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André who was killed in Riga,
Dario who was killed in Spain,
Boris whose wounds I dressed,
Boris whose eyes I closed.

David, my bunk mate,
dead without knowing why
in a quiet orchard in France—
David, your astonished suffering
— six bullets for a 20-year-old heart ...

Karl, whose nails I recognized
when you had already turned to earth,
you, with your high brow & lofty thoughts,
what was death doing with you!
Dark, tough human vine.

The North, the waves, the ocean
capsize the boat, the Four, now pallid,
drink deeply of anguish,
farewell to Paris, farewell to you all,
farewell to life, God damn it!

— Victor Serge,
excerpt, "Constellation of Dead Brothers"



Individualist anarchist, anti-Stalinist communist, literary conspirator.


Philippines: JOSÉ RIZAL DAY. Poet & novelist executed for writings, his martyrdom a catalyst for the Philippine Revolution.

new entry added December                                                                                                                    2015When I cock my ear
I hear tunes that come from far away,
from the past,
from other times,
from hours that are no longer.

Perhaps our lives are made of music.
On the day of resurrection,
my eyes will open again in Seville.
— Boabdil, the last
king of Muslim Spain — Eduardo Galeano, Children of the Days

1621 -- England: High-Handed? Protestation of Parliament voided. The attempt of Parliament to assert their right to freedom of speech is handily resolved — the King simply ripping the Protestation from the Journals of Parliament.

1703 -- Earthquake in Tokyo responsible for the deaths of approximately 200,000 people.

old book
1786 -- Bjarni Vigfússon Thórarensen lives, Brautarholt, near Reykjavík. First Romantic nationalist poet of Iceland.

1813 -- Iroquois warriors & British troops capture Buffalo, New York.

1816 -- Two & a half years after eloping to Switzerland Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (daughter of the philosophical anarchist William Godwin) & Percy Bysshe Shelley are married, upon learning that Shelley's first wife has drowned herself.

old book
1819 -- Theodor Fontane lives, Neuruppin, Brandenburg. Considered the first master of modern Realistic fiction in Germany.

Plate of poached eggs
1825 -- England: Poachers gather in a militia forty strong to terrorize Colonel Kingscote in his home while comrades go shooting on his private estate in Gloucestershire.
Source: [Calendar Riots]

1847 -- Germany: John Peter Altgeld lives, Niederselters, Prussia [now in Germany]. Reformist Democratic governor of Illinois (1893-97) known principally for his pardon (June 26, 1893) of German-American anarchists "involved" in the Haymarket Riot where seven police were killed. This principled act, unusual for a politician, costs him his political career.

And thank this Man that they are free again.
And He—to all the world this Man dares say:
"Curse as you will! I have been just this day."

— Voltairine de Cleyre, excerpt, John P. Altgeld

1865 -- Rudyard Kipling lives, Bombay, India. British Imperialist celebrator-apologist, author. Christopher Morley assesses the first English winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907: "He writes a story ostensibly about big howitzers, & it is really a lover's tribute to Jane Austen."

1869 -- Stephen Leacock lives, Swanmore, Hampshire, England. Internationally popular Canadian humorist, educator, lecturer, & author of more than 30 books.

old book
1876 -- Mustafa Lutfi al- Manfaluti lives, Manfalut, Egypt. Essayist, short-story writer, pioneer of modern Arabic prose.

1883 -- Marie Gevers lives, Edegem, Belgium. Franco-Belgian novelist/poet whose work, almost without exception, evokes the Kempenland, a rural area where she spent most of her life at her family estate.

 Victor Serge
1890 -- Belgium: Victor Serge lives, Brussels. Novelist, poet, historian, & militant activist. Individualist anarchist, later remains sympathetic to anarchists but derided by them ("The Bolsheviks' pet anarchist") because of his involvement with Russian Communists & Trotskyists. Like Daniel Guérin (& many other critical Marxists), as he grew older, his politics moved increasingly leftward, leading him later in life to espouse a hybrid of anarchism & Marxism.

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Red rose, animated
1894 -- US: No Bluffing: Amelia Jenks Bloomer suffragist dies Council Bluffs, Iowa. (Bloomers named for her).

old book
1895 -- L.P. Hartley lives. English novelist, short-story writer, critic whose works fuse a subtle observation of manners traditional to the English novel with an interest in psychological nuance.

1896 -- Philippines: Novelist & poet José Rizal executed.

