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Our Daily Bleed — , on this day in recovered history November 30
Our Daily Bleed: Fransesc (Francisco) Layret, Miguel Abós, Abbie Hoffman, Raoul Vaneigem, Acácio Tomás de Aquino, Oscar Wilde, Narcís Vidal, Henri Beylie, Anselmo Lorenzo, Gaston Cremieux, Pietro Gori; anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, libertarians, What Happened on this day, in recovered history November 30

In the ventless room,
Over the beds at the hour of rising,
Hangs now the smother & stench of the crude flesh;
& at the grimed sink
We fill the basin of our mutual use,
Where our forty faces, rinsed daily,
Leaves each its common trace...

      – William Everson (Brother Antoninus),
excerpt, "Hospice Of The Word"


Serbian philosopher, author of ergodic, chaotic cybernovels.


NATIONAL DAY - People's Republic of Benin.


30 -- [BC] Cleopatra, Egyptian queen, commits suicide.

Actor Raymond Burr, from 'Ironsides'
1016 -- Edmund II, Ironsides, King of Saxons, dies at 27.

1216 -- Pope Innocent III orders Jews to wear a special badge.

Ooops...animated fire
1554 -- Roman Catholicism briefly restored to England under the reign of Mary Tudor. "Bloody Mary" had Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley & nearly 300 other Protestant leaders burned at the stake.

1566 -- Nicholas Udall comedy "Ralph Roister Doister" is acted, Eton (the first original native comedy in English literature).
Source: [Robert Braunwart] [Hereafter attributed with symbol: Source=Robert Braunwart]

1624 -- New Old World: Foul? Richard Cornish executed for violating Virginia's anti-sodomy law. How now, Brown cow?

1631 -- Rabbi Samuel Eliezer ben Judah ha-levi Edels dies.

1667 -- Jonathan Swift, critic, lives, Dublin, Ireland. Reads the Book of Job aloud on his birthday, perhaps because his Gulliver's Travels is the only work for which he ever receives payment: 200 pounds.
See Kenneth Rexroth, More Classics Revisited.

1782 -- Treaty of Paris ends the American War of Independence.

US Factoid
1812 -- US: Twice, General "Apocalypse" Smythe orders his troops to cross the Niagara River to invade Canada, & twice his courage failed & he called off the attack. As the soldiers clambered from their boats the second time, they turned their weapons upon their commander's tent; Smythe turned tail & fled to Virginia.

1817 -- Theodor Mommsen lives. German classical scholar/historian, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1903. Wrote the three volume The History of Rome.

1830 -- England: Agricultural laborers riot at Shaftesbury, Dorset, to secure the release of five imprisoned comrades. Simultaneously, in Banwell, Somerset, paupers riot at the poorhouse, then follow up with an attack on the lock-up & release its prisoners.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1835 -- American humorist & radical social critic Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) lives, Florida, Missouri (sic). Author of The War Prayer.

Rudyard Kipling, a fan, thinks "Cervantes was a relation of his"; another big fan, Bill Faulkner calls him "a hack writer who would not have been considered fourth rate in Europe".

Better is Kenneth Rexroth; see, for example, Classics Revisited or Assays.

Attributed his long life & good health to whiskey, cigars, & pocket billiards. Jubilee Calendar Saint 1999

Mark was separated at birth from his evil twin brother, Mindy, by their mother who vows, "Never the twains shall meet!"

1854 -- US: "Fighting Mary" Eliza McDowell lives. A social worker, she helped organize the first women's local union of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters in 1902. Comprised mostly of women workers, the Local grew to more than 1,000 members.

1870 -- France: Henri Beylie lives, Paris. Militant anarchiste, antimilitarist & naturalist.

Henri Beylie helped found the Ligue antimilitariste, which became a part of the Association Internationale Antimilitariste. He participated in the Amsterdam antimilitarist congress in 1904, & that of August 1907 which followed on the heels of the International Anarchist Congress.

Beylie helped rebuild the anarchist movement following WWI & helped publish & direct Libertaire.

Further details/ context, click here;  anarchiste, anarchie, anarquista, libertarian, anarchico, anarchy, anarchisten, Portuguese: anarchism, anarþist, anarho, anarkisme, anarkis, anarchia, anarchistyczne archiwa[Details / context]

1871 -- France: Gaston Cremieux (1836-1871) executed. Républican radical, Proudhonian socialist. Insurgé de la Commune de Marseille; attempted to create a revolutionary commune in 1870, which failed, prior to the commune established in March of this year.

