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The golden lemon is not mase
but grows on a green tree:
A strong man & his crystal eyes
is a man born free.

The oxen pass under the yoke
& the blind are led at will:
But a man born free has a path of his own
& a house on the hill.

And men are men who till the land
& women are women who weave
Fifty men own the lemon grove
& no man is a slave.

Herbert Read,
"A Song for the Spanish Anarchists,"
from Thirty-five Poems, 1940

Armando Valdes, Camilo Cienfuegos, Che Guevara, Carlos Franqui

Cuban revolutionary, Revolución editor, poet, leftist Castro critic.

Photo: Armando Valdes, Camilo Cienfuegos, Che Guevara, Carlos Franqui

Nuremberg, Germany: KRIS KRINGLES' FAIR.

1122 -- Poet of wine, women & song, Omar Khayyam dies.

1489 -- Battle of Baza. Spanish army captures Baza from the Moors.

1576 -- Copernicus's sole pupil, math whiz, cartographer, navigational-instrument maker, Rheticus dies — his number was up.

rodent eating an egg
1680 -- A hen in Rome lays an egg imprinted with a comet — not seen until December 16th. So, what comes first, the comet or the egg? A henpecked Pope says: "No comet."

1795 -- Thomas Carlyle lives. Scottish historian/essayist. His History of the French Revolution is not published until 1837 because John Stuart Mill's servant mistakes the manuscript of Volume One for kindling. The setback prompts Carlyle to compare himself to a man who has "nearly killed himself accomplishing zero." Bit of an elitist:

"No sadder proof can be given by a man of his own littleness, than disbelief in great men."

1835 -- British writer Samuel Butler lives.

1838 -- US: Democracy in Action? The Buckshot War. Angry mob assembles in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when both Whigs & Democrats claim a majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Militia, equipped with buckshot, appear on the scene. A few Whig votes hastily changed to Democratic, & the "war" was over.

Mikhail Bakunin logo
1847 -- France: During this month Mikhail Bakunin is expelled from the country & moves to Brussels where he meets Marx again. His expulsion is contested in the French parliament.
[I don't have exact date — ed.]

1848 -- Mikhail Bakunin's Appeal to the Slavs is published during this month.
Since the Slav Congress & the Whitsuntide insurrection in Prague in June Bakunin travels to Breslau, Berlin, Breslau again, & Dresden. Finally finds freedom from political harrassment in Kothen. During the latter part of 1848 Bakunin has been expelled from Prussia & Saxony, & is staying in the principality of Anhalt.)
[I don't have exact dates — ed.]

[Sources]; see also, [Congressos Obrers]

1865 -- Edith Cavell lives, England. British nurse serving in Belgium, executed by the Germans for assisting some 200 Allied prisoners to escape during the "great" war that ended all wars.

Composition 9
1866 -- Painter Wassily Kandinsky lives — the Blue Rider himself, lots of neat impure abstractions.

1867 -- US: Grange is organized to protect farmers' interests.

1875 -- Poet Rainier Maria Rilke lives, Prague, Austria-Hungary. Greatest lyric poet of modern Germany, creating the 'object poem' which sought to capture the nature of a physical object.

Orphic voice of the mystic poet as creator of worlds.

1878 -- Spain: Execution of Juan Oliva Moncasi, a young worker in Tarragone (Catalonia). He attempted to kill King Alphonse XII in Madrid, on October 25, 1878, & refused a commutation of his death sentence.

1886 -- André Colomer lives, Cerbère (Catalonia). Poet, anarchist &, ultimately, a Communist.

In 1913 Colomer is involved in the review L'action d'art & also the trade union of writers & dramatic authors. Also a founder of Libertaire & manager of La revue anarchiste before he broke with anarchism, in 1927, to become a "true Communist."

Emma Goldman, Anarchist Feminist
1892 -- US: Anarchist protest of government anti-immigration legislation, in Manhattan.

Speakers at the event include anarchist journalist John Edelmann, Spanish anarquista Pedro Esteve, Saverio Merlino & Emma Goldman.

