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Sometimes a crumb falls,
From the tables of joy,
Sometimes a bone
Is flung.

To some people
Love is given,
To others
Only heaven.

— Langston Hughes
(1902-1967), "Luck"


Anarcho-adventure writer,
revolutionary, identity unknown.

See the Anarchist Encyclopedia page,


354 -- Saint Augustine (Confessiones; De civitate Dei) lives, Tagaste, Numidia (now Algeria).

1518 -- Velasquez obtains Crown authority to ransack colonize the new countries in the Americas.

1797 -- "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is begun as a collaborative effort between Samuel Taylor Coleridge & William Wordsworth while walking through the Valley of Stones near Lynmouth.

1829 -- US: Sam Patch, famed stunt diver, dives to his death.

"& all this time I thought he was a thoroughbred horse who once won the Kaintuck Derby."
— BleedingHeart Aimee, 1997

"Person=Sam Patch. Horse=Dan Patch."
— BleedTymer Alyce

1831 -- Germany: When a cholera epidemic sweeps the country, philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel dies quietly in his sleep after a day of illness.

1839 -- US: First US Anti-slavery party (Liberty Party) founded.

Mount Tahoma/Rainer
1843 -- US: 14k Mount Tahoma in Pacific Northwest, in view of Anti-Dave's digs, erupts.

1850 -- British essayist, novelist, poet Robert Louis Stevenson lives, Edinburgh.

1854 -- US: Over 300 perish as immigrant vessel New Era founders off New Jersey coast.

1861 -- Unsure of his own poetic powers, Arthur Hugh Clough dies, leaving the bulk of his work unpublished. His Poems are reprinted 16 times within 40 years, indicating some popularity.

Alice in wonderland
1862 -- Lewis Carroll keeps a promise to Alice Liddell:

"Began writing the fairy-tale of Alice — I hope to finish it by Christmas."

1882 -- François Le Leve lives (1882-1945), dans le Morbihan. Militant anarchiste et syndicaliste breton. One of the 15 who signed The Manifeste des Seize, along with Peter Kropotkin, Jean Grave & others, favoring the Allies during WWI. A member of the Resistance during WWII, he was captured & interned. He died while traveling home after being liberated.
Anarchist Opposition to War (A Collection)

Walter Crane illustration
1887 -- England: Police charge a crowd of unemployed protesters in Trafalgar Square, London, killing three & arresting over 300.

The "Bloody Sunday" incident is a turning point in British struggles for free speech rights. The libertarian socialists present, like William Morris & Edward Carpenter, testified to this wild repression. (Edward Bellamy a participant?)

1887 -- England: George Bernard Shaw gave lectures on socialism on street corners & helped distribute political literature. Today Shaw takes part in the London demonstration resulting in the Bloody Sunday Riot. However, Shaw always felt uncomfortable with trade union members & preferred debate to action.

1887 -- US: Over 20,000 workers join the funeral march for the Haymarket anarchists framed for throwing the "Haymarket bomb": Adolph Fischer, George Engel, Albert Parsons, August Spies (all executed) & Louis Lingg (who blew himself up the day before the execution) — see also 4 May & 28 October.
Further details / context, click here[Haymarket Details / context]
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1893 -- France: Leon-Jules Leauthier, a young anarchiste shoe-maker, stabs & seriously wounds the minister of Serbia in Paris. Condemned (23 February 1894) to life in prison, where he was killed during the suppression of the October 1894 prison uprising at Iles du Salut.

1895 -- US: First Grenades? First shipment of canned pineapple from Hawaii.

1895 -- France: Anarchiste Louise Michel revient à Paris où elle est accueillie par une manifestation de sympathie à la gare Saint-Lazare. Elle prononce dans la capitale et en province une série de discours.
[Source: Michel Chronologie]

1899 -- England: Emma Goldman arrives in London, on her way to attend the 1900 International Anti-Parliamentary Congress in Paris & with the intention of studying medicine in Zurich, Switzerland. Emma stays with Harry Kelly & his family & lectures in English & German. Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist

Among Emma Goldman's topics are "America: The Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave."

