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Major French philosopher of our day,
conceptual historian of knowledge, madness,
prisons, sexuality, selfhood. Biker Dude.

A good day for GATHERING HONEY, according to Mayan chronological estimation.


Saragossa, Spain: PARADE OF THE GIANTS (20-30 feet high) & Dwarves (man-sized, with enormous heads), with Moorish dances & fireworks.


NATIONAL GROUCH DAY — What!!*&#! We need a day?

River View Paradise: No grouches allowed!


70 -- [BC] Virgil lives.

"Do not trust the horse, Trojans.
Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks
even when they bring gifts."

Roman poet, best known for Aenid (unfinished), modeled on Homer's epics, Iliad & Odyssey. Depicts Aeneas's homeseeking & his war to found a city. The archetypal character is often the model of Western heroes, as in the books of Owen Wister & Louis L'Amour.
Dante adopted themes from him for his epic poem The Divine Comedy, where Virgil acts as the guide through the Inferno & Purgatory.

1485 -- The first printed edition of the Former Prophets with Kimhi's commentary
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

Blinkin bowling pins, animated
1520 -- England: Spare Me? King Henry VIII orders bowling lanes at Whitehall.

book icon
1686 -- Bit Wiggy? Poet, bookseller, & Edinburgh wigmaker Allan Ramsay lives, Leadhills, Lanarkshire. Scottish poet/literary antiquary who helps preserve national poetic traditions by writing Scots poetry. Wrote pastoral drama The Gentle Shepherd, & started Scotland's first lending library.
Gave up wig-making for bookselling.

1764 -- Ruined for Life?: Young Edward Gibbon sits musing amid the ruins of the Capitol in Rome when the idea of writing History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire first occurs to him.

1785 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Canada: Lt. George Wynyard sees an apparition of his brother in Nova Scotia at the time his brother is dying in India (famous ghost story).

1794 -- Source=Robert Braunwart France: Committee of General Safety frees Citizen de Sade from French prison. No Sadist he, he quits his cell.

1814 -- Mikhail Lermontov, Russian author, lives. (3 October — New Time 15 Oct).

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1815 -- Four months after suffering a final defeat against an allied force under the Duke of Wellington, Napoleon Bonaparte lands on the remote island of St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, where he spent the rest of his life in exile.

1831 -- Remarkable British travel writer, Isabella Lucy Bell Bishop lives.

Mikhail Bakunin
1842 -- During this month Michael Bakunin's Reaction in Germany is published under the pseudonym of Jules Elysard.
[I don't have exact place or date, though he moved to Dresden, Germany, about this time & was involved with Arnold Ruge in publishing "Deutsche Jahrbücher." — ed.]
[Source, Bakunin Timeline]

1844 -- Friedrich Nietzsche lives, near Lutzen, Saxony. German philosopher/poet, wrote Thus Spake Zarathustra.

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, 1998 Daily Bleed Sweetheart

"One must have chaos within oneself, if one is to be a dancing star."

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Beardless Abe
1860 -- US: Put a New Face on Things? 11-year-old Grace Bedell writes to soon-to-be-Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Abe Lincoln, tells him to grow a beard.

1881 -- Humorist P.G. Wodehouse, author of the Jeeves stories, lives. Spending half of each year in New York, Max Eastman dubs him "the only man living who speaks with equal fluency the American & English languages."

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1884 -- Stephen Mac Say lives. French anarchiste militant, professor, bee-keeper.

Stephen Mac Say founded, with his life-long partner Marie-Adele Anciauxaka Mary Smiles, the libertarian school at Sébastien Faure's colony "La Ruche." Additionally, he wrote for L'en dehors, Le libertaire, Les Temps nouveaux, etc., & was a contributor to SebastianSébastien Faure's l'Encyclopédie AnarchisteAnarchist Encyclopedia.

A great nature & animal lover, he opposed vivisection. Mac Say's writings include L'école laïque contre l'enfant; De Fourier à Godin; Les bêtes proches de l'homme, & Propos sans égards.

1891 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Novelist Robert Tressell (aka Robert Noonan) marries Elizabeth Hartel, Cape Town. Tressell wrote The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist.

They were the enemy — those ragged-trousered philanthropists, who not only quietly submitted like so many cattle to their miserable slavery...

Sound Icon

1892 -- US: Nothing to Crow About? The 1.8 million acres of Crow Indian Reservation in Montana is opened to white settlers by proclamation issued by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Harrison.

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1893 -- Saunders Lewis lives (d.1985), Wales. Poet, dramatist, historian, literary critic, political activist & Nobel nominee for literature.

