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Daily Bleed, October 2: Franklin Rosemont, Louis Laurent, Emma Goldman, Buenaventura Durruti, on this day in recovered history, October 2, anarchist, anarquista, anarchiste, What Happened on this day, surrealist, Penelope Rosemont

Time does not bring relief; you all have lied

Who told me time would ease me of my pain!

— excerpt, "Time Does Not Bring Relief,"
by Edna St. Vincent Millay from Collected Poems


American surrealist poet, radical historian,
anarchist activist, publisher.

England: OLD MAN'S DAY: A 16th Century man's lucky escape from premature internment is still celebrated in Braughing, Herts. It's good to be alive.

Spain: FEAST OF GUARDIAN ANGELS, Bonfire on steps of church, sword dancing, & mock duel with constant interruptions from "Devil Fool" & "Boy Angel." Devil's tail explodes at finale. The girls' skirts are pinned up to reveal panties. Much music & feasting.

344 -- [BC] Aristotle dies of indigestion. Probably gagged on Plato & Socrates, famous authoritarians.

1187 -- Sultan Saladin captures Jerusalem from the Crusaders. Christians are in-sulted.

1461 -- France: Poet François Villon freed from prison. His crime is not known, but is supposed to have been church-robbing. Villon owed his release to a general jail-delivery at the accession of King Louis XI. He killed a priest 6-years previously during a brawl. Villon

"Villon is the very archetype, the poet laureate of 500 years of the counterculture. So clearly does he speak for a way of life that his name has become a common noun & adjective in European languages."

Kenneth Rexroth, Subversive Aspects of Popular Songsçois_Villon

1678 -- General Wu San-kuei invites Manchus to China, dies trying to expel them.

1800 -- US: Nat Turner born. Slave rebellion leader, who led the only effective, sustained slave revolt (August 1831) in US history. Spreading terror throughout the white South, his action set off a new wave of oppressive legislation by whites prohibiting the education, movement, & assembly of slaves.

Sam Adams Beer
1803 -- US: Sam Adams, American patriot brewer dies, Boston.
Beer: Helping Ugly People Have Sex

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-4 forever
American revolutionist, beer brewer.
More truly radical than the current
history textbooks dare allow.

A major leader & activist in the American Revolution, led protest against the Stamp Act, founder of the Sons of Liberty, principal organizer of the Boston Tea Party, member of the Continental Congress, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

1809 -- (Louis-) Charles Delescluze lives. French revolutionary figure involved in the uprisings of 1830 & 1848, & an important leader in the Paris Commune (1871).

1836 -- England: British naturalist Charles Darwin returns to Falmouth, aboard the HMS Beagle, ending a five-year surveying expedition of the southern Atlantic & Pacific oceans.

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1843 -- Kaarlo Bergbom lives. Director of Finnish National Theater, playwright, dramaturgist & director.

1853 -- Austrian law forbids Jews from owning land.

1869 -- Indian independence fighter, pacifist theorist, Mohandas Gandhi lives.

Norton, America's greatest ruler
1869 -- US: Joshua Norton I, "Dei Gratia" Emperor of the United States & Protector of Mexico, He Invents a Better Switch.

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1871 -- Mormon leader Brigham Young arrested for polygamy.

1879 -- Poet Wallace Stevens lives, Reading, Pennsylvania. US poet. Not until late in his life was he read widely or recognized as a major poet. Stevens, drunk at a dinner for the Harvard junior class, recites his class ode & passes out. Didna return for his senior year.

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1883 -- Louis Laurent (1883-1972) lives, Paris. Libertarian militant & revolutionary trade unionist, member of the Revolutionary Anarchist Union & the Anarchist Federation of Languedoc in the 30s. Helped publish various libertarian journals, worked with league of conscientious objectors & the CGT-SR (revolutionary trade union). Helped found Libertarian in 1968.

1890 -- Great Marxist?: Groucho Marx, great film comedian, lives.

"I've worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty."

1898 -- US: Otis J. Rene lives, New Orleans, LA. With his younger brother Leon, he establishes Exclusive & Excelsior Records in L.A. in the 1930's. By the mid-1940's, the brothers are leading independent record producers whose artists include Nat King Cole, Herb Jeffries, & Johnny Otis.

1901 -- Roy Campbell lives. Poet whose vigorous extrovert verse contrasted with the uneasy self-searching of the more prominent socially conscious English poets of the 1930s.

Graham Greene, animated
1904 -- Graham Greene lives. English novelist, short-story writer, playwright, journalist intelligence agent during WWII.

His novels treat life's moral ambiguities in the context of contemporary political settings. Wrote Our Man in Havana, Third Man, Brighton Rock, & one of the best novels of the Vietnam War, The Quiet American.

