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Daily Bleed: Armando Borghi, Francisco Ferrer, Harry Kelly, Voltairine de Cleyre, Leonard Abbott, Frank Abarno & Carmine Carbone; anarchist, anarquista, anarchiste, What Happened on this day, in recovered history October 13

Holding the razorblade my arms became severed & fell off. Looking closer I see how cold & pale they are as if seriously threatened by something. Confronted with this I stood my pair of lost arms up as candlesticks to ornament my room with. The arms are dead but seem to show all the more nothing but fear of me. Such frail etiquette I consider more lovely than any flower basin.

— Yi Sang, Poem no. XIII

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-2004
Korean dadaist, rakehell, liberationist, political radical.


Qawwali singer, mystical Sufi seeker of the "stateless state" of Enlightenment.

Thailand: FLOATING OF LAMPS honors footprint left by Buddha on a riverbank.

Roman FEAST OF FONTANALIA, celebrating good water (if you can find any).


-47 -- [BC]Source=Robert Braunwart The 445-day "Year of Confusion" begins in Roma (Oct. 11 NS). (This is the longest calendar year in recorded history). Not like modern times, where all confusion is replaced with corporate solutions.

54 -- Rome: Roman Emperor Claudius I dies from mushrooms; the 4th emperor, poisoned by his niece/wife. ("When in Rome do like the Romans..." — Tom Lehrer).

Robert Graves wrote an interesting essay, "New Light on an Old Murder," in the book Food for Centaurs. I'm not sure if it's still in print.

— Bleedster Lewis H.

planet earth
1601 -- Tycho Brahe, greatest naked-eye observer, dies in Prague.

1724 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Published in pamphlet form, the last of Jonathan Swift's seven "Drapier's Letters" is issued.'s_Letters

1754 -- New Old World: American revolutionary supporter Molly Pitcher lives.

1766 -- England: A mob of over a thousand rise in Great Colton, Warwickshire, against bread price rises. They split into flying squads 300 strong & traverse the country, enforcing prices & fighting the soldiery in Kidderminster, Birmingham, Alcester & Stratford.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1792 -- US: Cornerstone is laid for the "President's Palace" (later known as the White House).

1805 -- US: Palouse tribe meets Lewis & Clark where the Palouse River enters the Snake.

1812 -- US: Attempt to invade Canada is unsuccessful as General Stephen Van Rensselaer fails to persuade militia under his command to cross the border; instead, they calmly watch as a small detachment of regulars which entered Canada is shot down & forced to surrender.

1831 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Riots occur at the Park Theater when English actor Joshua Anderson, who had strongly criticized the US, makes his appearance on stage.

1853 -- Lillie Langtry, vaudevillian actress, lives.

1855 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nicaragua: US filibuster William Walker captures Granada, the capital. Appoints himself Prez.

1856 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nicaragua: US filibuster William Walker recaptures Granada from the Guatemalans.

Walker launched several expeditions into Latin America. For a time he ruled Nicaragua (the country became known as "Walkeragua) & was recognized by the US following his fraudulent "election". Walker restored the grand institution of slavery as part of his scheme to create a slave-holding empire in Latin America. Eventually forced to return to the US, then back for more, in 1860 he was captured, tried & executed in Honduras.

1862 -- Germany: Bismarck delivers his "blood-&-iron" speech.

1883 -- Finnish actor, adventurer & writer Aarne Orjatsalo lives. After a stormy life as an actor, dies in the US.

1890 -- Novelist Conrad Richter lives, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Wrote The Sea of Grass; The Trees. Gets 1950 Pulitzer Prize for The Town.

1897 -- US: A well-attended event to raise money for the imprisoned editors of the anarchist Firebrand is held in Chicago. Speakers include Max Baginski, aka Lucy Ella Gonzales ParsonsLucy Parsons, Moses Harman, & Emma Goldman, who is on a speaking tour. Emma speaks to the Lucifer Circle on the theme of "Prostitution: Its Causes & Cure" & on "Free Love."

book dingbat
1902 -- Prolific poet, librarian, & author of historical & juvenile fiction Arna Bontemps lives, Alexandria, La. Among his best-known works are God Sends Sunday & Black Thunder, the juvenile books We Have Tomorrow & The Story of the Negro, & American Negro Poetry, which he edited.

