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Editors note: Most names in red link to pages other than our own. If no source is cited, these are generally linked to the French language l'éphéméride Anarchiste.

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  • ABAD, Julià.
    (??-??) Catalan militant, Terrassa CNT. Arrested for participating in the February 1932 revolt. (Diccionari de Sindicats)

  • Clik for pageABAD de SANTILLÁN, Diego.
    (1897-1983) Author, editor, leading figure in the Spanish & Argentinian anarchism.
  • ABARCA, Victoriano.
    (??-??) Spanish militant with Barcelona Sindicato del Metal de la CNT.

  • ABARNO, Frank.
    Italian-American anarchist, member of Gruppo Gaetano Bresci, imprisoned for planting bombs in St. Patrick's Cathedral & the Church of St. Alphonsus.

  • ABAYÀ GARRIGA, Francesc.
    (1870-1971) Constituir la CNT (1910). Va ser redactor de la "Revista Social" (òrgan de la Unió Manufacturera) i collaborà a "La Federación Igualadina," "La Autonomia," "El Productor" i "El Trabajo." (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • ABELLA, Àngel.
    (??-??) Militant de la CNT. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • ABELLA, José.
    (??-??) Militant de la CNT i de les Joventuts Llibertàries. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • Clik for pageABBEY, Edward.
    (1927-1989) American anarchist, eco-defender, novelist (The Monkey Wrench Gang).

  • ABOS SERENA, Miquel.
    (??-??) Militant, CNT de Saragossa. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • ABBOTT, Leonard.
    Cofounder of the Ferrer Colony Association (with Harry Kelly & Joseph Cohen).

  • ABRAMOWSKI, Edward.
    (1868-1918) Polish philosopher, psychologist, sociologist, anarchist, father of Polish cooperative movement. (Daily Bleed)

  • ABRAMS, Jacob.
    (??-??) Russian anarchist, secretary of the American Bookbinder's Union, member of the Frayhayt group, deported from the Land of the Free for opposing the American invasion of Russia in 1918.

  • ABRAMS, Mary.
    (??-??) Member of the anarchist Frayhayt group, survivor of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire in 1911, escaping by jumping out a window. Wife of Jacob Abrams.

    (??-??) Indian anarchist communist, militant Bombay worker in the 1930s.

  • Clik for pageACCIARITO, Pietro.
    (1871­1943) Italian anarchist, attempted to stab the king of Italy, sent to prison for life.

  • Clik for pageACIN AQUILUE, Ramon.
    (1887?/1888?-1936) Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, teacher, writer & avant-garde artist murdered by the fascists

  • ACKELSBERG, Martha.
    American anarchist scholar.
    (Research on Anarchism)

  • "Acracia".
    Title of a number of periodicals of libertarian content.
    (Christie Books)

  • Clik for pageAcratas.
    Founded 1967, Spanish ultra-left militant anarchists.

  • ACUNA, Elisa.
    (1887- 1946) Mexican professor & journalist, participant in Sociedad Mutualista de Mujeres, Consejo Feminista Mexicano & Liga Panamericana de Mujeres. (Ateneo Virtual)

  • ADAM, Paul.
    (1862-1920) French novelist, symbolist, anarchiste.
    (Daily Bleed) See also Nov 11, 1863 & Feb 26, 1894)

  • ADÃO, Luísa do Carmo Franco Elias.
    (1914-1999) Portuguese nurse, militant anarchist, life-long anarchist, companion of Tomas De Aquino. (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • ADDELSON, Kathryn Pyne. br />(??-??) Anarchist feminist.

  • ADEANE, Louis. (pseud. for Louis Potter)
    (1922-??) British poet, anarchist pacifist, his education "self-imposed". WWII conscientious objector. Wrote for Woodcock's "NOW magazine". Wrote the poem for Marie Louise Berneri Tribute. Brother of Norman Potter. May 2009

  • ADRIEN, Georges.
    (1862- id., 1921) French journalist & writer, anarchist.

    (1921-??) American anarchist, old bowler, member of Why?'/Resistance editorial board, companion of David Wieck. (Institute for Anarchist Studies)

  • AGNESE, Angelo « Gino ».
    (1940-2001) Italian anarchist activist, Professor of Physics. (Daily Bleed)

  • AGUGGINI, Ettore.
    (??-??) Italian; with others, convicted for the Teatro Diana bombing.

  • AGUSTIN VICENTE, Luis. (aka Ruiz Costa; "El Metralla")
    (??-??) Spanish guerilla, alongside Fiaschi & Facerias.

  • AICARDI José («El 68»)
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • ALAIZ, Felipe.
    (1887-1959) (Centre Ascaso-Durruti)
  • A.I.T.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • "A-kontra"
    Publication of the Ceskoslovenská Anarchistická Federácia (CSAF). (home page)

  • ALBA, Antonio d'.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • ALBERT, Charle.

  • ALBIN. (Albin Cantone, dit)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • ALDRED, Guy.
    (??-1963) Scottish anarchist communist, head of APCF. Founded 'The Bakunin Press' publishing house & edited five Glasgow-based anarchist periodicals: "The Herald of Revolt," "The Spur," "The Commune," "The Council," & "The Word".

  • ALIAGA LLEDÓ, Serafín.
    (1915-1990) Spanish anarchosyndicalist, head of AJA (Alianza Juvenil Antifascista), active in Federación Ibérica de ruventudes Libertarias (FIJL), collaborationist who became a communist.

  • ALLEN, E. J. B.
    (??-??) British anarchist syndicalist, edited the "Industrial Unionist," founder of the Industrialist League. Disappeared from the movement in 1912.

  • ALMEREYDA, Miguel.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

    Anarchik has cops hopping thru the hoop; source www.anarca-bolo.ch/a-rivista

  • AMBROSOLI, Roberto.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, illustrator, "padre" of Anarchik (!). (A-rivista)

  • AMERICANO, Bruno.
    (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Glenn Carrington, John Pinkman, Clara Solomon, Abe Bluestein, et al. Ran guns to Spain during the Revolution & was imprisoned by the Communists there.

  • AMILA, Jean. (Jean Meckert)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Click hereAmsterdam Anarchist Congress. (1907)
    Famed International Anarchist Congress openly held in the Netherlands (Aug. 24-31, 1907).

  • Anarchist Academy.
    (??-??) German Hip Hop band (defunct). (Wikipedia)

  • Anarchist Black Cross
    Mutual aid & solidarity network for victims of state repression. (Wikipedia)

  • Anarchist Communist Federation (ACF). British.


  • International Anarchist Congress (London, 1896)
    Convened (July 29) after anarchists are excluded in Marxist takeover of the International (July 27). (Daily Bleed)
  • Anarcho-syndicalism

  • "Anarkiista Debato"
    Publication of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF / IFA). (home page)

  • ANCIAUX, Marie-Adèle. (Mary Smiles)
    (1887-1983) French anarchist militant, libertarian teacher. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • ANDRADE, David.
    (1859-1928) An original member of the Melbourne Anarchist Club. The Andrade brothers ran Australia's first anarchist bookshop & news agency & published books & pamphlets. (Radical Tradition)

  • ANDRADE, William.
    (??-??) An original member of the Melbourne Anarchist Club; founder of the Sydney Anarchist Club. (Radical Tradition)

  • ANDREWS, John Arthur.
    (1865-1903) Prolific Australian communist anarchist agitator, gifted theoretician, poet, inventor, historian & linguist, influential with the labor movement. (Radical Tradition)

  • ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl.
    (1812-1886) American individualist anarchist, abolitionist. (Anarchy Archives)

  • ANGIOLILLO, Michele.
    (1871-1897) Italian militatant, assassinated Spain's Prime Minister in revenge for the Montjuïc persecutions. (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for pageANGRAND, Charles.
    (1854-1926) French artist. Impressionist, Pointillist, anarchist illustrator.

  • Angry Brigade.
    British 1970s "underground" militant group, charged with bombings; police count Ian Purdie, Jake Prescott, & Stuart Christie among its stalwarts. (Stan Iverson Archives; Christie Books: video)

  • ANNOVI, Silvio.
    (1890-1978) Italian anarchist militant. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • Clik for pageANTICH Puig, Salvador.
    Member of the MIL (Mouvement Ibérique de Libération).

  • ANTLIFF, Allan.
    (??- )Canadian academic anarchist & art historian.

  • Clik for pageANTIGNAC, Antoine.
    (1864-1930) French anarchist activist, wrote for "La révolte" & "Libertaire."

  • Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation. (APCF)
    (ca.1921-1945) United the Glasgow Anarchist Group & Glasgow Communist Group; published the monthly journals "Commune" (Guy Aldred, editor) & "Solidarity."

  • ANTONILI, Gabriella Segata.
    (??-??) 19-year-old American Galleanist convicted for transporting dynamite. She & fellow prisoner Emma Goldman became good friends.

  • Arbeter Fraint Group.
    Published "Arbeter Fraint." See also Federation of Yiddish-Speaking Anarchist Groups in Great Britain & Paris.

  • ARIAS, Josefina.
    (??-??) Member Mujeres Libres de Les Corts (Barcelona). (Ateneo Virtual)
  • ARMAND, E. (pseud. of Ernest-Lucien Juin)
    (1872-1962) French individualist. (Daily Bleed reference page); also Research on Anarchism

  • ARMONY, F. Hochauser.
    (??-198?) Prolific writer for "Solidaridad Obrera," "CNT" & other journals. Lived in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, etc., finally settling in Israel.

  • ARNAUD, Georges-Jean.
    French anarchist, novelist, writes police procedurals. (l'anarcho revue)

  • Clik for pageARNOULD, Arthur.
    (1833-1895) French anarchist, Communard, friend of Bakunin. Journalist, novelist. (Pen name A. Matthey)

  • ARRIAGA, Camilo.
    (1862-1945) Mexican intellectual, Magonista, but never fully embraced Magon's radicalism. (Daily Bleed)

  • ARRIGONI, Enrico. (aka Frank Brand, Harry Goni, among many others)
    (??-1986) Italian-American individualist. Lathe operator, house painter, bricklayer, dramatist, founder/editor of "Eresia". Wrote regularly for Felicani’s "Controcorrente". Abe Bluestein, Selma Cohen & Emma Goldman helped him escape from prison in Spain.

  • Clik for pageARRU, Andre. (aka Jean René Sauliere)
    French anarchist, pacifist.

  • ARSHINOV, Peter. (Piotr Archinov)
    (1887-1937[?]) Ukrainian anarchist, historian, leader of "Nabat," emigrated to France, member of the Makhnovist Dielo Truda. Returned to USSR in 1935, executed in or about 1937. (Wikipedia)

  • ARTAL, Armand.
    (??-1967) Anarquista. CNT militant. Secretary Comitè Nacional Revolucionari de la CNT, amb seu a Badalona (1927-28). Residí a València des d'on s'exilià el 1939, i a on tornà i morí el 1967. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • ARTAL, Joaquín Miguel.
    (??-??) Spanish anarquista, at age 19 attempted to kill Maura. (Daily Bleed)

  • ASCASO Alejandro

  • ASCASO, Domingo.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchist, member of "Los Solidarios."

  • ASCASO ABADIA, Francisco
    Spanish member of Nosotros, an FAI action group, close friend of Durruti. (Anarchy Archives)

  • ASCASO Joaquin

  • ATABEKIAN, Alexander.
    (??-??) Armenia's best known anarchist. Doctor, a founder of the Kropotkin Museum, disappeared by Stalin. (Page link; see also, International Institute of Social History)

  • Attentat Teatro Diana.
    (March 23, 1921) Anarchist bombing, Milan, Italy, killing & wounding many. (Daily Bleed)

  • Auberges de Jeunesse.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • AUGES, Marcel.
    (??-??) Militant, member CNT, Sindicat Metallúrgic (1930; president 1932). 1931 s'adherí als Trentistes. Collaborà a "El Trabajo," (Manresa 1931-34). (Biografies de Sindicalistes)
  • AURENCHE Alain

  • AUSTIN, Kate.
    (1864-1902) Universalist, freethinker, feminist, writer. (Research on Anarchism)

  • AUSTIN, Sherman.
    (??- ) American anarchist, webmaster of Raisethefist.com, busted by the FBI & Anti-Terrorism Taskforce in 2002. (Raise theFist)

  • AVRAY, Charles d'.

  • Click HereAVRICH, Paul.
    (1931-2006) Sympathetic, compassionate American historian of anarchism.

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  • BA JIN. (aka Pa Chin, Li Feigan, Pa Kin)
    (1904-2005) Chinese novelist, anarchist. (Anarchy Archives; see also Daily Bleed)

  • BABEUF, Gracchus.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste).

  • BACHMANN, Marion. (See also Marie Capderoque).
    (1873-??) French militant feminist, syndicalist, anarchist. (Daily Bleed)

  • BADARACO, Horacio.
    (1901-1946) Argentinian anarchist, member of The Torch, along with Alberto Bianchi. Fought in the Spanish Revolution & worked with the papers "Working Solidarity" & "Libertarian Youth." (Daily Bleed)

  • BADCOCK, John, Jr.
    (18??-??) British individualist anarchist, lecturer, writer. (Daily Bleed)

  • BADELL, Teodora.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BAGAGLINO, Alfredo.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BAGGINS, Charlotte.
    (??-??) Member of the British Women's Anarchist Group in 1970s.

  • Clik here for Max Baginski pageBAGINSKI, Max. (aka Baginsky)
    (1864-1943) Prussian-born American anarchist.

  • BAGUET, Jean. (dit Jean Bayet)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BAISSAT, Bernard.
    (??-??) French filmmaker, did a series of portrayals/interviews with anarchists in the 1980s/90s.

    (1884 [or 1889]-1939) Spanish anarchist. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for pageBAKUNIN, Michael.
    (1814-1876) Russian conspirator, anarchist, nemesis of Marx, assassin of God.
    Daily Bleed Saint, May 30th

  • BALABANOFF, Angelica. (1868-1965) Ukrainian Jewish-Italian, prominent figure in the Italian socialist left, joined the Bolsheviks, & then broke with them. Helped numerous anarchists in Russia prior to her departure from Russia in 1922. (Wikipedia)

  • BALDELLI, Giovanni.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, author.
  • BALKANSKY, Georges.

  • BALKHOV, Dimitar.
    (1902-1932) Bulgarian anarchist revolutionary, companion of Nadejda Popova.

  • Clik for page BALL, Hugo.
    Dadaist, Daily Bleed Saint.

  • BALLANO, Adolfo.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchist, member of "Los Solidarios."

  • BALLANTINE, Stella.
    (??-??) American activist, worked with Emma Goldman.

  • BALLARD, George. See George Barrett.

  • BALLESTA, Sebastián.
    (??-1989) Spanish anarchist. A founder of Comité Provincial de las Juventudes Libertarias; CNT organizer.

  • BALLESTER, Paulina.
    (??-??) Member Mujeres Libres de Granollers, Spain. (Ateneo Virtual)

  • BALLOU, Adin.
    (1803-1890) American Christian anarchist-pacifist. (Daily Bleed)

  • La Bande del Matese (Gang of Matese)
    Italian insurrectionists in an uprising in 1877. Involved Errico Malatesta, Carlo Cafiero, Antonio Cornacchia, Napoleone Papini, among others.
  • BARA, Louis.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BARBE, Alphonse.
    (??-??) French anarchiste, antiwar militant, editor. Fought in the Spanish Revolution. (Daily Bleed)
  • BARBE, Paul.
  • BARBEDETTE, Lucien.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BARBIERI, Francisco.
    (Workers Solidarity Movement)

    (??-??) Member Mujeres Libres, Spain. (Ateneo Virtual)

  • BARCLAY, Harold. (??- )
    Canadian professor, wrote People Without Government: An Anthropology of Anarchism.

  • BARDINA Sophie

  • BARI, Judi.
    (1949-1997) Ecological activist, fiddler, Wobbly organizer, libertarian socialist, Earth-First warrior. (Daily Bleed)

    BARKER, George.
    (??-??) British anarchist.

  • Click HereBARLOW, Alan.
    (1928-2004) British anarchist militant, 1st of May Group, Merseyside anarchists.

  • BARON, Aron.

  • BARON, Fanya.
    (??-1921) Russian anarchist revolutionary, rumored to have assassinated the head of the Okhrana (tsarist secret police). She lived in the US from 1915 to 1917. Returned to Russia, arrested by the Bolsheviks & executed by the Cheka. (Wikipedia) NewJune 2008

  • BARONI, Ilio.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

    (1876-1910) One of the great thinkers & writers produced by Iberian anarchism. South American emigrant, journalist, literary author & critic, founder of the review "Germinal". His works were collected & published after his death from illness. (Christie Books)

  • BARRETO, Alfonso Henriques de Lima. (1881-1922) Brazilan novelist, social critic, anarchist. (Daily Bleed) also Ephéméride anarchiste

  • BARRETT, George. (aka George Ballard)
    (??-??) British anarchist.

  • BARROT, Jean.

  • BARTOSEK, Norbert.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BARRUCAND, Victor.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BARRUE, Jean.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BASTIEN, Georges.
    (??-??) Prominent French anarchist in the 1930s. (Research on Anarchism)

  • BASTELICA, André Augustin.

  • A Batalha.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BAUCHET, Emile.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for Henry Bauer page BAUER, Henry.
    (1861-1934) German-born American anarchist, friend of Alex Berkman.

  • CLICKBAYER, Osvaldo.
    Argentinian anarchist, writer, historian.

  • BECK, Julian.
    (??-??) American playwright/actor, Living Theater.

  • BEFFEL, John Nicholas.
    (??-??) American journalist, active in anarchist circles (1960s).

  • BEK-GRAN, Robert.
    (??-??) Council communist, maintained relations with the NY Vanguard anarchist group in the 30s.

    (1820-??) French anarchiste. (Daily Bleed, April 30, 1850)

  • BENOIT, Charles.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BELLEI, Carino.
    (1890-1940) Italian anarchist militant. (anarchismo modenese)

  • BENNETT, John.
    (??- ) Small press publisher, literary curmudgeon, author, editor of "Vagabond", outsider — washes windows so we can see better. (Vagabond Press)

    (1919- ) Spanish poet, militant anarchist, member Mujers Libres. (Daily Bleed)

  • BERGONZINI, Pietro.
    (1890-1940) Italian anarchist militant. (anarchismo modenese)

  • Clik here for Alexander Berkman page BERKMAN, Alexander. (nickname "Sasha")
    (1870-1936) Lithuanian-born American immigrant, anarchist-communist.
    Daily Bleed Saint, June 28

    • The Berkman Defense Association.
      Formed after Berkman's imprisonment, seeking his release, reduction of sentence, & financed an attempted tunnel escape (1900). (Daily Bleed)

  • BERNARD Paul

  • Clik for pageBERNERI, Camillo.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, murdered by Communists in the Spanish Revolution.

  • BERNERI Giliana
  • BERNERI Giovanna (Caleffi)

  • Clik for pageBERNERI, Marie Louise.
    (1918-1949) Daughter of Giovanna & Camillo Berneri. Author, editor of "Freedom".

  • BERNIZET Lucien

  • BERNSTEIN, Jesse.
    (1950-1991) Seattle literary outlaw, Left Bank Books denizen, noisy, a suicide. (Wikipedia)

  • BERRIGAN, Daniel.
    (1921-) American Catholic priest, anti-war activist & christian anarchist. Brother of Philip. (Wikipedia)

  • BERRIGAN, Philip.
    (1923-2002) American Catholic priest, anti-war activist & christian anarchist. (Wikipedia)

  • BERRY, Dave.
    (??- ) Anarchist scholar.

  • BERRY, Wendell.
    (1934-) Cultural & economic critic, novelist, mad farmer. (Wikipedia)

  • BERTHIER, Pierre Valentin.

  • BERTI, Gianpietro "Nico".
    (??-??) Anarchist historian.

  • BERTHOLD Simon.
    Headed Magoniste forces, with Jose Maria Leyva, which seized Mexicali, Mexico. (Daily Bleed)

    (??-1936) Member of the International Group of the Durruti Column, killed in Aragon. (Daily Bleed)

  • BERTON, Germaine.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik Here for Luigi Bertoni pageBERTONI, Luigi.
    (1872-1947) Militant, founder/editor of "Il Risveglio/Le Réveil Geneva."

  • Clik for pageBERTRAND, Antoine.
    (1877-1964) French anarchist.

  • Clik for pageBERTRAND, Julia.
    (1877-1960) French militant anarchist feminist.

  • Clik for pageBESNARD, Pierre.
    (1886-1947) French anarchosyndicalist.

  • BESSER, Howard.
    American anarchist, Director of Moving Image Archiving & Preservation (UCLA), professor, collector of T-shirts. (Howard Besser page/UCLA)

  • BEY, Hakim.
    American anarchist, advocate of Temporary Autonomous Zones.

  • BEYLIE, Henri.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BIANCO, René.
    (1941-2005) Activist, a founder of CIRA in Marseilles, bibliographer & historian of French language anarchist periodicals, newspapers & magazines, 1880-1983 (see Bianco: 100 ans de presse anarchiste). (Infoshop Wiki)June 2008

  • BIANCHI, Alberto.
    (??-??) Argentinian anarchist, member of The Torch, along with Horacio Badaraco. (Daily Bleed)

  • BIARD, Roland.
    (??-??) French anarchist, involved in the movement from early 1960s until about 1980. (International institute of Social History)

  • BIAU, Patrick.
    (??-??) Author of Jules Jouy, le poète chourineur. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BIBBI, Gino.
    (1899-1999) Italian anarchist & engineer. Designed missile first used by the Durruti Iron Column. Cousin of Gino Lucetti, one of the WWII partisans that freed Carrara from the fascists.(Lib.com)

  • BIDAULT, Emile.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BIEHL, Janet.
    (1953- ) American anarchist with Institute for Social Ecology.

  • BIGEL, Eugène.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BIKERTON, Alexander.
    (1847-1928) Australian libertarian socialist, founder Federative Home at Wainoni. (Radical Tradition)

  • BILLINGS, Warren.
  • BINAZZI, Pasquale.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Bisbee Deportation of 1917.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • BISO, Jean.
    (1881-1966) Corsican anarcho-syndicalist, Secretary of Syndicat des Correcteurs, active in Sacco & Vanzetti support groups & the 1936 Spanish Revolution. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for pageBIZEAU, Eugène.
    (1883-1989) French vine-grower, pacifist, poet & songster.

  • BLACK, Bob.
    (??- ) Black Bob indeed. American post-situ critic, zerowork advocate.

  • Black Flag. Name used for many purposes, including:

    • (1970-2006) British newspaper founded by Albert Meltzer & Stuart Christie. (Wikipedia)
    • (??-1882) "Le Drapeau Noir" (The Black Flag) French anarchist paper published for several years.
    • (1945-??) "Kurohata" (Black Flag), Japanese journal published by Black Youth League (1925-??).
    • Black Flag.
      (1976-1986) American punk band. (Wikipedia)

  • Black Mask.
    Militant NY anarchists, dadaist inspired culture orientated actions. Included Ben Morea, Ron Hahne. Issued a magazine of the same name. Later became Up Against the Wall Motherfucker. (Movement for Anarchy)

  • Black Rose.
    Common anarchist image. According to legend, during the peasant uprisings in the middle ages those who found freedom would also find the black rose in nature; conversely those finding the black rose in nature also find freedom. Currently the name of Canadian publisher.

  • Black Sea Mutiny.
    See Mutinerie des marins...

  • Black Youth League.
    (1925-??) Japanese anarchists, publishers of "Kurohata" (Black Flag).

  • BLACKWELL, Russell.
    (1904-1969) American cartographer, anarchist, cofounder of the NY Libertarian League.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for pageBLAKE, William.
    (1757-1827) Daily Bleed Saint; Poet, radical, mystic, printer, engraver, subversive. Entertained angels in the garden. Friend of William Godwin.

  • BLANCO, Carballo.

  • BLANQUI, Auguste.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • "The Blast"

  • Clik for page BLUESTEIN, Abe.
    American anarchist, active in the NY Vanguard Group, Libertarian Book Club.

  • BLUESTEIN, Esther.
    (??-??) Russian-American anarchist, active in the anarchist group in the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, part of the Modern School, married to Mendel, mother of Abe.

  • BLUESTEIN, Mendel.
    (??-??) Russian-American anarchist, active with his wife Esther, father of Abe.

  • BOADAS RIVAS, Pedro.

  • BODY, Marcel.
    ( 1894 -1984) French communist, typographer, active in syndicalist movement in his later years.
    (International Institute of Social History)

  • BOETIE, Etienne de la.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BOLDRINI, Giuseppe.
    (??-??) Italian; with others, convicted for the Teatro Diana bombing.

  • BONACINI, Ugo.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • BONANNO, Alfredo.
    (1937- ) Italian anarchist militant. (Wikipedia)June 2008

  • BONNEFF, Léon.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • BONNOT, Jules.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • Bonnot Gang. (Bande à Bonnot)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

    (1872-1961) Italian anarchist militant, participant in founding USI & UAI.

  • BONOMINI, Ernesto.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BONTEMPS, Charles Auguste.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik here for Bookchin page BOOKCHIN, Murray.
    (1921-2006) American anarchist, ecologist, militant, theorist.

  • Anarchist Bookstores (Current, open shops)

  • BORDAT, Toussaint.
    (1854-??) French labor militant, defendant in the "Trial of the 66."
    (Daily Bleed; Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • Clik for page BORGHI, Armando.
    Italian anarcho-syndicalist.

  • BORGIUS, Walter.
    (??-??) Author, Die Ideenwelt des Anarchismus (1904)

  • BOROVOI, Alexei.
    (1875-1935) Great unknown of Russian anarchism.

