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American Fluxus artist, chemist, vanguard composer.

Ancient Rome: FESTIVAL OF FAUNUS. Feasting & merrymaking.

Belgium: ST. NICHOLAS' EVE. Black Peter, Nick's Moorish servant, drops down the chimney with gifts for the children.

A commodity has value ... A gift has worth.

Lewis Hyde

1349 -- Jews are massacred at Nuremberg in Black death riots.

1484 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The pope establishes severe penalties against German witches & magicians; over the next 300 years perhaps 200,000 accused witches are executed. It's a mean nasty ugly job, but somebody has to do it...& who better but the Catholic Church?

1770 -- Six of the British troops involved in the Boston Massacre found innocent, largely due to defense attorney John Adams' intimation that Crispus Attucks, America's first black hero, may have caused "the dreadful carnage of that night" with his "mad the head of...[a] rabble of Negroes..."

1784 -- Phillis Wheatley dies, aged about 31 years, Boston. First black woman poet &, after Anne Bradstreet, only the second woman poet of note in the US. The 39 poems in Poems on Various Subjects, Religious & Moral, published in 1773 in England under the sponsorship of the Countess of Huntingdon, help spread her reputation in Europe as well as in America.

Amadeus film still, Big Head of Hair
1791 -- Masonic conspirator Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies, Vienna, Austria.

Real Conversation at a Video Store:

Tara: I've come to pick up "The Draughtsman's Contract."

Clerk: Would you like another movie?

Tara: Sure, do you have anything else like this?

Clerk: You mean like, with MEN WITH BIG HAIR??

Tara: Yeah!

Clerk: Um, have you tried "Amadeus"?

1804 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Thomas Jefferson re-elected US president, George Clinton is his vice-president.

1830 -- Poet Christina Rossetti lives, London. Sister of fellow poet Dante Gabriel & historian William Michael Rossetti.

1854 -- Folding theatre chair patented.

1860 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beadle's publishes its only half-dime novelette, Myrtle: The Child of the Prairie.

Charlie Chaplin, Modern Times
1876 -- Monkey Is As Monkey Do?: Anarchist Daniel Stillson patents first practical pipe wrench; forms a gang, then throws it in the works.

Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 14:02:41 -0500 (EST)
[.....] Published by Congressional Quarterly & the CQ Daily Monitor:

TODAY'S TRIVIA: The first monkey wrench was produced in 1854 at Bernis & Call in Springfield, Mass., part of the state's 2nd District.

[Of course I have Dec 5, they have the 6th.... Just another monkey in the works(!?) —ed.].

1880 -- Italy: Anarchist Congress convenes at Chiasso (Tessin), presided over by Carlo Cafiero. Among participants is Kropotkin & G. Herzig, Malatesta & Merlino, Johann Neve, Joseph Lane, Louise Michel, Émile Gautier, Victorine Rouchy, Chauviere, Miss Lecomte, Tchaikowski, etc.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1885 -- US: American sex/pol radical Louise Bryant lives, Reno, Nevada.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2005-2008
Greenwich Village sexual & political rebel.

1885 -- anarchist diamond dingbatItaly: Maria Rygier lives.

... show details

1890 -- Filmmaker Fritz Lang lives, Vienna, Austria.

Henry Poulaille, French anarchiste
1896 -- France: Henry Poulaille lives, Paris. Novelist, anarchiste, publisher of proletarian authors, director of éditions Grasset, the journal Le nouvel âge littéraire, founder of "Le musée du soir."

1896 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Henrik Ibsen play "Emperor & Galilean" premiers, Leipzig.

1897 -- Jewish mystic Gershom Sholem lives, Berlin, Germany.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-4
Modern Jewish mystic, Kabbalist, renegade radical.

... show details

1897 -- Nunnally Johnson lives. American screenwriter, producer, director, who made scripts for such film as The Grapes of Wrath (1940, directed by John Ford), The Woman in the Window (1944, directed by Fritz Lang), & How to Marry a Millionaire (1953), starring Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, & Betty Grable.

1899 -- England: The anarchist historian & collector Max Nettlau reads "Responsibility & Solidarity in the Labour Struggle" to the Freedom Discussion Group. This became one of his favorite works.

1901 -- Animator, amusement park builder Walt Disney lives. Fascist symp & FBI informer on Hollywood "subversives."

