MPOS Press Release 03-0916. For immediate distribution to the Philatelic press and Internet.



Transit Postmark Collector Vol. 54, No. 6 (September-October 2003) ... is in the mail! A new feature, Cross Border Trains and their RPOs, by Bob Lane, discusses routes between the Canadian province of Manitoba and the states of Minnesota and North Dakota. In his street car RPO column, David Gentry discusses covers having both a street car RPO postmark and a corner card of the traction company which ran the same RPO. Examples from Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Washington D.C. are shown, together with a cover with Brooklyn Heights Railroad Co. corner card only. Guy Purington's RFD column is given over to Joe Crosby, who shares with the readership some of his Oklahoma RFD discoveries. In his TPO column, Will Keller shows more East German special delivery covers and explains the routes. As in his last column, a map and schedules help to explain the covers. He also illustrates postmarks of British TPO lines recently discontinued. There is society news, a mail sale and more...

Mobile Post Office Society, founded in 1950, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of enroute distribution of mail, emphasizing postal history of the USA but including information and study of operations from all countries of the world. Interested collectors can receive a sample copy of "Transit Postmark Collector" for $2.00 postpaid, or a membership application by writing to Doug Clark, PO Box 427, Marstons Mills MA 02648 or by email to Doug.

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