This Page is under construction. It is dedicated to The Puget Sound Knappers Association (PSK)

Flint knapping refers to making stone implements much like our forefathers did. No matter what part of the world we came from, we had ancestors who were part of the stone age and made weapons and tools out of various types of stone.

PSK is not a club. There are no officers and there are no dues. It is an association of like minded folks who all enjoy an interest in breaking stone and fashioning tools that are everybit as effective as those made thousand of years ago.

Throughout the year, members of this group get together at what is known as a knap-in. Knappers chip rocks at these get-togethers and share friendships, expertise, good stories and good food. These knap-ins last from one to seven days typically. They are hosted by different group members and are held at State Parks, public facilities and family homes. Usually, anyone is welcome to attend and tools, instruction and stone are freely available to the beginner to try their hand at making the implements suitable to slay the wooly mammoth.

A List of PSK Sponsored Knap-Ins follows:

(April 5-7)East Wenatchee Knap-In hosted by Cole Hurst

(May 25-27)1st Annual Goldendale Knap-In hosted by Ed & Loretta Thomas

(June 15-16)Davis Creek Knap-In hosted by Richard & Joan Urata

(July 26-28)Cle Elum, Washington Knap-In hosted by Stuart & Rose Murdock

(August 16-18)Flint Tipped Archers/PSK Pig Roast & Knap-In hosted by Dave Rauschenberg

(November 2-3)Millersylvania Knap-In hosted by Mick & Holly Hill

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