1896 -- France: Célestin Freinet lives. Anarchiste pedagogist & founder of the Coopérative de l'Enseignement Laïc (C.E.L), The Co-operative Institute of the Modern School (1948) & author of The French Modern School. Influenced the Spanish artist Ramón Acin, who founded an art school based on the ideas of Francisco Ferrer & Freinet. His partner Elise was also a militant educator, who carried on his work following his death.

1897 -- Stephen Crane & Joseph Conrad lunch together, begin famous friendship.

In the desert I saw a creature, naked, bestial. Who, squatting upon the ground, held his heart in his hands, & ate of it.

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André Prudhommeaux, anarchiste
1902 -- France: André Prudhommeaux lives, at the phalanstery known as Prunier (founded by Jean-Baptiste Godin). An early communist who became an anarchist & founded a bookshop in Paris specializing in social history — & the scene of many lively debates.

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1902 -- Amparo Poch y Gascon lives (1902-1968), Saragossa (Aragon). Spanish anarquista feminist, propagandist for sexual freedom.

Amparo Poch y Gascon, anarquista / anarchist

Studied sociology & medicine. Worked with women's education & in 1936, with Mercedes Comaposada & Lucia Sanchez, she founded Mujeres Libres (Free Women) which publishes, from May 1936, a review of the same name. Wrote for many libertarian publications, & after the revolution in Spain worked with Spanish refugees in the French concentration camps.

See Antonina Rodrigo, Amparo Poch y Gascon: Testos de una medi

1904 -- Italy: Oreste Lucchesi dies. He has been in prison since 1895 for assassinating the editor of "Il Telegrafo," whose articles resulted in the repression & arrest of numerous anarchists.

1905 -- C. P. Snow, novelist, scientist, & originator of the "Two Cultures" controversy, lives, Leicester, England.

1905 -- US: First appearance of McKay's newspaper strip, "Little Nemo in Slumberland."

Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist
1907 -- US: Mid-October, the anarchist Emma Goldman evades US immigration authorities by entering New York via Montreal.

1908 -- Economist John Kenneth Galbraith lives, Ontario, Canada.

Stanley, cyber boxing
1910 -- "'Round 'Bout Midnight"?: Stanley "Midnight Assassin" Ketchel, heavyweight boxing champ, shot & killed.

1911 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman begins a series (October 15-December 10) of Sunday afternoon & evening lectures in Yiddish & English to residents of New York City's Lower East Side.

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1914 -- US: Clayton Antitrust Act passes, strengthening federal anti-monopoly powers, exempting unions & focusing on business abuses which the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 failed to do.

1915 -- US: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Free Speech fight in Fresno, California. IWW bug

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1917 -- France: Hari Krishna? Famous sex-spy Mata Hari (Gertrude Zella) executed near Paris.

1919 -- Russia: Soviets ban giving Christian names to children.

1919 -- Source=Robert Braunwart First sci-fi magazine, Thrill Book, publishes its final issue.

The God Father
1920 -- Mario Puzo, The Godfather novelist, lives.

Malatesta, anarchist
1920 -- Italy: Errico Malatesta, anarchist militant/writer, is arrested. He is held responsible, along with Armando Borghi, for the worker occupations of the factories in Milan during this past summer & in September.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1920 -- Russia:

anarchist diamond; anarquistaLes makhnovistes et les bolcheviques signent un accord de collaboration contre les troupes du général Wrangel.

1920 -- Spain: Ernest Queraltó, "El pintor" (The painter), dies. An old member of the band of Köenning. Queraltó indexed; 15 de octubre apareció muerto miembro de la banda de Köenning

1923 -- Italian cyber-fabulist Italo Calvino lives. His whimsical & imaginative fables make him one of the most important Italian fiction writers of the 20th century.

