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Our Daily Bleed: Mustapha Khayati, Edmundo Bianchi, Rene Darsouze, Emma Goldman, Nicolas Walter, Buenaventura Durruti; anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, What Happened on this day, in recovered history November 22,
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member —
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No birds, —

       — Thomas Hood, "No!"


William Burroughs
The "happy, dead man" of American beat culture.

"We gotta find a way off this goddamn cop-ridden planet."

"Thanks for a nation of finks.

Thanks for a nation where nobody is allowed to mind their own business."

       — Billy Burroughs, exterminator, suspect reprobate, "Thanksgiving"

ST. CECELIA'S DAY: as patroness of musicians her day is observed with a variety of music festivals.


Hemingway with shotgun


Climax, Georgia: SWINE TIME. "This homecoming for past residents promotes swine & raises funds for the Climax Community Club." Politics as usual.

1621 -- John Donne is elected Dean of St. Paul's.

animated series of bullet holes
1718 -- Jim Gurney cover artPirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach(yourChildrenWell)) killed with 25 bullets. Struck fear into the hearts of his opponents by adding cannon fuses under his hat & lighting them during battle. The legendary Blackbeard reportedly wore a crimson coat, two swords at his waist & a multitude of pistols & knives across his chest.

1819 -- Novelist George Elliot (Mary Ann Evans) lives, Arbury Farm, Warwickshire.

1828 -- Almanac Day — day held for the issuing of the next year's almanac by the Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge [first observed in 1828].
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1831 -- France: Continuation of the Revolt of the silk workers in Lyon. Workers seize arms & are engaged by the military. The battle is hard-fought. Approximately 100 die & 263 on the military side are wounded; 69 die & 140 are wounded on the civilian side.

Mt. St. Helen's erupting
1842 -- US: Speaking of "Bad Hair" days, Mount St. Helens in Washington, blows her top.

1869 -- George Gissing, English novelist noted for his realism, lives, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

1869 -- André Gide lives, Paris. French writer, humanist, & moralist. Nobel Prize for Literature in 1947.

1876 -- France: René Darsouze lives (1876-1962), in Limoges. French typographer, anarchist. Co-founder, in 1908, of a community, "Le Phalanstère du Clos-des-Brunes," near Limoges. Member of the l'Association des Fédérations Anarchistes founded by Sebastien Faure & from 1929 to 1932 a writer for that organization's newspaper, La Voix Libertaire.

1880 --
Edmundo Bianchi
Uruguay: Edmundo Bianchi lives to ¡Tango! (1880-1965), Montevideo.

Anarquista, poet, song writer for the theater. A worthy exponent of Uruguayan letters, he wrote history & critical texts as well.

Translated Maurice Maeterlinck. Wrote Perdidos en la luz: drama en 4 actos (1913); his song "Ya no Cantas Chingolo" was put to music by Antonio Scatasso, sung & taken to Europe by Carlos Gardel; "Pampero" (tango). Wrote the film script for Dos destinos (1936). Edited the magazine Futuro, with Leopoldo Durán, which began in Buenos Aires in 1904.

1891 -- Dr. Edward L. Bernays, lives, Wien, the "father of public relations" credited with getting women to smoke & helping United Fruit overthrow Guatemalan President Arbenz; A lovely piece of humanity: "with Bernays there is no consistency, no character, no integrity, no conscience, no bravery, no truth." A nephew of Sigmund Freud (his sister Anna's son).
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

1891 -- Italy: In una nota riservata del Ministero degli Interni a tutti i Prefetti del Regno, Pietro Gori viene sottoposto a “speciale sorveglianza” per il suo carattere “audace” e per il suo “ingegno svegliato”. / (22 November) In a confidential note from the Ministry of the Interior to the Prefects, Pietro Gori is put under "special supervision" for his "audacity" & his "awoken genius".

During this period [I don't have more specific dates —ed.] 1891-1892 Trasferitosi a Milano, lavora nello studio d Filippo Turati, e fonda un giornale l’“Amico del popolo” di cui i 27 numeri usciti saranno tutti sequestrati dalle autorità. / 1891-1892 He moved to Milan, working in the studio Filippo Turati, & founded the newspaper the Defender of the People. All 27 numbers issued are seized by the authorities.

[Source: Chronology by Franco Bertolucci]

1900 -- Arthur Sullivan dies. No more Gilbert & Sullivan.

1904 -- anarchist diamond dingbat Spain: Cenetista David Antona Domínguez (1904-1945) lives. Secretariado del Comité Nacional CNT. Militant anarcho-syndicalist, freed from prison in July 1936.

