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The Daily Bleed:, on this day in recovered history, December 8
Our Daily Bleed: Janos (John) Réty, DJ Rabbi, Gianfranco Sanguinetti, Paul Zilsel, Angry Brigade, Jean Grave, Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, John (Johann) Neve; anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, libertarians, What Happened on this day, in recovered history December 8
Tis not what it once was, the World;
But a rude heap together hrl'd...

— Andrew Marvell

John Rety


Hungarian-born British anarchist poet, Freedom editor.





American Flag with Eagle Head

65BC -- [BC] Roman lyric poet Horace lives, Venusia.

1542 -- Mary Queen of Scots, lives. Queen consort of France (1559-60). Her unwise marital & political actions provoked rebellion among the Scottish nobles, forcing her to flee to England, where she was beheaded, on 8 February 1587, as a Roman Catholic threat to the English throne.

1767 -- In a London, England cemetery:

Ann Mann
Here lies Ann Mann,
Who lived an old maid
But died an old Mann.
Dec. 8, 1767

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1792 -- First official (white guy) cremation in US, Henry Laurens is toast.

1810 -- Elihu Burritt lives.

1828 -- US: Laureate of the Confederacy, Henry Timrod, lives, Charleston, South Carolina.

1832 -- Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson lives. Norwegian writer, editor, & theatre director, known with Henrik Ibsen, Alexander Kielland & Jonas Lie as one of the "four great ones" of 19th century Norwegian literature. Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in 1903.

1859 -- Lifelong opium-eater, romantic writer Thomas De Quincey dies, Lasswade, near Edinburgh, 74. Author of Confessions of an English Opium-Eater.

Maillol sculpture
1861 -- Aristide Maillol, with a penchant for washerwomen & other sturdy female types, lives. French Art Nouveau sculptor, 1861-1944.

1863 -- Chile: over 2,000 are killed when the Church of Campania, in Santiago, burned.

1864 -- Pope Pius IX issues the Syllabus Errorum, condemning Liberalism, Socialism & Rationalism.

1881 -- Austria: A lamplighter brushes the scenery on the stage of Vienna's Ring Theater, starting a fire & stampede that kills 850.

1886 -- US: American Federation of Labor is founded.

Diego Rivera painting
1886 -- Radical Mexican muralist Diego Rivera lives, Guanajuato. Frida's man & Trotsky's host.

Great Mexican muralist, Marxist, agit-prop conspirator.

1889 -- Hervey Allen, author of Anthony Adverse, a rambling work set in Europe, Africa, & the Americas during the Napoleonic era, lives, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1894 -- James Thurber, American humorist (Is Sex Necessary?) lives, Columbus, Ohio. Humorist & cartoonist known for his dyspeptic wit.

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1896 -- anarchist diamond dingbat Germany: John (Johann) Neve (1844-1896) dies in Moabit Prison, Berlin. Active in the anarchist & workers' movements in Denmark, Belgium, England, & Germany.
“Tender-hearted & generous, the sight of misery & oppression stirred within him both pity & hatred: pity for the victims & hatred for the oppressors.” Frank Kitz in his obituary for Neve in Freedom. “He had been, at one time, almost the soul of the German Anarchist Movement, & was one of those comrades who devoted their lives fully & unreservedly to the cause…He will always live in the memory of comrades.” Max Nettlau. Obituary in Freedom.

1913 -- American author Delmore Schwartz lives. One-time poetry editor of Partisan Review, who hated Kenneth Patchen & Weldon Kees. Gerard Malanga: "Well, we know what happened to Delmore. He got consumed by his own bile. His insanity killed him."

1915 -- US: Emma Goldman lectures December 8-21 in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Akron, Cleveland, & Youngstown. Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist

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1919 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Jailed at Ellis Island on the 5th, "Made Anarchists" Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman appear in federal court before Judge Julius M. Mayer, who declares that as aliens, they have no constitutional rights. They remain in detention at Ellis Island.

Cocoanuts film poster
1925 --
"The Cocoanuts," starring the Marx Brothers, opens on Broadway.

1927 -- England: British Premier presented with 128,770 signatures of persons refusing war service.

1928 --

Corto Maltese
existentialist adventurer

Hugo Pratt & Corto Maltese Tribute Site


A watercolor of Hugo Pratt's from "la Revue Corto" suggests that Corto was at Harar in Ethiopia with romancier Henry de Monfreid & the paleontologist & theologian Teilhard de Chardin in December 1928.


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1930 -- Hungary: Anarchist poet, translator, publisher, chess-player, activist Janos (John) Réty lives, Budapest.

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1932 -- Gertrude Jekyll dies.