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Herbert Read, anarchist
1893 -- England: Herbert Read lives, Yorkshire. English poet, art critic, anarchist, political philosopher, man of letters, assistant conservator of Victoria & Albert Museum of London, professor of fine arts in Edinburgh & various English universities.

HERBERT READ, Patron Saint 2003-2010
Highbrow British modernist art critic, poet, anarchist.

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1896 -- Pietro Gori Trasferitosi a Rosignano Marittimo presso la famiglia riprende i contatti con il movimento anarchico.

1896 (4 December) Moves to Marine Rosignano near the family, resumes contacts with the anarchist movement.

Source: [Chronology by Franco Bertolucci]

Bride Wore Black book cover
1903 -- American mystery author Cornell Woolrich lives. Since 1938, the suspense fiction of Woolrich, alias William Irish, has been adapted into more than 20 films.
Rear Window book cover

1906 -- US: National Federation of Postal Clerks chartered.

Emma Goldman, Anarchist Feminist
1910 -- US: Emma Goldman begins Sunday lecture series in New York City on anarchism, the drama, "Tolstoy, the Rebel," & "The Parody of Philanthropy." Also during this month her collection, Anarchism & Other Essays is published.

Jack London, source:
1912 -- USA: German fleet sinks American ships in Honolulu — war declared between US & Germany (Jack London, The Iron Heel)

"The general strike was the one great victory we American socialists won. On 4 December the American minister was withdrawn from the German capital. That night a German fleet made a dash on Honolulu, sinking three American cruisers & a revenue cutter, & bombarding the city. Next day both Germany & the United States declared war, & within an hour the socialists called the general strike in both countries."

The war, in Jack London's The Iron Heel, is called off within a week because everyone refuses to fight.

Emiliano Zapata, Mexican anarchist
1914 -- México: Emiliano Zapata meets with Pancho Villa & they agree to join forces to occupy México City two days later...The insurgent peasant army of the South (Zapatistas) & the northern brigades of cowboys, bandits, wobblies & adventurists give damn good meeting.

1914 --

It is better to die
on your feet
than to live on your knees

      — Emiliano Zapata

Young Mexican anarquista Zapata

A large poster of Zapata adorns one of the walls of our bookstore; Zapata has inspired song — from folk ( ) to Rage Against the Machine's "Zapata's Blood" (, numerous books, films (Viva Zapata!, 1952, script by John Steinbeck, starring Marlon Brando) art (
(Of contemporary relevance, Zapata is an inspirational source for the current Zapatistas in México:

1916 -- W. Somerset Maugham sails for Pago Pago. Fellow passengers include the prostitute & the missionary who will inspire his story "Miss Thompson," upon which the play Rain is based.

"The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit."

       — W. Somerset Maugham

1921 -- "Fidel's Marat," revolutionary writer Carlos Franqui lives, central Cuba.

"Castro puede acabar con todo, menos con los libros. Podrá censurarlos, prohibirlos y hasta quemarlos pero, las ideas que contienen no pueden ser destruidas. Como diría Martí, las trincheras de papel valen mas que las trincheras de piedra."

Francisco Sionil Jose
1924 -- Francisco Sionil Jose lives, Rosales, Philippines. While working as a journalist in Manila, he moonlighted writing short stories & eventually novels.

In the late fifties Jose founded the Philippine branch of PEN, an international organization of poets, playwrights, & novelists. In 1965 he started his own publishing house SOLIDARIDAD, & a year later he began publishing the remarkable Solidarity, a journal of current affairs, ideas, & arts. In 1962 he published his first novel The Pretenders. Today his publications include nine novels, five books of short stories, & a book of verse & are available in 24 languages.

1925 -- US: During this month the Official Bulletin of the Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee begins publishing. [I don't have the exact day --ed.]
Sacco & Vanzetti Timeline

1935 -- Switzerland: In Geneva, anarchists begin destroying slum housing, smashing windows & tearing up roofs this evening.