    (1916-2002) Spanish militant anarquista i anarcosindicalista. (Anarcoefemèrides) NewJune 2008

  • BORRELL GARCÍA, Federico.
    (1912-1936) Spanish anarchist, son of María García, member of the FAI, made famous by the iconic photo The Fallen Soldier by Robert Capa, which captured his moment of death during the Spanish Revolution. (Daily Bleed)

  • BORRELL MATEO, Enrique.
    (??-1871) Spanish anarchist. (Diccionari de Sindicats)

  • BORTOLOTTI, Arthur. (Attilio)
    (1903-1995) Italian-Canadian, one of four anarchists arrested in Toronto for anti-Fascist agitation; defense to prevent deportation aided by Emma Goldman.

  • BOSIGER, André.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • BOSIGER, Ruth.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BOSSIERE, Roger.

  • Boston Anarchist Drinking Club (B.A.D.)

  • BOTEV, Christo. (1848-1876) Bulgarian anarchist. (Daily Bleed)

  • BOUDOUX, Francis. (aka Jules Sellenet)
    (1881-1941) French militant, antimilitarist, anarcho-syndicalist. (Daily Bleed)

  • BOUILLARD, Gustave.
    (1857-??) Anarchiste ardennais, active in groups in Nouzon. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BOURGUER, Jean.
    (1871-??) Militant anarchiste, antimilitariste, anticlérical et syndicaliste révolutionnaire. (Ephéméride Anarchiste) NewJune 2008

  • clik for pageBOURNE, Randolph.
    Early 20th century American critic, anarchist.

  • BOUSSINOT, Charles.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BOUSSINOT, Roger.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Bourse du Travail.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BOYESEN, Bayard.
    (??-??) American teacher at the Ferrer School; Columbia University professor fired for sharing a lecture platform with Emma Goldman.

    (??-??) French anarchiste. Cheminot - FA - CNTF (FTR) - Argentan (Orne). (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BRADFORD, George.
    Journalistic pseudonym for author
    David Watson.

  • Clik for pageBRADY, Edward.
    Austrian-American anarchist, romantically involved with Emma Goldman.

  • BRAMER, Henri.
    (??-??) French individualiste, member "Groupe international," which met up in Barcelona in 1918, & included Victor Serge, Rirette Maitrejean, M. Desmoulins; éditer le journal "El Sembrador." (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BRANCHINI, Nazareno.
    (1891–1971) Italian anarchist militant, emigrated to the US, died in Chicago. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • BRAULT, Jean.
    (??-??) French miner, emigrated to the US & involved in anarchist groups & militant worker actions in Spring Valley, Pennsylvania & La Salle, Illinois in the 1890s. Moved to socialism, joined the IWW in 1910. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • BRAND, Frank. Best known of several pseudonyms used by Enrico Arrigoni.

  • "Die Brandfackel". (The Torch)
    (1893-1895) German language anarchist-communist journal published in NY City, edited by Claus Timmerman. (Ephéméride Anarchiste) NewJune 2008

  • Clik for Georges Brassens pageBRASSENS, Georges.
    (1921-1981) French anarchist poet, singer/songwriter.

  • BRECHOTEAU, Anselme.
    (1901-??) French hairdresser, Bordeaux anarchiste archivist. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BRÉGÉGÈRE, Léon.
    (8 novembre 1898, Terrasson-??) French anarchiste, glass worker in Hérault. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BREGEOT, René.
    (1913-??) French militant with Jeunesses Anarchistes & Colombes de l’Union anarchiste (UA). With other militants (Bordier, Coignet, Coutrot & André Barzangette) refused the military call up, attempting in October 1939 to gain Mexico. Arrested in Spain & interned in at Miranda in 1940. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BREGLIANO, Luca, Pierre. Luc
    (??-1968?) Of Italian nationality, member of Action libertaire, organized inter alia by Martial Desmoulins, secretary Marseille Jeunesse Anarchiste. Collaborated on "La Voix Libertaire" (Limoges) & "Combat Syndicaliste". Member Fédération Anarchiste & CNTF. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BRELL PIÑOL, Juan.
    (Valencia, 1908 - ?) Anarcosindicalista. Dirigente de la CNT.

  • BRENTANO, Robert.
    (1926-2002) American anarchist, scholar (University of California-Berkeley) in medieval English & Italian history.

  • Clik for page BRESCI, Gaetano.
    (1869-1901) Italian-American anarchist, assassinated King Umberto.

  • BRETON, Roland.
    (1931-??) French anarchiste, Professor of geography; FA-FCL-CIRA - Paris & Aix en Provence. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BRETON, Sébastien.
    (??-??) French anarchiste; UA - CGTSR? Peasant in the Brest area, collaborated in "Champs de la terre" du Libertaire in the 1930s. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BRETONNEAU, Gustave.
    (??-??) French anarchiste, Salaize (Isère) circa 1949. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • BRIENS, François.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BRIGNOLI, Giovanni Luigi.
    (1928-1997) Italian anarchist, "l'ultimo bandito gentiluomo ..."

  • BRINTON, Maurice. (pen name of Chris Pallis)
    (1922-2005) British libertarian socialist, distinguished neuro-surgeon, writer, translator & mainstay in the London Solidarity group. (Daily Bleed)

  • BRIOSCHI, Osvaldo.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • BROCHER-ROUCHY, Victorine.
    (1838-1922) Communard, anarchist militant (International Institute of Social History)

  • BROOKER, Tom.
    (??- ) Construction worker, musician, San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair Committee co-founder. (IndyMedia)

  • BROUCHER, Gustave.
    (1850-1931) French prioest, socialist, anarchist, militant freethinker, witer, editor. (International Institute of Social History)

    (1915-197?) Clerical worker, CNT militant, & its underground General Secretary, arrested & sentenced to prison for 30 years in 1947. (Christie Books)

  • BROUSSE, Paul.
    (1844-1912) Jura Federation member; became a socialist. (Daily Bleed)

  • BROUTCHOUX, Benoît.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BROWN, George.
    (??-??) Anarchist orator .

  • BROWN, L. Susan.
    Anarchist-communist. A 'Research on Anarchism' list moderator.

  • BROWN, William Thurston.
    American anarchist sympathiser & modern educator.

  • BRUMANA, Herminia.
    (1898-1954) Argentinean libertarian pedagogue. Participant in "Nuestra Tribuna" (Ateneo Virtual)

  • BRUNO, Giordano.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BRUPBACHER, Fritz.
    (1874-1945) Unorthodox Swiss socialist & libertarian, physician, writer, antimilitarist, kicked out of the Communist Party for anarchist leanings. (International Institute of Social History)

  • BRUPBACHER, Paulette. [Paulette Raygrodski]
    (1880-1967) Swiss libertarian, translator, partner & collaborator of Fritz. (International Institute of Social History) See also Daily Bleed, Dec. 31

  • BRUZZI, Pietro.
    (??-1944) Italian, co-editor of "L’Indivi-dualista". Implicated in the Teatro Diana bombing. Fought in the Spanish Revolution. WWII partisan, captured & shot by the fascists. (Daily Bleed; Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • BUBER, Martin.
    Philosopher, considered by some a religious anarchist. Wrote Paths in Utopia (1949), with chapters on Proudhon, Kropotkin & Landauer.

    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • Budapest 1956.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Bulletin de la Fédération Jurassienne
  • Le Bulletin de la Ruche
  • Bulletin of the Anarchist Red Cross

  • "Bulletin of the Libertarian Internationale".
    (1906-1907[?]) Belgian publication for organizing the famed International Congress of 1907 in Amsterdam, edited by Henri Fuss. July 2008

  • BUMPAS, Jim.
    (1943-1997) Attorney, computer enthusiast, sports coach, social critic & author. Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (SRAF) newsletter publisher. IWW member. Avid simulated war games enthusiast & designer. (See "Tatchanka - Ukraine, 1919-21"). (Daily Bleed)

  • BUONARROTI, Filippo.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • BURROWS, Herbert.

  • BUTAUD, Georges.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

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  • C.G.T
  • C.G.T-S.R
  • C.I.R.A. Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme.

  • C.N.T. [Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo]
    (1911- still active) Largest trade union in Spain, anarchosyndicalist, first third of 20th century. (Wikipedia); see also Catalan Wiki

  • CABALLÉ, Jaume.
    (??-??) CNT militant. Helped rebuild Sindicat de la Construcció de Badalona during the Primo de Rivera dictatorship. Assisted in the Ple de Sindicats de la CRTC (Barcelona, August 1931). (Diccionari de Sindicats)

  • CABET, Etienne.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CABRERA, Ary.
    (??-??) Montevideo anarchist militant of the CNT, & the clandestine Resistance Student Workmen (ROE) founded by the Uruguyan Anarchist Federation to fight the military dictatorship; arrested in 1976.

  • CAFARD, Max.
    (??- ) American anarchist author, in Fifth Estate & Exquisite Corpse. (Research on Anarchism)

  • Click hereCAFIERO, Carlo.
    (1846-1892) Italian anarchist, champion of Bakunin in the second half of the 1800's.

  • CAFIERO Ku Tuzoca

  • CAGE, John.
    American composer, anarchist, taught at Cornish School in Seattle. (Anarchy Archives)

  • CAIN, Séamas.
    (??-) American poet, perfomance writer, anarchist.
    (Home page)

  • CALLEMIN, Raymond. (Raymond la science)
    (1890-1913) Anarchiste illégaliste, membre de la Bande à Bonnot. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CALVIA, Maria.
    (??-??) Argentinian, involved with "La Voz de la Mujer" (Voice of the Woman).

  • CAMPANELLA, Tommaso.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for pageCAMPION, Léo.
    (??-??) French anarchist, free thinker & freemason.

  • CAMPO, Marcelino del. («Tomas Arrate» ; «Torinto»)
    (??-1924) Spanish anarchist, member of "Los Solidarios", killed in a shootout with Barcelona police.

  • CAMPOS, Manuel. (Àlias «Torinto»)
    (??-??) Spanish anarchist, carpenter. Member "Los Solidarios" (1922-23). (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • CAMUS, Albert.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • La Canadienne Strike.
    Spanish strike in Barcelona in 1919, becoming a General Strike. (Daily Bleed)

    (1896-1973) Spanish/Mexican anarchist, member CNT & Republican government (in exile).

  • Click Here CANNONE, Alphonse, Sauveur.
    (1899-1939) Algerian-born French mutineer, combatant in the Spanish Revolution.
  • CANON Jean-Pierre

  • CANTWELL, Thomas Edouard.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CAPDEROQUE, Marie. (Marion Bachmann)
    (1873-??) French anarchiste-syndicalist, feminist. Founded "Comité d'études des femmes socialistes révolutionnaires". (nothingness.org)

  • CAPDEVILA PUIG, Andreu. (Andrés)
    (1894 -??) Militant a la . (Daily Bleed)

  • CAPETILLO, Luisa.
    (1879-1922) Puerto Rican feminist, anarchist, labor organizer, novelist, publisher "La Mujer" (The Woman). (Ateneo Virtual)

  • CAPPELLETTI, Ángel Cappelletti.
    (1927-1995) Argentinian anarchist, academic, historian, in Venezuela 1968-1994.

  • CARACERSA DIAZ, Salvador.
    (?? -??) Militant a la CNT. (Daily Bleed)

  • CARBALLIDO, Francisco.
    (??-1950) Spanish militant (MLE-CNT) arrested & murdered by the police, along with Antonio Díaz, February 1950, victims of the “ley de fuga" (law of escape). (Dictionnaire des guérilleros...)

  • CARBALLO BLANCO, Fernando .
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

    (1883-958) Spanish/Mexican anarchist militant & author.

  • CARBONE, Carmine.
    Italian-American anarchist, member of the Gruppo Gaetano Bresci, sentenced 6-12 years in prison for planting bombs in St. Patrick's Cathedral & the Church of St. Alphonsus with Frank Arbano.

  • CARDIAS. (Rossi, Giovanni).
    See Rossi page link below.

  • CARLES, Emilie.

  • CARMAGNOLA, Francesco.
    (1900-1986) Pivotal anarchist/anti-fascist in the Italian community in Australia, led the 1934 Canecutters' strike.
    (Radical Tradition)

  • CARNES, Alice.

  • Carnet B.
    French police spy list of worrisome radicals. Surprisingly, many anarchistes graced their bulging files. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CAROUY, Edouard.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CARPENA AMAT, Pepita.

  • CARPENTER, Edward.
    (1844-1929) Early British gay rights activist, utopian & libertarian socialist, poet, songwriter. (Daily Bleed)

  • click hereCARPENTIER, François-Charles.
    (1904-1988) French anarchist, combatant in the Spanish Revolution.

  • CARR, James.
    (??-1972) Notorious African American prison rebel, where he spent most of his life. Formed the 'Wolf Pack' gang with George Jackson. Joined the Black Panther Party, but left under the influence of the Situationists. Shot down in his driveway in a gangland-style execution. See his autobiography Bad ("Jimmy was the baddest motherfucker..." — George Jackson) (endangeredphoenix.com)

  • CARRANZA, Pedro Antonio.
    (??-??) Spanish cenetista .

  • CARRINGTON, Glenn.
    (??-??) African American anarchist, member of Vanguard Group in the 30s.

  • Clik for page CARRINGTON, Leonora.
    Surrealist painter (Daily Bleed Saint, 1999)

  • CARRUTH, Hayden.
    (1921- ) American poet & anarchist.

  • CARTER, Alan.
    (??-??) British professor, anarchist scholar, environmentalist.
    (Research on Anarchism) & (Home page)

  • CARTER, April.
    (??- ) Author, anarcho-pacifist.

  • CARTERER, Ralph.
    (??-??) Australian, ran communist-anarchist press in Sydney ca. 1912.

  • Casa del Obrero Mundial. (COM; House of the World Worker)
    (1912-1916) Anarchosyndicalist amalgam of various Mexican unions & the anarchist Grupo Luz; by 1913 it undercuts the government’s Gran Liga union & dominates organized labor in Mexico City until crushed by the government. (Daily Bleed)

    Assassinat d'Eduardo Dato on March 8, 1921, responsable de la répression antisyndicale à Barcelone, par Luis Nicolau & Pedro Mateu.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for pageCASANOVA, Antonio.
    (1898-1966) Argentinian anarchist militant. A founder of FLA (Mirrored page, in Spanish)

  • Casas Viejas. (Spanish massacre) (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CASERIO, Santo Geronimo. (cited also as Sante Jeronimo Caserio) (1873-1894) Italian anarchist, executed for assassinating French President Carnot to avenge the execution of Auguste Valliant.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • CASTEU, François.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CATALÁ TINEO, Sigfrido.
    (1906-1978) Spanish anarcosindicalista, CNT militant, a founder of ANFD. Arrested in 1944, condemned to death (commuted). (Christie Books)

  • CAUSSIMON Jean-Roger. (Daily Bleed)


  • CAVANI, Renzo.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • CECCHI, Pilade.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, editor of "La Questione Sociale," for which he was sent to prison in 1884.

  • Cecilia Colony. (Brasil) See the Giovanni Rossi page.

  • CELINE, Hagbard.
    (??-??) Fictional character, Discordian, anarchist from the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson. (Wikipedia)

  • Cempuis. (école libertaire de)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Central Téléphonique (Barcelone 1937)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme (CIRA). Major anarchist archive, in Switzerland, with smaller associated archives in other countries. (CIRA)

  • CENTRONE, Michele.
    (??-193??) Italian anarchist, volunteer, Colonna Italiana Ascaso, killed in the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

  • CEPELLI, Renzo.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • CÉRON BAZA, Juan.
    (1896-1939) Spanish CNT militant. Captured & executed by the fascists, June 6. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • CERRADA SANTOS, Laureano.
    (??-1976) Spanish anarchist, CNT member, veteran of the plot to kill Franco & Hitler together; murdered by a Spanish Nazi.

  • CERRETTI, Arturo. (??-?? ca late 1800s) Italian anarchist, brother of Cleso.

  • CERRETTI, Cleso. (??-?? ca late 1800s) Italian anarchist.

  • CERRITO Gino

    (1840-1874) Spanish law teacher, member of the Alliance, go-between for the Alliance & the F.R.E. (ChristieBooks)

  • CHAE-HO, Shin.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CHAMPALLE, Louis.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CHAMPION, Jeanne.

  • CHARDON Pierre. (Pierre Charron)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Charlatan Stew.
    American anti-authoritarian publishers (activists Sylvie Kashdan & Robbie Barnes).
    (Charlatan Stew Archives)

  • CHARRIER, Mécislas.
    (1895-1922) French individualist & illégaliste. Raised until the age of five by the anarchist Mécislas Golberg. Executed in 1922. (Daily Bleed)

  • Charter of Amiens. (Charte d’Amiens)
    (1906) Adopted, CGT 9th Congress, Amiens, France — a key revolutionary syndicalist text—stressing the need to maintain independence from all political parties.
    French & English, see Fondation Pierre Besnard; Marxists.org lists the signatories.

  • CHATEL, Charles.

    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CHAVEZ LOPEZ, Julio.

  • CHAZOFF, Jules.

  • Clik for pageCHEITANOV, Georgi.
    (1896-1925) Bulgarian writer, speaker, theorist, activist. Captured & executed.

  • CHENARD, Paul. (Paulo)

  • CHENARD, Raoul.
    (1896-1960) Militant French anarchist-syndicalist. (Daily Bleed)

    Click HereChernoe Znamia. (Black Banner)
    (1903-1906) Russian anarchist communist organization, largest in the country during its time, prominent advocates of terrorism.

  • Clik for pageCHERNYI, Lev.
    (18??-1921) Russian anarchist poet executed by the Communists.

  • CHESSA, Aurelio.

  • CHEVALIER DE LA BARRE. (Jean-François Lefebvre)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CHEVET, Susy.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CHIAPUSO, Manuel.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CHIARELLA, Paolo .
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Chicago Free Society Group.
    June 2008

  • CHINCHILLA, Manuel.
    (??-??) Spanish Bakuninist,organized first anarchist nucleus in Chile(?). Influenced Carlos Jorquera, the first Chilean anarchist.

  • CHIOSSI, Vincenzo.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • Clik for page CHOMSKY, Noam.
    (1928-) American linguist, anarcho-syndicalist, professor.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • Clik for pageCHRISTIE, Stuart.
    (1946- ) Scottish anarchist militant & publisher.

  • Clik for page CHRISTO & Jeanne-Claude.
    Artists cited in Daily Bleed, Patron Saints.

    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Chumbawamba.
    Anarchist band: "Give The Anarchist A Cigarette" ('Albert, Bobby, for God's sake burn it down'), from "Anarchy", album, England 1994 (Home page)

  • Click HereCIANCABILLA, Giuseppe.
    (1872-1904) Italian-American anarchist, editor of La Questione Sociale & La Protesta Umana

  • CILIGA, Anton. (Ante)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Cinéma du Peuple.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CIPRIANI, Amilcare.
    (1844-1918) Italian anarchist, writer, Paris Communard. (Daily Bleed)

  • Click HereCircled-A
    @ International symbol of anarchism

    (?-?) Cuban anarchist, sympathizer of Proudhon's federalism, active in the Ten Years War (1868-1878) against Spain.

  • Cittadella Colony

    (Valencia, 1900-México, 1975) Spanish political & theoretical anarchosyndicalist, author.

  • CLARAMUNT, Teresa.
    (1862-1931) (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CLARK, John P.
    (??- ) American professor, anarchist scholar. (Research on Anarchism)

  • CLASTRES, Pierre.
    (1934-1977) French anarchist anthropologist, author of Society Against the State. (le libertaire)

  • CLAUDOT, André.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CLAUX, Kleber. (aka Ramon [Ray] Insa Lleo)
    (1893-1971) French-Australian anarchist, naturalist.
    (Radical Tradition)

  • CLEMENT, Jean-Baptiste.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CLEMENT, Salvador.
    (1916-2000) Spanish anarcho-syndicalist.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • CLEMINSON, Richard.
    Scholar of articles on anarchism & sexuality. (Research on Anarchism)

  • CLER, Henri.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CLEYRE, Voltairine de.
    (1866-1912) American teacher, poet, anarchist feminist. (Anarchy Archives)
    Collected Poems of Voltairine De Cleyre (Stan Iverson Archives)

  • CLOOTZ Anacharsis

  • Clik for pageCOCHON, Georges.
    (1879-1959) French tapestry maker, anarchist & popular secretary of the "Federation of Tenants."

  • COEURDEROY, Ernest.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • COHEN, Joseph J.

  • COHEN, Selma.
    (??-??) American anarchist, artist, married to Abe Bluestein.

  • Clik for page COHN-BENDIT, Daniel.
    French anarchist, best-known for his days during the Paris '68 uprising. (Anarchy Archives)

  • COLLI, Egisto.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • COLLINO, Robert. (aka Ixigrec)
    (1886-1975) French anarchist & a science fiction author, wrote for many libertarian publications under the pseudonym Ixigrec. (Daily Bleed)May 2009

  • COLOMER, André.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Colonne Vendome.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Colonie d'Aiglemont.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Colonie de Bascon.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

    (1901-1994) Spanish anarchist, feminist, teacher, cofounder Mujeres Libres. (Daily Bleed)

  • COMES, Francesc.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for pageCOMFORT, Alex.
    (1920-2000) British physician, anarchist, poet, novelist, anti-nuke activist, sexologist [The Joy of Sex], etc....

  • Commune de Paris. (See Paris Commune).

  • CONCORDIA, Germinal.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • "El Condenado".
    (1872 thru 1893) Title borne by a number of libertarian papers in Spain. (Christie Books)

  • CONDE, Carmen.
    (1907-1996) Spanish anarchist involved in Mujeres Libres, feminist, professor, poet, cofounder Archivo Semanario de Rubén Darío. (Daily Bleed)

  • Confederación General de Trabajadores. (CGT)
    (1931-??) Chilean union, anarcosindicalista. United IWW remnants with FORCh & several anarcho-syndicalist unions. 25,000 members in 35 different unions. It's organ "La Protesta" was the most important libertarian newspaper in Chile.

  • Congress of the Local Federations of the MLE-CNT in exile.
    First Congress held in Paris (May 1945). 400 delegates represent about 450 anarchist local federations in France & North Africa; membership was 25,000.
    (Daily Bleed Reference page) May 1, 1945

  • CONNOLLY, Gilbert.
    (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Albert Mullady, John Pinkman, Sidney Solomon, et al.

  • CONSIDERANT, Victor.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CONSIGLIO, Umberto.

  • CONSTANDSE, Anton.
    (??-??) Leading Dutch anarchist & freethinker.

  • CONSTANT, Marie. (Le Père Lapurge) voir, MARIE Constant) (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CONTENT, Julien.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CONVERTI, Nicolo.

  • Clik for pageCOOK, Cassius V.
    (1879-1950) American anarchist, writer, publisher, businessman.

  • CORDÓN AVELLÁN, Salvador.
    (Cabra 1886-Seville 1936) Andalusian revolutionary; married Isabel H. Pereira in Argentina; propagandist, speaker, publisher & author. (Christie Books)

  • CORNELISSEN, Christian.

  • Felipe Cortiella page, Dramatist, anarquistaCORTIELLA, Felipe.
    (1871-1937) Dramatist, anarchist militant & CNT fighter.

  • COSTA, Andrea.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for pageCOSTANTINI, Flavio.
    (??- ) Italian anarchist artist & illustrator.

  • COTA, José Muñoz.
    Mexican poet, includes poems about Zapata, Magonistas & other anarchists. (Daily Bleed) reference page

  • COTTIN, Louis-Emile.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Courant Alternatif.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)March 2009

  • COURBET, Gustave.
    (1809-1877) French Realist artist, militant anarchist. (Black Eye Press)

  • COUTE Gaston

  • COVELLI, Emilio.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CRASS, Chris.
    American anarchist militant, columnist, organizer (Food Not Bombs, anti-racism, etc). (Wikipedia)

    CREAGH, Ronald.
    (1968-2023) French anarchist, professor, author, ageless moderator of Research on Anarchism List. (Research on Anarchism)

  • CREAGHE, John.
    (1841-1920) Doctor & Irish anarchist. Editor of the first anarchist daily paper (FORA paper in Argentina). (Daily Bleed)

  • CRESPI, Ugo.
    Italian anarchist (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • CRESPIN, Claude.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • "Crisol". Title of several papers:

    • Barcelona, 1923, organ of Los Solidarios. Texts by Alaiz, Callejas, Torres Tribó, F. Ascaso (administrator) & Barthe, distributed free of charge;
    • Sabadell, 1923, two issues, anarchist weekly directed by H. Plaja;
    • Mouthpiece of the comarcal federation of Guipúzcoa, San Sebastián. Its place was taken by "Frente Popular" (August 1936). Later resurfaced, espousing a faísta line (under Fraz & Sanromán). Launched by Chiapuso, among others;
    • Paris, 1946-51, published by the Libertarian Youth;
    • Igualada, 1982, one issue.

    (Christie Books)

  • CRISTOFOLI, Italo.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • CROISET, Hynan.

  • "Cronaca Sovversiva". (Subversive Chronicle)
    (circa 1894) Principal Italian-American anarchist paper ran for 15 years until suppressed by the US government. Edited by Luigi Galleani.

  • CROPALTI, Ettore.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • Click hereCROSS, Henri-Edmond (Delacroix).
    (1856-1910) French illustrator, painter.

  • CROWLEY, Louise & George.
    (??-??) Communisty activists, founders, Seattle Anarchist Group.

