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Love is a word, another kind of open.
As the diamond comes
into a knot of flame
I am Black
because I come from the earth's inside
take my word for jewel
in the open light.

      — Audre Lorde, (1934-1992) excerpt, "Coal"



The original anarchist-feminist,
& teacher of newly arrived immigrants.


William S. Burroughs

"We are here to go, we gotta find a way off this goddamn cop-ridden planet."

— William S. Burroughs

1558 -- England: Bags of cats are burned at the coronation ceremony for Elizabeth I.

1624 -- Mystic philosopher Jacob Boehme dies.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 1998. Protestant mystic “saw the world as streaming in the electrolysis of love” whose radical followers were major influences on Anabaptists & Antinomians.

Through the deep July day the leaves
Of the laurel, all the colors
Of gold, spin down through the moving
Deep laurel shade all day. They float
On the mirrored sky & forest
For a while, & then, still slowly
Spinning, sink through the crystal deep
Of the pool to its leaf gold floor. . . .
The wren broods in her moss domed nest.
A newt struggles with a white moth
Drowning in the pool. The hawks scream,
Playing together on the ceiling
Of heaven. The long hours go by.

Kenneth Rexroth

An academic critic once sarcastically referred to Rexroth, Gary Snyder & Philip Whalen as “members of the bear-shit-on-the-trail school of poetry.”

Rexroth, of course, took this as a compliment. He often spent months at a time in the woods & mountains, & quite a few of his poems reflect his experiences there. In one of the most beautiful he is lying beside a waterfall reading The Signature of All Things by Jakob Boehme, the visionary mystic who “saw the world as streaming in the electrolysis of love.”

1637 -- Anne Hutchinson, antinomian, brought to trial. Banished from Massachusetts.

1681 -- Shafted? John Dryden anonymously publishes political satire attacking Earl of Shaftesbury, Absalom & Achitophel.

1734 -- John Peter Zenger arrested for libels against colonial government.

1785 -- Primitive Capitalism?: Through strong drink, two Creek subchiefs are induced to sign treaty ceding large portion of Alabama & Georgia to whites; treaty is repudiated by Creek Nation, to no effect.

1790 -- August Mobius, topologist, born.

1794 -- George Grote, author of the 12-volume History of Greece, lives, Clay Hill, Kent, England.

1835 -- German-American publisher, bibliographer Frederick Leypoldt lives, Stuttgart.

1858 -- Socialist planner Robert Owen dies.

On Robert Owen, see Kenneth Rexroth's chapter in Communalism.

 Voltairine de Cleyre
1866 -- US: Anarchist-feminist Voltairine de Cleyre lives, Leslie, Michigan. Atheist & free-thinker, she taught in Philadelphia. She made many lecture tours, including in Europe, where she met Kropotkin, Louise Michel , Sébastien Faure & many other anarchists. She was an ardent supporter of Ricardo Flores Magón & the Mexican Revolution & wrote for his magazine, Regeneración. alt sp: a few web sites: decleyre

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1866 -- Opera "Mignon" is produced, Paris. Although popular, the critics chew it up.

1869 -- Egypt: Suez Canal opens, links Mediterranean & Red seas. Falling behind schedule & vastly over budget, the crew makes a last ditch effort to open the gap with a big rush.

1875 -- American Theosophical Society founded.

Passannante by Flavio Costantini
1878 -- Italy: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader King Humbert I, stabbed & wounded in Naples by the 29-year-old anarchico Giovanni Passannante [sometimes spelled Passanante]. Condemned to death, his sentence was commuted & he died in prison in 1910.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

Illustration by Flavio Costantini

1878 -- Australia: Maritime strike (1878-1879). Seamen in Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland go on strike. They were supported by miners in New South Wales & by wharfies [dock workers] in the three colonies.

1881 -- US: Federation of Organized Trades & Labor Unions, forerunner of AFL, organized.

book cover, Janko Polic Kamov
1886 -- Janko Polic Kamov, Croatian futurist author, Rijeka, Croatia. Died in Spain, age 24, after a mad & hectic life, as a bohemian & a beggar.

1887 -- US: Johann Most, "anarchist," is arrested for "incendiary language," & sentenced to a year in prison in the land of free speech.

1891 -- Author Sigurd Wesley Christiansen lives.

1896 -- US: Sacramento, California reports first of dozens of sightings of huge mysterious airships appearing all over US for the next six months. Looking for an airport to land at...

1909 -- US Marines invade Nicaragua. To "protect US interests"?

1914 -- England: Union of Democratic Control founded.

1916 -- American author Shelby Foote lives.

Shakespeare & Company
1919 -- Sylvia Beach opens Shakespeare & Company, first combination English-language book shop & lending library in Paris; befriends many of world's writers, particularly in the 1920s/30s, when her shop was a gathering place for expatriate writers & French authors pursued newfound interest in US literature. She also published the first edition of Joyce's Ulysses.