Emma Goldman, Spain 1936
1937 -- France: Emma Goldman is in Paris December 8-17 for the International Workingmen's Association (IWMA) Congress at Vazquez's request:

French comrades, knowing she is publicly sympathetic to the CNT-FAI's policies, try to prevent Goldman from addressing the Congress because she is not an official delegate. Spanish & Swedish delegates prevail to have her speak, & she defends the CNT-FAI's actions & the difficult decisions it has made against criticism from comrades outside Spain.

During the month Emma Goldman continues her campaign against the imprisonment of anti-Stalinist leftists & anarchists in Spain, writing an article on the subject for Spain & the World & trying to enlist the assistance of sympathetic members of Parliament in England.

Emma Goldman, Anarchiste

Temps nouveaux cover; source
1939 -- France: Jean Grave dies. An important activist, novelist, & publisher in the French anarchist & avant-garde movements. Involved with Élisée Reclus' Le Révolté. Wrote Mouvement libertaire sous la IIIe république.

A popularizer of Kropotkin's ideas, Grave wrote La société mourante et l'anarchie (1892), prefaced by Octave Mirbeau, for which he was sent to prison for two years. In 1895 he began publishing Les temps nouveaux, influential in literary & artistic circles of the time, then followed this with The New Times & Publications.

A signatory to the "Proclamation of the 16" (favoring the allies during WWI), Jean Grave incurred the wrath of antiwar anarchists.

1940 -- England: 400 German planes bomb London.

1941 -- US: The day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, called the "Day of Infamy," a US declaration of war against Japan is passed by Congress, & the US formally enters World War II. Representative Jeanette Rankin casts the only vote in Congress against American entry into World War II.

1943 -- Jim Morrison lives. American rock singer/lyricist & cult figure since his death. His collections of poetry include An American Prayer (1970) & The Lords & The New Creatures (1971). Dead, a better selling poet than most live ones.

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Jim Morrsion, animated head; source

See:Jim Morrison & the Doors by Mike Jahn; Jim Morrison Au Dela Des Doors by Herve Muller; No One Here Get Out Alive by Jerry Hopkins & Danny Sugerman; Burn Down the Night by Craig Kee Strete; Jim Morrison by Frank Lisciandro; The Doors by Danny Sugerman; The Doors by John Tobler & Andrew Doe; Jim Morrison: Dark Star by Dylan Jones; Images of Jim Morrison by Edward Wincentsen; The End: The Death of Jim Morrison by Bob Seymore; A Feast of Friends by Frank Lisciandro; Light My Fire by John Densmore; Riders On The Storm by John Densmore; The Doors Complete Illustrated Lyrics by Danny Sugerman (ed.); Break On Through by James Riordan & Jerry Prochnicky; The Lizard King by Jerry Hopkins; The Doors: Dance on Fire by Ross Clarke; The Complete Guide to The Music of..., by Peter K. Hogan; The Doors: Moonlight Drive by Chuck Crisafulli

1943 -- American poet James Tate lives.

1949 -- Novelist Mary Gordon (Final Payments) lives, Long Island, New York.

1950 -- Italy: 42nd national Congress of the Italian Anarchist Federation held (8th-10th), Ancône.

1963 -- US: Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members attack the home of a black voter-registration worker in Dawson, Georgia with small arms fire & at least one dynamite bomb.

1963 -- US: Three fuel tanks explode when a jetliner is struck by lightning, crashing near Elkton, Maryland. The only known case of a lightning-caused crash.

1969 -- US: Los Angeles police raid local Black Panther Party offices.

Reefer Madness poster
1969 -- Canada: Testifying at his trial for possession of hashish & heroin in the Toronto Supreme Court, Jimi Hendrix claims that he has smoked pot four times & hashish five times, taken LSD five times & sniffed cocaine twice & that he had now "outgrown" drugs.

After eight hours of deliberations, the jury finds him not guilty.

1970 -- England: Big demonstrations against the Tory Government's Industrial Relations Bill. In the wee hours of December 9 the Department of Employment & Productivity in St James Square, London, is bombed.

anarchist symbolThe police had searched the building & no sooner left it than it went off. Action claimed by the anarchist Angry Brigade.

1970 -- SI dingbat Gianfranco Sanguinetti declares his solidarity with the November 11 tendency.

November 11 tendency

The November 11 tendency was composed of Rene Riesel, Rene Vienet & Guy Debord. It emerged from "The Orientation Debate" of the Situationist International, held mostly between March & November 1970, consisting of weekly meetings & texts written for them. The debate was accompanied by a slew of exclusions.

