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Kenneth Rexroth

Kenneth Rexroth

. . . We are tired of paddling.
All afternoon we have climbed the weak current,
Up dim meanders, through woods & pastures,
Past muddy fords where the strong smell of cattle
Lay thick across the water; singing the songs
Of perfect, habitual motion; ski songs,
Nightherding songs, songs of the capstan walk,
The levee, & the roll of the voyageurs.


A second-generation of Brechtian dramatics.

Belgium: ST. HUBERT'S DAY, celebrated with deer hunt in medieval costume. Communion wafers stamped with hunting horns were given to the dogs before the hunt.

Ancient Rome: ISIS CULT. Feasting & licentious celebration of restoration of Osiris, end of four-day festival.

1500 -- Benvenuto Cellini lives.

1639 -- Perú: Death of Martín de Porres.

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1679 -- Great panic occurs in Europe over the close approach of a comet. The King's media representative is quoted as saying: "No comet."

Unfortunately you can no longer visit the Men's Latrine online, at Seattle's Comet Tavern, where Auntie Dave was a bartender (1978), as that great internet page no longer exists.

1755 -- Penobscot Indians in Maine are declared to be "enemies, rebels & traitors" to His Majesty, & bounties are offered to colonists for scalps: £40 British pounds for a male, £20 for females, & male children under 12. Girls under 12 were apparently worthless.

Girl contortioned on roller skates

1794 -- William Cullen Bryant — "Go forth, under the open sky, & list / To Nature's teachings"— lives, Cumminton, Massachusetts. His "Thanatopsis" & "To a Waterfowl" are published in 1817.

1813 -- US: Federal troops destroy native village of Talisatchee in Creek War in the Mississippi Valley.

1839 -- First opium war — two British frigates engage several Chinese junkies. British want the drug trade for themselves.

1844 -- William Makepeace Thackeray completes Barry Lyndon.

1848 -- US: A train carrying Whigs back from a political rally collides with a train full of Democrats returning from a party speech; six Democrats die, Salem, MA.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

US Factoid
1854 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Ecuador: The Galapagos Islands ceded to the US.

old book
1864 -- Antonio Gonsalves Dias, Brazilian national poet, dies at sea.

1865 -- US: Mescalero Apache disappear from Bosque Redondo where Kit Carson had them jailed, & were untraceable for the next seven years.

1868 -- US: First black elected to Congress (John W. Menard, Louisiana).

1879 -- Canada: Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Arctic explorer/ethnologist, lives.

1883 -- US: Send the Reds to Russia?: Supreme Court declares Native Americans are "aliens" (& that they should go back to where they came from?)

1883 -- US: Black Bart, a poet with a fondness for stopping Wells Fargo stagecoaches, robs his last coach — his 29th, & never a shot fired — the Sonora to Milton stage, in Calaveras County, California, scene of his first heist back in 1875.

"I've labored long & hard for bread,
For honor & for riches,
But on my corns too long you've tred
You fine-haired sons of bitches."

1886 -- Kurt Wilckens (1886-1923) lives, Bad-Bramstedt (northern Germany).
Kurt Wilckens, anarchist

Wilckens was a German anarchist, a member of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), & a pacifist.

A miner by trade, Wilckens worked in Arizona, where he led a strike in 1916. He was then interned in a US camp for German prisoners, but escaped & made his way to Argentina.

In Argentina, in 1923, he attacked the infamous Varela ("The Killer of Patagonia," responsible for the torture & massacre of more than 1,500 workers a year earlier).

Condemned to life in prison, Wilckens was shot in his cell, June 16, 1923, by the rightwing fanatic nationalist, Perez Millan, while sleeping. Despite government attempts to cover up his murder, a nation-wide General Strike was called in protest, shutting down the country.

Millan was in turn killed on November 9, 1925, by another internee when the Russian anarchist German Boris Vladimirovitch failed to get close enough to do the job.

  • In German & English,
    In French see Ephéméride anarchiste,

  • 1887 -- US: California "Workingman's Party" orator, Dennis Kearney, is arrested & jailed for two weeks for "incendiary speeches."

    1888 -- England: Jack the Ripper kills his last victim.

    1888 -- Australia: Larry Petrie is apparently a late-comer to the Melbourne Anarchist Club (MAC), as Sam Rosa is, leading debates on 9th June 1888 on 'Anarchy', on 10 August 1888 'the Chinese', today ("Individualism" the topic) & 8th December1888 ("Equity").

    "(He) used to sing in a good, baritone voice The Marseillaise to gather a good crowd around him .... Raising his only arm when he sang 'to arms, my citizens' ....."

    Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

    Pierre Chardon anarchiste; source
    1892 -- Pierre Chardon lives (Maurice Charron; 1892-1919). French militant individualist anarchist & antimilitarist. Wrote for "La Mêlée", etc.

