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Daily Bleed, September 29: Fanya Baron, poet Lev Chernyi, Guy Debord, Michèle Bernstein, Johann Most, Igal Roodenko, Emma Goldman, John Cage, Louis Lecoin, on this day in recovered history, anarchist, anarquista, anarchiste, syndicalism, What Happened on this day, SEPTEMBER 29
Determinations, how
Must I name this
Time & know this season?
Like travellers

— Richard Howard, September Twenty-Ninth


Prominent Italian modernist filmmaker, political radical.

Alternate Patron Saint,

Mystic leader of the Ghost Dance Rebellion.

Royal Courts of Justice, London:
ancient, solemn ceremony in which city pays the crown six horseshoes, 61 nails, a bill-hook & a hatchet.

Germany: GOOSE DAY, in which weather is forecast by the breastbone of a goose. There some other way? mlf weedfist by James Koehnline

Mexico: FESTIVAL OF TEZCATZONCTL, chief God of Intoxication.

MICHAELMAS: Originally placed in December by the Church to overwrite existing pagan celebrations. When, in the 12th Century, the fixed date of Christmas becomes a sufficiently important date (see 25 December), Michaelmas itself is re-deployed to overwrite other pagan celebrations around the autumn equinox.

1091 -- The sun is darkened for three days & many meteors fall, Europe.
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

1322 -- Source=Robert Braunwart English author Sir John Mandeville begins his travels.

1547 -- Tilt?: Miguel de Cervantes lives, inspector of windmills, author of Don Quixote. Spanish novelist, playwright, poet, & the most famous figure in Spanish literature. Was briefly a slave of Turks, led a nomadic life, imprisoned because of fiscal irregularities while a tax collector. See Kenneth Rexroth's Classics Revisited.

"The truth lies in a man's dreams... perhaps in this unhappy world of ours a worse madness is better than a foolish sanity."

1634 -- John Milton's Comus is presented before the Earl of Bridgewater. His first dramatizing of his great theme, the conflict of good & evil. He wrote the text in honor of the Earl becoming lord president of Wales & the Marches at the suggestion of composer Henry Lawes, who wrote the music for the masque.

1642 -- New Old World: Missionary Rene Goupil killed by Mohawks, on whom he was spying for the French military.

1795 -- Perpetual Peace published by Immanuel Kant, Germany.

1810 -- British author Elizabeth Gaskell lives. Her novels often depict life in the manufacturing cities of the North. In 1850 she meets Charlotte Brontë, beginning a vital friendship culminating in the Life of Charlotte Brontë (1857).

1829 -- England: Scotland Yard forms in London.

1853 -- Emigrant ship "Annie Jane" sinks off Scotland, drowning 348.

1864 -- Miguel Unamuno lives, Bilbao, Spain. Writer/philosopher (predecessor of Existentialists, with Søren Kierkegaard) & educator, one of the foremost representatives of the movement Generation '98. Mastered 14 languages. Published poetry, plays, novels & essays. In hot water for opposing both Primo de Rivera's government & Franco's fascist one. His novel Abel Sanchez: una historia de pasion (1917), recreates the Cain & Abel story.

1879 -- US: A dozen Ute Indians kill all the white workers at Colorado's White River Agency.

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Johan Most, German-American anarchist
1883 -- English language publication of anarchist Johann Most's song The Hymn of the Proletariat.

1895 --
29-30 septembre. Conférence nationale du POSR tenue à Paris.

1902 -- Forget Me Nots?: Scottish bard William McGonagall dies in Edinburgh, aged 72. His work has been distinguished as

"The worst poetry ever written, in any language, at any time."

Dreyfus poster
1902 -- Émile Zola, 62, controversial French experimental writer dies, Paris, France. Poisoned? Dies under suspicious circumstance, some say in his sleep from inhaling smoke caused by a clogged chimney.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2002-4
French father of the novel as social "experiment."

Said "j'accuse" to French state power. Poisoned?

1906 -- Cuba: US Troops sent to Cuba to "protect US interests."

1909 -- US: The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) during this month (I don't have exact dates — ed.) attains the first victory in a strike by unskilled steel workers in the Pressed Steel Car Company strike at McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

1911 -- Italy: War is declared against Turkey.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1912 -- Italy: Influential film director Michelangelo Antonioni lives. His film "Blow-Up", a prize-winning film at the Cannes Film Festival, is seized by the District Attorney of Ancona in 1967.

1914 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Arthur Machen story "The Bowmen" appears in The Evening News.

1920 -- US: Babe Ruth sets the then baseball home run season record at 54. No steroids or power bars, strictly cigars & alcohol fuels the Babe.