In 1935 the FOBB launched an intense campaign of agitation over workers' homes which were little better than hovels. Lucien Tronchet alone was arrested...

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Frio en el frente, poster; source
1937 -- Spain: Fierce fighting between the Fascist army & Republican troops near Teruel. Teruel photo, soldiers in snow; source

The province capital Teruel, since the beginning of the war occupied by Fascist forces, was till spared the fightings. When the Fascists occupied the city, they made their usual massacre, killing government officials, loyal policemen & soldiers, left wing intellectuals, workers & farmers. Those massacres were mostly celebrated in public, in Teruel it was on the 'Plaza de Torico'. That was over a year ago. But suddenly Republican soldiers are entering the area. The Fascists are surprised, but not aware that this is the preparation of one of the biggest offensives in the war.

Hemingway fighting at Teruel

Left: Ernest Hemingway helping a young Republican soldier to unjam his rifle during the battle of Teruel.

1938 -- US: El Congreso del Pueblo de Habla Española (The Spanish-Speaking Peoples Congress) holds its first conference in Los Angeles.

Founded by Luisa Moreno & led by Josefina Fierro de Bright, the organization strives to win equal rights for all Spanish-speaking people in the United States. It encourages Mexican Americans to support a unified labor movement to fight discrimination & poverty.

Alien banner, animated
1942 -- First US citizenship granted an alien. Little Grey Guy in Texass?

1944 -- France: Louis Louvet & Simone Larcher begin publishing Ce Qu’il Faut Dire (What Must Be Said).

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1951 -- Philippines: Superheated gases roll down Mount Catarman, kills 500.

1952 -- England: Killer fogs begin in London. "Smog" becomes a (dirty) word.

Giuseppe Monanni, Italian anarchist
1952 -- anarchist diamond dingbat Giuseppe Monanni (b. 1887) dies.

Monanni was Leda Rafanelli's lifelong companion & together with Ettore Molinari & Nella Giacomelli they formed “Protesta umana”. Under the fascists his activities were constrained, but post-WWII he wrote for the paper Libertario under the pseudonym "Mony." Source from the French: Le 27 février 1887, naissance de Giuseppe MONANNI, dit Mony, à Arezzo (Toscane). Editeur, journaliste et propagandiste anarchiste individualiste italien. Typographe de profession, il fonde en 1907, à Florence, la revue anarchiste "Vir" et rencontre celle qui va devenir sa compagne Leda Rafanelli. En 1908, le couple s'installe à Milan, où ils collaborent à divers journaux et en publient d'autres : "La Rivolta"(1911); "La Libertà" (1913-1914). Parallèlement à son activité journalistique, il déploie un intense travail éditorial avec la création de la "Libreria Editrice Sociale" (de 1910 à 1915), puis de la "Casa Editrice Sociale" (de 1919 à 1926), et enfin de la "Casa Editrice Monanni" (de 1926 à 1933). Il publiera ainsi tous les classiques de l'anarchisme individualiste de Nietzche à Palante. Il n'y aura qu'une seule interruption, dans cette activité éditoriale, au moment de la première guerre mondiale, ou il se réfugie en Suisse. A son retour en Italie, il assiste à la montée du fascisme qui va rendre toute propagande très difficile, avec une répression accrue faite d'arrestations, d'emprisonnements ou d'assassinats. En 1925, il crée pourtant, avec Carlo Molaschi, une "Università Libera" mais après le vote de lois spéciales, son activité est limité à l'enseignement général. Il est ensuite contraint pour des raisons financières et politiques de cesser toute activité éditoriale. Après la fin de la guerre et la chute du fascisme en Italie, il collabore de nouveau sous le pseudonyme de "Mony" au journal "Libertario." Il est mort à Milan le 4 décembre 1952.

