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Western wind when wilt thou blow
the small rain down can rain
Christ if my love were in my arms
& I in my bed again.

— Anon (before 1500)


"Mama Africa." South African songstress, anti-apartheidist.

Alternate Saint:

Polish anarchist freedom fighter, "The Martyr of Ushuaia."

Lousa, Portugal: ST. MARTIN'S EVE FESTIVAL OF BEBIANA, said to be Martin's sister.

Her name derives from "beber" (to drink). Martin, patron of revelry, presides over slaughter of festival pigs. Torchlight procession with "Bebiana" in wheelbarrow, a flask to her lips. She then delivers a sermon on the evils of drunkenness, a temperance hymn is sung, & everyone gets stinking drunk.


A note on St. Martin, patron saint of drunks & inn keepers.

He was of noble birth (whatever that means) & given to drunken debauchery most of his life. Eventually he lost his taste for the booze & acquired one for denatured christianity. So he took to prosthelitizing with the same zeal that he had once shown for the bottle.

One day he was lecturing the folks in a village about their wicked ways & a goose started honking so loudly that it interfered with his speech. Not to be outdone he ordered the goose slaughtered, & then finished his sermon. Afterward the goose was cooked & served to him.

St. Martin choked to death eating the goose.

This important note from the christian tradition teaches us to be very careful about how we treat our critics.

— Bleedster Gus, 10 Nov 2000





Frustrated boy with grenade

1483 -- Anti-Church-of-Rome reformer Martin Luther lives.

1577 -- Author Jakob Cats lives.

1665 -- New Old World: British recapture the colony of New York from the Dutch. First captured it in 1664, & held control there until August 1673.

Hogarth logo
1697 -- British satirist engraver William Hogarth lives, London, England.

Daily Bleed co-Patron Saint, 2006-2008
Caricaturist, satirist, master observer of human foibles.

1728 -- Oliver Goldsmith lives, Ballymahon, a poverty-stricken village in County Longford, Ireland.

1739 -- Samuel Richardson, 50, begins his first book, Pamela.

1759 -- Friedrich von Schiller lives, Marbach, Wurtternberg. German dramatist/poet/literary theorist whose mature plays examine the inward freedom of the soul. His first drama, Die Rauber, performed in 1782, gained immediate success with its revolutionary appeal. Wrote Maria Stuart; Wilhelm Tell.

1777 -- US: Indian chieftain Cornstalk, his son, & Chief Red Hawk are murdered by whites at Fort Randolph (W. Virginia).

1811 -- England: Cell-Phones? Organizing their cells by the use of numbers in place of real names, Luddites destroy machinery & bosses' houses at Bulwell, Nottinghamshire.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1835 -- Lakshmibai lives, born into a Brahmin family in Varanasi, India. Receives an unusual education for a girl, learning to read & write, & even studying horsemanship & martial arts.

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1862 -- México: Magonista Camilo Arriaga lives (1862-1945), San Luis Potosí. Published the manifesto "Invitación al Partido Liberal." An intellectual who acquainted many leaders of the PLM with anarquismo; ironic, as he never embraced the full extent of Magon's radicalism.

"Camilo ponía en nuestras manos a Carlos Marx. Por camilo conocí al dulce príncipe Kropotkin y toda la biblioteca Stock, que se especializaba en publicar y distribuir las obras de los líderes anarquistas europeos."

1865 -- US: Confederate Captain Harry Wirz, commander of Andersonville Prison, where crowded conditions & appalling lack of sanitary facilities led to deaths of 13,000 Union soldiers, hanged for murder.

1868 -- New Zealand: Maori uprising at Poverty Bay.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1869 -- Italy: Gaetano Bresci lives (1869-1901). Italian-American anarchist, Bresci assassinated the King of Italy to revenge the army's butchery in repressing the 1898 Milan massacre (The King decorated the General responsible for the slaughter of some 300 demonstrators protesting bread prices.)

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Stanl Lurel of Laurel & HHardy
1871 -- Stanley presumes to find Dr. Livingstone in the dark (as usual), somewhere in Africa (Ujiji, Central Africa).

1879 -- Ireland: Patrick Henry Pearse, Irish freedom fighter, lives, Dublin.

Irish liberationist, martyr.

1879 -- Vachel Lindsay lives, Springfield, Illinois. Louis Untermeyer calls the poet "a rhyming John the Baptist singing to convert the heathen."

1883 -- Norway's foremost poet Olaf Bull lives. Known to be anti-authority & regarded an “outsider” in society, Bull was hired by James Joyce to teach him to read Norwegian, & lines from Bull's poems echo through "this spider's web of words", as Joyce called Finnegans Wake, & Bull materializes under the name "Olaph the Oxman", a pun on his surname.

1885 -- Paul Daimler, son of engineer Gottlieb Daimler, becomes the world's first motorcyclist when he rides his father's new invention on a round trip of 6 miles.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1887 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaUS: Chicago Haymarket "martyr" Louis Lingg, 22, cheats the state the day before he & the other anarchist's scheduled execution, committing suicide in his prison cell. (see 4 May 1886). Inspires the rock'n'roll song line, "Louie, Louie, Oh we got to go now..."

