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      I burn to gold
      fierce & unerring as a conquering sword
      I burn to gold
      fierce & undaunted as a lion lord
      seeking your Bed
      & leave to them the
      burning of the dead.

            — Harry Crosby


Antonio Maceo visitor room;  source

"The Bronze Titan." Cuban revolutionist, anti-imperialist.

(& you know who you are.)

43 -- [BC] -- Writing Block?: Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman writer, gets his head & right hand chopped off by Mark Antony's soldiers.

1598 -- Sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini spouts off (1598-1680), something about the Fountains of Rome.

1682 -- US: "Great Law" abolishes war in the colony of Pennsylvania. Except, of course, against Indians.

1792 -- The Mississauga tribe cedes a portion of South Ontario, bordering Lake Erie, for 1,180 British pounds.

1817 -- England: William Bligh, British naval officer of "Bounty" fame, dies in London.

1822 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaÉmile Digeon lives (1822-1894). French revolutionary socialist journalist, best remembered as the leader of the short-lived Narbonne Commune of late March 1871, libertarian free thinker & contributor to the anarchiste journal L'insurgé.

In 1883 Digeon was "an anarchist candidate"(!) in the Narbonne elections & the author of La Commune de Paris devant les anarchistes (1885).
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Han Ryner
1861 -- Algeria: Han Ryner lives (1861-1938). French teacher, anticlerical, pacifist, anarchist, philosopher (called a "contemporary Socrates"). Lecturer & speaker of talent, Ryner collaborated on many reviews as well. Writer of a rich & varied work. Married to poet/author Georgette Ryner.
Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1862 -- France: Author Paul Adam lives (1862-1920). Editor of Entretiens politiques et littéraires, a leading writer in the French anarchiste movement, novelist, author of L'enfant d'Austerlitz.

Part of the Symbolist & anarchiste milieu which included Paul Signac, Seurat, Félix Fénéon, Lucien Pissarro.

Adam was one of those who testified in Jean Grave's behalf when the latter was put on trial for his book La société mourante et l'anarchie. (Others who testified, to no avail, included Octave Mirbeau, Élisée Reclus, & Bernard Lazare.)

1872 -- Theorist of Homo Ludens begins his game of life: Ludentologist Johan Huinzinga lives, Gronengen, Holland.

1872 --
Strange: December Fortean Events "Nature, 7-112: That, according to a correspondent to the Birmingham Morning News, the people living near King's Sutton, Banbury, saw, about one o'clock, Dec. 7, 1872, something like a haycock hurtling through the air. Like a meteor it was accompanied by fire & a dense smoke & made a noise like a railway train. 'It was sometimes high in the air & sometimes near the ground.' The effect was tornado-like: trees & walls were knocked down. It's a late day now to try to verify this story, but a list is given of persons whose property was injured. We are told that this thing then disappeared 'all at once.'"

The Complete Books of Charles Fort. Dover, 1974. [p.237]

1873 -- American writer Willa Cather lives, Cack Creek Valley, Virginia.
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of My Antonia:

"Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen."

1874 -- 70 African Americans killed after protesting the ejection of a carpetbag sheriff, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

1888 -- British novelist Joyce Cary lives.

1893 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaSpain: A Special Unit of the Guardia Civil is formed in Barcelona, charged with repressing the anarquistas.

Stuart Davis painting; source
1894 -- Stuart Davis lives, not "For Internal Use Only," (1894-1964). Vocal accompaniment by Betty Roche, doing "Take the A Train" ....

His father was the art editor at the Philadelphia Press where he met the artists John Sloan, George Luks, William Glackens & Everett Shinn — all members of "The Eight."

After studying art with Robert Henri, worked as an illustrator & cartoonist for The Masses & Harper's Weekly. In 1913 he was one of the Americans in the Armory Show...

1896 -- Cuba: Antonio Maceo (1848-1896) dies from wounds after 27 fights in 92 days. Known as the "Titan of Bronze," Maceo is one of the outstanding guerrilla leaders in 19th-century Latin America.
Previously the Daily Bleed Patron Saint Oct 12, 2003-4.
Exemplary first Cuban revolutionist, independentista.