If you're ever near Newport, Oregon, consider the Sylvia Beach Hotel (sicko book lovers site); for biographical information, check the page at Princeton:

1919 -- Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman speaks at a New York dinner organized by friends of Kate Richards O'Hare.

1933 -- Netherlands: Emma Goldman's lecture tour meets with mixed success: Emma lectures in Hilversum & Amsterdam on Living My Life, but her lecture in Rotterdam on dictatorship is prohibited. Under surveillance throughout the trip, she is arrested at Appeldorn on November 23 & expelled from the country the following day.

1935 -- Audrey Thomas lives, Binghamton, New York. American-born Canadian author known for her autobiographical novels, short stories, & radio plays. Writes of domestic life, women's search for independence, & conflicts between men & women.

Gordon Lightfoot
1938 -- Gordon Lightfoot lives. Now if he could just cut all those strings.

1942 -- US: Hobo organizer, anarchist & cultural drop-out Ben Reitman dies.

Dr. Ben Reitman crusaded, was beaten, tarred, feathered, jailed, & run out of town for his efforts on behalf of the rights of women to control their own bodies; & "his lifetime efforts to educate & improve the health of hoboes," of which he had been & at heart remained one, "addressed conditions of the homeless that are with us today."

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Victor Serge
1947 -- Victor Serge dies. Novelist, poet, historian, & political activist. One-time French individualist anarchiste who went over to the Bolsheviks, before they booted him. He remained sympathetic to anarchists but was rather badly treated by them.

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1950 -- Author Jack Kerouac marries Joan Haverty, whom he met on the 3rd, in Greenwich Village.

1953 -- US: Nine paratroopers killed during a training exercise at Fort Bragg, North Carolina when an Air Force C-119 Flying Boxcar plows into them as they float earthward. The plane then crashes, killing six more servicemen.

James P. Johnson
1955 -- US: Jazz pianist James P. Johnson (1894-1955) dies. Although it had been around since 1913, the dance of the 20s, the Charleston, catches on nationally & internationally after appearing in the 1924 all-black musical revue, "Runnin' Wild," with music composed by jazz pianist James P. Johnson.

1958 -- Alan Freed's trial for allegedly inciting a riot after a Boston show on May 3, 1958, set to start today, is put back until January 5, 1959. This is due to investigations into a related charge of violating Massachusetts anti-anarchy laws.

1959 -- Author Jack Kerouac travels to Frisco to attend a screening of Pull My Daisy at the San Francisco Film Festival. Kerouac meets Lew Welch & Albert Saijo in Frisco; on the 20th he drives back to New York with them.

1960 -- US: Anti-integration demonstrators riot in New Orleans.

1960 -- Italy: Carmelo Spagnuolo, procuratore della repubblica di Milano, fa sequestrare il film di Mauro Bolognini "La giornata balorda," denunciando oltre il regista anche gli sceneggiatori Pier Paolo Pasolini e Alberto Moravia per divulgazione di spettacolo osceno.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1966 -- Leonids meteor shower peaks (150,000+ per hour). 46,000 meteroids fall on Arizona in 20 minutes.

1967 -- Bolivia: French author & militant Regis Debray sentenced to 30 years in prison.

1970 -- US: Trial of Bobby Seale & Ericka Huggins begins (ended May 25, 71).

 Dick m Nixon
1972 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Richard Nixon (R) re-elected over Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader George McGovern (D) for President.

1973 -- US: At a convention of newspaper editors at Disney World( ! ), Florida:

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President "I am Pacifist" Dick M Nixon tells the whole world:

"I am not a crook."

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1973 -- Harold Warden breaks 3,773 bricks in three hours with karate & his bare hands.

1973 -- US: Free Religionist Alan Watts dies, Mill Valley, California.

Get This!, animated dingbat
1978 -- US: Two FBI agents testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations that the bureau's long-term surveillance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was based solely on Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader J. Edgar Hoover's "hatred of the civil rights leader" & not on the civil right's leader's alleged communist influences or linkages with radical groups.

1979 -- Russian crackpot astrophysicist Immanuel Velikovsky dies.

1979 -- Iran: Head honcho, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Ayatollah Khomeini (known as "Chuckles" to close pals), orders the release of 13 female & black hostages in Teheran, citing American women & African-Americans as among the groups oppressed by the government of the United States.

I take the rainy landscape from my window remove the shadow of the wutong tree wipe you off.

— Yang Mu, The Woman In Black

1979 -- Jamaican-born Arthur Lewis, along with Theodore Schultz, is named the recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for "pioneering research into economic development...with particular consideration of the problems of developing countries."

1980 -- France: Courant Alternatif begins publishing this month. Monthly magazine of l'Organisation Communiste Libertaire, OCL groups collectively producing it, with responsibility decentralized & revolving. A worthy production, currently in print & on the Internet.

Fire Grill
1983 -- Harm Wiersma retains checkers world championship — despite his checkered past.

His speech beats Dick Nixon's all to hell.