1874 -- England: Winston Spencer Churchill lives, at the family seat of Blenheim, near Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

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1874 -- Lucy Maud Montgomery lives. Canadian writer, famous for her juvenile books, especially Anne of Green Gables (rejected by several publishers) published in 1908, & followed by six sequels.

1894 -- American humorist, actor, playwright, Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Donald Stewart, lives, Columbus, Ohio. Best remembered for his screenplay adaptation of The Philadelphia Story (1940), & his membership in the Algonquin Round Table, the literary circle famous for the witty repartee of Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley & others.

Oscar Wilde; source
1900 -- Irish wit, playwright, anarchist & gay pioneer Oscar Wilde 46, dies in Paris, France. Dying in an apartment, Oscar takes one last look at the world he is leaving behind & declares,

"This wallpaper is killing me; one of us has got to go."

A witty death is as sublime as a birth.

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1906 -- John Dickson Carr lives. Pseudonyms Carr Dickson, Carter Dickson, Roger Fairbairn. American born writer of detective fiction, whose specialty was "locked-room” puzzles, which he developed to its limits. Published about 80 mysteries. Fifty of them featured one of his three detectives — Henri Bencolin, Dr. Gideon Fell, & Sir Henry Merrivale.

Flower shop next to Left Bank Books, Pike Place Market
1907 -- US: Pike Place Market dedicated in Seattle, Washington. Current home of Left Bank Books, a collectively owned & operated anarchist bookstore still going after 25 years. Next to the flower shop at the beginning of the market, you can just see the bookstore sign. Auntie Dave worked in this collective from 1978-1995, helping found their Books-to-Prisoners project, Left Bank Distribution & Publishing, & aka Used Books.

1912 -- Gordon Parks, film director/writer (The Learning Tree) lives. Photographer for Life magazine, director of "The Learning Tree" & "Shaft," called a "Twentieth Century Renaissance man" by the NAACP, who awards him the Spingarn Medal in 1972.

1913 -- México: Two American pilots flying for different Mexican factions exchange pistol shots, near Naco in Sonora — the world’s first air-to-air combat.

Exploding bomb, animated
1914 -- George Tilyou, amusement park inventor, dies.
Very amusing guy.

1914 -- Anselmo Lorenzo, Spanish anarchist, dies.

1915 -- Brownie McGhee lives. Blues Performer, Singer/Guitarist, Pianist, Kazoo, Songwriter, of Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry.

1920 -- Spain: The CNT's labor lawyer Francesc Layret is assassinated & 36 more union leaders imprisoned (including Narcís Vidal, Miguel Abós Serena, & Spain: Salvador Caracersa). Part of the government's bloody campaign to destroy the CNT.
Francisco Layret: Further details/ context, click here; anarquista, anarquista del sindicato[Background / context]Francisco Layret

Jack Webb book, Jus the facts, Ma'am
1924 -- First photo facsimile transmitted across Atlantic by radio; it was an ad featuring Jack Webb captioned, "Just the fax, ma'am."

1927 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Switzerland: Soviet Foreign Affairs Commissar Maksim Litvinov proposes immediate disarmament at Geneva, but this is rejected as a "Communist trick."

1929 -- Italy: Sandro Pertini viene condannato dal tribunale speciale a 11 anni di carcere per avere diffamato il regime all'estero.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1930 -- US: Rabble-rouser, labor activist Mother Jones dies, age 100, Silver Spring, Maryland.

MOTHER JONES, Patron Saint 2005-2010
"I'm no lady, I'm a hell-raiser!" Labor radical, agitator.

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1933 -- Sam Gilliam lives, Tupelo, Mississippi. Artist known for unique manipulation of materials resulting in painted sculpture or suspended paintings. His work was in the exhibit African-American Artists 1880-1987.

1935 -- Fernando Pessoa dies. Celebrated Portuguese poet, played a major role in the development of modernism in his country. It is sometimes said that the four greatest Portuguese poets of modern times are Fernando Pessoa. Wrote for avant-garde reviews, notably Orpheu, a forum for new aesthetic views. Noted for his use of heteronyms, or alternative authorial personalities (Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis, Álvaro de Campos, etc), resembling the verse personae of Ezra Pound. Played chess with Aleister Crowley. Among his books is O Banqueiro Anarquista.