1921 -- Russia: The Cheka (Bolshevik Secret Police), execute Fanya Baron & nine other anarchist prisoners. (Fanya's execution was on the personal order of Lenin.) These executions follow that of the anarchist & poet Lev Chernyi on the 21st. Lev Chernyi, anarchist poet

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1922 -- Source=Robert Braunwart First performance of Brecht play "Drums in the Night" is staged.

fighters, animated
1925 -- Italy: Il prefetto fa sospendere la pubblicazione del giornale La Stampa fino al 9 Novembre.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1926 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaRussia: Nicolas Lazarevich, alternate spellingNicholas Lazarevitch (1895-1975) is expelled.

Lazarevitch, the son of Russian revolutionary émigrés, became an anarcho-syndicalist shortly before WWI. He went to Russia in February 1919 & was close to the Bolsheviks prior to his arrest.

1927 -- Source=Robert Braunwart American author William Faulkner completes his novel Sartoris.

1930 -- No, Sir?: George Bernard Shaw, author, turns down a peerage.

1930 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Maxwell Anderson verse play "Elizabeth the Queen" premiers, US.

1931 -- Canada: RCMP murder three workers, firing into a coal miners' parade. Biendfait, Saskatchewan; 400 miners & their families clash with police during the strike, in Estevan, Saskatchewan.

1934 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Saturday Evening Post publishes the William Faulkner story "Ambuscade."

Rightwing clowns
1936 -- US: 11 members of the Detroit "Black Legion" convicted for the murder of Charles Poole, a WPA organizer.

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1938 -- Italy: A Monaco di Baviera, di fronte all'espansionismo nazionalista dello stato tedesco, i governi francesi e inglesi accettano la proposta di Mussolini che prevede la annessione dei Sudeti nel reich tedesco e la spartizione tra lo stato ungherese e quello polacco di altre porzioni del territorio cecoslovacco.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1939 -- France: Louis Lecoin is arrested for his part in distributing 100,000 copies of the anti-war leaflet “Immediate Peace.” In the days which follow several signatories suddenly discover their knees are weak & that they have no backbone, & thus disavow the leaflet. Arrestation de Louis Lecoin. Dans les jours qui suivent plusieurs des signataires du tract « Paix immédiate » le désavouent. septembre leaflet distributed on the 12th

Russian Jewish Rebels, WWII
1941 -- Ukraine: Nazi death squad kills 30,000 Jews in Kiev.

1943 -- US: Six war objectors imprisoned at Lewisburg, PA, start a hunger strike against censorship of mail & reading material by prison authorities.

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1943 -- Italy: Badoglio firma a Malta la resa totale (il cosiddetto armistizio lungo in quanto prevede in maniera più dettagliata i termini della resa) nei confronti delle forze anglo-americane.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

fast auto
1946 -- The Adventures of Sam Spade, with Howard Duff playing Spade, becomes a big hit in the Sunday night radio lineup.

 Sam Spade

1946 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The Portable Faulkner is published.

1947 -- Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie presents his first Carnegie Hall concert, NYC. Jazz trumpeter & bandleader, one of the founders of the bebop jazz style.

Dizzy Gillespie poster

1955 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Arthur Miller play "A View From the Bridge" opens, NY (149 performances).

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1960 -- SI dingbat

On the day after the conclusion of the 4th conference of the Situationist International in London, strict measures are announced by the Gaullist government against the first 121 signatories of the Declaration on the Right to Insubordination in the Algerian War, produced & distributed by Maurice Blanchot & Dionys Mascolo.

Guy Debord & Michèle Bernstein co-sign the declaration, which eventually collects 200 signatures.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

SI dingbat

1961 -- France: Publication of La Nuit (The Night), novel by Michèle Bernstein, in Paris.

1962 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Teamster official Edward G. Partin tells the US Justice Department that Jimmy Hoffa is planning to murder Robert Kennedy.

1968 -- This date marks the 30th anniversary of Neville Chamberlain's Munich agreement ceding Czechoslovakia's Sudatenland to Hitler. This action widely seen as a major contributing factor to the devastation of World War II. The domino theory which underlay so much of American action in Vietnam can be seen as a direct response to the failure of international response to the German dictator.
[Source: WholeWorld is Watching]

tiny bullet, animated
1969 -- Vietnam Drop Out buttonUS: US army says it is dropping murder charges against eight Green Berets because of stonewalling by CIA, which ordered the murder in Vietnam. The CIA refused to allow its agents to testify against Colonel Robert Rheault & others for "terminating with extreme prejudice" the life of an alleged Vietnamese double agent.