It is by agreement with generals Maximo Gomez & Antonio Maceo that Jose Marti gives the order for an uprising. The order travels from these Florida tobacco workshops & reaches Cuba concealed within a Havana cigar.

1900 --
Strange: December Fortean Events Fountain of light observed to play upon the planet Mars for 70 minutes — [Sci. Amer., 84-179]; The Complete Books of Charles Fort. Dover, 1974. [p494]

1902 -- American political cartoonist Thomas Nast dies, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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1905 -- Russia: General uprising begins (fails 23 days later, leaving over 1,000 dead). Over 150,000 workers in a General Strike. By the 9th, workers erect barricades throughout the Moscow & fight against the soldiers.

1905 -- Poland: The revolutionary upheavals in Russia spill over.
Source: Piero/

1907 -- Eugene Corri becomes first referee in a boxing ring.

1907 -- The "Great Chesterton-Belloc-Wells-Shaw Controversy" is begun when Hilaire Belloc publishes "Thoughts About Modern Thought" in the New Age.

"If you do not say a thing in a irritating way, you may just as well not say it at all."

— George Bernard Shaw

1909 -- Bakelite is patented by Leo Baekeland.

Peter Kropotkin
1912 -- US: Gala celebration of Peter Kropotkin's 70th birthday in New York City, co-sponsored by the Freie Arbeiter Stimme & Mother Earth; Emma Goldman is a featured speaker.

1915 -- Leigh Brackett lives. American writer of crime novels & short stories, best known for her science fiction & fantasy (over 200 titles). Also wrote screenplays & television scripts for "Checkmate" & "Suspense" series.

1917 -- US: Thirteenth country to declare war on Austria during World War I, gets flagged by refs for piling on.

1918 -- England: 100,000 textile workers strike in Lancashire.

Chomsky, anarchist
1928 -- Noam Chomsky lives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Linguist, anarchist, social critic, activist. Critic in the manner of the great I.F. Stone — & just as ignored & vilified by establishment.

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1929 -- Poet Hart Crane gives a party for his publishers Harry & Caresse Crosby (Black Sun Press); William Carlos Williams, Malcolm Cowley, e. e. cummings, & a group of drunken sailors attend.

Crosby, 31, kills himself & his mistress, Josephine Bigelow, three days later.

In 1932 Crane also dies in a suicidal jump, from a steamer while on his way home from Mexico.

1931 -- US: Rumor has it there is good eatin' at a joint called the White House, which turns away hundreds of unemployed workers with employment-seeking petition. 1,000 national hunger marchers have arrived in Washington, DC as breadlines begin forming throughout the nation.

1934 -- US: Pilot Wiley Post discovers a jet stream of air current exists over the United States.

Emma Goldman, Anarchist Feminist
1935 -- England: Emma Goldman speaks in Plymouth to the Tamaritans on "The Soviet Theatre."

In Leeds on Dec. 1 Goldman's lectures on German literature to the Workers' Circle were so successful that members ask for other dates. The success of lectures in Plymouth on political topics surprises her.

600 people — the largest meeting she has ever had in England — attend her lecture on "Mussolini, Hitler, & Stalin" on Dec. 9, though two subsequent lectures draw smaller crowds.

1941 -- US: Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, with advance knowledge of US military, prompting American entry in WWII.

Japanese bombers struck Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, catching U.S. commanders completely by surprise despite an official warning, on 27 November, that an attack might be imminent. Nineteen U.S. ships were sunk or severely damaged, 150 U.S. planes were destroyed, & 2,335 servicemen were killed.

Local authorities & the F.B.I. begin to round up the Issei leadership of the Japanese American communities in Hawaii & on the mainland. By 6:30 a.m. the following morning 736 Issei are in custody; within 48 hours, the number is 1,291. Caught by surprise for the most part, these men are held under no formal charges & family members are forbidden from seeing them. Most would spend the war years in enemy alien internment camps run by the Justice Department.