One of the most widely read novelists of the 20th-century, a superb storyteller. Many of his books have been filmed. A Nobel Prize candidate several times, but never received the award

See: Graham Greene: The Man Within by Michael Shelden (1994). ... /

1910 -- Italy: First two-aircraft collision, Milan.

1920 -- US: Baseballs' only tripleheader of the century (Reds win 2, Pirates win 1).

1921 -- Edmund Crispin lives. British mystery writer, a blend of John Dickson Carr, Michael Innes & Marx Brothers.

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1926 -- Author Jan Morris (originally James Morris) — author of Conundrum — lives, Wales.

Little Rascals
1928 -- Spanky McFarland, actor ("Little Rascals"), lives.

1934 -- US: American Federation of Labor (AFL) takes official stand in support of the six hour day, five day work week.

1934 -- Canada: Emma Goldman delivers a series of eight lectures at Forester's Hall, Toronto, on literary & political topics, including George Bernard Shaw, munitions manufacturers, Russian literature since the revolution, & German literature & the Nazi book-burnings. Emma Goldman, anarchist

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Durruti cartoon
1936 -- Spanish anarquista Buenaventura Durruti interview published in the Toronto Daily Star (or on Aug 5?), where he declares:

e have always lived in slums & holes in the wall. . . We will know how to accommodate ourselves for a time. For, you must not forget, we can also build. It is we the workers who built these palaces & cities, here in Spain & in America & everywhere. We, the workers. We can build others to take their place. & better ones. We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth. There is not the slightest doubt about that. The bourgeoisie might blast & ruin its own world before it leaves the stage of history.

e carry a new world here, in our hearts, & that world is growing in this minute.

Buenaventura Durruti

1936 -- US: Drinks On the House?: First alcohol power plant established, Atchison, Kansas.

1936 -- Spain: The CAMC (Central Anti-Fascist Militias Committee, founded July 21, 1936 in Catalonia) is wound up.

1936 -- Italy: During this month, Il comitato centrale del Partito comunista dichiara di fare proprio "il programma fascista del 1919." Il ceppo comune (socialismo burocratico parolaio) finisce per dare gli stessi frutti (fascismo e comunismo) e gli stessi programmi.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1937 -- Historian David W. McCullough lives, Canonsberg, Pennsylvania. Wrote Brooklyn & How It Got That Way.

1937 -- US: Two showings this evening of the Louis Frank film, "Fury over Spain," in Detroit, Michigan. ... =film%20%22fury%20over%20spain
video icon

1937 -- US: Police raid Denver hotel, arrest Sam Caldwell for possession of two joints.

1939 -- Birdbaths installed in Union Square, San Francisco.

1942 -- Queen Mary slices cruiser Curacao in half, killing 338.

1942 -- Chain Mail?: First self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction demonstrated, Chicago. The nuclear chain reaction is still going... & going... & ...going.

Dancin in the Streets book cover
1943 -- anarchist diamond dingbatMachine Gun Franklin Rosemont (1943-2009) loaded this a.m., armed & dangerous.

Author, poet, editor, primary figure of the Surrealist movement in the US, publisher of Black Swan Press, director of the Chicago publishing house, Charles H. Kerr & Co. Companion of artist Penelope Rosemont.

1944 -- Poland: The 63-day Warsaw revolt against Nazi occupation is finally crushed by German forces, at the cost of 250,000 Polish lives.

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1947 -- US: Ward Churchill lives, radical Native American author & activist.

time; collage by James Koehnline
1956 -- US: Power Lunch? First atomic power clock exhibited, New York City.
"Don't you hear the H-bomb's thunder / Echo like the crack of doom?"

— John Brunner, Scifi author, CND marching song

Collage by SaintMeister James Koehnline

1963 -- US: Dupont Company holds a press conference to introduce Corfam to the public. Yummie!

1966 -- England: Eight arrested for heckling British Prime Minister Harold Wilson in church regarding Vietnam War, Brighton.

1967 -- US: Thurgood Marshall is first African American appointed to Supreme Court.

Across from Sue's old house
1967 -- US: All six members of the Grateful Dead are busted by California narcotics agents for possession of marijuana. It happens at the groups' 710-Ashbury Street House, across the street from where the mother of Nummer One Son, & other Daily Bleed recipients once lived, in Frisco.

After six hours, they are released on bail. Neighbors complain of uniformed riff-raff hanging around, looking suspicious. ...

Military crackdown
1968 -- Mexico City: Tlatelolco Massacre, student demonstration is drowned in blood.

At the Plaza of Three Cultures, some 15,000 students attempt to protest against the army’s occupation of the University.

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1970 -- Coach Fare?: An illegally operated charter plane carrying part of the Wichita State University football team crashes in the Rockies, killing 29, including 13 players & the coach.

