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the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions.

On the eve of a general parliamentary session scheduled for November 5, 1605, Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, found Guy Fawkes lurking in a cellar of the Parliament building, & ordered the premises thoroughly searched. Nearly two tons of gunpowder were found hidden within the cellar. The authorities determine that the suspect was a participant in an English Catholic conspiracy, largely organized by Robert Catesby, to annihilate Englandís entire Protestant government including King James I. Over the next few months, English authorities killed or captured all of the conspirators in the "Gunpowder Plot," & also arrested, tortured, or killed dozens of innocent English Catholics.

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  • 13 April 1570 --Guy Fawkes lives; was instrumental in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 to blow up the English Parliament & King James I. Very popular hero in history.

  • 4 November 1605 -- Gunpowder plot to blow up English Parliament detected, leader Guy Fawkes captured.

  • 5 November GUY FAWKES DAY.

  • 31 January 1606 -- Guy Fawkes, at Westminster in London, jumps to his death moments before his execution for treason.

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