While visiting Peter Kropotkin at his home, she meets the Russian populist Nicholas Chaikovsky, whom she greatly admires. Emma argues heatedly with Kropotkin about the political significance of "the sex problem." Following one of her German lectures, she meets the Czechoslovakian anarchist refugee Hippolyte Havel, with whom she later falls in love.

1900 -- France: Anarchiste Louise Michel, elle retourne à Londres.
[Source: Michel Chronologie]

1903 -- Camille Pissarro dies. French impressionist painter / anarchiste, contributor to the magazine Temps Nouveaux.

In the 1880s, Pissarro joined a younger generation of artists, including Georges Seurat, Paul Signac, & his son Lucien Pissarro, in adopting the Neo-Impressionist technique, which used the claims of science to support a new style of painting.

In common with many artists & writers of his day, he became a fervent anarchist. He produced a powerful attack on French bourgeois society in his album of anarchiste drawings, Turpitudes Sociales, (1889).

See the Anarchist Encyclopedia,

Coal miner
1909 -- US: Cherry Coal Mine Disaster in Illinois. 259 men & boys working in the mine die.

1910 -- Painter/printmaker Wilmer Angier Jennings lives, Atlanta, Georgia. Student of Hale Woodruff, employed by the Public Works for Art Project & Works Progress Administration in the 1930's, where he painted murals & landscape paintings, & produced prints.

Kropotkins album cover
1914 -- US: Part one of the anarchist Peter Kropotkin's 1913 essay, "Wars & Capitalism," is reprinted in Mother Earth, in an effort to refute Kropotkin's new stance in favor of the war. Kropotkin was one of those in open favor of the Allies during WWI, who signed the Manifeste de seize (Manifesto of the Sixteen) along with 14 others.
Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste,  anarquista,  Anarchistyczne[Details / context]

Kropotkin, Peter. "Milkhomes un kapitalizm." [Wars & Capitalism] Trans. Rudolf Rocker. (London: Arbayter Fraynd, 1914). 31 pages. A translation of four chapters from Modern Science & Anarchism.

1914 -- US: A Western Federation of Miners labor strike is crushed by the militia in Butte, Montana.

Rainbow Gathering, Welcome Home
1915 -- D. H. Lawrence's novel The Rainbow judged obscene by Bow Street court.

1917 -- US: California District Attorney Charles Fickert temporarily withdraws demand for Alexander Berkman's extradition. Berkman, the anarchist who attempted to kill Frick, released from prison tomorrow.

1922 -- US: The Supreme Court rules on the Ozawa case, definitively prohibiting Japanese from becoming naturalized citizens on the basis of race. This ban lasted until 1952. A similar case involving the denial of naturalization was also ruled upon.

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1926 -- France: Le congrès de la Fédération autonome du Bâtiment donne naissance à la troisième C.G.T., Lyon (November 13-14): la C.G.T.-S.R., d’obédience anarcho-syndicaliste.

1928 -- Jazz pianist Hampton Hawes lives.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

I'm no weenie!
1933 -- US: Got Meat?: Sit-down strike at Hormel's meat-packing plant.

Smiley face with sunglasses

In Austin, Minnesota, striking workers at the packing plant of George A. Hormel & Co. hold the first recorded sit-down strike in American labor history. The technique is a variation on earlier methods of striking such as refusal-to-work strikes & stay-in strikes, & proves the most effective of the three in discouraging violence.

1936 -- US: Western Writers Conference meets, sponsored by the League of American Writers, the organization that absorbed the John Reed Clubs throughout the country.

250 West Coast Writers participate in the 3-day confab, including Kenneth Rexroth, Upton Sinclair, Mike Gold, John Steinbeck, William Saroyan, Budd Shulberg, Irwin Shaw, Nathanael West, & Harry Bridges of the longshoremen's union.