  • CRUMP, John.
    (??-2005) British anarchist & author. Helped found the Social Revolution & Subversion groups. (UK Anarchist Federation)

  • CUBERO, Jaime.
    (??-1998) Brazilian anarchist, author, teacher. Daily Bleed)

  • Le Cubilot
  • Culmine
  • Cultura Proletaria
  • Le Cyclone

  • CYVOCT, Antoine.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • CZOLGOSZ, Léon.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

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Anarchist encyclopedia




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  • D'ANDREA, Virgilia.
    (1890-1932) Italian-American anarchist, anti-fascist, teacher, poet. (Kate Sharpley Library)

  • D'AVRAY, Charles.
    (1878-1960) French anarchist poet & songster.

  • DAGERMAN, Stig.
    (1923-1954) Swedish Playwright, novelist, poet, anarcho-trade unionist. (Daily Bleed)

  • DAMIANI, Luigi. (‘Gigi’)
    (1876-1953) Militant Italian anarchist & propagandist, active also in Brazil. (Daily Bleed Reference page)

  • DANTAS, Virginia.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DAGERMAN, Stig.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DARIEN, Georges.

  • DARSOUZE, René..
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for pageDARZEV, Todor.
    Bulgarian anarchist, prestigious figure among workers.

  • Clik for pageDAUDE-BANCEL, Achille.
    (1870-1963) French anarchist, union activist.

  • DAUDET, Philippe.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DAUNIS, André.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DAVID-NEEL, Alexandra.
    (1868-1969) Daily Bleed Saint for December 12: First woman explorer of Tibet & its mysteries. Successively & simultaniously anarchist, singer, feminist, explorer, writer, lecturer, photographer, buddhist, architect, mail artist, sanskrit grammarian & Centenarian.
    See also October 24

  • DAY, Dorothy.
    (1897-1980) American Catholic anarchist, founder of Catholic Worker Movement with Peter Maurin.

  • Clik for pageDAY, Hem.
    (aka Henri Dieu) (1902-1969). Belgian anarchist, bookseller, scholar, & writer.

  • Clik for paged'AXA, Zo.
    (1864-1930) French individualist anarchist, lampoonist.

  • Clik for Jean De Boe pageDE BOE, Jean.
    (1889-1974) French anarchist, trade unionist.

  • de Cleyre, Voltairine. See Cleyre above.

  • DE JONG, Albert.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DE JONG, Rudolf .
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DE LIGT, Barthélemy.
    (1883-1938) Outstanding antimilitarist & Dutch libertarian pacifist. (Ephéméride anarchiste; also, Daily Bleed, July 17, 1883)

  • DE MICHELE, Rino.
    (??- ) Italian activist, anarchist, anti-commercial mail art / installation / collage artist, involved with "ApARTe°" magazine, the founding of Biennale d'Arte & Anarchia & many similar cultural events. (Daily Bleed) NewMarch 2008

  • DE-PAEPE, César.

  • DE SOUSA, Germinal.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DEBORD, Guy.
    International Situationist, author of The Society of the Spectacle.

  • DEBRONCKART, Jacques.

  • Clik for pageDEBS, Eugene V.
    (1855-1926) Militant American labor rights activist, socialist, anarchist sympathizer, cofounder IWW.

  • DEGUIGNET, Jean-Marie.

  • Clik for pageDEJACQUE, Joseph.
    (1821-1864) French revolutionary, publisher of "Libertaire".

  • DEJOUX, Louis & François.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)May 2009

  • Clik for pageDEKKER, Henry.
    (also listed as MULTATULI below)

  • DEL PAPA, Romualdo.
    (1905-1965) Italian anarchist & WWII resistance partisan, one of those leading the attack on the Dogali barracks. (Lib.com)

  • DELALE, Auguste.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DELANGE, Henri.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)May 2009

  • DELANNOY, Aristide.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DELATOUSCHE, Germain.

  • DELAW, George. (Georges DELEAU)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)May 2009

  • . http://www.ephemanar.net/juillet29.html#29

  • DELESALLE, Paul.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DELGADO, Joaquim.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DELGADO, Roman.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • DEMAILLE, Henri.
    (1885-??) aka "Petit Breton". Militant anarchiste du Havre... (Ephéméride Anarchiste)May 2009

  • DERRÉ, Émile.
    (1867-1938) dit "Petit Breton". Militant anarchiste du Havre... (Ephéméride Anarchiste)May 2009

  • DERRIDA, Jacques.
    (??-??) Philosopher of deconstruction, "responsible anarchism".

  • DESCAVES, Lucien.
    (1861-1949) Ecrivain libertaire... (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • «DESEADO, El». (Pedro Díéz Algora)
    (1921-1948) Spanish anarchist, member of the 23° sector of Agrupación Guerrillera of Levante y Aragón (AGLA) & for their paper, El Guerrillero. Trapped & killed along with Francisco Morancho Moyas, Juan Vallejo Carrasco & Manuel Sánchez Lamas on April 22, 1948. (Dictionnaire des guérilleros...)

  • DESGRANGES, Antoine.

  • DESGRANGES, Pierre. (aka GRANGE)
    (1865-1898) Militant anarchiste lyonnais...(Ephéméride anarchiste; also, Daily Bleed, July 16, 1898)

  • DESGRANGES, Victor.

  • DESMOND, Arthur. (aka, Ragnar Redbeard)
    (ca. 1842-1916) Australian author of 'Might Is Right', an ultra-individualistic & bizarre mix of Stirner, Nietzsche & Darwin.
    (Radical Tradition)

  • "Despertad!"
  • "Despertar"

  • DESPLANQUES, Charles.
    (1877-1951) French revolutionary syndicalist, anarchist, journalist. (Ephéméride anarchiste; also, Daily Bleed, July 17, 1951)

  • DEVALDES, Manuel.
    French pacifist, member of "l'Action d'art."
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste; see also, Daily Bleed, Feb 5, 1875, Dec 22, 1956

  • Clik for pageDEXTER, "Lord" Timothy.
    Non-anarchist, known as the "Newburyport Nut."

  • DEZA GARCÍA, Manuel.
    (??-1946) Spanish anarchist guerrilla, killed in a confrontation with Guardia Civil in Andalusia. (Daily Bleed)
  • DI PRIMA, Diane.
    (1934- ) American Beat poet, anarchist militant, granddaughter of Domenico Mallozzi, an Italian-born anarchist. (Wikipedia)

  • DI SCIULLO, Camillo.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, ran the newspaper "Il pensiero" in 1890s.

  • DÍAZ, Antonio.
    (??-1950) Spanish militant (MLE-CNT) arrested & murdered by the police, along with Francisco Carballido, February 1950, Navas de la Concepcion (Séville), victims of the “law of escape." (Dictionnaire des guérilleros...)

  • DIAZ MATIAS, Francisco. «Pelota»
    (1917-??) Spanish anarchist guerrilla, Paysan - Groupe de José Muñoz Lozano «Roberto» - Grenade (Andalousie). (Dictionnaire des guérilleros...)

  • DICK, Jim.
    (??-??) British-American anarchist, labor activist, active in Modern School movement.

  • DICK, Nellie.
    (??-??) British-American anarchist, labor activist, active in Modern School movement.

  • DICKSTEIN, Ruth.
    (??-??) Polish-American member Vanguard Group.

  • DICKSTEIN, Zina.
    (??-??) Polish-American member Vanguard Group.

  • DIDEROT, Denis.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DIEHL, Karl.
    (??-??) German professor, strove to dispel the statist image of anarchist movements as terrorist. (Anarchy Archives)

  • DIEUDONNE, Eugène.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DIEZ MARTIN, Paulino.

  • DIGEON, Emile.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • Dimanche rouge. (St Petersbourg)
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • Diodà Giovanni. (Arrest, 1920)
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DMITRIEFF, Elisabeth
    (??-??) (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DOCTRINAL, Sophie (aka POIRIER)

  • DOLENKO, Nikolaï. dit Tchekeres (membre du Nabat)
    (1918) (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DOLET, Etienne .
    (1509-1546) (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DOLGOFF, Esther.
    (??-??) American anarchist, activist, translator. Companion of Sam Dolgoff.

  • DOLGOFF, Sam.
    (1902-1990) American anarcho-syndicalist, Wobbly, member of the Chicago Free Society Group, Libertarian Book Club, co-founder New York Libertarian League. (Movement for Anarchy)

  • DOLGOFF, Thomas.
    American anarchist, involved in the "Vanguard Group." Youngest brother of Sam Dolgoff.

    (1846-1919) Pioneer of Dutch anarchism & the International Anti-Militarist Association. Born in Amsterdam, a preacher in Harlingen in 1870. Leader of a socialist union & first socialist senator in The Netherlands. Became an anarchist in 1897.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DOMMANGET, Maurice.
    (1888-??) (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DONDOLIO, Nestor.
    (??-??) Italian-American Galleanist; a chef who poisoned 200 people at a religious banquet in NYC. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • DORADO PITA, Joaquina.
    (1917- ) Spanish anarchist, anti-Franco militant, carpenter, upholsterer. Companion of Sarrau Royes. (International Institute of Social History)

  • DORLET, Louis. (dit Samuel Vergine)
    (1905-1989) Militant anarchiste & pacifiste, died Mai 18 1989. (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DOUBINSKY, Claude.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DOUBINSKY, Jacques.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DOUBINSKY, Sebastien
    Anarchist writer, grandson of Jaques Doubinsky.

  • DRAGNEV, Nicolai.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DUBOIS, Jules. (or Jules?)
    (1870-1912) Garagiste anarchiste illégaliste mêlé à la Bande à Bonnot. (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DUCAUROY, Ovide.

  • DUFFY TURNER, Ethel.

  • DULCET MARTI, Rosario. (1881-??)

  • DUMARTHERAY, François.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DUNBAR-ORTIZ, Roxanne.
    American anarchist militant, scholar, anti-war activist, feminist. (Wikipedia)

  • DUNCAN, Robert.
    (1919-1988) American poet & anarchist, involved in the San Francisco Libertarian Circle, Black Mountain College & Beat movement.

  • DUNOIS, Amédée.
    (1878-1945) Militant anarchiste, syndicaliste révolutionnaire puis communiste & socialiste. Died in the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. July 2008

  • DUPRAT, François-Louis. May 2009

  • DURAND, Auguste.
    (1876-??) French antimilitarist, militant anarchist & Marseilles revolutionary syndicalist. (Ephéméride anarchiste; also, Daily Bleed, July 13, 1876)

  • DURAND, Emile.
    (??-??) Libertarian teacher, founder of l'Ecole Ferrer de Lausanne in Switzerland with Jean Wintsch. (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • Clik for Jules Durand pageDURAND, Jules.
    (1880-1926) French anarchist, revolutionary trade unionist.

  • DURANT, Will.
    (1885–1981) American historian, headed the anarchist Modern School in NY.

  • Clik for pageDURRUTI y Dominguo, Buenaventura.

    • Clik for pageDURRUTI, Durruti Column, & Friends of Durruti.
      Early Days, the Spanish Revolution of 1936

  • DURUPT, Georges.

  • Clik for pageDUVAL, Clément.
    (1850-1935) French Anarchist illegalist, member of "La panthère des Batignolles".

  • DUVERGE, Gerard.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • DWELSHAUVERS, Jean-Jacques. (aka Jacques Mesnil)

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Anarchist Encyclopedia

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  • EBERHARDT, Isabell.
    (1877-1904) Russian-born anarcha-feminist. Wrote The Oblivion Seekers

  • Clik for pageEDELSTADT, David. [Edelstat; Dovid Edelshtadt]

  • EDO, Luis Andres.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • EEKHOUD, Georges.
  • EHRLICH, Carol.

  • EHRLICH, Howard.
    American teacher, sociologist, author, director of The Prejudice Institute/Center for the Applied Study of Ethnoviolence, editor of "Social Anarchism".
    (Home page)

  • Clik for pageEINSTEIN, Carl.
    (1885-1940) German Poet, writer, art historian, anarchist combatant in Spanish Revolution. Nephew of famed physicist, Albert. A suicide to avoid Nazi persecution.

  • ELIA, Roberto.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Clik for pageELLINGTON, Dick.
    (1930-1991) American anarchist, typesetter, IWW member, Science Fiction fan, active in New York City & the Frisco Bay area.

  • ELLUL, Jacques. (1912-??) French Christian anarchist. (Daily Bleed)

  • ELOSU, Fernand.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • E.L.Z.N.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

    (??- ) American anarchist hip hop musican. (Wikipedia)

  • ENCKELL, Marianne. (Research on Anarchism)

  • ENGEL, George.
    (1836-1887) German-American militant anarchist & propagandist, one of the Haymarket Martyrs, wrongly executed.(Wikipedia; or in French, Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Enragés.
    (1793) Appeared during the French Revolution, rejecting Jacobin state authority. Jacques Roux & Jean Varlet were its antiauthoritarian luminaries. (Anarchy Movement; also Daily Bleed)

  • ENSOR, James.

  • EPSTEIN, Marc.
    (??-??) Printer of Vanguard Group magazine; printed beautiful programs for Stelton's Modern School & forgot the cost.

  • EQUI, Mary.
    (1872-1952) American doctor, lesbian anarchist & labor organizer.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • "Eresia".
    (1929-??) Eclectic American journal with a strong individualist bias, edited by Enrico Arrigoni Contributors included Ugo Fedeli & Francesco Ghezzi; Joe Conti (treasurer). Print run of 2,000.

  • Clik for pageERNESTAN, Ernest. (Ernest Tanrez)
    (1898-1954) Militant, writer, theorist & significant figure of Belgian anarchism.

  • Clik for pageEROSHENKO, Vasily.
    (1890-1952) Blind Russian anarchist, advocate & teacher of Braille Esperanto. Lived in Japan, China, Russia.

  • ESCOBAR, Alejandro.
    (??-??) Important Chilean anarchist of the formative years, militant trade unionist.

  • Escuela Moderna
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • ESGLEAS Germinal

  • Esperanto movement.
    International language movement involving many anarchists in the early 20th century. Better-known adherents are Pa Chin, Paco-Libereco Group, etc. (Research on Anarchism)

  • ESPINOZA, Magno.
    (18??-??) Important Chilean anarchist of the formative years, involved in "El Rebelde".

    (1913-1980) Spanish anarchist, militant in the French resistance & Mauthausen concentration camp; Spanish Federation of Former Political prisoners & camp inmates (FEDIP) co-founder. (International Institute of Social History); See also Daily Bleed Reference page, April 13, 1980

  • ESTEVE, Pedro.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchosyndicalist, a pioneer of the 20th century anarchist movement in the US, publisher of La Questione Sociale, companion of Maria Roda.

    (??-1993) Spanish anarchist militant, member of Mujeres Libres.

  • ETCHEBEHERE, Hippolyte.
    (??-1936) Argentinian anarchist, companion of Mika Etchebehere, killed in the Spanish Revolution.

  • Click hereETCHEBEHERE, Mika. (née Michèle Feldman)
    (1902-1992) Argentinian anarchist, fought in the Spanish Revolution.

  • ETIEVANT, Claude François.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • ETTOR, Joseph.

    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • EXCOFFON, Béatrix.

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Anarchist Encyclopedia

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  • F.A. "Fédération anarchiste" (France )
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • F.A.C.A. (Federación Anarco-Comunista Arxentina)

  • FABBRI, Luce.
    (1908-2000) Anarchist thinker & activist. Daughter of famed Italian anarchist Luigi Fabbri. Died in Uruguay.

  • FABBRI, Luigi.
    (1877-1935) Professor, Italian anarchist theorist, father Luce Fabbri.
    See the Daily Bleed, June 24, 1935

  • FABERT, Berthe.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FABIJANOVIC, Stephanus.
    (1868-1933) Slavic-American immigrant baker, hobo, anarchist & writer.

  • F.A.C.A. (Federation Anarchist Communist of'Argentina)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • F.A.C.B. (Federation Anarchist Communist of Bulgaria)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FACERIAS, Josep Lluís [José Luis], aka Face, Petro or Petronio
    (1920-1957) Spanish anarchist, urban guerilla. (Centre Ascaso-Durruti)

  • FAGGIOLA, Alcesto. (??-??) Italian anarchist, participant in Italian Congress in Bologna, March 1873.

  • F.A.I.
    Federación Anarquista Ibérica / Iberian Anarchist Federation
    (1927-present) Anarcho-syndicalist militants/affinity groups active within the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) (Wikipedia)

  • FAILLA, Alfonso.
    (1906-1986) Italian anarchist, antifascist interned during Mussolini's reign, influence on Pier Carlo Masini, & a close contact with Giuseppe Pinelli (A-rivista anarchica)

  • FANELLI, Giuseppe.
    (1829-1877) Bakuninist, planted the seeds of anarchism in Spain. (Anarchy Archives; Wiki)

  • FANON, Maurice.
  • FARRAS, Alexandre (ou Aviño).
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FANTAZZINI, Horst.
    (??-2001) Italian anarchist, bank robber dubbed "The Gentleman Bandit".
    (Daily Bleed)

  • FARINELLI, Luciano.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antimilitarist.

  • FASS-HARDEGGER, Margarethe.
    (1882-1963) Feminist, antifascist, anarchist, lovers with Landauer & Mühsam. (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for Nicolas Fausier PageFAUCIER, Nicolas.
    French anarchist, pacifist.

  • F.A.U.D. (Freie Arbeiter-Union Deutschlands)
    German Anarchosyndicalist union. Similar organizations include FORA, USI, SAC, CNT, etc. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FAUGERAT, James.

  • FAUN, Feral. (Pen name; see WolfiLandstreicher)

  • FAURE, Etienne.

  • Click HereFAURE, Sébastien.
    (1858-1942) Leading member of the French anarchist movement & important propagandist. Produced the famed 4-volume Encyclopédie Anarchiste.

  • FAUVET, Pierre.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • clik hereFavorite Anarchist / Libertarian Novels.
    Compiled from the anarchy-list in 1998.

  • Clik for pageFAWKES, Guy.
    Only man to enter British Parliament with honest intentions.

  • FAYOLLE, Maurice.

  • FEDELI, Ugo.
    (1898-1964) Militant Italian anarchist. (Daily Bleed; International Institute of Social History)

  • Federacion de Grupos Anarquistas de Cuba (FGAC) / Federation of Cuban Anarchist Groups.
    (1924-??) Very active in helping bring down Machado's tyranny in 1933.

  • Federación de Trabajadores de Chile. (FTCh)
    (1906-??) Early attempt to form an anarcho-syndicalist federation.

  • Federación de Trabajadores de la Región Española - Spanish Regional Workers’ Federation. (FTRE)
    (1881-1888 ) Replaced the FRE, precurser to OARE (Spanish Regional Anarchist Organisation), fore-runner of the FAI. (Daily Bleed; Christie Books)

  • Federación Española de Deportados e Internados Políticos. (FEDIP)
    Post-WWII relief group for Spanish political prisoners, political prisoners in German concentration camps & refugees from Spain; & for Spanish Republicans imprisoned in Russia. Headed by José Ester Borrás. (International Institute of Social History)

  • "La Federacion Igualadina"
    (1883-1885) Spanish labor & anarchist weekly newspaper, published by the labor societies in Igualada. (Daily Bleed)

  • Federacion Libertaria Argentina (F.L.A.)
    Founded in 1935 by Antonio Casanova & others, as Federación Anarco-Comunista Argentina (FACA).
    (Home page, in Spanish; in English, Wikipedia)

  • Federación Obrera de Chile. (FOCH)
    (1909-??) First successful Chilean national trade union, which anarchists helped organize. The syndicalist FOCH (about 60,000 members), is short lived, taken over by Communists.

  • Federación Obrera Regional Argentina. (FORA)
    (1901-??[1950s?]) Founded by Italian immigrant Pietro Gori. Argentina developed the most powerful anarchist movement in Latin America & FORA the largest working-class organization in the country. By the 1950's, it began to serve as a propaganda group.

  • Fédération Communiste Libertaire. (F.C.L.) (French Wikipedia)

  • Fédération Jurassienne See Jura Federation"

  • Federation of Yiddish-Speaking Anarchist Groups in Great Britain & Paris.
    (1902-??) Restarted the Arbeter Fraint (Rudolf Rocker, editor), opening a club, issuing pamphlets & books, & linking groups in London & the provinces into a Jewish Anarchist Federation.

  • FEDERN, Etta.
    (1883-1951); Close friend of Milly Witkop-Rocker, educator & poet who helped form Mujeres Libres in 1936, & wrote Mujeres de las revoluciones

  • FEDI, Silvano.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • FELDMAN, Leah.
    (1899-1993) Active in Yiddish-speaking anarchist movement. Smuggled arms into Spain in the 1960s; called "la yaya Makhnowista" (Makhnovist Granny) by the Catalans.

    (1891-1967) Italian-American anarchist, typographer, editor, printer, publisher.

  • "La femme affranchie"
    Feminist periodical; participants included Julia Bertrand.

  • Click HereFÉNÉON, Félix.
    (1861-1944) Art critic, novelist, anarchist & friend of Seurat, Paul Signac, Théo van Rysselberghe, Henri-Edmond Cross, etc.

  • FERANDEL, Séverin.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FERLINGHETTI, Lawrence.
    American poet of passion & humor, publisher, owner of City Lights Books, anarchist.

  • Click HereFERM, Elizabeth.
    (??-??) American anarchist, a founder of the Modern School, wrote extensively on education & contributor to Emma Goldman's journal "Mother Earth."

  • FERNÁN-GÓMEZ, Fernando.
    (1921-2007) Famed Spanish film actor, director, novelist, anarquista. (Daily Bleed) NewJune 2008

  • FERNANDEZ, Aurelio.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchist, member of "Los Solidarios."

  • FERNANDEZ, Ceferino.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchist, member of "Los Solidarios," brother of Aurelio.

  • FERNANDEZ, Frank.
    Cuban anarchist militant, a member of the Movimiento Libertarjo Cubano & collective of Guangara Libertaria. (Freedom Press)

  • FERNANDEZ, Vicente Orobon.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FERRE, Hippolyte.

  • FERRE, Léo.
    (1916-1993) Legendary French anarchist songster.

  • CLIKFERRER, Francisco y Guardia.
    (1849-1909) Spanish anarchist founder of La Escuela Moderna, inspires "Modern Schools" & libertarian pedagogists worldwide.

  • Ferrer Movement / Schools.
    Based on libertarian principles & the educational ideas of Ferrer, founded schools world-wide during the 20th century (variously named Escuela Moderna, l'Ecole Ferrer, Modern School, Summerhill, etc.) & inspired many similar efforts, with emphasis on the needs, interests & abilities of children, as opposed to authoritarian aims & methods.

  • FERRERO, Pietro.
    (1892-1922) Italian anarchist, union activist, councillist, murdered by fascists. Daily Bleed, Dec. 22

    Epistemological anarchist. (Daily Bleed)

  • Click Here for Goliardo Fiaschi pageFIASCHI, Goliardo.
    (1930-2000) Italian partisan, anti-fascist, anarchist guerilla in Spain, bookstore owner.

  • FIELDEN, Samuel J.
    (1847-1922) A socialist, anarchist & labor activist, a Haymarket Martyr, one of eight falsely convicted in the 1886 Haymarket bombing.

  • "Fifth Estate".
    (196?- ) Longest-running North American anarchist periodical, publishing from Detroit. (home page)

  • FIGNER, Vera. Daily Bleed, June 15, 1942

  • FILIPPO, Roy San.
    American anarchist, editor, antiracist activist.
  • FISCHER, Adolph.
    (1858-1887) German-American anarchist & labor union activist, Chicago Haymarket Martyr, tried & executed.(Wikipedia)

  • FITZGERALD, M. Eleanor.
    (1877-1955) American anarchist, co-publisher "Mother Earth," "The Blast"; involved with Provincetown Players & experimental theater.
    (Univ. of Wisconsin)

  • FLIEGLER, Franz. (aka Yager)
    (??-1995) Seaman (First Mate); member NY Vanguard Group. Called himself Yager in the anarchist movement.

  • Click Here for Senya Fleshin pageFLESHIN, Senya.
    (1894-1981) Russian-American-Mexican anarchist, militant. Partner of Mollie Steimer.

  • FLEMING, [John] "Chummy".
    (1863-1950) Australian anarchist propagandist. (Wikipedia)

  • FLYNN, Elizabeth Gurley.
    (??-1961) American IWW member, labor organizer, Joe Hill's "Rebel Girl", became a Communist Party honcho.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • FO, Dario.
  • FONT, José (dit Facon Grande).
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • FONTE, Alfredo. (dit El Toscano)
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • FONTENIS, Georges.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • F.O.R.A. Federación Obrera Regional Argentina
  • Forçats de l'Ile du Salut (révolte des).
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • FORTIN, Félix.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FONTAURA, Evelio G. (pseudonym of Vicente Galindo Cortes.)
    (1902-1990) French anarchist militant, member of CIRA de Marseille. (CGÉCA)

  • FOURIER, François-Charles-Marie.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • FRANCHI, Amerigo.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FRANCHI, Socrate.
    (??-??) Volunteer, Colonna Italiana Ascaso, in the Spanish Revolution.

  • FRANCHINI, Albano.
    (1901-1984) Italian anarchist-communist militant, resistance fighter. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • FRANCK, Sebastian. Pseudonym of Henry Jacoby; see below.

  • FRANK, Louis.
    American director of the film "Fury Over Spain."

  • The Frayhayt group.
    (??-1918) A dozen or so young activists, workers of east European Jewish origin, met at 5 East 104th Street in Harlem, where several shared an apartment. Most active was Mollie Steimer & Jacob Abrams. Included Abrams's wife Mary, Hyman Lachowsky, Samuel Lipman, Ethel & Rose Bernstein, Jacob Schwartz, Sam Hartman, Bernard Sernaker, Clara Larsen, Sam & Hilda Adel, Zalman & Sonya Deanin. Four are arrested & deported to Russia for publishing leaflets opposing the US invasion of Russia in 1918. Schwartz died from his police beating during the arrests.