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1925 -- anarchist diamond dingbatJapan: Daijiro Furuta (1900-1925) executed. Refusing to appeal, he is hanged. Member of the Guillotine Society (Girochin Sha), an anarchist terrorist group. FURUTA Jaijirö Born le1er January 1900 in Tôkyô. After having obtained its diploma of secondary studies, it enters to the university of Waseda. It adheres to "Shakaishugi Dantai Minjin Dömeikai" (Popular Federation of the Socialist Groups) in 1919 that it leaves in the summer 1921. It joined the anarchistic movement gradually & organizes with Yoshinaga Watanabe & Arata Nagahsima in the department of Saitama the country movement of Hasuda. It creates with his two friends "Kosakunin Kai" (Company of the Small farmers) & a newspaper entitled "Kosakunin" (Small farmers) in order to allow the development of it. In spite of their efforts, the results are disappointing. During these many activities, it meets Tetsu Nakahama, little time before the dissolution of the organization in June 1922. It launches out with his friends in the armed action & creates "Girochin Sha" (Company of the Guillotine) & prepares attacks against the Prince of England (at the time of his visit in Japan) & the Regent of Japan which ensures the responsibilities for the Emperor. It plunders banks to finance its activities. It kills an employee during an attack of bank with Tôkyô.Il takes part in the attack against the General Masatorö Fukada. It is stopped with Genjirôp Muraki on September 10, 1924 in Tôkyô in the house which is used to him as refuge. It is considered on September 10, 1925 & is condemned to death. It dies hung on October 15, 1925, refusing to appeal.

1926 -- France: Harley-Semiotic?: French biker-philosopher Michel Foucault lives, Poitiers. Conceptual historian of madness, prisons, sexuality, identity politics.

A letter to Ann Landers from "Housewife from Maine" asked about oral sex: "Does it mean they just talk about it?," she wanted to know, or was something more involved?

"Housewife from Maine" was righter than she knew: sexuality is "oral" in our culture, in the precise sense that it is continually being channeled into discourse... Foucault's endeavor is to make us aware how limited our imaginations really are, especially when it comes to sexuality. As Deleuze says, paraphrasing Spinoza, we still do not know what our bodies can do. Even our wildest s&m fantasies are all too often trite & formulaic. Thus Foucault ultimately concludes that,

"Sex is boring."

Emma Goldman, Spain 1936
1926 -- Canada: Emma Goldman arrives by ship, to lecture; proximity rekindles her hope for readmission to the US, where she grew up, but has been banished from the "Land of the Free." Shortly after Emma's arrival, Leon Malmed, a long-time anarchist friend from Albany, N.Y., visits & they become lovers.

1926 -- Japan: Nakahama Tetsu (aka Tomioka Makoto) executed for various anti-government acts, including a plan to assassinate Prince Hirohito. Member of the Guillotine Society (Girochin Sha), an anarchist terrorist group.

1933 -- US: American liberal Mabel Carver Crouch, during this month, begins working furiously for Emma Goldman's readmission to the "Land of the Free" US, organizing a committee & soliciting the help of lawyers & others with contacts in the new administration in Washington, DC. Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1936 --
"Detroit Moan" Victoria Spivey & the Chicago Four, 10/15/36

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Harthouse, ANARChic poster from 1993; source
1937 -- One time New Christy Minstrels member, gravelly voiced singer of "Eve of Destruction," Barry McGuire lives.

One of the things that set them apart from the other folk groups of their time was the concept of signing new players, like all pro-sports teams. New blood was always being added to the group, while seasoned musicians went off to make careers of their own. Famed alumni include: Kenny Rogers, The "First Edition," Karen Black, John Denver, Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark, Kim Carnes & many, many more.

1937 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Ernest Hemingway novel To Have & Have Not is published.

1938 -- Fela Anikulapo-Kuti lives (d.1997). Daily Bleed Patron Saint December 6, 2007
Nigerian rock star, pot & AIDS activist, culture hero.

Multi-instrumentalist musician & composer, pioneer of Afrobeat music, human rights activist, & political maverick.

1940 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Charlie Chaplin's first talkie film, The Great Dictator, is released.

1945 -- France: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Pierre Laval, puppet prime minister of Nazi-occupied Vichy France, is executed for treason.

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1946 -- German Nazi leader Hermann Goering suicides.

1946 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Escape on Venus is published.

1956 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Bobby Fischer defeats D. Byrne in a chess "game of the century."

Mao: Here's a good joke! What about Workers' Control?!
1957 -- Russia: A secret Chinese-Soviet agreement concerning the manufacture of atomic weapons in China is signed in Moscow.
Source: [K.S. Karol]

1957 -- SI dingbatGuy Debord's Remarques sur le concept d'art expérimental (Remarks on the Concept of Experimental Art), a critique of the text Pour un concept d'expérimentation musicale (Toward a Concept of Musical Experimentation) by Walter Olmo of the Situationist International's Italian Section.
[Situationist Resources]

1958 -- Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums is published; Kerouac, with Allen Ginsberg, meets D.T. Suzuki. Later this month Kerouac ends his relationship with Joyce Glassman & begins affair with Dody Müller.

