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Season 1

ITV, April-May 1997.

Episode 1. The hotel reopens after a major remodel, but a New Year's Eve suicide spells financial disaster for the Bannermans.

Episode 2. A pregnant girl appears at the hotel, and there are rumors about the staff accommodations changing.

Episode 3. Stephen dates a former protege of Miss Harkness.

Episode 4. Collins suffers a breakdown, haunted by the death of his son.

Episode 5. Adele's friend runs amok while Sarah mourns a dead child.

Episode 6. Monica dates a guest, Sarah strays after James is bitten by a dog.

Episode 7. Monica gets dumped, Ruth chaffs under Marcus, the staff parties.

Episode 8. Monica meets her fate, Marcus gets married, and Stephen rebels.

Season 2

ITV, January-March 1998.

Episode 9. Stephen opens his club with the help of Marcus, Ruth's grandmother arrives.

Episode 10. Lynn appears on stage, Stephen's army buddy is shot.

Episode 11. Ruth loses the baby but keeps it a secret. The girls want to attend a sex education lecture.

Episode 12. Jeffries returns, John reacts to his wife's infidelity.

Episode 13. Marcus takes over the hotel, Kate becomes a Lady's Maid for a Russian madam, staff cuts are made.

Episode 14. Clive gets a promotion, a homosexual guest stays at the hotel, Stephen gets engaged.

Episode 15. Miss Harkness' old flame returns and proposes to her, Ruth gets her baby, Clive wants to unionize.

Episode 16. Miss Harkness and Marcus's partnership meets antagonism, the staff has a rare day out, Christina breaks Stephen's engagement.

Episode 17. Mrs. Harvey quits, Edith West returns, Marcus uses hotel rooms for illicit purposes.

Episode 18. Stephen meets Kate's parents, and Marcus discovers the truth about his son.

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