Abiie Hoffman reading
1936 -- US: "Yippie" leader Abbot (Abbie) Hoffman, aka "Free," lives, Worcester, Massachusetts. Wrote the philosophical Steal This Book, & the anarchist dance classic, Square Dancing in the Ice Age. Consummate joiner (Chicago 7, Viet Nam War protester, etc.).

"Sacred cows make the best hamburger."

— Abbie Hoffman

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1939 -- USSR invades Finland over a border dispute.

1948 -- US: Baseball's Negro National League disbands.

Slim Pickens mounts the bomb
1950 -- US: President Truman threatens China with atom bomb.

1950 -- Indian Fellowship of Reconciliation founded.

1951 -- US: Convicted "trunk murderess" Winnie Ruth Judd is recaptured after escaping from the Arizona State Insane Hospital for the fourth time (see 16 October).

1951 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Science fiction author L. Sprague de Camp takes possession of Robert E. Howard's unpublished manuscripts.

1953 -- US: Albert Michael Espy lives, Yazoo City, Mississippi. In 1987, he is sworn in as the state's first African-American congressman since John Lynch more than 100 years before.

1954 -- First meteorite (8 lb) known to strike a woman (Liz Hodges-Sylacauga).

1959 -- US: Billboard reports the payola scandal "will substantially damage the careers of at least twenty-five DJs." Alan Freed is quoted as saying that his career has gone "down the drain."

1961 -- US: Obese teenager Lowell Andrews, the "Nicest Boy in Woolcott, Kansas" who shot his parents & sister so he could inherit the family farm to finance his dream career of hired gun in Chicago, hanged, Leavenworth, Kansas.

McCarthy button; source
1967 -- US: Eugene McCarthy (Senator from Minnesota) officially enters the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, running on an antiwar platform, opposing the Vietnam War. (this the start of the People's Party?)

1967 -- SI dingbat France: The Revolution of Everyday Life, by Situationist Raoul Vaneigem, is published in Paris.

Vaneigem's book

Traité de savoir-vivre à l’usage des jeunes générations finally appears after nearly two years of editorial procrastination by Éditions Gallimard. | [Situationist Resources]

1969 -- US: 600 Native Americans occupying Alcatraz.

RFK on walking on beach
1969 -- Simon & Garfunkel's first TV special airs. Sponsor AT&T backs out when they learn that the duo plan to show footage of Bobby Kennedy's funeral march & clips of the Vietnam War, so they called.

1971 -- High Seas: Tanker breaks in half off Japan, spilling 6,258,000 gallons of oil.

Fallout Shelter sign
1973 -- US: Duck'n'Duck'nStutter? Frozen mallards begin falling on Stuttgart, Arkansas.

1979 -- Zeppo Marx dies at 78.

1979 -- US: Old Shoe? Ted Koppel becomes anchor of ABC-TVs nightly "news," milking the tit of the Iranian Hostages.

Dorothy Day; source
1980 -- US: Death of Dorothy Day, anarchist, pacifist, co-founder of Catholic Worker movement, New York City.

SAINT DOROTHY DAY (1997 8 November)
Oddly, the Roman Catholic church will never name her a saint, so we've stepped up to the holy plate (sic).

"The greatest challenge of the day
is how to bring about a revolution of the heart —
a revolution which has to start with each one of us."

— Dorothy Day

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Boxers duking it out
1980 -- At the Top Rank club in Wales, Elvis Costello & Squeeze perform a benefit concert for the family of late Welsh boxer Johnny Owen, killed recently by head injuries suffered in an American match.

1984 -- Australia: Eliot V Elliott (1902-1984) dies, in Sydney.

We walked six abreast, two city blocks long; the family, hearse, & SUA officials led the procession; the Union banner & the Merchant Navy flag preceded....

Further details / context, click here; anarchist, anarchiste, anarquista[Details / context]

1987 -- James Baldwin dies. African American novelist, dramatist, essayist, Civil Rights activist, gay.

1987 -- "Weird Al" Yankovic records first of his "Even Worse" LP: "Melanie" & "Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White."

1988 -- LL Cool J performs the first rap concert held in Africa.