1959 -- US: Why the Grass is Blue? A B-52 carrying two nuclear bombs collides in midair with a KC-135 jet tanker, crashes in Kentucky. No atomic blast, apparently, & both bombs are recovered.

Fritz the Cat, R. Crumb covers; source:
1959 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Robert Crumb's "Fritz the Cat" comic strip premiers.

1961 -- Belgium: 7,000 march for nuclear disarmament, La Louviere.

1963 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Lee Harvey Oswald obtains a job in the Texas School Book Depository.

Vietnam Memorial
1965 -- US: Anti-war protests are held in about 40 American cities, October 15-16.

1965 -- US: San Francisco State College Vietnam Day Committee Teach-In. Country Joe & the Fish entertain.

War Machine Off Campus button
1965 -- US: University of California-Berkeley Teach-in & march; 14,000 hit Telegraph Ave. (Norman Thomas spoke?). 10,000 march to an Oakland, California army base to protest the Vietnam War; another is held tomorrow, along with 80 other cities across the US, against the Vietnam War.

1965 -- US: Got Carded? David Miller is the first of many resisters to publicly burn his draft card after Congress outlaws it. New York City.

David Miller of the Catholic Worker movement said 'I believe the napalming of Vietnamese villages is an immoral act; I hope what I'm about to do will be a significant act,' & publicly burned his draft card. He was sentenced to two & a half years in prison. The symbolic burning of draft cards soon spread among conscientious objectors.
See I Didn't Know God Made Honky-Tonk Communists, by David Miller.

1965 -- The Great Society performs at the opening of the Coffee Gallery. Band members include Darby, Jerry & Grace Slick.

1966 -- US: Huey Newton & Bobby Seale form the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, Oakland, California.

Keep you're coins, I want change
1966 -- Artists' Liberation Front Free Fair in Frisco's Golden Gate Park Panhandle.
Takes place in the Mission District & was one of the first (if not the very first) free outdoor rock performance in the Bay Area.

1966 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Country Joe & the Fish give away copies of their first record during a protest march in Oakland.

1967 -- US: What a Drag? A dragging anchor tears open a pipeline at West Delta, Louisiana, releasing of 6,720,000 gallons of oil.

1968 -- Manuel Ferrand obtiene el premio Planeta por su novela Con la noche a cuestas.

Red clenched fist
1969 -- US: Millions of Americans demonstrate against the Vietnam War in the first Vietnam Moratorium/Peace Day held in the US (organized by Sam Brown & David Mixner). 100,000 Boston Common / 40,000 Bryant Park, Manhattan / 30,000 in candlelight march past White House, led by MLK, Wash DC: names of 45,000 Americans killed in Vietnam carried / 12,000 Chicago / Presidents of 79 colleges appeal to Nixon to step up withdrawal timetable / black armbands worn all over the US / 10 million involved throughout the US / John Lennon returns MBE to protest UK's involvement in the Nigerian war & its support of US in Vietnam.

Through our scientific genius, we have made this world a neighborhood; now through our moral & spiritual development, we must make of it a brotherhood.

— Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

1969 -- Somalia: Abdi Rashid Ali Shermarke, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President, assassinated.

1969 -- England: Imperial War Museum gutted by incendiary device.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1969 -- France: SI dingbat
October 15
Operations Within the French Section after October 1969, internal document unanimously adopted at a meeting of the French section of the Situationist International.

[Situationist Resources]

1973 -- US: Supreme Court decides by a 7-2 vote refuses to review a 1971 Federal Communications directive that broadcasters, in effect, censor from the airwaves songs with "drug-oriented" lyrics. The two dissenting votes are cast by Justices William J. Brennan & William O. Douglas, who say, "The government cannot, consistent with the First Amendment, require a broadcaster to censor its music." Meanwhile alcohol (biggest killer of them all) advertising goes unabated.

1974 -- US: Win Some, Lose Some? Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Ford introduces his "WIN" program, calling for the planting of WIN gardens & the issuing of WIN bonds. The program is quietly discontinued in six months.

1978 -- US: Crash Program? Congress deregulates airlines.

Stop Bombing El Salvador
1979 -- El Salvador: President Romero deposed by a military coup (February 1981 — US admits to having sent 18 advisers to help the military junta. El Salvador leftists claim 100 US advisers.)

Workers' power poster
1982 --
US: During this month a boycott is initiated by the Industrial Association of Machinists against Brown & Sharpe, a machine, precision, measuring & cutting tool manufacturer, in Rhode Island.      