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1889 -- anarchist circle Red Black dingbat Spain: Barcelone, dans le Palais des Beaux-Arts, se tient le "Segundo Certamen Socialista" (deuxième Concours Socialiste).

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1890 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaItaly: Pietro Gori is released from jail.

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1891 -- Gay French gun-runner, former poet Arthur Rimbaud dies, Marseille.

"I don't see how you can claim Rimbaud died in Marseille — he died we think somewhere in Africa, unless someone found out something recently..."

— Bleeder Dave W, Detroit, 1997

" ...As for me, I am intact, & I don't care."

— from "Bad Blood," A Season in Hell

BleedMeister notes: Before his 20th birthday, Rimbaud quit writing. Wandered Europe before becoming a trader & gunrunner in Africa. Ill, he returned to Marseille in June of 1891. His right leg was amputated, probably due to the complications of syphilis, & he was nursed for a time by his tender sister Isabelle until his death today.


anarchy symbol green circle a
1891 -- Poland: Simón Radowitzky (Szymon Radowicki) lives (1891-1956), Stepan, Polish Ukraine. Legendary Polish anarchist who killed police chief Ramon Falcón, tossing a bomb into his car, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 14 November 1909.

[In November 2003, a popular assembly, meeting in the Plaza named after the brutal Falcon, voted to change its name to that of Simón Radowitzky.]
Further details/ context, click here[More details + links]
[Details / context] on Radowitzky's assassination of Falcón

G.P. Maximoff
1893 -- Russia: Gregori Maximov (G.P. Maximoff), Russian-American anarcho-syndicalist, lives, Mitushino, Smolensk.

See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page,

1898 -- US: 400 white Democratic Party activists in Wilmington, North Carolina begin general massacre of blacks. They storm through the black section of town, assassinating black political officeholders. 30 (possibly as many as 100) blacks die in the massacre. They then depose the mayor, force all remaining black officials to resign, & install a new government by force.

1910 -- Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman sets out to organize public protest in response to the pending execution of Japanese anarchist Shusui Kotoku, his common-law wife, Kanno Sugako, & 24 others.

1913 -- Karl Shapiro lives (1913-2000). American poet, professor & Pulitzer Prize-winner in 1945.

I am an atheist who says his prayers. I am an anarchist, &
a full professor at that. I take the loyalty oath...
I drink my share & yours & never have enough.
I free-load officially & unofficially.

— Karl Shapiro, "The Bourgeois Poet"

"Shapiro Is All Right!"

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Triumphant at the final breath,
Their senile God, their cops,
All the authorities & friends pro tem
Passing her pillow, keeping her concerned.
But the cowardly obit was already written:
Morning would know she was a common slut.

— Karl Shapiro, excerpt, "Death of Emma Goldman,"
From Person, Place, & Thing (1942)

1914 -- US: During this month a nationwide coal strike occurs.

1920 -- Italy: The first significant Fascist incursion occurs today when Fascists & soldiers attempt to seize the town hall in Livorno, following the example of successful disruptions of socialist councils elsewhere.

However, as news of the raid spread, power workers turned out the lights & the working class districts mobilized en masse to march into the center & reclaim it.

Then again on February 16, 1921 the Fascists attempt to break a strike by operating the trams. But they met mass resistance, with one tram load being attacked by over 400 people.

Source, "The First Anti-Fascists: The Fight Against Mussolini's Rise to Power in Italy" (Barricada, October 2001)

Of related interest, see Larry Gambone's The Road To Fascism: The Rise of Italian Fascism & Its Relation to Anarchism, Syndicalism & Socialism (AK Press, 2001) & also "Italian Syndicalism & Fascism,"

1924 -- US: Society for Human Rights, first gay rights organization in the US, founded in Chicago.

1924 -- Spain: 26-year-old José Llacer & 19-year-old Juan Montejo, militantes of the anarcosindicalistas union CNT, are executed following the November 6th attack on the Atarazanas barracks, both also implicated in assassinating Rogelio Pérez, the "Torturer of Barcelona," on May 28 of this year. Juan MONTIJO ARANZA et de José LLACER BERTRÁN

1938 -- Italy: Vengono varati ulteriori decreti antisemiti. Sono proibiti i matrimoni degli italiani di "razza ariana" (sic) con i cittadini di altra razza. Gli ebrei non possono accedere a cariche elettive e sono sottoposti a limitazioni nell'esercizio delle attività economiche. Fanno eccezione gli ebrei benemeriti del fascismo.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

SIA logo
1938 -- France: Premier of issue of S.I.A., the weekly paper of International Solidarity Antifascist. Louis Lecoin, Nicolas Faucier & Vintrigner oversaw its publication, with contributions from activists involved in the struggles of freedom & social justice, now mobilized in support of the Spanish people in their fight against Fascism.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Graphic, SIA, Numéro du 16 février 1939; courtesy Ephéméride Anarchiste

1949 -- Louis Rimbault dies. French libertarian militant & proponent of vegetarianism.