1901 -- Bavaria: Theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg probably lives, Wurzburg.

German quantum theorist who may have helped slow Nazi progress in development of atomic weaponry.

They Pay Me to Catch Footballs, book cover
1908 -- First football uniform numerals used, University of Rome.

"Writing books is at least as difficult as footballs..."

Acratie masthead; courtesy Ephéméride Anarchiste
1908 -- Bulgaria: The newspaper Acratie first appears, in Razgrad. Founded by Varban Kilifarski, it represents the largest diffusion of anarchist & anarcho-syndicalist thought in the country before the First World War. The last number appears on January 27, 1911.
George Cheitanov, anarchist

Three issues of the paper were published clandestinely in Tirnovo in 1924-1925, by Gueorgui Cheitanov.

Cheitanov was eventually captured & executed, along with his companion Mariola Sirakova & others, by the fascist government during a crackdown on leftists.

Masthead: premier number, Acratie, 5 décembre 1908
Images courtesy Ephéméride anarchiste

Hollywood Blacklist
1910 -- Abraham Polonsky lives. American director, screenwriter, novelist, who wrote essays, radio scripts & several novels before starting his career in Hollywood.

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1912 -- General Strikes in both Germany & US in response to declarations of war yesterday — no one will go to war — forcing cancellation of the war within the week. (Jack London, The Iron Heel.)
Jack London Collection at: Includes The Iron Heel; chapter 13 is about the General Strike,

1916 -- US: Keeping Up With the Joneses?: Having conquered Puerto Rico in 1898, the Jones Act is today approved, with this law:

1. Puerto Rico becomes US territory.

2. US nationalizes all Puerto Ricans as a citizens & allows Puerto Ricans to elect their legislature. (300 reject citizenship & many others refuse to join the army.) Amended in 1921, 1927, 1928, 1931, 1935, 1938, 1940, 1947.

1918 -- Theodore Schroeder, letter, to: Editor, League for The Amnesty of Political Prisoners, sending copies of letters to Wilson appealing for release & letter by Hutchins Hapgood. TL, 1 p.

1919 -- US: Representative Isaac Siegel, after a trip to Ellis Island yesterday, declares he has discovered

how anarchists are made.

"Books in our public libraries help to make anarchists," he said.

"I found a boy on the Island — Thomas Buhokanob, 17 years old, a native of Russia, who came here seven years ago. He was educated in Public School 38. He read anarchist books out of the Harlem Public Library. Then he helped circulate Emma Goldman's 'Mother Earth.' After that he went to Greenpoint, where he organized Russians who could not speak English & taught them what he had learned about anarchy.

"He told me he did not believe in the Constitution, in any form of government or in God."

Mr. Siegel is a member of the House Congressional Committee appointed to investigate conditions at the Island.

Mr. Siegel said the committee would meet in Washington on Monday, when it will question Secretary of Labor Wilson, Louis F. Post, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Labor, & other officials.

1919 -- US: "Made Anarchists" — Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman — detained at Ellis Island. Emma Goldman, Anarchist Feminist

... show details

1919 -- M.L. Polonsky, Bolshevik, commander of a regiment of the Makhnovist army, arrested by the Makhnovist counter-intelligence under suspicion of planning to kill Nestor Makhno, is shot today.

... show details

1919 -- anarchist diamond dingbatSpain: This evening several cenetistas in Barcelona open fire on the Civil Guard & capture Gregorio Daura, to whom they apply the"ley de fugas." This is in response to government assassinations & repression of the CNT (nevertheless the city remains under control of the CNT & affinity groups).

