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Daily Bleed, September 27: Louise, Michel,Red,Virgin,Emma,Goldman,Reitman,Clap,doctor, Alexander, Berkman, Sacco, Vanzetti, Trocchi, Situationist, International, Zapata, on this day in recovered history, anarchist, anarquista, anarchiste, syndicalism, What Happened on this day, SEPTEMBER 27


Legendary Indian Romantic, volcanic anti-imperialist.

STAY HOME BECAUSE YOU'RE WELL DAY: Instead of faking illness, call your boss & tell'em you're well; there must be a thousand things you'd rather do than work — do them!


(Let's hear it for Auntie Dave's Clan Lockhart on one side & Monty's on the other. Jean Monty arrives in North America as a French soldier to protect French-Canadians near Quebec from Indian & English attacks. His son, Frances, fights for the colonies against the British. Frances enlists all his sons, including a 6-year-old, with the Revolutionary army.)
Nummer One Son also pays tribute to Great Grandfather Stith Thompson, author/folklorist considered the father of US folklore study [see his Motif-Index of Folk Literature, published in 1955 in six volumes] & Granddaddy Bob Letsinger, biochemist known as the "father of the gene machine" for his pioneering work on the fabrication of artificial DNA & credited with developing breakthrough technique in treating AIDS.

India: FESTIVAL OF VARUNI, Goddess of Wine.

Ila, Zambia: FESTIVAL OF NAMAKUGWE, The Originator.

1290 -- China: An earthquake is responsible for the death of approximately 100,000 in Chihli.

1477 -- Japan: A fluffy, stringy substance referred to as "angel hair" falls on the country.
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

Police, Monty Python
1540 -- Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded by Ignatius Loyola. Kinda like the Monty Python of their times.

1631 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: A Mr. Wilson, who played Bottom in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" on a Sunday, is put in the stocks wearing his donkey's head by the Puritan authorities.

old book
1700 -- Author William Congreve writes a married lady-friend:

"For my part I keep the Commandments, I love my neighbour as my selfe, & to avoid Coveting my neighbour's wife I desire to be coveted by her; which you know is quite another thing."

1722 -- New Old World: Samuel Adams, patriot beer brewer, lives, Boston, Massachusetts. Signs Declaration of Independence.

Cruikshank: Home
1792 -- English caricaturist/illustrator George Cruikshank lives, London. His colored etchings enliven Dickens' Sketches by Boz & later works.

Illustrated contemporary novels by many of the major Victorian novelists, classic novels & political tracts by himself & others. He began as a caricaturist in the tradition of Gillray & Rowlandson, taking the radical side on issues of the day. Beginning about 1850, he devoted the remainder of his life to the causes of temperance & antismoking.

1821 -- México: Revolutionary forces occupy México City as Spanish withdraw. Rebels under Iturbide & Guerrero enter México City in triumph (Ejército Trigarante).

Thomas Nast illustration: Haymarket: Liberty is Not Anarchy
1840 -- Cartoonist Thomas Nast lives, Germany. Pal of Mark Twain. (Auntie Dave washes dishes & tosses crust with his great great grand nephew Tom Nast at Morningtown Pizza Collective in mid-70s. Nummer One Son goes pawn-to-pawn with Tom's kiddio at chess tournament late-90s.)

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-4
Superb 19th-century political caricaturist, iconoclast.

1846 -- Source=Robert Braunwart England: An apparition of Edinburgh appears in the sky over Liverpool. More like a nightmare if you think about it.

1849 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Mason Reynolds surfaces in MirrorEarth (Rudy Rucker's The Hollow Earth).

1852 -- France: Louise Michel, who later becomes an anarchist, receives her teaching diploma & announces her intention to open a private school in Audeloncourt (Haute-Marne). This school appears to have opened in January 1853. She later wrote she opened her own school so as to avoid pledging allegiance to the Emperor.

I have seen criminals & whores
& spoken with them. Now I inquire
If you believe them made as now they are
To drag their rags in blood & mire
Preordained, an evil race?
You to whom all men are prey
Have made them what they are today.

[Source: Michel Chronologie]

1860 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Colombia: The US invades Colombia (Bay of Panama) to "protect US interests" during a revolution (-Oct. 8).

1870 -- France: Louise Michel is released from jail. She will be arrested again in December.

On 14 July 1870, war broke out between France & Germany. It was during this time that Louise Michel was arrested for the first time. She had organized a group of volunteers to go to aid Strasbourg in one last stand against the Prussian armies. She was released today, but Strasbourg had just fallen to the Prussians...