A militant reformist, his novel El Filibusterismo led to his being tried by the military & executed today. His death was a catalyst in the Philippine Revolution. Countless towns, streets, monuments & numerous parks around the world are named in his honor (including a 9-acre park in Seattle). Today is now an official Philippines holiday.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

1903 -- US: Last of the Mohicans? Tribal Revenge?: Electric lamp sets fire to Iroquois Theater in Chicago; 602 die, many trampled to death as a result of defective provisions for safety & exit.

1905 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Governor Frank Steunenberg of Idaho assassinated by a bomb explosion during period of many bitter labor disputes in the state.

Workers remembering workers' history: prosperous businessman Frank Steunenberg, who had become governor of Idaho on a Populist Party "defend the working man" ticket — & then proceeded to call on federal troops to crush the 1899 miners strike — is blown to pieces by a bomb attached to his front gate.

1905 -- Daniil Kharms lives (17 December Old Style; 1905-1942), St. Petersburg.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint December 30, 2002-2004
Illustration of Kharms

"Literary Hooligan," starved to death
in Respected & Beloved Comrade Leader
Uncle Joe Stalin's prisons.

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1908 -- No Balls?: Wearing masks at balls forbidden in Boston.

1910 -- Paul Bowles, composer, author, husband of author Jane Bowles, lives (1910-1999), New York City.

1911 -- China: Sun Yat-sen elected President of the United Provinces of China.

1916 -- Poet, Second Lieutenant Wilfred Owen ("Anthem for Doomed Youth"), of the Manchester Regiment, leaves England for the Western Front.

1918 -- Al Purdy lives, Wooler, Ontario, Canada.

Al Purdy

One of a group of important Canadian poets (Milton Acorn, Alden Nowlan, Patrick Lane are others) who have little formal education & whose roots are in Canada's working-class culture. During the Depression, he rode the rods to Vancouver & worked there for several years at a number of manual occupations.

1922 -- Russia: In the post-revolutionary period, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) is established, comprising a confederation of Russia, Byelorussia, the Ukraine, & the Transcaucasian Federation. Also known as the Soviet Union, the new "republic" is the successor to the Russian Empire & the first state in the world to be based (supposedly) on Marxist communism.

1923 -- Sara Lidman, one of the most acclaimed & widely read Swedish novelists of the post-World War II generation, lives, Missenträsk. Her studies at the University of Uppsala are interrupted by tuberculosis, & she begins writing. Her first two novels, Tjärdalen ("The Tar Still," 1953) & Hjortronlandet ("Cloudberry Land," 1955), deal with the rural life of her childhood & youth. In the 1960s she visits Africa & Vietnam & writes of her experiences.

1924 -- Edwin Hubble announces existence of other galactic systems. Now if he could just find a telescope that works...

1926 --

Germany: Nudists Demand Skiing Huts. Buncha bare-assed wimps.

1928 -- US: Ellas Bates, rock 'n' roll pioneer, lives, Mississippi.

1933 -- Romania: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Ion Duca, liberal premier, assassinated by a member of the Iron Guard, an extreme rightist movement in the country.

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1935 -- Ethiopia: Italian bombers destroy Swedish Red Cross unit.

Poet Langston Hughes, observing the invasion of Ethiopia by Mussolini, writes simply:

The little fox is still.
The dogs of war have made their kill.

Salvation in the sky
1936 -- US: GM workers sit-down strike, which began two days ago in Cleveland, Ohio, spreads to Flint, Michigan. But me no butts, beats blisterin' those tired doggies...

1937 --
"Whistle While You Work" Artie Shaw & His New Music      

Shaw's swinging 'cover' of this 'think positive' anthem is waxed just nine days after the world premiere of the film which introduced it, Disney's first animated feature, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

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1941 -- Netherlands: Nazis require Dutch physicians to join Nazi organization. Forced to pay dues, Dutch Treat?

1944 -- France: Romain Rolland, author & pacifist, dies. Won 1915 Nobel Prize.

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1946 -- Singer/poet Patti Smith lives. Patti Smith

1952 -- US: Out of Lynch Pins?: Tuskegee Institute reports this is first year in 71 years with no lynchings in the country.

1959 --
anarchist diamond dingbat; anarquista Spain: Francisco Sabaté ("Quico") & his guérilla group (Antonio Miracle, Rogelio Madrigal, Francisco Conesa & Martín Ruiz) slip into the country from the French border.

A fateful attempt to reach Barcelona, they are forced into shoot-outs with the Guardia Civile (alerted & aided by French Intelligence) & all are killed within the next week. "Quico," the nightmare of the Spanish fascists, is finally shot down on January 5th. The entire episode causes a sensation throughout Spain, a reminder of the old resistance days.