Rimbault was convicted for "complicity" in Bonnot Gang activities. He was an active opponent of state communism, & a proponent of vegetarianism (credited for "the basconaise," a single dish recipe made up of about 30 vegetables).

Further details/context, click here[Details]

Bombing map
1950 -- Canada: US Air Force B-50 bomber carrying an H-bomb develops engine trouble over Canada, crew members detonate the bomb (with its plutonium core removed), scattering 45 kg of highly enriched uranium into the atmosphere only 2,493 feet over Riviere du Loup, Quebec.

"String telephones are a great activity for examining how sound is created, transmitted (both in air & solids) & received. Our students experimented with creating string phones with different materials & compared the results. Surprisingly, string was one of the worst types of line to use.

Billie Holiday
1956 -- Billie Holiday returns to the New York City stage at Carnegie Hall after a three-year absence. The concert was called a high point in jazz history.

Billie Holiday

1958 -- SI dingbat Netherlands: Constant Nieuwenhuys & Guy Debord's 'The Amsterdam Declaration' issued in — surprise! — Amsterdam.

"The SI's minimum program is the development of complete environments, which must extend to a unitary urbanism, & research into new modes of behavior in relation to these environments." (excerpt)

The declaration is reprinted in December in "Internationale Situationniste" #2 & also in German translation.

See also Debord's "Constant & the Path of Unitary Urbanism" |

[Situationist Resources]

1960 -- Russia: Party-Time?: 81 Communist Parties meet in Moscow to get down, rock-on!

1964 -- Australia: Re-introduction of conscription announced for the Vietnam War.

1968 -- Ida Cox, blues singer of such songs as "Wild Women Don't Have the Blues," dies in Knoxville, Tennessee.

1969 -- US: "Sesame Street" first airs on television.

Book Burn
1973 -- US: Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse 5 is burned as "tool of the Devil" by school board, & the teacher who assigned it for reading is fired, Drake, North Dakota.
Anton Lavey, the devil incarnate

"The whole problem with the world is that fools & fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."

— Bertrand Russell

"Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings."

— Heinrich Heine

Crowded rainy freeway
1975 -- Man the Oars? Ore ship Edmund Fitzgerald & crew of 29 lost in a storm on Lake Superior.

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1976 -- England: London Murray Defence Group occupy Aer Lingus offices in Regent Street. Similar protests are made in Madrid & Sydney, the first 'reciprocal' protest to be made in Spain for years.
See the Chronology in Albert Meltzer's I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

1980 -- US: "I'd Rather Not?": Media hotshot, news anchor Dan Rather refuses to pay his cabbie; CBS pays the $12.55 bill.

1982 -- Leonid Brezhnev, general secretary of the central committee of the Communist Party & the Soviet Union, dies of a heart attack.

Juke Joint Blues album cover; source
1989 -- The Rhythm & Blues Foundation presents its first lifetime achievement awards in Washington DC. Among the honorees are bluesmen Charles Brown, Ruth Brown, Percy Sledge ("When a Man Loves a Woman"), & Mary Wells ("My Guy").

1994 -- Iraq: Losers & Weepers?: Iraq formally recognizes nation of Kuwait. Saddam loves Kuwait.

1995 -- Nigeria: Ken Saro-Wiwa & eight other human rights activists are executed by the illegal military government. Clinton administration refuses to pursue sanctions. Some terrorists are okay in the American lexicon.

Daily Bleed co-Patron Saint, 2006-2008
Nigerian ecological liberationist, Ogoni martyr.

2000 -- US: Electoral politics... "We have just reached the twilight zone of American politics."

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Merry Pranksters Bus
2001 -- Ken Kesey (1935-2001) dies. Hippie bus driver, psychedelician, anarchist, author, flew over the cuckoos nest.

"You are either

bus or you're not on the bus."

Animated: Are We Really!?

Kesey was a paid volunteer experimental subject, taking mind-altering drugs & reporting their effects. His experiences as an aide at a psychiatric hospital & LSD sessions served as background for his novel, One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest, which was set in a mental hospital. The book reveals the dehumanising effects of the social conformity of the 1950s.

Kesey formed the 'Merrie Pranksters', bought an old school bus, & toured America & Mexico with his friends. Their weird exploits are chronicled in Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (1973).
acid cube

2006 -- Germany: 2nd International Action Conference "Rostock II" (November 10 to 12), in Rostock. Meetings have already been held by the so-called Dissent! Network, primarily anarchist & autonomous groups, gathering to organize G8 summit protests.

2008 -- South African singer, "The Empress of African Song," Miriam Makeba dies, Castel Volturna, Caserta, Italy.

2084 -- Transit of Earth as seen from Mars.

3000 --

The mass production of instruments of comfort — all equally revolutionary, according to the publicity handouts — has given the most unsophisticated of people the right to express an opinion on the marvels of technological innovation in a tone as blase as the hand they stick in their pants. The first landing on Mars will pass unnoticed at Disneyland.

— Raoul Vaneigem, "Technology & its mediated use" in The Revolution of Everyday Life which BleedMeister helped co-publish back in his Left Bank Books Collective days



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