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... what
is virtue but the lack of strong temptation;
better to leave us with our lie of being good.

      — Stephen Dobyns, in "Bleeder"



'm going to write a heart that knows no arithmetic
that won't leave some to one side
& others on the floor in fractions
that suffers only childbirth & feigned illness
I'm going to fly a heart like a comet
one of blood & cosmic dust
a mixing of earth with stars
a heart that has no country
that knows no borders
a heart that will never be fired
that has never signed a single check
that has never had a strongbox
a heart, unnerving, unnameable
something simple & sweet,
a heart that has loved.

 — Rosario Murillo , excerpt from
"I'm Going to Plant a Heart on Earth,"
translated by Barbara Paschke


Inspired Soviet celebrator of the New Man (for a while).

Alternate Saint:

Gay American historian, activist, independent scholar.

China: FEAST OF LU-HSING, the Stellar God of Happiness.

England: FESTIVAL OF NEPTUNE: Marine saturnalia & on-beach picnics (weather permitting).


Carnival Against Capital, collage by James Koehnline
Collage by Bleedster James Koehnline

1315 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Albertino Mussato, poet, is crowned with laurel for "Ecerinis," Padua.

1587 -- England: Couch Potato?: Sir Thomas Herriot introduces potatoes, from Colombia.

At the height of the potato famine, the "London Times" “looked forward” to a time “when a Celt on the Shannon would be as rare as a red man in Manhattan”.

1730 -- Colley Cibber appointed poet laureate; target of much venom.

1755 -- Portrait artist Gilbert Stuart lives.

1805 -- France: Fourier publishes his Universal Harmony (or 1803?), announcing the theory of "passional attraction" which will "lead the human race to opulence, to sensual pleasures, to the unity of the globe." But, hey, who has time?

1805 -- US: Dammit!? William Clark reaches Pacific Ocean after floating down the Snake & Columbia Rivers. Clark's journal entries noted an appalling lack of enormous hydroelectric dams.

1847 -- US: Frederick Douglass & Martin R. Delaney start North Star, first issue of the anti-slavery paper.

1848 -- anarchist diamond dingbat José García Viñas lives (1848-1931), Málaga (Andalusia). Militant internationalist, medical doctor, pioneer advocate of anarchism in Spain, editor of La Federacíon (1869), La Revista social (1872-1880), friend of Bakunin & Kropotkin. Il est étudiant en médecine à Barcelone quand il se joint au groupe d'Internationalistes créé lors de la rencontre avec Giuseppe Fanelli. Le 1er août 1872, il fait partie des fondateurs du groupe barcelonais de "l'Alliance bakouniniste." Il assiste, du 24 décembre 1872 au 2 janvier 1873, au Congrès de Córdoba et participe ensuite en tant que délégué de la "Fédération Régionale Espagnole" au congrès de l'Internationale: Genève (1er-6 septembre 1873), Berne (26-29 octobre 1876), etc. Il y défend avec vigueur les thèses anti-autoritaires de l'anarchisme, définies à Saint-Imier en 1872. Ami de Bakounine et de Kropotkine il édite plusieurs revues "La Federacíon"(1869), "La Revista social" (1872-1880), et se montre un partisan résolu de la grève générale insurrectionnelle. Il apporte une aide médicale aux ouvriers mais se montre également un homme d'action, prenant part à diverses luttes et tentatives insurrectionnelles comme en juin 1873 où, avec Paul Brousse, il occupe l'Hôtel de ville de Barcelone durant plusieurs jours. Espagne. nace Militant internationaliste, pionnier et propagandiste de l'anarchisme en Espagne. Il est étudiant en médecine à Barcelone quand il se joint au groupe d'Internationalistes créé lors de la rencontre avec Giuseppe Fanelli. Le 1er août 1872, il fait partie des fondateurs du groupe barcelonais de "l'Alliance bakouniniste." Il assiste, du 24 décembre 1872 au 2 janvier 1873, au Congrès de Córdoba et participe ensuite en tant que délégué de la "Fédération Régionale Espagnole" au congrès de l'Internationale: Genève (1er-6 septembre 1873), Berne (26-29 octobre 1876), etc. Il y défend avec vigueur les thèses anti-autoritaires de l'anarchisme, définies à Saint-Imier en 1872. Ami de Bakounine et de Kropotkine il édite plusieurs revues "La Federacíon"(1869), "La Revista social"(1872-1880), et se montre un partisan résolu de la grève générale insurrectionnelle. Il apporte une aide médicale aux ouvriers mais se montre également un homme d'action, prenant part à diverses luttes et tentatives insurrectionnelles comme en juin 1873 où, avec Paul Brousse, il occupe l'Hôtel de ville de Barcelone durant plusieurs jours. Mais en 1880, en désaccord avec une orientation plus légaliste et réformiste, il cesse de militer et s'installe à Málaga puis Melilla (1902) où il exerce la médecine, devenant directeur d'un Centre de secours puis d'un Centre hygiénique de 1923 à 1927. En 1929, il entretient encore une correspondance avec Max Nettlau. Il meurt à Melilla le 7 septembre 1931. Il a traduit divers ouvrages de James Guillaume en espagno

