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Tomorrow I expect to make a trip to the planet Mars &, if so, will immediately commence to organize the Mars canal workers into the I.W.W. & we will sing the good old songs so loud that the learned star-gazers will once & for all get positive proof that the planet Mars is really inhabited....

I have nothing to say for myself, only that I have always tried to make this earth a little bit better.

— Joe Hill to Solidarity editor Ben Williams,
while awaiting his execution

Joe Hill


"I dreamt I saw Joe Hill last night."
Wobbly organizer, genius songwriter.
Murdered by state of Utah.
"Don't mourn for me — Organize!"
are his last words before his execution.

Carlos Cortez Poster: Joe Hill



Bad hair day

461 -- Source=Robert Braunwart A Bad SitComLaughTrack? St. Hilarius becomes the 46th pope (-468).

1493 -- "Christ-bearing Dove" Christopher Columbus 'discovers' Puerto Rico. On his second voyage to the New World Columbus set sail with 17 ships & almost 1,500 men. He found the island populated by as many as 60,000 Taíno or Arawak Indians. The Taíno Indians who greeted Columbus made a big mistake when they showed him gold nuggets in the river & told him to take all he wanted.

The bodies of infants are very soft, & apparently were quite a tasty treat for the dogs, so the Spaniards regularly fed infants to their dogs, alive, & at times while the horror-stricken parents watched. The Spaniards had contests to see who could cut a living person in half with one stroke of the sword. They would test the sharpness of their blades by beheading the nearest handy native.

Opium den
1692 -- English dramatist/poet laureate Thomas Shadwell dies, suspected opium overdose. Thomas Brown eulogizes him: "Tom writ, his readers still slept o'er his book / For Tom took opium, & they opiates took."

1792 -- Source=Robert Braunwart France: French Convention offers assistance to all European revolutionaries.

1797 -- US: "Ain't I a Woman?": Isabella Baumfree born as a slave, on or about this date (d.1883). Freed in 1827 by the NY State Emancipation Act. After a divine revelation, she changed her name to Sojourner Truth (June 1, 1843) & begins speaking for emancipation of African-Americans & woman's rights.

1812 -- Third US attempt to invade Canada during War of 1812 collapses. American troops refuse to leave NY State & force General Henry Dearborn to return them to Pittsburgh.

1822 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: John Cleves Symmes petitions Congress for aid in making a voyage to the center of the earth, which he believes is hollow. He is, as every Bleedster knows, quite correct...

1862 -- France: Liard-Courtois (Auguste Courtois) lives, Calais. Militant labor & anarchiste speaker.

Sentenced to two years prison & a strong fine, for a lecture tour in 1891 advocating the General Strike.

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1863 -- US: At the close of a dedication ceremony for a cemetery for Union army dead at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Abraham Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg Address, commonly considered one of the finest speeches ever uttered by an American politician.

1874 -- Crime Pays: William Marcy "Boss" Tweed, Grand Sachem of New York City's Tammany Hall, convicted of 204 counts of fraud. Estimates of sum Tweed swindled from City Treasury range up to $200 million.

1883 -- The United States Uniform Time Zone Plan (4 zones of 15 degrees) is put into operation: modern capitalism asserts total control of the social through the development of mass communications & transportation.

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1883 -- Swedish author Hjalmar Fredrik Elgerus Bergman lives.

1887 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Start of Sherlock Holmes' "Adventure of the Dying Detective" (BG).

1894 -- George Bernard Shaw writes to fledgling journalist R. E. Golding Bright: "You must give up detesting everything appertaining to Oscar Wilde or to anyone else. The critic's first duty is to admit with absolute respect, the right of every man to his own style."

1896 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Start of Sherlock Holmes' "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire" (BG).

1897 -- US: Emma Goldman continues her heavy lecture campaign throughout the midwest.

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Handbill announcing Emma Goldman's lecture Nov 19 & 26; source
1899 -- England: Emma Goldman speaks, Atheneaum Hall, Sunday, November 19 & 26, London.

Anna Seghers; source
1900 -- Anna Seghers lives. German novelist, essayist, short story writer, radical who gained international fame with her novels The Seventh Cross (1942) & Transit (1944). Her major themes were social injustice & the political upheavals of modern age.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint, November 16, 2003-4

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1903 -- Carrie Nation attempts to address Senate, speech called hatchet job.