Further details/ context, click here[details]

1875 -- US: Striking textile workers demand bread for starving children in Fall River, Massachusetts.

1876 -- US: Edward Mitchell Bannister wins a bronze medal for his painting "Under the Oaks" at the American Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Causes big stink among whites who think African-Americans incapable of artistic excellence.

Burning book
1892 -- US: Match books are patented by Joshua Pusey, Lima, Pennsylvania.

1897 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Labor congress organized by Eugene Debs in Chicago, addressed by Emma Goldman.

1902 -- US: September-October: J.P. Morgan became involved for the first time (I don't have exact dates) in settling a strike against one of his companies. He met with Secretary of State Elihu Root aboard his yacht during the 1902 coal strike.

1906 --
Jim Thompson lives.

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His first book was published in 1942, but it was his fifth book, The Killer Inside Me which established his reputation. Thompson was blacklisted during the anti-communist witch hunts, but director Stanley Kubrick got him to co-write screenplays for the films The Killing (1956) & Paths of Glory (1957)....

Jim Thompson; source

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

"If Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett & Cornell Woolrich could have joined together in some ungodly union & produced a literary offspring, Jim Thompson would be it."

— Washington Post

Gravestone, Fermín Salvochea
1907 -- Spain: Fermín Salvochea y Álvarez (1842-1907) dies; teacher, writer, insurrectionist, early & important Andalusian anarquista; figura fundamental en el anarquismo andaluz, maestro de varias generaciones, nace en Cádiz el 1 de marzo de 1842. When he died in September 1907 50,000 people attend his burial & his tomb has never lacked a daily renewal of fresh flowers.

1907 -- India: Freedom fighter Shaheed Bhagat Singh lives, Banga, Layalpur, Punjab. Attracted to anarchist & Marxist ideas.Hanged in 1931.

1911 -- México: Emiliano Zapata issues an anti-government manifesto; this follows Huerta's declaration yesterday that Morelos is pacified (following widespread executions), & his move into Puebla in pursuit of Zapata.

1912 -- W.C. Handy’s “Memphis Blues”, first blues song ever published (under different name, for a political boss’ campaign).

1919 -- US: Emma Goldman's term of imprisonment at Jefferson Emma Goldman, anarchist feministCity penitentiary expires; released on bail with orders for deportation pending. Greeted in Jefferson City by mobs of reporters, friends, & niece Stella Ballantine, who accompanies her to Rochester. Stops in Chicago to visit Ben Reitman; meets his wife & child. Alexander Berkman's release from the Atlanta penitentiary follows in a few days, on Oct. 1.
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1919 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Edgar Rice Burroughs novel The Warlord of Mars is published.

Bud Powell; source
1924 -- BleedMeister,

i offer an addendum (as opposed to a dum-dum, a conundrum, or redrum): bud powell. september 27, 1924. insane genius of the piano, victim of police brutality & "modern" institutional psychotherapy, friend of monk, one of the inventors of bebop. the only really important person i share a birthday with (no offense to mr. nast, & no, william "i meant to be ambiguous" empson doesn't count).


— bleedster j valis <— i was doing okay until i remembered what today was . . .>

Bud Powell be added to the Bleed, where the Bleeding always stops...or so we are told....

In 1945, then 21, he received a beating by police after he tried to help his pal & mentor Monk from being harassed.

Taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation, he wrote on the admittance form under occupation: “Pianist & composer of over 1,000 songs.”

To which the attending doctor wrote, “delusions of grandeur” & put him in a straitjacket.

Died: August 1, 1966

1925 -- Brazil: Third Labor Congress of Rio Grande do Sul, September 27 to October 2.

12 sessions are held involving delegates from 23 labor organizations, the Comitê Pró-Presos Sociais & two periodicals. A Declaration of Principles of the AIT is approved & a Pact of International Anarchist Solidarity formulated.

Source: [Arquivo de História Social]
Terceiro Congresso Operário do Rio Grande do Sul - De 27 de setembro a 2 de outubro de 1925. No total foram 12 sessões com a presença de delegados de 23 entidades operárias e do Comitê Pró-Presos Sociais e de dois jornais. Foi aprovada uma Declaração de Princípios da AIT e criado um Pacto de Solidariedade Internacional Anarquista.