1854 -- anarchist diamond dingbatAustralia: Eureka Rebellion suppressed. On 3 December 2004 the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Rebellion is celebrated.

Film poster, Apocalypse Now
1857 -- Joseph Conrad lives, Berdichev, Polish Ukraine, then under Russian rule.

This is a mistake. Berdichev is a city in Ucraine, but you cannot say it was Polish Ucraine; until 1795 the Polish Crown was in a common state with Lithuania, called The Republic of Two Nations. Ucrainians shouldn't be considered Polish nor Russian, they are a different nation.

— Bleedster P.

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1866 -- US: Quality Time? Textile strikers win 10-hour work day, Fall River, Massachusetts.

1883 -- Composer Anton v. Webern lives; Shot dead September 15, 1945.

1894 -- Robert Louis Stevenson, 44, dies suddenly of apoplexy in Apia, Samoa, leaving his Weir of Hermiston unfinished.
Daily Bleed Patron Saint 1998
Superb travel writer, conspiratologist, adventure novelist.

William Gropper
1897 -- William Gropper (1897-1977), artist, lives. A Social Realist.

Gropper studied under Robert Henri & George Bellows.

He is considered one of the most significant American artists of his generation. Contributed to several other newspapers & magazines including The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, New York Post, & the New Masses.

Gropper visited Russia in 1927 with writers Theodore Dreiser & Sinclair Lewis. He covered the United Nations charter conference in San Francisco for Freiheit & the New Masses, associated with the Ash-Can Group of social realist artists. A socialist, he had his cartoons published in radical journals such as the Liberator, the Revolutionary Age & the New Masses.

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Emma Goldman, Anarchist Feminist
1903 -- US: Cooper Union mass meeting protests in NY City against anti-anarchist proceedings against John Turner, who is still awaiting deportation.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1906 -- Bucks the Trend?: US Supreme Court jails Samuel Gompers & other worker-union organizers for violating an injunction against Buck's Stove & Range Co.

Leighton illustration; source
1910 -- Sabotage catIndustrial Workers of the World (IWW) Brotherhood of Timber Workers Union organized.

1911 -- US: Emma Goldman lectures, in New York City, on "Socialism Caught in the Political Trap."
Source: Traffic in Women published by Times Change Press

1916 -- Australia: Seven Wobblies sentenced to 15 years in prison for their anti-war efforts during the "Great" War that Ended All Wars. Others IWWs are sentenced to five & 10 years. In August 1917 IWW is made illegal & membership rolls made available to employers (blacklisted). Despite widespread government & business repression, the IWW helps lead the General Strike of 1917.
Source: A Brief History of the IWW outside the US (1905-1999) by Morgan Miller

1921 -- Anti-authoritarian educator A.S. Neill establishes his school, Summerhill, with Lyme Regis, in England. Moves it three years later to Leiston (Suffolk). Proponent of children sharing in running schools, Neill told of this anarchist experiment in numerous books.
A.S. Neill chatting, rolling a cigarette

"We decided, my wife & I, to have a school where we would grant to the pupils the freedom of expression. For that it was necessary for us to give up any discipline, any direction, any suggestion, any preconceived morals, any religious instruction whatsoever."

