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Kings do not touch doors.

They do not know that happiness: to push before them with kindness or rudeness one of these
great familiar panels, to turn around towards it to put it back in place — to hold it in one's arms.

... The happiness of grabbing by the porcelain knot of its belly one of these huge single
obstacles; this quick grappling by which, for a moment, progress is hindered, as the eye opens
& the entire body fits into its new environment.

With a friendly hand he holds it a while longer before pushing it back decidedly thus shutting
himself in — of which, he, by the click of the powerful & well-oiled spring, is pleasantly assured.

      — Francis Ponge, "the pleasures of the door"


Decadent French society painter, illustrator, anarchiste



Fellow Gardeners parody IWW poster


1434 -- England: Cold Day In Hell? Thames River freezes.

1632 -- Philosopher Baruch Spinoza lives, Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Portuguese-Jewish parents.

Excommunicated Jewish philosopher of the One.

1656 -- New Old World: Maidstone (East Hampton, Long Island, now New York) restricts the natives, ruling against renting them land, or allowing wigwams to be set up in town without permission. They are not allowed to travel through town on the Sabbath. Rent control, bass-ackward pre-capitalist days, apparently.

1713 -- Laurence Sterne lives. Wrote The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy; Clonmel; County Tipperary.

1759 -- Tobias Smollett is convicted of having libeled an admiral in The Critical Review. Claims, "He was less than admirable."

1775 -- New Old World: The Continental Congress of America issues an order to bar negroes from the army.

1793 -- France: The French revolutionary calendar first becomes operative.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1805 -- US: To make the crucial decision of where to spend the winter, Lewis & Clark put the matter to a vote. Significantly, in addition to the others, Clark's slave, York, was allowed to vote — nearly 60 years before slaves were emancipated & enfranchised. Sacagawea, the Indian woman, voted too — more than a century before either women or Indians were granted the full rights of citizenship. The majority decided to cross to the south side of the Columbia, near modern-day Astoria, Oregon, to build winter quarters.

1807 -- Thayendanegea, a.k.a. Joseph Brant, dies. Brant led Mohawk Indians who fought against the Americans in the Revolutionary War. He was buried at a church near present-day Brantford, Ontario, but in 1879 his body was stolen by a doctor & his medical students.

1826 -- Carlo Collodi lives. Italian author/journalist, best known as the creator of Pinoccio, the childlike puppet whose nose grew when it lied. Politics as usual.

Lissagaray; source,
1838 -- Prosper Olivier (aka Henry) Lissagaray lives. Author of Histoire de la Commune de 1871.

Tarzan poster
1859 -- Evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species is published.

"& when I am back in the jungle, it is with relief that I sink back into my natural timelessness.
I become one with the beasts & the trees, & I can laze away weeks or months with no thoughts beyond now."

— Greystoke, from Extracts from the Memoirs of Lord Greystoke, edited by Philip Jose Farmer

1860 -- US: The Arkansian of Fayetteville, Arkansas reports: At Council Bluffs, Iowa, the alarming discovery has just been made that Frank Bates, a young, dashing, popular lady-fascinating dry-goods clerk, is — a girl.

Aristide Bruant: Toulouse-Lautrec poster
1864 -- Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec lives. French artist, printmaker, draftsman, & illustrator who recorded the world of sexy night-club dancers, lounging whores, & drunken bohemian merriment, & the anarchiste milieu (Oscar Wilde, Felix Fénéon, Charles Maurin, Aristide Bruant, etc.) in which he worked & played.

See Explosive Acts: Toulouse-Lautrec, Oscar Wilde, Felix Feneon, & the Art & Anarchy of the Fin De Siecle by David Sweetman.

1868 -- Ragtime composer Scott Joplin lives, Texarkana, Texass.

SCOTT JOPLIN, Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2005-2010
Fused African & European music into "ragtime."

1869 -- Woman's Suffrage Association organized.