1941 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaEngland: Charles Radcliffe lives. Cultural critic, political activist & theorist, anarchist, renowned for his association with the Situationist movement in the 1960s. Editor of the magazine Heatwave, which was closely associated with the Chicago magazine Rebel Worker, which included the surrealists Penelope & Franklin Rosemont, & Bernard Marszalek... Critic Jon Savage says that one piece alone by Radcliffe "laid the foundation for the next 20 years of sub-cultural theory."

1943 -- Egypt: Roosevelt departs Cairo traveling back to the US. Seaman Jesse Walker departs US traveling to the front lines of the Pacific.

1946 -- US: Fire guts the supposedly "fireproof" 15-story Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, taking 119 lives.

1949 -- England: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions founded, London.

Tom Waits
1949 -- Tom Waits lives.

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1952 -- France: Founding Conference of the Lettrist International

Internationale Lettriste

Founding Conference at Aubervilliers. Participants: Serge Berna, Jean-Louis Brau, Guy-Ernest Debord, Gil J. Wolman.
Also during this month Internationale Lettriste #1, appears, in Paris. | [Situationist Resources]

1956 -- Resat Nuri Güntekin dies (some say the 13th). Popular Turkish writer, educated at a French school in Smyrna & at Istanbul University, & saw his first publication in 1917. Wrote about social problems based on realistic observations, &, like Cevdet Kudret, Faruk Nafiz Çamlibel, Yasar Nabi Nayir, Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoglu, Halit Fahri Ozansoy, Nazim Hikmet, Vedat Nedim Tör & Necip Fazil Kisakürek, concentrated on problems stemming from structural changes in society.

1961 -- US: Military police hold civilians at Peterson Field, Colorado at gunpoint as Tibetan commandos, who'd been secretly trained by the CIA, are smuggled aboard a C-124 Globemaster.

1963 -- Remember the Singing Nun? Her record "Dominique" hit #1 on this date. The following year she left the convent & waxed a timeless gem, "Glory Be to God for The Golden Pill" a pro-birth control song. Didna do so well.

1964 -- US: Mario Savio, leader of Berkeley Free Speech Movement, arrested.

U.C. Berkeley administration presentation at the Greek Theatre to 18,000 students; followed by a strike of 9,000 of the 27,000 students, & a faculty resolution (824 to 115) supporting FSM.

1965 -- Weight Lift?: Pope Paul VI & Orthodox Patriarch Athenagoras I simultaneously lift mutual excommunications that led to split of the two churches in 1054.

old book
1968 -- US: SSShhhhhh!!?: Richard Dodd returns a library book his great grandfather took out in 1823, to the University of Cincinnati. The $22,646 fine went unpaid. The librarian whispered, "Dodd damn!"

1970 -- US: Surrealist machine-maker Rube Goldberg dies, New York City.

1972 -- US: The National Organization of Women (NOW) issues 78-page booklet, "Dick & Jane as Victims." Written to criticize sexism in elementary school textbooks.

1972 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaEngland: 300 people march in protest to Holloway Prison following yesterday's verdict in The Stoke Newington Eight trial.

1975 -- US: In his campaign to free boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter from prison, Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue does a show at the Correctional Institution For Women at Clinton, NJ, where Carter was temporarily imprisoned.

Free East timor, animated
1975 -- East Timor: With US & British assistance, Indonesia invades & annexes East Timor, overthrowing the popularly elected government. The genocide (an estimated one-third of the East Timorese population slaughtered) rivals Cambodia's "killing fields," but little attention is paid in US media, which makes big to-do about "human rights" in Cambodia while ignoring East Timor, for political reasons. (Cambodia is the "enemy," Indonesia is a resource-rich US client state.) Long-time East Timor activists Bishop Carlos Belo & Jose Ramos-Horta later receive the Nobel Peace prize.

1977 -- US: FBI finally releases JFK assassination files due to requests under Freedom of Information Act.

1979 -- Spain: Valencia-Córdoba, a militant of the CNT transport union is arrested, accused of belonging to the Grupos Autónomos Anarquistas implicated in the Vilamarí Street tunnel which aimed to free prisoners from the Modelo de Barcelona prison.

Purple Haze!
1980 -- Purple Haze?: Purple Mountain Observatory discovers asteroid #3494 & #4730.