1936 -- Spain: It was Rosselli who launched the slogan "Today in Spain, Tomorrow in Italy." Today, on 13 November, in his broadcast on Barcelona radio he states:

"Thousands of Italians in exile have joined the revolutionary army. For three months now an Italian column has fought on the Aragona front. We hear of 11 dead & 20 wounded. A second Italian column is now defending Madrid. These are Italians who, having lost their freedom at home, begin to reconquer it in Spain, with weapons in their hands. Italians are arriving from France, Switzerland, Belgium & the Americas."

1940 -- Disney's "Fantasia" opens in NY.

1940 -- US: Supreme Court rules in Hansberry v. Lee that whites cannot bar African-Americans from white neighborhoods. Case brought by wealthy real-estate broker Carl Hansberry of Chicago; ruling allows Hansberry family, including 10-year-old daughter Lorraine, to move into a white neighborhood.

1945 -- US: GM workers' strike closes 96 plants.

1946 -- US: Snow Job?: First artificial snow produced from a natural cloud, Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts.

1949 -- Caryn Johnson lives, New York. Grows up in the ghettos of New York, overcomes drug addiction & poverty, & becomes known as Whoopi Goldberg, multitalented comedian & Academy Award winning actress.

1956 -- US: Supreme Court upholds a lower court decision banning segregation on city buses in Montgomery, Alabama. Establishes grounds for challenging bus segregation in nine states that have violated the 15th Amendment.

1964 -- Georges Vidal dies.
Anarchiste, poet, & a friend of André Colomer, Vidal wrote Han Ryner: L'homme et l'oeuvre, Commentaires (1923-24), Six-Fours: bourgade provençale. Vidal & Colomer were involved with "l’affaire Daudet" in the early 1920s. Apparently he was also involved in an anarchist colony in Costa Rica.

1966 -- The Dead, Quicksilver, & Big Brother & the Holding Company Zenefit at Frisco's Avalon Ballroom for the Zen Mountain Center.

1967 -- US: By The Short Hairs? Scandalously nude musical "Hair" opens in New York City.

1968 -- US: The barge "Hess Hustler," carrying 1.8 million gallons of oil, grounds on Delaware beach, doing, in the words of the Smithsonian Institution, "much harm to the ecology."

Andre Prudhommeaux, anarchiste
1968 -- André Prudhommeaux (1902- 1968) dies.

A French anarchiste bookstore owner whose shop in Paris specialized in social history — & a place for many debates & discussions.

Prudhommeaux was an early Council Communist, then an anarchist. He wrote for many publications, edited a few, & co-authored books with Dora Ris. He participated in the defense campaign for Marinus van der Lubbe in 1933 & was a supporter of the Friends of Durruti during the Spanish Revolution.

Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste, anarquista,  anarchist[Details / context]

Help End Demonstrations, End War!, source
1969 --

NY: Bombs have exploded over the past several days in the RCA building, Rockefeller Center, the GM building on 5th Avenue, the Chase Manhattan Plaza, the United Fruit Company pier, the Criminal Courts building, the Marine Midland Grace Trust Company, & several other Federal & Corporate buildings, to protest government/corporate Vietnam War policy.

1969 -- Sierra Leone: $4.2 million worth of jewels stolen in Freetown. Free indeedee.

1969 -- US: Second National Moratorium; Nov 13-15 Weathermen, led by Rubin & Hoffman, march on Justice Department.

1969 -- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Cold Blood, Joy of Cooking, & Lamb perform at Frisco's Winterland.

1970 -- US: Ol' Cranky John? 3,000,000 gallons of crankcase oil discharged into Pennsylvania's Schuykill River.

1970 -- Pakistan: The worst cyclone on record & the most deadly natural disaster of the century hit East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

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1973 -- England: Fifth state of emergency in three years declared in response to miners/power workers strike.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1974 -- US: Karen Silkwood murdered during her investigation of Kerr-McGee Nuclear Power Plant in Oklahoma. All her documentation of safety violations disappear.

1974 -- US: Vietnam War memorial dedicated, Washington, DC (see 11 November).

1977 -- US: Last installment of "Li'l Abner" cartoon strip appears.