Truck in Depression era dust storm; source
1991 -- US: 93 cars & 11 truck accident near Frisco, California during a dust storm, 17 die.

1992 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Michael Ondaatje novel The English Patient wins Canada's Governor-General's Award.

Old photo of Debord
1994 -- Guy Debord dies, Champot, Upper Loire, France.

Member of the Situationist International, writer, filmmaker, critic of Spectacular, Too-Late Capitalism, best known for his book The Society of the Spectacle, popularized with the May Uprising of 1968. His ashes are scattered on the point of ile de la Cite, Paris.

In the decor of the spectacle, the eye meets only things & their prices

— graffiti, May 1968
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1996 -- US: Tiny Tim (Herbert Buckingham Khaury), singer with falsetto warble & ukulele ("Tiptoe Through the Tulips"), dies. Reported about 64 at death, he was born April 12, 1923, so he was 73.

1998 -- Portugal: Acácio Tomás de Aquino (b. 1899) dies. Militant anarcho-trade unionist & lifelong anarquista, imprisoned in the Tarrafal concentration camp 1933-1949. Companion of Luísa Adão, a nurse & also an anarchist. alt: anarquista, Luisa do Carmo Franco Elias Adao

Tall on profits, short on Wages
1999 -- US: WTO (World Trade Organization) meets in Seattle, Washington amid massive ongoing protests, cab strikes. The Emperor wears no clothes.

"Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system."

— Dorothy Day

"The masters, whether they be priests or kings or capitalists, when they want to exploit you, the first thing they have to do is demoralize you, & they demoralize you very simply by kicking you in the nuts."

Kenneth Rexroth

"There are no limits to creativity. There is no end to subversion."

— Raoul Vaneigem , The Revolution of Everyday Life

cops gassing protesters

November 30th, '99
history walkin' on a tightrope line
big money pullin’ on invisible strings
gettin’ into everything
so deep, it’s hard to believe
it’s in the food & the water & the air you breathe
& the chemistry, the bio-tech
the banker with the bottomless check
the corporations & the CEOs
& the bottom line is, the profit grows
the money talks, you don’t talk back
they don’t like it when you act like that
but didn’t we
shut it down
didn’t we

— Jim Page, Seattle songster, "Didn’t We"'t_we.htm

WTO image from the Stan Iverson Memorial Archives,
Many more WTO images archived,

Video online, "Showdown in Seattle: 5 Days That Shook the WTO,"
Seattle Radical Timeline

No to WTO
1999 -- US: In Morgantown, 20 people from the Morgantown Anarchist Group, the West Virginia University branch of the Sierra Club, & others, gather to protest against the WTO.

2000 -- US:

Bush heads

2001 -- US: THE PEOPLE'S HOLIDAY - In A Celebration of Art & Action - 3pm-11pm; Second Anniversary of the 1999 WTO Ministerial in Seattle.
Seattle Radical Timeline

2001 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Gary Ridgway is arrested for four of the Green River slayings, Seattle.

2001 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Ex-sheriff Sidney Dorsey is arrested for killing sheriff-elect Derwin Brown, who beat him at the polls, DeKalb County, Georgia.

Pietro Gori, Italian anarchico
2001 -- Italy: Commemorative gathering in homage to the anarchico Pietro Gori. Piazza alle Mura Illuminazione lapide commemorativa di Pietro Gori con dcon deposizione di una Corona di Alloro; Convocazione del Consiglio Comunale aperto ai ragazzi delle scuole Medie con omaggio a Pietro Gori; Reflections, poetry & freedom songs by groups of artists & local musicians in Public square Dante Alighieri.

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Dig This: The remains of Alexandre Dumas are re-interred in the Pantheon, Paris.

2007 -- Sudan: Protesters demand execution of Gillian Gibbons for insulting the prophet Muhammad after she let students name a teddy bear after him. No word on executing the kiddios or poor Teddy Muhammad.

2009 -- Serbia: Internationally prominent cybertextual pioneer novelist, poet, historian, & candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature, Milorad Pavic dies, Belgrade. Author of Dictionary of the Khazars.

3000 --

Often in winter the end of the day is like the final metaphor in a poem celebrating death:

there is no way out.

Agustin Gomez-Arcos, A Bird Burned Alive, 1988

Black Flag

Why March when you can riot?!
3500 --

Anarchy Now!

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