The boycott was called after the firm refused to bargain in good faith & forced the union into an unwanted & bitter strike during which police sprayed pepper gas on some 800 IAM pickets at the company's North Kingston plant in early 1982. Three weeks later, a machinist narrowly escaped serious injury when a shot fired into the picket line hit his belt buckle.

The National Labor Relations Board subsequently charged Brown & Sharpe with regressive bargaining, & of entering into negotiations with the express purpose of not reaching an agreement with the union.


bullet hole dingbat
1983 -- Lebanon: US Marine sharpshooters kill five snipers at Beirut International Airport.

huge grill flames
1984 -- US: The Associated Press reports the existence of a CIA-prepared terrorist manual advising rightwing Nicaraguan rebels how to blackmail unwilling citizens into supporting their cause, how to arrange the deaths of fellow rebels to create martyrs & how to kidnap & kill (or as the manual puts it, "neutralize") government officials.

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1988 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Argentina: Amnesty International's Global Concert Tour ends in Buenos Aires; 75,000 hear Bruce Springsteen, Sting & Tracy Chapman perform.

1989 -- US: Swinging on a Star? Billy Graham is given the 1,900th star on Hollywood Blvd.

1990 -- Rocky Mountain High?: Abandoned barrels of military psychotomimetic contaminates Denver's water supply.

1990 -- México: Fidel Velazquez, head of Mexican Labor Federation (CTM), denounces proposals for a "free trade" agreement with the US, claiming it would have a catastrophic effect on both Mexican & US workers.

1990 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Mikhail Gorbachev snags Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to end the Cold War, free the East Bloc & slow the arms race.

1991 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader, & reformed coke addict, Judge Clarence Thomas is confirmed as the 106th associate justice of the Supreme Court, its second African-American.

1992 -- Perú: "Shining Path" Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Chairman Gonzalo is captured by Perúvian military.

1994 -- Haiti: Deposed Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Haitian President Aristide is allowed to return only after promising the US he would not implement any of the human needs proposals that won him election & triggered a US-backed military coup in 1991.

1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Cuba: Seven US-based terrorists arrested after they kill a fisherman.

1997 -- Going for Broke?: Songster/mystery writer Kinky Friedman is given a key to the City of Ft. Worth at "Books & Authors" luncheon of the Friends of the Ft. Worth Public Library (sponsored by the "Ft. Worth Star Telegram"), in recognition of his contributions to libraries & literature. Former leader of Kinky Friedman & the Texass Jewboys, the legendary country-protest band of the 70s, author of steaming ragouts of "snide quips & sly similes," mysteries "more interested in playing Groucho Marx than Sherlock Holmes." (Andrew Vachss)

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flying saucer, animated
1998 -- US: Two days ago Art Bell disappears from the airwaves (UFO got him); Yesterday Monica Lewinsky moved from her mother's Watergate apartment (UFO got her) & don't fergit, while you're smashing the cyberstate, only 441 days left until the millennium (if that pesky UFO don't get you)...

1999 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Doctors Without Borders wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

1999 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Government expresses "deep concern & consternation" over anti-gay statements made by Beloved & Respected Comrade Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni; meanwhile Washington Post columnist Cal Thomas reports that George Dubya Bush has stated he would not knowingly name a practicing gay to a top office.

2004 -- No More Trout¿: Kilgore Trout dies at midnight tonight, suicide by Dra-no Trout in Cohoes, New York, following his consultation with a psychic, who informed him that George Dubya Bush would win the US Presidential election by a vote of 5-to-4 in the Supreme Court.

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flying saucer, animated
2009 -- US: "Balloon Boy" a homemade balloon resembling a flying saucer made by the boy's parents, a six-year-old soars to 7,000 feet before someone pops his media-balloon. When the balloon lands & the boy is found not to be inside, authorities begin a manhunt, raising fears he had fallen from the balloon. Indeed, the boy was found to be magically hiding in his house's attic the entire time.

2011 -- Day of Action, Occupy the Globe — in 950+ cities in 82 countries. Totally autonomous groupings, the occupation movements are resolutely antihierarchical, antiauthoritarian & participatory.

3000 --
Man laboring, walking on cog wheels

"Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse is true."

— Ancient Polish proverb I Want the Whole Story

"Part-human, part-beast, & possessing the Leviathanic virtue of existing forever, Wiske the gift-giver reappeared in the jokes as the long-eared, long-membered & long-tailed Trickster, forever setting traps for animals & people & forever trapping himself."

Fredy Perlman, Against His-story, Against Leviathan!

God Bless My Ass George Bush; source:
4000 --

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