Union blockade by teamster, Chicago strike 1904
1904 -- US: Some 6,000 workers in Chicago, members of the United Garment Workers of America, strike the 27 wholesale houses which were then members of the National Wholesale Tailors' Association.

1910 -- anarchist diamond dingbatSpain: Poco después del congreso será elegido para entrar a formar parte del Consejo directivo de la CNT esta vez con el seudónimo de Timoteo Herrer (secretario Segundo) El secretario general de éste comité sería Josep Negre.
Els pòsits de la CNT cal buscar-los en la FRE de l’AIT i les seves successores la FTRE i la Confederació Regional de Societats de Resistència, Solidaritat Obrera. Aquesta organització, convocà i organitzà per als dies 30, 31 d’octubre i 1 de novembre de 1910 un congrés a Barcelona, al qual hi van assistir 136 delegats de 119 societats (77 de Catalunya), i les Federacions Locals de Badalona, Sabadell, Terrassa, Valls, Vilafranca del Penedès i Saragossa. En aquesta assemblea es prengué l’acord (per 84 vots a favor, 14 en contra i 3 abstencions) de constituir una nova Confederació General del Treball, aprovant-se un reglament provisional que s’havia de sotmetre a l’aprovació de les societats obreres representades i/o adherides. La ponència que va dictaminar sobre el reglament provisional estava formada per Jerònim Farrè, Juan Gil, J. Mora (de Saragossa), Josep Negre, Vicente Plaza i Pedro Sierra Álvarez. També es va aprovar que el Comitè federal residís a Barcelona. Aquest Comitè (elegit pels sindicats de Barcelona el 19 de novembre de 1910) va estar format per Josep Negre Secretari general, Timoteo Herrer secretari segon, Miguel Permanyer secretari tercer, P. Ferrer tresorer, J. (Just ?) Martí comptador, Joaquin Bueso encarregat de la confecció del periòdic “Solidaridad Obrera”, Rafael Ávila administrador del periòdic, i vocals: Emili Corominas, J. (Joan?) Esteve, Josep Fernández, J. Roca, J. (Joaquim?) Solà, M. (Miguel?) Vidal, J. Vives, i Francisco Ullod. // Els pòsits of the CNT lime to look for-in the FRE of successores ls' AIT i them seves FTRE i the Regional Confederació of Societats de Resistència, Working Solidaritat. Aquesta organització, convocà i organitzà to per als dies 30, 31 d' October i 1 of novembre of 1910 congrés to Barcelona, to the qual hi goes to assistir 136 delegats of 119 societats (77 of Catalunya), i them Federacions Locals de Badalona, Sabadell, Terrassa, Valls, Vilafranca of the Penedès i Saragossa. In assemblea aquesta acord is prengué l' (to per 84 vots to favor, 14 against 3 is abstencions) to constitute one novates General Confederació of the Treball, aprovant-reglament provisional that s' havia of sotmetre to l' aprovació of them societats obreres representades i/o adherides. The ponència that goes to consider on reglament provisional estava formed to per Jerònim Farrè, Juan Gil, J. Moor (of Saragossa), Josep Negre, Vicente Plaza i Pedro Sierra Alvarez. També is goes to aprovar that the federal Comitè you reside to Barcelona. Aquest Comitè (elegit pels sindicats of Barcelona the 19 of novembre of 1910) goes to be format to per Josep Negre general Secretari, Timoteo Herrer secretari segon, Miguel Permanyer secretari third, P. Ferrer to tresorer, J. (Just) Comptador Martí, Joaquin Bueso encarregat of confecció of periòdic “Working Solidarity”, Rafael Avila administrator of periòdic, i vocals: Emili Corominas, J. (Joan) Esteve, Josep Fernandez, J. Rock, J. (Joaquim) Solà, M. (Miguel) Vidal, J. You live, i Francisco Ullod.

1910 --
Ricardo Flores Magón

Anarchist Encyclopedia: Ricardo Flores Magón


Por seguir creyendo...

La revolución

«La revolución va a estallar de un momento a otro. Los que por tantos años hemos estado atentos a todos los incidentes de la vida social y política del pueblo mexicano, no podemos engañarnos. Los síntomas del formidable cataclismo no dejan lugar a duda de que algo está por surgir y luego por derrumbarse, de que algo va a levantarse y algo está por caer. Por fin, después de treinta y cuatro años de vergüenza, va a levantar la cabeza el pueblo mexicano, y por fin, después de esa larga noche, va a quedar convertido en ruinas el negro edificio cuya pesadumbre no ahogaba.»

