Richard Hafner

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Palo Alto, California 94306

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Management role, where I can develop effective programs for technology and distribution leadership, create product/service value, create effective product development lifecycles from concept through launch, and permit a company to establish and dominate a market for data network and service solutions.





Ohio State University

Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania

Major Systems Engineering

Major -- Finance/Marketing


Experience & Accomplishments:

RCN Company

SF Bay Area 2002-Present

Responsibilities: Principal Consultant

Provide management consulting services:

       Generate business plans, provide market research, and presentations to prospective customers and funders

       Initiate business development activity to identify and acquire target market customers

       Provide product management and requirements planning for development

       Client technical focus datacenter application deployment, IP Services billing/mediation applications, wireless security, intrusion detection, broadband access traffic/QoS appliance, and CRM hosted services

Lucent Vitalsoft Div. 2000-2002

Responsibilities: VitalNet Product Manager

  • Product requirements (MRD), roadmap development, product life cycle execution and team leader for VitalNet, a leading $30 MM NT/UNIX enterprise IP network/application performance management software product (rated #1 by IDC 2001 -- used to design and operate large enterprise LAN and WAN networks. Generated over $30 million annual service and consulting revenue
  • Defined and released three product generations, for customer base including 30 of Fortune 50 and major U.S. and international telcos
  • Close collaboration with major L2 switch (including ATM and Frame Relay) and router vendor engineering staff including Cisco (Catalyst), Nortel (Passport), Foundry Networks, 3Com, Ciena, Atrica and Lucent/Avaya for wireless, optical, and high performance ethernet for monitoring TCP/IP protocols including OSPF, BGP, and MPLS routing.
  • Worked with carrier class switches for IP services including VoIP, VLAN, VPN, streaming media, and convergent services
  • Generated effective technical collateral, sales presentations, webinars, competitive analysis, pricing
  • Led product teams with heavy interaction with support, sales, engineering, and consulting to solve customer problems, guide product development, and address key sales obstacles

EPRI 1998-2000

Palo Alto, California

Responsibilities: Information & Telecommunications Product Line Manager for telecommunication and computer technology development under collaborative R&D programs for the energy industry with budget in excess of 18MM.

       Managed programs that included electronic commerce, automated metering (using alternative wireless technologies including GSM/CDMA/Satellite), customer care/billing, ERP/CRM integration, and Internet security.

       Created information sharing network security consulting program with 40 members, recognized as innovative by the U.S. White House and Department of Energy See

       Prepared annual funding solicitation

Therma-Wave Inc 1996-1998

Fremont, California

Responsibilities: Product Marketing Manager for two generations of automation and software tools, which generated over $80 MM revenue per year. Responsibilities included

       Generation of sales applications collateral, internal/external web site,

       Support of technical conferences and trade shows, sales training, and technical articles

       Beta testing, and supervision of software control board.

AG Associates Inc (sold to Mattson Technologies, Fremont) 1994-1996

San Jose, California

Responsibilities: Product Line Manager for two generations of products, which included sensor-bus, client-server and host, based applications, with over $40 million revenue per year.

       Managed rollout of a distributed network computing product including an object based host, Ethernet, WindRiver real-time computing environment

       Established a successful User Group with 40 customers.

OAZ Communications 1993-1994

Fremont, California

Responsibilities: Manager of Marketing for network facsimile software and graphics based fax software deployed by major telecommunications firms in global messaging services (both carrier and CPE) using ITU standard protocols.

       Negotiated partnership agreements with Sun, Oracle, Lotus (ccMail), Novell & Microsoft Provided program management for OEM customers such as Sprint International, AT&T and MCI.

       Supervised Tech Pubs, marketing communications, and PTT homologation.

       Developed $20MM/year business with Sprint International in Europe, Asia and LA markets

ARIX Computer Corporation 1989 -93

San Jose, California

Responsibilities: Joined as startup Marketing Engineer, left as Program Manager for information systems and software products with $100 million annual sales for four years.

       Program Manager for three successful federal/telecommunications solicitations generating over $250 million in total revenue over six years.

       Negotiated licensing agreements for operating systems, database, and development tools and communications products with over thirty vendors.

       Responsible for business development, government and telecommunications markets


Summary of Significant Capabilities:



Product Life cycle management and team leadership

Internet Optical, ATM, Ethernet LAN/WAN Protocols & Services

Product Requirements (PRD/MRD) development

Web Services, appliances, and Protocols. DNS and DHCP Services

Develop vertical markets (energy, telcos, government) and international strategies for Asia and EMEA

Web based GUI, XML, Java, Vitria, SOAP, and ODBC enterprise application interfaces

Successful product launches

UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT

Create effective technical collateral, demonstrations and presentations

Carrier class switching, routing products (Layer2/3)

Successful positioning, pricing and competitive analysis

MPLS Routing & Provisioning

Develop significant strategic alliances/partnerships

SNMP and provisioning platforms

Help business development pursue and win significant orders, bids and proposals

Element Management, Network Management (HP OpenView, Tivoli) applications

Create and use effective collaboration tools including intranets, document repositories, databases, ERP and CRM applications, Adobe/Microsoft apps

Performance benchmarking and analysis

Work closely with trade press & market research analysts, and publish articles

Data Security PKI, firewalls, vulnerability assessments, policy management, trusted computing, bandwidth management, QoS, and critical infrastructure protection

Create and use effective web marketing and events

Broadband Access Communications (DSL, Cable & 802.11 Wireless)