della Federazione giovanile socialista per aver pubblicato un appello rivoluzionario dell'Internazionale socialista giovanile.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Alexander Berkman, anarchist, from IISH archives
1917 -- US: Upon Alexander Berkman's release from prison on $25,000 bail, he is falsely arrested for murder in connection with the Preparedness Day bombing in San Francisco.

Prompted by demonstrations in Russia, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Liberal President Wilson later orders a federal investigation of the case.

1919 -- Egypt: This month (exact day unknown), following a summer of strikes, the Italian workers, Max di Collalto (publisher of Roma & member of the Socite Internationale des Employes du Caire) & Giuseppe Pizzuto, a revolutionary socialist of the printers union, are both deported.

1920 -- Italy: Milano · Confederazione Generale del Lavoro (CGdL - General Confederation of Labor) holds a conciliation meeting: despite the anarchists of CGdL, the Unione Sindacale Italiana (USI; a split from the reformist CGdL) is not invited.
Further details/ context, click here; anarchismo, anarchici, anarchico[Details / context]

1921 -- Spain: Eugenio Martínez Fernández is detained, & later prosecuted, for publishing the clandestine CNT publication, Solidaridad Obrera. The anarcho-syndicalist CNT union is suppressed by the government during this period & many of its confederal groups decimated, but maintains itself underground, & manages to continue publishing Solidaridad Obrera.

1924 -- US: Leopold & Loeb found guilty of murder.

Red Hot Chicago Weenie logo
1927 -- US: Hot dog with a zipper introduced.

weeniedog I rob hot dog stands because that's where the hot dogs are.

— Willy Sutton

Cover of Fate magazine featuring Yma Sumac; source
1928 -- Extraordinary folksinger Yma Sumac lives, Ichocan, Perú.

1931 -- Scotland/England: Riots in London & Glasgow.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1939 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz lives. Educator, feminist activist, militant & writer. Dunbar-Ortiz's grandfather was an organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), & for the Oklahoma Socialist Party during its brief era of success. Worked closely with the SDS, Weather Underground, & the African National Congress. She has published three memoirs, including Red Dirt: Growing Up Okie (1997) & Outlaw Woman: A Memoir of the War Years, 1960–1975 (2002).

1941 -- Treballadors; poster from Spanish revolution
Norway: Trade union leaders shot by German firing squads in reprisal for workers' strike.

Stephen Jay Gould
1941 -- US: American Marxist paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould lives, New York City. Theorist of "punctuated equilibrium" evolution.
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1945 -- England: Save Europe Now (famine relief campaign) launched.

1945 -- Norway: Vidkun Quisling, puppet prime minister of German-occupied Norway, is sentenced to death.

1945 -- Robert Goddard, father of American rocketry, dies. Found at his desk, pen in hand, his ticker seized up like a rusty chain saw. The last entry in his diary scrawled,

"If you were to take the Nagasaki bomb & put it on my rocket, my god the HORROR, the HORROR, the HORROR , I must go mad! it's the end of civilizati.............. "

1962 -- US: Supreme Court rules James Meredith be admitted to University of Mississippi.

1963 -- US: 20 Negro children integrated into Birmingham schools despite opposition by city.

Divine Hotel
1965 -- US: God is Dead? Father Divine dies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Divine, born George Baker, was the founder of the Peace Mission, a religious group whose followers worshiped Divine as God incarnate on earth.

Homelike services are rendered by the Hotel staff: spotless living quarters, a wholesome atmosphere & operating under the spiritual jurisdiction of FATHER & MOTHER DIVINE. No smoking, drinking, obscenity, profanity, vulgarity, undue mixing of sexes, receiving of gifts, presents, tips or bribes.

1969 -- US: Wiretap is placed, under White House orders, on CBS correspondent Marvin Kalb. Dey get the news first.

Tanner painting
1973 -- Commemorative stamp of Henry Ossawa Tanner issued by the US Postal Service. Part of its American Arts issue, the stamp celebrates his work & accomplishments. The first African-American artist elected to the National Academy of Design.