Regeneración, 19 de noviembre de 1910

1911 -- US: Emma Goldman kicks off a series of "Five Sunday Night Lectures," in New York City, with "Communism, the Most Practical Basis for Society," before departing on December 17th for an annual lecture tour with Ben Reitman.

Joe Hill; source,
1915 -- US: IWW labor organizer, folk-poet, anarho-sindikalisticka Joe Hill murdered by firing squad in Utah. The subject of numerous songs, plays, & books. His songs have been available continuously in the IWW's Little Red Song Book, now in its 36th edition.

Little Red Songbook

"I don't want to be found dead in Utah."

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1915 -- Billy Strayhorn lives, Dayton, Ohio. Wrote his first song, "Lush Life," age 16 while working as a soda jerk in Pittsburgh, Pa. Joins Duke Ellington as a co-composer, assistant arranger, & pianist. Collaborated with Ellington for 28 years on some of the band's greatest hits, including "Satin Doll," & "Take the A' Train."

1915 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman presents 16 lectures in Chicago (November 19-December 5), including six in Yiddish; "Sex, the Great Element of Creative Art" & "The Right of the Child Not to be Born" are among the topics addressed.

Crime Scene tape
1916 -- Anarchist terrorists?: 1.03 million fatalities at the first battle of the Somme.
Crime Scene tape

1918 -- Brasil: O Rio de Janeiro Atravé dos Jornais 19 de novembro de 1918 REVOLTA DOS ANARQUISTAS.

De sorte que o movimento operário anunciado por todos os jornais, em favor da greve geral, assim de um momento para outro, assumiu o mais grave aspecto. (...) — O Imparcial, 19 de novembro de 1918.

A polícia, num cálculo ao que parece errado, forneceu à imprensa a nota de que se acham paralisados apenas 15 fábricas, estando em greve cerca de 15.190 operários.

A Rua, 19 de novembro de 1918.

Anarchist circle A
1919 -- Brasil: In São Paulo, João Penteado, a teacher & militante anarquista, is ordered to close the Modern School n°1 — open since May 13, 1912 (founded by Neno Vasco, Edgard Leuenroth, Oreste Ristori & Gigi Damiani) — when a bomb explodes (accidental?) in a house, killing four anarchists, including José Alvés, the principal of l'Ecole moderne de São Caetano.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context / links]

anarchismo, anarchici, anarquista, sindicalistas, anarco-sindicalismo / Brazil

1921 -- US: Roy Campanella lives, Philadelphia, Pa. One of the first African-American baseball players signed to major league baseball after Jackie Robinson breaks the color line. Played for the Brooklyn Dodgers, the National League's Most Valuable Player in 1951, 1953, & 1955.

1922 -- Turkish poet & novelist Yasar Kemal ( Memed, My Hawk) lives this autumn (exact date unknown). A cotton picker, farmhand, construction foreman, clerk, cobbler's helper, & substitute teacher before publishing his first book in 1943. Of Kurdish descent he is best known for his stories of village life & for his outspoken advocacy on behalf of the dispossessed. Winner of the 1997 Stig Dagerman Prize & long a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

1929 -- US: After a quick trial & failed appeal, Nisei youth Myles Fukunaga was hanged in Hawaii for the kidnap & murder of 10-year old George Gill Jamieson, son of the vice president of the Hawaiian Trust Company.

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1936 --
Spain: This afternoon, Buenaventura Durruti is mortally wounded under uncertain circumstances while helping to defend Madrid.

Earlier this month Durruti was persuaded by Juan García Oliver & Federica Montseny to bring his column (composed of about 3,000 men) to the city to defend it against Franco's fascist army.

Durutti & Soldiers

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1942 -- Poet Sharon Olds lives.

Hutchins Hapgood
1944 -- US: Hutchins Hapgood dies, Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Journalist, author, free love advocator & anarchist.

Chronicled the American progressive movement in fiction & journalism.

Hoa Bin, Nixon's Peace
1953 -- Vietnam Veterans Against the War Vietnam: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader US Vice President Dick M Nixon visits Hanoi.

Ford: Quantity is Job #1
1959 -- US: Edsel cancels the Ford. Ford later cancels Edsel.

1960 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Pen Pals? Novelist Norman Mailer stabs his wife Adele Morales with a penknife.

1961 -- Primitive Capitalist Accumulation?: Michael Rockefeller eaten by cannibals. (Just desserts?)

