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Much like the classic Fawlty Towers, Saunders knew not to overdo a good thing and after three seasons of Absolutely Fabulous announced in 1995 she was calling it quits. Although by this time the series was such a success around the world she was persuaded to come back in 1996 and do one last special, "The Last Shout," ostensively to marry off Saffron and tie up all the loose ends. Edina even managed to meet God (played by Marianne Faithful - who also sang the theme song "Wheels On Fire" in a way that, as my friend Nancy put it, "I didn't think was possible to make sound worse.") Patsy even did Saffron a favor, but of course for completely the wrong reasons. Nearly everyone who had ever appeared on the series (except for Bubbles, Edina's wacky secretary played by Little Voice's Jane Horrocks) made an appearance for what we were assured was the "positively, last, final episode ever."

The BBC was able to milk one more compilation series with The Absolutely Fabulous Collection, recently shown on BBC America, essentially a clip show with new segments hosted by Jennifer Saunders doing a loopy turn. Meanwhile, everyone connected with the series continues to have successful careers on other projects, including a number of French and Saunders specials (Joanna Lumley appeared in one, a delightful parody of the Making of Titanic, with Jennifer as Kate Winslet). AbFab may be gone but it will reign forever in reruns around the world.

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