1974 -- Guinea-Bissau wins national liberation struggle for independence from Portugal.

Johnny got His gun, book cover
1976 -- Dalton Trumbo dies. Author, screenwriter. Wrote the antiwar novel Johnny Got His Gun.

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1977 -- France: Close Shave? Hamida Djandoubi, a Tunisian immigrant convicted of murderer, becomes the last person executed with the guillotine in France.

1979 -- Patti Smith plays the biggest concert of her career in Florence, Italy to 85,000 people. She tells the crowd it is her final show so that she can retire at age 32 to begin life with husband Fred "Sonic" Smith. Shuns the apron, returns to performing a decade later.

1980 -- Philippines: 10,000 people defy government order & hold a "Freedom March" — government kills eight.

Ronald Reagan, America's Greatest Half-Wit
1980 -- US: Ronald Reagan tells Sierra Club:

"Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation. So lets not go overboard in setting & enforcing tough emissions standards for man made sources."

1982 -- US: Washington Post reports that of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President's Reagan first 72 nominees to the judiciary, 68 are white males.

1983 -- Poland: First edition of Homek appears in Gdańsk (Danzig). RSA (Alternative Society Movement) newspaper, & probably the first anarchist newspaper in Poland after WWII.

Uncle George Wants You! (To forget...)
1984 -- US: Obviously irritated that his slippery position on abortion has become an issue, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader George "Large" Bush refuses to answer any more questions on the subject, citing "my right as an American to remain silent."

1985 -- Salvadoran guerrillas capture Ines Guadalupe Duarte Duran, the daughter of President Jose Napolean Duarte.

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Eat the State logo
1996 -- US: First weekly issue of the anarchist Eat the State! published in Seattle, Washington. Wins accolades from upscale Seattle Weekly readers. Go figure.

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1996 -- Sheryl Crow's self-titled 2nd album is banned in Wal-Mart stores because of the song, "Love Is A Good Thing." The song mentions children killing each other with "a gun they bought at the Wal-Mart discount stores."

1998 --


Keiko the Whale was tragically killed as the C-17 he was being transported in crashed after takeoff. Horrified onlookers watched in horror as the plane pitched nose up, paused as if frozen in air, then executing one last mighty flip, piledrived itself into the tarmac. Children screamed, women wailed, men blubbered.

The mood shifted dramatically when a black cloud of noxious fumes & soot (9000 lbs. of Killer Whale, co-mingled with 2,000 lbs. of crew, stirfried in 100,000 of jet fuel) descended upon them.

The Air Force covered this up, not wanting to look bad, by flying Keiko's evil twin brother (Seiko, time being critical) in his stead. A spokesman dismissed the incident as a fluke.

2000 -- When West was finally awakened, he did not see the face of his servant, but the face of a stranger, who identified himself as Dr. Leete.

West found himself in a house he had never before seen & when he demanded an explanation, the reluctant Dr. Leete told him the date was September 10, 2000. West had slept for 133 years, three months, & 11 days.

— Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward

See Franklin Rosemont's "Free Play & No Limit,"

2003 -- México: Korean farmer Lee Kyung-Hae dies, in a ritualized suicide during WTO protests, in Cancun. A former President of the Federation of Farmers & Fishermen of Korea, Lee's message? "WTO Kills Farmers."

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2006-2008
Korean agriculture activist, killed himself in a ritualized WTO protest at Cancun WTO.

3000 --

There is nothing new when someone affirms that the nihilistic tyranny of the spectacle could be faced & fought by "talking big & telling tall stories," i.e. by raising a whirl of fibs & lies "till a communication short-circuit dissipates the virtual world & the real one will settle again" (Paul Virilio). In fact, a radical criticism of the world order, & even the right to criticize, was an achievement by the "plagiarist" pirates of the past centuries, i.e. by rascals, buffoons & court jesters.


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