Further details/ context, click here; anarchiste,  anarchismo, anarchici, anarchico, anarquista, anarchisme, anarchica[Details / context]

Boredom is Counterrevolutionary
1957 -- Canada: Prompted by reports that many radio stations have banned Elvis' Christmas album because of the averred impropriety of "the Pelvis" singing religious songs, DJ Allen Brooks of CKWS, Kingston, Ontario, plays the album & invites listeners to call in their opinion.

Of 800 callers, all but 56 approve of Presley's sacred music.

1958 -- SI dingbat France: Internationale Situationniste #2 is published.
[Exact day not given —ed.]

Internationale Situationniste #2

December 1958
Central bulletin published by the sections of the Situationist International. Editor: Guy Debord. Editorial Committee: Mohamed Dahou, Asger Jorn, Maurice Wyckaert.

Also this month, release of Mémoires by Guy-Ernest Debord, with the help of Asger Jorn (originally planned for 1 May 1958). Published by the Situationist International, Copenhague. The cover is a sheet of raw number 2 sandpaper. | [Situationist Resources]

1964 -- US: 900 students boycott University of California classes at Berkley, during Free Speech Movement. A small movement is about to explode (in three days) on campus.

1967 -- US: National draft-card turn-in.

1967 -- US: Martin Luther King, Jr. announces Poor People's Campaign in Washington D.C. (to start late spring).

1968 -- US: 264 arrested at military induction center in New York City at War Resisters League civil disobedience action.

1969 -- US: Black Panther activists Fred Hampton (21), Mark Clark (22) & two others murdered in their beds by Chicago police with complicity of the FBI. This makes at least 19 Panther leaders (they claim 28) killed in the past 18 months (& Huey Newton currently in prison).

Great unifying Panther orator, machined gunned in bed. 1999 Patron Saint, Jubilee Saints Calendar.

"Of course, resistance has a price — as Mailer, Spock, & Coffin, among so many others, learned during this era — & people such as Black Panther Fred Hampton ended up by paying with their lives. Noam Chomsky writes:

"I was one of the few white faces at Fred Hampton's funeral in Chicago in 1969, after he was murdered by the Chicago police & FBI." (31 Mar. 1995).

That even a supreme sacrifice such as this can go virtually unnoticed beyond a limited community is appalling to Chomsky."

Bobby Seale still cooks at:
Flaming mouth

Stop Nixon's Vice button; source
1969 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Richard Nixon, Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew & 40 US governors embark on a magical mystery fact-finding mission to discover the causes of the generation gap. They view films of "simulated acid trips & listen to hours of "anti-establishment rock music."

Concert poster; source
1969 -- The Incredible String Band, Doc Watson & Mimi Fariña at the Boston Tea Party, Dec 4, 5 & 6. No year given, but probably 1969...rather than 1793

Render unto Cesar...
1970 -- US: Cesar Chavez jailed for 20 days for refusing to call off United Farm Workers lettuce boycott, Salinas, California.

1970 -- Frankly?: Frank Reynolds was cohosting the "ABC Evening News," with Howard K. Smith, for the final time. Reynolds commented on the switch to a new co-host (Harry Reasoner) saying, "Due to circumstances beyond my control, the unemployment statistics rose yesterday."

1971 -- Germany: Attack on Anarchist Black Cross extends to Germany, where Georg Von Rauch is shot dead by armed political police in West Berlin. Tommy Weisbecker will be killed in Augsburg (2 March, 1972.)
Source: Chronology in Albert Meltzer's I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

Dave Dellinger
1973 -- US: Dave Dellinger, Jerry Rubin, & Abbie Hoffman of Chicago Seven, & their attorney William Kunstler, found guilty of contempt charges levied at them by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Judge Hoffman, but given no further sentence. Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, & attorney Leonard Weinglass acquitted of contempt charges.

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1975 -- Critic of totalitarianism Hannah Arendt dies.

Nazi refugee who illuminated points of convergence between totalitarianisms & revolutions.

1980 -- United Nations agrees to establish University of Peace (& shortwave radio station Radio Peace International) in Costa Rica.

1980 -- Levi-Dockers?: First US patent granted to developers of gene splicing method.