  • "Free Society"
    First Bulgarian anarchist periodical (1907), at the initiative of Mikhael Guerdjikov. Subject to repression, appears erratically, until the fascist coup of 1934. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • Free Speech League (F.S.L.).
    Formed by Theodore Schroeder, defended many radicals. A New York City chapter was formed by Emma Goldman to gain support for anarchist John Turner.

  • FREEDMAN, Samuel.
    American anarchist, union activist, business manager for "Freie Arbeiter Stimme", father of Clara Solomon.

  • Clik for pageFreedom Newspaper
    Important London-based anarchist paper, still publishing for over a century.

  • Freie Arbeiter Stimme. (Free Voice of Labor)
    (1890-1977) Important American Yiddish-language anarchist newspaper.

  • FREINET, Célestin.
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • FREMION, Yves.

  • FREMONT, René René Frémont
    (??-??) French anarchist, prominent figure in Union anarchiste in the 1930s.
  • FREZZI Romeo
    (??-1897) Italian anarchist found dead in prison, setting off a demonstration in 1897, accusing police of killing him.
    (Daily Bleed, May 2)

  • Clik for pageFRICK, Ernst.
    (1881-1956) Swiss anarchist, artist, companion of Frieda Gross.

  • FRIEDEBERG, Raphael.
    (??-??) Anarchist physician; friend to many anarchists, such as Kropotkin, Brupbacher, & Frick, when he settled in Ascona, Switzerland.

  • FRIEDLANDER, Benedikt.
    (??-??) Tolstoyan anarchist, major influence on Landauer.

  • FRIGERIO, Carlo.
    (1878-1966) Italian militant, editor, active with Malatesta, Camillo Berneri, et al.

  • Clik for pageFRIEDRICH, Ernst.
    (1894-1967) founder of the Berlin Peace Museum, German anarchist pacifist.

  • FROHMAN, Mary.
    (1947-2005) American anarchist, Wobbly, immortalized in Tuccille's unreliable memoir It Usually Begins with Ayn Rand. (Daily Bleed)

  • FUDJACK, John.
    (??- ) American academic, anarchist, student of David Wieck.

  • FUMIKO, Kaneko.
    (1903-1926) Korean anarchist, married to Pak Yeol. Conspired to assassinate the Japanese emperor. Sentenced to death (commuted), maintained her defiance of the state, hanging herself in prison.

  • FURUTA, Daijiro.
    (1900-1925) Japanese anarchist, member of the Guillotine Society (Girochin Sha), an anarchist terrorist group.

  • FUSS, Henri.
    (??-??) Editor of the Belgian Bulletin of the Libertarian Internationale, founded to organize the International Congress of 1907 in Amsterdam. July 2008

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Anarchist Encyclopedia

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  • GABRIEL, Georges.
    (??-??) Secrétaire du groupe anarchiste d’Oran, France. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

    (??-??) Secrétaire du groupe Progrès et Action de Cenon (1938), adhérant à la Fédération Anarchiste de langue Française (FAF). (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • GACON Claudia. «Cordiet»
    (1877-1898) French militante anarchiste. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • GADEAU, J.
    (??-??) French anarchiste, membre du groupe anarchiste de Nîmes (1920) dont faisaient également partie L. Pradier, Raoul Raynaud, le cordonnier Mourgues, Candy et d’autres. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • GADY.
    (??-??) French anarchiste, in 1926 membre du comité d’initiative de l’Union Anarchiste (UA). (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • GAGGI, Otello.
    (6 May 1896 -1945) Italian anarchist, arrested in Russia as a "counter-revolutionary Trotsyite," died in the Siberian Gulag, May 31, 1945. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • GAGLIARDI, Antonio.
    (1866 -1927) Italian anarchist. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • GAIDAROV, Zako.
    (??-1924[?]) Militant Bulgarian anarchist, arrested in Pidorpe in 1924, believed to have died from police beatings. (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • GAILLARD, Louis. «Divrait»
    (1887-1935 or 1936) French syndicalist activist, wrote for the journal "La Voix libertaire" under the pseudonym "Divrait". (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • Clik for Luigi Galleani pageGALLEANI, Luigi. («Gigione»; «L. Pimpino»)
    (1861-1931) Italian-American anarchist, proponent of propaganda by the deed, founder/editor of "Cronaca Sovversiva".

  • Galleanists.
    Radical friends & followers of Galleani, included Carlo Valdinoci, Mario Buda , Ferrucio Coacci, Riccardo Orciani, Andrea Salsedo, Gabriella Segata Antolini, Roberto Elia, Nicola Recchi, Luigi Falsini, Raffaele Schiavina, Nestor Dondoglio, Nicola Sacco & Bartolemeo Vanzetti.

  • GALLIANI, Renato.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • GALLO, Charles.
    (1859-??) French adherent of "propaganda by the deed," attacked the Paris Stock Exchange in 1886. (Daily Bleed; Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • GÁLVEZ, Pedro Luis.
    (1882-1940) Spanish popular journalist, renowned as an incorrigible bohemian, poet, CNT militant; shot by the fascists. Wrote La Chica del Tapicero, Sonetos de la Guerra (1938), ¡Buitres! (1923), etc. (Christie Books)

  • Clik for pageGAMBON, Ferdinand.
    (1820-1887) French lawyer, anarchist, pacifist.

  • GAMBONE, Larry.
    (??- ) Canadian anarcho-syndicalist, historian.

  • GANDHI, Mohandas.
    (1869-1948) Indian pacifist, influential among other pacifists.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • GARCÍA, María. (1881-??)

  • GARCIA, Miguel.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchist militant, worked with refugees, Anarchist Black Cross.

  • GARCIA, Vincente.
    (??-??) Cuban anarchist, sympathizer of Proudhon's federalism, active in the Ten Years War (1868-1878) against Spain.

  • GARCÍA BIRLÁN, Antonio. ((«Julio Barco»; «Dyonisios»; «Pio Ayala»; «Fabio»; «Denis»))
    (1891-1984) Spanish writer; CNT national committee (1927-29). Codirector "Revista Nueva"; director "La Mañana" (Lleida, 1930-31). Counselor of Public Health & Social Assistance of the Generalitat (26.09.36 - 17.12.36), member FAI Consell d'Economia de Catalunya (1936 & 1938). Went to Argentina after the fascist victory. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • GARCÍA HERNÁNDEZ, José. «Alcubillero»
    (??-1943) Spanish guerilla, member of Juan Nieto Martínez's group. Killed, along with Juan Membrive. (Daily Bleed)
  • GARINO, Maurizio.
    (1892-1976) Militant Italian anarchist. (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • GARNERY, Auguste.
    (1865-1935) French jeweler, anarchist & syndicalist militant. (Daily Bleed)

  • GARNIER, Octave.
  • GATTI, Armand.

  • GATTI, Adriana.
    (??-1977?) Daughter of Gerardo Gatti; 19-years old & pregnant, "disappeared" by the Argentine government, about a year after her father. (Desaparecidos - Uruguay)

  • GATTI, Gerardo.
    (??-1976?) Uruguayan founder of FAU, ROE & CNT; jailed in the 70s; disappeared by the Argentine government in exile in Buenos Aires. (Federación anarquista uruguaya); see also Desaparecidos.org)

  • GAUTIER, Emile.

  • GAVIOLI, Luigi.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • GEBE (Georges Blondeau)

  • GEGOUT, Ernest. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)May 2009

  • General Strike
    Revolutionary syndicalist & anarcho-syndicalist notion, of workers achieving immediate demands, reform &, ultimately, the weapon for overthrowing government & capital via their labor organizations (See the IWW, AIT, CNT, etc).
    Geographical/Chronological presentation & links, see the Figgins General Strike page.

  • GENIN, Louis. ("Whitey")
    (??-??) Member of anarchist Vanguard Group in the 1930s.

  • GENET, Louis.
    (??-??) Member Les Indignés.

    (?? - ) Anarchist, involved in Black Mask, coeditor The Encyclopedia of the American Left, "Cineaste" editor, labor teacher, journalist for Greek American press, poet & small press publisher.

  • "Germinal".
    Newspaper published & edited by Rudolf Rocker. Gave it up to edit "Arbeter Fraint"; another group began republishing in it 1905 & named him its editor once again.

  • GEYTER, Pierre de.

  • GHINELLI, Agostino.
    Italian anarchist (Anarchismo Modenese)

    Click Here GHIRALDO, Alberto.
    (1874-1946) Argentine journalist, playwright, poet, notable intellectual, founder & editor of numerous anarchist publications such as "Martín Fierro", El Sol, La Protesta & Ideas y Figuras.

  • GIACOMELLI, Nella. Italian anarchist.

  • GIBEAUX, Yves.

  • Clik for pageGIBSON, Tony.
    British anarchist, author & BBC producer.

  • GIL Enrique

  • GILIOLI, Equo.
    Italian anarchist. Volunteer, Colonna Italiana Ascaso, in the Spanish Revolution. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • GILIOLI, Onofrio.
    Italian anarchist (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • GILIOLI, Rivoluzio.
    Italian anarchist (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • GILIOLI, Siberia.
    Italian anarchist (Anarchismo Modenese)
  • GIOVANNI, Severino di.

  • GIOVANNITTI, Arturo.
    (1884-1959) American anarchist, poet.

  • Clik for Andre Girard pageGIRARD, André. (aka Max Buhr)
    (1860-1942) French anarchist & trade unionist.

  • GIRAULT, Emile. GIRIER-LORION, Anthelme Jean-Baptiste.

  • GIROTTI, Mario.
    (??-??) Volunteer, Colonna Italiana Ascaso, during the Spanish Revolution.

  • GIULIANI, Carlo.
    (1978-2001) Italian anarchico, killed at G8 summit in Genoa. (Wikipedia)

  • Glasgow Anarchist-Communist Federation.
    1937 split-off from the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation (APCF).

  • Glasgow Anarchist Group, Scotland. Adherents of Max Stirner. In the 1950s it included Robert Lynn, Frank Leach, Jimmy Raside & Eddie Shaw.

  • GOBBI, Torquato.
    (1888-1963) Militant Italian anarchist (UCAI, UAI, USI, Reggio Emilia – Paris, Bruxelles, Montevideo). (Dictionnaire international des militants anarchistes)

  • GODIN Jean-Baptiste André

  • GODIN, Noël.

  • Clik for William Godwin pageGODWIN, William.
    (1756-1836) (Daily Bleed Saint) British anarchist, philosopher.

  • GOGUMUS, Charles.
    (1873-1915) Militant syndicaliste révolutionnaire, anarchiste et antimilitariste. (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • GOHIER, Urbain.
    (1862-1951) French anarchist, journalist, sank into anti-semitism & patriotism. (Daily Bleed)

  • GOLBERG, Mécislas. (or GOLDBERG)
    (??-1908) French anarchist, father of illégaliste Mécislas Charrier (executed in 1922).

  • GOLDBERG, Marie.
    (??-??) British anarchist. See Meltzer's I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

  • Clik for pageGOLDMAN, Emma.
    (1869-1940) American anarchist feminist. Writer & activist editor of Mother Earth, exile, she knew innumerable jailings, revolutions, love affairs.
    Daily Bleed Saint, June 27

  • GOLINELLI, Vittorio.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • GOLMAN, Pavel.
    (1885-1905) Russian anarchist, member of Chernoe Znamia, during 1905 revolution served on his factory strike committee & fought on the barricades. Wounded by a bomb during an attempt to sabotage a railway system, he killed himself when a daring attempt to free him from hospital guards failed.
    See Paul Avrich, The Russian Anarchists

  • GOMBAS, Enrique.

  • Clik for Helios Gomez pageGOMEZ, Helios.
    (1905-1956) Spanish leftwing artist, militant, active in the Revolution, contributed to El Frente.

  • GOMEZ, Primitivo.

  • Clik for Agustin Gomez-Arcos pageGOMEZ-ARCOS, Agustin.
    (1939-1998) Spanish anarchist/gay dramatist/novelist.

  • Clik for Juan Gomez Casas pageGOMEZ CASAS, Juan.
    (1921-2001) Spanish anarchist, Secretary General of the CNT-AIT, prolific author.

  • Clik for Fernando Gómez Peláez pageGOMEZ PELÁEZ, Fernando.
    (1915-1995) Anarchist journalist & editor, including "Solidaridad Obrera" in Paris (1946-1954).

  • GOMIS MESTRE, Celso.
    (Reus 1841-Barcelona 1915) Spain, member of the Bakunist Alliance; writer for libertarian reviews, author & literary editor.
    (Christie Books)

  • Clik for pageGONZALEZ PRADA, Manuel.
    (1844-1918) Peruvian poet, anarchist.

  • GOODFRIEND, Audrey.
    (??-??) NY anarchist, settled in California in the early 1940s, as did Dave Koven, & Melvin Greig.

  • GOODMAN, Judith.
    (??-??) Involved in a London-based anarchist group.

  • Clik for Paul Goodman pageGOODMAN, Paul.
    (1911-1972) American poet, novelist, social critic, anarchist, influenced the 1960s "New Left."

  • GORDIN, Abba.
    (1887-1964) Jewish anarchist active in the Russian Revolution. Settled in the US, published The Clarion (1930s); moved to Israel, publishing the bi-monthly anarchist Problemen in Hebrew & Yiddish (1958-1964). Wrote a critique, Communism Unmasked (1940).

  • GORI, Pietro.
    (1865-1911) See Wikipedia page.

  • Click Here GOURDIN, Georges.
    (1916?-1945) French militant, WWII Resistance partisan, died in a Nazi camp.

  • GOZZOLI, Virgilio.
    (1886-1964) Italian-American, publisher, anti-fascist, translator of works by Rudolf Rocker. (International Institute of Social History)

  • GRAHAM, Marcus.
    (1893-197?) Anarchist, editor of the monthly "Man!" (1933-1940).

  • GRAMANTIERI, Antonio.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • GRANADOS Francisco

  • Clik for Jean Grave pageGRAVE, Jean.
    (1854-1939) Important activist/publisher in the French movement.

  • GRAY, Christopher.
    (??- ) British member Situationist International, circa 1966, coeditor of "Heatwave".

  • "Green Anarchist" magazine.

  • "Green Anarchy" magazine.

  • GREER, Germaine.

  • GREIG, Melvin.
    (??-??) NY anarchist, settled in California in the early 1940s, as did Dave Koven, & Audrey Goodfriend.

  • GROGAN, Emmett.
    20th Century American Digger, anarchist rabblerouser.

  • GROSS, Frieda.
    (??-??) Companion of Otto Gross.

  • GROSS, Jacques.
    (1855-1928) French Swiss anarchist. Writer & friend of many leading anarchists, major smuggler of forbidden publications. (International institute of Social History)

  • GROSS, Otto.
    (??-??) Anarchist Freudian. Companion of Frieda.

  • GROSSER, Philip.
    (??-??) American anarchist, imprisoned in Alcatraz during WWI.

  • GROSSMANN, Rudolf. (see Pierre Ramus).

  • GUALANDI, Bruno.
    (??-??) Volunteer, Colonna Italiana Ascaso.

  • GUDELL, Martin.
    (1906-??) Lithuanian anarchist, CNT activist in Spanish Revolution, emigrated to Chicago. (International Institute of Social History)

  • Clik for pageGUERDJIKOV, Mikhael.
    (1877-1947) Bulgarian anarchist.

  • Click for Daniel Guerin pageGUERIN, Daniel.
    (1904-1988) French Trotskyite, gay activist, moved ever leftward with age, developing a blend of anarchism & marxism.

  • Clik for Armand Guerra pageGUERRA, Armand.
    (1886-1939) Spanish filmmaker & anarchist. Fought fascism with a camera.

  • GUERRERO, Praxedis Gilberto.
    (1882-1910) Mexican anarchist, Magonista killed in battle. (Workers Solidarity Movement; also, Daily Bleed, Aug 28, 1882)

  • GUIGUI-THERAL, Albert.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • GUILLEN, Abraham.
    Part of an Uruguayan group, with Eugen Relgis, Gerald Gatti, et al, safeguarding anarchist files sent from Europe during WWII.

  • GUILLAUME, James.
    (1891-1914) Swiss anarchist, leading member of the Jura Federation. (Movement for Anarchy)

  • GUILLAUME-SCHAK, Gertrude. (??-??) German anarchist. Only reference I have, Engels responded (1885) to a letter she sent about the equality of women.

  • GUILLON Claude

  • GUSTAVO Soledad

  • Click Here Guillotine Society. (Girochin Sha)
    Japanese anarchist illegalist group; founded 1922, includes Tetsu Nakahama, Daijiro Furuta, Genjirôp Muraki.

  • GUYAU, Jean-Marie.

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Anarchist Encyclopedia


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  • HA KI RAK See KI-RAK, Ha.

  • HALLE Maurice

  • HAMBURG, Simcha.
    (??-19??) Co-editor of the Israeili anarchist journal Problemen in the 1970s. Comrade of F. Hochauser Armony.

  • Clik for pageHAMON, Augustin.
    (1862-1945) French sociologist & anarchist who eventually became a socialist.

  • clickHAPGOOD, Hutchins.
    (1869 - 1944) American anarchist, journalist.

  • HARMAN, Moses.
    (1830-1910) American publisher/editor of Kansas anarchist paper, "Lucifer, the Light-Bearer" (1886-1907), which became the "American Journal of Eugenics" (1907-1910). His name is often misspelled as "Harmon". Arrested often.
    (See A Taste of Lucifer)

  • HARPER, Clifford.
    (1949- ) Anarchist Illustrator, publisher.
    (Home Page)

  • HASEK, Jaroslav.
    (1883-1923) Czech novelist, anarchist, prankster, story writer, journalist, cabaret performer. Author of The Good Soldier Svejk, acclaimed as one of the greatest satires in world literature. Editor of the anarchist magazine "Komuna". Austrian police informers considered him "particularly dangerous."
    (Daily Bleed)

  • HAVEL, Hippolyte.

  • Haymarket Massacre. Haymarket Affair. Haymarket Martyrs. (Anarchy Now)
  • Haymarket Martyrs' Monument.
    Erected by the Pioneer Aid & Support Association, begun by Lucy Parsons.
  • HAYWOOD, William. (Big Bill)
    (1869-1928) American IWW honcho, socialist, syndicalist. Fled American government repression, died in Russia.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • Clik for pageHEAVENS, Ian.
    (1957-2000); Scottish anarchist, cofounder of the punk/samba band Bloco Vomit. Spunk co-founder.

  • HEM DAY, see DAY, Hem.

    (1873-1970) American anarchist & pacifist, founder of the Joe Hill House.

  • Clik for pageHENRY, Émile.
    (1872-1894) French anarchist, advocate of "propaganda by the deed", executed for an indiscriminant bombing of the Cafe Terminus.

  • HENRY Fortuné
  • HERMANN Paul
    (??-??) (Ephemeride anarchiste)

  • HERREROS MIGUEL, Tomás. (pseudo supposé: Timoteo HERRER).
    (1877-1937) Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, author & propagandist. (Ephemeride anarchiste)

  • HERZEN, Alexander. (1812-1870) Father of Russian socialism, greatly influenced by anarchists, many of whom were friends.
    (Movement for Anarchy)

  • HESS, Karl.
    (1923-1994) American journalist, author, Libertarian Party honcho. (Libertarian Party Archives)

  • HEWITSON, John.
    British anarchist, involved with Freedom Press.

  • HEYWOOD, Angela Tilton.
    American individualist anarchist, free-love advocate, publisher.

  • HEYWOOD, Ezra.
    American individualist anarchist, free-love advocate, publisher.

  • HILL, Joe (Joel Hagglund)

  • HIRSHAUGE, Eliesor.
    (??-??) Polish anarchist, wrote The Anarchist Movement in Poland.

  • HIRSHAUGE, Dina.
    (??-198?) Married to Eliesor, maintained an anarchist center & library in Tel Aviv, Israel until her death.

  • HOEDEL Emil

  • HOFFMAN, Abbie. (1936-1998) American anarchist superstar, Yippie! (Steal This Encyclopedia!!)

  • HOLITSCHER, Arthur.

  • Clik for pageHome Colony
    (1896 to about 1921) American libertarian utopian colony, in Washington State. (Stan Iverson Memorial Archives)

  • Homestead Strike. (Carnegie Steel Strike)
    (July 1-12, 1892) Famed American strike where Berkman attempts to assassinate Frick. (Daily Bleed)

  • HOOTON, Harry.
    (1908-1961) Australian anarchist, poet, Wobbly, pacificist. (Radical Tradition)

  • HORCASITAS, Licenciado Antonio.
    (??-??) Mexican anarchist, founder of the periodical "Regeneración", along with the Flores Magón brothers. (Daily Bleed reference page)

    Click HereHORR, Alexander.
    (1871-1947) Active in anarchist and utopian circles in NY, San Franciso & the Puget Sound, and a strong supporter of the Freeland societies before becoming a socialist in the 1920s.page created May 2008

  • HOTZ, Charles. (aka Edouard Rothen)

  • HOYOS VINENT, Antonio.
    (1886-1940) Precocious Spanish novelist & journalist, FAI member, after the Spanish Revolution jailed & died in prison. (Christie Books)

  • "La Huelga General". Title of numerous libertarian papers in Spain. (Christie Books)

  • Clik for pageHUELSENBECK, Richard.
    Daily Bleed Saint April 23. Dada drummer of Berlin & Zurich.

  • Clik for pageHUMBERT, Eugène.
    (1870-1944) French anarchist, & néo-Malthusian. Companion of Jeanne Humbert.

  • HUMBERT, Jeanne.
    (1890-1986) French pacifist, militant devoted to fighting for sexual freedom & birth control. Companion of Eugene Humbert. (Research on Anarchism)

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Anarchist Biographies

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  • I.W.A. [International Workers Association] / A.I.T. See Daily Bleed, Dec 22, 1922.

  • I.W.W.
    Industrial Workers of the World (fondly, Wobblies; I Won't Work; I Wobble Wobble...etc.)
    Anarcho-syndicalist union founded in the US in 1905. (IWW main page)

  • IBARS, Maria.
    (??-??) Mujeres Libres de Poblenou, Barcelona.

  • IBELS, H.G.

  • Iberian Liberation Movement / Moviemiento Iberico de Liberacion. (MIL)
  • IBSEN, Henrik.
    (Emma Goldman Papers)

  • "Ideas & Action".
    (1981-1997) American anarcho-syndicalist magazine. Became the organ of the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA) in 1985. Published 17 issues.

  • "Ideas y Figuras"
    (?? [circa early 1900s]) Argentine anarchist magazine published & edited by Alberto Ghiraldo.
  • IKONOMOV, Vassil.

  • Clik for pageILLERA TEJADA, Joaquin.
    (1913-??) Spanish militant, CNT member, Tolstoyan advocate of a pacifist libertarianism.

  • IMPERATRICE, Amleto.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • Les Indignés.
    (18??-??) Vienna anarchist group, included Louis Genet.

  • "L’Indivi-dualista"
    (ca. 1921) Italian periodical edited by Ugo Fedeli, Pietro Bruzzi, & Francesco Ghezzi.

  • INGLÁN LAFARGA, Gregorio.
    (??-1929) Catalan cabinet-maker, became a major activist in the Argentine anarchist labor movement. A founder of La Revolución Social & the legendary "La Protesta Humana" (later simply "La Protesta") (director until 1900); involved in founding the Libertarian Federation of Anarchist-Socialist Groups in Buenos Aires & the FOA (May 1901); Advocate of a hard-line, anarchistic laborism. (Christie Books)

  • Clik for pageINGLIS, Agnes.
    (1872-1952) Anarchist librarian, Labadie Collection.
    (Spunk Library)

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Anarchist Archives

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  • JACOB, Alexandre Marius.
    (1879-1954) French burglar, member of the anarchist "Travailleurs de la nuit" (Workers of the Night) gang, credited with 150 burglings. The model for "Arsene Lupin" in the French detective novels of Maurice Leblanc. (Daily Bleed; see also Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • JACOBY, Henry.
    (1903-1986) German anarchist pacifist, involved with Ernst Friedrich in the Anti-Kriegsmuseum. (pseudonym Sebastian Franck.) (International Institute of Social History)

  • Clik for page JAEGER, Hans Henrik.
    (1854-1910) Norwegian novelist & anarchist, strong influence on the artist Edvard Munch.

    Clik for pageJAHN, Octave
    (1869-1917); French anarchist, a founder of the League of the Anti-Patriots.

  • JAKMIN, Louis Eugène. (aka Jacquemin)
    (Daily Bleed)

  • JAMES, Bob.
    (1940- ) Australian historian, anarchist. (Radical Tradition)

  • JANVION, Emile.

  • Japan Anarchist Club, see Nihon Anakisuto Kurabu.

  • Japanese Anarchist Federation.
    Generally sympathetic to syndicalism. Active early 20th century, then again June 1951 (simultaneously with the anarchist-communist Nihon Anakisuto Kurabu) until 1968.

  • JENSEN, Albert.
    (??-??) Swedish Anarchist-syndicalist, editor of the daily paper "Arbetaren", partner of Elise Ottesen-Jensen.

  • Clik for pageJHÉÖN, Alphonse.
    Armenian anarchist.

  • JOACHIM, Marcus.
    (??-??) German(?)-Canadian, one of four anarchists arrested in Toronto for anti-Fascist agitation; defense to prevent deportation aided by Emma Goldman.

  • Joe Hill House.

  • JOHN, Augustus.
    (1878-1961) Welsh-born painter & graphic artist, anarchist. (Wikipedia)

  • JOHNSON, Eyvind.
    (1900-1976) Swedish novelist, anarchist. Won the Nobel Prize in 1974. (Daily Bleed) May 2008

  • Joint Committee for the Defense of Revolutionaries (1923-1926)

  • JOLIS PUIG, Paquita.
    (1916-1982) Mujeres Libres de Premià de Dalt.