1871 -- US: National Rifle Association (NRA) & Charleton Heston are incorporated.

1874 -- Birth of Frederick Libby, founder of National Council for the Prevention of War.

1875 -- US: Labor honcho Samuel Gompers is a charter member & first president of Cigar Makers International Union (CMIU) Local 144.

1875 -- anarchist diamond dingbatAlbert Joseph (aka Libertad) lives. Founder of the individualist Parisian magazine L’Anarchie. See 12 November 1908.

1885 -- US: Anna Louise Strong lives, Seattle, Washington (?) commie, labor activist, author. (Or the 22nd? two labor calendars cite today)
Seattle Radical Timeline

1888 -- Dale Carnegie is positive he lives. Oh, sure....

1898 --
International Anti-Anarchist Conference, prompted by the assassination of the Empress of Austria, is convened by Italian government officials in Rome; attended by 54 delegates representing 21 countries, including police chiefs from several European countries & major cities. Conference marks the development of strategic international surveillance of & exchange of information about anarchist activities.

1908 -- Harry Kemelman lives. Mystery writer, famous for his "Rabbi" books about wise rabbi David Small, who solves murder cases, while revealing at the same time ethical problems & ethnic relations in America.

1909 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: 20,000 NYC women's garment workers strike for a union contract.

Jean Amila
1910 -- Jean Meckert, aka Jean Jean Amila(or John) Amila, (1910-1995) lives. Libertarian novelist & antimilitarist.

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"I do not know if I am an anarchist, but I know the ideas. My father was an anarchist..."

le monde libertaire, December 3, 1987

Jean Amila, la lune d'Omaha

1912 --
Switzerland: Congrés extraordinari of the Segona the International, November 24 & 25th, in Basel.      In attendance are Emilio Corrals i Antoni Fabra i Ribas

Source: [Congressos Obrers]

1913 -- US: General Boyd, a black man, is lynched for being found in a girl's room in Walton County, Georgia.

Mujeres in red logo
1916 -- Spain: Concha Liaño lives. Anarchist, member of Mujeres Libres, companion in arms with Soledad Estorach.

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1919 -- US: The Oscar Mayer Company reopens a meat-packing plant on Madison's east side.

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1921 -- US: Mollie Steimer, after doing 18 months of a 15-year sentence for handing out leaflets, & three other radicals (Jacob Abrams, Samuel Lipman, & Hyman Lachowsky) were shipped off to Soviet Russia. Victims of the Red Scare in America, they were soon victims of the Red Terror in Russia ("Proletarian Democracy").

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1922 -- Italy: La Camera grants to Mussolini a majority of full powers in economic & political matter until 31 December of 1923. It is an act of suicide by the Parliament.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1922 -- Ireland: British author Erskine Childers executed. Political activist & IRA member, remembered for his espionage novel The Riddle of the Sands. Executed by the authorities of the nascent Irish Free State during the Civil War.

1923 -- Philippe Daudet, French anarchiste, son of Léon Daudet (leader of the fascist "Ligue de l'Action Française"), dies under mysterious circumstances (assassinated).

Saint-Pol-Roux, Raymond Roussel, Philippe Daudet, Germaine Berton, Saint-John Perse, Pablo Picasso, Giorgio di Chirico, Pierre Reverdy, Jacques Vachè, Leon-Paul Fargue, Sigmund Freud, your portraits hang on dream's bedroom walls, you are the presidents of the Republic of Dream.

— Louis Aragon, A WAVE OF DREAMS

1925 -- Mystery writer, rightwing bozo, yachtsman, continued apologist for "Tail Gunner" Joe McCarthy & his 50s witch hunt, William F. Buckley, Jr., lives, New York City.

1926 -- American poet Paul Blackburn lives.

1927 -- US: On Thanksgiving Day, California troops battle 1,200 inmates when Folsom prisoners revolt. One prisoner is shot in the ensuing uprising & five others are later hanged.