1969 -- US: Capital Crime? 2,000 welfare protesters take over the state capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin.

1973 -- Poet W. H. Auden dies at 66 in Vienna.

"Leaning out over

The dreadful precipice,

One contemptuous tree."

1976 -- No Gun Control?: Jerry Lee Lewis, while shooting at bottles with a .357 magnum, accidentally hits his bass player, Butch Owens in the chest...then he accidentally shoots him again. Lewis is charged with shooting a firearm within the city limits.

1976 -- anarchistSource=Robert Braunwart John Cage's "Renga" & "Apartment House 1776" premier, Boston Symphony.

victrola icon
1977 -- James Brown's band, complaining that the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business has been underpaying them, walk out on him in Hallendale, Florida.

1979 -- US: 200,000 participate in anti-nuke demonstrations, lower Manhattan, California & 11 other locations around the country.

1979 -- England: The Persons Unknown trial opens this month (I don't have exact date). Ladd jumps bail & does not surrender for three years, when he receives nine years on other charges. Carr, an outsider to anarchism, pleads guilty to anything the police require & is sentenced to nine years. All the others are acquitted. Carr's "confessions" are read out by the judge after the trial when they can no longer be challenged in open court & berates the jury as too sympathetic.

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1982 -- US: Think You Got Headaches? Tylenol scare; a "new" extra-strength pill claims its first victim (from deadly tampering) in Chicago. Hundreds of copy-cat commodity poisonings occur across the US.

1982 -- Lebanon: US Marines land in Lebanon as part of multinational force. To "protect Lebanese US interests."

1983 -- England: Stop the City protests against military-financial complex, London; International arms trade convention prematurely closed by nonviolent activists, Brussels, Belgium.

1985 -- England: More than 200 loot shops in Walworth, South London.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1987 -- US: Defending a fundraising letter attacking the "homosexual lobby" trying to recall him, Evan Mecham is asked for the "true version" of several different explanations about the letter. Says the angry Arizona governor, "Don't ever ask me for a true statement again."

1987 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Admiral John Poindexter resigns his US naval commission because of his involvement in Iran-contra crimes.

1987 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Crooked Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham (R) tells reporters, "Don't ever ask me for a true statement again"

Addams book cover
1988 -- Cartoonist Charles Addams dies.

1988 -- Germany: 80,000 in West Berlin protest International Monetary Fund (IMF) policies, 400 arrested.

1988 -- US: Veteran's Peace Convoy wins lawsuit banning Executive Branch from regulating or prohibiting aid to a foreign country intended to relieve suffering.

1989 -- Check-up?: While taking a motorcycle trip from L.A. to the Grand Canyon, Bruce Springsteen stops in a small saloon in Prescott, Arizona & jams with the house band, The Mile High Band. They play "Don't Be Cruel," "I'm On Fire," "Route 66" & others. One of the barmaids, Brenda Techanec, was talking about her problems paying her hospital bills — & a week later gets a check for $100,000.

1989 -- Zsa Zsa Gabor convicted for slapping Eddie Murphy or some other Beverly Hills Cop.

1990 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Vatican: Catholic Church confirms the discovery of a plot to kill Pope John Paul II.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The GSA says Patriot missiles were 9% effective in shooting down Iraqi Scuds in the Persian Gulf War (Pentagon claimed 100% effectiveness).

1996 -- Source=Robert Braunwart At US insistence, the OSCE formally certifies the Bosnian elections, in spite of massive fraud that apparently changed the outcome.

Reclaim the Streets!
1998 -- Germany: Berlin Street Party; political theme:

Resistance has no vote!

No cars

No cops

Imagine that!, animated

1999 -- US: NY's Beloved & Respected Comrade Censor Hizzoner Rudy Giuliani threatens to revoke city support to the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The Museum is planning to open the British art exhibition "Sensation," which is causing a big stink due to its controversial subject matter. See October 2.

1999 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Associated Press reports evidence of a massacre of civilians by US soldiers in the Korean War.

2001 -- US: The Russian paper Pravda reports:


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2006 -- US: "Renewing the Anarchist Tradition Conference," Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont (29th-1st).

2008 -- Brazil's government is named as the worst illegal logger of the Amazon rainforest.

2009 -- Perú: Former Beloved & Respected Comrade Terrorist President Alberto Fujimori pleads guilty to charges of bribery & spying on his old rivals during his presidency.

2010 -- Tens of thousands of workers across Europe protest & strike against austerity measures being taken by their governments.

Ghostly figure
3000 --
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