MPOS Press Release 18-0215. For immediate distribution to the Philatelic press and Internet.


TRANSIT POSTMARK COLLECTOR Volume 69, No. 2 is in the mail to members.

In this issue:

  • Publication of MPOS "SELECTIONS" no. 11, edited by Jim Felton, is in press and soon to be available.
  • Rick Kunz explores the saga of the MPOS-owned RPO car.
  • In News from the Cities, Douglas Clark details a cover with streetcar markings and three REMOVED handstamps and Cary Johnson's cover with postmark from the experimental period of the Philadelphia & Manayunk RPO.
  • Will Keller writes part 2 of "A Hyphenated HPO Anomaly" - the Dubuque & Omaha HPO.
  • Jim Felton shows and explains an airmail cover that was routed more quickly by RPO - and marked as such.
  • A new book, "RPOs Across America" by David Thompson is reviewed by Will Keller.
  • Norbert Shacklette writes of a fantastic one-day journey to visit five Chicago Transfer Offices in 1970.
  • And finally, the prolific Will Keller shows and explains a facing slip with "MISSENT" marking.

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