The A.S. Neill Summerhill School maintains a site at

1926 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Mystery writer Agatha Christie mysteriously disappears for 11 days.

Red Emma Goldman, anarchist
1926 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministEmma Goldman's lectures on Russian drama this month cover Griboyedev, Gogol, & Ostrovsky, though the attendance is disappointing.

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1927 -- US: Blind Willie Johnson records "Dark Was the Night (Cold Was the Ground)," a haunting impression of the "lining out" of a hymn & church 'moaners' in prayer. In the coming Depression years, Johnson enjoys a brief vogue on records.
"Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground)" Blind Willie Johnson, 12/3/27      

This haunting impression of the 'lining out' of a hymn & church 'moaners' in prayer is the distillation, filtered through generations of African-American experience, of a hymn penned in 1792 by English cleric Thomas Haweis as "Gethsemane." Johnson was the greatest of the 'guitar evangelists' who enjoyed a brief vogue on record before the Depression. His work was widely influential & enduring: Roebuck "Pops" Staples still performs Johnson's "Nobody's Fault But Mine." (For more of Johnson's music, see The Complete Recordings of Blind Willie Johnson, Columbia/Legacy C2K 52835.)

— Mark Humphrey, "The Great Depression: American Music in the '30s",,301462,00.html

1930 -- Film maker Jean-Luc Godard lives.

1931 -- US: Unemployment in American reaches 13.5 million — almost 1/3 of the American work force.

In Los Angeles alone, shelters give asylum to over 200,000 down & outers. Many choose instead to hit the road — another 200,000 become freight car migrants on the Missouri Pacific Line.

This old town should have burned down...

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1939 -- US: Convicted "trunk murderess" Winnie Ruth Judd escapes from Arizona State Insane Hospital for the second time. Recaptured 12 days later, having trudged barefoot 200 miles across the desert.

Universal anarchist icon
1945 -- France: Augustin Hamon (1862-) dies. French sociologist & an anarchiste who later became a socialist.

1946 -- US: Dancing in the Rain? Oakland General Strike begins 7am, inclement weather: 100,000 walk off jobs for six days.

Bars were allowed to stay open, but they could serve only beer & had to put their juke boxes out on the sidewalk to play at full volume & no charge.

'Pistol Packin' Mama, Lay That Pistol Down'

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1946 -- US: Gay American historian, activist Allan Bérubé lives.

“None of us can do our best work until we believe that the life of the mind really does belong to us.”

1947 -- Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, opens today at New York's Ethel Barrymore Theater & runs for 855 performances. Jessica Tandy, Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter, & Karl Malden star.

1948 -- High Seas: Chinese refugee ship "Kiangya" explodes in East China Sea, killing 1,100.

Halloween pumpkin
1948 -- US: Trick or Treat? "Pumpkin Papers" come to light. Dick M Nixon was inspired while reading his favorite novel, Little jack Horner sat in a corner...he stuck in his thumb &...!"

1948 -- US: First woman army officer not in medical corps sworn-in.

1950 -- Local 893 wins its first COLA raise at Vought, $.03

1953 -- SI dingbat During this month, the foundation of the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus begins. [Exact day not given — ed.]


"... a Swiss architect, Max Bill, has undertaken to restructure the Bauhaus where Klee & Kandinsky taught. He wishes to make an academy without painting, without research into the imagination, fantasy, signs, symbols — all he wants is technical instruction. In the name of experimental artists I intend to create an International Movement For An Imaginist Bauhaus."

— Letter from Asger Jorn to Enrico Baj

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1956 -- Soviet artist Aleksandr Rodchenko dies, Moscow.

1964 -- US: No More Teachers Dirty Looks? Police arrest 796 to end Berkeley Free Speech Movement's (FSM) illegal sit-ins, strikes & occupation of Sproul Hall on the University of California-Berkeley Campus. A student strike tomorrow closes the school. US: The Free Speech Movement (FSM) upheavals effectively end.
See Gerald Howard, The Sixties (Paragon House, 1991).