Emmy Hennings & Hugo Ball; source
1927 -- In St. Abbondio, Switzerland,

Hugo Ball, a founder of the Dada movement, dies (or 14 September?). Also wrote an early critical biography of German novelist Hermann Hesse. Daily Bleed Saint, February 22.
See our Saint's Gallery page,

"Everybody their own Football."

1928 -- Brazil: Fourth Labor Congress of Rio Grande do Sul, held clandestinely, the date secret as well.

Three sessions are held over two days with delegates from 16 labor organizations, two periodicals, six anarchist groups, various São Paulo militant refugees & anarchist groups from southern Brazil (Florentino de Carvalho, Domingos Passos & others) & delegates from Uruguay, Paraguay & Argentina.

Source: [Arquivo de História Social]
Quarto Congresso Operário do Rio Grande do Sul - clandestino em data que não ficou registrada. Realizaram três sessões durante dois dias com a presença de 16 entidades operárias, dois jornais, sies grupos anarquistas, vários militantes de São Paulo refugiados naquele estado do sul do Brasil (Florentino de Carvalho, Domingos Passos e outros) e delegados do Uruguai, Paraguai e Argentina.

1929 -- Italy: Cesare Rossi, ex capo dell'ufficio stampa della presidenza del consiglio, che aveva denunciato le complicità di Mussolini nel delitto Matteotti, viene condannato dal tribunale speciale a trent'anni di carcere.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1930 -- US: No Balls? White Sox first baseman Bud Clancy never handles the ball at all in a nine inning baseball game against the St. Louis Browns.

1932 -- US: Judge Thayer’s house is bombed (presumably for his prejudiced role in the Sacco & Vanzetti case).

See Heroes & Martyrs: Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti, & the Revolutionary Struggle, an audio CD by Howard Zinn.
Sacco & Vanzetti Timeline

1934 -- First International Congress of Women Against War & Fascism.

Commie Santa
1937 -- US: School for Santa Clauses opens, Albion, NY.

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1938 -- Clarinet virtuoso, Artie Shaw, records the song that will become his theme song. "Nightmare" is waxed on the Bluebird Jazz label.

1939 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Maxwell Anderson play "Key Largo" opens in NY.

1940 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President FDR meets with A. Philip Randolph, president of Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters; Walter White, executive secretary NAACP; & T. Arnold Hill, acting secretary of the National Urban League to discuss employment discrimination, particularly desegregation of the armed forces. Army: 5,000 Negroes out of 269,023; Navy: 4,000 out of 160,997 — employed as messboys & laborers.,7,1,1,41

1940 --


[ Photo: Walter Benjamin, 1937 ]

At the border between France & Spain: Cultural theorist Walter Benjamin dies.

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Walter Benjamin

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Red spot  on white dingbat

1942 -- Source=Robert Braunwart France: Several hundred Americans in Occupied France are rounded up for internment in the monkey house of the Paris zoo.

1942 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Heinrich Mann completes his novel Lidice, while exiled from Germany, in California.

Duck'n'cover radiation car
1944 -- US: First large-scale plutonium producing reactor begins operation on land seized from the Yakama Indian Nation, Hanford, Washington. In the decades to follow & into the new millennium the water table & surrounding rivers are polluted from leaky storage.

1944 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2013, remove 2014Paul Buhle lives. Historian of radicalism in the US & Caribbean, editor of studies of popular culture, & nonfiction comic art volumes, biographer of C. L. R. James. Founding editor of Radical America (1967–1999), founder of Cultural Correspondence (1977–83), & the Oral History of the American Left archive. Active in labor history & labor support activities. Big fan of Robin Hood & his Merry Band.

1948 -- Source=Robert Braunwart American author William Faulkner's novel Intruder in the Dust is published.

1950 -- Answering machine is invented. The inventor could not be reached for comment by telephone because he was busy at the moment.

1950 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Truman orders the US Army to seize all the nation's railroads to prevent a General Strike. The railroads are not returned to their owners until two years later.

1950 -- Italy: Provedimenti del governo per il rafforzamento delle forze repressive della polizia di stato e per l'aggravamento delle disposizioni del codice penale relativamente a un cosiddetto sabotaggio militare ed economico.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

American Freedom
1950 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Movie producer Adrian Scott is sentenced to one year in jail for refusing to tell HUAC whether he had been a Communist.

1951 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Author William Faulkner publishes Requiem for a Nun.

1953 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Bertrand Russell publishes "What Would Help Mankind Most?" in New York Times Magazine.

