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What happens to the dream deferred?
          Does it dry up
          like a raisin in the sun?
          Or fester like a sore—
          & then run?
          Does it stink like rotten meat?
          Or crust & sugar over—
          like a syrupy sweet?

          Maybe it just sags
          like a heavy load.
          Or does it explode?


Prolific Spanish surrealist, satirist, screenwriter.


Good& Plenty candybar


1644 -- William Penn lives.

1648 -- Lack of Determination?: Thirty Years' War, another of those bloody, interminable conflicts governments are fond of, ends with the Peace of Westphalia.

1710 -- Alban Butler lives. Roman Catholic priest. Butler's great work, The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs & Other Principal Saints ("Butler's Lives"), is the result of 30 years study.

old book
1788 -- Sara Josepha Hale, author of "Mary had a little lamb," lives, Newport, New Hampshire.

1793 -- French Revolutionary Calendar. Much blood.

1811 -- Finland: G. A. Wallin lives. Finnish explorer, Orientalist, teacher, known for his journeys in Arabia in the 1850s. Conducted expeditions in Egypt, Arabia, Mesopotamia, Palestine, & Persia. First Westerner to enter the holy Islamic places, his adventures created a legend similar to T.E. Lawrence's later.

Anton LaVey
1822 -- US: Jesse Walker conquers the Devil in St. Louis. The Daily Bleed pumped new blood into his fledgling movement. Thus 'Father Jesse,' as every one about the city called him, succeeded in taking St. Louis, which, as he expressed it, 'had been the very stronghold of devilism.' St. Louis, now a large & flourishing city, is "well supplied with churches & a churchgoing people" thanks to Jesse.

Book of Matches, by Oldenburg
1836 -- The match is patented.

This feels just great. Two consecutive wins & a dead minotaur. What else could you ask for as a dedicated blood bowl player?

— "Life ban likely for match-fixers"

1860 -- US: Got Email? First Pony Express service ends just 6 months after its introduction due to the completion of the first transcontinental telegraph line.

1868 -- France: Alexandra David-Neel lives, Paris.

Alexandra David-Neel, anarchist

If "heaven is the Lord's," the earth is the inheritance of man, & that consequently any honest traveller has the right to walk as he chooses, all over that globe which is his.

— Alexandra David-Neel, France, My Journey to Lhasa

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1870 -- Aurora borealis seen in southern England, in a rare arch shape.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1870 -- France: Mikhail Bakunin completes the circle, sailing from Marseille to Locarno.

On September 9, 1870 Bakunin had left Locarno & arrived in Lyons September 15. Within two weeks a revolt broke out, but was suppressed. An arrest warrant was issued, & he went into hiding in Marseille until he was able to escape today.


alternate spellings: Michael Bakunin, Michel Bakounine, Mihail Aleksandroviç Bakunin; Aleksandrovic, Aleksandrovich, Mihkail

1871 -- US: A mob in Los Angeles hangs 18 Chinese.

1882 -- US: Federal Grand Jury in Arizona charges civil authorities with mismanagement of Indian Affairs on San Carlos Reservation.

1886 -- France: Letter from Clément Duval, member of the anarchist group "Panther of Batignolles," justifying its activities, appears in "Revolt": "Le vol n'est que la restitution, opéré à son profit par un individu conscient des richesses produites collectivement, et indûment accaparée par quelques-uns." See also tomorrow.

1892 -- US: Strike of teamsters, salesmen & packers in New Orleans, Louisiana begins. City trade is paralyzed & within a week leads to a General Strike in support of the demand for a 10-hour work day. Includes blacks & whites working together. On 8 November 30,000 workers walk out, demanding union recognition, closed shops & hour & wage gains. Joined by non-industrial laborers, such as musicians, clothing workers, clerks, utility workers, streetcar drivers & printers. Skilled & unskilled, white & black cooperate. (See Brecher, Strike!, page 65.)

1901 -- Philippines: US Marines land in Samar during the Philippine Insurrection. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Brigadier General "Hell-roaring Jake" Smith issues his orders:

"I wish you to burn & kill;

the more you burn & kill,

the better it will please me."