    1901 -- Author/statesman André Malraux (Man's Fate) lives, Paris.

    "Between 18 & 20, life is like an exchange where one buys stocks, not with money, but with actions. Most men buy nothing."

    — Andre Malraux

    (See also voting, top & bottom of page)

    1903 -- Colombia: Province of Panama, with the secret backing of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Theo Roosevelt & the New Panama Canal Company, secedes. It is hurriedly recognized by the US government within three days, & on 18 November, the new country — big surprize! — grants the North American patron state (which has God On It's Side), a permanent & perpetual lease to the Canal Zone.

    & when some had the idea to slit open the narrow waist of Central America, King Felipe II commanded them to stop: he prohibited the excavation of the canal, under penalty of death, because man should not separate what God united.

    The US decides to finish the canal & run it under its own flag. Small problem: It is part of Colombia, which does not agree.

    US Senator Hanna advises patience — given the nature of the animals with which the US is dealing — but Teddy Roosevelt does not believe in patience.

    He sends the Marines & thus this province becomes a separate country, by the work & grace, not of God, but of that other pretender: the United States & its military.

    Can't Buy Me Love?: The New Panama Canal Company has contributed $60,000 to the Republican campaign fund to ensure the party's platform calls for constructing a Panama canal.

    Two US publications — "The Nation" & the "New York Evening Post" — relentlessly denounce the (quote) "trickery & falsity of our Panama aggression," but public sentiment favors Roosevelt's actions.

    Lois Mailou Jones
    1903 -- Artist Lois Mailou Jones lives, Boston, Mass. Despite her long career & awards, she doesn't get a major retrospective of her work until the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston mounts a show in her honor in 1973.

    Female figure

    1903 -- Walker Evans, American photographer, lives.

    WALKER EVANS, Daily Bleed Saint December 10, 2003-4
    Conscientious documentarian of American underclass.

    1911 -- US: Creeping? Socialist candidate Harriman receives most votes in Los Angeles mayoral primary, 4000 more than incumbent George Alexander. Today LA crumbles as capitalism takes its last gasp — tomorrow Fargo, South Dakota, will tumble if the Domino Theory of "creeping socialism" holds true.

    1911 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Leo N. Tolstoi play "The Living Corpse" opens in NY in German.

    Sulu, Star Wars poster
    1914 -- After witnessing the agonies of 90 serious casualties as a chemist, Georg Trakl, dies of an overdose of cocaine. His work influenced Germanic poets after both world wars.

    1917 -- Russia: The Bolshevik party, forced by Lenin, takes power during Russian Revolution, Moscow. So much for the once ballyhooed "Dictatorship of the Proletariat."

    "Lenin is not comparable to any revolutionary figure in history. Revolutionaries have had ideals. Lenin has none."

    Peter Kropotkin

    1917 -- Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Federal agents begin to investigate Emma Goldman for her suspected role in "the Guillotine Plot"; implicated in masterminding the organization of "Committees of Five" to assassinate simultaneously the president & other state officials. Investigation continued through early 1918, when inconclusive evidence forces its abandonment.

    1918 -- Pandit Pran Nath lives, Pakistan. Hindustani classical singer & teacher of the Kirana gharana (school), with a successful American career.

    Daily Bleed Alternate Saint, 2006-2008
    India's pinnacle of intonation, dedicated to the evolution of the soul through music.

    Got Milk?
    1921 -- US: Got Milk? Milk drivers on strike dump thousands of gallons of milk on New York City streets.

    1922 -- US: Milton T. Stapp (older brother of Stan) publishes the first issue of the Outlook newspaper. Its name then was "Your Community Shopping News" & contained only ads. He soon was producing four editions every week, covering these Seattle, Washington areas: Wallingford, Meridian, East 45th Street, & 23rd & East Union.

    1924 -- Germany: Radical theatre historian, poet Stefan Brecht lives, Berlin.

    1926 -- US: Sharpshooter Annie Oakley dies, Greenville, Ohio. Only person ever invited to shoot a rifle at royalty. Not so sharp, she missed.

    Daily Bleed Saint, 2005-2008
    America's original feminist gunslinger
    invited to shoot at royalty & the haute bourgeois.

    1927 -- Jazzman Duke Ellington records "Chicago Stomp Down" & "Black & Tan Fantasy."
    [Vanessa Collection]

    1933 -- England: Methodist Peace Fellowship founded, London.

    1934 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Saturday Evening Post publishes the William Faulkner story "Raid."

    1945 -- England: Death of D.A. Crowe, pacifist surgeon.

    1957 -- US: Sex radical Wilhelm Reich, whose books have been seized & burned by freedom-loving US federal agents, dies in prison a week before he is eligible for parole. He was imprisoned for refusing to stop selling orgone accumulators & the government burned his books. Author of The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Sex-Pol Essays, Function of the Orgasm, etc. Reich's works were banned in Nazi Germany, the US & USSR.