1970 -- US: Environmental Protection Agency established.

1970 -- US: Black Panthers come out in public support of the General Motors wildcat strike.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1971 -- Martha?: Homing pigeon averages 133 KPH (record) in 1100-km Australian race.

1973 -- The best of the Bay area's rock talent stage a benefit for a "friend" named Badger. Promoter Bill Graham is ticked because Badger turns out to be a member of the Hell's Angels who needs legal aid. Graham is well-known to be no fan of the outlaw motorcycle gang.

1976 -- John Belushi comes out during the second verse of Joe Cocker's rendition of "Feeling Alright" on TV's "Saturday Night Live." Belushi performs his exaggeratedly spastic imitation of Cocker. The crowd goes nuts & Cocker, familiar with Belushi's "tribute" to him, claims that so long as his band likes it,

"I'm as happy as a pig in shit."

1977 -- After a month of numerous attempts to steal the body of Elvis Presley from Forest Hill Cemetery, both Presley's & his grandmother's bodies are moved to Graceland.

1985 -- US: National Center of Health reports the suicide rate on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming is almost 20 times higher than the national average.

1985 -- "The Rock" dies of AIDS. Shirley (wife of Pat) rushes into his home, grabs his legs & speaks in tongues for a half hour in a futile effort to resurrect him.

1986 -- US: Congress overrides Reagan's veto & passes South African sanctions. This is a culmination of efforts by Trans-Africa's Randall Robinson, Rep. Mickey Leland & others, begun almost two years earlier with Robinson's arrest in front of the South African Embassy in Washington, DC.

1986 -- "Jump Start" premiers in 40 newspapers in the US. The comic strip creation of 26-year-old Robb Armstrong, the youngest African-American to have a syndicated comic strip. He follows in the footsteps of Morrie Turner, the creator of "Wee Pals," the first African-American syndicated comic strip.

2 George Bushes, animated
1987 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader George Bush continues his loose-lipped trek across Europe, telling a Brussels audience Soviet tanks are so well built that the mechanics should be sent to Detroit "because we could use that kind of ability."

1990 -- Germany: Radio Berlin International's final transmission (links to Deutsche Welles of West Germany); final song is "The End" by the Doors.

R. Cobb: You talk like a commie?
1990 -- US: 30 protesters delay old-growth tree cutting on sacred Mount Graham, Arizona; seven arrested.

1990 -- US: Radical psychoanalytic critic & philosopher Norman O. Brown dies, Santa Cruz, California.

1991 -- Henry Le Fèvre dies. French vegetarian, pacifist, anarchist, & publisher of Le Néo Naturien, «revue des idées philosophiques etnaturiennes». See the Anarchist Encyclopedia,

@ tableing
1992 -- US: Bloomington, Indiana, Midwest anarchist gathering.

1998 -- México: 200,000 commemorate the victims of the 1968 México City massacre, when students, workers & supporters were slaughtered wholesale in October, in La Noche de Tlatelolco.

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1999 -- US: The controversial art show "Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection" opens at the Brooklyn Museum of Art & causes a big stink. The show includes Chris Ofili's "The Holy Virgin Mary" fashioned with some elephant dung.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Mayor "Is This A Photo Op?" Rudy Giuliani withholds the museum's monthly city subsidy & starts eviction proceedings.

On November 1, 1999, US District Judge Nina Gershon rules that Hizzoner Photo Op has no right to cut off subsidies to the Brooklyn Museum of Art for displaying art that he opposes.

Alan Franklin, The Layabouts
2001 -- "When the Layabouts play, people dance!"

US: The Layabouts play, Rock Against Profiling!
video iconThe Layabouts (Detroit): B-Movie

2004 -- Italy: Enzo Santarelli dies. L’historien marxiste de l’anarchisme italien.

2004 -- US: Books Against Borders: St. Louis Independent Bookfair. Free, all-day celebration & exhibition.

IWW Starbucks Workers Union logo with Black Cat
2007 -- US: IWW Starbucks Workers Union baristas at the Wealthy St.(!) Starbucks in East Grand Rapids, Michigan win their grievances against the world's largest coffee chain. Starbucks, notorious for poor treatment of workers, chooses to settle after the NLRB nails them for anti-labor violations.

2010 -- France: Millions demonstrate on the streets for a third day in more than 200 protests against Beloved & Respected Comrade President Sarkozy's plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.

3000 --

"[Governments] have no money except what they take from men like you & me."

— Graham Greene, Our Man in Havana


"Despair is the price one pays for setting oneself an impossible aim. It is, one is told, the unforgivable sin, but it is a sin the corrupt or evil man never practices. He always has hope. He never reaches the freezing-point of knowing absolute failure. Only the man of goodwill carries always in his heart this capacity for damnation."

— Graham Greene

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