1985 -- Robert Graves, English poet, novelist, mythographer, critic, historian, dies in Deya, Majorca, Spain. Author of I, Claudius & Claudius the God. For those with Graves concerns:

1986 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaFrank Brand (aka Enrico Arrigoni) dies, aged 92. Lathe operator, house painter, bricklayer, dramatist, anarchist. His body is found on the floor near the bed [in his apartment] by his old comrades Valerio Isca & Pasquale Buono.

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1987 -- US: 43 die in Pacific Southwest Airline crash in California, after a disgruntled former employee shoots the pilots.

Barbarella movie poster
1990 -- Ted Turner & Jane Fonda announce their engagement.

As part of their prenups agreement Hanoi Jane can't pose with
any godless commie anti-aircraft cannons unless Fox "News"-CNN gets to break the story.

Manson sticking tongue out
1993 -- Guns N' Roses announce they will keep the Charles Manson penned tune, "Look At Your Game, Girl" on their album, "The Spaghetti Incident?" They decided to keep it on after they learned that the royalties from the song will go to the son of one of Manson's victims.

1993 -- Four Plowshares activists arrested for disarming an F-15E Strike Eagle nuclear war jet at Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina.

1993 -- US: Department of Energy discloses US has conducted over 200 secret nuclear weapons tests.

Galileo's Golden Finger
1995 -- Outer Space: Galileo arrives on Jupiter. Ex-communicated by the Catholic Church upon landing.

1995 -- France: Up to 1.75 million striking French workers demonstrate in marches, shutting down the country as part of an escalating series of General Strikes protesting government cutbacks & global exploitation of workers.

1995 -- Indonesia: The Dutch & Russian embassies in Jakarta are occupied by 113 Timorese & non-Timorese to protest the Indonesian government's occupation of East Timor.

1996 -- England: In the first attack (the second on the 9th) on the Labour Party's electioneering internet site, an American hacker subverts it into the 'Please Buy Our Junk' & 'Same Old Lies, New Packaging' web pages. Internet links are changed to transfer browsers to a porn site, 'The Labour Party Sex Shop'.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

Spikey fish
1996 -- Italy: A handful of squatters dare to climb up on to the roof of Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) in the center of Turin. They hoist flags, place a puppet, hang a transparency & throw leaflets entitled "Anarchists have Wings." In this way they draw attention to the preliminary hearing of the strange investigation by public prosecutors Marini (the infamous "Marini Trials") & Ionta, during this period of state repression against anarchists. part of the Serravalle · Canenero ‘O.R.A.I.’ Marini trial Anarchists Antonio Budini, Jean Weir, Carlo Tesseri, Christos Stratigopulous & Eva Tziutzia / appeal at the Court of Cassation Alfredo Bonanno – 6 years; Angela Maria (Marina) Lo Vecchio – 15 years; Orlando Campo – 10 years & Carlo Tesseri – 3 years & nine months. Two others, Gregorian Garagin & Francesco Porcu, are already in prison serving sentences of 30 years & life respectively. Rose Ann Scrocco

Free East Timor
1997 -- Australia: Eighteen Australian activists & one East Timorese refugee arrested inside Canungra Land Warfare Centre, south of Brisbane, in a protest on the anniversary of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor. Canungra serves as a training center for Indonesian & other Southeast Asian militaries.

2000 -- US: Florida...

More chads & butterfly ballots found hidden in a voting booth ...

voting booth

2005 -- Nobel Prize in Literature winner Harold Pinter accuses Britain & the United States of engaging in state terrorism in Iraq & demands the prosecution of George W. Bush & Tony Blair. Yup.

2010 -- Julian Assange arrested in London, while the US government "declares war" on the WikiLeaks website & there are threats of investigating The New York Times. Also in the US, a judge dismisses a lawsuit over the US government putting American citizens on "capture or kill" lists. More blows for democracy...

3000 --

"If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales. If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales."

       — Albert Einstein.

3000 --
"IMAGINE" 1993.

"There is nothing wrong with building castles in the air . . .
"That is where they belong . . .
"Now put foundations under them."

       — Henry David Thoreau      War on Drugs
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