God: Religion, Philosophy, and Spirituality
Topics include metaphysical empiricism, nondualism, panentheism, Kingdom of God, Power of God, Divine Will, humanity, Mystery Revealed, Nirvana, realization, enlightenment, psychic, paranormal, supernatural, experiential, consensus reality, ultimate reality, mysticism, mystical orientation, scientism, colored lights, blue thing, new Roman Catholic at 38, "Lift Them Up" program to pray for grown children, Copyright Becky Fitzsimmons, Rebecca Rohan
Religion, Philosophy, Spirituality

Some papers and book © 1986 and 1987 by Becky Fitzsimmons
Later material © by Rebecca Frances Rohan.
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Nondualism: The Radical Perspective
A paper from Philosophy 267 in 1986.
The Third Wish -- A One-Page Fable
I wrote this one- to two-page story in 1987 and sent it to a couple of small magazines. It appeared in both Minnesota Ink and Read Me. "The Third Wish" is the only fiction I've written -- aside from an even shorter parable on freedom that I sent to the Seattle Times letters to the editors section during a flag-burning controversy. (They printed it.)
Assorted papers from classes on Aristotle (not a big fan), Aquinas (am a fan), and more.
I have to see what I've got and type it in.
The Love Chapter
A word form The Word about love.
How I Found My God
Short! A break after the book above this entry, but written a couple of years earlier for English 101. Not yet typed into the computer.
A New Roman Catholic at 38
I was confirmed at Easter Vigil in 1997. Here's my best explanation.
Lift Them Up!
A program for parents praying for their grown children.