See Antonio Téllez's Sabate: Guerrilla Extraordinary, p.170.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

dezembro déc. 14 Attentat contre SILVA RENARD du massacre d’Iquique de 1907;

(Antonio Miracle Guitart, Rogelio Madrigal Torres, Francisco Conesa Alcaraz y Martín Ruiz Montoya. ) , only to be trapped near the Manol river. The Guardia Civil had prepared a worthy reception for just such an occaision, border posts & patrols beefed up & on high alert. All of the guerrillas but Sabate, who was badly wounded, were killed. Surrounded & nose-to-nose with the lieutenant in charge, he shot the lieutenant point blank. Then Sabaté had an immediate inspiration -- in the confusion of the dark he managed to slip away by boldly impersonating the lieutenant.

Entonces Sabaté tuvo una inspiración inmediata. Se puso a avanzar en la dirección de donde había venido el teniente repitiendo las mismas palabras que había oído: “No tiréis, que soy el teniente... No tiréis, que soy el teniente...” Así logró franquear las líneas de los Guardias Civiles.
He made it to a train & to Sant Celoni to treat his wounds hoping eventually to make it to Barcelona. The latter was not to be, as he was trapped once again & shot down on January 5. Conscious of its next death, before infiltrating for the last time in Spain, December/DECEMBER of 1959, one took leave of its last friends: “A strong hug to all. Thanks & until the next one,… if we become to see. The Civil Guard, with sufficient time, had prepared in the border a worthy recibimiento of Sabaté. They had organized posts station & monitoring in all mounts of the zone, crossroads & ways, entrances & exits of the towns. Troops of reinforcement, to face any eventuality, were quartered in Besalú, Beuda & Albanyá. Other patrols crossed the region incessantly. Day 30 of December/DECEMBER, the group of Sabaté it was located by the margins of the Manol river. When the Civil Guard with innumerable cash was able to surround to Francisco Sabaté & his group in one masía, its end occurred by discounted. The luck & the value of the guerrilla obtained the impossible thing. When arriving the night, the group left sincerely from masía gambling the whole by the whole. There it waited for the death to them. All the members of the group fell in the attempt except Sabaté. This the exit but without running tried, on the contrary, fallen down in the ground & to drays. Quiet it went advancing centimeter to centimeter towards the first scrubs. But the Civil Guards were seized to few meters. Immovable, almost without breathing, he heard that somebody went towards him, to drays, also saying: “You do not throw, that I am the lieutenant… You do not throw, that I am the lieutenant…” Indeed, Francisco Fuentes was the lieutenant of the Civil Guard, who, almost without knowing it, occurred of noses with the Quico. This, almost point-blank, he fired a shot to him killing to him in the act. The other guards could not know of what she arms came the firing. Then Sabaté had an immediate inspiration. It was put to advance in the direction from where the lieutenant had come repeating the same words that had heard: “You do not throw, that I am the lieutenant… You do not throw, that I am the lieutenant…” Thus it managed to cross the lines of the Civil Guards. But it had received several shots, perhaps nonmortal but the loss of blood debilitated much to him. It took a train by assault & pistol in hand was made lead until near Sant Celoni. It was thrown of the train before entering needles treating to look for in the city a doctor. But the alert had been given & the Civil Guard & the Somatén persecuted to him close by.
Consciente de su próxima muerte, antes de infiltrarse por última vez en España, en diciembre / DECEMBER de 1959, se despidió de sus últimos amigos: “Un fuerte abrazo a todos. Gracias y hasta la próxima, nos volvemos a ver. La Guardia Civil, con tiempo suficiente, había preparado en la frontera un recibimiento digno de Sabaté. Habían organizado apostaderos y vigilancia en todos los montes de la zona, cruces de carretera y caminos, entradas y salidas de los pueblos. Tropas de refuerzo, para hacer frente a cualquier eventualidad, estaban acantonadas en Besalú, Beuda y Albanyá. Otras patrullas recorrían incesantemente la región. El día 30 de diciembre / DECEMBER, el grupo de Sabaté fue localizado por las márgenes del río Manol. Cuando la Guardia Civil con innumerables efectivos consiguió cercar a Francisco Sabaté y su grupo en una masía, su final se daba por descontado. La suerte y el valor del guerrillero consiguieron lo imposible. Al llegar la noche, el grupo salió a pecho descubierto de la masía jugándose el todo por el todo. Allí les esperaba la muerte. Todos los miembros del grupo cayeron en el intento excepto Sabaté. Este intentó la salida pero sin correr, al contrario, tumbado en el suelo y a rastras. Silenciosamente fue avanzando centímetro a centímetro hacia los primeros matorrales. Pero los guardias civiles estaban agazapados a pocos metros. Inmóvil, casi sin respirar, oyó que alguien se dirigía hacia él, también a rastras, diciendo: “No tiréis, que soy el teniente... No tiréis, que soy el teniente...” Efectivamente, era el teniente de la Guardia Civil Francisco Fuentes, quien, casi sin saberlo, se dio de narices con el Quico. Este, casi a bocajarro, le descerrajó un tiro matándole en el acto. Los demás guardias no podían saber de qué arma procedía el disparo. Entonces Sabaté tuvo una inspiración inmediata. Se puso a avanzar en la dirección de donde había venido el teniente repitiendo las mismas palabras que había oído: “No tiréis, que soy el teniente... No tiréis, que soy el teniente...” Así logró franquear las líneas de los Guardias Civiles. Pero había recibido varios balazos, tal vez no mortales pero la pérdida de sangre le debilitaba mucho. Tomó un tren por asalto y pistola en mano se hizo conducir hasta cerca de Sant Celoni. Se tiró del tren antes de entrar en agujas tratando de buscar en la ciudad a un médico. Pero la alerta había sido dada y la Guardia Civil y el Somatén le perseguían de cerca.