  • JOLIVET, François Henri.
    French working poet, anarchist & pacifist songster.
    Daily Bleed, Aug 1, 1875

  • JORQUERA, Carlos.
    (??-??) First Chilean anarchist, labor militant. Influenced by Manuel Chinchilla.
  • JOSEPHS, Philip.
    (18?-192?) New Zealand anarchist propagandist, founder of the short-lived Freedom Group. (Radical Tradition)
  • Clik for pageJOSPIN, Robert.
    (1899-1990) French socialist, pacifist, one-time libertarian, father of French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.

  • JOSSOT Gustave-Henri

  • Clik for pageJOUY, Jules.
    (1855-1897) Songster, poet, anarchist, pioneer of the social song.

  • JOVER, Grégorio.
    (1891[?]-1964) Spanish militant anarquista, member of "Los Solidarios."
    (Ephéméride Anarchiste; see also the German Wikipedia)
  • Clik for pageJOYEUX, Maurice.

  • JULLIEN, Henri.

  • Click HereJura Federation.

  • JUVE, Paquita. Mujeres Libres de Premià de Dalt.

  • JWA-JIN, Kim.
    Korean anarchist general (sometimes called the Korean Makhno), fought Japanese invaders. (Anarchy Archives)

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Anarchy Archives


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  • KAFKA, Franz.
    (1883-1924) Czech lawyer/novelist whose anarchist influences & ideas provide an aesthetic (rather than political) embodiment. (Research on Anarchism); Kafka page at Anarchy Now!

    "The Revolution evaporates, & leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy. The chains of tormented mankind are made out of red tape."

    — Franz Kafka

  • KAMENER, Léa.
    Activist in the "Jewish Anarchist Group" in France, companion of Nikolas Tchorbadieff.

  • KAMINSKI, Hanns-Erich.
    (1899-1963) Prussian-born author of Bakunin, una vita avventurosa, Ceux de Barcelone & Celine en chemise brune, ou, le mal du present Fled the Nazis, about whom he wrote El Nazismo como problema sexual, ensayo de psicopatologia.

  • KANAAN, Ramsey.

  • Kaos GL.
    Turkish group of gays & lesbians in Turkey. Run the Caos Cultural Centre in Ankara & issues the Kaos GL magazine
    (Stan Iverson Memorial Archives)

  • Kate Sharpley Library [see Kate Sharpley below]

  • KATZ, Ginger. (??- ) A founder of the American Anarchist Black Cross (ABC).

  • KEELL, Thomas H.
    (??-??) British anarchist, editor of Freedom newspaper, from 1912-1932.

  • KELLER, Charles.
    (1843-1913) Poet, Paris Communard, & Bakuninist. Companion of Mathilde Roederer. (Daily Bleed)

  • KELLY, Harry.
    American anarchist, cofounder of the Ferrer Colony Association; founded Modern School in Mohegan, NY.

  • KENT, Rockwell.
    American artist, illustrator, socialist/anarchist sympathizer.

  • KERAVIS, René

  • KIFFEL, Jeannette.
    (??-??) Polish anarchist & acquaintance of Emma Goldman, participant in the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

  • Clik for pageKILIFARSKI, Varban.
    (1879-1923) Bulgarian anarchist & libertarian teacher.

  • KINNEY, Jay.
    (1950-) American cartoonist, publications include Anarchy Comics (Home page)

  • KI-RAK, Ha.
    Korean anarchist, within nationalist & reformist tendency.
    (Workers Solidarity Movement)

  • KNABB, Ken.
    American antiauthoritarian, translator, author. Maintains exemplary collection of Situationist texts & Kenneth Rexroth materials.
    (home pages)

  • KNIESTEDT, Friedrich. (1873-1947) Brazilian anarchist, editor.

  • Clik for Jean-Baptiste Knockaert pageKNOCKAERT, Jean-Baptiste.

  • Clik for pageKOEHNLINE, James.
    American antiauthoritarian illustrator, jubilator; SaintMeister for the Daily Bleed Calendar. (pronounced Ken-line)
    (Home Page)

    • Clik for page James Koehnline anti-WTO page

  • Click Here KOMBOA ERVIN, Lorenzo.
    (1947- ) Anarchist, African-American militant, former SNCC organizer & Black Panther member, author.
    (Movement for Anarchy)

  • Korean Anarchist Federation (Anarchy Archives)

  • KORNEGGER, Peggy. American anarchist feminist. (??- )

  • KOSTELANETZ, Richard.
    (1940- ) American anarchist, literary & cultural critic. (Wikipedia)

  • KOTOKU, Shusui Denjiro (Daily Bleed Reference page)

  • KOVEN, David.
    (1918- ) American anarchist, pacifist, co-founder of "Why?," active in Rexroth's anarchist group, companion of Audrey Goodfriend. (International Institute of Social History)


  • KRAVCHINSKY, Sergius Mikhailovich. See Stepniak

  • Clik for pageKREUGER, Karl Max.
    (1946-1999) Dutch activist, writer, founding member of the Vrije Bond (Free Union).

  • Kronstadt Revolt. (Variously cited also as the Kronstadt Rebellion or Kronstadt Uprising)

  • Clik for Kropotkine pageKROPOTKIN, Peter.
    (1842-1921) Russian anarchist, advocate of anarchist-communism. [Pseudonym, Lévachof.]

  • KRPAN, Milos.
    Croatian teacher, worked with Swiss anarchists, agitated among socialists, & tried to establish an international anarchist colony on his estate in Dubovik.

    (1923- ) American songster, poet, anarchist, cofounder of the Fugs (Ed Sanders, Peter Stampfel, et al). (Wikipedia)

  • KUPKA, František [aka Frank or François].
    (1871-1957) Anarchist artist, Abstract painter, satirist & illustrator. (Research on Anarchism); see also increvables anarchistes


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Anarchy Man!


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  • Clik for pageLABADIE, Joseph A.
    (1850-1933) American labor activist, writer, poet, printer, anarchist.

  • Clik for pageLABADIE, Laurance.
    (1898-1975) American anarchist writer & theorist, edited numerous publications including "Discussions". Son of Joseph Labadie.

  • LABORIT, Henri.

  • Labour Emancipation League.
    (1881-??) British anarchist organization formed after the International Anarchist Congress in London by Frank Kitz & Joseph Lane. Became the (anarchist) Socialist League, December 1884.

  • LACAZE-DUTHIERS, Gérard de.

  • Maria Lacerda de Moura page, click hereLACERDA de MOURA, Maria.
    (1887-1945) Portuguese-Brazilian anarchist, feminist, educator.

  • LACHEVRE Raymond.

  • LACHOWSKY, Hyman.
    (??-??) Printer, member of the anarchist Frayhayt group, deported to Russia for publishing leaflets opposing the US invasion of Russia in 1918.

  • LaCROIX, Adon.
    (??-??) Belgian poet & anarchist, married to Man Ray.
  • LAFFORGUE René-Louis

  • LAISANT, Albert.
    (1873-1928) Son of Charles Ange Laisant, turned his father & his sons Maurice & Charles into anarchists.
    Daily Bleed, Nov 23, 1928

  • LAISANT, Charles.
    (1911-1952) French militant anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist & pacifist. Son of Albert, brother of Maurice, grandson of Charles Ange Laisant.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • LAISANT, Charles Ange.
    (1841-1920) Diplomat turned anarchist. Wrote educational texts for children, in mathematics, physics, & radicalism. Friend of Francisco Ferrer. See Daily Bleed, Nov 1, 1841

  • LAISANT, Maurice.
    Anarchist militant, writer, poet; son of Albert, grandson of Charles Ange, brother of Charles.

  • LAMBERET, Madeleine.May 2009

  • LAMBERET, Renée.

  • LAMOTTE Emilie. May 2009

  • Clik for pageL’ANARCHIE
    French anarchist periodical, 1905-14.

  • Clik for pageLANDAUER, Gustav.
    (1870-1919) German anarchist theorist, Munich Soviet leader.

    (??- ) US anarchist, nom de plume of Feral Faun (his previous pen name). Publisher of Venomous Butterfly Publications. Influenced by insurrectionary anarchism, Stirner, surrealism, the Situationist International, critiques of civilization. (Wikipedia)

  • LANE, Joseph.
    (1851-1920) Anarchist, one of the little-known founders of the libertarian socialist movement in Britain.
    (John Gray Website)

  • LANGBORD, Becky.
    (1886-??) Russian-Canadian, Jewish anarchist born in Dvinsk, Belarus. Escaped to London, met Morris about 1905(?) before they went to Canada.

  • LANGBORD, Morris.
    (1880-1964) Russian-Canadian, Jewish anarchist born in Disna, Belarus. Immigrated to London (1900), met Rudolf Rocker, joined the Anarchist Group. Immigrated in 1903(?), joined the Anarchist Group in Toronto.

  • LANGLOIS, Denis

  • LANTI, Eugène. (pseud. of Eugène Adam)
    (1879-1947) French anarchist, ardent Esperantist, became an anti-Stalinist Communist.

  • Clik for pageLAPEYRE, Aristide.
    (1899-1974) French hairdresser, anarchist, pacifist militant & néo-Malthusian.

  • LAPEYRE, Laurent.
    (??-??) French anarchist, brother of Aristide & Paul.

  • LAPEYRE, Paul.
    (1910-1991) Militant anarchiste, anarcho-syndicaliste et libre penseur.

  • Clik for pageLARCHER, Simone.
    (1903-1969) French anarchist, publisher of "L'anarchie" with Louis Louvet.

  • LARIVIERE, Pierre

  • LAUDE, André.

  • LAURENT, Louis Eugène

  • LAW, Jacob. (or Lew)

  • LAWRENCE, John.
    British Tolstoyan "Christian Anarchist" & an editor of Freedom.

    Antiauthoritarian band in Detroit, loosely associated with the Fifth Estate. (Home Page)

  • LAYRET, Francesc. (1890-1922) Labor lawyer, murdered by the Spanish government in its early repression of the CNT because of his defense work for the CNT. (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for pageLAZAREVITCH, Nicholas.
    (1895-1975) Belgian anarcho-syndicalist, companion of Ida Mett.

  • LAZARE, Bernard.

  • Clik for pageLE FEVRE, Henry.
    French anarchist, vegetarian, pacifist
    ALT; Henry Le Fèvre

  • LE GALL Jean

  • LE GALL Jules

  • Le GUIN, Ursula K.
    (??- ) American fantasy & scifi writer, wrote the anarchist utopian classic, The Dispossessed. (Infoshop; see also Takver's Anarres Comments)

  • LE LEVE, Jean François.
    (1882-1945) French militant anarcho-syndicalist.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • Click for Claude Le Maguet Claude PageLE MAGUET, Claude. (aka Jean Salives)
    (1887-1979) French poet, anarchist & miltant pacifist.

  • Click for Pierre Le Meillour PageLe MEILLOUR, Pierre.

  • LEACH, Frank.
    (??-??) Stirnerite, member of the Scottish Glasgow Anarchist Group in the 1950s.

  • LEAUTHIER, Léon.

  • LEBEDEFF, Jean.

  • LEBEL, Jean-Jacques

  • Clik for pageLECOIN, Louis.
    (1888-1971) French pacifist, anarchist.

  • LEFRANCAIS, Gustave.

  • Clik for pageLeft Bank Books.
    (1973- ) Collectively owned Seattle anarchist bookstore. Also operated a/k/a Used books, Books to Prisoners, Left Bank Distribution & Publishing.

  • LEGA, Paolo .

  • LEGAY, Henri.

  • LEGGATT, Ted.

  • LEHNING, Arthur.

  • LEMEL, Nathalie.
    (1827-1921) French Communard, bookseller, bookbinder, worked with the "intransigent." (Daily Bleed)
  • Click Here LENTENGRE, Pierre. (Lentente)

  • LEPETIT, Jules. (Louis Bertho dit)

  • Clik for pageLEUENROTH, Edgard.
    (1881-1968) Important Brazilian militant anarchist, journalist.

    LEVACHOF. Pseudonym for Peter Kropotkin.

  • Click here for Leval pageLEVAL, Gaston.
    (1895-1978) French anarchist syndicalist, combatant & historian of the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

    (??-??) Russian anarchist Esperantist, founded ISAB (Internacilingua Scienca Anarkiusm Biblioteka/The Anarchist Scientific Library in International Language) in 1923 with J. Zilberfarb.

  • LEVINE, Philip.
    (??-) Major American poet, anarchist.

  • LEVITT, Alfred.
    (1894-2004) American modern artist, anarchist, racontour.
    (Research on Anarchism)

  • LI, Shizeng.
    (1881-??) Chinese anarchist in Jinde Hui group (Society for Progress & Virtue), with Wu Zhihui, & Zhang Ji. Key figure in efforts to turn the Guomindang on an anarchist course.

  • LIABEUF, Jean-Jacques.

  • LIAÑO, Concha.
    (1916-??) Spanish anarchist, feminist, member of Mujeres Libres. (Daily Bleed)

  • LIARD-COURTOIS Auguste (Courtois, dit)
  • LIBERTAD, Albert Joseph.

  • "Le Libertaire".
    Long-running French paper, organ of the Fédération Anarchiste.(Home page); see also Ephemeride anarchiste

  • Libertarian Book Club. (Wikipedia)

  • Libertarian League. (New York)
    June 2008

  • "El Libertario",
    Publication of Federación Libertaria Argentina (FLA).

  • LIEBERMAN, Aaron.
    (??-??) An important anarchist in the Whitehall scene & close associate of Rudolf Rocker.

  • Click HereThe Limerick Soviet of 1919.
    General Strike; Labor takes over an Irish city.

  • LINGG, Louis.
    American anarchist, one of the Haymarket Martyrs, he committed suicide in his jail cell, cheating the hangman. (Wikipedia)

  • LISSAGARAY, Prosper Olivier.

  • LIU Shi-Fu (born Liu Shaobin).
    (1884-1915) has been called "Soul of Chinese Anarchism". Influenced a whole generation, including Mao Zedong. (Research on Anarchism)

  • LIU, Shipei. [Liu Shih-p'ei]
    (1884-1919) a founder of the Society for the Study of Socialism. Influential among Chinese anarchists in Japan in the early 20th century. Published & wrote for Tianbao (Tien-pao; Natural Law Journal). (Research on Anarchism)

  • Living Theatre: see also Judith Malina, Julian Beck.
    Important American avant garde experimental performance collective.
    Home page

  • LIVROZET, Serge.

  • LLACER, José.
    (??-1924) Spanish CNT member, executed for his role in uprisings sparked by the Vera de Bidassoa revolt.


  • LOBO, Carmen. Mujeres Libres.

  • LOCHU, René.

  • Lois scélérates.

  • London Federation of Anarchists
    (1962-??) (International institute of Social History)
  • LONDRES Albert

  • LÓPEZ CALLE, Antonio. (Christie Books)

  • LÓPEZ CALLE, Bernabé. (aka El Comandante 'Abril')
    (1899-1949.) Spanish CNT militant, el guardia civil, anarquista & maquis, guerrilla in Andalusia, commander Agrupación Fermín Galán; took his life when surrounded & wounded. Brother of CNT militants José, Pedro & Antonio. (Christie Books)

  • LOPEZ, Gustavo.
    (??-??) Cuban anarchist. Quoted in the Daily Bleed

  • LÓPEZ CALLE, José. (Christie Books)

  • LÓPEZ MONTENEGRO, José. (Christie Books)

  • LÓPEZ CALLE, Pedro. (Christie Books)

  • LÓPEZ SÁNCHEZ, Juan. (Christie Books)

  • Clik for pageLORENZO, Anselmo.
    (1842-1914) Printer, commonly identified as the "Grandfather of Spanish Anarquismo."

  • LORION Jean-Baptiste (dit GIRIER-LORION)

  • Clik for page LORULOT, André. (aka André Georges Roulot)
    (1885-1963) French free-thinker, individualist, lecturer & propagandist.

  • LOUVET Louis

  • LOUZON, Robert.
    (1882-1976) French engineer, revolutionary syndicalist, anarchist, memeber of SIA, interned during WWI. (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation.
    (1989-1998) American "cadre" organization; published a paper of the same name.

  • Clik for pageLUCE, Maximilien Jules.
    (1858-1941) French artist, a founder of Neo-impressionism, anarchist.

  • LUCETTI, Gino.
    (1900-1943) Italian anarchist, tried to assassinate Mussolini, got 30 years in prison. Two partisan groups during WWII named themselves in his honor. (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for page LUCHENI, Luigi.
    (1873-1910) Italian adherent of "propaganda by the deed," killed the impératrice Elisabeth of Austria.

  • LUCCHESI, Oreste.

  • "Lucifer the Lightbearer"
    (1880-1907) American individualist-anarchist journal published by Moses Harman. (Wikipedia)May 2009

  • LUDD, Deran. (pseudonym)
    (??- ) US novelist. Seattle author of Sick Burn Cut; No Aloha: The Friendly Happy Music of the Past, coeditor Good to Go: Short Stories West Coast Style. (Deran Ludd blog)

  • Clik for pageLUDDITES.
    (Even Luddites Have Websites); Stan Iverson Archives

  • Clik for pageLUDDITES.
    (The Luddites Are Back).
    Stan Iverson Archives

    Smash Time!
    Stan Iverson Archives

  • LUDEN, Josef.
    (??-??) Polish anarchist refugee, settled in Israel, edited "Problemen" (1973-1989), a Yiddish magazine of a Kropotkinist bent (in Hebrew when Abba Gordin edited it).

  • Lunigiana. (mouvement insurrectionnel du)

  • LUPPI, Giuseppe.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • LUPPI, Libero.
    (??-??) Volunteer, Colonna Italiana Ascaso, in the Spanish Revolution.

  • LUPPI, Paolo.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • LUSVARDI, Filippo (e fratelli).
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • LUZ, Fabio Lopez dos Santos.
    (1864-1938) Novelist, outstanding figure of Brazilian anarchism. (Daily Bleed)

  • LYNN, Robert.
    (??-??) Stirnerite, member of the Scottish Glasgow Anarchist Group in the 1950s.

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Anarchist Communism

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  • Clik for pageMcARA, John.
    (??-??) Little-known Scots anarchist.

  • McCARTNEY, Wilf.
    British anarchist. See Albert Meltzer's I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

  • MacDONALD, Ethel.
    (1909-1960) Scottish anarchist, prisoner aid activist in Spain in the Spanish Revolution; companion of Guy Aldred. (Daily Bleed)

  • McDOUGALL, Willie.
    (??-??) Activist in the Glasgow Anarchist Group in Scotland.

  • McELROY, Wendy. American anarchist writer, feminist.

  • McGOVERN, John.
    (1887-1968) Scottish socialist politician (ILP), pacifist, briefly involved in anarchist circles in his early years. (Wikipedia)

  • MACHARGO, José. (Avelino Iglesias).
    (1901-1984) Spanish anarchist, involved in publishing "Acción Libertaria" & "El Libertario."

  • Clik for pageMACKAY, John Henry
    (1864-1933) Swiss-German-Scots anarchist, gay writer.
    Daily Bleed Saint, Feb 6

  • MAC LOW, Jackson. (1926- ) American poet, anarchist pacifist involved (1944-54) with Why? & edited(?) Resistance.
    See the Daily Bleed, September 12, 1922 & 1962

  • MAC SAY, Stephen.
  • MAC-NAB Maurice

  • MacSIMOIN, Alan.
    Irish anarchist, author, organizer of the Dublin Squatters Association.

  • Clik here MAGON, Ricardo Flores.
    (1874-1922) Mexican revolutionary anarchist, died in a US prison.

  • MAGON, Enrique
    Mexican anarchist, brother of Ricardo. (See link above).

  • MAGUID, Jacobo.
    (1907-1997) Argentinian anarchist.

  • MAHE, Anna.
  • MAHE, Armandine.

  • MAILFAIT, Paulin.

  • MAINWARING, Sam. (18??-1934) Welsh anarchist, close friend of William Morris, orator, porpagandist. (Kate Sharpley Library)

  • MAITREJEAN, Rirette. (Anna Estorges)

  • MAITRON, Jean.
  • Clik for pageMAKHNO, Nestor.
    (1889-1934) Ukrainian anarchist, headed famed insurrectionary army during the Russian Revolution.

  • Clik for pageMALATESTA, Errico.
    (1853-1932) Italian anarchist-communist militant.

  • MALATO Charles
  • MALICET, François.

  • MALINA, Judith.
    (1926- ) American anarchist, pacifist, poet, performance artist, founder of the Living Theater with Julian Beck.
    (Living Theatre Page)

  • MALLOZZI, Domenico.
    (??-?? ) Italian-born anarchist, granddaddy of American poet Diane DiPrima.

  • MALMED, Leon.
    (1881-1956) American anarchist, long-time friend & lover of Emma Goldman.

  • "Man!".
    (1933-1940) Anarchist monthly, published & edited in the US by Marcus Graham.

  • MANDUKOV, Petar.
    (1879-1966) Macedonian anarchist, author of Azbuka anarhistickog ucenja (Skopje, 1898).

  • MANE, Theresa. (Soledad Gustavo)
  • Manifestations antimondialisation (Seattle WTO protests)
  • Manifeste des Enragés

  • Click Manifeste des sieze. (Manifesto of the 16 / Sixteen)
    Declaration by 15 anarchists during WWI favoring the Allied belligerents

  • MANNIN, Ethel.
    (1900-1984) Novelist, author, pacifist & anarchist, SIA representative in Britain during the Spanish Revolution. (Daily Bleed)

  • MAPLE, E.B.
    Journalistic pseudonym for Peter Werbe.

  • "En Marcha".
    Newspaper of the Canaries CNT. Three separate phases: 1934 , as a weekly for two years until the fascist revolt; 1947, publication was clandestine & fitful, ended in a repressive wave forcing its publishers into exile in the Americas; 1977 to 1980 five issues were published. (Christie Books)

  • MARCOS, Sub-commandante.

  • MARECHAL, Sylvain.
    (1750-?? ) French revolutionary & poet, could be labeled anarchist avant la lettre, although Marxists also claim him. Created a Revolutionary Calendar.
    (International Institute of Social History)

  • MARES, Michal.
    (??-??) Czech anarchist, introduced Franz Kafka to the movement.


  • MARIANI, Giuseppe.
    (??-??) Italian; with others, convicted for the Teatro Diana bombing.

  • MARICOURT, Thierry.

  • MARIE, Constant.
    (1838-1910) "Le Père Lapurge," French Communard & anarchist songster. (Daily Bleed)

  • MARINI Giovanni
  • MARMANDE René De
  • MARPAUX, Alfred.
  • MARPEAUX, Edouard. (Ephéméride Anarchiste)May 2009

  • Clik for pageMartha.
    One Dead Pigeon, last Passenger. Anarchist? Who is to say no?

  • MARTIAL, Pierre.

  • Clik for pageMARTIN, Gabriel-Constant.
    (1839-1906) French anarchist, Paris Communard.

  • "Martín Fierro"
    (1904–1905) Argentine literary & political magazine, founded to propagate anarchist ideas. Directed & published by Alberto Ghiraldo. (Wikipedia)

  • MARTIN, Pablo.
  • MARTIN, Pierre.
  • MARTIN, Pierrre. (dit le Bossu)

  • MARTÍNEZ, Antonio.
    (??-1917) Brazilian shoemaker, anarchist killed by cops at a labor demonstration, setting off 3-day General Strike. (Daily Bleed; Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Horacio Martínez Prieto page, click HereMARTÍNEZ PRIETO, Horacio.
    (1902-??) Spanish anarchist, CNT member, became a parliamentary collaborationist.

  • MARTÍNEZ, Nereida. Collaborated in Mujeres Libres de Londres-Montady from Igny (Spain).

  • MARTÍNEZ, Saturnine.
    (??-??) Cuban anarchist, founded the Proudhonist La Aurora in 1865 as "free associations" of an incipient proletariat organised.

    (1884-1937) Brazilian doctor, poet, anarchist. (Daily Bleed)

  • MARUT, Ret. See B. Traven.

  • MARZOCCHI Umberto

  • MASETTI, Augusto.
  • MASINI, Pier Carlo.

  • MASLOV, Alexis.
    (??-??) Russian anarcho-syndicalist arrested with Nicolas Lazarevitch & imprisoned for nearly three years before a campaign gains his deportation in 1926.
    (Daily Bleed)
  • MASSE, Ludovic.
  • MATEU, Pedro.
  • MATHA, Louis
  • MATTEI, Ettore.
  • MAURICIUS. (Vandamme Maurice dit)

  • Clik for pageMAURIN, Emile (Murmain).
    (1862-1913) French anarchist & photographer.

  • Clik for pageMAXIMOV, Grigori Petrovitch. (alt; G. P. Maximoff, Gregory Maximov)
    (1893-1950) Russian-American anarcho-syndicalist.
  • MAYOUX, François.

  • MAYOUX, Jehan.
    French teacher, pacifist, antimilitarist, anarchist.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for pageMAYOUX, Marie. (nee Gouranchat; aka Joséphine Bourgon)
    (1878-1969) French teacher, pacifist & libertarian trade unionist.

  • MAZNEV, Peter.
    (??-??) Bulgarian anarchist.

    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.
  • MECKERT, Jean.

  • MEILLOUR (LE ), Pierre.
  • MEISTER, Albert.