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1909 --

And we gave new courage to the men
Who carried on in nineteen-ten
And shoulder to shoulder we'll win through
Led by the ILGWU
hail the waistmakers of nineteen-nine
making their stand on the picket line,
Breaking the power of those who reign
Pointing the way, smashing the chain

The Uprising of the 20,000, dedicated to the Waistmakers of 1909

US: Up(pity) in Arms? New York female garment workers call for a general strike, leading to the "Uprising of the 20,000."

The International Ladies Garment Workers Union strike against sweatshop conditions, also called the "Girl's Revolt," wins support of other workers & the women's suffrage movement in their persistence & unity in the face of police brutality & rigged courtrooms.

November 22,1909-February 15, 1910 Organized by the ILGWU, 20,000 shirtwaist makers, mostly women & children, stage the first garment workers strike.

Many picketers are beaten or fired.

In the end, the garment workers win a pay raise & a work reduction to 52 hours of work per week.

A Judge tells arrested pickets,

"You are on strike against God."

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1910 -- Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Police authorities deny the anarchist-feminist Emma Goldman, during November-December lectures, the right to speak in Washington, D.C., & Indianapolis. She miraculously escapes police interference in Baltimore where she presents five lectures.

1910 -- Brazil: The Revolt of the Chibata in Rio de Janeiro begins.

1914 -- Jean Cocteau rejected for military service as physically unfit. See also

Croix of Cocteau, animated

"The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is truly free. First, society begins by trying to beat you up. If this fails, they try to poison you. If this fails too, they finish by loading honors on your head."

— Jean Cocteau (1889-1963)

Jack London in his skivvies
1916 --

1916 Jack London, Socialist, novelist, dog-lover, sailor on horseback, dies.

Ford Madox Ford remarks: "Like Peter Pan, he never grew up,
& he lived his own stories with such intensity that he ended by believing them himself."

1920 --

England:Congrés extraordinari de la FIS, in London, November 22 to the 27th.  

   Hi van participar Francisco Largo Caballero i Julián Besteiro, representant a la UGT.

Source: [Congressos Obrers]

1930 -- Nation of Islam founded by Prophet Elijah Mohammed.

Nicolas Walter
1934 -- Nicolas Walter (1934-2000), lives. British journalist, philosopher, atheist, anarchist.

His passion for accuracy & his loathing of waffle led him to fire off vast numbers of letters to the press; a few years ago, he estimated that he had had over 2,000 published.

Walter was a founding member of the Committee of 100, & of the Spies for Peace. A founder of the Vietnam Action Group, he was imprisoned for two months for interrupting the Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, who was reading the lesson at a Brighton church in 1966.

Nicolas Walter was active despite contracting cancer at age 30; he managed a demanding paraplegic life in central London, daring motorists to ignore his manual wheelchair as he shot across busy roads.

"Many people say that
government is necessary
because some men cannot
be trusted to look after
themselves, but anarchists
say that government is
harmful because no men
can be trusted to look after
anyone else."

Durruti's coffin
1936 -- Spain: Over 500,000 attend the funeral
of the anarchist Buenaventura Durruti in Barcelona.
Durruti's funeral

It is an immense popular & emotional outpouring for a figure who incarnated the Spanish libertarian revolution so well, the hope of a new world become possible. It was one of the most significant demonstrations in worker history.

Peter Newell & Emma Goldman on Durruti:

Buenaventura Durruti's coffin being carried; source
1936 -- Bonaventura Durruti Dumange

Enterrament del líder anarquista Bonaventura Durruti Dumange a Barcelona el 22 de novembre de 1936
Arxiu ECSA

1939 -- Lowell Sun newspaper prints an article about Jack Kerouac's football achievements at Horace Mann. During this time Kerouac's short story "The Brothers" is published in the Horace Mann Quarterly. He is exposed to & influenced by jazz he hears at Harlem clubs & he smokes marijuana for the first time.

1940 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2012, remove 2013Terry Gilliam lives. American-born British screenwriter, film director, animator, actor & member of the Monty Python comedy troupe. His films include "Monty Python & the Holy Grail" to the mythic, paranoid worlds of "The Fisher King," "Twelve Monkeys" & "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas". Gilliam's totally personal, uncompromising vision has led to legendary battles with studios & financiers, notably over "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" & the classic "Brazil".

Orpheus poster; source
1950 -- Premiere of Jean Cocteau's film "Orpheus" in New York.

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Iron Maiden Brave New World tour poster
1963 -- British novelist (Brave New World, Island), psychedelic pioneer Aldous Huxley dies on LSD, Hollywood. His last request is for an injection of LSD. Pacifist author of Brave New World.