Source: Los autores del atentado fueron Fulgencio Vera "Mirete," Angel Coll, Fulgencio Grisca y Carles Baldrich. Layret fue trasladado al dispensario de la Plaza Goya y luego a la clínica Corachán donde murió a las pocas horas, los asesinos de Layret cobraron 3000pts por cabeza. Ante los nuevos acontecimientos Evelio Boal Secretario del C.N. de la CNT convocó una reunión clandestina donde se decidió adelantar la huelga general que se preparaba para el 7 de diciembre, así que mandaron un enlace a Madrid para que éste informará de lo que estaba ocurriendo en Barcelona. Al día siguiente iniciada la huelga general enterraron a Francesc Layret a las tres de la tarde, los obreros pretendieron que el séquito pasará por las Ramblas, pero la Guardia Civil tenía orden de impedirlo por lo que cargó contra los manifestantes o mejor dicho contra la comitiva del entierro, después de que mediara el concejal del ayuntamiento de Barcelona Luis Nicolau d'Olwer, la Guardia Civil se retiro y la manifestación de duelo pudo continuar por la Gran Vía hasta el cementerio siendo enterrado Layret en el nicho número 247. Aquel mismo día tiene lugar un tiroteo en el Paral.lel que termina con la detención del cenetista Francesc Botella, que más tarde será confinado en Mahón. Durante los días siguientes los del Libre quisieron romper la huelga general y volver al trabajo, pero los cenetista muy activos lo impidieron, no en vano era frecuente que hubieran escaramuzas y enfrentamientos entre los dos sindicatos, ya sea en Fabra i Puig o bien en Sta.Eulalia.

La noche del 5 de diciembre, varios cenetistas apostados en un lugar estratégico del Camp del Arpa abrieron fuego contra la guardia civil que patrullaba por la zona, pudiendo detener ésta a Gregorio Daura, al cual llevaban fuertemente esposado cuando a la altura de la Plaza de Toros Monumental le aplicaron la ley de fugas. Martínez Anido sin duda empezaba a estar confuso, máximo cuando esperaba controlar la situación después de las deportaciones y sin embargo la ciudad seguía bajo control de la CNT y los grupos de afinidad.

El día 7 de diciembre la junta directiva del Libre lanza un manifiesto pidiendo colaborar con la CNT, sin duda se trataba de una estrategia política con vistas a los obreros, ese mismo día 7, Martínez Anido pidió al ejército que sacará las tropas a la calle, por lo que de nuevo Barcelona estaba ocupada, salieron los tranvías a la calle siendo conducido el primero de ellos por Paulino Pallás (18) hijo que se había convertido en confidente y protegidos de Anido, al igual que su madre que hacía de cocinera y su hermana de secretaria del Gobernador. El 9 de diciembre la huelga general estaba ya casi terminada. La policía por supuesto hizo numerosas detenciones de cenetistas que fueron brutalmente apalizados, con el propósito de conseguir nuevas confidencias. Gracias a estos brutales métodos la policía disponía de nuevos confidentes, con el inspector Espejo a la cabeza consiguieron detener a los participantes de una asamblea que presidía

Juan Peiró en Castelldefels el 12 de diciembre, tan sólo Jaime Manyac logro escapar al cerco policial, aunque pocos días después era detenido en un bar de la calle Morales de Castelldefels. A partir de este momento muchos activistas cenetista se vieron forzados a cambiar de nombre y a trabajar en muy malas condiciones, cuando esto era posible, y dormir en pequeños tugurios, o sea en continúa movilidad. Ese mismo día Martínez Anido y Ramón Sales (Presidente del Libre) se reúnen en Gobernación, de allí saldrá una alianza para terminar con el sindicalismo de la CNT, el enfrentamiento debía ser descaradamente frontal. Según Inocencio Feced los contactos que se establecieron en aquel momento entre Gobernación y el Libre pasaban por los agentes de policía Agapito Martín y Alejo Pita.

1923 -- One of the founders of the Irish Literary Theatre, Edward Martyn, dies in Tulira, County Galway, Ireland. Broke with the mainstream of Irish revivalism, but later helped found the Irish Theatre in Dublin. Some of his noted plays are The Heather Field & Maeve.

1925 -- The Man Who Cried I Am: American author John A. Williams lives.

1929 -- US: Folks just hanging out(!), form first US nudist organization, American League for Physical Culture, New York City.

... show details

I bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.

— Unnamed 13-year-old

1931 -- Clean Old Man?: Vachel Lindsay, 52, commits suicide by drinking Lysol.

1932 -- German physicist Albert Einstein fleeing Nazi Germany, granted a Visa, after rejection by Amex, Discover, Mastercard.

"With his own private horrors further unfolded into an ideology of the mortal & uncontinued self, Brock came to visit, & strangely to comfort, in the half-lit hallways of the night, leaning in darkly in above her like any of the sleek raptors that decorate fascist architecture."

— Thomas Pynchon, Vineland.

Guys drinking HUGE beers
1933 -- US: Drinkers toast the end of Prohibition & the end of an era.