1938 -- Playing chicken? National Semi-Pro Basketball Congress authorizes yellow basketball.

1943 -- Robin Williamson lives... Be Glad for Song Has No Ending. Songster, founder of the Incredible String Band. Songwriter who develops the Celtic heritage — with its tradition of wrought language & inspired utterance — into unique sung poetry.

1945 -- Nurradin Farah lives. Prominent Somali novelist who explores questions of cultural identity in a post-independence world Warned the Somali government planned to arrest him, Farah began a 22-year self-imposed exile. A perennial nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

1947 -- John Steinbeck's novel The Pearl is published.

1947 -- US: Strike that? 22-month Chicago newspaper printers' anti-Taft-Hartley strike begins.

Hollywood 10 protest
1947 -- US: B Movie?: House of Representatives cites "Hollywood Ten" for contempt of Congress. Chairman J. Parnell is later convicted in 1949 for "padding" his payrolls & pocketing the money. Politics as usual.
(F)red's Black List

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1948 -- Sci-fi author Spider Robinson, lives, Canada.

1952 -- Agatha Christie's "Mousetrap" opens in London (still running).

1953 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Joe McCarthy declares Truman administration "crawling with communists."

1953 -- anarchisten diamond dingbatMax Baginski dies, NY's Bellevue Hospital. A large-scale character gifted with a rare spirit & mental acuity. An editor of the Chicago Worker newspaper. He helped publish the 1906-07 issues of the magazine Freedom & provided editorials for Emma Goldman's Mother Earth magazine. Rudolf Rocker calls him

"One of the most enlightened & perspicacious spirits of the German [anarchist] movement."
In German:

1961 -- United Nations adopts bans on nuclear arms over US protests. US loves weapons of mass destruction [American made].

1961 -- India: Booker Prize-winner & social critic Arundhati Roy lives, Shillong, Meghalaya. Novelist (The God of Small Things), essayist & activist.

"Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness — & our ability to tell our own stories."

1962 -- James J. Kilroy, tank inspector (Kilroy was here!), dies at 60.

1963 -- US: Millions of TV watchers see Jack Ruby, the operator of a local striptease club, stick a revolver into Lee Harvey Oswald's side, & shoot him dead (All In the Family?) First live TV killing. When the assassin is assassinated, it is de facto a conspiracy.

1963 -- US: LBJ signs national security memorandum stating US goal in Vietnam is helping the Saigon government to a military "victory." This last week of November JFK plans withdrawal/withdraws 1000 of 17,000 advisers in Vietnam, quietly opens a dialogue with Castro's Cuba, & pursues detente with the USSR (Hayden).

1965 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Merce Cunningham/John Cage modern dance "How to Pass, Kick, Fall & Run" premiers, Chicago.

1966 -- US: 400 die of respiratory failure & heart attack in killer New York City smog.

1966 -- Ramón Amaya Amador, Honduras's most famous author, dies in a plane crash, in Czechoslovakia, at the age of 50. Amaya was also a journalist & was forced to flee to Guatemala in 1944 to avoid political persecution, & from there to Argentina when the US/CIA/corporate America overthrew the democratically elected Arbenz government in 1954. In 1977 his remains were returned to Tegucigalpa, but it was not until 1991 that his books were published in Honduras. Founder of the weekly Alerta, worked for El Popular Progresista & other papers. Wrote Biografía de un machete, Prision verde, Memorias de un canalla, etc.

1966 -- SI dingbat France: Strasbourg Student Union (AFGES) press conference is held.

Today the Strasbourg county court sequesters the offices & management of the Strasbourg students' association (AFGES), relating to the outrage & scandal surrounding the brochure On the Poverty of Student Life, edited by members of the Situationist International (principally by Mustapha Khayati) & the students of Strasbourg which appeared on the 22nd.

