Building Better
Web Pages

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Morgan Kaufmann

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Just some of
the practical,
valuable things
you'll learn to do:*

Building Better Web Pages book cover detail
  1. Deliver multiple content formats with one set of HTML tags so every browser gets the best view it can
  2. Make users feel safe buying from your site

  3. Place objects on the page precisely where you want them -- to the pixel point

  4. Ease updates with templates

  5. Ease maintenance with downloadable link-checkers

  6. Boost visitor satisfaction by helping them find what they want right away

  7. Boost speed by reducing file-size for images, sounds, and animations

  8. Create a unified, professional look that’s inviting, accessible, and fast

  9. Create embossed backgrounds, margin backgrounds, and gradient backgrounds

  10. Work with initial caps, create 3-D buttons, and make indents work for you

  11. Lose the ugly borders around hot-linked graphics

  12. Get a hex number for any color -- not just the few you see in charts

  13. Re-color clip art to match your site

  14. Get thousands of free objects for your pages

  15. Download programs to do the work for you

  16. Forward traffic to your new site with the META tag

  17. Grab whole pages full of small graphics without individually saving them

  18. Make your domain name do more for your business

  19. Format FAQs correctly for perfect navigation

  20. Make transparent GIFs to show the page background around shaped images

  21. Smooth image “jaggies”

  22. Learn when to choose GIF and when to choose JPEG for best image and fastest download time

  23. Traditional frames, new inline frames, and the great frame escape

  24. Layout with invisible tables

  25. When to choose interlaced/non-interlaced GIFs and progressive/static JPEGs

  26. Offset frames and global color palettes for smaller animated GIFs

  27. Make streaming RealAudio and add it to a site free

  28. Turn movies and videos into fast streaming video or animated GIFs

  29. Drop-shadows and cast shadows

  30. Feathery inset “frames” for photos

  31. Special effects for sound

  32. Special effects for images

  33. Download programs that create math and chem symbols

  34. Hide signatures in your original work

  35. Hide information in plain site for colleagues, customer contests, and to update field forces privately

  36. Get the best attention you can from search engine spiders

  37. Create a page that helps the press cover you instead of your competition

  38. Password-protect selected pages

  39. Add free update notification, guest book, or clock

  40. Much more!
    You know that thing you've been wanting to do on your page?
    See if it's in Building Better Web Pages!

    *This list and the cover art are copyrighted material.

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