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Palin then did a short question and answer session and was first asked what would his next project be? He said his immediate future was to wrap up this publicity tour with stops in Chicago, Washington, and Boston. Then he is doing a quick documentary series about Scottish painters for the BBC, and will spend the rest of 2000 working on a novel. He is vaguely thinking of another travel journey next year, and though there are no specific plans at this time he predicted it would be "somewhere very uncomfortable and unpleasant," then jokingly added, "It may involve Canada."

Asked about his favorite Hemingway work he figured it was The Old Man And The Sea. He mentioned during filming in Spain they interviewed not the Old Man, but someone who (now 102!) had worked on the boat Hemingway used to fish from, and even managed to trick him into talking about Hemingway's drinking and women. Palin attributed the man's longevity to the eight cigars a day he still smokes!

Finally he was asked about another Python movie. Palin sighed, then said "on a scale of one-to-ten" the possibility was "point naught naught one" (this despite the "reunion" during the recent Monty Python Night for the BBC last year). He thought reforming without the presence of Graham Chapman would be just too difficult (citing how he carried both Holy Grail and Life Of Brian), and how would they decide who gets to direct now? "We're all leading separate lives now," he offered, then suggested we ask Eric Idle about it when he comes to town in a few weeks as part of his tour.

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