1982 -- Poland: Lech Walesa, former leader of the labor union, SolidarnoϾ (Solidarity), freed after 11 months internment during martial law & outlawing of Solidarity. Government declares Walesa "no longer a threat to internal security."
alt sp; Solidarnosc

1982 -- Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim fatally injured when KOed by Ray Mancini.

Drug burn
1985 -- Colombia: At 9:08 P.M., Nevado del Ruiz, the highest active volcano in the Andes Mountains, suffers a mild eruption that generates a series of lava flows & surges over the volcano's broad ice-covered summit.

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1986 -- Guatemala: Seven Peace Brigades International observers beaten by police outside an Organization of American States conference, Guatemala City.

1987 -- México: A bus blows a tire in the fog & skids into a lake in México City, killing 39 passengers.

After seeing dozens of these buses splattered on the back of slow moving fuel tankers, launched over cliffs, or robbed & burned by rebels, I cannot think of a single survival tip except to sit up front on the engine, very close to the cracked windshield, so that death will at least be quick & merciful.

— Robert Pelton, Come Back Alive

1989 -- Czechoslovakia: Borders open, Nov 13-14 , just days after Humpty Dumpty tumbles from the Berlin Wall (& takes it down with him; see 9 November or [Reference notes for October 3, 1990]).

anarchist button, source
1994 -- Spanish anarquista Enrique Marco Nadal dies. CNT militant & partisan & underground antifascist, captured in 1947 & condemned to death.
anarchist; Further details / context, click here[Details / context] The end first of antitank, Barcelonian Jose Millán Vicente, emphasizes to us: “The three fourth parts of the Italian tanks put out of action were it by the antitank ones of the 7,5. & this, to the Spaniards, besides to restore the truth, does not clear the smaller merit to us; since, of the three squads of antitank who operated as opposed to the infiltrated armored swollen ones of Italian, two were sent by people our: one by Enrique Marco Nadal, of Valencia & another one by Sly Jose, of Tarrasa. I fought with Enrique”.

1995 -- Greece: Odisseas Kambouris, a 23-year old anarchist, is sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Kambouris was charged with attacking the Communist Party (KKE) headquarters in Perissos, Athens, in June 1994. During the summer & autumn of 1994, Kambouris held a hunger strike demanding his freedom. Many anarchist demonstrations & other solidarity actions occurred during this time.

1997 -- US: News from the microradio movement & mainstream news accounts on the struggle to free the airwaves appearing today:

Free Radio Berkeley Wins Round in Court; FCC Begins Crackdown of U.S. Micropower Radio Movement; FCC visits Radio Free Allston; Call KFOG & Protest; Attacks on free speech by NAB & FCC elicit response from pirate radio movement; Radio Wars: San Francisco Liberation; Radio plans response to NAB, KFOG engineer's attacks; U.S. Marshals shut down pirate radio station in Howell, New Jersey; Low-Power Radio: The FCC & community radio; Pearl Jam supports Pirate Radio; also Six Watts of Trouble, in Pitch Weekly.

Source: [Pirate Radio Kiosk]

1999 -- US: Dem lousy goodfernuthin Layabout play benefit at Cass Cafe, Motor City Michigan.

"When the Layabouts play, people dance!" Governments Lie!, Poster by Ralph Franklin; source

[Poster by Roustabout Ralph Franklin]
video iconThe Layabouts (Detroit): B-Movie

Mickey Mouse
2000 -- US: Disney World. Your vote counts. & counts. & counts. As in a'courting we will go. & just keeps going. & going...

2005 -- US: Vine Deloria, Jr. (b. 1933) dies. Native American author, theologian, historian, & activist.

2012 -- US: Investigation finds Bechtel failed to follow procedures, maintain safety margins, train workers & correct items that did not meet requirements, among other problems at the Hanford nuclear waste facility.

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3000 --

German revolutionary, lover of Rosa Luxemburg, martyr.

3001 --
Pulsing eye, animated

"In any country there must be people who have to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law & order."

— Idi Amin Dada

4000 --
Anarchists against the state?; source

Anarchist Almanac

the US should be held accountable
4500 --

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