It had been 14 years between (legal) drinks. The long dry spell ended at 5:32 p.m., when Utah became the last of 36 states to ratify the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution (repealing the 18th Amendment, that had prohibited all booze).

Joan Didion
1934 -- Joan Didion lives, Sacramento, California. Novelist (Play It As It Lays) & observer of contemporary mores (The White Album; Salvador). She notes of the writing profession,

"Writers are always selling somebody out."

1936 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Saturday Evening Post publishes the William Faulkner story "Vendee."

1936 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2012, remove 2013Mystery novelist James Lee Burke lives.

1937 --
"Lucy Parsons", a poem by Aaron Kramer, appears in the Sunday Worker today.

Lucy Parsons
aka Lucy Ella Gonzales Parsons

Click for larger version; Lucy Parsons, Images of labor poster
Click image for larger version

1942 -- US: Fred Tayama is attacked & seriously injured by a group of inmates at Manzanar. The arrest of the popular Harry Ueno for the crime triggers a mass uprising.

1943 -- anarchist diamond dingbatFrance: National Plenem of the Regionals of the CNT in Exile in France is held today, in Marseille.

... show details

1944 -- US: Wildcat strike at Dodge truck plant, Detroit, Michigan. One of many "illegal" wartime strikes.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

Alexander Schapiro; photo courtesy Ephéméride Anarchiste
1946 -- US: Alexander Schapiro dies in New York. Russian-born anarcho-syndicalist & an important figure in the international movement. Secretary of the anti-authoritarian A.I.T. ("Association internationale des travailleurs").

1947 -- Source=Robert Braunwart British satanist Aleister Crowley is cremated.

1950 -- The Danish Baker Street Irregulars (Sherlock Holmes Klubben i Danmark) is founded. The first meeting was held at Buriis on January 5th...

Star Trek Dragnet
1951 -- US: "Dragnet" premiers.

1951 -- US: "Shoeless Joe" Jackson (1888-1952), of baseball's "Black Sox" scandal, dies.

Baseball player banned from the sport, one of its most fabled characters whose haunting quality of his life infuses W.P. Kinsella's novel Shoeless Joe as well as the Kevin Kostner film based on the book, Field of Dreams. Illiterate & terrified of the big cities, he reluctantly went to the major league, & in 13 years hit .356 before his banishment. His favorite bat, "Black Betsy," was given to him in 1908 by a cab driver, & still exists today (recently put up for auction on Ebay with a minimum $500,000 bid).

1954 -- Author Hanif Kureishi lives.

1955 -- US: Two largest American labor organizations merge to form the AFL-CIO, with membership about 15 million. George Meany president. Asa P. Randolph & Willard S. Townsend, African Americans, are elected vice-presidents.

1955 -- US: Montgomery, Alabama civil-rights bus boycott begins. Lasts for 54 weeks, to end segregation practices.

Rosa Park's refusal to give up her bus seat on 1 December starts year-long Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott by 30-40,000 Negro riders (out of a Negro population of 50,000). The Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) is formed to coordinate the boycott, & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is elected president. Boycott ends in victory 21 December 1956).

1955 -- Spain: Nuevo flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla lives, San Fernando. Died in 1992, some 100,000 people attending his funeral & in 2000 was awarded the Golden Key of Flamenco — only the fourth key awarded since 1862.

CAMARÓN DE LA ISLA, Patron Saint 2006-2010
Spanish nuevo flamenco cantao, countercultural rebel.

video icon
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1956 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Thornton Wilder play "The Matchmaker" opens, NY (486 performances).

1957 -- Source=Robert Braunwart William Inge play "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs" premiers, NY (468 performances).

1963 -- Ghana: French soldiers stop protest march from Accra against French nuclear weapons tests. Western Sahara, Africa.

1965 -- High Seas: Sleeps With Fishes?: Aircraft loaded with a nuclear bomb rolls off a US aircraft carrier somewhere in the mid-Pacific. The plane, with the pilot & the bomb, sank in 16,000 feet of water. It has not been recovered.

1965 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Milan Kundera completes his first novel, The Joke.

Nice Hat!
1967 -- Nice BIG HatUS: Dr. Benjamin Spock & poet Allen Ginsberg among those arrested at New York City army induction center, opposing the Vietnam War.

December 5-8, "Stop the Draft Week" at Whitehall, NY Army Induction Center.