1901 -- Bottom of the Barrel?: Anna Edson Taylor, a 43-year old widow, is first to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel & live. Her dreams of fame & fortune failed to materialize, however, & she died in poverty in 1921. (Auntie Dave co-founds Bottom of the Barrel Printing, (about 1975?) & after about two years it too disappeared in a haze of poverty.)

1904 -- Playwright Moss Hart lives, New York City. Wrote many plays with George S. Kaufman, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning You Can't Take It With You.

1917 --
Corto Maltese
Hugo Pratt & Corto Maltese Tribute Site

Hugo Pratt (1927-1995), Italian artist, cartoonist, whose best-known character is the existentialist adventurer, Captain Corto Maltese.

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Corto Maltese sailed into the Adriatic prior to the battle of Caporetto (24 October 1917). He spent some time in Dublin while smuggling guns for the Irish Republican Army, then headed to Stonehenge, in England, for a nap! Instead he was caught up in a faery counterplot against German sabotage in "A Mid-winter's Morning Dream."

Denise Levertov
1923 -- Poet Denise Levertov, lives, Ilford, Essex, England. Socially committed writer, moved to the US in the 40s.

Levertov's poetry displays “a kind of animal grace of the word, a pulse like the footfalls of a cat or the wingbeats of a gull. It is the intense aliveness of an alert domestic love — the wedding of form & content in poems which themselves celebrate a kind of perpetual wedding of two persons always realized as two responsible sensibilities.”

Kenneth Rexroth, "Poets Old & New," in Assays

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1924 -- Italy: Anarchico Ernesto Bonomini sentenced to eight years hard labor (commuted to prison time) for killing, with the blow of a revolver, Nicola Bonservizi, a correspondent of Mussolini's fascist newspaper, Popolo d' Italia, & secretary of the Parisian "Faisceau."
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1926 -- Rafael Azcona Fernández lives (d. 2008). Spanish screenwriter whose films (La Grande Bouffe, Belle époque, etc.) are characterized by the surreal & bizarre.

1927 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Ernst Toller play "The Machine Wreckers" opens in Boston.

1929 -- US: Wall Street Stock market Crash, harbinger of worldwide Great Depression of the 30s.

"It is not Capital that transforms raw materials, nor Capital that produces goods. If living activity did not transform the materials, these would remain untransformed, inert, dead matter. If men were not disposed to continue selling their living activity, the impotence of Capital would be revealed; Capital would cease to exist; its last remaining potency would be the power to remind people of a bypassed form of everyday life characterized by daily universal prostitution."

Fredy Perlman, "The Reproduction of Daily Life"

1931 -- US: Mob-Connections?: George Washington bridge, connecting New York & New Jersey, opens to traffic.

1932 -- England: Adrian Mitchell lives. British poet, performer & playwright, in whom the legacies of Blake & Brecht coalesce with the zip of Little Richard & the swing of Chuck Berry. Wrote the songs & poems ("Tell Me Lies About Vietnam") famous in the anti-war movement.

1935 -- Langston Hughes's play Mulatto opens on Broadway. The longest running play there by an African-American until Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun.

1936 -- US: Boston Chronicle blasts the soon-to-be-released movie The Big Broadcast of 1937 for featuring a white pianist in the movie while Teddy Wilson actually plays the music:

"The form of racial discrimination & falsification of frequently duplicated by many whites in their daily dealings with Negroes...Negroes, from hands & laborers in other fields of industry, produce billions of dollars of wealth, but the white landowners & sweat shop operators get all the profit."

High heels
1939 -- US: Nice Gams? Nylon stockings first go on sale (or the 25th?), Wilmington, Delaware. Then, "On May 15, 1940, the first nylons were sold in stores across the United States. Crowds waited to purchase nylon stockings; All of the original four million stockings made out of nylon (the new miracle fiber) were sold in the first four days."

Also quite useful as head wear, particularly inspires bank robbers & crane operators.

Nice gams

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1940 -- US: So-called 40-hour work week goes into effect under Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 — hah! Only took a few thousand demonstrations, decades of labor agitation & strife & a considerable number of lives to achieve such radicalism.

1942 -- Recognizing the influence of so-called race music, Billboard magazine creates its first ratings chart devoted to African-American music, The Harlem Hit Parade. The number-one record is "Take It & Git" by Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy, featuring Mary Lou Williams on piano.