Pioneer mescaline head, dystopian prophet.

1963 -- The creator of the The Chronicles of Narnia, British Christian mystic, novelist C.S. Lewis dies, Oxford, England.

1963 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader US Prez Johnny Kennedy, out motoring with Jackie O, assassinated in a right-wing coup, Dallas, Texass, by an associate of Fox Mulder's father.

"I think 'Hail to the Chief' has a nice ring to it."

— Kennedy, when asked what is his favorite song

1965 -- Dylan marries Sara Lowndes & moves to Woodstock.

1966 -- SI dingbat France: Distribution at the official opening of Strasbourg University of the brochure On the Poverty of Student Life, Considered in its Economic, Political, Psychological, Sexual & Especially Intellectual Aspects, with a Modest Proposal for Doing Away With It.

In October Le retour de la colonne Durruti (Return of the Durruti Column), a détourned comic by André Bertrand (AFGES), announcing the forthcoming publication of 'the most scandalous brochure of the century,' was posted on the walls of Strasbourg.

On the Poverty of Student Life fulfills that promise; published by the Strasbourg students' association (AFGES) & the French National Students Union (UNEF) as a special supplement to 21-27 Étudiants de France, edited by members of the Situationist International (principally by Mustapha Khayati) & the students of Strasbourg. The scandal leads to AFGES offices & management being sequestered on the 24th. | [Situationist Resources]

1967 -- U.N. adopts Resolution 242, calling for Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories.

1967 -- US: Blacks riot on north side of Chicago.

The church; source
1967 -- ARLO DISCOVERS GOOD EATS. Arlo Guthrie's modern classic, "Alice's Restaurant" is released.
video icon

1972 -- Circumpolar peoples from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, & Sweden meet in Copenhagen to demand self-government & control over Arctic land & resources.

Mae West
1980 -- Sexpert & film comedian Mae West dies.

"I feel like a million tonight. But one at a time."

"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before."

Michael John Thompson Rare Books, backroom
1982 -- Canada: Wimmin's Fire Brigade launch Molotov Cocktails at Red Hot Video porn shops in Vancouver.

Reagan/Thatcher: Gone with the Wind parody poster
1982 -- US: "The MX is the right missile at the right time."

— Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader (bad)Acting President Ronnie Reagan in a nationally televised speech in which he renames the deadly weapon "the Peacekeeper," prompting Dallas columnist Molly Ivins to wonder if it will be armed with "Peaceheads."

In 1985 Reagan announces plans to change the name to "Ditchdigger" & use the missile to dig a canal across Nicaragua.

1985 -- Kick Me?: 143 surviving Kickapoo Indians on the Texas/Coahuila (Mexico) border are given US citizenship, ending a 140-year US refusal to allow the Kickapoo to live legally on their land.

Time, by Jim Koehnline
1993 -- Anthony Burgess dies, London. His novel, A Clockwork Orange, had the last chapter censored excised by the publisher when it appeared in the US.      Clockwork orange

"It is not, in my view, a very good novel...but it sincerely presented my abhorrence of the view that some people were criminal & others not. A denial of the universal inheritance of sin is characteristic of Pelagian societies," writes Burgess of his famous futurist novel A Clockwork Orange.

1995 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Italy: Nazi SS Capt. Erich Priebke is extradited from Argentina. The Catholic Church & the US government were actively responsible for helping many Nazi war criminals to escape to South America & the US & elsewhere following WWII.

Power Pyramid
2000 -- US: Florida...

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Bush administration announces EPA rules changes to allow more industrial air pollution, as a reward to big campaign contributors.

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Philip Noyce movie "The Quiet American" opens in NY & Los Angeles; based on the novel by Graham Greene.

IWW Starbucks logo
2006 --
anarchist diamond dingbatUS: Global day of action in solidarity with five New York City IWW baristas illegally fired for union activities by the famed (self-described) "socially conscious" Starbucks. Starbucks has adopted a scorched earth union-busting policy.

Shut down School of Assassins
2009 -- US: Protesters gather for three days demanding the shutdown of the American terrorist training camp, the School of Assassins, Fort BenignBenning, Georgia.

Also known as the "School of the Americas." Designed to "protect US corporate & military interests" around the world.

American Democracy comes from the barrel of a Gun

Eatcher heart out, Osama bin Laden.

2009 -- Algeria: Abdulli Feghoul, detained at Guantanamo Bay detention camp without trial for almost seven years (speakin' of fair & speedy trials), is acquitted by an Algerian court.

Negative: William S. Burroughs
3500 --

"In a society that abolishes adventure, the only adventure is the abolition of society."

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