The Screen


Definitive Technology
BP-2000 tower speakers
CLR-2000 center speaker
BPX bipolar side and rear speakers (4)
Transparent Audio
MusicWave Plus Biwire Speaker cables
HPC Component Video
Monster Power HTS 3000 power conditioner
Acoustic Sciences Co. Sound Panels


Processor / DVD

Lexicon MC-8 DD/DTS/THX digital controller
Pioneer Elite DV-46AV DVD player

The Amps

amplifier stack

Marantz MA-700 monoblock amplifiers (7) 200 watts each @ 8 Ohms
Transparent Audio MusicLink Plus interconnects

Aura Systems 4 Bass Shakers on sofa
Gemini CX-1 electronic crossover
Marantz RC5000 remote control
Microsmith Inc. Hot Link Pro X-10 IR extender for lighting

2 channel system:

Proceed AVP Processor
Linn Keilidh speakers
Marantz MA-700 monoblock amplifiers (2) 300 watts each @ 4 Ohms
California Audio Labs Delta CD transport
Transparent Audio
MusicWave Plus MM Biwire speaker cables
MusicLink Plus interconnects

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Definitive Technology

Transparent Audio

Monster Cable


Aura Systems

SmartHome (X-10)

Acoustic Sciences Co.

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