1985 -- US: Bhag-Man? With his Oregon sex cult dismantled & his 93 Rolls Royces sold off after his arrest for violating US immigration laws & bioterrorist followers busted for poisoning town-folk, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh leaves for India. He describes his four years here as "hell" & says Americans are "sub-human." We don't know about the hell part....

'That the materially poor can ever be spiritual is out-and-out absurd.'

— The Bhag

1986 -- France: Two women from Accion Directe shoot Renault chairman George Besse, Paris.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1987 -- U2 frontman Bono pulls a fan onstage in L.A. to sing "People Get Ready" with the group. The fan hands Bono a demo tape.

1987 -- "Caribou like the pipeline. They lean up against it, have a lot of babies, scratch on it. There's more damn caribou than you can shake a stick at."

— Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President George Bush scoffing at environmentalists who had feared the Alaska oil pipeline would cut into the caribou population.

1989 -- Czechoslovakia: 10-20,000 teens try to march to Wenceslas Square in Prague; 400 injured. More action tomorrow. Mass demonstration leads to downfall of the regime.

"You make very good sense as a literary playboy, talking about what needs to change. But we students were beaten in the square tonight. We children did our job & now it's the role of the parents to do something."

— Vaclav Klaus, Jr. to his father (Vaclav Havel, now Prime Minister), on the night of November 17th, 1989.

1990 -- Itabari Njeri receives the American Book Award for Outstanding Contribution in American Literature for her book Every Good-bye Ain't Gone. Also honored is poet Sonia Sanchez, who receives a lifetime achievement award.

1992 -- After a 14-year battle with cancer, self-described "Black lesbian, mother, warrior, poet" Audre Lorde, dies in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Her battle with cancer is examined in The Cancer Journals (1980), which also contains a feminist critique of the medical profession. Her last collection of poetry is the 1992 publication, Undersong: Chosen Poems Old & New.

1992 -- US: The Sequoyah Fuels Uranium-Processing facility in Oklahoma releases a cloud of nitrogen dioxide. The release exposes 34 people to the carcinogen. Most are hospitalized with bleeding eardrums & blistered eyeballs or lungs. Great Vomits of the Century Logo

Since opening 21 years ago, the uranium plant — owned by General Atomics — has tallied 15,000 violations of state & federal law. For years, the group Native Americans for a Clean Environment has publicized the violations & organized demonstrations. This year the group has devoted all its money for a legal team & publicity. Within a week of today's nitrogen-dioxide release, General Atomics closes the plant to avoid new litigation.

tv reporter
1992 -- US: Dateline NBC airs a demonstration show on General Motors trucks, with their gas tanks exploding upon side impacts.

It's later revealed NBC rigged the test.

Silvio Berlusconi, Italian opposition leader in power after the Christian Democrats fell in 1994, is also implicated. In December of 1995, Berlusconi is forced to resign. In the subsequent trial, the intimate connection between the government & the Italian Mafia is exposed, & in some cases the differences between these two organizations is heavily blurred.

1995 -- US: Anarchist picnic at Golden Gate Park, Frisco, just down the street from Bound Together Books, meadow near the Ghirardeli Rustic Shelter.

1998 -- México: 15-year anniversary of the birth of the EZLN.


"Zapata will continue to live as long as people believe that they have a right to their land & a right to govern themselves according to their deeply held beliefs & cultural values."

Vote for Nobody!
2000 -- US: Florida...overcast, another gray day, highs in the mid-300s...the more things change, the more they remain the same.

The Vote Nobody election campaign proved successful this past May in Bristol, England:

An Autonomous Zone was declared after 145 people voted for Nobody & just 5 for the council.

One staunch anarchist spoiled his ballot paper & wasn't counted.

Vote Lesser Evil; source

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Italy: Seven-time Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader PM Giulio Andreotti is convicted of murdering a journalist & sentenced to 24 years in prison.

2006 -- Ruth Brown, American R&B singer, dies. Little Richard wanted to be her.

2007 -- US: 20,000 protesters converge over the weekend, including the Anti-Authoritarian Contingent Vigil & Direct Action, at the School of the Americas (SOA, aka School of Assassins) to shut down the world's largest training center for terrorists, Fort Benning, Georgia. Designed to "protect US corporate & military interests" around the world, the infamous school's 60,000+ grads practice torture, prop up US-supported dictatorships, massacre innocent people, target & execute human rights advocates, & protect drug lords around the world — American style.

2010 -- South Africa: A major health-care provider pleads guilty to using Israeli-linked organ trafficking syndicate. Real shortage of parts in Israel...

2011 -- US: TheDustbinNoMore? During this month a rare three-volume set of Karl Marx's Das Kapital, sells online for $51,739.

3000 --

"Make no laws whatever concerning speech & speech will be free; so soon as you make a declaration on paper that speech shall be free, you will have a hundred lawyers proving that `freedom does not mean abuse, nor liberty license'; & they will define freedom out of existence.
Let the guarantee of free speech be in every man's determination to use it, & we shall have no need of paper declarations..."

         — Voltairine de Cleyre, "Anarchism & American Traditions"

How Can you tell when one war ends & the another starts?
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