    "The truest & most important concepts of the era . . . are precisely marked by the organization around them of the greatest confusions & the worst misrepresentations. Vital concepts are simultaneously subject to the truest & the most false uses . . . because the struggle between critical reality & the apologetic spectacle leads to a struggle over words. . . . The truth of a concept is revealed not by an authoritarian purge, but by the coherence of its use in theory & in practical life."

            — Internationale Situationniste #10

    1962 -- US: During this month Andy Warhol holds first major show of paintings at Stable Gallery in NYC.

    1962 -- US: James Baldwin's "Letter From a Region in My Mind" (later titled in book form, The Fire Next Time, published in The New Yorker. Baldwin frequented the anarchist groups in NY City.

    1963 -- US: This fall (I don't have exact day — ed.) sees the formation of Merry Pranksters.

    Ken Babbs returns from military service in Vietnam & meets Ken Kesey & his circle of friends who are living at Perry Lane in Palo Alto.

    Together they invent the concept of "pranking," & begin calling themselves "The Merry Pranksters." The group moves out to a cabin in the redwoods near La Honda, 15 miles east of Palo Alto, where Kesey finishes work on his second novel Sometimes a Great Notion.

    Kesey's previous novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, was a vehicle for Ken Kesey’s anarchist rant against the oppressive conformism imposed by society’s institutions, immortalized in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

    Fuck the Vote
    1964 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Lyn Johnson re-elected president as "peace candidate." Plans for escalating air strikes in Vietnam now begins in earnest. Adlai Stevenson, UN ambassador later admits Hanoi offered to negotiate a settlement shortly after Tonkin Gulf affair (see 31 July, 7 August). Johnson assures the public he has no intention of committing American boys to a ground war in Vietnam.

    CNT cartoon
    1968 -- Portugal: Germinal De Sousa, dies, Lisbon. Participant in the Spanish Revolution of 1936, fighting with the column "Tierra y Libertad." Son of Manuel Joaquim de Sousa & secretary of F.A.I. (Iberian Anarchist Federation), 1938-1939.

    Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

    1968 --
    Elections are a hoax

    1969 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Quaker President Dick M ("I am a pacifist") Nixon announces "Vietnamization" program to shift Vietnam fighting from US troops to US-trained local troops.

    Defend Human rights!; source
    1970 -- Chile: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Allende, the country's first democratically elected Marxist, beating the candidate bank-rolled by big business, military & the US/CIA, sworn in as President.

    1971 -- Canada: Canadian activists block international bridges in Detroit & Buffalo in protest against US nuclear weapons testing in Alaska.

    Conspiracy Poster
    1973 -- US: Froines & Weiner of the Chicago 7 (Chicago 8, sans Bobby Seale) acquitted of contempt charges. Unable to convict them on the original charges, the US government in October attempts to nail the seven on 159 contempt charges; of these, only 13 upheld (all were released?).

    1973 -- US: Think Your Day Sucks? First DC10 fatality as an engine explodes on a National DC10 at 39,000 feet; a loose compressor blade breaks a window & the cabin decompresses, sucking the passenger in the window seat, "out," somewhere over New Mexico.

    1975 -- England: First Campaign Against Arms Trade demonstration at Defense Sale Organization, London.

    1978 -- Cars roll into Europe for a mini-tour that will include Germany, France, Belgium & Britain.

    1978 -- Canada: Congress of the Socialist International held in Vancouver, BC. First socialist congress held outside Western Europe since 1876.

    1979 -- US: KKK/Nazis kill 5, wound 8 at anti-Klan march in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    The dead were labor organizers, youth workers & medical activists & four were members of the Communist Workers Party. Their murderers exonerated as two subsequent juries acquit them, but a civil suit eventually results in a judgment against the city of Greensboro in 1985.

    Unveiled women having a rousing good time
    1979 -- Iran: Some 90 people, including 63 US citizens, are taken hostage at the US Embassy in Teheran, by followers of Ayatollah Khomeini who demands the return of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who is undergoing medical treatment in NY City. Fifty-two Americans, demanding TVs, were held for 444 days, until 20 January 1981.

    1982 -- US: Stock Market rises record 43.41 points to close at all-time high of 1,065.49. Recession is deepening: October unemployment rose to 10.4% (11.6 million) & industrial production has 13th decline in 15 months; utilization of factory capacity is 68.4%, the lowest since record-keeping began in 1948.

     May Picqueray, anarchiste
    1983 -- May Picqueray, French militant anarchiste, dies.