1945 -- United Nations charter comes into effect. Gives rightwingers something to get exercised about.

1947 -- US: 50 of Hollywood's writers, producers, & actors charted a plane to fly to Washington, DC to express their displeasure with House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) investigation in Hollywood.
Headed by Humphrey Bogart, & calling themselves "The Committee for the First Amendment," 50 representatives included such people as: Lauren Bacall, Groucho Marx, Frank Sinatra, John Huston, Ronald Reagan, & Danny Kaye....

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1954 -- US:

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Ike Eisenhower pledges support to Diem's South Vietnamese government & military forces.

1955 -- US: 18-day bout of 'smog' claims Los Angeles, California.

Stalin statue toppled by workers
1956 -- Hungary: The first Russian tanks enter Budapest. Workers' Councilist movement spreads with councils being formed spontaneously throughout the country.

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1958 -- Mystery author Raymond Chandler begins The Poodle Springs Story, his last — unfinished — book. Robert Parker finishes it for him a few decades later. Author/jazz musician/anarchiste Boris Vian was Chandler's French translator.

Billboard: Test Your Private Arsenal
1960 -- USSR: Rocket accident at Baikonur Space Center kills 165. Kills missile expert Nedelin & team; USSR claims he was killed in plane crash.

1962 -- James Brown records "Live at the Apollo, Volume I" in Harlem. The album sells over a million copies, unprecedented for an R&B record, & later earns a reputation for being one of the finest concert albums ever made. Inspires the film, "Apollo 13."

1965 -- Family Dog collective dance & concert at Longshoremen's Hall with the Lovin' Spoonful, in Frisco.

1967 -- Research notes, song sheets, correspondence, & other materials relating to a proposed JEMF Tramps & Hoboes album (referenced in an 24 October 1967 memo from Archie Green to the JEMF Record Committee).

1968 -- US: Yavapai tribe in Arizona wins $5 million settlement for nine million acres taken in 1874.

1968 -- The Airplane open at the Fillmore West ballroom in Frisco.

1969 -- End of the Road. Author Jack Kerouac's funeral held at St. Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic Church in Lowell. He is buried at the Edson Catholic Cemetery in the town of his birth.

1970 -- Chile: Election of Unidad Popular, headed by Salvador Allende.

AllendeThis seals his death warrant, as the US government & a few elite US corporations conspire to replace Chilean democracy with a military dictatorship under madman Augusto Pinochet.

The latter undertakes a campaign of genocide against labor, activist workers & those to the left of his extreme rightwing pals.

In the economic realm, so-called "radical" capitalist economist Milton Friedman helps institute a similar economic dictatorship. Together they effect a destruction & terrorism in Chile in mere years, while decrying Castro's comparatively "mild" tyranny, now decades old.

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1970 -- US: National Commission on Obscenity & Pornography reports that porn is not a contributing factor to 'crime & social deviation'. Beloved & Respected Comrade Used Car Salesman Dick M Nixon lambasts the report & closes the commission.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

Letter 'A' for anarchy
1970 -- England: During the Council workers' strike a bomb explodes in the cleansing department head office, Greenford. Part of large series of bombings this fall, many believed attributable to the Angry Brigade.
Video: "The Angry Brigade":
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1973 -- Yom Kippur War ends, Israel 65 miles from Cairo, 26 from Damascus.

1975 -- Iceland: Ice Breaker? Tens of thousands of women hold a General Strike (see also 1985 below).

Cipriano Mera
1975 -- Cipriano Mera dies. Anarco-sindicalista who, during the Spanish Revolution of 1936, organized defense groups, &, with Buenaventura Durruti, the defense of Madrid against Franco's fascists. Headed the defeat of Italian fascist troops in Guadalajara. Afterwards, Mera fled to Algeria, then France, where the Vichy government condemned him to death (commuted to life, released in 1945).

A lifelong C.N.T. [Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo] activist, Mera wrote Guerra, exilio y carcel of a anarco-sindicalista. (See Cipriano Mera by Joan Llarch.)

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1978 -- Naguib Surur (1932-1978) dies. Egyptian playwright, poet, actor, critic.

1979 -- US: Baseball manager Billy Martin punches a marshmallow salesman in the marshmallow.