  • Melbourne Anarchist Club
    Founded 1886 by Fred Upham & the Andrade brothers; first formal Australian anarchist organisation. (Radical Tradition)

  • MELLA, Ricardo.
    (1861-1925) Spanish anarchist, publisher. (Daily Bleed)

  • MELTZER, Albert.
    (1920-1996) British anarchist, anti-fascist, involved in Cairo mutiny, founder of the Anarchist Black Cross & the Kate Sharpley Library.
    (Anarchy Archives)

    (??-1943) Spanish militant killed, along with José García Hernández, in Almeria. (Daily Bleed)

  • MÉNDEZ, Luis.
    (??-??) Organizer of the Union of Tailor Workers & the Union of Mexican Stonecutters. One of the clearest exponents of anarcosindicalismo in his time. Participant in the founding meeting of Grupo Luz in 1912, & with Casa del Obrero Mundial.

  • MENDOZA LOPEZ SCHWERDTFEGER, Miguel. Involved in Zapata's movement in Mexico.

  • MENICONI. Fioravanti.

  • Clik for pageMERA, Cipriano Sanz.
    (1897-1975) Spanish anarchist, combatant in Spanish Revolution.


  • Clik for pageMERIC, Victor.
    (1876-1933) French journalist, libertarian author & pacifist.

  • MERLINO, Francisco Saverio.
    (1856-1930) Lawyer, theorist, propagandist of Italian anarchism, then a socialist. Continued to defend the anarchists as needed -- this was often. (Daily Bleed; Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • MESA DELGADO, Isabel.
    (1913-2002) Mujeres Libres (Spain).

  • MESCHI Alberto
  • MESLIER Jean (Curé)

  • MESSAC, Régis. (1893-1943?) French militant, teacher, novelist, pacifist, resistance member, died in a concentration camp. (Daily Bleed)

  • MESTRE, Ricardo.
    (1906-1997) Spanish-Mexican anarcho-syndicalist. A founder of FIJL & Unión Distribuidora de Ediciones. (Daily Bleed)

  • METAYER, Paul.
  • METGE, Paul.
  • METT, Ida.
  • MEUNIER, Régis.
  • MEUNIER, Théodule.

  • Clik for pageMEURANT, Hoche Arthur.
    (1883-1950) French anarcho-syndicalist.


  • MICHEL, Louise.
    (1830-1905) French anarchist, teacher, communard, "The Red Virgin".
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • M.I.L. (see Iberian Liberation Movement)

  • MILLER, Peter.

  • MILSTEIN, Elsie.
    (??-??) Involved with the NY Vanguard Group in the '30s(?) &/or Fraye Arbeter Shtime(?); personally involved with Lou Slater & Mark Schmidt.

  • MINCK Paule

  • MINGUZZI, Maria Luisa.
    (1852-1911) Militant Italian anarchist, companion of Francesco Pezzi. (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for pageMin-Pao
    Chinese language journal issued in Paris, influenced by anarchist ideas of the period.

  • "Minus One".
    (??-??) British journal of the anarchist-egoist S.E. Parker.

  • MIRBEAU, Octave.
    (1848-1917) French writer, journalist & activist, friends with Jean Grave & Camille Pissarro & the Impressionists. (Infoshop.org)

  • Clik for pageThe Modern School
    (Ferrer school in the US).

  • MOGILA, P.
    (??-??) Russian anarchist militant, serving with Makhno's Ukrainian guerrillas, arrested at the Ekaterinoslav Secretariat of the Anarchist Federation in 1919, along with 12 others, & imprisoned by the Cheka.

  • MOHAMED, Sail.
    (1894-1953) Algerian anarchist, editor & writer, militant, pioneer anti-colonialist, member of CGT-SR. (CNT-FAI)

  • Mohegan Colony Association
    American anarchist colony, involved 300 families in NY & had a Modern School.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • MOINEAU, Jules.
  • MOLINARI, Luigi.

  • MOLASCHI, Carlo.
    (1886-1953) Italian militant, writer, involved with Malatesta, et al.

  • MONANNI, Giuseppe.

  • Clik for pageMONATTE, Pierre.
    (??-??) French anarcho-syndicalist, publisher.

  • MONCALEANO, Juan Francisco.
  • MONCASI, Juan Oliva.
  • MONCLIN, Roger.

  • "Le Monde Libertaire"
    Publication of the Fédération Anarchiste. (home page; see also Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • MONFRAY, Marius.
    (1866-1894) French militant anarcho-syndicalist. (Daily Bleed; Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • MONIER, Antoine Etienne. (écrit aussi Monnier; dit Simentoff)
  • MONOD.
  • MONTEGUDET, Adrienne.

  • MONTEHUS, Gaston.
    (??-??) French revolutionary songster, socialist & antimilitarist.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • MONTEJO, Juan.
    (??-1924) Spanish CNT member, executed in the aftermath of Vera de Bidassoa revolts.

  • MONTSENY, Federica.
    (1905-1994) Spanish anarchist, FAI member, joined the Republican government as Minister of health during the Revolution.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • MONTSENY, Joan. (dit Federico Urales)

  • MOONEY, Tom.

  • MOORCOCK, Michael.
    British scifi author, anarchist, writings include critical "Starship Stormtroopers".

  • MORAN Juan Antonio
  • MORAND Jeanne
  • MORE, Thomas.

  • MORENA, Miguel Villalobos.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchist, teacher, staff member of Ferrer's Modern School, represented the "syndicalists" on the Central Committee for a Strike during 1909 General Strike.
    See Daily Bleed, July 24, 1909 July 2004

  • MORIN Emilienne
  • MORRAL, Mateo.

  • MORRIS, William.
    (1834-1896)English author, poet & craftsman, libertarian socialist, worked with anarchists.

    MORSE, Chuck.
    (??-??) Founder Institute for Anarchist Studies, teacher, Institute for Social Ecology.

  • MORTON, Eric B. (nickname "Ibsen")
    (??-??) Norwegian anarchist. Tunnel rat, comrade of Emma Goldman, tried to effect a prison escape for Alex Berkman (1900). (Daily Bleed)

  • MOSSO, Pietro.
    (pseudonym Carlo Petri), communist anarchist, member of the editorial board of L’Ordine Nuovo: Rassegna Settimanale di Cultura Socialista (The New Order: A Review of Socialist Culture) founded by Gramsci, Tasca, Umberto Terracini, & Togliatti.

  • Clik for pageMOST, Johann.
    (1846-1906) Bavarian-born American anarchist, bookbinder, propagandist, publisher of "Freiheit".

  • MOTA, Pedro Augusto.
    (189?-1926) Brazilian anarchist militant. (Arquivo de História Social "Edgar Rodrigues")

  • "Mother Earth" magazine.

  • "Mother Earth" Bookstore.

  • MOULOUDJI, Marcel.
  • MOUNA, Aguigui (André Dupont)

  • Clik for pageMOUNIER, André
    (1878-19?) French anarchist, known as "The Agronomist".

  • Maria Lacerda de Moura, see Lacerda de Moura.

  • MOWBRAY, Charles Wilfred.

  • Clik for pageMOYSE, Arthur.
    (1914-2003) British anarchist, artist, author & bus conductor.

  • MOZZONI Anna Maria

  • MRATCHNY, Mark.
    (??-??) Anarchist, active in the US & Russia, friend of Emma Goldman, editor "Freie Arbeiter Stimme".

  • Clik here for Erich Muehsam pageMÜHSAM, Erich.
    German anarchist poet, Bavarian Workers' Councils member with Landauer, Traven, et al. Murdered in a Nazi concentration camp.

  • Mujeres Libres (Free Women)
    Spanish anarcho-feminist organization, founded 1936, with 30,000 members. (Wikipedia)

  • MULLADY, Albert.
    (??-??) Irish-American anarchist, Vanguard Group member in the 30s.

  • MULLER, Heiner.
    (1929-1995) German dramatist, director, poet. (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for pageMULTATULI
    (aka Edouard Douves Dekkers). (1820-1887) Great Dutch anarchist writer/novelist, best known for his autobiographical novel Max Havelaar.

  • "Museifushugi Undô". (Anarchist Movement) (1951[?}-1980) Japanese journal of Nihon Anakisuto Kurabu.

  • Mutinerie des marins de la mer noire. (Black Sea Mutiny; 1919)
    French sailors, including anarchists, on warships in the Black Sea, mutiny against the Allied (France, England, US) military intervention against the Russian Revolution. (Daily Bleed; Ephéméride Anarchiste)

  • Mutual Aid Group of Paris.
    (1927-??) Relief group founded by Mollie Steimer & Senya Fleshin, aiding fellow anarchist exiles from Russia, & from Italy, Spain, Portugal, & Bulgaria.

  • MUZZIOLI, Amilcare.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)


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  • N.A.B.A.T. (Nabat Confederation of Anarchist Organizations)

  • NABRUZZI, Ludovico. (pseudonym: Rubicone)

  • NACHT, Max. See Max Nomad.

  • NACHT, Siegfried.
    (1878-1956) Polish anarchist, pen name Arnold Roller; brother of Max Nomad; later pro-Bolshevik writer in the US, changed his name to Stephen Naft. (International Institute of Social History)

  • NAEVE, Lowell.
    (1917-??) American anarchist, author, WWII draft resister, member of the Why? group, along with fellow CO David Wieck. (Daily Bleed)

  • NAKAHAMA, Tetsu.
    (??-??) Japanese anarchist, member of the Guillotine Society.

  • NAKOV, Alexander Metodiev.
    (1919-19??) Bulgarian anarchist militant & esperantist.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • NANNINI, Lorenzo.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • Narodniks.
    Russian revolutionaries of the 1860s-70s, included anarchists, nihilists, terrorists against the Tzarist government. (Wikipedia) June 2008

  • NAUHEL, Rita. Propagandist, Mujeres Libres (Spain).

  • NAVARRO, Encarna.
    (??-??) Agrupación Cultural Femenina & Mujeres Libres (Spain).

  • NAVEL Georges

  • NEEL Alexandra David

  • NEILL A.S.
    (??-??) Anti-authoritarian educator, established his school, Summerhill.

  • NEMITZ, Michel.
    (??-) é um dos membros do coletivo anarquista que gere o "Espace Noir" (Saint-Imier)

  • Neo-Malthusianism
    French movement of radical feminists & anarchists in the struggle for sexual freedom & birth control rights. (Research on Anarchism)

  • Click HereNETTLAU, Max.
    (1865-1944) Austrian anarchist, activist, collector & scholar, author of The History of Anarchism (7 volumes).

  • NEVE, Johann.
    (??-??) German anarchist, best comrade of Johann Most. Died in a German penitentiary.

  • The New Century (Xinshiji) Magazine.
    Chinese anarchist periodical, published in Paris in 1907. Most members active in the consolidation of the Republic & several held Guomindang positions in the 20s. Background, see http://raforum.info/mot.php3?id_mot=1017&lang=en
    (Research on Anarchism)

  • NEWSTEIN, Marta. (Argentina).
  • NIEL Mathilde

  • NIETO, Heber "Monje".
    (1971-2001) Uruguayan student, worker, militant of ROE & FAU. Assassinated by a police sniper. (Federación anarquista uruguaya)

  • NIETO MARTÍNEZ, Juan. «Cuco»
    (??-??) Spanish militant, escaped from prison in Almeria in 1939 & headed a guerrilla group operating in the Sierra mountains. Escaped to North Africa in 1947. (Daily Bleed)

  • Nihilist movement.
    Russian cultural and political movement (Wikipedia)

  • Nihon Anakisuto Kurabu (Japan Anarchist Club)
    (1951-1980[?]) Anarchist communist group set up simultaneously as the Japanese Anarchist Federation in 1951, publishing the journal "Museifushugi Undô" (Anarchist Movement) until March 1980.

  • Click HereNIKIFOROVA, Maria . [Nikiphorova]
    (??-1919) Ukrainian anarchist guerilla & terrorist, commanded a "Black Guard" regiment, influenced Makhno.

  • NOBILING Karl Eduard

  • NOCK, Albert Jay. American anarchist, author of "Our Enemy the State"

  • NOE, Ito.
    (1895-1923) Japanese anarchist, feminist, novelist, translator, companion of Osugi Sakae, both murdered by military police. (Wikipedia); added link Jan 2006
  • NOGUES, Anita.
    (??-??) Mujeres Libres de Granollers, Spain.
  • NOHL, Johannes.
    (1882-1963) German historian, psychoanalyst, anarchist, & one of the famed novelist Hermann Hesse's analysts.
  • NOIR, Victor.

  • NOJA RUIZ, Higinio.
    (1896-1972) Spanish Cenetista-FAI member, journalist, historian, novelist, tireless militant primarily in & around Valencia. (Christie Books)

    (??-??[1940s]) Anarcho-syndicalist, important figure in 1930s Chilean anarchism. In the 1920s, played a leading role in the struggles of the tenant for non-payment of rent. Companion in misadventure of the clandestine group Light & Action. A typographer, founder of Federación de Obreros de Imprenta (era un libertario "específico"), a leader of FORCH (& member of IWW?). Today, a French collective uses his name.

  • NOMAD, Max.
    (1881-1973) Polish anarchist until 1906; born Max Nacht, changed his name, became a pro-Bolshevik socialist writer in the US. Brother of Siegfried Nacht. (International Institute of Social History)

  • NOT, Pepita. Mujeres Libres, Spain.
  • NOVATORE, Renzo.
    (1890-1922) Italian individualist anarchist, killed by police. (Daily Bleed)

  • "Nuestra Tribuna"
    (1922-1925) Argentinian anarchist-feminist periodical founded by Juana Rouco Buela. Participants included Herminia Brumana. (Ateneo Virtual)

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  • O'DOWD, Bernard
    (1866-1953 ) Australian poet, parliamentary draughtsman, anarchist. Companion of Marie Pitt. (Radical Tradition)

  • OITICICA, Hélio.
    (??-??) Brazilian painter, performance artist, anarchist.

  • OITICICA, José.
    (1882-1957) Lawyer, teacher, publisher, important figure in the Brazilian anarchist & labor movement, grandfather of Hélio Oiticica. (Wikipédia enciclopédia)

  • OLAY, Maximiliano.

    (??-??) CNT's representative in the US, Spanish-born veteran of anarchist labor struggles in Cuba & Florida; leading figure of Chicago's Free Society Group; during Spanish Revolution founded United Libertarian Organisations (ULO) & produced an information bulletin in NY.

  • OLEA, Luis.
    (??-1920) Chilean anarchist murdered in the Santa Maria School Slaughter, member of the labor strike committee.

  • OLIVER, Juan Garcia.
    (1901-1980) Friend of Durruti, secretary of the Catalan Defense Council, joined the Spanish Republican government as Minister of Justice. (Anarchist Archives)

  • OLMSTEAD, Richard.
    (??- ) Seattle anarchist, illustrator, party boy. (Home page)

  • O'NEILL CUESTAS, Fernando.
    (1924-2005) Uruguayan illegalist, militant revolutionary syndicalist, involved with Tupamaros, & an historian of anarchism in Uruguay. (Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography)

  • ONFRAY, Michel.
    (1959-) Libertarian socialist, self-described "Nietzschian of the left," French philosopher of ethical hedonism, a joyous utilitarianism, & generalized aesthetic of sensual materialism. (Daily Bleed)

  • Organización Anarquista de la Región Española (OARE; Spanish Regional Anarchist Organisation).
    (1888- ) Replaced the FTRE; short-lived, of minor importance, a fore-runner of the FAI. (Christie Books)

  • "Organise"
    Publication of the Anarchist Federation (AF), of Britain & Ireland. (home page)


  • ORTIZ RAMIREZ, Antonio.
    (1907-1996) Spanish anarchist, member of "Los solidarios", fought with CNT, called a "General Without God Nor Master." (Daily Bleed)

  • ORWELL, George.
    Democratic Socialist, sympathetic to the anarchists, particularly during the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

  • Clik for pageOSTERGAARD, Geoffrey.
    (1926-1990) British professor, anarchist pacifist, dubbed the "Gentle Anarchist."

  • OSTYN, Charles.
    (1823-1912). French Communard, anarchist. (Daily Bleed)

  • OSWALD, John.

    (1886-1973) Scandanavian anarchist-syndicalist, pacifist, sex educator & lecturer.

  • "Our Generation". Canadian anarchist magazine.

  • OUTERELO Ramon
  • OWEN Robert

  • Click hereOWEN, William Charles.
    (1854-1929) Anglo-American militant & anarchist individualist propagandist.

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  • PA CHIN, see Ba Jin above.

  • Paco-Libereco Group
    Anarchist Esperanto language adherents & publishers.
    See Esperanto movement.

  • Pajaros Carpinteros
    Derisive appellation for Spanish anarchist moderates/collaborationists ("woodpeckers") a term lifted from Rocker's "The Curse of Practicality." 'Piel Roja' (Red Skin) is still a nickname for anti-collaborationist libertarians.

  • PALANTE, Georges

  • Joaquin Pallarès Tomás page, clik herePALLARES TOMÁS, Joaquin.
    (1923-1943) Spanish anti-Francoist guerilla, captured & executed along with other members of his group.

  • PALLAS Pauli
  • PANAYOT (frères)

  • PANCLASTA, Biófilo.
    (1879-1942) South American anarchist.

  • PANINI, Ettore.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • PANNEKOEK, Anton.
    Dutch Ultra Left Council Communist.
    ( Open Directory Project: Libertarian Socialism); see also Daily Bleed, Jan 2, 1873

  • PAON Roger
  • PARACHKEF Stoyanov
  • PARDINAS Manuel

  • PARIGGS, José.
    (??-1920) Chilean anarchist murdered in the Santa Maria School Slaughter, headed the labor strike committee. (Daily Bleed)

  • The Paris Commune
    France, 1871. Arguably the most important worker's uprising of the 19th century. (Anarchy Archives)

  • PARKER, S.E. [Sidney]
    British anarchist-egoist, published of Minus One.

  • PARSON, Robert. (pseud., see Marcus Graham

  • PARSONS, Albert E.
    (1848-1887) American anarchist, husband of Lucy Parsons. One of the five Haymarket Martyrs, murdered by the state of Illinois.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • PARSONS, Lucy.
    (1853[?]-1942) "Dark Lucy," anarchist, married to Albert Parsons, writer, publisher & the second woman to join the IWW.
    (Anarchy Archives); see also http://www.lucyparsonsproject.org/about_lucyparsons.html

  • Clik for pagePASOTTI, Giuseppe.
    (1888-1951) Italian anarcho-syndicalist, member of the Italian League of Human Rights.

  • PASSANANTE, Giovanni.
    (?-1914) Italian anarchist, attempted to assassinate King Umberto I.
    (Kate Sharpley Library)

  • Clik for pagePATCHEN, Kenneth.
    American poet, novelist, anarchist, companion to Miriam.

  • Clik for pagePATCHEN, Miriam.
    Militant pacifist, anarchist, companion to Kenneth.

  • PATOU, Hélène
    (1902-1977) French anarchist militant, writer, & neo-Malthusian. Member of the Durruti Column in Spain. (Ephéméride Anarchiste; Ateneo Virtual)
  • PAUWELS Jean
  • PAZ Abel (Diego Camacho)

  • PEACOTT, Joe. American anarchist, author, member B.A.D. (Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade).
  • PECQUEUR Constantin

  • PEIRATS, José.
    (1908-1989) Spanish anarchosyndicalist, CNT & FAI member, writer, historian, fought in Spanish Revolution.
    (International Institute of Social History)

  • Clik for pagePEIRERA, Antonio. (aka Tomas Ranieri)
    (1908-1969) Italian anarchist, fought in Spain during the Revolution, & in the underground.

  • PEIRO BELIS, Juan.
    (1887-1942) Spanish anarchosyndicalist, Minister of Industry in the Republican government, executed by the fascists. See the Daily Bleed, July 24

  • PELLETIER Claude

  • PELLETIER, Madeleine
    (1874-1939) French anarchiste. (Ephéméride anarchiste; Ateneo Virtual)
  • PELLICER, Rafael Farga

  • Clik for pagePELLICER-GANDIA, José.
    (1912-1942) Spanish anarchist syndicalist. Fought with the "Iron Column". Executed by the fascists.
    page created June 1999; updated April 2003

  • ClickPELLOUTIER, Fernand.
    Father of French anarcho-syndicalism.
    Page created Oct 2001; updated March 2003

  • Pendus de Chicago

  • Clik for pagePENGAM, Victor.
    (1883-1920) French anarchist, labor militant, & antimilitarist.

  • Père Peinard

  • PENTEADO, João.
    (??-??) Brazilian teacher & anarchist militant at the Modern School in Sao Paulo. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • PERELLI, Mario Orazio.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • PÉRET, Benjamin.
    (??-??) French poet, libertarian communist, surrealist.
  • PEREZ, José .

  • PEREZ TAYLOR, Rafael. Involved in Zapata's movement in Mexico.

  • Clik for pagePERLMAN, Fredy.
    (1934-85) Czech-born American printer, scholar, theorist, publisher, & anti-authoritarian activist.

  • PEROVSKAIA, Sofia.
    (1853-1881) Russian anarchist.

  • PERRIER Albert. (or Perier; aka Germinal)
    (1897-1977) Born in Argentina, French militant anarchiste & syndicaliste révolutionnaire. ( Daily Bleed)

  • PERRIER, Benoît.
    (1898- ??) French militant, propagandiste anarchiste & pacifiste.

  • PERRIN, Pierre. (Pierre Odeon)

  • Clik for pagePERRISSAGUET, Adrien.
    (1898-1972) French anarchist syndicalist militant, publisher.

  • PERRONE, Vincenzo.
    (??-1936) Italian anarchist from Salerno, killed in the Spanish Revolution.

  • PERSICI, Celso.
    (?? - 1988) Italian anarchosyndicalist, involved in Bazano uprising, member of USI. (Daily Bleed)

  • "Perspectives on Anarchist Theory" magazine.

  • PESOTTA, Rose. (Rachelle Peisoty)
    (1896-1965) Russian-American anarchist, ILGWU labor organizer. (Anarchy Archives; see also Movement for Anarchy)

  • PESTAÑA, Ángel.
    Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, CNT National Secretary. Wanted a politically 'neutral' union movement, later a reformist who stood for election. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • PETRIE, Larry.
    (??-??) Scottish anarchist.

  • PEUKERT, Josef.
    Head of the Autonomie group (1892) in the US.

  • PEY, Juan.
    (??-1921) Catalan carpenter, CNT organizer, militant, direct actionist, murdered by members of the Somatén. (Christie Books)

  • PEYRAUT Yves
  • Phalanstère

  • PHILLIPS, U. Utah.
    American anarchist, songster, IWW/syndicalist. Glories in loafing & tellin' tall tales.
    (Home Page)


  • Clik for pagePIERROT, Marc
    (1871-1950) French doctor of medicine, anarchist propagandist.

  • PIETROPAOLO, Antonio.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • PIGNAT Clovis-Abel (aka "Tschombine Pategnon")
    (??-1950) Swiss militant anarcho-syndicalist, founder of the FOBB (fédération des ouvriers du bois et du bâtiment, en Suisse Romande) publisher "Le Falot". (Daily Bleed)

  • PIKE, Derrick. Anarcho-pacifist. (??- )

  • PINDY Jean-Louis

  • Clik for page PINELLI, Giuseppe.
    Italian anarchist murdered by the police in 1969. See the Daily Bleed, Dec 12, 1969 & Dec 15, 1969

  • PINI Vittorio

  • PINKMAN, John.
    (??-??) Member of the Irish Republican Army; joined NY Vanguard Group in the 1930s with Gilbert Connolly, Sidney Solomon, Bruno Americano, et al.

  • PISACANE, Carlo.
    (1818-1857) Italian revolutionary, precursor of libertarian socialist, antiauthoritarian & anarchist movements in Italy. Influenced by Proudhon, & perhaps the first advocate of "propaganda by the deed". (Daily Bleed)

  • PISACANE, Slyvia.
    (1852-1888) Daughter of Carlo, involved in the Matese insurrection of 1877. (Daily Bleed) July 2008

  • Clik for page PISSARRO, Camille
    (1830-1903) Famous French impressionist painter, anarchist.

    anarchiste diamond dingbat; new entry, remove 2008PISSARO, Ludovic-Rodo.
    (1878-1952) Artist, anarchist, son of Camille. (Stern Pissarro Gallery)

  • PITT, Marie E.J.
    (1869-1948) Australian poet, socialist, feminist, ecologist & anarchist. Companion of Bernard O'Dowd.
    (Radical Tradition)

  • PLACENZA, Ana. (Argentina).

  • PLANCHE Fernand
  • Plume noire (Librairie anarchiste de la)

  • PLATE, Peter.
    (??- ) US poet, novelist. Author of Black Wheels of Anger ; Fogtown; Angels Of Catastrophe; Police & Thieves; Snitch Factory; A Kamikaze in Her Eyes; Soon the Rest Will Fall . Appears in ICO video, "Writers Talk: Rat Pack Writers" (1994)

  • POCH Y GASCON, Amparo.
    (1902-1968) Spanish anarchist & feminist.

  • PONZÁN VIDAL, Francisco.
    (??-1945) Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, anti-fascist guerrillero, anti-Francoist & resistance fighter captured in 1943, shot & burned by the Nazis two days before the Spanish guerrillas liberate Toulouse. (Daily Bleed) March 2007

  • POPOV Georges Simeonov

  • POPOVA, Nadejda. (1905-1932)

  • PORTIER, Henri.
    (1941-2007) (Ephéméride Anarchiste)
  • POTTIER Eugène

  • POU-RIERA, Bernardo.
    (??-??) Active in the Spanish Revolution of 1936, companion of Renee Lamberet.

  • POUGET Emile

  • Clik for pagePOULAILLE, Henry.
    (1896-1980) French anarchist, writer, publisher.

  • POUY, Jean-Bernard.

  • "Practical Anarchy" magazine.
  • Premier mai. (origine)

  • PRESCOTT, Jake. British anarchist imprisoned for activities with the Angry Brigade.