1902 -- Italy: Ennesima repressione di una manifestazione antifiscale a Giarratana (Ragusa) : due morti e circa cinquanta feriti.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1902 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Moose Teddy Roosevelt threatens to work the coal mines with federal troops if a strike does not end. Roosevelt was a mouthpiece for powerful company interests.

"The worst foe of the poor man is the labor leader...who tries to teach him he is a victim of conspiracy & injustice."

— Teddy Roosevelt

See William Cahn, Lawrence 1912: The Bread & Roses Strike, p88

Stranger & Alone, book cover
1906 -- J. Saunders Redding lives, Wilmington, Del. Literary & social critic & author of non-fiction works on the African-American experience, such as Make a Poet Black, On Being Negro in America, & Cavalcade: Negro American Writing from 1760 to the Present.

1909 -- Francisco Ferrer, founder of the "Modern School" movement, anarquista, murdered in Spain by the Catholic Monarchists.

Murder of Ferrer, illustration by Flavio Costantini

Educator, rationalist & founder of the public school, "the escuela moderna," free of (& opposed to) the influence of State, religion & dogmas.

The Catholic church, monopolizing "education " in Spain, hated Ferrer. An anarchist militant & free-thinker, he was blamed for the upheavals during the "Tragic Week" in July in Barcelona (though he was not there).

Massive demonstrations took place in Europe protesting his execution, warning that Francisco Ferrer would be avenged, with denunciations of the church & assurances his work would be continued.

Escuela Moderna cover; source:

On July 28, martial law was declared throughout Spain, & a brutal military suppression continued until September. Anyone deemed dangerous to the government was jailed.

Francisco Ferrer was found late in September & thrown in the dreaded fortress of Montjuich in Barcelona. A hurried trial ensued, in which he was accused of fomenting the insurrection. Ferrer had very little, if anything, to do with the uprising, but false evidence & forced confessions were produced. The government also believed Ferrer had instigated the assassination attempt on the king in 1906 & wanted revenge.

Francisco Ferrer was put to death by firing squad on October 13, 1909. Because Ferrer was well-known internationally, his execution caused a sensation throughout North America & Western Europe. In Great Britain, George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle protested with Peter Kropotkin & other anarchists. Ferrer became a martyr for free thought &, with his execution, one of the most famous of Spanish anarchists.

1909 -- In capitals throughout Europe demonstrations are held protesting the execution of Francisco Ferrer. Violent confrontations between protesters & the police occur in Paris, where over 500,000 people turned out. In Argentina, a meeting improvised by the F.O.R.A. (the anarchist Federation Obrera Regional Argentina) brings out 20,000 workers & results in a General Strike which begins tomorrow & lasts until October 17.

1909 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Nicaragua: US consul reports United Fruit Co. troops & two US cruisers have taken over Nicaragua's Atlantic ports in aid of rebels.

1910 -- American jazz great Art Tatum lives.

1910 -- Novelist & screenwriter Ernest K. Gann, lives, Lincoln, Nebraska. Gann served in the Army Air Force, Air Transport Commandduring WWII. Began writing novels in 1944, about flying. Five were made into films, including Island in the Sky (1944), Fiddler's Green (1950, filmed as The Raging Tide in 1951), Soldier of Fortune (1954), & Twilight for the Gods (1958).

Red rose
1911 -- US: Commemoration of the second anniversary of the death of Francisco Ferrer, New York City.

... show details

1911 -- Italy: Trooper Augusto Masetti fires a gunshot at his colonel on the parade ground of the Cialdini barracks, in Bologna, while shouting out 'Down with the war! Long live Anarchy!' in protest of the war in Libya.

... show details

1914 -- US: Bombs are planted in St. Patrick's Cathedral & the Church of St. Alphonsus on this day, the five year anniversary of the execution of Francisco Ferrer. Frank Abarno & Carmine Carbone, members of the Italian anarchist Gruppo Gaetano Bresci, are arrested & accused of conspiracy on March 2, 1915, & sentenced to 6-12 years prison on April 9th. anarchy

Anti-radical sentiment gripped the city & they were sentenced to 6 to 12 years on April 9, 1915, in a prelude to 1918 when the government & press whipped up an anti-radical hysteria following America's entry into the war. Emma Goldman helps raise money for their defense fund.