Pop Tarts
1965 -- Pop Tarts pastries created.

1966 -- Righteous Brothers, with April Stevens & Nino Tempo, appears at the USF Gymnasium in San Francisco. Beau Brummels at the Carousel Ballroom. Grateful Dead & James Cotton at the Fillmore.

1967 -- Purple Onion Two, a hipper version of the original Club, opens at 435 Broadway in San Francisco.

Poster by Carlos Cortez
1969 -- US: Right to Die? In an effort to undercut opposition to the Vietnam War Congress passes random selection of draftees thru lottery & permits first calling of 19-year-olds & expired college deferments & allows call-up by birthday (+ second lottery by first letter of last name within each date group + third for within letters).

SI dingbat
1969 -- Italy: Avviso al proletario italiano sulle possibilità presetni della rivoluzione sociale (Notice to the Italian Proletariat on Current Possibilities for Social Revolution), tract by the Italian section of the Situationist International, Milan, with an appendix.

Animated Smiley Face
1971 -- US: Northern States Power Company's reactor in Monticello, Minnesota dumps about 50,000 gallons of radioactive waste water into the Mississippi River. Some taken into St. Paul water system.

1973 -- US: Unanimous Supreme Court decision supports Puyallup tribal fishing rights vs. state of Washington.

1991 -- US: 1,603 African-American women protest Clarence Thomas's appointment to the Supreme Court after Senate confirmation hearings deride testimony of Thomas's long-standing pattern of sexual harassment.

1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Netherlands: Dutch Gold? Rotterdam University study finds that 1/4 of Dutch MPs have smoked marijuana. Like a dog's breath, friendly secondhand smoke...

1996 -- US: "God Said, Ha!," opens at Lyceum Theater NYC for 22 performances.

Pirate Radio ship; source
1997 -- Bleedster Jesse Walker's article "Rebel Radio" published in The New Republic.

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1997 -- US: Feds shut down pirate radio stations in Tampa, Florida.

Don't vote, Voting Booth
2000 -- US: Florida counts presidential ballots (more or less)...

Spinning ballot counter

Says here in this American book 'Your Country Is Next!'

2000 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: 1,700 protesters are arrested at US army School of Assassins (aka "School for the Americas, located at Fort Benign, Georgia, & best known for training armies of Latin American murderers in the fine arts of making the world Safe For Halliburton & Corporate Welfare Democracy).

2001 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Second Bush regime accuses Iraq & North Korea of developing germ warfare programs. Thankfully the US stockpiles has none...

Croc with black flag
2009 -- The discovery of three ancient crocodile species announced: Kaprosuchus saharicus, Araripesuchus rattoides & Laganosuchus thaumastos.

3000 --

Long haired preachers come out every night,
Try to tell you what's wrong & what's right;
But when asked how 'bout something to eat,
They will answer with voices so sweet:

You will eat, bye & bye,
In that glorious land above the sky: Work & pray, live on hay,
You'll get pie in the sky when you die.

Workingmen of all countries unite;
Side by side we for freedom will fight.
When the world & its wealth we have gained
to the grafters we'll sing this refrain:

You will eat, bye & bye,
When you've learned to cook & fry;
Chop some wood, t'will do you good,
& you'll eat in the sweet bye & bye.

— Joe Hill, song written for the Spokane Free Speech Fight of 1910

Joe Hill

Phil Ochs, Ballad of Joe Hillvideo icon
Ballad of Joe Hill (live in Sweden)
Joe Hill, Paul Robeson
Joe Hill's Ashes, Otis Gibbs,
Pie in the Sky, Ani DiFranco & U. Utah Phillips
Joe Hill, Billy Bragg
I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night, Joan Baez
Narrative, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn & Rebel Girl, Hazel Dickens
Joe Hill's Last Will, Utah Phillips

Joe Hill photo; source
3500 --
Only hours before facing the firing squad labor organizer Joe Hill composed his "Last Will":

My will is easy to decide,
For there is nothing to divide.
My kin don't need to fuss & moan
Moss does not cling to a rolling stone.
My body - Oh! - if I could choose,
I would to ashes it reduce,
& let the merry breezes blow
My dust to where some flowers grow.
Perhaps some fading flower then
Would come to life & bloom again.
This is my Last & Final Will.
Good luck to all of you,

— Joe Hill

Saddam sticker
4000 --
Anarchy Now!

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