  • "Presencia".
    (1965-68) Spanish libertarian publication, Paris. “Tribuna libertaria juvenil”. Quickly gained prestige in France & Spain for its revamping, but orthodox, line. Welcomed debate with Marxism & dealt with violent tactics, the collaborationism of 1936, the propriety or not of joining the incipient workers' commissions in Spain. Connected with Alberola, Pascual & Mera. A second, unsuccessful series appeared in 1973, toeing the Frente Libertario line.(Christie Books)

  • PREVERT Jacques

  • PREVOTEL André

  • Click for full pagePREVOTEL Andrée
    (1912-??) Born Joséphine Coueille. Militant, charged in the "Sterilizers of Bordeaux" case, member CGT-SR & other groups.

  • PRINCIP, Gavrilo.
    Serbian anarchist, assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, triggering WWI. (Daily Bleed)

  • Procès des 30
  • Procès des 66 (Lyon)

  • "Profane Existence" magazine.
  • PROIX, Robert.

  • Propaganda by the deed. (propagande par le fai)
    (Variously, propaganda of the deed; propaganda by deed) Advocates violence targeted against political figures to inspire the masses & provoke revolution. July 2008

  • "La Protesta"
    (1904-1930[?]) Argentine anarchist daily paper, succeeding "La Protesta Humana" edited by Alberto Ghiraldo until its suppression in 1905; reappears intermittently despite repressive measures, into the 1930s.

  • "La Protesta Humana".
    (1897-1904?) Argentine anarchist journal, founded by Gregorio Inglán, who directed & wrote for it; superceded by the daily "La Protesta" in 1904. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • Clik for pagePROUDHON, Pierre-Joseph.
    (1809-1865) French anarchist philosopher.

    (1902-1968) French agronomist, libertarian, editor (Le Libertaire, Le Monde Libertaire), writer & publicist.
    (International Institute of Social History)

    See Dora Ris

  • PSAR, see Revolutionary Anarchist Socialist Party below.

  • PUENTE Isaac
  • PUIG, See ANTICH Puig, Salvador.

  • PUIG ELIAS, Juan.
    (1898-1972) Spanish-Brazilian teacher, anarcho-syndicalist, C.N.T. activist. (Daily Bleed)

    PUJOL, Marià.
    (??-??) Militant de la CNT i del BOC a Lleida. Assistí al congrés confederal de la CNT, Madrid 1931. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • Clik for Pullman Strike PagePULLMAN STRIKE
    (May 11, 1894 ) US Railroad Strike, suppressed by federal government.

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Anarchy Man

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  • QUAGLINO, Corrado.

    (??-??) Italian anarchist, launched a hunger strike in Milan's San Villore prison in 1921, along with Malatesta & Borghi.

  • "La Questione Sociale".
    (1883-1908[?]) Italian paper founded by Malatesta, edited by Pilade Cecchi; eventually moved to the US, edited by Malatesta, Galleani & others. (Daily Bleed)

  • Los Quijotes.
    (??- ??) Spanish anarchist youth group during the Spanish Revolution of 1936. (Fifth Estate / Research on Anarchism)

  • QUINTA, Josep.
    (??-??) CNT militant. Fundador del periòdic "Vida Sindical". Barcelona, gener de 1926. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

    (1886-1966) Asturian, influential in the Asturian CNT & anarchism in the area. (Christie Books)

  • QUINTEROS, Elena.
    (1945-1976?) Uruguayan teacher, activist in the Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU) Arrested, tortured, disappeared by the government in 1976.

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Anarchist History

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  • RABELAIS François

  • RADCLIFFE, Charles.
    (??- ) British member Situationist International, circa 1966, coeditor of "Heatwave".

  • "Radical America".
    US, libertarian communist magazine, labor, culture, theory, history, surrealism, etc.

  • Simon Radowitzky page, clik hereRADOWITZKY, Simón.
    (1891-1956) Polish anarchist freedom fighter, "The Martyr of Ushuaia."

  • Radio Libertaire
    (home page)

  • RAFANELLI, Leda.
    (1880-1971) Italian militant, mystic, writer, important publisher. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • RAGON Michel

  • RAMÓN RAMÓN, Antonio.
    (??-??) Spanish-Chilean anarquista, tried to assassinate Silva Renard, director of the 1907 Santa Maria School Massacre.

  • Clik for pageRAMUS, Pierre. (born Rudolf Grossman)
    (1882-1942) Austrian writer, pacifist & propagandist.

  • RAOUCH, Petr.

  • RASIDE, Jimmy.
    (??-??) Stirnerite, member of the Scottish Glasgow Anarchist Group in the 1950s.

  • RAVACHOL, François.
    French anarchist bandit, practised "propaganda of the deed." Subject of popular myth & song. (Daily Bleed)

  • RAY, Man.
    American Surrealist, chess player/designer, anarchist, filmmaker, photographer. Married Belgian poet/anarchist Adon LaCroix.

  • RAYNAUD, Jean-Marc.

  • Clik for pageREAD, Herbert.
    (1893-1968) British anarchist, art critic, author. Got beknighted, to be addressed as "Sir".

    (1864-1934) Italian anarchist, writer, publisher, militant antifascist, father of Vernon Richards.

  • RECLUS, Elie.
    (1827-1904) Brother of Elisée; ethnographer & journalist; participated in the Commune of Paris in 1871.

  • Clik for pageRECLUS, Elisée.
    (1830-1905) Anarchist communist, noted for his use of geography as a scientific basis for anarchy. After Kropotkin, one of the most important international anarchist writers.
    Daily Bleed Saint, March 15

  • RECLUS, Jacques.
  • RECLUS, Paul.

  • Red Army Fraction. (RAF)
    German armed underground group.

  • "Le Refractaire".
    (1974-1983) "Organe libertaire pour la défense de la Paix et des libertés individuelles," published by May Picqueray.

  • "Regeneración".
    (1900-1918) Paper of the Magonista movement, founded by Ricardo Flores Magon & others. (Daily Bleed)

  • REGIS, Jules. (dit Siger)
  • REISER, Jean-Marc.

  • REITH, Gerry.

  • REITMAN, Ben.
    (1879-1942) American anarchist, the "Whorehouse Doctor," lover of Emma Goldman, militant for women's rights & control of their bodies. (Wikipedia)

  • REITZEL, Robert.
    (??-??) German anarchist, editor of the "Der arme Teufel".

  • RELGIS, Eugenio.
    (1895-1947) Rumanían-born Uruguayan anarchist, pacifist, writer.

  • Relief Fund of the International Working Men's Association for Anarchists.

  • REMIRO, Agustin.
  • RENAUD, Jean.

  • "Resistance"
    Publication of the Anarchist Federation (AF), of Britain & Ireland. (home page)

  • RESPAUT, André.
  • RETTE, Adolphe.
  • Révolte des Canuts

  • "Retort".
    (1942-1951) American journal of anarchism, art & reviews. Edited by Holley Cantine & Dachine Rainer (Charlatan Stew)
  • "Le Réveil/Il Risveglio Geneva,"

  • "La Revista Social".
    (16 August 1872-19 November 1883) Spanish periodical, mouthpiece of the Spanish section of the IWMA. (Christie Books)

  • Révolution spartakiste.

  • Revolutionary Pacifist Group. Founded by Ernst Friedrich; members included Kurt Tucholsky, Walter Mehring, & Ernst Toller.

  • Revolutionary Anarchist Socialist Party. (PSAR)
    Italian party, founded at The Congress of Capolago, Switzerland, January 4-6, 1891.
    (1891-??) Cipriani, Malatesta, Saverio Merlino, Gori were chief backers & propagandists. (Daily Bleed reference page)

    anarchiste diamond dingbat; new entry, remove 2008"La Revue Blanche".

  • Clik for page REXROTH, Kenneth.
    American anarchist, poet, critic, translator, activist. Founder of San Francisco Anarchist Circle.

  • RIBEIRO, Aquilino.
    (1885-1963) Portuguese novelist, anarchist. Nominated in 1960 for a Nobel Prize. (Daily Bleed) NewJune 2008

  • Ricamarie (événement de la)

  • Clik for pageRICHARDS, Vernon.
    (1915-) Italian-British anarchist, editor, author, companion of Marie-Louise Berneri.

  • RICHEPIN, Jean.

  • RICTUS, Jehan.
    (1867-1933) French libertarian poet.

  • RIEFFEL, Antoine.
    (??-??) French anarchiste, manager of "Terre et Liberté" for which he was imprisoned for two years (1885).
    March 2008
  • RIMBAULT Louis

  • Rimini Conference. (Italy 1872; A.I.T.) (Daily Bleed)

  • Rio Gallegos.

  • RIS, Dora.
    (1907-1988) Swiss anarchist, partner of André Prudhommeaux, went to Spain during the 1936 Revolution, & they published "L'Espagne Antifasciste," "La Nouvelle Espagne Antifasciste," & "L'Espagne Nouvelle".

  • RIVERA, Librado.

  • RIVKIN, Baruch.
    (1883-1945) Latvian-born, emigrated to the US in 1911. A leading American anarchist theorist of literature & Yiddish literary critic, with leanings toward anarcho-Zionism. Wrote for "Freie Arbeiter Shtimme" & other journals. Wrote Di Grunt Tendentsin fun Yiddishe Literatur (Basic Tendencies of Yiddish Literature, 1947). Source: Paul Buhle, Encyclopedia of the American Left.

  • "Road to Freedom"
    American publication, supported by a Group of same name, included Rose Pesotta, Walter Starrett (pen name for Van Valkenburgh), Sadie Robinson (group secretary), Lisa Brilliant & others.

  • Clik for pageROBIN, Armand.
    (1912-1961) French translator, writer/poet, anarchist.

  • Clik hereROBIN, Paul.
    (1837-1912) Wrongfully forgotten French anarchist educator.

  • ROCKER, Fermin.
    (1907-??) Artist, book illustrator, whose work is greatly influenced by his parents, Milly & Rudolf Rocker. (Daily Bleed)

  • ROCKER, Milly Witkop.
    (1877-1955) Anarcho-syndicalist, labor organizer, companion of Rudolf Rocker. (Daily Bleed)

  • Clik for pageROCKER, Rudolf..
    (1873-1958) Anarcho-syndicalist, labor organizer, author, companion of Milly Witkop.

  • RODA, Maria.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, active in workers’ struggles in Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, England & US. Powerful speaker, led efforts to organize Italian textile workers. Companion of Pedro Esteve. (Daily Bleed)

  • RODRIGUES, Edgar.
    (1921-) Portuguese-Brazilian anarcho-syndicalist, author, social historian.
    (Centro de Estudos Cultura e Cidadania)

  • RODRIGUEZ, Emilia.

  • RODRÍGUEZ VÁZQUEZ, Mariano. Known as Marianet.
    (Barcelona 1909-Ferté (France) 1939) Spanish militant anarcho-syndicalist, editor of Solidaridad Obrera. General Secretary of the CNT during the Revolution, a task he was ill-suited for & handled disastrously. Died by accidental drowning. (Christie Books)

  • Click HereRODRÍGUEZ GARCÍA, Melchor. "El Ángel Rojo," aka Manuel Amador.
    (1894-1972) Spanish anarcho-syndicalist militant.

  • ROEDERER, Mathilde.
    (??-??) Militant in the A.I.T. & Jura Federation; companion of Charles Keller.

  • ROGER, Emile.
  • ROGER Noël (dit Babar)

  • ROGERS, Dorothy.
    (??-??) Anarchist, Emma Goldman's secretary (1939-40), member 'Why?' (split off from the Vanguard Group; later renamed 'Resistance') with Paul Goodman, David Wieck, Diva Agostinelli, John Cage, Lowell Naeve, Robert Duncan, novelist James Baldwin, et al.

  • ROIG DE SAN MARTIN, Enrique.
    (1843-1889) Major Cuban anarchist, theoretician, labor organizer, founder of "El Productor," helped create the Bakuninist Workers' Alliance.

  • ROINART Paul Napoléon

  • ROJAS, Manuel.
    (1896-1973) Chile's major 20th century novelist & short story writer (mostly unknown outside the country). Anarcosindicalista, IWW member.

  • ROLLAND, Madeleine. (1872-1960)

  • ROLLER, Arnold.
    Pen name for Siegfried Nacht.

  • ROMERO, Jose Rodriguez.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchosyndicalist, "Solidaridad Obrera" official.
    See Daily Bleed, July 24, 1909

  • ROMPAPAS, John.
    (??-??) New York publisher (Rabelais Press), funded the anarchist "Revolutionary Almanac" & "Social War" edited by Hippolyte Havel.
    Daily Bleed, April 4, 1915

  • ROOUM, Donald.
    (??-??) British anarchist, illustrator, cartoonist.

  • ROSCIGNO, Miguel Arcángel. (or Roscigna)
    (??-1931) Argentinean anarchist expropriator, arrested & "disappeared". (Daily Bleed)

  • web page, clik hereROSSI, Giovanni.
    (1856-1943) Italian anarchist, involved with Brazilian Cecelia colony.

  • ROSSONI, Edmondo.
    (1884-1965) Italian anarchist & revolutionary syndicalist; became a fascist in the 1920s & Minister of Agriculture in the 30s.

  • ROUCO BUELA, Juana.
    (1889- 1969) Spanish-Argentinian, founder of the anarchist-feminist Centro de Estudios Sociales Argentino in Buenos Aires & the periodical "Nuestra Tribuna".
  • (Ateneo Virtual)

  • ROUCHY, Victorine. See Victorine Broucher-Rouchy.

  • ROUGEOT Claude
  • ROUILLAN Jean-Marc
  • RONSIN Francis

  • ROUSSEL, Nelly
    (1878-1922) French anarchist.

  • ROUSSENQ, Paul.
    (1885-1949) French, best known as the "anarchist convict", spent most his life in prison for throwing a crouton at a prosecutor during a vagrancy trial. Daily Bleed, 8/3/1949

  • ROUX Jacques

  • RUBEL, Maximilien.
    (1905-1996) Council Communist, friendly with Socialisme ou Barbarie & anarchist communists.
    (Daily Bleed) February 2008

  • La Ruche.
    Important French free school & cultural ceenter set up by Sebastien Faure.
  • RUDE Fernand

  • Clik for page RUDIGER, Helmut.
    (1913-1966) German anarcho-syndicalist, fought in the Spanish Revolution.

  • RUDOLPH, Richard.
    (??-??) Jewish American composer, guitarist, musician, songwriter, producer & co-founder of Dickiebird Music. Husband of soul singer Minnie Riperton (d.1979). ‘It is the soil of Anarchy that gives him leave to fly.’
    (Wiki; see also the Daily Bleed)

    (??-1908) Accused of Barcelona bombings, executed in Montjuïc. Possibly framed.

  • Clik for page RUIZ, Vicente (or Vincent).
    (1913-1998) Spanish-Australian anarchist.

  • RUSSELL, Bertrand.
    British philosopher,pacificst, member Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament & anti-Vietnam War activist.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • "Ruta".
    (1936-) Spanish libertarian youth paper. Published in exile, ending up in Venezuela. (Revolt)

  • RYGIER, Maria.
    (1895-1953) Italian anarchist.

  • RYNER Georgette
  • RYNER Han

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  • S.I.A.
    Solidarité Internationale Antifasciste - française
    Solidarité internationale antifasciste - espagnole

  • Clik for pageSABATE, Francisco.
    (1915-1960) Spanish guerilla extraordinaire -- known as El Quico.

  • SACCO, Nicola.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • SAKAE, Osugi.
    (1885-1923) Early 20th Century Japanese anarchist, martyr. (Wikipedia)

  • SAKAI Toshihito

  • SAKOLSKY, Ron.
    American anarchist, scholar of music, revolution & (pirate) radio. (Wikipedia)

  • SAKUTARO, Iwasa. Sakutarô
    (??-??) Japanese anarchist communist involved in Japanese Anarchist Federation.

  • SALE, Kirkpatrick.
    (??-) American author, anarchist, separatist & neo-Luddite. (Wikipedia)

  • SALINAS, Marcelo.
    (1889-1978) Adquirió una gran fama como escritor y fue Premio Nacional de Literatura. Headed Estudios. Cuban anarchist, author, exiled in the 1960s after Castro’s takeover. (Daily Bleed)

  • SALIVES, Jean. (also known as Claude Salivas & Claude le Maguet)

  • SALSEDO, Andrea.

  • SALT, Henry S.
    (1851-1939) English radical poet, literary critic, biographer, classical scholar , active in vegetarian, animal rights, pacifist & anarchist circles. Friend of Tolstoy, Kropotkin, etc. (Wikipedia)

  • SALUCCI, Argante.

  • SAMPSON, Jean Paul.
    (1894-1964) Anarchist editor of Revue "Témoins," antiwar activist.

    (18??-??) British advocate of propaganda by deed, editor of "Commonweal"; supplied the bomb to his brother-in-law Bourdin in a bungled redesigning of the Royal Observatory, London, 1894 (basis of Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent).

  • SAN FILIPO, Roy.
    (??- ) American anarchist, involved with Love & Rage Anarchist Federation.

  • San Francisco Libertarian Circle.
    (??-1949?) Formed in the 1940s, by Kenneth Rexroth, precursor to the Beat Movement. Included Robert Duncan, Muriel Rukeyser, William Everson, Jack Spicer, Thomas Parkinson, David Koven, Sally & Michael Grieg, Audrey Goodfriend, James Harmon, Richard Brown, Philip Lamantia & other writers, artists & pacifists.

    (1895-1970) Spanish poet, painter, militant anarchist-feminist, co-founder of Mujeres Libres.

  • SANFTLEBEN, Alfred.
    (1871-1952) German-American anarchist, typesetter & translator.
    [Ephéméride anarchiste]

  • SANSOM, Philip.
    (??-1999) British anarchist, involved with Freedom Press.

  • Santa Maria School Slaughter.
    (1920) Striking miners led by anarchists in the Iquique area of Chile massacred. Most machine-gunned, including women & children, leaving 2,000-3,600 dead. (Daily Bleed)

  • SANTANA, Emidio.
    (1906-1988) Portuguese anarcho-syndicalist, attempted to kill Salazar (1937); founded "A Batalha."
    (Daily Bleed)

  • SANTANGELO, Erasmo.


  • SANZ, Ricardo.

  • SARROU ROYES, Liberto.
    (1920-2001) Spanish anarchist, member JJLL, Durruti Column, & antifascist resistance movement in Barcelona. Companion of Joaquina Dorado. (International Institute of Social History)

  • SARTIN Max

  • SBARDELLOTTO, Angelo Pellegrino.
    (1907-1932) Italian anarchist executed because of his desire to assassinate Mussolini.(Daily Bleed)

  • SBRANA, Giovanni.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.
  • SCARFO Paulino et Alejandro
  • SCARLATTI Giuseppe
  • SCHAPIRO Alexander

  • SCHIAVINA, Raffaele.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, founder of "Cronaca Sovversiva," with Galleani.

  • SCHIRRU, Michele

    (??-??) American anarchist, member Vanguard Group, became ILGWU labor organizer.

  • SCHMIDT, Mark.
    (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Glenn Carrington, Gilbert Connolly, John Pinkman, Eddie Wong, et al.
  • SCHROEDER, (Albert) Theodore.
    (1864-1953) American lawyer, defended liberals, socialists, radicals & anarchists whose civil liberties he worked to uphold. (Daily Bleed)

  • SCHWAB, Michael.
    (??-1898) Haymarket anarchist. Did 6 years in prison.

  • Clik hereSCHWARTZBARD, Samuel.
    (1886-1938) Jewish anarchist & poet, killed Simon Petlioura (head of Ukrainian pograms). Helped found International League Against Antisemitism.

    (1844-1895) Engraver, active in the Swiss Jura Federation.

    (1944-1999) American academic, anarchist, student of David Wieck. Chair Dept of Science & Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

  • SCIULLO Camillo DI
  • SEGAUD Louis

  • SEGUÍ RUBINAT, Salvador.
    (1887-1923) Anarcosindicalista, militant de la CNT. Sources: [Diccionari de Sindicats, Sindicalistes]; [L'Ephéméride Anarchiste]

  • SEIICHI, Miura
    (1902-198?) Daily Bleed, Dec. 20, 1902

  • SELLENET, Jules. See Francis Boudoux

  • Semaine rouge d'Ancône
  • Semaine sanglante Paris
  • Semaine sanglante Buenos Aires
  • Semaine tragique

  • SENEZ, Andre.
    (??-1998) French shoemaker, anarchist, publisher. Active in Socialisme ou Barbarie, a founder of Mouvement Communiste Libertaire. (Daily Bleed)

  • SERANTINI Franco

  • ClickSEVERINE (Caroline Remy).
    (1855-1929) French libertarian, feminist militant journalist of the League of Human Rights.
    alt; Séverine

  • Dr. SEUSS
    American author of libertarian children's books of great appeal to adults; wrote Yertle the Turtle

  • SEYMOUR, Henry.
    (??-??) British editor of The Anarchist; in 1886 Kropotkin & friends broke away to start Freedom newspaper.

  • Clik for pageSHAHN, Ben.
    American artist. (Daily Bleed Saint)

  • SHAPIRO, Karl.
    (1913-2000) American poet (Pulitzer Prize-winner in 1945), professor, anarchist.

  • SHARPLEY, Kate.
    (1891[?]-1978) British anarchist, threw her family war medals in the Queen's face.

  • SHAW, Eddie.
    Scots anarchist & orator in Glasgow.

  • SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe.
    English romantic atheist, libertarian poet, married Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin,
    Daily Bleed Saint, August 4.

  • SHI Cuntong.
    Chinese anarchist involved in the May Fourth movement in Zhejiang.
    (Research on Anarchism)

  • SHUMAN, Moishe.
    (??-??) American anarchist, member Vanguard Group, became ILGWU labor organizer.

  • SHÛZÔ, Hatta Hatta Shuzo
    (??-1934) Japanese anarchist involved in Japanese Anarchist Federation.

  • Siempre!.
    (1920s) Chilean militant clandestine anarchist group.

  • SIGALA Claude
  • SIGNAC Paul

  • SILVA, Prisciliano G.
    (??-??) Mexican anarchist, led a column of PLM insurgents, captured Laguna de Santa Maria in 1910. (Daily Bleed reference page)

  • SIMENON Georges
    (1903-1989) French mystery writer, anarchist.

  • clickSIMON, Louis.
    (1900-1980) French pacifist, author, individualist anarchist.

  • SIMENTOF (Monier, dit)
  • SIMON (dit Biscuit)

  • SIRAKOVA, Georgu.
    (??-??) Bulgarian anarchist, younger brother of Mariola. (People's History)

  • SIRAKOVA, Mariola.
    (1904-1925) Bulgarian anarchist guerrilla, companion of Gueorgui Cheitanov. (People's History)


  • Situationist International (S.I.) (nothingness.org); also see Bureau of Public Secrets

  • SKIRDA Alexandre

  • SLATER, Lou.
    (??-??) Member of the NY Vanguard group in the 30s & a source of its breakup.

  • Click HereSMYTHE, Tony.
    (1938-2004) British anarchist-pacifist militant.

  • SNYDER, Gary.
    (1930- ) American Beat anarchist poet.

  • SOARES, Angelina.
    (??-1985) Brazilian anarchist feminist. (Ateneo Virtual)

  • SOARES, Paula.
    (??-??) Brazilian anarchist feminist, step-mother of Angelina (around 1915). (Ateneo Virtual)

  • Society to Help Anarchist Prisoners.
    Russian organization during the revolution aiding those imprisoned by the Bolsheviks. Mollie Steimer was a participant.

  • "El Sol"
    (?? [circa early 1900s]) Argentine anarchist magazine edited by Alberto Ghiraldo.

  • Clik for pageSOLE SUGRANYES, Oriol.
    (19??-1976) Spanish anarchist, member of the MIL.

  • Solidarity (London).
    Primary group of the UK organization. (International Institute of Social History)

  • Solidarity (UK).
    (ca1960-) Libertarian socialist organisation & magazine of the same name; emphasis on workers' self-organisation & radical anti-Leninism. (Wikipedia)

  • SOLOMON, Clara.
    (1913-2000) American anarchist, pianist, cofounder Atlantic Anarchist Circle, daughter of Samuel Freedman. (Daily Bleed)

  • SOLOMON, Sidney.
    (1911-2004) Book designer, painter, drummer in anarchist band. Member of Vanguard Group, Libertarian Book Club, friend of Carlo Tresca, Roman Weinrebe; companion of Clara.


  • SOPENA, Eugenio.
    (??-??) anarquista de gran prestigio en Barbastro, secretario del Comité antifascista.

  • SOREL, Georges.
    French intellectual father & champion of anarcho-syndicalism. Progress, like virtue, belongs only to those who act.

  • SOTO Y GAMA, Antonio Diaz.
    Mexican revolutionary, influenced by Kropotkin, joined with Zapata's movement.

  • SOUCHY, Augustin.
    (1892-1984) German anarchosyndicalist. (Movement for Anarchy); Daily Bleed reference page, Aug 28, 1892

  • SOUDY André
  • SOULLIER Eugène
  • SOUSA, Germinal
  • SOUVENANCE Jean (Serge Grégoire)
  • SPIES August
    Haymarket martyr.

  • clickSPIVAK, Joseph.
    (1882-1971) Russian-American anarchist, active with the Libertarian Book Club in NY.

  • SPOONER, Lysander.
    (1908-1887) American individualist anarchist.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • STAGNETTI, Spartaco.
    (??-1928) Italian militant trade union secretary & anarcho-syndicalist, died under banishment by the fascist government. (Daily Bleed)

  • STARRETT, Walter. Pen name ("W.S.") for Warren S. Van Valkenburgh

  • STAUDENMAIER, Michael.
    (??- ) American militant anarchist, writer ("Northeastern Anarchist," "Fifth Estate," etc.).