1961 -- SI dingbat

Gimme aristocracy of the caves & sewer rats

anarchist diamond dingbat
The international edition of The New York Times runs an announcement by the Civil Defense Letter Committee regarding fallout shelters.

In January 1962 a critical Bilingual tract in English & French, is issued by the "European Committee for the Pursuit of Human Expansion" & also appears in the journal Mutant, Spring 1962.

The tract has in actual fact been written by Situationists Guy Debord & Asger Jorn. | [Situationist Resources]

Beatles with baby dolls
1970 -- Paul McCartney sues his bandmates to dissolve the Beatles.

You get your lawyer
& I'll get mine
We'll all get together
& have a real bad time.

       — George Harrison, "Sue Me Blues"

1971 -- US: Daniel Ellsberg indicted by a federal grand jury for releasing Pentagon papers to the news media.

1972 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Dick M orders end to bombing. During the 12 days of the "Christmas Bombing" in Viet Nam, the US (by its own count) lost 15 B-52's & 11 fighter-bombers, with 93 airmen killed or missing. Hanoi claims 76 planes were shot down.

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1982 -- US: Ahh...Now I Remember You?: Cow Creek band of Umpqua tribe (Oregon) gains federal recognition.

1987 -- US: An unusually heavy demand for non-smoking seats aboard a TWA flight from Boston to Los Angeles leads to a complete smoking ban. Toward the end of the flight, 11 passengers protest by lighting cigarettes, & the flight attendant who demands that they be extinguished is physically assaulted.

1995 -- US: Right-to-Life (sic) gunman murders Shannon Lowney of Planned Parenthood & Lee Ann Nichols of Preterm, women's health care clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Germania, book cover; source
1995 -- Germany: Heiner Müller (1929 Eppendorf/Sachsen -1995 Berlin) dies, age 66, of throat cancer. Dramatist, director, poet, anarchist.

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1997 -- Danilo Dolci, "The Sicilian Gandhi," twice a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, dies.

2006 -- Iraq: Vanquished strongman Saddam Hussein hanged, Baghdad.

2009 -- US applies tariffs on Chinese steel pipes, as part of a series of tariffs aimed at Chinese imports. The price of bongs, Danielle Steele bodice ripper romances & pipe tobacco in the US soars.

3000 --

"The ILO has just published a report estimating the level of global unemployment — understood to mean the position of not having enough work for subsistence — in January 1994 at about 30%.

That, it says accurately, is a crisis worse than that in the 1930s. It is, moreover, just one part of a general worldwide human rights catastrophe.

UNESCO estimates that about 500,000 children die every year from debt repayment alone.

Debt repayment means that commercial banks made bad loans to their favorite dictators, & those loans are now being paid by the poor, who have absolutely nothing to do with it, & of course by the taxpayers in the wealthy countries, because the debts are socialized.

That's under the system of socialism for the rich that we call free enterprise: nobody expects the banks to have to pay for the bad loans — that's your job & my job."

       — Noam Chomsky, "How Free is the Free Market?"

3500 --

kharms walking"In the long run we are all dead."

      — John Maynard Keynes, economist

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