1980 -- Paul McCartney receives rhodium-plated disc from the Guinness Book of World Records for being history's all-time best-selling songwriter & recording artist.

1980 -- Italy: L'ex comandante della Guardia di Finanzia, generale Raffaele Giudice, viene arrestato per una truffa di oltre 200 miliardi ai danni dei contribuenti ("scandalo dei petroli"). Sono coinvolti anche il capo di stato maggiore della Guardia di Finanza, generale Donato Lo Prete, e l'ex capo del SID Mario Casardi.

Lo stato, vale a dire, il furto continuato istituzionalizzato.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1981 -- Nepal: Chris Pizzo throws a frisbee from the summit of Mt. Everest into Tibet.

1985 -- Iceland: Tens of thousands of women had so much fun during their General Strike in 1975, they decide to do it again.

1987 -- US: AFL-CIO readmit Teamsters Union. The scandal-ridden union was expelled in 1957. The 35-member executive council of the AFL-CIO decides unanimously to readmit the 1.6-million member Teamsters Union to its ranks. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Jackie Presser was awaiting trial at the time, & the US Justice Department was considering removal of the union's leadership because of possible links to organized crime.

1988 -- US: Convicted killer John Wayne Gacy objects to his name being used "to scare people into voting for George Bush" in a campaign flyer claiming Gacy would be eligible for weekend furloughs if he'd committed his 33 murders in Massachusetts.

1988 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Cruiser USS Vincennes gets an emotional homecoming in San Diego, four months after it shot down an Iranian airliner & killed 290 people.

No Blood, book cover
1989 -- Sheep Shears?: Right Honorable Christian Rev. Jim Bakker gets 45 years for swindling his flock. God later commutes his sentence.

1990 -- Italy: The government publicly confirms revelations exposing "Operation Gladio," a grouping of Western anti-communist intelligence agencies funded by the democracy-loving American CIA. These agencies, working in concert & funding neofascists, often used a strategy of "state terrorism," particularly during the late 1960s. These include sensational kidnappings, murders, disinformation & bombings designed to appear the work of left-wing groups.

Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

23 Ottobre. "Gladio," servizi segreti in funzione anticomunista, strategia terroristica dello stato a partire dalla fine degli anni '60.

1990 -- anarchist diamondUS: Russian-American author, anarchist & Wobbly organizer, anti-communist, Sam Dolgoff dies, New York City.

1991 -- Beam Me Up?: Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek creator, dies when his heart attacks him, age 70.

1994 -- US: Low Wages? Declassified US government brief reveals that Panama's Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader & CIA-supported drug dealer President Manuel Noriega was paid more than $10 million as a US spy. God sends him to jail in Miami.
Tune in, Radio Noriega, or the Many Moods of Manny

1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Poet Ernesto Cardenal leaves Nicaragua's Sandinista Party.

Wildcat anarchist cartoon
1999 -- England: Anarchist pacifist Philip Sansom dies. Involved in Freedom Press, he was accused, along with Vernon Richards, Marie Louise Berneri, & John Hewetson, of being part of a "conspiracy" in the 1940s by the Central Criminal Court, following a police raid on the Freedom Press premises. Sansom also wrote the introduction to Donald Rooum's Wildcat Anarchist Comics.

Poster for the Anarchist Bookfair; source:
2004 -- Canada: Second Annual Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair, Queen Alex Hall, from October 24-26.

Little woodcuts in the background of the bookfair poster: Frans Masareel (1889-1972), taken from his novels told in woodcuts (Die Stadt & Landschaften & Stimmungen).
Emma Goldman photograph swiped from the Anarchy Archives.
Front of the book is a panel from Seth Tobocman.

Texts: Emma Goldman, Derrick Jensen & George Katsificias.

2006 -- Reporters Without Borders issues its annual "Worldwide Press Freedom Index." The United States — in a steady decline from 17th (in 2002), surprisingly continues its precipitous tumble — ties with those bastions of the free press Botswana, Croatia, & Tonga at number 53. Look out North IkeaKorea (168th)!

2009 -- England: 2009 London Anarchist Bookfair.

3000 --

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-4, ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI
Vanguard Renaissance Italian woman painter.

Mad Magazine "We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors & furniture polish is made from real lemons..."

— Alfred E. Newman, God of the Month

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