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Our Daily Bleed: on this day in recovered history, December 14,
Our Daily Bleed: Ellen Willis, Zapatistas, Cesare Fuochi , Francesco Barbieri, Errico Malatesta, Emma Goldman, Thomas Cantwell, André Bastelica, Home Colony, Giuseppe Ciancabilla, Alexandre Steinlen; anarchico, anarchiste, anarquista, anarsizm, anarþizme, Anarþist, Anarquismo, Anarchismus, anarchia, anarchisme, anarchizm, anarkisme, libertarians, What Happened on this day, in recovered history December 14


he river I have under my tongue,
Unimaginable water, my little boat,
And curtains lowered, let's speak.

      — Paul Eluard, "The River"


Italian anarcho-communist, theorist, editor,
mechanic, prisoner.

Malatesta, illustration by Flavio Costantini


Illustration by Flavio Costantini

HALCYON DAYS begin, a two-week-long celebration when the fabled bird calms the wind & waves.

Halcyon days

A time of calm & tranquility.

1136 -- Harald IV "Gylle Krist," king of Norway, murdered. His younger brother prince of Hark of Forth "Kringle Kist" claimed innocence, with the lame alibi: "I was going house to house in my red underwear, dropping down the chimney & leaving presents under the tree." He was ripped apart & fed to reindeer by the angry mob for witchcraft. "Whom could possibly ever believe such crappola?" cackled some old hag.

1287 -- Zuider Zee seawall collapses with loss of 50,000 lives. Some claim this was a taste of God's wrath, for having too many fingers, in too many dykes.

1503 -- Nostradamus, crackpot, lives, France. Predicts Franco will cause civil war in Spain & the Austrian "Hister" will lead Germany in a great war against many nations.

1640 -- Aphra Behn, the first Englishwoman to earn her living as a writer, is baptized at St. Michael's Church in Harbledown, near Canterbury, Kent. When she becomes a spy for Charles II's government, payment is so slow that she is put in debtor's prison, where she writes many of her earthy social comedies.

1656 -- Artificial pearls first manufactured by M. Jacquin in Paris, made of gypsum pellets covered with fish scales.

1685 -- William Wycherley's "The Plain Dealer" is produced at court.

Mr Rogers' Neighborhood, animated
1763 -- New Old World: 57 whites enter Conestoga Indian settlement, & in violation of a treaty made between the tribe & William Penn — to last "as long as the sun should shine, or the waters run in the rivers" — shot, stabbed, & hatcheted the three men, two women & one young boy they found there (more on 27 December).

Analytical-minded precursors of Natural Scientists, Economists & Anthropologists, Christ-bearer & his accomplices find things, objects, which they automatically categorize as obstacles or as potential instruments.

       — Fredy Perlman, Against His-story, Against Leviathan!

old book
1791 -- Playwright, poet, literary historian, & critic who brought the Danish Romantic movement to an end, Johan Heiberg lives, Copenhagen. His work establishes a new era of topical, sophisticated, & satirical literature.

1799 -- US: George "hemp dude" Washington wigs out at 67, of acute laryngitis at his estate, Mount Vernon, Virginia.

1825 -- Decembrist conspiracy in Russia.

1837 -- Canada: British forces crush rebellion.

1837 -- Canada: Gabriel Dumont (1837-1906) lives, Red River (during this month; exact day unknown). Métis leader, guerrilla fighter, marksman, prominent figure in Saskatchewan during the 1885 Northwest rebellion.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2008
Great Canadian Metis general, autonomist leader.

Cat's eyes
1845 -- André Bastelica lives (1845-1884). French printer & anarchiste adherent of Mikhail Bakunin, castigated by Marx for "preaching total abstention from politics."
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1851 -- France: Victor Hugo leaves Paris surreptitiously, following Louis Napoleon's coup d'etat.

1852 -- Daniel DeLeon lives, Curacao, West Indies. One of the American founders of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), socialist scholar & labor organizer.

Malatesta, anarchist
1853 -- Italy: Theorist/militant/writer Errico Malatesta lives, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Kingdom of Naples. Important militant figure of Italian & international anarchism.