Over 500 arrested. Demonstrations also occurred in Madison, Manchester, N.H., Cincinnati, New Haven.

1967 -- England: Opening of Apple Shop, Baker St, London, with murals by The Fool.

1967 -- SI dingbat


US: Creation of an American section of the Situationist International, composed of Robert Chasse & Tony Verlaan. | [Situationist Resources]

1968 -- Dámaso Alonso es elegido presidente de la Real Academia.

1972 -- Australia: End of conscription announced.

Monty Python
1974 -- Monty Python's final episode airs on BBC.

1978 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Start of Ken Follett's On Wings of Eagles, about an escape from Iran.

1981 -- anarchist diamond dingbatUS: Chicago Anarchist Conference.

1982 -- Interviewer asks Fran Lebowitz "Do you ever use a thesaurus?"

"No. I've never been able to figure out how to use one. I must have been absent that day."

"Very few people possess true artistic ability. It is therefore both unseemly & unproductive to irritate the situation by making an effort. If you have a burning, restless urge to write or paint, simply eat something sweet & the feeling will pass."

1984 -- Taiwan: 93 workers killed in mine disaster.

Ethel Mannin
1984 -- England: Author & anarchist Ethel Mannin dies, Teignmouth.

1990 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Author Salman Rushdie appears in public for first time in nearly two years, London.

1991 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Fernando del Paso wins the Mexican Premio Nacional de Literatur; Ricardo Legorreta, Vicente Rojo & Mario Lavista win Mexican arts prize.

1996 -- A rightwing paramilitary squad of the United Self Defense Forces (AUC) appears at the gate into the Coke bottling plant. Isidro Segundo Gil, a member of the union's executive board, went to see what they wanted. The paras open fire on him, & he hit the ground, mortally wounded.

... show details

Rudolf Bahro
1997 -- Rudolf Bahro stirbt an einem Krebsleiden in Berlin. Dies age 62. (What some call a Watermelon Man...Green on the outside, Red on the inside.)

"The Greens are almost worse than useless," he said. "They have become so much a part of the system that capitalism would have had to invent them if they weren't here already."

Anarchists spray painting Seattle store; source Seattle Times
1999 -- US: Seattle, post WTO.

Making the world safe for capitalism

... show details

2002 -- anarchiste diamond dingbat; anarquista; new entry, remove 2008José Borras Cascarosa dies (ne pas comfondre avec José Ester Borrás). Español militante anarco-sindicalista y combatiente y la resistencia antifascista.

Malatesta poster; source
2003 -- Italy: Convegno Malatesta: Entre el 5 i el 7 de desembre de 2003 es realitza al Palazzo dello Spagnuolo de Nàpols / Memorial meeting (Naples, December 5-7 ) in memory of Errico Malatesta, 150 years after his birth.

In spite of his comprehensive & open-minded temper, for his perseverance in his ideas & in his political praxis Malatesta became — & still is — one of the most remarkable personalities of the Italian & international anarchist movement.

He was one of the most famous revolutionaries in his times & he became an icon of freedom for the Italian working class movement. After the Second World War, authorities & "official" history tried to delete all of his life & theories from historical memory.

This meeting intends to counter this situation...unofficial history.

2008 -- US: Wall Street aristocracy gets $1.2 Trillion in secret loans today alone, dwarfing the $700 billion publicized TARP loans. These banks (JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, & many others) were proclaiming their health while secretly being saved & growing bigger by the hidden bailout — raking in an estimated $13 billion in profits from those loans while they were at it — while they continued fighting against government regulation & oversight.

2008 -- American Fluxus sound artist George Brecht dies, Cologne, Germany.

2012 -- Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer dies, age 104. Best known for his buildings in Brazilia. Niemeyer & Burle Marx collaborated on creating Brasília. Together they pushed their way toward a surrealist-influenced aesthetic of the built & constructed environment. Both men appreciated the work of Hans Arp, & Niemeyer admired the work of surrealists like Max Jacob & Jean Carzou, who painted contorted, scaleless, brightly colored objects floating in etherized horizons.

... show details

3000 --

  "Never judge a cover by its book."

                 — Fran Lebowitz

Film still from WHY? (1913) which evoked audience sympathies with scenes of captialists brutality exploiting child laborers & forcing seamstresses to use their own blood to make red threads for the rich
3500 --

Seattle Radical Timeline

anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less
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