Heart beating, animated
1967 -- South Africa: First human heart transplant performed, Dr Christian Barnard.

1967 -- Source=Robert Braunwart SciFi author Fred Pohl speaks on "Morality for the Space Age," Manhattan.

1969 -- US: Feel A Draft? Protesters destroy files at eight New York draft boards.

1969 -- John Lennon is offered the role of Jesus Christ in "Jesus Christ Superstar."


"I would've been a fisherman, but I can't, because I'm a fucking genius!"

1969 -- anarchist diamond dingbat France: Lucien Haussard (1893-1969) dies. Militant, anarchist advocate & free thinker. Joined Marc Pierrot's review, Plus Loin, which he managed from 1931 until arrested & interned in 1939. Involved in the S.I.A. (Solidarité Internationale Antifasciste) & in providing false documents to Spanish antifascists. Le 3 décembre 1969, mort de Lucien HAUSSARD à Brive-la-Gaillarde (Corrèze). Militant, propagandiste anarchiste et Libre penseur. Il naît le 11 juillet 1893 à St-Quentin (Aisne). En 1914, il est fait prisonnier par les Allemands lors de l'occupation de St-Quentin. Après-guerre il devient correcteur d'imprimerie à Paris et fréquente les libertaires qui tentent alors de se réorganiser. En 1919, il est trésorier de la "Fédération Communiste Anarchiste" reconstituée, et collabore au "Libertaire." A partir de 1921, il assiste aux congrès de "l'Union Anarchiste" (U.A) et devient administrateur du "Libertaire." En 1924, il lance un éphémère bi-mensuel où toute les opinions anarchistes peuvent s'exprimer "L'Idée anarchiste." En 1926, il rejoint la revue du Dr Pierrot "Plus loin" et en sera le gérant de 1931 à 1939. En 1930, en raison de problèmes de santé, il devient marchand forain. Il sera plus tard (vers 1934) condamné à 4 mois de prison pour avoir fait traverser en auto la frontière franco-catalane à des fugitifs. Du 30 octobre au 1er novembre 1937, il est délégué à Paris au congrès de "l'U.A" qui voit la création de la section française de "S.I.A" (Solidarité Internationale Antifasciste). Arrêté en 1939, il sera interné jusqu'au printemps 1941. Il aurait ensuite établi une filière pour faire passer clandestinement la frontière espagnole à des activistes et ravitailler "l'Espagne antifranquiste." A la libération, il reprend son activité de marchand forain à Brive-la-Gaillarde et devient ensuite président de la Libre Pensée.

1970 -- England: Spanish Embassy in London is machine gunned, following international protests against the trial of the Basque nationalists, the Burgos Six. This is not reported in the media. It is claimed at a later trial that the same gun had been used in the August 1967 attack on the US Embassy & is offered as proof of a "Christie link" [the anarchist Stuart Christie] though he was in a Spanish jail until September 1967 for his plan to assassinate the fascist Franco.
Part of large series of guerrilla actions & bombings this year, usually attributed to The Angry Brigade.

1971 -- Bangladesh: War breaks out.

Ooops...animated fire
1971 -- The Montreaux Casino burns to the ground during a show by Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention. The incident is immortalized by Deep Purple in their song "Smoke on the Water."

Flying pig
1976 -- Pig Out?: A 40-foot long inflatable pig being photographed for the cover Pink Floyd's "Animals" breaks loose from the guide wires & takes off from the Battersea Power Station outside London. It heads east, attaining a height of 18,000 feet before coming down in Kent. Perhaps inspired by Artaud's comment,

"All writing is pig shit"

1976 -- Jamaica: Seven gunman spray bullets into Bob Marley's house in Kingston, where he & the Wailers are rehearsing. The shots hit Marley, his wife Rita, a friend & Wailer manager Don Taylor. None are severely hurt. The shooters are never caught, the show goes on, & they perform two nights later.