Malatesta, Anarchy pamphlet

1864 -- England:
Thomas Cantwell lives, London. Militant anarchist expositor. Published, with David J. Nicoll, the The Commonweal & also managed Freedom. Le 29 décembre 1906, mort de Thomas Edouard CANTWELL (né à Londres le 14 décembre 1864), militant et propagandiste anarchiste anglais. Dabord vannier, puis imprimeur, il adhère à la "Socialist League" et en devient un des responsables. En 1885, il édite avec David J. NICOLL, le journal anarchiste "The Commonweal." Victime de la répression, il est condamné à deux reprises en 1891 et 1894, pour des délits de presse (dont une fois à 6 mois de prison). Il milite ensuite au groupe anarchiste "Freedom" dont il est un temps le gérant du journal.

1895 -- Italy: Francesco Barbieri lives, Briattica.

An antifascist & anarchist militant, Barbieri successively fled to Argentina, Brazil, France, Switzerland & Spain, in his fight against the fascists. During the Spanish Revolution in 1936 he joined the Italian column fighting in Huesca.

While hospitalized in Barcelona in May 1937 Barbieri is arrested by cops under command of the Communists & his body is found full of bullet holes the next day, along with that of Camillo Berneri.

Italia, anarchia, anarchismo, anarchica, anarquista, sindicalistas, anarco-sindicalismo / Brasil

1895 -- Paul Éluard lives Saint Denis. French writer/surrealist/poet ("Capital of Pain").

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1898 -- US: The December 14, 1898 edition of Discontent (edited by Olivar A. Verity) notes "there were 51 colonists living at Home City [ Home Colony, Wa. ] & there were 15 homes. A 14x16 house made of rough board stood up & down could be purchased for the price of $20. The association 27 & a half acres deeded & 64 acres under contract to be deeded when paid for by incoming members, & 120 acres tax titles, but not yet deeded."

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1900 -- German physicist Max Planck publishes his groundbreaking study of the effect of radiation on a "blackbody" substance, & the quantum theory of modern physics lives.
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1917 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Police authorities prevent Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman from speaking at a meeting at the Harlem River Casino in New York organized by labor for the San Francisco defense.

1918 -- Ireland: Constance Markievicz becomes the first woman MP when she is elected as Sinn Fein member for St Patrick's, Dublin. However, she is unable to take her seat because she is banged up in Holloway Prison.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

Temps Nouveaux
1923 -- Alexandre Steinlen dies. French artist & contributor to the anarchiste magazine Temps Nouveaux, along with Aristide Delannoy, Maximilien Luce, Theo van Rysselberghe, Camille Pissarro, Paul Signac, Van Dongen, George Willaume, etc.

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1928 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministSpain: Emma Goldman, accompanied by Henry Alsberg & Otto Kleinberg, travels the country; in Barcelona, she meets anarchist intellectuals Federico Urales (Joan Montseny) & Soledad Gustavo, & their daughter Federica Montseny.

1937 -- Spain: Republican offensive begins at Teruel.
[Spanish Revolution, sources]

1938 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2012, remove 2013Brazil: Leonardo Boff lives. An early Liberation theologian & writer, known for his active support for the rights of the poor & marginalized.

Ellen Willis
1941 -- Rock critic, Restockings feminist Ellen Willis lives, NYC. A self-described anti-authoritarian democratic socialist.

1948 -- Bang Bang Rock critic, proto-punk writer Lester Bangs lives.

Proponent of Propaganda by Deed,
musical vanguardist,
crazed knight of proto-punk.

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1953 -- In the American state of Florida, where she had become enchanted by the flat landscape & finally found her voice, author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings dies in St. Augustine.

1957 -- US: Dave Beck, General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, convicted of embezzling from his own union.

1963 -- Dinah Washington, 39, dies of an overdose of sleeping pills in Detroit. She started as a church pianist before singing jazz with Lionel Hampton's band. From the late '40s & into the '60s, she sung a wide variety of stuff from blues to country to pop, in a rich elegant voice.

1965 -- England: Albert Belden dies, pacifist pastor.

1970 -- Poland: Strikes begin in Gdansk, spread to Gdynia, Szczecin, other industrial centers. Widespread factory occupations/resistance.

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1971 -- US: Frisco's Golden Gate Bridge lights are out all night from power failure. What? Wer all the politicians out all night?

1971 -- US: Detective Frank Serpico tells Knapp Commission of widespread police corruption in NY.

1972 -- US: In the holiday spirit, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Nixon authorizes the Christmas bombing of Hanoi.

1973 -- United Nations affirms status of Puerto Rico as a US colony & recognizes its right to independence.