    Editor of the newspaper Le Réfractaire. Sent to Moscow by her trade union, Picqueray opposed the tightening grip of the Bolsheviks & protested the repression of the anarchists (obtaining the release of Senya Fleshin & others from prison). She also fought to save Sacco & Vanzetti (including sending a mail bomb to the American embassy) & founded the libertarian journal Le Réfractaire.

    Les premiers mai 1920 et 21 furent particulièrement sauvages. En sortant de la Bourse du Travail, place de la République, les gardes à cheval nous chargèrent à coup de plat de sabre, et l'un deux me claqua la face de telle manière que je crus avoir la tête décollée. Je conservai longtemps la trace de son sabre sur mon visage."

    May la refractaire, couverture de la réédition du livre (Editions Traffic, 1992)

    1984 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President Reagan explains that the word "neutralize" in the CIA terrorist manual — which he, of course, has not read — merely means "remove from office," not "assassinate."

    & how does one remove an unwanted official?

    "You just say to the fellow that sitting there in the office, you're not in the office anymore."

    Even before his election, "Reagan was defending the Argentine military & minimizing its bloody reign... Once in office, Reagan dispatched senior advisers to coordinate strategies with the Argentine dictators & South Africa's apartheid regime. He sent millions of dollars in weapons to the armies of El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras despite their wanton slaughter of civilians. When the CIA-contra "assassination" manual surfaced in 1984, he dismissed it as

    "much ado about nothing."

    Fawn, works for Sams Loans
    1986 -- Lebanon: Buy Now, Admit Later? A Lebanese magazine reports the US has been secretly & illegally selling arms to Iran in the hope of securing the release of American hostages held by pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon. Three days later, US intelligence sources confirm the operation, & six days after that, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President Ronny Reagan admits he was aware of the arms-for-hostages sale.

    1990 -- For Whom the (Tinker) Bell Tolls?: Peter Pan dies at 76.

    1991 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2012, remove 2013Perú: Barrios Altos massacre, by Grupo Colina (also responsible for the La Cantuta massacre, & the Santa massacre), a Perúvian Armed Forces death squad, organized under Beloved & Respected Comrade Terrorist Leader President Alberto Fujimori. Fifteen people, including an eight-year-old child, are killed.

    1996 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2011, remove 2012Italy: 02-03/11 - ‘Cash dispensers – a massacre’ is the title in a local newspaper reporting incidents during the night of Nov 2/3 in Trento & surrounding 150 km when over a hundred cash dispensers were put out of action. Observation of cameras was of no help in identifying the offenders as they were all masked. They are said to have used a simple system: the opening for the plastic cards was sealed using silicon & small pieces of iron. The material damage has been estimated at one billion lire (over a million pounds). That is without taking into account the damage caused by the inactivity of the dispensers. The ‘massacre’ took place a few days before the trial of the anarchists charged with bank robbery.

    Ray Bremser reading
    1998 -- A dark Afternoon; tomorrow Beatster Ray Bremser dies.

    "Ray Bremser was one of the original, if not one of the most authentic Beats..."

    1998 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Canadian author Alice Munro wins the Giller Prize for fiction.

    1998 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: The Body Politic? John (The Body) Ventura is elected first Reform Party US governor, Minnesota. Now he wrassles with the Big Issues.

    Anarchist gremlins tag army base: Fight the Rich, Not their Wars; graffiti photo source
    2002 --

    [Gremlins visit Walthamstow's Territorial Army base the night of November 3, 2002]

    2006 -- US: First North American Secessionist Convention (November 3-5, 2006). Sponsored by the Middlebury Institute (directed by Kirkpatrick Sale, a scholar, author, technology critic; in attendance is BleedMeister's No. 1 Trouble-Making-Son, Brandon Letsinger).
    ... more

    2010 -- US: FatPatrol?: Frisco, California passes a law banning McDonald's from giving free children's toys with unhealthy food. Unfettered Capitalism takes another hit in its mid-riff bottom line.

    3000 --

    Voting is "merely a labor-saving device for ascertaining on which side force lies & bowing to the inevitable...
    It is neither more nor less than a paper representative of the bayonet, the bully, & the bullet."

    Benjamin Tucker, 1889

    3000 --

    The Prisoner, behind bars

    "Questions are a burden to others, answers a prison for oneself"

    "A still tongue makes a happy life"

    "Of the people, By the people, For the people"

    3000 --

    "Liberty is no more than an empty shell when one class of men is allowed to condemn another to starvation without any measures being taken against them.

    & equality is also an empty shell when the rich, by exercising their economic monopolies, have the power of life or death over other members of the community.

    — Radical leader Jacques Roux at the height of the French Revolution in 1793

    3500 --

    "We lack resistance to the present."

    — Deleuze & Guattari

    GOP: American Citizen Corp, in Nazi clothing: Spying for the Fatherland
    4500 --
    Anarchy Now!

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