(See, "Radical Educators in New York City, 1909-1915" by Reid Friedson)

Big Beer
1915 -- England: In London, buying rounds of drinks is prohibited in an effort to reduce drunkenness. People who offer to buy others drinks face a Ł100 fine or six months in jail ... Ministers claim that excessive drinking by shipbuilders is detrimental to Britain's rearmament.

1921 -- Sweden: Second socialist government formed by Social Democratic Party. As (F)Red, resident Ayn Randyist & expert on velvet art, loves to tell us, all socialist governments go communist.

Lenny Bruce
1925 -- Lenny Bruce, standup comic, social rebel, hounded to death by cops for using such words as fuck & cocksucker on stage, lives. Of course the "Jackie Hauling Ass" bit wasn't so funny to the all-Catholic jury he faced in Chicago.

Imprisoned on obscenity charges & refused permission to enter Britain, his show was banned both in England & in Australia. Nightclub owners, fearing police harassment, began refusing to book him & his career collapsed. See his autobiography How to Talk Dirty & Influence People, & also Bob Fosse's award-winning film Lenny (1974).

"When you can't say 'fuck,' you can't say 'fuck the government.'"

1925 -- Garland Anderson's "Appearances" opens at the Frolic Theatre. The first full-length play by an African-American on Broadway.

1929 --
"Mean Low Blues," Blues Birdhead (James Simons), 10/13/29      

"One of every 20 residents of New York is a Negro," wrote Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. in 1935.

"There are about 300,000 black, brown & yellow folk. One-half are not working, the other half is existing on the crumbs from the table."

Evoking the rural South & the dislocation felt by many who left it for Northern cities, Blues Birdhead waxed "Mean Low Blues" in Richmond, Virginia, before the Depression. Whether the obscure harp player's fortunes would have improved had he joined the 1930's flood of New York-bound migrants is another matter.

— Mark Humphrey, "The Great Depression: American Music in the '30s"
See also

1934 -- US: AFL votes to boycott all German-made products as a protest against Nazi antagonism to organized labor within Germany.

1934 -- France: First issue of the Conquest of Bread appears, as a libertarian review open to all the tendencies of anarchism.Managed by Émile Bidault (1869-1938), a French anarchiste & organizer of the "League of the Antipatriots," who previously edited La Brochure mensuelle.

1934 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Saturday Evening Post publishes the William Faulkner story "Retreat."

1937 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Spain: Spanish Loyalists & Canada's Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion begin an assault on Fuentes de Ebro.

1942 -- Songster Paul Simon lives.

1943 -- US: Poet Robert Lowell, Jr., a conscientious objector (CO), is sentenced to a prison term of a year & a day for draft evasion.

Shocked & dismayed by the Allied firebombing of civilians in German cities like Dresden, Lowell declared himself at this time a conscientious objector. He served for several months in jail (his experiences form the basis of Memories of West Street & Lepke.

1947 -- anarchiste diamond dingbat; anarquista; new entry, remove 2008 Chile: Lota mine-worker strike occurs during this month.

... show details

1948 -- Pakistan: Sufi qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan lives (1948-1997), Lyallpur. In 1995, he collaborated with Eddie Vedder on the soundtrack to Dead Man Walking.

SI dingbat
1952 -- France: Second projection of Howls for Sade in Paris.
[International Situationist Resources]

1953 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Four bodies of aliens are allegedly recovered from a UFO, Dutton, Montana. Big Sky country indeed!

1954 -- US Air Force orders production of the first supersonic bomber.

Gary Snyder, anarchist
1955 -- During this month (I don't have exact day) Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder (Zen anarchist poet) & John Montgomery climb the 12,000 foot high Matterhorn mountain in the Sierra Nevada chain.

1957 -- Source=Robert Braunwart China: Beloved & Respected Comrade Dictator Mao gives his speech "Have Firm Faith in the Majority of the People."

1960 -- Sean O'Casey's play "Drums Under the Window" has it’s world premiere at the Cherry Lane theatre in NY & runs for 110 performances.

