MPOS Press Release 18-0916. For immediate distribution to the Philatelic press and Internet.


TRANSIT POSTMARK COLLECTOR Volume 69, No. 3 is in the mail to members. Among the highlights:

Will Keller's HPO column details the 16-year history of changes in enroute distribution in Iowa. This column begins to use the soon-to-be-released chronological numbering system for HPO routes developed by Keller and President Nancy Clark.

Cary Johnson writes of a dollar-box find that led to an interesting article about Trip Insurance by the day sold at Railway depots.

The continuing column, "Topically TPO" shows postage stamps issued by Romania that picture TPO cars, as well as a brief history of TPO service in Romania, a censored Postal Card with TPO originating mark and a photo of a Romanian TPO car.

Newly-reported railroad postmarks are illustrated and a compilation of newly-reported RR and AGT markings since publication of the MPOS catalog is featured.

All members are reminded to submit their ballots for election of MPOS Directors and Officers.

Come and join MPOS members for the annual and Board meetings at NOJEX, October 19-21. Anyone, member or not is welcome to attend the general meeting and presentation on Saturday.

Mobile Post Office Society, founded in 1950, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of enroute distribution of mail, emphasizing postal history of the USA but including information and study of operations from all countries of the world. Interested collectors can receive a sample copy of the award-winning periodical "Transit Postmark Collector" for $2.00 postpaid, and/or a membership application by writing to MPOS, PO Box 427, Marstons Mills MA 02648 or by email.

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