1979 -- US: The Oneida Nation files suit in an effort to regain control of the three million acres illegally taken by New York state.

1980 -- US: John Lennon permanently loses his voice; killed by a fan. The former Beatle is shot & killed outside his apartment building in New York City by Mark David Chapman, a former psychiatric patient.

"I think of John's death as a war casualty — it is the war between the sane & the insane.

Love, Yoko."

Price of remaindered John Lennon posters rockets after news is telexed around the world that Michael Chapman has used a 38mm handgun to give piece a chance.

1981 -- Harmonica bluesman Big Walter Horton dies. "He was the man."
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1982 -- US: Will Norman Mayer stop the MX missile?

Demanding an end to nuclear weapons, Norman Mayer, holds the Washington Monument hostage.

After 10 hours, police kill him.

He had no explosives.

Who then are the terrorists?

Among his demands is more media attention to the abolition of nuclear weapons. Mayer said,

"They have been pretending that we are not threatened every day of our lives with annihilation. & whether by conclusion or otherwise, they refuse to give the real information about the precarious & uncontrollable situation the world finds itself in. It's up to the press."

He climbed back into the van & started driving away at 7:30 pm. Park Police opened fire, hitting Mayer twice in the arm, once on the chin, & once in the left temple.

Police insist they were aiming for the van's engine. Mayer was pronounced dead on the scene.

Slim Pickins in Dr. Strangelove
1983 -- Slim Pickins, western actor, dies at 64 after brain surgery. Cracked his skull open, but it was slim pickins.

1987 -- Protester Hatem Abu Sisseh, 16, killed by Israeli soldiers, igniting the Intifadah for self-rule. In the seven years to follow 1,306 Palestinians are slain by Israelis (America's attack dogs in the Middle East), 192 Israelis are killed by Palestinians.

1987 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Ronnie Reagan & Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Soviet Premier Gorbachev met in Washington, D.C. & sign an agreement calling for the dismantling of all 1,752 US & 859 Soviet missiles with a 300-3,400 mile range.

1988 -- West Germany: Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II rams into a Remscheid suburb on a training flight. The pilot & five people on the ground are killed, & a fire is ignited, destroying two dozen homes.

1990 -- US: PeaceWorks Park vigilists present a sunset candlelight memorial at Gas Works on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of John Lennon.

This evening, they co-sponsor a panel entitled "What kind of Movement are we trying to build?" Panelists include Saba Mahmood of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, & the anarchist Paul Zilsel of the International Jewish Peace Union, among others.
Seattle Radical Timeline

mutant fish
1995 -- Japan: Accidental leakage at a fast breeder nuclear reactor in Monju, calls into question the future of Japan's extensive high-tech nuclear energy program. Not to worry. Wait until 2011, we'll show 'em leak.

2000 -- US: Florida...

Florida White House readied for Bush...

Motel room

Bags of Starbucks coffee
2001 -- Fair Trade Coffee Day of Action. The Sleepless Goat Cafe & Workers' Cooperative.

2006 -- anarchist diamond; anarquistaIf I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution: title of the performance comes from the words of anarchist Emma Goldman. In this visual performance of dance, theatre & music, at De Appel Contemporary ArtTheatre in Amsterdam.

2006 -- SI dingbat US: Society of the Spectacle (a multimedia digital remix) exhibits (8-12th).

Society of the Spectacle

Ai yi yi!!

Exhibits (8-12th) at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Colorado. Features a ten-minute DVD which incorporates material from the imagery & writings of French Situationist Guy Debord. It was put together by DJ Rabbi, a digital art collective of political activists.
(World Premiere: Batofar. Paris, France. February 26, 2004. Previously shown in Hong Kong, France, Korea, German, Spain, etc.)

... show details | [Situationist Resources]

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n. A short story padded. A species of composition bearing the same relation to literature that the panorama bears to art. As it is too long to be read at a sitting the impressions made by its successive parts are successively effaced, as in the panorama. Unity, totality of effect, is impossible; for besides the few pages last read all that is carried in mind is the mere plot of what has gone before. To the romance the novel is what photography is to painting. Its distinguishing principle, probability, corresponds to the literal actuality of the photograph & puts it distinctly into the category of reporting; whereas the free wing of the romancer enables him to mount to such altitudes of imagination as he may be fitted to attain; & the first three essentials of the literary art are imagination, imagination & imagination.

The art of writing novels, such as it was, is long dead everywhere except in Russia, where it is new. Peace to its ashes — some of which have a large sale.

       — Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

Bush, Making the World Safe for Terrorism
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Bush, Making the World Safe for Terrorism
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Bush, Making the World Safe for Terrorism
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