John Lennon
1980 -- At Yoko Ono's request, at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, John Lennon fans around the world mourn him with 10 minutes of silent prayer. In NY over 100,000 people converge in Central Park in tribute & in Liverpool, a crowd of 30,000 gathers outside of St. George's Hall on Lime Street.

"I always was a rebel...but on the other hand, I wanted to be loved & accepted... & not just be a loudmouth, lunatic, poet, musician. But I cannot be what I am not."

1984 -- Italy: Viene arrestato il presidente dell'Italstat, Ettore Bernabei, per aver corrotto uomini politici (i cosiddetti fondi neri dell'IRI). Nulla di nuovo sotto il sole.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1985 -- US: The wonderfully surnamed Wilma Mankiller is sworn in as Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, becoming the first woman (& one of the most outspoken leaders) to head a major US tribe in recent history.

Fred Award
1985 -- Mobilization for Animals declares "World Week for Companion Animals" to highlight the plight of homeless animals.

1986 -- anarchist diamond; anarquista Italy: 33° Assemblée de A Rivista anarchica, Milan.

1988 -- US agrees to talk to Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

1989 -- Andrej Sacharov, Soviet dissident, physicist, dies.

1990 -- US: Right to Die lawsuit permits Nancy Cruzan to have her feeding tube removed, she dies 12 days later.

1990 -- Cuba: Black Panther supporter Paris becomes the first western rap artist to perform in a socialist country. Before playing to the packed house at the Karl Marx auditorium in Havana, he & exiled Black Liberation Army activist Assata Shakuur speak of the need to contain capitalism & develop Third World unity.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1992 -- Poland: 300,000 coal workers strike against "Solidarity" government.

1994 -- 30 years after shocking Newport Folk Festival by plugging his guitar in, Bob Dylan, religion-hopper, appears on MTV unplugged.


"I was so much older then,

I'm younger than that now."

1994 -- After eight years, the United States finally agrees to honor New Zealand's ban on nuclear weapons in its territory.

1995 -- Turkey: Local Human Rights Watch suppressed.

1995 -- AIDS patient Jeff Getty receives baboon bone marrow transplant. With a strange Darwinian twist, the "religious right" goes absolutely apeshit.

2002 -- Norway: Two-day celebration begins for 25th Anniversary of the Anarchist Federation of Norway / Anarkistføderasjonen i Norge AFIN (1977- 2002). The International Anarchist Congress The 7th Anarchist Biennial - Medio-Seminar on Anarchismin, Oslo.

2003 -- Italy:
Cesare Fuochi (1917-2003) Cesare Fuochi (1917-2003) dies, in Imola. Mort de l’ancien partisan anarchiste et syndicaliste cheminot à 86 ans. 2003 14/12 Imola · Cesare FUOCHI (1917-2003) Mort de l’ancien partisan anarchiste et syndicaliste cheminot à 86 ans.

2005 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President George Dubya Bush says the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 was the result of faulty intelligence, but maintains his decision was still justified. Good news for the 30,000 innocent civilians killed in Bush's War to recolonize the oil-soaked country.

2006 -- Ahmet Ertegün dies. Turkish-American founder of Atlantic Records, jazz-lover, songwriter, founder NY Cosmos soccer team. Atlantic's first success came in rhythm & blues, with such artists as Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, The Clovers, The Drifters, & Ray Charles. Regarding Charles, Ertegün is quoted as saying "First time I saw Ray I told him, 'You are the fucking end, you know.'"

2008 -- Iraq: AReallyBigShew? Al-Baghdadia TV journalist Muntadhar al Zaidi is subdued after throwing both his shoes at Beloved & (dis)Respected Comrade Leader President George Dubya Bush during his farewell speech.

2009 -- Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs & Crime, claims some banks were rescued during the recent global financial crisis by billions of dollars that originated from the illegal drug trade.

2010 -- US: TurboCharged? India’s UN envoy Hardeep Puri is detained for frisking after refusing remove his turban for Security forces at Houston Airport, Texass. Puri was suspected of hiding nuclear missiles, intending to launch a surprise attack on Ushuaia.

2011 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2012, remove 2013George Whitman dies, age 98. For more than 50 years the proprietor of Shakespeare & Company, the English language bookshop on the Left Bank of the Seine in Paris.

3000 --


n. A dangerous disorder affecting high public functionaries who want to go fishing.

       — Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

3500 --

"Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true."

— Honore de Balzac

Saddam face superimposed on a grenade
4000 --
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