1981 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader US Acting President Reagan authorizes CIA to spy on its citizens. The CIA charter originally banned domestic surveillance to prevent it from becoming a Gestapo.

"The highest ambition of the integrated spectacle is still to turn secret agents into revolutionaries, & revolutionaries into secret agents."

— GUY DEBORD, 1988

"A few years back, a man high up in the CIA name Ray cline was asked if the CIA, by its survellance of protest organizations in the United States, was violating the free speech provision of the First Amendment. He Smiled & said: 'It's only an amendment.'"

— Howard Zinn, The Zinn Reader pp412-13

1982 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President Reagan returns home from his five-day trip to Latin America.

"Well, I learned a lot," he tells reporters.
"You'd be surprised. They're all individual countries."

1984 -- US: Preacher Jerry Falwell testifies at his $45 million libel trial against publisher Larry Flynt that he "felt like weeping" when he saw a parody ad in Hustler quoting him as claiming that he "always got sloshed" before preaching, & that he'd lost his virginity to his mother in an outhouse. Interrogating Flynt in a videotaped deposition, Falwell's lawyer, Norman Grutman, asks if he intended to harm his client's integrity. Replies Flynt, "To assassinate it."

1986 -- France: Hundreds of thousands of French students march against Chirac's higher education bill.

Uncle Sam pointing a gun at you button
1991 -- US: Eighteen-month vigil begins outside home of war tax resisters Betsy Corner & Randy Kehler in Colrain, Massachusetts, after it is seized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The home is eventually returned in 1995 to the land trust that previously owned it.

1991 -- US: In a gesture that renders the phrase "Too Little, Too Late" pitifully inadequate, Congress declares 1992 to be the "Year of the Indian."

Zappa's stash
1993 -- Frank Zappa dies of pancreatic cancer at age 52.


       — Frank Zappa

1994 -- anarchist diamond dingbat México: 450 indígenas choles de Jesús Carranza, municipio de Sabanilla, regresaron a sus comunidades (eran desplazados desde junio de 1996 pasado).

1995 -- England: Earth Liberation Front (ELF) destroys Whatley Quarry.

1997 -- US: Microradio movement news accounts on the struggle to free the airwaves: Pirate radio protest in Philadelphia — MSNB; Free Radio, Crazy Cops & Broken Windows by Alexander Cockburn, The Nation.
Source: [Pirate Radio Kiosk]

Joffre Stewart, anarchist; source
1998 -- US: Longtime local poet, pacifist & anarchist Joffre Stewart reads his poetry at the eMergence gathering of Beat, artist, street culture in Chicago.

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1999 -- US: San Francisco Mime Troupe celebrates its 40th anniversary for next two days, setting the stage for the Mime Troupe to enter the next millenium empowered by the energy of its collective past.

1999 -- Outer Space: Mars Polar Lander ... call home! (Please?!)

Hug Me!
1999 -- WTO, Gas attackUS: WTO meetings conclude, in Seattle, Washington — or what's left of it. In the aftermath most citizens seek to lynch the mayor & banish police.

Meanwhile shoppers, not accustomed to having their Shopping Rights violated, continue fleeing to the malls as WTO delegates assure Seattleites the world is a safer & better place for (Global)corporations.

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2000 -- US:
King George Bush

2003 -- New Zealand: Anarchist Teaparty National Symposium. Near Wanganui, Aotearoa (-7th).

2010 -- Reporters Without Borders condemns "the blocking, cyber-attacks & political pressure" against the WikiLeaks website, describing it as the first "attempt at the international community level to censor a website dedicated to the principle of transparency" & comparing the behavior of France & the US to that of China. American payment service provider PayPal cuts off the account WikiLeaks uses to collect donations. Meanwhile Wikileaks Facebook's fan page grows by about 100,000 fans daily, going from 300,000 to 700,000 fans in 4 days.

3500 --
Bush Regime Gulf War, Episode II, A film coming soon to your neighborhood

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