  • STEFANINI, Mario.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • STEIMER, Mollie.
    (1897-1980) Russian-born American-Mexican anarchist militant, partner of Senya Fleshin. (Spartacus School)

  • STEIN, Harry.
    (??-??) American anarchist, member Vanguard Group.

  • STENLEIN Alexandre

  • clickSTEPNIAK, Sergei.
    (1852-1895) Russian anarchist militant & author.

  • Stérilisés de Bordeaux (affaire des)

  • STERLING, Irving.
    (??-??) American anarchist, member Vanguard Group.

  • STETNER, David.
    (1914-2002) Romanian-Jewish anarchist; French resident, founder Yiddish anarchist journal "Der Freie Gedank". (libcom.org)

  • STEWART, Joffre.
    (??-??) African American anarchist / poet.

  • Click HereSTIRNER, Max.
    (1806-1856) German anarchist "Egoist". Enemy of the State.

  • STOJANOV, Paraškev.
    (1892-1939) Bulgarian anarchist.

  • STOÏNOFF, Nicolas

  • SUBERVIELA, Gregorio.
    (??-??) Spanish anarchist, member of "Los Solidarios."

  • SUNSHINE, Spencer.
    (??- ) American activist, researcher, editorial board "Fifth Estate."

  • Super Heroes for Anarchy & Free Throught (S.H.A.F.T.) (Home page)

  • SWIFT, Morrison I.
    (1856-1946), American; Boston-based anarchist, anti-imperialist & utopian fiction writer. (Daily Bleed)April 2009

  • Sydney Anarchist Club (Australia). Started (?) by William Andrade, ca. 1886. Or effort resulted only in founding the ASL (Australian Socialist League)?

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  • TAEGE, Hildegart.
    (1895-1985) German-Polish feminist.

  • TAILHADE, Laurent.
    (1854-1919) French anarchist, poet, social critic. (Daily Bleed)

    (??- ) Australian anarchist activist, founding member of Jura Books Collective in Sydney, & the Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop Collective, co-founder of the Anarres Books Collective in Melbourne. (Home page) May 2009

    (1974-2001) Finnish militant, helped found Walthamstow Anarchist Group in England.
    (Walthamstow Anarchist Group)

  • TAMAYO, Pío.
    (??-1936) Poet & influential anarquista militant in 1920s Venezuela.

  • TAPIOLA, Llorenç.
    (??-??) Militant CNT syndicalist. Arrested February 1932 during the anarchist revolt in Terrassa. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • TARATUTA, Olga.

    (1861-1915) Cuban-born anarchist writer & teacher. Professor & director of the Polytechnic School of Barcelona, wrote for numerous journals & collaborated with Federico Urales & Francisco Ferrer. (Wikipedia)

  • TCHERKESSOFF, Warlaam.
    (1846-1925) Prince, journalist, "Ambassador of Georgian patriots." (Research on Anarchism)


  • Clik for pageTCHORBADIEFF, Nikolas.
    Bulgarian typographer, militant & anarchist propagandist.

  • TELLEZ SOLA, Antonio.
    (1921-2005) Spanish anarchist guerilla, militant, author. (Kate Sharpley Library)

  • "Temps Nouveaux"

  • TERZANI, Bruno.
    (??-??) Italian-American member of the anarchist group "Il Mertello," accused of murdering a fascist; active in his defense was the NY Vanguard Group. Found innocent.

  • TETENBAUM, Richard. ( "Tet")
    (??-1997) Activist, cofounder of Bound Together Anarchist Bookstore in San Francisco.
    (Howard Besser)

  • TEULIERE, Ernest.
    (1840-??) French journalist, Communard, anarchiste. Daily Bleed, May 12

  • clickTHALMANN-ENSNER, Clara.
    (1908 [or 10?]-1987) Swiss revolutionary, a Communist, then anarchist. Founder, La Séréna Commune in Nice.

  • THALMANN, Paul (Pavel).
    (1901-1980) pseudonym Franz Heller. Swiss Communist, then anarchist, influenced by Fritz Brupbacher. Married to Clara. Fought with the Durruti Column. (International Institute of Social History)

  • THOMAS Bernard
  • THOMAS Georges

  • Clik for pageTHOMAS, Jules.
    (1839-1892) French Icarien, Communard, Blanquist, anarchist.

  • THOMASSIN Nicolas

  • THOREAU, Henry David.
    (1904-1985) Early American antiauthoritarian. (Black Eye Press) March 2009

  • TOKAR, Moishe.
    (??-??) Russian Jewish anarchist, member of Judith Goodman's group in London before returning to Russia, attempting to assassinate military commander of the Vilna Fortress.

  • TOLAIN Henri

  • Clik for pageTOLLER Ernst.
    (1893-1939) Leader of the Munich "soviet" of 1919. Expressionist playwright, poet, bohemian, anarchist, hounded to death by the Nazis.

  • TOLSTOY, Leo.
    (1828, -1910) Famed Russian novelist, religious pacifist, anarchist.
    (Anarchy Archives); see also Movement for Anarchy; flag.blackened.net

  • TOMÁS De AQUINO, Acácio.
    (1899-1998) Portuguese militant anarcho-trade unionist, life-long anarchist & companion of Luísa do Carmo Franco Elias Adão.
    [Ephéméride anarchiste]

  • Click for full pageTOMÀS OLIVER, Francisco..
    (1850-1903) Bricklayer, militant, author of the first history of Spanish anarchism.

  • TOMBOLINI, Felipe.
    (??- ) Instituto de Estudos Anarquistas de Santiago (Chile).

  • TOMMASINI, Umberto.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, antifascist resistance fighter.

  • TOPOR Roland

  • TORIZ, Lucrecia.
    (ca1900-??) Mexican anarchist, year of birth uncertain. (Ateneo Virtual)
  • TORTELIER, Joseph

  • TORRES, Hortensia.
    (1924-1989) Spanish-French anarcho-syndicalist, in CNT & SIA. (Daily Bleed)

  • TORRES MAESO, Domingo
    (Valencia 1895-1980) Spain; CNT militant, favored its governmental collaboration. (ChristieBooks)

  • TORRICELLI, Ettore.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • TOUBLET, 'Jacky' Jacques.
    (1940-2002) French anarcho-syndicalist, militant, director Le Monde Libertaire; son of Julien. (People's History)

  • TOUBLET, Julien.
    (??-??) French anarcho-syndicalist, father of Jacky.

  • "Travailleurs de la Nuit" (Workers of the Night)
    (circa 1901-1903) French illegalist burglary ring headed by Alexandre Jacob, designed to rob the rich & scare the hell out of the powerful.

  • clickTRAVEN, B.
    (aka Ret Marut) Novelist, anarchist, Daily Bleed Saint.

  • clickTRESCA, Carlo
    (1879-1943) Italian-American anarchist activist murdered by the fascists, he had, "All the right enemies."

  • "Trial of the 30"

  • TRICHEUX, Alphonse.
    (1880-1957) French militant anarcho-syndicalist & pacifist.
    [Ephéméride anarchiste]


  • clickTRONCHET Lucien.
    (1902-1981) Swiss anarcho-syndicalist militant.

  • TROPHIMOWSKY, Alexandre.
    (??-??) Armenian-Swiss anarchist, ex-priest, & convert to Islam, father of Isabelle Eberhardt, the feminist explorer & writer who traveled the Islamic world of North Africa dressed as man.

  • TSUJI, Jun.
    (1884–1944) Japanese Dadaist, poet, essayist, musician & bohemian. Translated Stirner's The Ego & its Own into Japanese. (Wikipedia)


  • TUCKER, Benjamin R.
    (1854-1939) American philosophical individualist anarchist, bookseller (Unique Bookshop) & publisher. (Wikipedia)

  • TURNER, John.
    (??-??) British anarchist, subject of important American judicial deportation case.

  • TURNER, Pete.
    (1935-2004) British builder, trade unionist & "Freedom" editor. (People's History)

  • TURRONI, Pio.
    (1900-1982) Italian anarchist, antifascist militant, fought in the Spanish Revolution, WWII partisan, publisher of "Volontà". Daily Bleed, (English & Italian), May 30; French, Ephéméride anarchiste.

  • Tutmonda Ligo de Esperantisja Seustatano (TLES / Worldwide League of Esperantist Anarchists)
    See Esperanto movement.

  • TWYNAN, Ella. (??-??) British anarchist.

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  • Unione Sindacale Italiana (USI; USI-IAT)
    (1912-present) Militant anarchosyndicalist union, antimilitary, antifascist. (Wikipedia; in French, Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • United Front for Political Defense.
    (mid-1970s) Seattle political aid group, coordinated by Jo Maynes, Lynn Thorndycraft, & Paul Zilsel, all members of the Left Bank Books collective.

  • Clik for pageUnited Libertarian Organisations (ULO)

  • URALES, Federico. See Joan Montseny.
  • UTGE-ROYO Serge

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Why Are Anarchists Against the State?

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  • Web page, clik hereVAILLANT, Auguste.
    (1861-1894) Anarchist, caught the attention of French legislators & guillotined.

  • VALDINOCI, Carlo.
    (??-1919) Italian American anarchist, pal of Sacco & Vanzetti, killed in an explosion he set at the home of US Attorney General Palmer.

  • VALET René
  • VALITUTTI Pasquale

  • VALLINA, Pedro.
    (1879-1970) Spanish-Mexican anarchist, medical doctor, militant, in & out of prison & exile. (Daily Bleed)

  • clik hereVALLES, Jules.
    (1832-1885) French anarchist.

    anarchiste diamond dingbat; new entry, remove 2008VAN DONGEN, Kees.
    (1877-1968) Dutch-born artist, anarchist, a founder of Fauvism, contributor to "La Revue Blanche". (Daily Bleed)

  • VAN PRAET Laurent et Jules François

  • VAN RONK, Dave.
    (1936-) American songster, IWW member & anarchist. Best known for helping launch Bob Dylan's career. With Dick Ellington wrote & published The Bosses Songbook. (Daily Bleed)


  • Vanguard Group.

  • VAN VALKENBURGH, Warren S. (pen name Walter Starrett)
    (1884-1938) American anarchist editor ("Road to Freedom" & "Spanish Revolution"). (Daily Bleed)

  • VANEIGEM, Raoul.
    International Situationist, author of The Revolution of Everyday Life.

  • VANZETTI, Bartolomeo.
    (Anarchy Archives)

    • Clik for pageVANZETTI, Bartolomeo, a poem; (Stan Iverson Memorial Archives)

  • VARENGO, Massimo.
    (??-) Member Federazione Anarchica Italiana (FAI), secretary of the International Federation of Anarchists.

  • VARLIN Eugène

  • VASCO, Neno.
    (1878-1920) Portuguese/Brazilian anarchist (Edgar Rodrigues site, archive copy); also Daily Bleed reference page, May 9, 1878

  • VASSEV Manol

  • VEGER, Maria. (Russia)
  • Vera de Bidassoa évènements de)
  • VERGINE Samuel (Louis Dorlet, dit)
  • VERNET Madeleine

  • VIAN, Boris.
    Vehement anti-militarist/pacifist, writer & jazz musician, French author of J'irai cracher sur vos tombes (I'll Spit On Your Graves). (Boris Vian pages); see also the Daily Bleed, 3/10/1920 & 6/23/2002

  • VICENT, Lluís
    (1837-1912) Spain; Assistí al congrés convocat per Solidaritat Obrera, en el qual es constituí la CRTC (Barcelona, octubre de 1910), representant la Federació Obrera Sabadellenca. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VICENT TOLZ, Antoni
    (1837-1912) Spain; Jesuïta. Fundador dels Cercles Obrers Catòlics; Centre Obrer Catòlic. És autor de "Socialismo y anarquismo" (1893). (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIDAL, Acrat.
    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Assistí a la Conferència de la CRTC de Blanes (juliol de 1922), representant el Sindicat d'Arts Gràfiques de Barcelona. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIDAL, Francisco.
    (??-??) Spain;Assistí al congrés convocat per Solidaritat Obrera, en el qual es constituí la CRTC (Barcelona, octubre de 1910), representant els obrers constructors d'edificis de Saragossa. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIDAL Georges

  • VIDAL, Joan
    (??-??) Spain; FRE de l'AIT; President de Les Tres Classes de Vapor. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIDAL, Josep.
    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Fundador de "Vida Sindical" (Barcelona, 1926). (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIDAL, Miquel.
    (??-??) Spain; Assistí al congrés convocat per Solidaritat Obrera, en el qual es va decidir la constitució de la CNT (Barcelona, octubre de 1910), representant la societat obrera d'adobadors La Unión Popular, de Barcelona. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT del Sindicat Únic del ram de la fusta de Barcelona (1918). Per la seva activitat sindical fou empresonat en el vaixell "Giralda" i deportat al castell de la Mola de Maó. Assistí a la Conferència de Saragossa de 1922. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Membre del Sindicat Únic del ram de la fusta de Barcelona (1918). Per la seva activitat sindical fou empresonat en el vaixell "Giralda" i deportat al castell de la Mola de Maó (30 de novembre de 1920). (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIDAL ENRIC, Pere.
    (??-??) Member committee of the l'Agrupació Sindicalista Llibertària of Gavà (1933), adhered to the Federació Sindicalista Libertària of Angel Pestaña. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

    (Tortosa 1890 - Barcelona 1982) Spain; membre del Comitè Revolucionari de la CNT, CNT del Teatre de la Comèdia, Director de "Solidaridad Obrera" de València. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • "El Vidrio" Title of two Spanish publications.
    1) News organ of the Glass Union & mouthpiece of the Spanish Glassworkers' & Crystalworkers' Federation. Barcelona 1915, 4 issues, & later, in Badalona (January 1916-1920), under the direction of Canals, Giró & Juan Peiró: eventually moved to Barcelona, its direction in the hands of Cándido Endériz. Switched from monthly to fortnighly publication (end of 1916); 2) Gijón, 1916, anarchist, bulletin of the glass industry. (Christie Books)

  • VIERO, Ambrogio.
    (1899-1970) Italian author of poems & short stories; published under pseudonyms V. Ero, V.A. Negus, Wanda & P. Squano. Wrote anarchist, antifascist & satirical articles for socialist, anarchist & illegally distributed periodicals. (International Institute of Social History)

  • VIGNES Jules.

  • Click HereVIGO, Jean.
    (1905-1934) French filmmaker & anarchist, son of anarchist Eugene Vigo.

  • VILA, Francesc.
    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. President del Sindicat Únic de la Indústria Vidriera de Badalona. Fou ferit pels del "Lliure" en un atemptat. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VILA CAPDEVILA, Ramón. (aka "Caraquemada," "Jabalí" (le Sanglier), "Commandant Raymond")
    (1908-1963) Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, anarchist guerrilla.

  • VILANOVA, Joan.
    (??-??) Spanish militant de la CNT. Assistí al congrés de Sants (1918) representant el Sindicat de l'Art Fabril d'Igualada. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VILANOVA, Martí.
    (??-??) Spain; Assistí al congrés convocat per Solidaritat Obrera, en el qual es constituí la CRTC (Barcelona, octubre de 1910), representants els joiers de Barcelona. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VILARDAGA, Dídac.
    (??-??) Spain; barcelonina de la FRE de l'AIT. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VILLA Pancho

    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Mort pels del "Lliure" a Barcelona. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Mort pels del "Lliure" a Barcelona. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VILLARREAL Antonio I.

  • VILLAVERDE, Justinià
    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT i de la FAI (1928). Regidor de l'ajuntament de Lleida (octubre de 1936). Comissari polític del regiment i de la guarnició de Lleida. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIÑAS, Bartomeu
    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT, del sindicat metal.lúrgic de Barcelona. S'adherí als trentistes per la qual cosa fou expulsat de la CNT el desembre de 1933. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIÑAS, Ramon
    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Un dels signants del Manifest Trentista el 1931 (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIÑAS, Tomàs
    (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT, Federació Obrera de Ripoll. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIÑAS PAGèS, Joaquim
    (??-??) Spain; FRE de l'AIT. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VINCENZI, Zelindo.
    Italian anarchist. (Anarchismo Modenese)

  • "Vintovka"
    Publication of the Association of Anarchist Movements (ADA), Russia. (home page)

  • VIVES, Emili
    (??-??) Spain; Federació Sindicalista Llibertària. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VISDOMINI, Segimon
    (Barcelona, 1871-??) Spain; FRE de l'AIT. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VIVES, Joan Baptista
    (??-??) Militant de la CNT. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • VLADIMIROVITCH, German Boris

  • VOLINE. (Vsévolod Mikhailovich Eichenbaum)
    (1882-1945) Russian anarchist, Makhnovist, historian, collaborated with Sébastien Faure.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • VOLINE, Léo.
    (1917-??) French anarchist, fought in the Spanish Revolution. Third child of the Russian anarchist poet/historian Voline.

  • VONNEGUT, Kurt.
    (1922- ) US writer/satirist. Self-described anarchist. Uses black humor against ruling class decadence Best known for Slaughterhouse Five based on experiences as a POW in Dresden during the American mass bombing of civilians.

  • "La Voz de la Mujer" (The Voice of the Woman).
    (1896-1897) Argentinian comunista-anárquico feminist magazine. Participants included Maria Calvia (Ateneo Virtual)

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Anarchy Man!

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  • WAFNER, Kurt.
    (1918- ) Bücherfreund und anarchisten. (Daily Bleed)

    (1826-1909) American militant sex radical, novelist, anarchist, spiritualist & feminist.
    (Daily Bleed)

  • WALTER, Karl.
    (??-??) Attended 1907 Amsterdam Anarchist Congress. (Daily Bleed)

  • WALTER, Nicolas.
    (1924-2000) British journalist, philosopher, atheist, anarchist. (Daily Bleed)

  • WARD, Colin.
    British author/anarchist, involved with Freedom Press. (Research on Anarchism)

  • WARD, Dana.
    (??- ) Academic, Wobbly organizer, basketball fanatic, hosts Anarchy Archives, executive director International Society of Political Psychology.

  • WARREN, Josiah.
    (1798-1874) Utopian, economist, philosopher, founder of American individual anarchism & the Equity & Time Stores. (Anarchy Archives)

  • WARWICK, Robert Lee.
    (??-??) American anarchist, edited "Social War", published by John Rompas & co-edited by Hippolyte Havel. (Daily Bleed) April reference page.

  • WATSON, David. (pseud., George Bradford)
    (??-) American anarchist, teacher, author, journalist, active with Detroit's "Fifth Estate".

    (1936- ) Born Hugh Romney. Hog Farmer. Perennial anarchist candidate for American President.

  • WEIL Simone

  • WEINBERGER, Harry.
    (??-??) American lawyer & anarchist (?). Represented Emma Goldman in many of her free speech fights. Involved in anarchist & experimental theater milieus.

  • WEINREBE, Roman.
    (??-??) American Vanguard Group member with Sidney Solomon, Eddie Wong, Glenn Carrington, et al. His father was a Jewish anarchist writer.

  • WEINREBE, Yvette.
    (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 1930s.

  • WERBE, Peter.
    (1940-) American radio DJ & talk show host (phone-in talk show, Nightcall, Sundays, 11pm-2am, also broadcasts on the internet) & journalist, active with the Fifth Estate (under the pseud., E.B. Maple) in Detroit.

  • WHITE, J.R.
    Ex-Ulster Loyalist, anarchist.

  • WHITE, Jack.
    (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Glenn Carrington, Gilbert Connolly, John Pinkman, Mark Schmidt, et al.

  • Whiteway Colony.
    (??-1938?) Anarchist colony in Gloucestershire (England?). Included Thomas H. Keell(?). (Emma Goldman examined his papers there in 1938 on behalf of IISH).

  • WHITMAN, Walt.
    American poet.

  • WIECK, David Thoreau.
    (??-1997) American anarchist theorist, educator, & pacifist activist. (Daily Bleed)

  • WILDE, Oscar.
  • WILCKENS Kurt Gustav

  • WILLETTE, Adolphe.
  • WILLETTE, Luc.

  • WILQUET, Jean.
    (??-??) July 2008

  • WILSON, Charlotte M. Wilson.
    (1854-1944) First editor (1886-1895) of the British paper "Freedom".

  • WINN, Ross.
    (?? - 1912) American, Texas-born anarchist, publisher (Winn's Firebrand, subsequently called The Advance, & later the Red Phalanx.) (Daily Bleed)

  • WINSTANLEY, Gerrard. (Wikipedia)

  • Clik for pageWINTSCH, Jean.
    Swiss pediatrist, anarchist; writer, coeditor of "Le Réveil/Il Risveglio Geneva," founder l'Ecole Ferrer de Lausanne.

  • WITKOP, Milly. See Milly Rocker.

  • WOLBERG, Anieia.
    (1907-1937) Polish militant, anarchist propagandist.

  • WOLFE, Lilian.
    (1875-1974) British feminist, libertarian writer, worked with Freedom Press, War Resisters International, etc. until her death at age 98.

  • WOLMAN, Gil J.
    (1929-??) French lettrist & situationist theorist. (Daily Bleed)

  • WONG, Eddie.
    (??-??) Member of the American anarchist Vanguard Group in the 1930s.

  • Clik for pageWOODCOCK, George.
    (1912-1995) British-Canadian anarchist, literary critic, professor, historian. February 2009

  • WOODWORTH, Fred.
    American anarchist, publisher/editor of "The Match!" since 1969. (Wikipedia)

  • "Workers of the Night".
    See "Travailleurs de la Nuit"

    (1984- ) American anarcho-syndicalists. Published "Ideas & Action" 1985-1997.

  • WROBLESKY, Walery. (Wrobleski)
    (1836-1908) Polish anarchist & Communard; a column in the Spanish Revolution of 1936 adopts his name.

  • WU Zhihui. [CHIH-HUI, Wu]
    (1865-1953) advocate, before the 1911 Revolution, a Kropotkinian form of anarchism. Later a founder of the Chinese Communist Party & the Republic of China. (Research on Anarchism)

  • WULF, Paul.
    (1921-1999) German antifascist / Nazi-hunter & voice for 400,000 victims of sterilization; influenced by Erich Mühsam. (Daily Bleed)

  • WULLENS, Marcel.
    (1899-1928) French militant, trade unionist, teacher & anarchist.(Daily Bleed)

  • WULLENS, Maurice.
    (??-??) French teacher, publisher, & novelist, broke with anarchism & his brother Marcel in 1925. Became involved with the Surrealists, Trotskyism, & fought in the Spanish Civil War.(Ephéméride Anarchiste)

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There's No Government Like No Government

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  • YAGER, Franz. Pseudonym, see Franz Fliegler

  • YAMAGA Taiji

  • YANOFSKY, Saul. (alt; Shaul Yanofsky [Saul Janovsky] Sh.Yanovski)
    (1864-1939) Founded & edited (1890-1923) the important American Yiddish "Freie Arbeiter Stimme." Notable for publishing di Yunge, Yiddish poets of the 1910s & 1920s.

  • YELENSKY, Boris.
    (1889-1974) Russian-American anarchist propagandist; founder of many committees & funds via the Free Society Group which he began in Chicago (ca.1923-1957).
    (International Institute of Social History)

  • YEOL, Pak.
    (??-??) Korean anarchist, companion of Kaneko Fumiko. Involved in Futeisha case; his death sentence commuted to life by the Japanese emperor.

  • YMBERT, Joan
    (??-??) Solidaritat Obrera, CNT. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • YOSHIHARU, Hashimoto.
    (??-1985) Japanese anarchist, writer, translator, founder of the publishing house Barukan-sha. (Daily Bleed)
  • YVETOT Georges

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Do Not Question Authority


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  • ZACCARIA, Cesare.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, friend of Camillo Berneri. Became Giovanna Berneri's companion with whom he edited "Volontà" from 1946-1957. (International Institute of Social History)

  • ZAFÓN BAYO, Juan.
    (1911-1977) Spanish CNT member, fought with the Ortiz Column, & in the French resistance in the Ponzán group; in touch with the anti-Franco action groups. Moved to Mexico until his belated return to Spain. Author of 3 books. (Christie Books)

  • ZAMBONI, Anteo
    (??-1926) Italian anarchist, son of Mammolo. At age 15 attempted to assassinate Mussolini. Brutually murdered by fascists. (Daily Bleed)

  • ZAMBONI, Mammolo.
    Italian anarchist, father of Anteo.
    (??-??) (Ephéméride anarchiste)

  • ZAPATA, Emiliano.
    (1879-1919) Mexican anarquista, lead an army under the slogan 'tierra y libertad.' Assassinated by the government, his ghost rides on in Mexico. (Revolt); see also bibliotecas.tv.

  • ZAPATA CORDOBA, Antonio.
    (1908-2000) Militant de la CNT. (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

  • ZASULICH, Vera.
    (1849-1919) Russian anarchist, Direct-action assassin. Daily Bleed Saint, May 8, 1919

  • ZERZAN, John.
    (??- ) American anarchist, militant, neo-primitivist.

    (??-??) Russian anarchist Esperantist, founded ISAB (Internacilingua Scienca Anarkiusm Biblioteka/The Anarchist Scientific Library in International Language) in 1923 with A. Levandowsky.

  • ZILSEL, Paul.
    (1923-2006) American physicist, anarchist militant, cofounder Left Bank Books, Red & Black Books, Books to Prisoners (Seattle). Son of Marxist sociologist Edgar Zilsel.
    Died May 27; Memorial gathering July 30th, 2006.

  • ZINN, Howard.
    (??- ) American historian, militant civil rights activist.

  • Clik for pageZISLY, Henri.
    (1872-1945) French anarchist, writer, naturalist.

  • ZUFERRI, Joaquin
    (??-??) CNT, Federació Obrera de Saragossa
    (Biografies de Sindicalistes)

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