Maya Deren
1961 -- Film visionary Maya Deren dies, Queens, New York. "She is the mother of us all" — Stan Brakhage.

"I make my pictures for what Hollywood spends on lipstick."

1962 -- Source=Robert Braunwart "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" opens on Broadway, with Uta Hagen (by Edward Albee; 664 performances).

1962 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaVenezuela: On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of the execution by firing-squad of Francisco Ferrer, the first of what might be considered the current run of Spanish libertarian youth paper 'Ruta', long published in exile, sees again the light of day.

1963 -- Beatles at London Palladium shown on tv; media discovers Beatlemania.

Janet McCloud; source: //sapadawn
1965 -- US: 19 Indian women & children attacked by agents of the State of Washington at Frank's Landing on the Nisqually River during Fish-Ins. Janet McCloud, a Tulalip activist, is arrested & jailed until trial.

1966 -- Morning Glory & Indian Head Band open at the Western Front Dance Academy club at Polk & O'Farrell in San Francisco.

(F)red is Safe
1967 -- Vietnam: Two Marines killed, 21 wounded when a US Marine fighter mistakenly dropped bombs on them near Conthien, South Vietnam.

... show details

1970 -- US: Angela Davis, 26, a former faculty member at the University of California, Los Angeles, black militant, & self-proclaimed Communist, is arrested in NY City in connection with a shootout in a San Raphael, California, courtroom six days before.

... show details

1970 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Chile: CIA pays Chilean military plotter Viaux $20,000 to assassinate Allende.

1972 -- Uruguay-to-Chile plane crashes in Andes Mountain, (23 December rescue.)

... show details

1972 -- US: Why the Rush? Burns Paiute Indian Colony Reservation is established in Oregon; land for the reservation was allotted in 1897.

1977 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Majorca: Four Palestinian terrorists hijack a Lufthansa jetliner, Palma de Majorca. They demand the release of "our comrades in German prisons," which would include the Baader-Meinhof gang: "We are fighting against the imperialist organizations of the world."

1978 -- US: James Earl Ray, assassin of Martin Luther King weds Anna Sandhu. The giddy groom giggles, "We're going to Disneyland!", as he was led away in chains.

1978 -- Third day in a row, Sid Vicious (former Sex Pistol band member) kills girlfriend Nancy. She just won't stay down, & he just doesn't know when to quit? History as it happens — historians agree it happened, but not which day.

1980 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, architect & human-rights activist imprisoned & tortured in Argentina, wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

1983 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Grenada: A power struggle begins, to overthrow Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. US/CIA destabilization tactics began soon after Bishop formed a leftist government. A mercenary coup results in Bishop's murder on the 19th; US military forces quickly invade on the 25th to install a pro-American regime.

... show details

Alice Neel at home
1984 -- Artist Alice Neel dies.

1984 -- US: Meant for Me & You?: Demonstrators in San Francisco protest testing of weapons, lethal chemicals & biological substances on live animals.

1987 -- US: About 800 arrested in Washington, D.C. in "Out & Outraged" action blockading the US Supreme Court on the anniversary of a decision upholding the constitutionality of anti-sodomy laws.

1987 -- First military use of trained dolphins (US Navy in the Persian Gulf).

1988 -- Shroud of Turin, alleged burial cloth of Jesus Christ, declared a fake. "Not a ghost of a chance," claim the experts.

Anastasio Cardinal Ballestrero, archbishop of Turin, announces the Shroud, revered by many as the cloth covering the body of Jesus after the crucifixion, dates only from the 13th century. It had first come to the attention of the Roman Catholic Church in the mid-14th century. Determination was made by radiocarbon dating. Ballestrero said the church never claimed the shroud was a holy relic, but because of the image on the cloth, it would continue to be regarded with veneration...Those Who Want to Believe are not considered crazy.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Michael Ondaatje, Canada, wins Booker Prize for The English Patient; Barry Unsworth wins for Sacred Hunger.

1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Japanese novelist Kenzaburo Oe wins the Nobel Prize for literature.

1995 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Demi Moore movie "The Scarlet Letter" opens, US. Supposedly based on the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel, with a Hollywood ending (everyone lives happily ever after).