(Publicly announced in late October as 'the most scandalous brochure of the century,' in Le retour de la colonne Durruti (Return of the Durruti Column), a détourned comic by André Bertrand, plastered on the walls of Strasbourg.)

1968 -- d.a. levy (1942-1968) dies, Cleveland, Ohio. Poet. d.a. levy

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Smiley Face
1969 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Lt. William L Calley, charged with the massacre of over 100 civilians in My Lai, Vietnam in March 1968, ordered to stand trial by court martial. Eventually found guilty & does a short stint of house arrest. Future Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Secretary of State Colin Powell was in charge of the coverup, but the army can't cover up the coverup any longer.

Wanted poster
1971 -- US: Crime Pays: USA: D.B. Cooper jumped from jet in Washington State with $200,000 ransom. Never found. (Owes way over $300,000 in taxes now, but can't be prosecuted).
A passenger listed as "D.B. Cooper" hijacks a plane to Seattle, collects ransom & then parachutes out of the plane somewhere over Southwestern Washington, never to be seen again & becoming an instant folk hero.

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1972 -- US: Circuit Court rules that a Bureau of Indian Affairs 99-year lease of Tesuque Pueblo land to a housing developer outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, violates federal law.

1979 -- US: Federal government admits troops in Vietnam were exposed to the toxic Agent Orange.
Agent Orange button

1983 -- US: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'? "Plowshares 7" activists damage cruise missile, Griffiths Air Force Base, near Syracuse, New York.

1986 -- US: Fifteen activists, including renowned anti-war protester Abbie Hoffman, are arrested for occupying a University of Massachusetts building, in Amherst, as part of a protest against CIA recruitment on campus. Following a trial detailing CIA crimes, all were acquitted of charges.

1989 -- Czechoslovakia: Communist Party resigns, admitting, "the party's over." Duh.

1990 -- US: Six Marine reservists refuse to report for Persian Gulf duty.

1992 -- Philippines: After the Philippine Senate refusal to renew contracts for US military bases, American armed forces formally withdraw.

End of the World Resort button
1993 -- End of world, according to Ukrainian sect White Brotherhood.

1996 -- Mashonaland defeat Matabeleland to win the Logan Cricket Cup.

1998 -- US: A federal judge rules a Virginia library constitutionally can not block Internet pornography from library computers. Library card renewals shoot up sharply?

Oh no, Here is the News!
2000 -- US:


Remember Elian Gonzalez?

Chad & Jeremy ! ?

With their Elian hullabaloo
& those crazy old folks too

Blame Florida!

Blame Florida!

Michael Jackson holding Elian

American Flag made of Barcodes
2001 --

2005 -- England: Further calls for Prime Minister Tony Blair to publish a full account of his 2004 discussions with US Prez Bush (who threatened to take "military action" against the Arabic TV station) on the bombing of Al Jazeera headquarters in Doha. Al Jazeera staff stages a 15 minute symbolic walk-out from all their offices around the world in protest.

2010 -- US: Former House of Representatives Majority Leader & former Dancing with the Stars contestant Tom DeLay is convicted of money laundering & conspiracy in relation to Republican fundraising for the 2002 Texass state elections.

2011 -- US: A woman shoots pepper spray to keep shoppers at bay from merchandise she wants during a Black Friday sale: 20 people suffer minor injuries at the crowded Los Angeles Wal-Mart. 10 of the injuries are attributed to "rapid crowd movement." The store remains open, thankfully, & those not affected by the spray continue shopping.

3000 --

We have no great war. No great depression. Our great war is a spiritual war, & our great depression is our lives.

We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires & movie gods & rock stars.

But we won't.

We're slowly learning that fact. & we're very, very pissed off."

— Fight Club

WTO protestor facing cops with bag of books
3500 --
"Anarchist Day book, anarchist almanac, anarchist daybook, anarchist chronology" Anarchist Day book, anarchist almanac, anarchist daybook

anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less
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