1979 -- Eleven Who fans are trampled to death in stampede to get into Cincinnati's Riverfront Coliseum. Results: The mayor of Providence, Rhode Island cancels the Who's upcoming concert there, law suits are filed by families of the dead & festival seating itself is universally blamed for the tragedy. (Except Walter Cronkite, who on tonight's "CBS Evening News," paragon of objectivity & factual reporting, blames it on "a drug-crazed mob of kids").

1980 -- US: Nuns With Guns?: Yesterday three US Maryknoll nuns & a lay missionary were raped & murdered & buried in a field in El Salvador by US-trained troops. The Reagan administration goes into immediate denial & coverup. Alexander Haig suggests the nuns provoked the incident, running a roadblock in Marxist jeeps, & were shot trying to flee. The FBI & CIA report this is a total fabrication. 18 years later relatives & friends are still trying to get the truth.

1982 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of Tom Clancy novel The Hunt for Red October.

1984 -- India: Business As Usual? Union Carbide pesticide leak in Bhopal, sending a cloud of poisonous methyl isocyanate gas aloft. Up to 10,000 deaths, some 50,000 injuries. Devastating after effects for years to follow. US blocks extradition of Union Carbide officials facing criminal prosecution in India. Executive privilege?

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Uncle George Wants You! (To forget...)
1989 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader George Bush & Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Mikhail Gorbachev end summit in Malta, with a toast of malta liquor.

1990 -- US: Marine Jeff Paterson begins court martial after refusing to board a plane bound to Saudi Arabia to fight media war in Gulf.

1993 -- Lewis Thomas, physician author (Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony, 1983) dies in New York. Best known for his collections of essays, meditations & reflections on the larger truths invoked by the study of biology.

Abe Bluestein & Selma Cohen, April 1, 1937
1997 -- US: Abe Bluestein, a lifelong anarchist, dies, age 88. Fought to embody libertarian principles all his life. Like many anarchists born in the early 20th century, Abe came from a radical, immigrant family. His Russian parents were active in the anarchist group in the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union & part of the Modern School of Stelton, NJ.

Just Say No to WTO, illustration by James Koehnline
1999 -- US: WTO Day Four: World Trade Organization delegates meet as the core off-limits area is reduced from a 50 block area of downtown Seattle to 25 blocks.

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Bloodied WTO protester
1999 -- US: Seattle Police Chief Assistant Ed Joiner says he reviewed all the WTO video & media, & no one was bloodied. Yup-a-doodle!
Seattle Radical Timeline

News headline: Nobody Wins Presidency, Gov't Abolished!
2000 -- US:

Florida...anarchy rains & reigns...


2000 -- Gwendolyn Brooks, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, dies at 83. Her candidly written poetry often delved into poverty, racism & drugs.

2002 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Dummy Up? An antimissile missile, in a test delayed by weather, scores a hit on a dummy warhead; now, as long as the weather is clear & the enemy puts homing beacons on its warheads (no dummy he/she), we are probably safe (no dummy us).

2004 -- Australia: 150th anniversary of the Eureka Rebellion is celebrated. Joe Toscano's commentary on the Eureka Rebellion story,

2005 -- The Netherlands: The 7th Annual Dutch Anarchist Bookfair at De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht. Many organisations, bookshops & groups from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & England will be present.

2010 -- Attacks against WikiLeaks, Julian Assange & The Guardian website.

As "massive" cyberwarfare against WikiLeaks continue, EveryDNS kills its domain due to the disruption caused to its other customers by the attacks. US authorities are accused of carrying out the cyber attacks against the website. Assange calls for Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper's former chief of staff Tom Flanagan to be charged with "incitement to commit murder" after Flanagan urged Barack Obama to "put out a contract" & "assassinate" Assange. US politico Mike Huckabee also calls for executions to be carried out. US Congressman Ron Paul of Texas calls for WikiLeaks to receive similar protections to mainstream media, saying when "truth becomes treason, then we're in big trouble."

Virus download hoax, put the fear of Bill Gate in you; source; Hey, just havin some fun!
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