1954 -- US: Dirty Laundry? The US Senate calls for censure of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator "TailGunner" Joe McCarthy. A committee reports Joseph acted improperly in making government employees hand over documents (probably their laundry lists). McCarthy is one of the senatorial greats. American Freedom

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1957 -- Australia: Despite international protests, U.K. begins nuclear bomb test series on aboriginal land, Maralinga, South Australia.

1960 -- Sylvia Pankhurst, leader of East London Federation which sought to unite British labor & woman's suffrage movement, dies.

1960 -- England: SI dingbat

Resolution of the Fourth Conference of the Situationist International Concerning the Imprisonment of Alexander Trocchi, a tract denouncing the arrest & detention of the situationist / novelist Alexander Trocchi in the United States, for drug use & trafficking.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1962 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Rachel Carson's Silent Spring is published.

1963 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nigeria: A General Strike begins against the government.

1964 -- US: Rush to Judgment? Warren Commission Report on JFK assassination sticks it all on "mastermind" Lee Harvey.

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1966 -- The Four Tops, with Johnny Talbot & De Thanks open at Fillmore Auditorium, Frisco, California.

1966 -- US: Negro off-duty policeman shooting of Negro armed robbery suspect followed by Hunters Point demonstrations, San Francisco. Hunters Point Riot of 1966 ... On September 27, 1966 a riot broke out ... Like its counterparts in Watts, it consisted with ... ass down here again, I'll shoot it ... outbreaks of the riots, in spite of ... Frisco.

1972 -- Brazil: First section of Trans-Amazon Hiway, running through traditional native homelands, is opened for traffic. Loggers, miners, tourists, disease, death, & other consequences of automobiles follow.

1972 -- Rory Storme, the leader of one of Liverpool's earlier beat groups, takes his life in what is presumed to be a suicide pact with his mother. Rory Storme & the Hurricanes are best remembered as the group Ringo Starr departed in 1962 to play drums for the Beatles.

1973 -- Rolling Stone reports that Carlos Santana, now a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, has a new name: Devadip, which means "The Lamp of the Light Supreme." The band's name will remain Santana.

1983 -- US: Five members of Puget Sound Women's Peace Camp enter Boeing's Cruise missile production plant in Seattle, Washington, leaflet the workers & are arrested.

1985 -- Andre Kertesz, 91, dies. Photographer, journalist, 35mm camera use pioneer.

1988 -- Body Bag / humorUnder a Dark Shroud?: Lab tests reportedly show Shroud of Turin is not Christ's burial cloth.

Giger illustration, water falls
1989 -- US: High on Real Life? The first two people to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel & live to tell about it are Jeffrey Petkovich & Peter DeBernardi, who go over the 167-foot high Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side.

Why dey do dis? To show kids there are better things to do than drugs.

1990 -- Germany: Last US Pershing II missiles removed, less than 10 years after their installation provoked a massive anti-nuclear movement across Europe.

1990 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Author Salman Rushdie's Haroun & the Sea of Stories is published in Britain.

still from Dr. Strangelove
1991 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Bush decides to end full-time B-52 bombers alert.

(Whatever floats your holiday boat...)

1993 -- US: 3 Corrupts & You're Out? In New York City, the Mollen Commission begins hearings on the latest generation of corrupt police officers.

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1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Fourteen New York City cops are arrested for extortion, perjury & stealing drugs. "To Protect & Self-Serve."

1996 -- Songster Bob Gibson (1931-1996) dies...only he knows where he is bound...

Now he's part of the heavenly choir,
   Where all of the poor restless souls can be found,
   Ain't that a heavenly choir,
   Ain't that a helluva sound.

Heavenly Choir, by Bob Gibson & Shel Silverstein

1997 -- Pope John Paul Ringo?: Dylan asks Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Pope John Paul II which way the wind blows after playing at a Roman Catholic Youth Rally in Bologna, Italy. A Vatican spokesman says Dylan was picked for the concert because of his sincere religious beliefs.

1984 film clip
1999 -- US: "America is now under martial law," one broadcast warns.

"Shut up. Be happy. Obey all orders. Relax. Everything is done for you."

protesters against IMF & World Bank
2000 -- Czech Republic: Prague protests renew 'Battle of Seattle'.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Yugoslavia: 200,000 anti-Milosovic demonstrators rally in Belgrade.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Israel: Attorney General declines to prosecute Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader ex-PM Netanyahu for corruption.

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart China: A gas explosion in a coal mine in southern China kills 118 workers.

Philippe Petit
2002 -- US: Philippe Petit walks a tightrope over Broadway this afternoon, New York City.

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