1997 -- Outer Space: Lots of Atmosphere? After years of international protest, the US launches 72 pounds of plutonium aboard the interplanetary space probe Cassini. The launch is, thankfully, uneventful.

1997 -- The ARMAGEDDONIA ANARCHISTS created today & they begin competing in the "Cosmic Underleague" during the 1998 baseball season. The anarchist players consist of men & women who participate within the anarchist social & political movements of the 19th & 20th Centuries.

Casey at bat
The dream of a stateless society, devoid of any authority...

The anarchist movement believes the demolition of the patriarchal/matriarchal system of authority is necessary to set things right. Abolish government, abolish private property, & let individuals live according to their own self-imposed, freely arranged moral codes. Bakunin claimed religion & government were the eternal enemies of freedom. Kropotkin advocated the destruction of all government & the liberation of the worker from the employer. Proudhon, an early "father" of modern anarchism claimed: La propriete c'est le vol ("property is theft").

Armageddonia Anarchist Roster logo

  • Pitchers: Ba "Humbug" Jin , "Big Mike" Bakunin, Ulrike Heider, Joey Hill, Pete "Petie" Kropotkin, Ricky "Floors" Magón, Nestor "Bird" Makhno, "Petie-Joe" Proudhon

    "Whoever lays his glove on me is a tyrant..."

    "To Govern the Basepaths is to be ...


  • Fielders: Alex "The Assassin" Berkman (center), Marie Louise "Bernie" Berneri (shortstop), Murray "Anarchos" Bookchin (Catcher), Voltairine "Juice" de Cleyre (Catcher/Infield), Sammy "Whiner" Dolgoff (First), Buenaventura "Lucky" Durruti (Infield), Liz Gurley Flynn (Outfield), "Red" Emma Goldman, "Big Bill" Haywood (Outfield), Errico "Rico" Malatesta (Outfield), Nicky "Nick'em" Sacco (Third) & Bart Vanzetti (Second).

  • Staff: Élisée "Clu" Reclus (Field Manager), Louise "Looey" Michel (Coach), Al "Preacher" Parsons (Coach), Dana "Mad Dog" Ward (Coach), Giuseppe "Fanny" Fanelli (General Manager)

  • Nike, proud sponsor of sweatshops!; source:
    1997 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Vietnam: A Nike plant in Hanoi is fined $5,000 for producing 51 rubber dildos.

    1999 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Guatemala: Workers at a Del Monte subsidiary are forced to quit their jobs at gunpoint in order to prevent a strike, Izabel.

    2003 -- Israeli & US officials have admitted collaborating to deploy US-supplied Harpoon cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads in Israel's fleet of Dolphin-class submarines, giving the Middle East's only nuclear power the ability to strike at any of its Arab Israel announced that states 'harboring terrorists' are legitimate targets.

    "The Observer," London & Jerusalem, Oct 13, 2003, Page 1

    2008 -- Paul Krugman wins the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics. Author of some 20 books, he also writes the New York Times blog "The Conscience of a Liberal". Tomorrow some Wikipedia Bandit kills Krugman for a few hours. Other critics claim his column is partisan.... Go figure.

    Jewish Heritage Stamp
    3000 --

    Talked dirty, influenced many. Daily Bleed Saint 1998.


    "They beat the crap outta me but I proved I was a man. They kept beating me but I didn't give them no names."

    ("What names schmuck, you were arrested for exposing yourself.")

    3500 --

    Lenny Bruce:

    "(My friend) Carmelo's mother was the manicurist & town whore. The symbols of my childhood are gone — what a shame! — the country doctor, the town whore, village idiot, the drunken family from the wrong side of the tracks have been replaced with the communist, the junkie, the faggot, & the beatnik."

    "When I got divorced a couple of major magazines asked me, five years later, the dumb question:

    "What happened to your marriage?"

    "What happened to my marriage? It was broken up by my mother-in-law."

    & the reporter laughed: "Mother-in-law ha ha ha. What happened?"

    "My wife came home from work early & she found us in bed together."

    "In bed — that's perverse!"

    "Why? It was her mother not mine."

    Numerous links to Lenny Bruce in Surf's Up section of our page at:
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